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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 75

Antique Maps, and Plans.

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Bedfordshire -- Berkshire -- Bristol -- Cambridgeshire -- Cheshire --
Cornwall -- Cumberland -- Devon --
Dorset -- Durham -- Essex -- Hampshire and Isle of Wight --
Herefordshire -- Hertfordshire -- Huntingdonshire -- Kent --
Lancashire -- Lincolnshire -- London -- Monmouthshire --
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Westmoreland -- Wiltshire -- Worcestershire -- Yorkshire -- Ireland --
Scotland -- Wales -- General
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  1. Ampthill ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 21. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 27" x 37". Water features hand-coloured. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper endpapers. Small railway cutting shaded in pink. Land around Brockhill Pastures coloured in pink. Surface slightly dusty, some slight browning at paper edges of some sections along one fold. Second edition without contours. 1885. 20.00
    Covers Maulden, Marston Moretaine, Lidlington.

  2. Felmersham, Thurleigh, Milton Ernest ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet VII S.W, VII S.E etc. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo, cloth endpapers. Water features hand-coloured. Two areas of land shaded. c1890. 24.00

  3. Morden (Robt.) BEDFORDSHIRE Engraved map, uncoloured, size 14" x 16", title cartouche. Central fold. Sold by Abel Swale, Awnsham & John Churchill c1700. 36.00
    From the 1695 edition of Camden's 'Britannia'.

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  4. Cruchley's County Map ROAD AND RAILWAY MAP OF THE COUNTY OF BERKSHIRE Showing all the Railways and Names of Stations, Turnpike Roads, Villages... Improved from the Ordnance Survey. Colour-printed map, scale 3 miles to one inch, folding into orange card wraps, wraps split down part of spine. c1890. 22.00
    Gives geological information.

  5. Eton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 25" to 1 mile, size 26" x 37", Sheet Berks. XXXII.5/Bucks. LVI.5. Revision of 1932. 16.00
    Shows River Thames, part of Eton, Windsor Race Course with grandstand etc.

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  6. Ashmead (Geo. C) PLAN OF BRISTOL & ITS SUBURBS, Reduced from the Original Survey of the late J. Plumley With additions by Geo. C. Ashmead. Fine engraved plan, with a vignette view of The Avon with Clifton and the Hot Wells in the top right hand corner, coat of arms bottom right, calligraphic title top left. Reference Tables to Churches and Chapels, Almshouses, principal Inns, and Public Buildings. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into original cloth covered boards, with gilt title, size approx. 7" x 5", spine slightly faded. Overall size of map approx. 24" x 31". Scale approx. 1" to 1 furlong. Published by G.C. Ashmead, 19 Small Street, Bristol: June 1st, 1846. 440.00
    Shows buildings, gardens and nurseries, roads and footpaths (main streets named), parkland, high ground, city boundary. Extends from Nightingale Valley on the Somerset side of the Avon to Blackbirds Gate beyond Baptist Mills. Ashmead issued his first plan of Bristol in 1828. This was largely based on the work of Joseph Plumley who died after only issuing the prospectus for his map. This first Ashmead map measured 75" x 58" with a scale of 200 feet = 1 inch. Ashmead went on to issue smaller, reduced scale, plans of Bristol in 1833, 1846, 1855, 1871 and 1882.
    Not in Mathews's Bristol Bibliography.

  7. Donne's DONNE'S NEW AND CORRECT PLAN OF BRISTOL, CLIFTON AND THE HOT WELLS. Engraved folding plan, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 12" x 16", including small margins, at the foot of the map is a list of Churches, Public Buildings, etc. Engraved by J. Cary. Published as the Act directs June 1st 1821 by B. Donne, Master of the Mathematical Academy, Stoke Bishop, near Bristol. 95.00
    'This is a very clear plan and comprises a list of nearly 100 churches, chapels and public buildings. It stretches from the Hotwells to the Feeder Bridge in the Marsh, and takes in Cotham and Kingsdown.... ' See Pritchard's Old Plans and Views of Bristol, Vol 48, 1926 Bristol & Glos. Archae. Soc. Pritchard notes editions of 1800, 1806, 1815, 1823, 1833, but not of 1821. There is an 'N.B' after the imprint 'Mr Donne gives private Lessons in Writing, Geography, Use of the Globes, Mathematics, &c.'

  8. St Pauls ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING AND PLANS 3 plans, folio, one showing plots of land in City Road, and a coloured elevation of house in City Road, another showing land in Seymour Road opposite Maules' Nursery, and one showing three plots near Baptist Mills, Sand Pits and The Moors. Lithographed with hand colouring, on three sheets of blue paper 17" x 13". Paper watermarked 1863. 24.00

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  9. Bacon's LARGE SCALE PLAN OF CAMBRIDGE Colour-printed plan, size 8" to one mile. Folding into pale blue decorative limp cloth wraps with cyclists. c1890. 25.00
    Covers area from Windmill near Hurst to Botanic Gardens.

  10. Cary (John) A NEW MAP OF CAMBRIDGE Divided into Hundreds, Exhibiting, Its Roads, Rivers, Parks &c. Folding engraved map, fully hand coloured. Mounted on linen, size approx. 19" x 21", folding into 12mo marbled wraps, inserted in paper-covered slipcase, rubbed at corners. 1808. 65.00

  11. Custance (Wm.), Surveyed and Published for A NEW PLAN OF THE UNIVERSITY AND TOWN OF CAMBRIDGE to the present Year 1798. Engraved plan on stiff paper, size 18" x 14", plus margins. Scale 1" = 100 Yards. With Reference tables to the Colleges and the Public Buildings, etc. Compass rose, arms of City and University. Surface rather dusty, some small edge tears not reaching beyond border. Margins rather grubby. Engraved by J. Russell, Grove Inn Road, London. 1798. 250.00
    Covers area from Cambridge sluice on the Cam to Mill at Sheep's Green. A very finely engraved and detailed map showing buildings, layout of gardens, parks etc., areas with trees, etc.

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  12. Law (James) PLAN OF THE TOWNSHIP OR CHAPELRY OF BIRKENHEAD in the County of Chester, Shewing the latest Additions and Improvements, with Proposed Docks, 1844. Fully hand-coloured lithographed plan, folding, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 29" x 40", scale 4" to 600 yards, folding into the original cloth covers, but lacking the top board. Published by James Law, Waterloo Buildings, Birkenhead, 1844. 400.00
    A very detailed map showing the area from Birkenhead Pier to Flaybrick Hill, and Chatsworth Park to Seacombe. Names owners of some of the land, shows each house, or building, and each plot, parkland, trees, and names most of the roads.

  13. Mills and Fletcher, Surveyors PLAN OF BIRKENHEAD & CLAUGHTON-CUM-GRANGE, With Parts of the Towns of Poolton-Cum-Seacombe, Wallasey, Bidston, Noctorum, Oxton & Tranmere. 1858. Large lithographed folding map, large calligraphic title, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 30" x 47", including small margins, scale 12" to 1 mile, folding into original cloth boards, marbled endpapers, boards slightly rubbed to edges, crude later spine, couple of marks and an ink blot to linen between 2 dissected portions, few areas slightly dusty. Mills & Fletcher, Surveyors, 1858. 250.00

  14. North Wirral MAP OF NORTH WIRRAL, CHESHIRE Shewing Public Footpaths, Disputed or Doubtful Footpaths... Public Open Spaces... Disputed Open Spaces and Commons... Reproduced From Ordnance Survey... Map scale 3" to 1 mile, size 26" x 33", linen backed, folding into sm. 8vo boards, public open spaces printed in green, footpaths in red. Published for the Wirral Footpaths and Open Spaces Preservation Society, 1903. 22.00
    Shows New Brighton, Birkenhead, Hoylake, etc.

  15. Wirral Railway WIRRAL RAILWAY, BIRKENHEAD DISTRICT. Ordnance Survey Sheets:- Cheshire VII, Parts of Lancashire XCIX, CVI. Map, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 51" x 39", scale 6" to 1 mile, with railway lines and stations hand-drawn in ink. Folds into morocco covers, titled in gilt on the top cover. Shows Central and James Street stations in Liverpool and the lines and stations running through Hamilton Square in Birkenhead to Bidston, New Brighton, Holme Lane, Upton, Seacombe, etc. There are dates along the side of each railway, presumably for when constructed. Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, c1882. 48.00

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  16. Boscastle, Treligga THREE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet No. X.7. Size approx. 25" x 38", scale 1:2500 (25 miles to 1"). Covers Harbour, Forrabury Common, Pentargon, Peters Wood, the town as far as High Street... together with... Sheet XIV5/XIII.8, covering Treligga, Cliffs, Trecarne... together with... Sheet VII.16, covering Pengold, Trevigue, Rusey Cliff. 3 maps. Second Ed. 1907. 34.00

  17. Collins (Capt. Grenville) FOWEY & MOUNTS-BAY Is most Humbly Presented & Dedicated To the Right Reverend Father in God Jonathan Lord Bishop of Bristoll... Fully hand-coloured chart, scale 1" to 1 mile, size 17" x 22", plus margins. Large decorative cartouche with coat of arms and figures either side, on base of waves with mermen. Small compass rose, ship bottom left, rhumb lines. Shows Fowey with small houses along coast, Pendennick, Polruan, Menabilly, Coomb, St. Katherine's Castle, Dovehouse, Becon etc. Inset is plan of Mounts Bay, scale 2 miles to an inch. With section below showing the 'going into Fowey when Fowey Castle beareth N6 W3 Miles', with windmill, castles etc. Trace of central fold. c1740 or earlier. 300.00

  18. Fentengo ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXXI. Size approx. 25" x 38", scale 1:2500 (25 miles to 1"). Second Ed. 1907. 15.00
    Covers Suffenton, Treroosel, and three disused Silver and Lead Mines: Whitewell Mine, Treburgett Mine and Treroosel Mine.

  19. Grampound to Falmouth GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. CORNWALL RAILWAY 2 CHAIN SURVEY 1908-13. M293 to Falmouth. Volume 138. Containing sheet Nos. 25-34 inclusive. 10 hand-coloured lithograph printed sheets, each sheet mounted on linen with a single vertical fold, overall size approx. 25" x 40", recently bound in half roan, paper boards, with the gilt title from the original wraps laid down as a label on the front board. Size of the volume approx. 26" x 23". There are two plans of the railway line on each Sheet. Compass rose and scale bar on each sheet. Verso of maps very slightly dusty, otherwise a clean set. Waterlow Bros. and Layton (late Kell's) Lithographers. 1908-13. 350.00
    The plans show the route of the railway from Grampound to Falmouth, and include fine detailed plans of Grampound, Truro, Perranwell, Penryn and Falmouth stations, including the adjacent buildings, houses, signal boxes, goods sheds, cattle pens, cranes, taps, troughs, smithies, oil tanks, etc. The plans also show viaducts, bridges and their span, tunnels, parish boundaries, woodland, wells, mine shafts, quarries etc. The names of the landowners adjacent are shown with details of leases or conveyances. There are occasional later details of land transactions neatly written in red ink, up to the 1950's. The distance from Paddington is shown at quarter of a mile intervals.

