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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 72

Broadsides, Handbills, Posters, etc.

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  1. Rose (Philip), Printer GRAND JUBILEE October 25, 1809. The King's Anthem. Song in three verses, printed with wavy border, large heading and coat of arms. Size 7" x 6", glued to plain sheet of paper. Parish of St. James, Bristol. Philip Rose, Printer, Broadmead. 1809. £25.00

  2. Seamen & Boatmen's Friend Society PLEASANT SATURDAY EVENINGS For the Sailors & the People. Hotwells Seamen's Mission, Terett Memorial Hall, Hotwells. March 23rd, at 7.30... All Seats Free. Poster, size 35" x 11", horizontal folds, decoratively printed in large capitals. c1903. £22.00

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  3. Witcham AUCTION POSTER. To be Sold by Auction, by Geo. Legge at the Plough, in Witcham, On Tuesday, the 30th day of June, 1846.... The following Valuable Parcels of Land.... Size approx. 17" x 13", few folds, attractive with various decorative type-faces. Clements. Printers, Ely: 1846. £22.00

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  4. Fowey Election BROADSHEET. 'To the Free & Independent Electors of the Borough of Fowey. Gentlemen, At the Solicitation of many respectable Inhabitants of your Ancient and Independent Borough, we beg leave to offer ourselves as Candidates.... Your most obedient, faithful, and humble Servants, Valletort, Alexander Glynn Campbell. London, 22nd May, 1818.' Single sheet, printed on one side only, size approx. 13" x 8", folds. Neatly repaired tear across 4" of text, without loss, traces of folds with some creasing. J. Bailey, 116 Chancery Lane, London. 1818. £32.00

  5. Truro INHABITANTS OF TRURO! Broadside in support of Hussey Vivian as candidate, attacking Lord Falmouth's claim to put appoint two candidates 'I will have both seats or neither'... Is such insolence to be endured'. Refers to Vivian's service in Holland, Spain, and at Waterloo 'Let us wear his colours... let us attend our brave Towns'-man to the Hall... let us shew that however the Corporation may decide, with us there is but one feeling:- Vivian and Truro for ever. An Inhabitant of Truro'. 39 lines on buff paper. Very small hole in margin. Heard, Printer and Bookbinder, Truro. June 15, 1818. £55.00

  6. Woolcock, Printer NUMBER SEVEN The Publisher is of opinion that, perhaps the following interesting and singular Complication of the Applications of the Number Seven throughout the Scriptures would have a greater tendency towards exciting in the minds of Youth a desire to pursue the Sacred Pages, than volumes written expressly for the purpose. Broadside listing in two columns a great number of occurrences of the number seven in the Bible '7 angels bringing 7 plagues...' etc. 4to, decorative border and woodcut of a king. Woolcock, Printer & Publisher, Helston, Cornwall. c1860. £35.00

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  7. Inglewood Forest INCLOSURE Honor of Penrith and Forest of Inglewood. Notice is Hereby Given, That John Sadler, John Marshall, and John Fryer, the Commissioners appointed.... by an Act of Parliament.... entitled 'An Act for dividing and inclosing the Commons and Waste Lands, within the several Parishes of Penrith, Edenhall, Salkeld.... intend to meet at the George Inn, Penrith.... for the Purpose of reading over and executing their General Award.... this first Day of October, 1819. Poster, size 12" x 8", inviting those interested to attend the meeting. Shaw, Printer, Penrith, 1819. £45.00

  8. Steel (James) Printer THE FARMER'S REAL FRIEND. Copy of a Letter addressed by an influential Landed Proprietor to a Yeoman of "Canny Cumberland." Broadside, in ten paragraphs, printed on one side only, size approx. 20" x 12", couple of small holes where once folded, few short tears with neat repairs with archival tape to verso.. James Steel, Printer, Journal Office, Carlisle. c1840? £55.00
    The letter is a long and detailed argument against the imposition of a fixed scale of duty on imported corn, in place of a sliding scale. 'I am still of the opinion that the most ruinous consequences to the Farmer would result from letting loose upon the consumption large masses of Corn at once.... ' The writer had apparently given evidence before a Commons Select Committee on Agriculture in 1833. He also mentions that he himself had 'sold beef at Manchester, at fourteen pence per lb. to common Weavers, in the year 1815'.

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  9. Derby TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by: Mr. Shaw, at the George Inn, in Derby...12th day of July.... Estates In Mackworth and Langley and in Spondon. Handbill, size 13" x 8", describing 4 Lots, with occupiers. J. Drewry, Printer, Derby, June 29th, 1805. £45.00

  10. Duffield NOTICE Having appointed Samuel Spenser of Belper, to collect my small Tythes and Easter Dues... in order to accommodate and save my Parishioners the trouble of attending at Duffield I have directed the said S. Spenser to call upon each Person at his Residence.... Handbill from F. Dixon, Vicar of Duffield, warning them that the collector will call only twice, and after that he will have to compel payment by civil and ecclesiastical Law. With an extract from the Endowment giving charges for each cottage, every foal, every swarm of bees, and the proportion of geese, pigs etc. he is entitled to. Size 8" x 7", laid down on thin card. c1810. £38.00

  11. Richardson (Thomas), Printer SHEET OF SIX ILLUSTRATIONS 'Spinning', 'Returning home', 'Prisoner, 'Going with a message', 'Meeting of two friends', 'Party at dinner'. Six illustrations in a black border, size of each image approx. 2" x 2". Overall size of sheet approx. 10" x 7". Derby: Printed and Published by Thomas Richardson. Price One Penny Coloured, Halfpenny Plain. c1840. £18.00

  12. Richardson (Thomas), Printer SHEET OF SIX ILLUSTRATIONS 'A Farm House on Fire', 'The Setting Sun', 'Fair Scenes', 'A Happy Family', 'A Rural Seat', 'Party at supper'. Six illustrations in a black border, size of each image approx. 2" x 2". Overall size of sheet approx. 10" x 7". Derby: Printed and Published by Thomas Richardson. Price One Penny Coloured, Halfpenny Plain. c1840. £18.00

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  13. Barnstaple EVERY THING AT YOUR OWN PRICE At Hutton's Auction Mart and Cabinet Warerooms, 102 High Street, On Tuesday the 11th, October inst. The Furniture of a Gentleman about to leave the Kingdom, Will be put to Public Competition, And knocked down to the most spirited Competitor... Poster, size 17" x 11", printed in large type-faces. Lists many items of furniture and furnishings in 17 lines. Some very light spotting in top margin. Brightwell & Son, Printers, Barnstaple. Oct. 3rd, 1831. £32.00
    Includes 'Mahogany Carved Four-post Bedstead with Morren Hangings, Bullion Fringe and Silk Lace, Wool Mattress free from smell or moth...'

  14. Barnstaple printing THE MISSLETOE BOUGH and I Would be a Soldier Still, The Fairies' Song. Printed in 2 columns, with crude woodcut of an angel holding a book and a branch. Size 10" x 7". Searle, Printer, Barnstaple. c1840. £25.00
    The Missletoe Bough tells the story of a lady who died trapped inside a heavy chest while playing a Christmas game of hide and seek.