  20. Gwennap and Perranarworthal GRANT of the liberty to use a watercourse from the United Mines, Edward Davies Brown to Mrs Williams and another. Paper, 3 pages, size 22" x 15", sewn at side, fine coloured manuscript plan on separate sheet inside, size 19" x 26", scale 4 chains to 1", stream works, Bessowe Bridge, Smelting House Cove, Nangiles Deep Adit, etc., owners of land, fields, each field numbered. Some small splits where folds meet. 1854. 90.00

  21. Martyn (Thos.) A NEW AND ACCURATE MAP OF THE COUNTY OF CORNWALL From an Actual Survey Made by Thos. Martyn. Large engraved map, size of overall engraved area approx. 55" x 71", scale 1" to 1 mile. Hundreds hand-coloured in outline. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 12" x 10". Uniformly lightly browned, outline colour bright but colouring of hundreds darkened, whiteish stain approx. 2" wide at the bottom of central panel of coats of arms, two other whiteish marks, pinholes along top and bottom, suggesting that the map was pinned up on a wall, hence the darkening of the paper. Printed for W. Faden, Geographer to the King, Charing Cross, 20 Feb., 1784. 875.00
    'Martyn's map, at 1" to 1 mile, was originally published in 1748, a second edition reprinted in 1784, and a third edition, with additions, in 1844. It was 'Dedicated "To his Royal Highness Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales," and embellished with the arms of the nobility and gentry who subscribed for the map.' See Boase and Courtney. A fine large scale map with an attractive vignette showing a man using a theodolite, and another pushing a measuring wheel. There are 164 engraved Coats-of-Arms, an inset plan of the Scillies, names of small hamlets, farms, antiquities are shown, as well as country seats with the owners name. Martyn's map was one of the few eighteenth century maps to show parish boundaries. Comparing Martyn's map to Gascoyne's Quixley says 'Martyn's map is the result of a much more thorough survey in which practically every cove and headland was painstakingly examined, every road and lane minutely surveyed.' See his 'Antique Maps of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.'

  22. Sayer (R) and Bennett (J) PLAN OF THE ROAD AND HARBOUR OF FOWEY OR FOY. by Lieut. James Cook of the Royal Navy. Fine hand-coloured copper plate engraving with wide margins, engraved surface approx. 25" x 19", scale 1" = 1 mile. Single fold. With compass rose, rhumb lines, scale bar. Printed for R. Sayer and J. Bennett, Chartsellers, No 53 Fleet Street, as the Act directs, 10th Jan 1779. 380.00
    Shows Mixto, Pendennick, Polruan, Menabilly (the house surrounded by trees), Coomb, good plan of Fowey with Place House and Tower shown in elevation. Shows features such as Hewitts Rope House, Windmill, Gun Batteries, St. Catherine's Castle, Poulrudman, Watchhouse with 3 Guns, etc. There are also 3 sections, including an attractive view size 1" x 9", of buildings in Fowey with surrounding hills 'A View of Fowey when it bears N.E by N. by the compass, Three or four miles off'.

  23. Sayer (R), Printer A CHART OF THE CHOPS OF THE CHANNEL TO THE SOUTH OF SCILLY ISLANDS; Containing The West Coast of Cornwall, and Scilly Islands. Revised by Mr. John Price, Chief Mate of the Kent, in 1786. Engraved chart, size 20" x 27", central fold. Compass rose at centre, Lands End and Mounts Bay top right, Scilly Islands at the left side with title cartouche in bottom left corner, 7 sections top right, Astronomical Observations at bottom edge. Small hole approx. a quarter of an inch diameter just below compass rose. Printed for R. Sayer No. 53 Fleet Street as the Act directs 1st Jany. 1789. 300.00
    With rhumb lines, soundings, details of make-up of the sea bed 'Sand and Cockle Shell', 'Sand like Ground Wheat' etc. Would seem to be a later edition of the Sayer Chart 'A Chart of the Entrance into the Channel..' 1779 , but with a different title, and the 'Astronomical Observations' added.

  24. St. Buryan PLAN OF BURNEWHALL in the Parish of Buryan, 1778. Manuscript map in ink and 3 colours, on thick paper backed with linen, edges bound with green silk. Size 19" x 15", Scale 4 chains to 1 inch. Shows area from the coast to the road to Penzance, with Penberth Cove, the rocks 'Lech Scath.' and 'Por Guernan' marked, coast attractively shaded in brown to indicate rocks, 3 shades of blue at edge of sea. Shows houses at Burnewhall and Penberth, fields and small plots, river, well, boundary fences, capstans at Penberth, 'Egliz Vroz'. Inset is a small plan of houses in Chapel St., Penzance, size 4" x 2", showing adjoining owners. Plots and buildings numbered, key not present. Some minor creasing of paper, silk at edge worn in places. Later notes in pencil in field areas, indicating crops grown. On verso is written 'Burnewhall. Lord Falmouth'. 1778. 160.00
    Dated 1778, but possibly a slightly later copy. The tenement is listed as the farm of 'Burnuhall' in Symons' 'Gazeteer of Cornwall'.

  25. St. Michael Caerhayes ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXVI.2. Size approx. 25" x 38", scale 1:2500 (25 miles to 1"). Second Ed. 1907. 15.00
    Covers Porthluney Cove, Polmenna, East and West Portholland, Caerhayes Castle.


  26. Thomas (Rd.), Surveyor GORRAN HAVEN Richard Thomas Surveyor, Febr. 1820. Lithographed plan on thick paper, size 11" x 16", plus margins, scale 5" = 200 feet. Shows Pier, Ruins of Cellars, Catacrowse Rock, Portaver Beach, Fort Cellars, Old Chapel, Queens Head Inn, Rocks, other buildings, line of Spring Tides, compass rose. Drawn by J. Wyld. 1820. 75.00
    Printed plans of villages are rare.

  27. Van Keulen (J) A NEW GRADUALLY ENCREASING COMPASS MAP of a Part of the Sea Coasts of England in which are contained a Part of the Coasts of Cornwall, extending from Big Berry to Falmouth With their Shallownesses and Depths by N. de Vries Geom. Fine engraved chart on thick paper, good strong impression. Land area, border, cartouche and compass roses hand-coloured. Size 20" x 23", central fold. Title cartouche, scale bars of Dutch, Spanish and English miles. Tot Amsterdam by G. van Keulen. (1734). 400.00
    Shows the coast from the Pendennis Castle and Helford Estuary to Bigbury, with towns and villages along the coast, rocks, sandbanks etc. St. Michael's Island off Looe, The Eddystone, Mewstone, shown.

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  28. Asquith (Richard) PLAN OF SCOTBY TOWNSHIP Shewing the Lands Belonging to William Sutton. Surveyed 1841. Corrected in 1857 by Richard Asquith. Detailed manuscript plan in ink and some colour, scale 4 chains to 1 inch, size 36" x 61", on thick paper backed with linen, rolled. Many small horizontal creases in surface, particularly at left-hand side, some rather dusty. Some splits in paper (but not in linen) at right, surface dusty, especially at edges. Shows Scotby village, with gardens shown in detail, Shield, Oak Bank, Gill, Rose Hill, Wheelbarrow Hall, Low Durran Hill, Tannery, New Tan Pits, road to Carlisle, Newcastle to Carlisle Railway. With colour key indicating ownership of fences. Buildings owned by Sutton coloured red, others black, fields and plantations owned by him in green wash, buff lines for arable land. Gives acreages of each plot. High ground shown by hachures. Ownership of even the smallest plots and buildings shown. 1857. 300.00
    A very detailed plan, which covers almost the whole area of the paper. William Sutton was from a Quaker family, and ran the local tannery.

  29. Kirklinton, near Brampton HOLE SHIELDS belonging Mr Thos. Blaylock. Surveyed Decr. 1814 by Wm. Graham. Manuscript plan in ink and colours on thick paper backed with linen, rolled. Scale 2 chains to 1 inch, scale bar and compass rose. Size 49" x 29". Fanciful, rather amateurish watercolour of Justice carrying scales and sword top left. Covers an estate stretching in the north from the road to Brampton and Langholm over Howford Bridge in the north, to the intersection of the road to Kirklinton Church and the road from Carlisle in the south. Shows building at the centre, John Hope's cottages in south, meadows, woodland and plantations, with acreages, wells, watering trough, boundary stones, Hethersgill and Quarters Quarry Ground, Hether Rivulet, rocks at quarry, footpath, etc. Adjoining owners named. Reference Table listing 23 Closes etc., and on left a 'Description of Situation &c', giving details about Tithes, boundary hedges, rights to quarrying, details of the Moss belonging to the estate etc. Some cracking in paper at top and bottom, not affecting linen, including a tear in paper approx. 1ft. long from top edge, not affecting linen. c1814. 240.00

  30. Maryport MARYPORT DISTRICT HARBOUR ACT 1868. District Plan. Signed J.G. Dodson, Chairman of Ways and Means. Lithographed plan, size 23" x 35", plus margins, scale 1" = 10 chains, showing the town with streets named, parkland, gardens etc., Docks, river, lines of High and Low Spring Tides, proposed District Boundary, Parish and Township Boundaries, railway, St. Mary's Chapel, Brick and Tile Works, Roman Camp, Bank End Quarry, Toll Gate, Turnstile, Gun Battery, etc. Compass rose, border. Linen-backed, discoloration of paper along a strip approx. 1" wide by 9" on the left, and some discoloration down right side, and in margins. Some very small horizontal creases in surface of paper at edges. Kell Bros. Lithrs., Castle St., Holborn London. (1868). 170.00
    Signed in ink in bottom left corner 'Maryport & Carlisle Railway Coy.'

  31. Mitchell (W) PLAN OF MARYPORT Surveyed by W. Mitchell, 1834. Most Respectfull Inscribed to Humphrey Senhouse, Esq. Fine engraved plan on thick paper, size of border 24" x 28". Scale 150 ft. to an inch. Compass rose, large calligraphic title, decorative compass rose. Information on number of houses, inhabitants, vessels etc., at top, together with note on the first houses in the town top left. Tear 10" into plan at left hand edge, repaired on verso some time ago with very crude thick tape, which has left discoloration from the glue on the plan in the shape of the tape, similar effect along half of bottom margin, and at part of right hand edge. Bottom edge with small edge tears. 1834. 220.00
    Shows Piers, Dock, High Water Mark, River Ellen, Mr. Marks Tan Yard in the north, Roman Station, Ship Building Yards and Quays, Ropery, buildings, streets in the town named, with garden plots shown in detail, churches, bank, named inns, markets, bank, gas works, meeting house etc., shown in darker print. Nether Hall shown in great detail with pools, flower beds, avenues of trees etc. Hachures showing higher ground. The Senhouses were Lords of the Manor. A Humphrey Senhouse had named the port after his wife Mary in 1754. A good crisp, dark impression.

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  32. Barnstaple, Linton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXVII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, parkland, water features, main roads hand-coloured, county border shaded in pink and green wash, dissected and mounted on linen, overall size approx. 25" x 37", folding to 8vo, cloth endpapers. c1870. 24.00
    Much of the map is sea area.

  33. Bideford, Barnstaple, Ilfracombe THREE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet XIX N.W (the whole of Bideford), Sheet XIII N.W (Fremington and most of Barnstaple), Sheet V N.W (Ruggaton, Ilfracombe as far West as the Harbour). Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 13" x 18" plus margins. Contours in red. Revision of 1932, additions in 1938. 24.00

  34. Donn (Benjamin) A MAP OF THE COUNTY OF DEVON abridged from the 12 Sheet Survey By Benjamin Donn, Engraved by Thos. Jeffereys, Geographer to His Majesty. Engraved map, size approx. 19" x 21", plus margins, scale approx. 4 miles to one inch. Title cartouche, compass rose, Explanation. Lines show the divisions of the 11 sheets of the large scale map. Traces of a slight crease vertically, small marginal tear reaching just across border at bottom edge, some small light foxing spots in top third of map, right hand margin rather soiled, with two repaired edge tears, small water stain at bottom in margin at corner. Published according to Act of Parliament, Feb. 1st, 1765. 200.00

  35. Jacobstowe, Lower Tale TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet No. LXIV.4 (Bromford, Manor, Jacobstowe, Buskin) and Sheet LVII.16 (Luton Barton, Lower Tale, Higher Tale, Clyst William). Size approx. 25" x 38", scale 1:2500 (25 miles to 1"). Second Ed. 1907. Later reprint. 22.00

  36. Knight (J) PLAN DE TOR-BAY, BABACON-BAY et l'Entree de Dartmouth leve en 1790 Par le Cape. J. Knight Officier de la Marine Anglaise et Publie Par l'Ordre du Contre-Amiral Decres Ministre de la Marine et des Colonies au Depot de la Marine en l'An XII. Engraved chart with outline hand colouring in three colours, size 30" x 22", plus wide margins, traces of central fold. Scale bar in 'Milles Marins', scale 5" = 2 milles marins. Two coloured sections at top, showing Berry Head and Bob's Nose. Covers area from Coombs to Teignmouth. Shows buildings at Kingswere, Dartmouth, Brixham, Paignton, Warren House, Torquay, Teignmouth, soundings around coast and in estuary, marks points where William of Orange landed, where water available at low tide etc. Rocky cliffs, sandy beaches shown. Depot de la Marine 1790. 220.00

  37. Lundy Island ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXVIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 25" x 37". Printed from an Electrotype 1879. Small 'Record Map' stamp in top margin at corner. 38.00

  38. Paignton and Brixham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet CXXII. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 50" x 37", mounted on linen and folding into large 8vo marbled endpapers, inserted in cloth covered slipcase with rubbed label. Two small areas near Kingswear shaded in blue, roads near Brixham coloured in different shades, yellow line marked in, labelled 'EHT'. About half of map is sea area. 1903. 30.00

  39. Plymouth, Kingsbridge ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXIV, dissected and mounted on linen, size 24" x 36", folding to large 4to. Small library stamp and crayon index no. on verso. Electrotyped in 186- (no last digit). 32.00
    Shows area from Looe to Prawle Point, Eddystone light, as far inland as Diptford.