  15. Barnstaple TO BE LET with Immediate Possession... Lot 1 A close of land called Underwood Meadow..... Lot 2 The Breach Field... The above are situate near Rawleigh Factory. For Letting the same a Survey will be held at the Ring of Bells.... Handbill, printed on one side only, size 8" x 7", top right corner torn. Searle, Printer, Barnstaple, 4th April, 1833. £18.00

  16. Barnstaple TO BE SOLD by Auction by Mr. Burch on Monday next, October 3rd... The Household Goods, Furniture, Handsome Piano Forte and other Effects, The Property of Mr. W. Rennels, at the Dwelling House, adjoining Mr. Hunt's Cabinet Maker, Boutport Street... Handbill, size 9" x 7". Some minor off-setting. Brightwell & Son, Printers, Barnstaple, 1831. £24.00

  17. Bratton Fleming TO BE SOLD by Public Auction... the Fee-Simple and Inheritance of... Parts of Sprecott Estate... in the Parish of Bratton Fleming.... Handbill, printed on one side only, size 9" x 8". Lists 5 Lots, with acreages, includes Sprecott Meadows and Coppices, containing about 6 Acres, Reversion of an Overland Tenement called Metcombs, with Right of Common on Bratton Down.... Avery, Printer, Barnstaple, October 20th, 1827. £26.00

  18. Devonport printing ELIZA The youth's Recitor. No. 8. Poem in three stanzas printed on one side only, 9" x 8", title in large bold lettering, with a woodcut showing a solider discovering his dead wife, shot by a stray ball from the battle. Decorative border. Edges brittle and slightly browned, edges chipped. A few foxing spots, slight browning. Columbian Printing Office, James-street, Devonport: c1840. £20.00

  19. Devonport printing MOSLEM AND THE OLD SOLDIER The Youth's Recitor No. 10. Poem printed in three columns, woodcut of a knight tending a wounded knight under a tree. Size approx. 9" x 8", border. Paper rather browned at edges, with a few foxing spots.... together with... LOGIC; OR THE CHESTNUT HORSE. The Youth's Recitor no. 11. Similar format, with very decorative border, with illustration. Edges dusty and ragged in parts. Two items. Columbian Printing Office, 7, James-street, Devonport: c1830. £34.00

  20. 'Doctor Tuckett' A RECEIPT FOR ILL-WISHING. Five spell-like recipes for curing sick beasts, and one 'For the Ground', involving making images and sticking them with thorns, reciting verses from the Bible, clipping hair from the beast and mixing it with blood and gunpowder etc. Size 11" x 7". Traces of folds, some creasing and light browning in parts. Top margin torn away along approx. 3", slightly affecting the top of the letter 'A' in the title. 'Doctor Tuckett', no. 22 Bartholomew-Street, Exeter: c1830. £50.00
    If the beast 'is not better in 2 or 3 days' you are to make three images with the beast's blood and barley meal 'stick five black thorns into each breast, and five white thorns into each head... say as you stick them in, I do this to torture or torment in the name of the Lord, that man or woman which hath hurted me and my Cattle, then burn them with green Ashen Wood...'

  21. Exeter Election AN ELECTION SONG for the People. Copied from 'Punch' November 14th. Poem in 13 stanzas urging support for Mr. Gladstone, and local candidates Bowring and Coleridge. Sm. folio, printed on one side only, browning along top edge, one fold. Devon Weekly Times Office, Exeter. (1869) £16.00

  22. Exeter FOR THE BENEFIT OF AN INTENDED SCAVENGER.... THE BUSY BODY Or, the Exeter Paving Scheme. Marplot... Mr. C-- E-. It is not the first Time of this Gentleman's Appearance, he having performed the following well-known Characters, viz. Sir Benjamin Backbite, Sir Solomon Slander.... his Friends.... solicit the Suffrages of the Inhabitants, in electing him to succeed The celebrated Harry White.... not doubting, as he will not hesitate to pick up any Excrement of Filth with his Fingers .... we beg no Time may be lost in electing him one of the City Scavengers. Now or Never. Satirical election squib, 30 lines of varying length and text size. Handbill size 9" x 5", waterstained down two third os surface, printed on one side only. no date, c1810? £30.00

  23. Exeter FOR THE BENEFIT OF AN INTENDED SCAVENGER At the Sign of the Saddle, near East-Gate, Is Now Performing A Celebrated Play, Called The Busy Body; or the Exeter Paving Scheme. Marplot... Mr C---e... his Friends... solicit the Suffrages of the Inhabitants, in electing him to succeed the celebrated Harry White, not doubting he will give general Satisfaction, as he will not hesitate to pick up any Excrement or Filth with his Fingers.... we beg no Time may be lost in electing him one of the City Scavengers... Handbill in the form of a cod playbill. Size 9" x 5", lightly browned due to waterstaining across two thirds of surface. c1800. £28.00

  24. Exeter TO THE ELECTORS Present and Future of the City of Exeter. Large election handbill, size 19" x 15", from John Duke Coleridge, Liberal Candidate, Buckland Court, Ashburton, 17th August, 1868, setting out his policies on the Church, social questions, education etc. The top half is pasted on a thin sheet of coloured paper. 1868. £25.00

  25. Millbay Ward, Plymouth THE FLOODING OF THE WESTERN DISTRICT Voters in Millbay Ward. Do you know how your present Representatives in the Council acted in this most important question... If Not, You Should! Vote for Taylor. Handbill, size 12" x 9", traces of folds and two small repaired edge tears, relating to the scheme for a Pumping Station, with verbatim quotes from the candidate in the Council Meeting of May 16th. Printed and Published by Mitchell & Co., Union St., Plymouth. 1899. £28.00

  26. Plymouth Methodists PRINTED NOTICE to Friends of Missions, informing them of various services to be held at Plymouth and Stonehouse in connection with the Fourteenth Anniversary of the Plymouth Branch Society. 1pp., sm. 8vo. Williams, Printer, Plymouth, June 25th, 1828. £12.00

  27. 'Scrutator' FRIENDS OF THE CHURCH The opponents to the Church-Rate have been Virtually Defeated... Let not those who have received from the Church Rates large Sums, refuse paying small ones. This in one case applies to a leader of the Anti-Church party. be Firm, and we must ensure Victory. Handbill, size 13" x 8", Traces of folds, some slight dustmarking along part of one fold. Chave, Printer, Higher-Back-Street, Tavistock. 29th October, 1834. £50.00

  28. Stonehouse POSTER advertising the sale by Auction at the Prince George Hotel, Tuesday 19th February 1839, of a house in Union Lane, and four tenements in Adelaide Lane. Size 17" x 11". Prices realised in ink on verso, folds, two small repaired edge tears. 1839. £24.00

  29. Washfield NOTICE. To be Lett For the Term of Three, Five, Seven, or Nine Years.... The Capital Mansion-House of Worth, Pleasantly situated near the River Exe, in the Parish of Washfield.... in a fruitful and cheap Country. Consisting of A Hall and Three Parlours, Seven good Lodging-Rooms, besides Servants Apartments.... Printed notice, size approx. 8" x 6". Exeter: Printed by R. Trewman, behind the Guildhall. (1780) £40.00
    Includes seven lines of description of the house and grounds, which included 'Three Wall'd Gardens planted with Fruit Trees, and a new-built Green-house... Liberty of Hunting on an extensive Royalty...'

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  30. Chardstock TO BE LET for a Term of 8 Years... all that Farm & Estate called Tytherleigh Farm... 209a.0r.14p. now in the Occupation of Mr. Noah Bishop.... Poster, size 21" x 14", folds, some minor off-setting. 1847. £26.00

  31. Wimborne TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by John Force, at The Crown Inn, , in Wimborne... 23rd of September 1808, precisely at 5 o'clock.... the Following Premises.... Handbill, size 10" x 7", listing 5 Lots, with acreage and quality, at Leigh, Bothenwood, and Cowgrove. Slight vertical crease. Moore, Printer, Poole. 1808. £45.00

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  32. Walker, Printer ANSWER TO COLIN & PHEOEBE and Follow the Drum. Slip ballad, size 9" x 7", printed in two columns with a small woodcut vignette above each song, the first showing a cow and a frog, the other an indistinct pastoral scene. Number 32 bottom right. Small piece chipped from top right-hand corner. c1840. £24.00

  33. Walker, Printer SAMMY SLAP THE BILL STICKER and The Maniac. Slip ballad, size 10" x 7", printed in two columns with a woodcut illustration above each song, the first showing a man hitting a woman with a stick while holding on to her apron, the other an archangel figure with a lance and shield. Number 61 bottom left. c1840. £30.00
    The Cockney bill poster of the first ballad explains with much innuendo how he has pasted up bills of various actresses all over London, including Ellen Tree, and Madam Vestris. 'The Maniac' has been driven mad by unrequited love.

  34. Walker, Printer THE IVY GREEN and Woodman Spare that Tree. Slip ballad, size 9" x 7", printed in two columns with a woodcut illustration above each song, the first showing a huntsman carousing, the other a tree with a deer. Border. Number 1 in bottom margin. Some small tears along 1" at right edge. c1840. £25.00
    'The brave old plant in its lonely days/Shall fatten on the past/For the stateliest building man can raise/Is the ivy's food at last.' Illustrated in Leslie Shephard's 'The History of Street Literature'.

  35. Walker, Printer THE SAILOR'S FAREWELL and The Rover of the Seas. Slip ballad, size 10" x 7", printed in two columns with a woodcut illustration above each song, the first showing a man hitting a sailor with a girl, the sailor waving his hat, the other a sailing ship. Attractive border. Number 14 in bottom margin. c1840. £26.00
    The 'Rover' is a lawless buccaneer 'Wherever my swift bark steers/Desolation and rapine are spread'.

  36. Walker, Printer THE STOLEN CHILD with The Woodpecker, The Wife's Dream. Three ballads on one sheet, two illustrations, one of a barefoot gypsy and a woman remonstrating with her husband in front of the fire. Size 10" x 7", number 74 bottom left. Repaired tear in left margin, not affecting text. A few small tears at right edge. 1840's. £25.00

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  37. Colchester printing THE BUGLER Song in six verses, at the bottom is printed in large letters 'The above is Sung Nightly with Enormous Success by Harry Cousings, Late 1st Battalion, Royal Fusiliers'. Horizontal folds, small repaired split at edge of one fold, a few small spots. Brown & Son, Eastern Express Printing Works, Colchester. c1880. £16.00
    With pencil note in margin, probably contemporary 'Jan. 14th 1888. At the Sir Colin Campbell, Colchester'.

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  38. Berkeley printing WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S A WAY and Work, Boys, Work! Slip ballad, size 10" x 7", printed in two columns, with thick dividing line, the second ballad has an illustration of a harpist in front of a castle, and at the bottom below the imprint two small vignettes of a pheonix and an auctioneer. Lewis Povey, Printer, Berkeley. c1840. £40.00
    Both ballads encourage hard work and being contented with your lot.

  39. Berkeley printing THE MISTLETOE BOUGH and Wait for the Waggon. Two poems printed in two columns, with dividing line. Illustration of musical instruments with greenery, and small vignette of cottage. Size 10" x 7". Lewis Povey, Printer, Berkeley c1850. £35.00

  40. Gloucester Bank POSTER To Capitalists and Others. 100 Shares in the County of Gloucester Bank, Late the Property of John James, deceased, Esq.... By Auction at the Plough Hotel, Cheltenham, On Thursday, the 27th of July, 1848.... One Hundred Valuable Shares in Lots of Ten Each.... 18" x 11" printed on one side only, in large type-faces. Some off-setting. Folds. Printed at the Chronicle Office, Gloucester. 1848. £35.00

  41. Jew and Bryant, Printers, Gloucester THE UNDERSIGNED ADDRESS TO THE KING is now lying for Signature, at Mr. Jew's, Bookseller, Westgate Street. Broadside, printed on one side only, size 13" x 8", 3 paragraphs.To the King's Most Excellent Majesty.... Jew and Bryant, Printers, Gloucester. n.d. 1830's. £36.00
    '... we beg leave to approach your Royal Person with our earnest prayers that Your Majesty will.... check the avowed purposes of alienating the Revenues of the Church of England and Ireland, and thereby secure the inviolability and integrity of her Establishment...'

  42. Shenton (T) Printer PLAYBILL advertising Mr. Fisher's Benefit, 'on which occasion.... his sister Miss Clara Fisher.... will make her Last Appearance in an entirely new Piece called the Ten Mowbrays, in which she will Personate Ten Different Characters!!!'. Size 17" x 7", two small repairs at top edge where paper inserted into tears. Print on large black letters rather grainy. T. Shenton, Printer, Rose and Crown Pasage, Cheltenham: 1826. £35.00
    Includes the 'melo Dramatic Spectacle 'The Wild Man of the Woods'.

  43. Stevens (Tim) GLOUCESTERSHIRE LAND-TAX CONTRACTS. Single sheet, printed on one side only, 26 lines, being statement by Timothy Stevens refuting an accusation by Sir T.C Boevey that he had mishandled the signing of 211 Land Tax Contracts, and explaining the course of events. Size approx. 13" x 8". Folded, short tear, with cellotape to verso, not affecting legibility. Printed by J. Wood, Herald Office, Gloucester: 1811. £26.00
    Not in Austin's Catalogue of the Gloucestershire Collection or Hyett and Bazeley's Manual of Gloucestershire Literature.

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  44. Ross printing THE CELEBRATED CAROL, CALLED THE BLACK DECREE 23 verses, printed in two columns, decorative border and dividing line. Size approx. 12" x 8", bottom and top right corners torn away just affecting printed border, small hole in bottom margin, and some slight creasing, with two or three small brownish marks. Ross, Printed and Sold by William Farror. c1790. £45.00
    Tells the story of Herod's massacre of the innocents, and the flight into Egypt.