  40. South Devon GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY. 2 Chain Survey 1909. 215 to 227. Vol. 119. Containing 5 sheets Nos. 12-17, hand-coloured lithographically printed, each sheet mounted on linen, size of the volume approx. 25" x 41". Scale 2 chains to 1". Compass rose and scale bar on each sheet. Stiff maroon cloth wraps with morocco spine and gilt lettering on front wrap, approx. one quarter of back wrap missing, wraps chipped at edges, corners of some pages dogeared and worn, in one case with some wear to some words in title of sheet in top right-hand corner, but not to plan. Thos. Kell and Son, Lith., 40 King St., Covent Garden. 270.00
    The plans show the route of the railway from the Quarry at Stoneycombe to Totnes, showing Dainton Quarry, Fishacre Mill, Little Hempston Quarry, Totnes Station, buildings and streets in Totnes including Cider Stores, Seven Stars Hotel, Mill Leat, Timber Yard, etc. Detail includes adjacent buildings, houses, signal boxes, goods sheds, cranes, troughs, platforms, tunnels, parish boundaries, woodland, wells, etc. The names of the landowners adjacent are shown with details of leases or conveyances, mineral rights. There are occasional later details of land transactions neatly written in red ink, up to the 1950's. The distance from Paddington is shown at quarter of a mile intervals.

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  41. Bournemouth A NEW PLAN OF BOURNEMOUTH Including Westbourne and Boscombe, with complete Index for Easy Reference and shewing the Levels above the Sea. Third Edition. Scale approx. 2" = 1000 ft., 19" x 32". 46pp. Index with numerous local adverts. Folding into stiff green printed wraps, with advert for watchmaker on back wrap. Bournemouth: T.J. Hankinson, Victoria Library. c1880. 75.00

  42. Bright's MAP OF BOURNEMOUTH AND NEIGHBOURHOOD From Ordnance, Admiralty and Special Surveys, by H.A. Garnett, Assistant Surveyor, Bournemouth. Drawn and Engraved by G.W. Bacon F.R.G.S. Colour-printed plan, size 21" x 35", linen-backed and folding to sm. 8vo, scale 3" to 1 mile. Some brownish spots at right hand side. Linen on verso rather soiled. Published by Bright and Son, The Arcade, Bournemouth, c1890. 45.00
    Covers Oakley, Brownsea Island, South Bockhampton.


  43. Greenwood (C) & (J) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF DORSET, from an actual Survey made in the Years 1825 & 1826. Large folding map, scale 1" to 1 mile, dissected and mounted on linen, with an engraved vignette view of Melcombe Regis. Engraved surface approx. 61" x 45", plus margins, tape edging, folding to royal 8vo, marbled endpapers, enclosed in a calf slipcase in the form of a book, surface of calf worn, label on spine chipped at edges. Sept. 11th. 1826. 500.00

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  44. Cruchley's ROAD AND RAILWAY MAP OF THE COUNTY OF DURHAM Showing all the Railways and names of Stations... Coloured folding map, linen-backed, folding into sm. 8vo brightly coloured limp cloth wraps with illustration of cyclist etc. c1900. 22.00
    With geological information.

  45. Durham City, New Cassop ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No XXVII. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx. 23" x 35", linen-backed, area down right hand side of map coloured geologically and lines with fathom depths etc. In top margin is written 'Geological information copied at 28 Jermyn Street from the original manuscript map 20th September 1890. The original map geologically surveyed by W. Howell.' Map published 1861. 38.00

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  46. Berechurch PLAN OF THE BERECHURCH HALL ESTATE Situated in the Parishes of Berechurch, Layer de la Haye, Abberton, Fingringhoe, Peldon and East Donyland in the County of Essex the Property of Thomas George Graham White Esq. Collated from Parochial Surveys and revised by J.S. Surridge Jnr., Surveyor, Coggeshall, Essex. 1873. Manuscript map in ink and full wash colour, on thick paper, backed with linen, overall size 66" x 44", scale approx. 100 feet to 1 inch. Decorative title, partly in water colour, initials of Thomas White illuminated. Compass rose and scale bar. Edges of plan bound with silk tape, fraying in parts. Some minor staining along bottom border, not affecting printing. 1873. 300.00
    Shows fields, woodland, halls, houses, inns and churches, farm buildings, layout of gardens and grounds shown in detail, rights of way, water features. Shows Maypole Farm, Berechurch Hall, Friday-Wood Farm, Park Farm, Water Mill, Windmill, Rock Farm, Abberton Hall, Hill Farm, Gate Farm, Rye Farm, Blind Knights.

  47. Chelmsford, Maldon, Halstead, Much Hadham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Size 27" x 37", scale 1" to 1 mile, composite map, Sheets 222, 223, etc., dissected and linen-backed and folding into 8vo endpapers, lacks front endpaper. Wyld label in bottom margin. Some very slight discolouration in places on left side. Electrotype 1886. 32.00

  48. Shoeburyness, Bradwell ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Size 25" x 18". Folding into 8vo endpapers. n.d. c1850. 22.00

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  49. Bacon's MAP OF PORTSMOUTH Portsea, Landport, Southsea & Gosport. Scale 6 inches to a Mile. Colour-printed map size 22" x 33", linen backed and folding into blindstamped cloth boards, 8vo. Slight rubbing of paper along one fold. With inset map of environs. Inscription of previous owner, dated 1887, inside front board. c1885. 35.00
    Shows tramways and railways.

  50. Buxey's MAP OF SOUTHAMPTON (30 inches by 30 inches) from The Ordnance and Actual Surveys, Including Portswood, St. Denys, Shirley, Freemantle, Millbrook, Bitterne, Sholing, Woolston, Itchen &c. Colour-printed plan, drawn by G.W. Bacon, size 23" x 28", scale approx. 7" = 1 mile. In printed green card wraps, with many local adverts printed on the inside. Corners of wraps slightly bumped. Three small splits at one fold repaired on verso with archival tape. c1880. 45.00
    Shows 'Graving Docks and Dock Extensions, Churches, Chapels, Public Buildings, Places of Amusement, Old Town Walls, Tram Routes, Municipal Boundaries...'

  51. Southampton, Millbrook ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXV. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 26" x 37". Linen backed and folding into small 4to marbled wraps, in cloth covered slipcase with Stanford label. Published 15th February 1871. 42.00
    Covers Bitterne, Coxford, Redbrook, Marchwood, Weston Park.


  52. Timsbury ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLVIII S.E.. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 37", plus margins. In ink on thick paper. With traces of pale blue guide lines for lettering. Ordnance stamp on verso, with signatures on verso of three people, with numbers, presumably indicating the hours worked, for example 'T.C.A. Marchant... 9... Levels 3/4.' When held up to the light it is possible to see where corrections have been made (for example 'undergrowth' taken out, etc. and note below in blue 'out undergrowth'). Dated on verso in ms 14th January 1910 and 25 February 1910. 65.00

  53. Wallis (Edwd.), Publisher ISLE OF WIGHT AMBULATOR Fully hand-coloured map of the Isle of Wight and the Hampshire coast, size 9" x 11", scale approx. 2in. = 4 miles, surrounded by 10 fine hand-coloured aquatint views of the Isle of Wight, comprising two views top and bottom, size approx. 3" x 8" of Ryde and West Cowes, and other smaller ones approx. 3" x 4" at the corners and sides, being views of Shanklin Chine, Market House Ryde, Freshwater Gate, Wotton Bridge, Black Gang Chine, Carisbrook Castle, Allum Bay, St. Lawrence Church. Overall size 16" x 19", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into cloth covered boards with title and view of cliffs in gilt on front board, size of boards 5" x 5". Two small splits in cloth at joints. Published by Edward Wallis, 42 Skinner Street, Snow Hill, London. n.d. c1830. 220.00
    Scarce. The views are very attractive with groups of figures, rowing boats, etc.

  54. Wallis's AMBULATORS GUIDE through the Isle of Wight. Engraved plan with outline colour, showing the island and the Hampshire Coast, Portsmouth Harbour. Size approx. 9" x 11", scale 2 miles to 1". Linen-backed and folding into slipcase size 5" x 3", printed label. Slipcase reinforced at top and bottom with linen, creased. A couple of small ink blots at margin. London. Published 1st August 1825, by E. Wallis, Skinner St. 34.00

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  55. Donnington PLAN OF DONNINGTON HALL ESTATE situate in the Parish of Donnington and County of Hereford the property of Thomas Blizard Esqr. manuscript map in ink and full colour wash on waxed cotton, size 24" x 33". Scale 2 chains to an inch. Table of Reference giving names of different fields, woods etc. with acreage. Shows woodland area, orchards, roads and paths, house in detail, layout of garden, fishpool etc. n.d. c1870. 70.00

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  56. Hertford, St. Albans, Waltham Abbey ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 239. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 20". Linen-backed and folding to sm. 8vo paper wraps with label. 1896. 17.00

  57. Hertfordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XX N.E and adjoining sheets. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 25" x 37", linen-backed and folding into sm. 4to cloth endpapers. Contours in red. 1925. 22.00
    Covers Knebworth, The Hoo, Codicote.

  58. Philips' CYCLISTS' MAP of the County of Hertford. Linen-backed, scale approx. 7 miles = 3". Marks in red indicate dangerous hills, 'brake on' etc. 12mo cloth boards with blue printed label. 1900. 14.00

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  59. Greenwood (C. & J) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF HUNTINGDON From an Actual Survey Made in the Year 1830, by C. & J. Greenwood. Most Respectfully Dedicated to the Nobility Clergy and Gentry of the County by the Proprietors, Regent Street, Pall Mall. Large scale engraved map on four sheets, scale 1" to 1 mile, size of engraved surface of each sheet 23" x 20", plus wide margins. With large vignette of Kimbolton Castle, Explanation, large decorative compass rose. Greenwood & Co., London. 18th March, 1831. 450.00
    An exceptionally clean and crisp copy.

  60. Morden (Robt.) HUNTINGTONSHIRE Engraved map, uncoloured, size 14" x 16", title cartouche. Central fold. A few very small tears in top margin. Sold by Abel Swale, Awnsham & John Churchill. c1700. 38.00
    From the 1695 edition of Camden's 'Britannia'.

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  61. Ashford, Canterbury, Margate ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet III. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Dissected and mounted on linen, size 24" x 36", folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. Electrotype 1880. 35.00

  62. Blean, Fordwich, Kent ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXV. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Some hand-shading of boundaries. Waterstaining down left-hand margin. First edition 1875, O.S. embossed stamp 1876. 28.00

  63. Bowen (Emanuel) THE ROAD FROM CHELMSFORD TO MALDON and Raleigh in Essex and Gravesend in Kent. Handcoloured map of Kent, with table of distances and decorative border above, description and coat of arms below. Overall size 7" x 5", mounted in thin card mount, strip map on verso. 1755. 30.00

  64. Bowen (Emanuel), Geographer to His Majesty AN ACCURATE MAP OF THE COUNTY OF KENT Divided into its Lathes and Subdivided into Hundreds, Drawn from Surveys and most approved modern Maps with various additional Improvements: Illustrated with Historical Extracts relative to the Air, Soil, Natural Produce, Manufactures, Trade and present State of its Cities & principal Towns. Engraved folding map, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 21" x 28", including small margins, coloured in outline, contained within the original rubbed marbled slipcase. Decorative cartouche showing cherry trees, fishing equipment, fruit pickers etc., inset top right is 'A Correct Draught of the Downs and adjacent Coast'. Small holes in linen where folds meet at three places, occasional light foxing. London: Printed for John Bowles, in Cornhill, Carrington Bowles in St. Paul's, Church Street, & Robt. Sayer in Fleet Street, c1780. 200.00


  65. Kitchin Sculpt. A MAP OF THE COUNTY OF KENT Taken from an Actual Survey as an Index to the Large One. Engraved map, coloured in outline, 2/5" to 1 mile, divided into 25 numbered sections corresponding to the 25 sheets of the large-scale map. Size 20" x 27", dissected and mounted on linen, some browning of paper at edges of four central sections, a few light browning spots at edges. Linen on verso spotty (presumably staining from glue where paper pasted to linen). Folding into marbled slip-case, rubbed at corners, owner's 1833 inscription in ink. 1769. 190.00

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  66. Bacon's LARGE-SCALE PLAN OF MANCHESTER Colour-printed plan, scale 6" to 1 mile. Folding into blindstamped cloth boards with circular label printed in brown. Street index at sides. c1885. 25.00

  67. Blackleyhurst Colliery PLAN OF ORRELL YARD MINE Tarbuck Farm Pit, Blackleyhurst Colliery. Manuscript plan in ink and solid colour, on cartridge paper backed with linen, rolled. Size 34" x 51", scale 3" = 100 yards. Shows buildings and park at Blackley Hurst Hall on right, Garmswood Road, Tarbuck House, mine workings coloured according to date, ranging from 1936 - 1948. Various markings including Approx. Line of Outcrop, Full Dip, etc. With Section of Seam at bottom right, scale " to 1 foot. 1936-48. 80.00


  68. Broughton PLAN OF AN ESTATE IN BROUGHTON belonging to Mr. John Hancock, 1830. Manuscript plan in ink and full colour, on vellum, size 20" x 25", scale 3 chains to an inch. Decorative compass rose, scale bar. Shows buildings at Mireside, Park Headfields, shaded green and numbered, Broughton to Coniston Road, drains, Islands and Lower Island at Kirkby Pool, woodland, watering place, high ground shown with delicate wash hachuring. Adjoining owners named. Slight traces of crease where once folded....together with.... SKETCH PLAN, untitled, in ink on glazed cotton, size 17" x 23", showing the Mire Side estate, no date but probably circa 1860, untitled. 1830. 90.00

  69. Cruchley's ROAD AND RAILWAY MAP OF THE COUNTY OF LANCASHIRE Showing all the Railways and Names of Stations Also the Turnpike Roads, Villages, Gentlemens Seats &c &c. Improved from the Ordnance Surveys. Folding map printed in red, pink and black. Linen-backed, folding into sm. 8vo coloured wraps with cyclists. c1900. 18.00

  70. Davies (B.R), drawn and engraved by MANCHESTER, SALFORD, AND THEIR ENVIRONS Engraved plan, size 16" x 21", plus margins, scale 1" = 200 yds. With Reference to the Public Buildings in bottom margin (60 in Manchester and 12 in Salford), Reference to Districts top left. Narrow decorative border. Main streets named. Folds, old repair on verso to tear reaching approx. 4" into map, two small repaired edge tears. Folds, paper browned along some folds, some off-setting, mainly in bottom margin. Fisher, Son & Co. London, 1833. 150.00
    Covers Cheetham, Whitworth Hall, Medlock Dam, Ordsall Hall, Pendleton, Charlestown. Shows existing and proposed railways, canals, parkland with trees.

  71. Hennett (G) A MAP OF THE COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER, Divided into Hundreds and Parishes, From an Accurate Survey made by G. Hennet, and Corrected to 1839. Large engraved map, dissected and mounted on linen, scale three-quarters of an inch to one mile, fully hand-coloured in hundreds, with deeper shading at boundaries, park-land, railway lines hand-coloured. Large calligraphic title, fine engraved inset view of the New Custom House, Liverpool. Numbers under towns show distance from London, those along the roads the distances from town to town. Overall engraved surface approx. 63" x 43", plus margins, on single sheet, dissected and mounted on linen, folding to roy 8vo, red cloth boards with metal clasp, but back board missing, front board darkened, back marbled endpaper very rubbed. Split in linen at one fold, above title, approx. 3" long. Right hand margin slightly grubby, otherwise clean and bright. Some minor marks on linen in 3 places on verso, showing as slightly brownish at 3 points between sections, but not affecting paper. London. Published by Henry Teesdale and Co., 10 Red Lion Square. 1839. 360.00
    This edition not listed in Rodger's 'Large Scale County Maps'.

  72. Ince Hall Moss Colliery WIGAN NINE FEET MINE. MANUSCRIPT PLAN Plan in ink and nine colours on stiff paper backed with linen, size 38" x 72", shows workings coloured according to date of working, buildings. Each part of the working dated with month and year in small neat ink lettering. The plan covers almost the whole of the paper. Note on lease bottom left. Some small horizontal creases in paper throughout, plan dusty, paper ragged along top and bottom edges, without affecting drawing. Dates on workings 1871-1917. 85.00
    There is no title on the plan, but it is titled on verso.

  73. Ince, Wigan LOWER YARD MINE SPRINGS COLLIERY Manuscript plan, titled on verso, showing workings in different colours. On thick paper backed with linen, rolled. Scale 5" = 150 yds. Size 38" x 56". Coloured according to date of working, from 1872-1898. Shows outline of buildings, railway, line of main fault etc. c1910. 70.00

  74. Philips' PLAN OF LIVERPOOL AND THE ADJOINING CHESHIRE COAST From Actual Surveys. Lithographed folding plan, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 36" x 39", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into faded 8vo marbled wraps, number in white on wrap. With Reference to Churches, Schools, Places of Amusements etc. All the streets are named. The railways and stations have been neatly lined with different colours in watercolour, and some lines drawn in pink from Edge Hill Station to Lime Street Station, Exchange Station, from Central Station to the Docks, etc. (possibly pipe lines). A few buildings colour-shaded. Map rather dusty down left-hand border. George Philip, London and Liverpool. n.d. c1870. 120.00
    Covers area from Newsham Park, Walton Hall, in the north, to Wallasey Bridge, Birkenhead Park, in the south.

  75. Phillips PHILLIPS' NEW MAP OF LIVERPOOL, and its Environs. Completed from Actual Survey 1881. Coloured folding plan, coloured in wards, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 43" x 60", including margins, scale 6" to 1 mile, folding into the original cloth boards, 4to, marbled endpapers, covers slightly rubbed, with a couple of short splits to outer hinges, decorative borders to plan, and a Reference Table of churches, banks, public building, cemeteries, places of amusement, railway stations, etc. Decorative border with leaves etc., compass rose. London: George Phillip and Son, 32 Fleet St., Liverpool: Phillip Son and Nephew, Atlas Buildings, 49 and 51 South Castle St., 1881. 240.00
    Covers area from Thingwall in the North to Hamilton Square. A very detailed map which is fully coloured.

  76. Preston, Wigan, Bury ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXXIX Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 30", linen-backed, folding to large 4to, marbled endpapers. Boundaries and estuary hand-coloured. Line of North West Central Railway east of Preston added in ink. Two or three light foxing spots. 1872-5. 32.00

  77. Slater (Isaac) A PLAN OF MANCHESTER AND SALFORD, With their Vicinities. Embracing Every Improvement, From Actual Survey, 1845. Engraved folding plan, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 17" x 23", scale 8" to 1 mile, plus margins, folding to small 8vo, into the original cloth boards, marbled endpapers, printed paper label on top board, later manuscript title on spine in white. Main roads, water features, ward boundaries hand-coloured. Vignette above title showing figure of Justice, seated between a railway locomotive and a sailing ship. With quarter mile circles radiating from The Exchange. Published by Isaac Taylor, 55 Fountain Street, Manchester, 1845. 110.00

  78. Taylor's TAYLOR'S MAP OF LIVERPOOL and Its Environs from an Actual Survey. Folding engraved map, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 15" x 19", divided into quarter-mile squares, covering area from Zoological Gardens to the Docks. Geometrical Sectional View of the Line of the Docks along the bottom, with some major buildings shown in elevation. Contained within the original paper, slightly rubbed and dusty slip-case, with the original printed paper label. H. Austen, delin. et direx. 1837. Engraved by T. & A. Walker, 1847. 85.00
    With Reference to Churches, Chapels and Schools, and Docks and Quays.

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  79. Falkenham FALKENHAM AND FELIXSTOWE LEVEL. PLAN OF A SEA WALL (IN PART) KING'S FLEET &c. Finely-drawn plan in ink and colour, backed with linen, size 66" x 46", scale 1" to 1 mile. Signed G. Shelbourn, Levington, July 1875. Compass rose and scale bar. Shows the River Deben on the right, The King's Fleet, and the channels running into it, the Roadway on the site of the old wall, River Wall or embankment shown in green running along the edge of the Saltings bordering the River, the sea with High and Low Water Marks, East End with buildings and Cliff, Ferry, two Martello Towers, The Ferry Inn, Iron Church, Old Manor House, and other buildings, Wallman's Cottage. New wall made by Col. Tomline coloured yellow, Roadway near River Wall coloured pink. With two fine inset plans, 'Enlarged Plan of River Wall, Roadway etc. at E. End of the King's Fleet', size 13" x 11". In full wash colour, scale 50 links to an inch, and 'General Plan showing Orwell Park, part of Colonel Tomlin's Property, The River Walls, King's Fleet', size 12" x 13", scale 1" to 1 mile. Detailed plan showing villages, roads, farms, cottages etc., Nacton, East End, Walton. 1875. 400.00
    A beautifully-drawn plan. The port of Felixstowe in its present form was founded by Col. G. Tomline in 1875.

  80. Greetham, Ashby Puerorum etc. PLAN OF ESTATES THE PROPERTY OF STEVENS DINELY TOTTON ESQ. in the Parishes of Greetham, Ashby Puerorum and Salmonby. Manuscript plan in ink and outline colour, on thick paper dissected and mounted on linen, folding to large 4to. Size 65" x 90". Calligraphic title. Buildings, water-features and roads coloured, fields shaded in lines to show cultivation, rough ground indicated. Hedges shown. Parish boundaries shaded. Each building and field is numbered but there is no key. n.d. c1840. 300.00

  81. Gunby (Wm.) and Thorley (Jno.) A NEW AND CORRECT CHART OF BOSTON DEEPS IN THE COUNTY OF LINCOLN including the North and South Channels Accurately Surveyed. Dedicated to the Merchants and Owners of Vessels, Employed in the Coasting Trade. Finely engraved chart, size 25" x 29", central fold. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Scale in English and French, and Danish and Swedish Miles. With section and detailed description of Beacon on the Hook of The Long Sand. Shows the Estuary from Fosdyke to Mablethorp. Two compass roses with rhumb lines, soundings, sandbanks, high and low water marks, signal posts, beacons. Buildings and churches finely engraved in elevation, including houses along the coast, windmill at Tunsthorp, Frieston Shore Houses, Physick House, Skegness Houses etc. 4" repaired tear in blank area at top corner, a few minor edge tears, repaired, a couple of small light stains on left side in blank area. Published and sold by Messrs. Cartwrights & Thorley, Boston. April 1st. 1823. 260.00

  82. Lincoln ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXXIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 36", linen backed, folding into marbled 4to endpapers. County boundary shaded in blue and buff, Nottingham shaded pale blue, railway added in red to join railway at Lincoln, running south past Metheringham, marked with small red circles and numbers every 2". Electrotype 1872. 38.00
    Covers part of Nottingham, as far west as West Markham, Blyborough, Horncastle.