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  45. Hertford TO THE WORTHY AND INDEPENDENT ELECTORS of The City of Butcherly Green... Political broadside, from 'Alderman Bob Crouch. Saw-Pit Hall 26th April, 1826', offering himself as a candidate 'that I may have the honor of sitting... on the same side of the House as our respected Friend Duncombe'. 4to, small piece torn from top right corner in blank area, some browning and creasing. St. Austin and Sons, Printers, Hertford. 1826. £20.00

  46. St. Austin and Sons, Printers, Hertford TO THE WORTHY AND INDEPENDENT ELECTORS of The City of Butcherly Green. Gentlemen and Ladies... The height of my ambition, has long been to represent you enlightened and respectable city.... I offer myself as a Candidate.... Alderman Bob Crouch. Saw-Pit Hall, 26th April, 1826'. Size 10" x 8", paper lightly browned, with some wear, offsetting of print from a poster which has been stored against it. 1826. £16.00
    Mentions he would hope to sit on the same side of the house as 'our respected Friend Duncombe' (the Liberal candidate).

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  47. Bebbington (J.O), Printer I CANOT MIND MY WHEEL. Uncle Tom's Cabin, A Happy Life, I Cannot Mind My Wheel. Three poems on one sheet. Number 398 bottom left. Size 10" x 7". J.O. Bebbington, Printer, 31 Oldham Road, Manchester. c1850. £25.00
    'Uncle Tom's Cabin' tells the story of the book, but ends 'But our rulers they should roam/Within our courts and alleys/To see our slaves at home'. Illustrated in Leslie Shepard's 'The History of Street Literature'.

  48. Bebbington, Printer, Manchester BANKS OF THE NILE and The Pensioner's Complaint Against his Wife. Two poems on one sheet. Oval vignette of soldiers in battle with canon, drums etc. Size 10" x 7". Number 227 bottom left. Babbington, Printer, 26 Goulden-street Oldham Road, Manchester. c1850. £28.00
    The Banks of the Nile tells of an Irish soldier whose wife wants to go with him to fight in Egypt. The second poem is about a Waterloo veteran whose wife makes him do all the housework while she goes out drinking and spending his pension.

  49. Cadman (J), Printer COUNTRYMAN'S RAMBLE TO LONDON A monologue in Lancashire dialect interspersed with song, printed in two columns. Size 10" x 7". No. 112 at bottom. Printed & Sold by J. Cadman, Gt. Ancoats St., Manchester, also Sold by H. Andrews, St. Peter's St., Leeds. c1860. £20.00
    Tells the story of a gullible yokel's trip to London. He meats a parson who asks him if he uses his Bible and 'aw says, ah, aw strops my razor on it every Sunday morning'.

  50. Harkness (J), Printer, Church St. Preston MARY, THE MAID OF THE INN Slip ballad printed in two columns, size 10" x 7", mounted on thicker paper. Number 675 at bottom corner. c1840. £26.00
    A gruesome story of a girl who accepts a challenge to walk through the ruins of the abbey at night, only to see her lover hiding the body of a man he has murdered.

  51. Harkness (J), Printer, Preston THE LANCASHIRE WITCHES! and Wholesome Advice to Drunkards. Two poems on one sheet, with two vignette illustrations, one showing a girl meeting an old lady, with a man hiding behind a bush, the other with a coat of arms. Number 468 bottom right. Size 9" x 7", right hand and top edges chipped. John Harkness, Printer, 121, Church Street, Preston c1850. £25.00

  52. Harkness (J), Printer, Preston THE OWDHAM CHAP'S VISIT TO TH'QUEEN and ST. HELEN'S COLLIERY EXPLOSION Two ballads on one sheet, the first with an attractive illustration of the head and shoulders of a man wearing a smock, the other of a couple at a doorway (seemingly totally unrelated to the subject of the ballad!). Size 10" x 7", number '604' printed bottom right. J. Harkness, Printer, 121, Church Street, Preston. c1849. £50.00
    'The Owdham Chap's Visit to Th'Queen' is an amusing irreverant ballad in Lancashire dialect about the Royal Family. Owdham Chap goes up to Buckingham Palace to see the baby Prince of Wales 'They took the prince o' Wales up soon, an' gan it me for to daudle/Then Albert fetch'd a silver spoon, an' ax'd me to taste at t'caudle'. He talks to them about politics 'Aw towd 'em corn laws wur but froth, an th'taxes must o drop mon' and concludes 'If ever we want the times to mend we'll ha' for t' do 't eaur sells sir'. The other ballad is about the disaster at Safford Colliery, 23rd June, 1849, when 7 miners died.

  53. Harkness, Printer, Preston THE DISCONTENTED PAIR and I'm Longing to be Married O. Air: Green grow the Rushes O. Two ballads printed in two columns. Size 9" x 7", paper browned down left edge, margin slightly clipped at top. John Harkness, Printer, Church St., Preston. c1850. £25.00
    'The Discontented Pair' is in the form of a dialogue between a drunken lazy wife and a hen-pecked husband, and ends 'You wives like me who disagree/Your husbands do not spare them/The breeches I got on to try/And I intend to wear them.

  54. Harkness, Printer, Preston THE FLARE-UP FACTORY GIRL and A DREAM OF NAPOLEON Two ballads on one sheet, the first with a vignette of a factory building with smoking chimney, the other with a sailing ship. Size 10" x 7". Number '141' bottom right. A few grubby marks at extreme edges. Harkness, Printer, Church Street, Preston. 1840's. £35.00
    The first ballad is an about the life of a very sparky independent girl who is looking for a place as a domestic 'Mark my behaviour and my face/And get for me a tidy place... I'll made the beds and clean and scrub/For a bob a week and all my grub'. She confesses that she has played truant from school, diddled her mother over the shopping, and stayed out late at night. 'A Dream of Napoleon' portrays him as a great hero bringing liberty to oppressed peoples.

  55. Harkness, Printer, Preston THE HIGHLAND SOLDIER Tune 'The Rambling Sailor', and The Roving Bachelor. Size 10" x 6". Two poems on one sheet, illustrations at head, one of a soldier beating a drum, and the other a man with a bundle on his back outside a cottage. Number 444 bottom right. c1840. £30.00
    'The Roving Bachelor' tells the story of a man on his way to the scaffold who, offered a reprieve if he married, preferred to be hanged.

  56. Harkness, Printer, Preston VILIKINS AND HIS DINAH and The Lady and Weaver. Two ballads on one sheet, the first with illustration of a couple at head, the other with a sailing ship. Size 9" x 6", slightly clipped at top affecting the very top of one illustration. Number 774 bottom right. c1840. £25.00

  57. Wrigley (J), Printer DEATH OF LORD NELSON and The Cruel Shipcarpenter. Two poems printed in two columns. The 'Shipcarpenter' murdered his lover and was in turn killed by her ghost. Number 343 bottom left. Size 10" x 7". Printed & Sold by J. Wrigley, Junr. 3 Rochdale Road, Manchester. c1850. £20.00

  58. Wrigley, (J), Printer DEATH OF LORD NELSON and The Cruel Ship Carpenter. Ballads printed in two columns. Number 343 bottom left. Printed & Sold by J. Wrigley, Junr. 3 Rochdale Road, Manchester. c1830 or later. £35.00
    Nelson is shown as saying to the ship's doctor 'No matter, no matter, whatever about me/My time it is come, I am almost at the worst/There my gallant seamen are fighting boldly/Go and attend to those brave fellows first.'