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  83. Bacon's NEW LARGE-PRINT MAP OF LONDON AND SUBURBS With Index to Streets and Illustrated Guide Extending from Hampton Court to Greenwich & Highgate to Crystal Palace. Colour-printed map, size 28" x 36", 49p. Index of streets and advertisement leaves at front. Folding into sm. 8vo. limp red wraps with view of Crystal Palace. c1890. 32.00

  84. Camden Town, Regents Park, Islington ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Reduced from the Skeleton Plans. Sheet 13. Scale 12" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 40", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo grained paper endpapers. Drawn and Engraved in 1848-51 under the direction of Captn. Yelland R.E. 40.00
    These maps show only streets, which are all named, and main features such canals, railways.

  85. Collins' LONDON 3,000 Street References. Plan, size 21" x 28", folding into sm. 8vo boards, rubbed at edges, printed label, one corner of label chipped. 18pp. index of streets. Three splits at folds 5" long repaired on verso with archival tape, three very small splits where two folds meet. c1860 70.00
    Covers Stoke Newington to Denmark Hill, Hammersmith Bridge to West India Dock.

  86. Gall and Inglis' LARGE SCALE 'FIVE INCH' MAP OF LONDON Double-sided map with colour-printed plan scale 5" to 1 mile on one side and Continuation North, East and South, in black and white, at the same scale, on verso. Size 28" x 40". Folding into red printed cloth boards with view of St. Paul's Cathedral. Missing street index from inside front board as only small 'key' maps 1 and 3 are present. Boards rather darkened, slight wear at spine. Two small old sellotape repairs on verso of map. c1890. 55.00

  87. Hackney, Hackney Wick, Ball's Pond ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Reduced from the Skeleton Plans. Sheet 14. Scale 12" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 40", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo grained paper endpapers. Drawn and Engraved in 1848-51 under the direction of Captn. Yelland R.E. 25.00
    Covers Islington Cattle Market to Oldford Road. These maps show only streets, which are all named, and main features such canals, railways.

  88. Kelly & Co. LONDON Drawn and Engraved expressly for the Post Office Directory, 1865. By B.R. Davies. 27" x 37", scale 3" = 1 mile. Dissected and mounted on linen and folding into small 4to marbled endpapers, in cloth covered slipcase. Linen torn between sections at one point, 5" long, repaired on verso with tape. Letters for postal districts. C.R. Cheffins, Lithographers. 1865. 70.00
    Covers Hornsey Wood to Brixton.

  89. Kennington, Camberwell, Battersea Fields ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Reduced from the Skeleton Plans. Sheet 27. Scale 12" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 40", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo grained paper endpapers. Small red stain on linen between two sections not affecting paper. Drawn and Engraved in 1848-51 under the direction of Captn. Yelland R.E. 30.00
    Covers Clapham Rise to Millbank Penitentiary. These maps show only streets, which are all named, and main features such canals, railways.

  90. Limehouse, Stepney, Rotherhithe, City ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Reduced from the Skeleton Plans. Sheet 21. Scale 12" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 40", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo grained paper endpapers. Drawn and Engraved in 1848-51 under the direction of Captn. Yelland R.E. 42.00
    Covers area from Mansion House to Limehouse Basin, includes The Tower, London Bridge, Mile End Road, St. Katherine's Dock, London Docks, Commercial Dock. These maps show only streets, which are all named, and main features such canals, railways.

  91. London District GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Drift Map. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Sheet 1,2, etc. Size 24" x 30", plus margins. Colour-printed. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo endpapers, in cloth-covered slipcase with Sifton Praed label. 1903. 48.00
    Shows the whole of London, covering Enfield, West Thurrock, Croydon, Iver.

  92. London suburbs ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Set of 35 O.S. maps, scale 6" to 1 mile, quarter sheets, dissected and mounted on linen, folding to small 8vo, all with uniform marbled endpapers, and printed label of the Commons and Footpaths Preservation Society, with Sheet No., Scale and Survey etc., entered on label in ink. About a third of the maps have been marked with footpaths in pencil or crayon, and relevant symbols marked, according to a key which is pasted on the verso of some of the maps 'Instructions for Reports on Footpaths'. Sheet nos. as follows: 1 S.E; 4 S.E; 7 N.E & S.W; 8 S.E; 9 N.E,S.W,S.E; 10 S.W; 11 N.E; 12 N.W, N.E; 13 S.W; 14 N.E,S.E; 15 N.E,S.E; 16 S.E; 18 N.E; 19 S.E,S.W; 25 N.E,N.W,S.W; 56 S.E; 57 N.W,S.W,S.E; 74 S.E,S.W. 1894-6. 175.00
    Areas include Edmonton, Enfield, Barnet, North Cray, Ruislip, Bexley, Dartford, Ruislip, Shepperton, Crouch End, Sunbury, Walton, Surbiton, Cheam, Uxbridge, Ealing, Chipstead, Ewell, Teddington, Chingford, Epping, Dagenham.

  93. Midland Railway Distance Diagram LONDON DISTRICT Scale 1 inch to 1 mile. Size 19" x 14", on thick paper. Sheet 44. Sixth Edition. 1913. 30.00
    Covers Tottenham, South Croydon, Eltham, Cricklwood.

  94. North and South London TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Quarter sheets, no. 270 and 256, scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 19" plus margins. Linen-backed and folding into sm. 4to marbled wraps with Stanford labels. 2 items. Printed from an Electrotype taken in 1892. 32.00
    The two maps cover area from Enfield to Croydon, Pinner to Walthamstow, Hanworth to Lewisham.

  95. Peckham, Deptford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Reduced from the Skeleton Plans. Sheet 28. Scale 12" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 40", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo grained paper endpapers. Drawn and Engraved in 1848-51 under the direction of Captn. Yelland R.E. 30.00
    Covers Blue Anchor Road to Peckham Rye. These maps show only streets, which are all named, and main features such canals, railways.

  96. Pharus Co. PHARUS-MAP LONDON Colour-printed map, divided into half mile squares, scale 1" = quarter of a mile. Size 28" x 37", linen-backed, folding to 8vo. Small views of major buildings (for example Natural History Museum) throughout central area. Giesen Bros. & Co. London. Printed and published by Pharus Co., Berlin. n.d. c1910. 45.00
    Shows Railways and stations, Underground railways, tram and omnibus routes, postal boundaries, music halls, churches, theatres, hospitals.

  97. Stepney, Bermondsey ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Reduced from the Skeleton Plans. Sheet 21. Scale 12" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 40", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo grained paper endpapers. Drawn and Engraved in 1848-51 under the direction of Captn. Yelland R.E. 40.00
    Covers London Bridge to Limehouse Basin. These maps show only streets, which are all named, and main features such canals, railways.

  98. Whitbread's WHITBREAD'S NEW MAP OF LONDON AND ITS ENVIRONS. Folding hand-coloured plan, dissected and mounted on linen, 36" x 43", scale 3" to 1 mile, folding into small 8vo, blind-stamped cloth covers, titled in gilt on top cover, with an Index, 35 + (3) pages, in Two Parts, Part I relating to London, and Part II the surrounding area. All streets named, railways shown with stations coloured in red. Published by J. Whitbread, 142 Oxford Street, dated in manuscript on the top board 1874. 150.00
    Covers area from Alexandra Park to Mitcham, Turnham Green to Deptford.

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  99. Cary (J) A MAP OF MONMOUTHSHIRE from the best Authorities. Engraved map, size 16" x 16", fully hand-coloured in hundreds. Compass rose, border. Some light creases, two small edge tears. 1805. 35.00

  100. Greenwood (C. & H) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTHSHIRE. From an Actual Survey made in the Years 1829 & 1830. Folding engraved map, hand coloured, with an engraved inset view of Tintern Abbey, mounted on linen, size including margins approx. 25" x 29", off-setting of border, vignette etc.. 1831. 55.00

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  101. Beechen Clift MANUSCRIPT PLAN showing Thomas Lewis's property at Claverton Street, Claverton Place, Bristol Road, Wells Road, Holloway. In ink and three colours of wash, on paper, size 17" x 23", plus wide margins, scale 3" = 100ft. Traces of folds, with slight wear at folds, the whole laid down professionally on thin card. Shows Angel Inn, Old Fox Inn, houses and gardens, which are numbered, houses, Smith's shop, Wheelwright shop, Deal Shed, Saw Pit, Warehouse etc., fronting Well's Road, footways, proposed carriage way etc. , party walls and walls belonging to Lewis, church wall, Stone and Tile Yard and gardens along Claverton Place, etc. Bottom right are 15 lines of writing signed by Thos. Lewis, stating the plan is to be affixed to his will, and explaining that the three colours on the plan relate to bequests to three sets of named heirs. Plan signed in bottom margin 'Js. B. Jarvis, Commissioner.' c1870. 80.00

  102. Bowen (Emanuel) AN IMPROVED MAP OF THE COUNTY OF SOMERSET Divided into its Hundreds.... Illustrated with various additional Improvements with Historical Extracts relative to its Natural Produce, Trade, Manufactures, &c.... Engraved map, coloured in outline, size 21" x 28", dissected and mounted on linen, coloured border, marbled slipcase, rubbed, printed label. Decorative cartouche showing street scene in Bath with fountain and lady getting out of Sedan chair. Plan of Bath top left, scale 1" = 200 yards, size 5" x 7", with Reference to buildings, and description of town below. In Channel area are descriptive texts on Wookey Hole and caverns and Mines of Mendip; Keynsham, and its serpentine stones; Bridgwater; Taunton. Linen worn at three points where folds meet. Printed for Carrington Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard. (1787) 150.00

  103. Curtis (F), Steam Printer & Lithographer, Bath ILLUSTRATED PLAN OF THE CITY OF BATH. Size 19" x 22", linen-backed, folded to small 8vo. Illustrated with upwards of 80 small vignettes of buildings throughout the plan. Covers area from Marlborough Buildings to Pultney Road, Beechen Cliff to Lansdown Place. Foxing spots at right hand side reaching about 3-5 inches into plan, 2 inch split in paper but not linen at one fold. c1850. 90.00
    Shows great detail of the layout of parks and gardens.

  104. Godwin (C) A NEW AND CORRECT PLAN OF THE CITY OF BATH from a recent Survey. Copper engraved plan, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 18" x 21", scale 120 yds to 1". View of the Royal Crescent in bottom corner by title, city coat of arms in top left hand corner. Reference Table giving key to 22 buildings, lines show proposed diversion of river, and proposed canal from Bath to Bristol. Folding into 8vo size card slipcase, lacking paper label, slipcase rubbed at one edge. Published By and For C. Godwin, Bookseller. Upper Corner of Milsom Street. New Edition 1816. 280.00
    Extends from Sion House in the North to Upper Great Pulteney Street in the South, Lyncombe Lane in the West to American Buildings in the East.

  105. Holloway (J) Drawn & Engraved by ILLUSTRATED PLAN OF THE CITY OF BATH Decorative lithographed plan, size 18" x 22", covering the area from Nelson Place to Sydney Place, Beechen Cliff to Lansdown Place. With upwards of seventy small vignette views of churches, streets, squares, public buildings etc. on the plan, Great Western Railway shown with steam train on the track, bridges engraved in elevation etc., shows layout of gardens shrubberies etc. Piano key border, compass rose. Backed with linen and folded to sm. 4to. 2" split in paper but not in linen at one fold, foxing spots down right hand side, approx. 4" into the map. F. Curtis, Steam Printer & Lithographer, Bath. c1870. 145.00
    A highly decorative and original plan.

  106. Portbury Pier and Railway PLAN AND SECTION 1845. I.K. Brunel, Esq. F.R.S. Engineer. Bound book of plans, stiff cloth wraps, size 18" x 27", edges of wraps chipped. Engraved decorative title page with large ornate lettering, scale bars and notes on abbreviations etc., below title. 6 engraved sheets showing the line, some folding, scale 5 chains to an inch, plus 3 pages of sections (at Abbots Leigh, Wraxall, etc.) Stiff cloth-covered wraps, back wrap very worn and chipped at foredge and along bottom, last page of plan and the pages of sections chipped along bottom, with some slight browning along edge. Red stamps of Engineer's Office, Paddington, throughout. 1845. 160.00
    Shows line from the Bristol and Exeter Railway at Bedminster, past the coal works, Ship Yard, Clift House, along the Avon, past Nightingale Valley, the Tan Pits at Wraxall, into Portishead. Buildings, wooded areas, toll gate, quarry, etc., shown. Brunel had proposed the Bristol - Portbury link as early as 1839. The line was finally built by the Bristol and Portishead Pier and Railway Company, and opened in 1867.

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  107. Cheadle PLAN OF AN ESTATE IN THE PARISH OF CHEADLE belonging to Mr. Richard Howe. 1837. Manuscript plan in ink and three colours, on cartridge paper. Size 14" x 22", plus margins, scale 3 chains to 1". Shows buildings, including Mill, mill-pool and streams, roads, fields (those shaded in pink are in Cheadle, those uncoloured are in Checkley) with acreage, adjoining owners named. Title with variety of calligraphic lettering styles, scale bar. Five tears approx. 3-4" long running from edges, one just reaching into part of drawing, the others in blank area, repaired neatly on verso. A few small rust spots at bottom, edges rather dusty, some minor creasing. 1837. 40.00
    The total acreage was 32a.1r.20p.

  108. Tillington, Cresswall PLAN OF LAND SITUATE IN THE TOWNSHIP OF TILLINGTON Parish of St. Marys Castlechurch and Cresswall, The Property of Trinity College Cambridge, Lord Stafford, The Revd. C. S. Roydes and Serjt. Bellasis. Manuscript map in ink and outline colour wash, on thick paper backed with linen, size 93" x 25". Shows Great Western Railway, roads, Stafford and Uttoxeter Railway, River Sow, streams. Main map covers area from border of Cresswall parish along the stream, to Broad Eye Bridge. Land outlined in colour and very lightly shaded according to owner. Acreage of each field given. Three smaller maps at bottom showing fields in Cresswall, Marston St. Mary's. A thin black line has been drawn vertically down the plan, occasionally marked across with letters M-N etc, possibly indicating sections across a railway line, etc. Small manuscript label on verso 'Plan of Recent Survey Referred to in Estimate of costs'. Linen rather dust-marked on verso. 1874. 260.00
    A later pencil note states the scale is 3 chains to an inch.


  109. Totmonstow, Pirehill, Offlow etc. BOOK OF PLANS OF PARISHES IN FIVE HUNDREDS Five linen-backed folding plans bound in plain 4to cloth. Each scale 1" to 1 mile, hand-coloured in wash according to parishes, shows buildings in villages with the roads in the centre of that village, each village or town with a key below showing Distance from Stafford, Population, Acreage, Rateable Property, Quarterly Rates. Reference key bottom left. Compass rose. As follows: (i) Map of the Parishes in the Hundred of Totmonstow in the County of Stafford. Size 27" x 18". Colouring slightly faded. (ii) Parishes in the Hundred of Pirehill. Size 29" x 27", some minor dustmarking down one fold. (iii) Parishes in the Hundred of Offlow. Size 30" x 21". (iv) Parishes in the Hundred of Seisdon. Size 21" x 17". (v) Parishes in the Hundred of Cuttlestone. 17" x 21". Evans and Howarth, Lith. Chester. 1846. 280.00

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  110. Bramford MANUSCRIPT MAP in brownish ink and good outline colour on vellum, scale 100 Rods = approx. 3". Size 51" x 36", the bottom attached to a wooden roller. Part of the map is missing: the compass rose being only half a rose, and area of fields at the bottom right of the map, near Claydon, is obviously is incomplete as the fields continue right to the edge of the vellum, with some field names lacking the last letters. The top part of the map would seem to be unaffected, as the boundary is complete, and it would seem that the trimming affects an area about 12" deep at the bottom right. There is no title cartouche: it may be that the right hand side of the map was trimmed to fit it to a much later wooden roller, about 1" thick. The map shows the parish of Bramford, with boundary, marked by maple, oak and elm trees, posts and stones. Claydon Hall, Elm Whitton Street, are at the bottom edge, Bramford Hall Park in the centre and 'Miss Rebow's land' at the top. Shows a great many fields with field name and number, hedges, wooded areas, stiles, roads, river; churches and houses shown by brightly coloured drawings in elevation. Bramford Hall Park shown in detail with layout of garden, flowerbeds, etc. Buildings shown include Sicklemore House, Thornbush hall, Countwell, Burstall Church, Blakenham Parva Church, Claydon Church. n.d. c1790. 600.00

  111. Cowell Ltd., Pub. STREET MAP OF IPSWICH Colour printed map, size 14" x 20", plus Index to Streets and Public Buildings at bottom. Folding into sm. 8vo printed boards, title faded, spine rubbed. Impressed ownership stamp at top. Published by W.S. Cowell Ltd., Butter Market, Ipswich. c1907. 24.00
    With streets with tramlines printed in pink.

  112. Morden (Robt.) SUFFOLK Engraved map, uncoloured, size 14" x 16", title cartouche. Central fold. Sold by Abel Swale, Awnsham & John Churchill c1700. 38.00
    From the 1695 edition of Camden's 'Britannia'.

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  113. Farnham, Guildford, Croydon ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet VIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size approx. 25" x 37", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo marbled endpapers, inserted in rubbed slipcase with faded Wyld label. Wyld label in bottom margin. Imprint bottom right rather feint. O.S. blindstamp 1883. 34.00

  114. Guildford, Reigate ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet VIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 36". Linen-backed and folding into 8vo endpapers. Linen browned along 2 folds, slightly affecting the extreme edges of some sections. One endpaper chipped. n.d. c1850. 40.00
    Covers Farnham, Charlwood, Croydon, Kingston, Wokingham.

  115. Margary (H), Publisher TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS OF MAPMAKING in the County of Surrey 27 map sheets, size 23" x 32", plus cover sheet and 2 sheets of introduction by W. Ravenhill. Rolled. 1974. 40.00
    Facsimiles of Saxton, Norden, Rocque, Greenwood etc.

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  116. Bartholomew (J) NEW PLAN OF EASTBOURNE from the Ordnance Survey. Colour-printed plan, size 15" x 19", scale 6" to 1 mile, linen-backed and folding into blue cloth printed wraps, sm. 8vo. Inset plan of Environs. With street index and 6 page guide. c1900. 18.00

  117. Brighton, Crawley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 37", no. sheet no, made up of quarter sheets. Linen-backed and folding into 8vo endpapers. 2 light brownish spots on 2 sections. Electrotype 1881. 40.00

  118. Brighton, Horsham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet IX. Size 24" x 36", linen-backed and folding into 8vo endpapers, slightly chipped. Two roads coloured brown. Some slight discoloration at corner of 2 sections. Electrotype 1875. 32.00

  119. Rock & Co ROCK & CO'S ILLUSTRATED MAP OF BRIGHTON, and its Vicinity. Engraved folding plan, size approx. 19" x 24", including margins, folding to sm 8vo, into the original cloth covers, gilt titled on top board, plan has a few very small splits at a few folds, small embossed ownership stamp to one margin. Rock & Co., London: c186- 90.00
    With The Pavilion and a few other buildings shown as a small vignette, and the Chain Pier shown in elevation. Covers Adelaide Crescent to Lewes Crescent, as far north as the Cavalry Barracks.

  120. Saunders (W) and Son A NEW PLAN OF BRIGHTON and its Environs, from Actual Survey Including all the Recent Improvements. Engraved folding hand coloured plan, size approx. 12" x 22", including margins, scale 6" to 1 mile, folding into the original sm 8vo, cloth boards, with the original paper label on top board, upper board loose, plan slightly off-set. All the streets named, shows parkland etc, in detail. Buildings which are shaded show 'the extent of the Town fifty years since'. Published by W. Saunders and Son, 112 High St., James's Street, Brighton, c1837. 75.00
    There is a pencil note, in a very small hand, below the decorative title with the dates:- '1836 or 1837' and notes to justify these dates.

  121. Worthing MAP OF WORTHING. Coloured folding plan, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 26" x 42", including margins, scale approx 5" to 200 feet, few spots to verso, otherwise clean. Folding into marbled endpapers, and contained within a gilt titled roan slipcase. No imprint, c.1880. 120.00
    A detailed map showing houses, buildings, railway line, parks, with street names, etc.

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  122. Bacon's NEW POCKET MAP OF BIRMINGHAM And Vicinity. Divided into Half Mile Squares and Circles. Fully hand-coloured plan, size 14" x 22", linen-backed and folding into sm. 8vo boards, printed label with pieces torn away. Street index down the sides. c1885. 26.00
    Covers Washwood Heath to Harborne.

  123. Caldecote TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 25" to 1 mile, one a composite map, size 35" x 56", showing Caldecot Hall, Leather Mill Farm, Lindley Hall, Lindley Grange, the other a sheet measureing 26" x 36", no borders top and right, covering Caldecot Hill, Tuttle Hill Granite Quarries with Tramway, windmill, Hill House. Both linen backed and folding into 4to marbled endpapers. Buildings, roads and water features hand-coloured, some field names and acreages added in ink. 1887. 45.00

  124. Stratford on Avon ORDNANCE SURVEY Sheet LIV S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 15", wide margins. 'Index to Tithe Survey' in top margin. Impressed Office of Works stamp in top margin. 1886. 20.00

  125. Walker (J & C) WARWICKSHIRE Engraved fully hand-coloured map, showing Parliamentary Boundaries, distance of towns from London, railways. Size 16" x 13". 1839. 24.00

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  126. Cary (John) A NEW MAP OF WESTMORELAND, Divided into Wards, Exhibiting Its Roads, Rivers, Parks &c. Fully hand-coloured engraved map, size approx. 19" x 21", dissected mounted on linen in four sections, marbled endpapers. 1818. 40.00

  127. Darton (W) WESTMORELAND Divided into Hundreds and the Parliamentary Divisions. Folding, hand-coloured map, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 14" x 19", folding into original sm 8vo cloth covers, gilt title, front board detached. With engraved vignette view of Winander Mere, Reference tables to the hundreds, Market Towns and Market Days. Slight browning along top of vignette, some minor off-setting. London, W. Darton & Son, Holborn Hill. c1835. 30.00

  128. Lake District ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Made up of four quarter sheets, Sheet XCVIII N.E. at top right. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 36". Dissected and mounted on linen, border all round, folding to large 4to, marbled endpapers. n.d. c1880. 35.00
    Covers Ulverston, Grasmere, Kirkby Lonsdale.