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  59. Lincoln Bank TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by Brogden and Son At the Queen Hotel, Lincoln, on Tuesday, February 7th, 1860... 5 Shares in Lincoln & Lindsey Banking Company, and 5 Shares in the County Fire Office.... Poster, 13" x 8", folds. Ellett Brogden, Pr., Lincoln 1860. £20.00

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  60. Bermondsey THE BERMONDSEY TRAGEDY! by J. Clarke, and Cottager's Daughter. Two ballads, each with an illustration at the head, the first of a gun, the second a country girl with a basket. Size 9" x 7", number 628 bottom right. Stewart, Printer, Botchergate, Carlisle, c1850. £55.00
    'The Bermondsey Tragedy' tells in 10 stanzas the story of the notorious murder of O'Connor by Mr and Mrs. Manning, in 1849. Mrs. Manning shot O'Connor and she and her husband buried him under his kitchen floor. They were soon apprehended and taken to Horsemonger Gaol where they were executed. The ballad refers to various details of the story, such as that Manning was a Somerset man (in fact he had worked for the GWR), and that Mrs Manning was a foreigner (she was Swiss).

  61. Birt, Printer THE GRAND PROCESSION OF THE WELLINGTON MONUMENT, On Tuesday, September 29, 1846. Poem in 15 verses, printed in two columns, describing the erection of the monument, referring throughout to Wellington as 'Nosey'. Size 10" x 7". With a key to the nicknames (Sir Robert Peel, Thomas Wakley etc.) in a contemporary hand in pencil. 1846. £36.00

  62. Catnach (J), Printer TRAVELS OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL The Most Remarkable Events in the Life of Moses and Travels Of the Children of Israel From Egypt to the Land of Canaan. Also a Representation of Adam and Eve in a state of Innocence. Sheet of 'Cuts', size 19" x 15", each cut numbered 'Cut. 1', 'Cut 2' etc., with the verse it illustrates below. Arranged across the top, below and around the heading, and in five columns. In the centre at the top is a very decorative oval, size approx. 5" x 8", illustrating a naked Adam and Eve in an elaborate garden, visited by the angel, below which is printed the hymn 'From Greenland's icy mountains'. Printed vertically either side of the central column of cuts is a Psalm, with decorative dividing lines. Folded in half horizontally, with trace of vertical fold. Printed by J. Catnach, 2 Monmouth-Court, 7 Dials, London. Price Twopence. c1830. £120.00
    Listed in Catnach's Catalogue of 1832 under 'Sheets or Royals'.

  63. Catnach Press THE CHRISTMAS SUCKING PIG Verses printed in three columns, telling the exploits of a prodigious pig, and how butchering him took seven years. Size 10" x 7". Attractive woodcut, which with the decorative title, takes up the upper half of the sheet, showing men chasing after the pig through a village, with a man watching sitting on a roof etc. Trace of fold. Printed at the 'Catnach Press' by W. S. Fortey, Monmouth Court, Seven Dials. The Oldest and Cheapest House in the World for Ballads.... c1860. £35.00
    'One leg these men had for their lunch/So in Hyde Park they took it/And they had to boil the Serpentine/Before that they could cook it.'

  64. Cox and Baylis, Printer EUSTON THEATRE ROYAL The Public are respectfully informed at this Theatre, having undergone considerable alterations, and entirely new painted and decorated, will open for a short Season, on the 22nd day of July, 1817. After an Occasional Address, spoken by Mr. Allspout, will be presented the Musical Farce of The Boarding House, or, Five Hours at Brighton... after which... the Burlesque Tragic Opera of Bombastes Furioso.... the Grand Melo-Dramatic Romance of Blue Beard, or, Female Curiosity. Playbill with comic spoof names of actors, size approx. 13" x 8", the date of the performance written entered in manuscript. 1817. £75.00
    The farce 'The Boarding House' was written by Samuel Beazley. Actors includes 'Signior de la Scratchwiggo', 'Mr. Bristleface', 'Mr. Looney Mactwolter'. Scenery was by 'Daub and Brush', Dresses by 'Mr Cabbagecloth', the whole arranged under the direction of 'Signior Don Aldiborontiphoscophorniochrononhotonthologos.'

  65. Fortey, Pr. DREADFUL MURDER OF 5 PERSONS ballad in 10 verses, printed in two columns, size 10" x 7", name of printer down dividing rule, brief prose explanation at head, and large woodcut illustration, 5" x 3", of a man in a top hat pointing a gun. Fortey, Printer, Monmouth Court, London W.C. (1865) £45.00
    With a neat note in ink in the bottom margin referring to 'Saturday last' the day of the murder in the text as 'August 5th 1865'. A man named Ernest Southey killed his paramour's three sons at the Star Coffee House, Red Lion Street, Holborn. He was apprehended in Ramsgate, having there shot the mother and the youngest child.

  66. Harrild (R), Printer SHEET OF TWELVE CUTS in borders, printed in three columns, size of sheet approx. 7" x 9". c1820. £40.00
    Shows soldiers, a proposal, a wedding, etc. presumably scenes from some story.

  67. Hickin (John) TO THE WORTHY INHABITANTS of the Parish of St. Dunstan in The West. Handbill, 4to, printed on one side only, thanking parishioners for their support in the poll and soliciting further votes the next day. With results of the Poll 'at the Close of this Day'. Hen & Chicken Court, Fleet St., Wednesday Evening, 18th July, 1810. £25.00

  68. Hodgson, Printer, London SHEET OF CUTS Two large cuts of a woodman and a boy spinning a top, each size 4" x 3", above are 'Dancing on the Green', 'The Shew', and between them two small decorative vignettes of fruit etc. Decorative border. No. 38 bottom left. O. Hodgson, Fleet Street, London. c1840 or earlier. £35.00
    'The Shew' is an interesting picture of a magic lantern performance, clearly showing the slides being inserted, and an imagine of Punch and Judy projected on the screen.

  69. Ingram (G), Printer NOTICE B. Ingram of 41 Old Street, St. Luke's, London, Is the Cheapest & Best House in London, For Manufacturing Fancy & Comic Valentines, & Every Description of Poetry Cards, Scent Packets, Book Marks... Illustration of a boy standing outside a shop, wearing a triangular shaped card-board box with lettering as above. Hand-coloured. Size 9" x 7", dust-marked at edges. London: G. Ingram, 41, Old St., St. Luke's, E.C. n.d. c1860. £18.00

  70. Limehouse Board of Works DIARRHOEA &c. All Persons suffering from Diarrhoea and other like Bowel Complaints in the Parishes of Wapping and Shadwell, May on Application, Obtain All Necessary Medicines at the Dispensary at Wapping Workhouse.... Poster in very large typefaces, size 17" x 11". Tear in last line in words 'Limehouse Board of Works', with loss of paper in 10 letters, repaired on verso with document tape. July 31, 1866. £45.00

  71. Lord Mayor of London, John Kinnersley Hooper ORDER OF PROCESSION, TUESDAY NOVEMBER 9th, 1847. Printed in two columns in green with decorative red borders, small coat of arms below title. Size 25" x 20", listing in details Bands, Bargemasters, Constables, Heralds, Trumpeters, Wardens, Worshipful Companies etc. Long tear in the middle of the sheet, repaired on verso, slightly affecting legibility of four words. Two repaired edge tears, some slight dustmarking and creasing at extreme bottom edge, right edge slightly shaved by less than half an inch down 3 inches at bottom left corner. Traces of folds. 1847. £50.00

  72. Macdonald (R), Clerkenwell, Publisher NUTS TO CRACK, PART XIV. Enigmatical Repository, Containing near 200 Hieroglyphics, Enigmas, Conundrums, Curious Puzzles and other Ingenious Devices. Sheet of puzzles with 45 small picture puzzles around the edges, decorative pictures in the centre arranged in a diamond shape, pictures of knots, and many riddles and questions. Size 20" x 14", folds, a few edge tears and two very small repaired splits at folds, some browning in parts. c1860. £40.00

  73. Paul & Co. THE PARTED LOVERS by Richard Hatt, and My Own Dear Home. Slip ballad, size 10" x 7", printed in two columns with a woodcut illustration above each song, the first in an oval showing a woman and a cupid seemingly floating over the sea, the other a man in a garden with two children. Paul & Co., Printers, Monmouth-court, 7 Dials. c1840. £30.00

  74. Paul and Co., Printer ELIJAH FED BY RAVENS Illustrated poem 'The History of Elijah the Prophet', followed by a short poem 'The Hosanna: Or, Salvation ascribed to Christ.' Overall size 19" x 15", central horizontal fold. Title in decorative lettering at top, and superb woodcut illustration size 5" x 14" showing Elijah in a rocky landscape with river, waterfalls, palm trees, sun rising behind the mountains, being brought food by two swooping ravens. Three illustrations down each side, illustrating dramatic scenes from his life, such as the chariot of fire, the angel appearing to him under a juniper tree, etc., with relevant Biblical verse below each one. 1" tear at central fold at both sides, neatly repaired on verso. Paul and Co., 7 Dials, c1830. £80.00
    London: Printed and Sold by Paul and Co. 2 & 3 Monmouth-court, 7 Dials and Sold by J. O'Neill, Printer and Stationer, S. Pottinger's Entry, Belfast.

  75. Pitts (J), Seven Dials ORDER OF THE PROCESSION FOR CHAIRING SIR F. BURDETT On Monday 29th of June, 1807. With Directions for Carrying the Same into Effect. Broadside printed in two columns, with list of flags, musicians, the 'Grand Car' etc., in the procession, and very detailed description of the route and arrangements for assembling in Covent Garden. Size 14" x 8", laid down on later paper. Printed for and Sold by J. Pitts, No. 14 Great St. Andrew Street, Seven Dials. 1807. £75.00
    After this election victory in Westminster, when he polled more than the other three candidates combined, Burdeet became the leader of the Reformers in Parliament. 'The Committee particularly desire that no Person will attempt to take the Horses from the Car, as it is beneath the Dignity of Man to draw his fellow Creatures'.


  76. Pummell (S) A COPY OF VERSES FOR THE YEAR 1846 Humbly Presented To The Worthy Inhabitants of the Parish of St. Mary Abbotts, Kensington, by S. Pummell, Beadle, Engine Keeper, Constable & Crier, 25, High St. Sheet of bellman's verses, size 22" x 18", folded in four. Verses printed in three columns, large woodcut at head, size 7" x 8", with a crier in top hat in a street reading from a paper, a companion shining a light on the paper, flanked by saints, Isaac and Tower of Babel top and bottom, floral border, signed 'W.L. Wood del.' Picture of bellman receiving a Christmas box from a lady, and musicians in the street in top corners, 13 other smaller views of biblical scenes around the edges. Printed by John Vandenbergh Quick, 5 Weston Place, King's Cross. £90.00
    There are 18 verses including 'On Christmas Eve', 'To the Maids', On Twelfth Day' etc.

  77. Reeves (Samuel), Printer OLD MOTHER SHIPTON Giving the Straight Tip! Poster advertising a Rag and Bone Shop, size 24" x 20", picture taking up the whole sheet, showing Old Mother Shipton dressed in a witch's hat, cat on her shoulder, standing in front of a Rag Merchant's shop, with husband and wife and child bringing bundles into the shop. Printed in very bold thick black lines, with very bright colour printing giving the appearance of uneven hand-colouring (possibly the colour has been hand-blocked). Two verses advertising the shop at the bottom, spoken as a prophecy by Mother Shipton. Folded in four, almost split along 3" of one fold. Samuel Reeves, 13 Caledonian Road, King's Cross, London c1900. £120.00
    'All this present year 'twill be hard times no more/If of Rags, Bones nd Fat you save up a large store/For this shop I've oft noted, as o'er London I sail/For fair dealing, high prices, and justice of scale.'


  78. Reynell and Weight, Pr. A COPY OF VERSES FOR THE YEAR 1849 Humbly Presented To The Worthy Inhabitants of the District of the Holy Trinity, Brompton, in the Parish of St. Mary Abbott's, Kensington, Middlesex, by Richard Martin, Beadle, Constable, Bellman, and Engine Keeper, At the Engine House, No. 1 Chapel Place, Brompton. Sheet of bellman's verses, size 22" x 18", folded in four. Verses printed in four columns, large woodcut at head, size 7" x 8", with a crier in top hat, attractive decorative border to the view of passionflowers, pinks etc. 13 biblical scenes around the verses. Folds, a 3" tear at one fold, and two other similar tears, neatly repaired on verso. Printed by Reynell and Weight, 10 Little Pulteney Street, Golden Square. £60.00
    Verses include 'On the Old Year', 'The Mistletoe' etc.

  79. St. George's, Hanover Square EASTER-OFFERINGS Being appointed by the Reverend Dr. Courtenay, Rector of this Parish, to collect his Easter-Offerings, make humble Application to you for the same.... Printed notice, in large type, with receipt form in smaller type printed below, completed in MS, showing Lady Tynte had given one guinea. Signed by Collector. 1789. £18.00

  80. Such (H), Printer CAPTAIN GRANT. and The Bold Bloodhood. Slip ballad, printed in two columns, decorative dividing line. Crude woodcuts at head, one a man on horseback, the other a man with his dog. Size 9" x 7", paper thin and rather brittle, slightly browned and chipped and right and top edges. Number 296 bottom right. H. Such, Printer and Publisher, Boro. S.E. c1840. £25.00
    Captain Grant is a highwayman who gives half his loot to the poor.

  81. Teape & Son, Pr. THE THAMES TUNNEL Open To the Public Every Day from Seven in the Morning, until Six in the Evening. Broadsheet with description of the tunnel and arangements for viewing, size 10" x 9", plus margins, with a sectional view of the Thames showing buildings either side, ships, and the tunnel, across the top, and two figures, no. 1 showing the tunnel entrance and no. 2 'a representation of the iron shield... a workman in each of the compartments'. Below this is a 'Plan of the Roads and main Objects on the Eastern Part of London, as connected with The Tunnel excavating under the Thames from Rotherhithe to Wapping projected by M.I. Brunel, C.E. F.R.S. 1827.' Plan size 4" c 6", Scale 1in. = 3/4 mile. Folded in four, with some foxing spots, wear at centre where folds meet, with loss of paper, affecting a few words of description of Fig. 1, small hole at fold in map but only affecting blank area slightly. Teape & Sons, Printers, Tower Hill. c1843. £55.00
    Plan covers Elephant and Castle to East India Docks. On its opening day in 1843 50,000 people were said to have walked through the Tunnel.