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  129. Cricklade, Calne, Devizes, Chilmark ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Composite map, two sheets joined, Sheets XXXIV and XIV, 'Index to the Tithe Survey' in top margin. Fully coloured in parishes, in a large variety of colours. Size 46" x 33". Some parishes and 'Ex.P's with name inked in in manuscript, some place names underlined, and a few short black lines connecting two points. County boundary shaded. Linen backed and folding into marbled wraps, in 8vo slipcase with original Wyld label, which has been repaired with new sides. c1860. 90.00

  130. Cruchley's County Maps WILTSHIRE for Cyclists and Tourists &c. Colour printed map, showing railways and stations, telegraph lines and stations, geological information. Folding into sm. 8vo, decorative cloth wraps. Scale 3 miles to an inch. Gall and Inglis. c1890. 22.00

  131. Enford, Fifield MAP OF THE MANORS OF ENFORD AND FIFIELD in the County of Wilts., The Property of John Benett Esq., M.P. Lithographed map, size 19" x 27" plus margins. Shows river at right hand edge, buildings and plots in the villages near the river and a few scattered buildings, road to Amesbury at left, field boundaries. With extensive Table of Reference listing 131 fields, orchards, houses, withy beds etc., listed under Tenants Timothy Fay, Charles Offer, and houses and gardens at Rack Rent, with Total Measure of Sheep Pasture, Arable, Meadow, Buildings etc. Slight creasing along centre. Small repaired edge tear. Waterlow & Morland, Lithographers, London. n.d. c1850. 65.00

  132. Fyfield A MAP OF THE INDICTED ROAD AT FYFIELD and Sketch of Pewsey Common and other Roads. Manuscript plan in ink and a small amount of colour, on Whatman paper, rolled. Size 22" x 34". No scale given. Some professional re-inforcement of paper on verso, 2 small repaired tears at edges, a few small edge tears top left. Shows roads including: road from Pewsey to Milton and Burbage, from from Pewsey to Wooton Rivers, to Totteridge from Milton, to Marlborough past New Mill, the 'indicted Road' between 'Mr Penruddoc's Drove' and Hollow Lane, and new Mill, the road in Pewsey Common with seven plots of land adjoining the road labelled with owners, part of Pewsey Common 'lately divided into Severalty', turnpike road leading to Oare and the 19 inclosures of the common to the North. Wick Gate, Milton, Totteridge, Clench, Fyfield are shown by small drawings of a house, and Wootton by a church. c1780. 145.00

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  133. Castlemorton MAP OF A PROPERTY situate in the Parish of Castlemorton in the County of Worcester belonging to Thomas Higgins Esq. late Hunt's. R. Jones, Surveyor, Ledbury, July 1836. Manuscript plan in ink and very pale wash, scale 1" = 1 chain, size 15" x 19". Traces of folds, central fold partly strengthened with tape on verso. Shows house at corner of two roads, with garden and fields adjoining. Shows pump, a pear, plum, apples trees, 'old elm tree', oak and ash, another cottage 'formerly occupied by Sylvanus Hunt', etc. Adjoining owners named (including Bannut-Tree Estate, College Land). With annotations and key which seem to have been made at a later date regarding a Recovery case noted on docket title 'Dean and Chapter of Westminster v. Higgins. 1836. 48.00

  134. Greenwood (C. & I) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF WORCESTER. From An Actual Survey Made in the Year 1823. Hand-coloured, size 23" x 28", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo. With vignette view of Worcester Cathedral. 1831. 85.00

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  135. Bacon's NEW PLAN OF LEEDS from the Ordnance Survey. Colour-printed plan, scale 9" to 1 mile. Street Index at sides. Folding into decorative paper wraps, small nick at edge of front wrap. c1880. 24.00

  136. Bradfield GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet 287. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Fully hand-coloured. Published 1855. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1872. 45.00
    Covers Bradfield Dale, Ughill, Dale Dike Reservoir, Broomhead Park.

  137. Bridlington, Beverley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet XCIV. Woodland and main roads hand-coloured. Folding to 8vo, linen-backed, cloth endpapers. c1860. 32.00

  138. Jefferys (T), Engraved by A CORRECT PLAN OF SHEFFIELD in the County of York, Drawn by Wm. Fairbank. 1771. Copper-engraved plan, scale a quarter of a mile = approx. three and a quarter inches, size of 12" x 10", plus wide margins. Has been folded in four, with creases, brown stain in bottom margin, outside plate-mark, some feint browning in top margin. 1" repaired tear at bottom edge. 1771. 175.00
    With key to Places of Worship, Hospitals. Covers area from Tilt Dam in the South to Bridge Houses in the North. Names streets, and includes 'Proposed New Streets' in Alsop Fields. Indicates rough ground, orchards etc. Shows various 'Wheels' with note 'Kellam Wheel, Wicker Wheel etc. are Waterworks used in the grinding of Cutlery Wares'.

  139. Scarborough ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to mile, size 24" x 36", linen-backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers, parkland and main roads hand-coloured. About half the map is sea area.Top and bottom margins trimmed to border. Small hole in linen at one point where folds meet. c1860. 24.00
    Sheet number trimmed away. Sheet no. XCV.

  140. Summer Bridge, Shaw Mill ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet 136. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Linen-backed. c1880. 30.00
    Covers Dacre, Burnt Yates, Harewell Hall, Oven Stone Ridge.

  141. Whitby ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet 32. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Published 1853. c1880. 28.00
    Covers Sandsend, Sleights, High Hawsker.

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  142. Beaufort (Revd. D.A) A NEW MAP OF IRELAND Civil and Ecclesiastical by The Revd. D.A. Beaufort, L.L.D, Member of the Royal Irish Academy. Engraved map, size 44" x 35", showing the whole of Ireland, and small parts of Scotland and Wales, counties coloured in outline, town coloured in red. Scale approx. 2" = 20 miles. Large decorative vignette with title, size 10" x 13", showing sailing ship, cherubs playing on the shore with fishing equipment etc., portrait of George III, church under construction, round tower in distance. Dedication to George III bottom right. Scale bars in English and Irish miles and French leagues. Hachures showing high ground. Linen-backed, folding to 9" x 6", in faded marbled slipcase with printed label. Two areas of light brownish spotting at top, less than 4" square, one in sea area, one in sea area and partly on one county. Engraved by S.I. Neele. Published as The Act directs March 1st 1792 by W. Faden, Geogr. to His Majesty. Second Edition 1797. 320.00

  143. Murray (T.L) Publisher IRELAND Engraved map, size 27" x 17", outline colour. Central fold, a few light creases. May 1st, 1830. 18.00

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  144. Ayr, Dalmellington ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 14. Scale 1" to 1 mile, linen backed, folding into small 4to boards. Some light browning of linen in places between sections. 1872. 22.00

  145. Johnston's TRAVELLING MAP OF SCOTLAND Engraved map, coloured in outline, size 23" x 19", plus margins. Scale approx. 2" = 30 miles. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into sm. 8vo cloth boards, gilt, decorative endpapers. A few small spots on map, 1" split in cloth at hinge. c1860. 35.00

  146. Loch Ness, Fort Augustus ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXVIII. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 36", plus margins. Second Edition 1904. 22.00
    Covers Loch Tarff, Loch a Mhuilinn, most of Loch Ness.

  147. Stockdale (John) SCOTLAND From the Latest Surveys. London, Published by John Stockdale, Piccadilly, 31st January 1806. Engraved by S.J. Neele. Finely engraved map covering the whole of Scotland, including the Orkney Islands, part of Northern England as far south as Crossthwaite and Bishop Auckland, and part of Northern Ireland. Dissected and mounted on linen, in two large sheets, each sheet size 48" x 81", edges bound with tape, folding into marbled wraps, 4to. Scale approx. 1" = 3 miles. Scale bars for English and Scotch miles and French leagues, large compass rose. High ground shown by hachures. Published by John Stockdale, Piccadilly, 31st January 1806. 280.00
    A detailed map, naming even very small settlements.

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  148. Campion CAMPION'S MAP OF COLLERIES, IRON, TIN, COPPER, AND CHEMICAL WORKS, RAILWAYS AND STATIONS IN SOUTH WALES Coloured folding map, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 31" X 46", plus margins, folding into the original, slightly dusty, cloth covers, original paper label on top board is chipped, and rubbed affecting letters of a few words. Includes an inset map of the British Isles, and Distance Tables of Cardiff and Swansea to other Ports, and a Reference Table to Colleries, Copper and Tin Works, Blast Iron and Steel Works, Pottery and Brick Works, Chemical and Fuel, Foundry and Coke Works, Railways and Stations, Boundaries, Towns, etc. Published by C.W. Campion, Neath, Glamorganshire, c189- 160.00

  149. Carmarthen ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 36", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 4to, blue silk edging tape... together with... Sheet XXXVII (Swansea Bay), in the same format. Both inserted in worn morocco slip case, size 13" x 10", which lacks tuck-in flap at top. Paper watermarked 1828. 80.00


  150. Llanfair, Montgomery MORTGAGE of an Estate called Melin y Grug in the Parishes of Llanfair and Llanerfyl in the County of Montgomery, Edward Mortimer Green to Robert Wigram Crawford and others. Vellum, 7 sheets size 23" x 27", including 3 sheets of Schedules, with name of tenants, number on plan etc. 3 wax seals. With fine fully hand-coloured manuscript plan of the estate attached, on cartridge paper, backed with linen, size 27" x 55". Shows fields, buildings, streams, woodland, quarry, turbary, bushes of rushes, lake of Lynn Hir, adjoining owners named. 1861. 110.00

  151. Merioneth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 36", linen-backed and folding to large 4to with marbled sides. Counties very lightly colour-washed, borders coloured. 1873. 34.00
    Covers Oswestry, Lake Bala, Llanfyllyn.

  152. South Wales Railway (Pembroke Line &c) EXTENSIONS, DEVIATION AND JUNCTIONS. PLANS AND SECTIONS Session 1853. I.K. Brunel, Esq. F.R.S. Engineer. Bound book of plans, stiff cloth wraps, size 20" x 37", edges of wraps chipped. Printed title on label at left hand edge of top wrap, title page, page with Scales, Abbreviations etc., and 10 pages showing the line, with sections below. Piece missing from title page about 10" all down right hand edge, not affecting printing. Edges of pages chipped and ragged, with no loss of printed surface, the first few sheets with repaired tear approx. 10" long, from right hand edge. Red stamps of G.W.R. Engineers Department, Paddington. The whole rather dusty. 1853. 80.00
    Shows line from Pennar Mouth to St. Woollas Parish, Newport.

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  153. Anon. A NEW MAP OF THE LAND OF MATRIMONY Drawn from the Latest Surveys. Manuscript map on Whatman paper, finely drawn in ink in outline colour, light shading around the coasts, coloured compass rose, yellow border. Size 7" x 8", mounted at corners on thin buff paper. Paper watermarked 1822. 75.00
    Shows two land masses 'Friesland', with the 'Amazon River', 'Coquet Island', 'Cape Demure', etc., and the 'Land of Matrimony', with 'Bride's Bay', 'Honeymoon Island', 'Esteem River', and many other features such as 'The Slave Coast', 'Lake of Indifference', 'Cat and Dog Harbour'. To the south is 'Divorce Island', near 'Cuckolds Point' and 'Cape Horn'. There are many islands and features such as quicksand, Rocks of Jealousy etc. Small 'Privateers' are shown and the track of two ships. The compass rose is composed of various emotions such as Scorn, Pity, etc.

  154. Bradshaw (George) MAP & SECTIONS OF THE RAILWAYS OF GREAT BRITAIN. Dedicated by Permission to James Walker, R.F.S. L & E. Scale 10 miles = 1". Size approx. 63" x 38", hand-coloured, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into large 8vo morocco boards, rubbed, front board detached, lacks spine. With inset map of London, 30 sections of the different railways. Edges bound with tape. Ink splash in Dublin Bay, off-setting of sections down right-hand side. Booklet, 1839, of 'Tables of the Gradients to Bradshaw's Map of the Railways.... Containing Particulars of the Lengths, Levels, and Gradients of All the Principal Railways in the The Kingdom', 27pp, inside front board. Published 1st Mo: Jan. 14 1839. by G. Bradshaw, Manchester. 320.00

  155. Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Composite sheet, sheet 238, 239 etc. Size 25" x 37". Parkland, main roads, railways, and county boundaries hand coloured. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo., marbled endpapers. 1896. 42.00
    Covers London from the E. India dock north and westward, Great Marlow, Cheddington, Harpenden, Ware.

  156. Cambridge and Norfolk ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXV. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36", linen-backed. 'index to the Tithe Survey' printed in top margin. Cancelled 'Boundary Section Record Copy' stamp bottom corner. O.S. blindstamp 1888. 35.00
    Covers March, Wisbech, Kings Lynn, Swaffham.