  82. Tory Party TORIES IN FULL WORK From John Bull's Picture Gallery. Price One Penny. Pro-Reform broadside attacking the Tories, comprising two poems 'Tories in Full Work', and 'Free Trade', contrasting the plight of the poor (Why are ye call'd 'my Lord!' and 'Squire', While fed by mine and me: And wringing food and clothes, and fire, From bread-tax'd misery?'), with 'Pensions of the Royal Family', giving the sums for yearly maintenance of 13 of the 'Royal Paupers' printed in two columns. Size 17" x 11", with large satirical woodcut size 6" x 7", showing a seated figure holding the Reform Bill being attacked by devilish Tories (referred to by name - Peel, Apsley, Cumby etc. - in the first poem) with pokers, hammers and other weapons while judges peep out from under a table. Small repaired marginal tear, traces of horizontal fold. Manuscript date at bottom. 1 August 1832. £80.00

  83. Wright (W), Printer ST. GEORGE & THE DRAGON. THE EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMANCE OF MR DUCROW, AND MR. STANFIELD'S GRAND EGYPTIAN DIORAMA. Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 27, 1834, Their Majesties' Servants will perform a New Historical Comedy in Five Acts, The Minister and the Mercer.... To conclude with a New Grand Christmas Spectacle called St. George and the Dragon Or, the Seven Champions of Christendom... A Grand Divertisement!!! Mr Stanfield's Grand Egyptian Diorama commencing with The Great Cataracts!... Excavated Temples of Ghirsheh. Caverns of Abou Sambou: Ascent of a Pyramid! Distant View of the City... with St. George and the Other Champions into The Temple of Memphis... Double-page play bill, overall size 13" x 17", central vertical fold, a few small splits at fold. Wright, Printer, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 1834. £75.00

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  84. Burnham Deepdale A PUBLIC EXAMPLE MADE OF THE BLYTHS Being a True and Particular Narrative, Of the cruelty, opperssion and wickedness of the Revd. Edward Gwynn Blyth, likewise his brother in the flesh and in iniquity, Henry Blyth... Broadside, 8vo. Three paragraphs. Walker, Printer, Church Street, St. Mile's, Norwich. n.d. c1840. £28.00
    Concerns Blyth's treatment of Ann Edmonds Matsell a victim 'of their craft and diabolical acts... shamefully used in her person, upon which the scars and marks are yet visible to all shocked beholders'. Promises a more detailed account will shortly appear before the world. Revd. Blyth was rector of Burnham Deepdale, and the text refers to his sins 'in the Seven Burnham Parishes'

  85. Crisp, Printer THE TAG-RAG PARTY-O!! Political broadside, attacking the 'Motley Group' who are 'Inviting every honest Blue, Their opinions to be changing'. In four verses, with the names or nick-names of the people lampooned in a variety of large type-faces. Size 10" x 7". Some slight creasing. Crisp, Regent-St., Yarmouth. 1835. £40.00
    Among others refers to 'Scoyles, the Tallow-chandler's man', 'Gooch the Overseer' 'Jay the Tailor' 'The Prentice Boy from Gorleston town/Who at Reform becomes a Railer', and 'Praed, the Barrister'. William Mackworth Praed, the poet, was the winning Tory candidate in the 1835 election. The broadside urges Praed to have nothing to do with this 'Motley Party'.

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  86. Dash, Printer, Kettering THE SAINTS' EVERLASTING REST and The Christian Soldier. Religious broadside. Two poems printed in two columns, decorative border. Size 10" x 18". Number 2 bottom right. Dash, Printer, Kettering. Price one Penny. c1830. £28.00

  87. Dash, Printer, Kettering THE SAINTS' EVERLASTING REST and The Christian Soldier. Religious broadside. Two poems printed in two columns, decorative border. Size 10" x 18". Number 2 bottom right. Dash, Printer, Kettering. Price one Penny. c1830. £28.00

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  88. Clark & Co. (R.W), Printers, Newcastle HIRING FOR HINDS OR MARRIED FARM SERVANTS Notice is hereby given that a Hiring... will be held in the Corn Exchange... 6th day of April, 1955. Town Clerk's Office, Newcastle upon Tyne. Printed in very large heavy typeface. Size 11" x 17", vertical fold. R.W Clark & Co., Printers, Summerhill Terrace, Newcastle. 1955. £18.00
    An unusual survival of an old custom into recent times.

  89. Fordyce, Printers THE BATTLE OF THE NILE and Money is Your Friend. Two poems on one sheet, titles printed in a variety of type-faces. Large illustration showing a devilish character kneeling amongst corn. Size 10" x 7". Number 102 bottom left. W. & T. Fordyce, Printers, 48, Dean-street, Newcastle. c1840. £30.00
    The first ballad celebrates Nelson's victory and 'Howe, Jarvis adn Duncan'.

  90. Marshall, Printer CORRUPT CONDUCT IN A CERTAIN METHODIST PREACHER And an Appeal to the Methodist Conference. A Plain Statement of Facts Connected with the Prosecution of the Rev. Thos. Hill... at the Assizes in Newcastle, On a Charge of Defaming the Character of Miss Jane Bell, of North Shields. Just Published by J. Marshall Newcastle, Price 1s. Contents of the Pamphlet... Broadside, printed on one side only, size 14" x 6", printed in two columns. Horizontal fold, some creasing. Marshall, Printer, Newcastle. 1822. £40.00
    Rev. Hill had fallen out with Jane's brother, of the Methodist Church, Blyth, and in revenge attached her character. This broadside criticises the Methodist Conference for not censuring Rev. Hill.

  91. Stephenson (W), Printer, Gateshead TOM AND JERRY AT HOME A New Song. Tune: 'There was a bold Dragoon'. Song in eight verses, printed in two columns, with dividing rule. Size 9" x 7". c1840. £20.00
    A song in the Geordie dialect about two roisters who were arrested. Refers to various people with first and last letters of their names.

  92. Sunderland tragedy AN ACCOUNT OF THE TERRIBLE STORM On Land and at Sea, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 13th and 14th inst. upwards of 26 Vessels were lost at, and near Sunderland, and 12 Persons perished... Broadside, size 16" x 7", heading in large type, 7 paragraphs describing the storm and the shipwrecks. A few minor edge tears at right edge, and small nick in right margin, a few letters in ink on verso. Fordyce, Printer, Newcastle, c1840. £65.00
    Among the ships wrecked were the 'Margaret', the 'Adriatic', the 'Phoenix'.

  93. Williamson, Printer, Newcastle I SHALL BE MARRIED ON MONDAY MORNING. and The Pope He leads a happy life. Attractive broadside, with decorative border, two illustrations, one of a milkmaid carrying her stool and pail, the other a minster smoking a pipe. Size 10" x 7". Number 27 at bottom right. c1840. £35.00
    Illustrated in Leslie Shepard's 'The History of Street Literature'.

  94. Williamson, Printer, Newcastle THREE MAIDS A-MILKING WOULD GO. and The Butcher and the Tailor's Wife. Two ballads on one sheet, decorative border, vignette of a deer under a tree. Size 9" x 7". Number 29 at bottom. Williamson, Printer, Newcastle. c1830. £30.00
    Two bawdy ballads, the first about a milk-maid who gets pregnant, and the other about a rich tailor's wife who betrays him with the butcher.