  157. Cheffins's MAP OF THE RAILWAYS IN ENGLAND & SCOTLAND Accurately Delineating All the Lines at Present Opened, and Those Which are in Progress, Corrected to the Present Time. The Map also shews the Main Roads.... Lithograph map, hand-coloured in outline, key showing lines opened, in progress, projected. Size 26" x 22", mounted on linen, folding into 8vo cloth boards, large attractively printed decorative label. C.F. Cheffins. Office for Lithography, 9 Southampton Buildings, Holborn. Sixth Edition, c1860. 90.00

  158. Devon and Cornwall THREE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet 144 (Plymouth, Gunnislake), 137 (Tavistock and Okephampton), 136 (Bodmin, Poundstock). Scale 1" to 1 mile, Fifth Edition. Size approx. 22" x 29", the Plymouth map on thicker paper. Printed in black and blue only. 'Record Map' stamps in top margin. 1930's. 24.00
    Possibly outline editions issued in the course of preparation for a later printing.

  159. Eastern Telegraph Company PAPER KNIFE in light wood, size approx. 13" x 1", the handle part in black with calendar for 1891 in gold on each side, and on the blade part with a coloured world map showing the telegraph lines in red, the one side showing Japan, N. Africa, Europe, E. Coast of U.S.A, on other side Australia, tip of India, Africa, Brazil, with cartouche 'The Eastern Telegraph Company Ltd. The Eastern Extension Telegraph Company Limited 50 & 11 Old Broad St., London E.C.' Small chip in paint about " across. 1891. 28.00

  160. Essex, Kent, Middlesex, Berkshire TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet I and VII, scale 1" to 1 mile, each approx. 25" x 36", linen-backed and folding into 8vo endpapers. Sheet I covers East London, Isle of Grain, Maldon, Sheet VII covers West London, Windsor, St. Albans. Sheet I published 1843/4, Sheet VII has no date. c1850. 65.00

  161. Fatout, Boulevard Poissoniere, Paris, Publisher PLAN PITTORESQUE DE LA VILLE DE PARIS Grave sur Acier par Benard. Engraved plan, size 21" x 32", folding into sm. 8vo boards with label with vignette of Arc de Triomphe, most of paper on spine chipped away, marbled boards and label faded. Street Index down sides. Upwards of 60 small vignettes of buildings on the map, such as Tuileries, Louvre, Ecole Militaire etc, including elevation of all the bridges, trains on railway line, boats on river etc. Some light discoloration of paper at some folds. 1841. 65.00

  162. Fothergill (G) LONDON TO EXETER And Back. Philips' Finger Post Strip Map. 43 folds, each with two circular maps, printed in black and three colours. Folding into yellow stiff wraps with illustration of touring car and cyclist. c1910. 22.00

  163. Gall and Inglis THE GREAT NORTH ROAD Part 1. London to York, and Part 2. York to Edinburgh. The 'Strip' or 'Motor' Route Maps, Nos. 10 and 20. Two strip maps, scale half an inch to a mile, printed in black and brown. Linen-backed, each approx. 8ft. long, folding into brown cloth covered boards printed with key map, size 6" x 3". With contour plans. Several pages inside with explanation, sketch plans of towns, list of hotels etc. 2 items. c1910. 26.00

  164. Hampshire and Wiltshire SIX ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet 283 (Andover), 284 (Basingstoke), 298 (Salisbury), 299 (Winchester), 300 (Alton), 330 (Lymington). Size 13" x 19", plus margins, linen-backed, handcoloured in full wash colour in parishes, with some alterations in neat red lettering, for example the upper case 'Freshwater' on the Isle of Wight has been ruled through and 'Totland' written neatly in red, 'Northwood' has been ruled through and 'Cowes' added in upper case. Two maps with printing slightly rubbed in places, one map with some small pieces of paper chipped away at margin. Margins grubby. All maps with several Board of Agriculture stamps, and 'Bd of A & F Stock Shelf' stamp. Signed in ink in bottom margin 'C.R. Co. Major R.'(?) c1897. 68.00
    The alterations were possibly in preparation for a new edition.

  165. Herfordshire and Essex ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLVII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", linen-backed, folding into cloth endpapers. Paper watermarked 1854. 40.00
    Covers Royston, Hertford, Sudbury, Witham.

  166. Kent and Surrey ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet VI. Size 25" x 37", linen backed and folding into 8vo endpapers. Linen between some sections browned. c1870. 32.00
    Covers Rochester, Cranbrook, East Grinstead.

  167. Kent, Surrey, Sussex ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 6. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 37", linen-backed and folding into small 4to marbled endpapers, in cloth covered slipcase with Wyld label. Parkland, roads, railways hand-coloured, county boundaries shaded in two colours. O.S. blindstamp in top margin, 1868. 42.00
    Covers East Grinstead, Bromley, Rochester, Milton.

  168. Knipe (J.A) GEOLOGICAL AND MINERALOGICAL MAP OF ENGLAND AND WALES with Parts of Scotland, Ireland and France, Showing also the Inland Navigation by means of Rivers and Canals, With their Elevation in feet above the Sea, the Rail Roads and Principal Roads. Hand-coloured map, size 46" x 33", dissected and mounted on linen,. folding into 8vo morocco boards, rubbed at edges, gilt title on front board, lacks spine, hence front board detached. With sections at the sides of the map, and two sections 'From the Solway Cumberland to Newhaven Sussex', and 'From Land's End to the German Ocean' running the whole width of the map at the bottom, Reference Tables with detailed explanation of colouring, notes on the different rocks, list of places where the British Association have assembled, 1831-64. Published for J.A. Knipe, Sepr. 1st 1862, by James Cox, Ivy Lane, London. 480.00
    'Including all the Railroads for which Acts of Parliament have been obtained.'


  169. Oldham (Hugh) A PLAN OF THE RIVERS IRWELL AND MERSEY from Manchester to Runcorn Gap and from Longford Bridge to the Hempstones in the County of Chester taken in Novemr. 1761. By Hugh Oldham. Very fine and detailed manuscript plan, in full bright colour. Size 11" x 21", traces of vertical folds, tipped onto card. Scale 1" = 1 mile. Large decorative coloured title cartouche at top centre, with books, chart of a river, bricks, bags of grain. Shows the rivers from the sea to Manchester, and to Worsley Mill, and further north to Walkden Moor and Ringley Chapel, with the Canal running to the south of the river. Shows wooded areas with small trees, heaths, villages along the course named, gentlemen's seats such as Partington Hall, Telwell Hall, Kerlsey Hall, 'Mr. Yates' house', 'Revd. Mr. Holdsworths house', etc., shown by small house, some small towns such as Lymm, Daresbury, Eccles, shown by a church. Shows the cut between Barton and Stretford, and 'The Course of the Canal according to the first Act', coloured in grey and blue, between Worsley and Salford. Locks shown, and the roads going over the canal. Near Risen Hall a cut is shown 'Intended to be cut, the Land is agreed for.' The canal is marked with letters and a reference table gives the distances between these points in Miles Furlongs, Chains. The course of the canal is marked with blocks of dark purple on alternate sides of the canal (apart from in the areas of heath or 'Moss'), varying in size, with distances marked off in tens between 1 and 180. 1761. 550.00
    Hugh Oldham is recorded in the Bridgwater Archives as having measured ground for the Duke. See also Eden's 'Dictionary of Land Surveyors', where he is recorded as being from Chetwood, Manchester, and as being active from 1761-72.

  170. [Seller (J)] THE SEVERN OR CHANNEL OF BRISTOL Two hand-coloured engraved charts on one sheet, on the left the Bristol Channel from Bristol and Chepstow to Hartland Point and Worms Head, Caldy Island. Shows sandbanks, soundings, anchorages marked with small anchors, the town of Bristol shown with small buildings and church, Lundy Island, Steepholm and Flatholm. Compass rose, scale bar. In border, size 20" x 10", scale 4" = 6 English Leagues. On right hand side is another handcoloured chart, untitled, showing the Isle of Man, the Scottish coast from Mull head to Carlisle, and the coast down to Liverpool, Chester, and Anglesey. Compass rose and scale bar. Size 20" x 13", scale 3" = 20 English Miles. Two small brownish spots in sea below Isle of Man. n.d. mid 18th century. 150.00
    Seller was the Royal Geographer under Charles II, James II and Anne. This is from 'The English Pilot' in 1670-1, which went into many editions.

  171. Smith (C) SMITH'S NEW MAP OF ENGLAND AND WALES With Part of Scotland Including the Turnpike, and principal Cross Roads, the course of the Rivers & Navigable Canals: the Cities, Market Towns, and most considerable Villages; pointing out the distance to every principal Town; likewise the distance from one Market Town to another. Drawn from the latest Authorities. Folding hand-coloured map, coloured in counties, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 46" x 38", contained within the original marbled, slightly rubbed slipcase, occasional foxing, few ink blots to verso. London: Printed for C. Smith, Mapseller. 1823. 65.00

  172. Stanford Ltd. COLOURED CHART OF THE THAMES ESTUARY with The River From London Bridge to Gravesend. Prepared under the Supervision of Capt. O.M. Watts. Linen-backed colour-printed chart, size 27" x 27", folding into dark blue boards with printed label, marbled endpapers. Shows soundings, lights, buoys, anchorages etc. Inset plans of Tidal Streams. Inside the front cover is a folding general map of the estuary, scale 1" = 1 sea mile, size 4" x 19". n.d. c1910. 46.00

  173. Surrey and Middlesex ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet VII/XXI. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 36" plus margins, folding into 8vo grained cloth endpapers. 1882. 40.00
    Covers Clapham Junction, Wandsworth, Putney, Wimbledon, East Sheen, Merton.

  174. Surrey, Berkshire, South London ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Composite sheet, comprising Sheet 270 and sheets to the south and west, size 28" x 40". Linen-backed, folding to 8vo marbled endpapers, inserted in green cloth slipcase with Stanford label. Published 1896. 42.00

  175. Sussex, Hampshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 37". Made up of quarter sheets. Trimmed to border at edges and top, no sheet number. Printed from an Electrotype 1881. 32.00
    Covers, Alton, Chichester, Pulborough.

  176. Swiss (A.H) HUNTING MAP NO. 9. Shewing the Meets of the Following Hunts:- Her Majesty's Buckhounds, New Forest Deerhounds, The South Berks. Foxhounds.... Coloured map, with numbers referring to meets, size 31" x 38", scale half an inch to one mile, folding into decorative printed paper covered boards, rubbed at edges. 23p. index with details of Kennels Masters, etc. A.H. Swiss, Fore Street, Devonport. 1893. 42.00
    Map covers Swindon, Ringwood, Steyning, High Wycombe.

  177. Van Keulen (Johannus) NIEUWE PASKAERT VANDE VERKEERDE CANAL Of De Kust Van Engelant. Engraved map, thick paper, attractively hand-coloured (including cartouche). Size 20" x 22", plus margins. Split at fold from bottom margin reaching one inch into text, repaired on verso, without loss, repaired tear in top right margin, just touching border. Three scale bars showing Dutch, Spanish and English miles, fine large title cartouche, with portrait of Charles II, decorated with pots of flowers, figures to the left, and group of workers staking bales on cloth to the right, sheep in distance. Two compass roses, rhumb lines, villages and towns along the coast shown, sandbanks, rocks, indicated. c1680. 400.00
    Covers Land's End, Helston, Bristol, Newport, St. David's, Lundy Island.


  178. Walker (J & C) A GEOLOGICAL MAP OF ENGLAND AND WALES AND PART OF SCOTLAND Showing also the Inland Navigation by means of Rivers and Canals with their elevation in feet above the Sea, together with the Rail Roads & Principal Roads. Fully hand-coloured, with full explanation of colours, with Mineral Character, Subdivisions, and a section from Land's End to the German Ocean. Size approx. 46" x 38", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into decorative cloth endpapers, inserted in cloth-covered slip-case in the form of a book, rubbed morocco label on spine, cloth on slipcase rubbed at corners at edges. Some slight off-setting and some foxing spots at bottom and right-hand edges in sea area. Published by J. & C. Walker, No. 9 Castle Street, Holborn, London. September 18th, 1835. 580.00
    Shows railroads completed or in progress, and projected railroads, copper, tin, lead, zinc, coal and salt mines.

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