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  95. Hodson (E), Printer, Nottingham THE LORD'S PRAYER by W.A. Horne. Acrostic-type printing of a prayer, the initial letters of which make 'My boast is in the glorious Cross of Christ', which links with the Lord's Prayer printed in a circle. Size 7" x 8", border. Pasted down the right hand edge to a green album leaf. Some small brownish marks at bottom, two repaired tears. Printed by E. Hodson, St. Peter's Gate, Nottingham. £20.00

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  96. Rusher, Printer, Banbury THE OLD GREY TORY With a New Radical Candid-hat(e), Or Two Faces under One Beaver. A View in Warwick Market Place, June 18th, 1836. Broadside mocking the turncoat 'G.S', showing head and shoulders of a man facing two ways, the one side in solid black the other shaded in lines. One the right are 6 principles from the 1826 Election, and on the right a corresponding 6 from 1836 ('O'Connell For Ever' as opposed to 'Conscience for ever', 'No House of Lords' and 'Constitution for Ever', etc. Size 9" x 11", the title in large letters with several type faces. Foxing spots throughout, and smudgy offsetting, possibly from being previously folded. Traces of folds. Rusher, Printer, Banbury. 1836. £65.00
    'G.S' was probably Sir George Skipwith, the Liberal Candidate.

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  97. Ackland (J), Printer RULES FOR THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE "ELTON" CHARITY IN THE PARISH OF NEMPNETT. October, 1862. Single sheet listing seven rules concerning eligibility, distribution, etc., size approx. 11" x 8". Traces of vertical fold. J. Ackland, Printer and Bookbinder, Dolphin Street, Bristol: 1862. £15.00

  98. Bath FOR SALE BY AUCTION at the Lark-Hall Tavern in the Parish of Walcot on Wednesday May 26th, 1813, the Following Lots of Land, in Fee Being part of the Estate of Richard Hewlett and Others, Late of Bath, Bankrupts.... Auction handbill, sm. folio, printed in a variety of type-faces, describing 3 Lots being parcels of land for building 'situate in the principal Row of Buildings now carrying on in Lark-Hall-Place...' and at Davard's Field at Davard's-Buildings. Cruttwell, Printer, Bath. 1813. £45.00
    Lists adjoining owners.

  99. Chew Magna TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By S. Oliver, at the Pelican Inn, Chew-Magna... 11th day of August 1814... the Following Freehold Lands, in the Parish of Chew-Magna... Also, To be Sold by Private Contract, The Great Tythes of the Several Valuable Farms & Lands, within the Hamlet of Norton Hawkfield... Handbill, size 13" x 8", printed in a variety of type-faces, traces of folds, prices neatly added in ink. A few light brownish marks in one section (off-setting of letters where once folded. Brown, Printer, Bristol Mirror Office. 1814. £40.00

  100. Hillfarrence HAY AND GRASS FOR SALE To be Sold by Auction at Hillfarrence, on Monday the 22nd Day of August Instant, Lot. 1. A Hay Rick, in Greens Orchard.... A Rick of White Duch, in Jewels two Acres... A Rick of Clover Hay, in Shorlands Close... The Auction to beginin Greens Orchard, precisely at 4 o'clock... Handbill, size 8" x 6", printed in large type, listing 6 Lots. Slight vertical crease. On verso are 11 lines in manuscript, listing how handbills were distributed ('sent to the Innholders and carriers in Taunton... sent one to Marriott to be inserted in their next paper... left at Horse and Jockey...'). Slight vertical crease. Pile, Printer, Norton, August 8th, 1814. £38.00

  101. Marriott Printer TO THE FREEHOLDERS OF GREAT BRITAIN Fellow Countrymen!.... Freeholders! The Bill, The Whole Bill, and Nothing but the Bill!.... be Loyal and Constitutional but vigorous firm and persevering; and you must be Triumphant.... A British Freeholder. Election broadside, size 13" x 8". Small repaired tear in margin. Marriott, Printer, Taunton Courier Office, East Street, Taunton. April 26th 1831. £45.00
    Urges Freeholders to win great political blessings by 'resisting the Influence; spurning the Cajolements; and despising the Threats of wily and self-interested Borough-Mongers; Sinecurists' and Pensioners

  102. Marriott, Printer A NEW SONG To be Sung by the Friends of Alexander Baring Esq. 'Man to be free has only to will it.' Song in 10 stanzas, printed in two columns, single 4to sheet, some foxing, creasing at top and bottom, a few edge tears. Marriott, Taunton, c1820. £20.00
    A footnote to the lines 'Baring's the Man - the Nation's Poor, No Laws to double our Distress' states that this refers to 'that abominable Measure - that insufferable Burden, the CORN BILL....'

  103. Nether Stowey OAK TIMBER TO BE SOLD at the Globe, in Nether Stowey, on Wednesday the 19th, Day of April Instant, by Four O'Clock, Forty Large Oak Trees... The Trees are in Holford Wood, near Stowey, 3 miles from Coombwich; 6 from Watchet.... John Webber of Holford aforesaid, will shew the Timber.... Handbill, size 8" x 6", printed in large type, decorative border above imprint, little hand pointing to John Webber's name. Paper slightly frayed at top corner, traces of vertical fold. Pile, Printer, Norton, 12th April, 1815. £36.00

  104. Palmer (W.H), Printer, Bath ROGER GILES Surgen, Parish Clark, and Skulemaster, Groser, Boocher and Hundertaker, Recpektably reforms Ladys and Genelmans, that he drass teef without waiting a minnit, applys layches every hour... as times be cruel bad i begs to tell ther that i his jist begin'd to taich sharpshuting... I also performs fleabuttonme on the shortest notice.... Cod advertising sheet, 27 lines on one side of 4to sheet, advertising all sorts of services performed by Giles, and wares sold. W.H. Palmer, Engraver, Printer, Ticket Writer... General Letter Works, 21 Union Passage, Bath. £35.00
    Probably some political lampoon intended.

  105. Poole (J), Printer, Taunton A SONG. HONEST JOHN BULL AND HIS MOTHER Broadside, sm. folio, printed on one side only on thin paper, six stanza in two columns, presumably printed for the Conservative faction in a Taunton election, mocking notions of equality and supporting trade, the state and the king. Some foxing spots and minor creasing throughout, small piece torn from top edge, not affecting text. J. Poole, Printer, Taunton. n.d. early 19th century. £25.00
    'If our ships had no pilots to steer, What would come of poor Jack on the shrouds?, And our troops no commanders to fear, Would soon be arm'd robbers in crowds....'

  106. Smith (B), Printer, Wellington THE DRUNKARD'S TREE The Sin of Drunkenness Expels Reason, Drowns Memory, Distempers the Body... Broadside printed on green paper, size 10" x 9", being a homily attacking drink, in the shape of a tree and its roots, each line printed in a different type face, wavy border. A few very small marginal tears at left edge. Traces of folds. n.d. c1850. £45.00


  107. Wansbrough, Printer TO THE ELECTORS OF THE EASTERN DIVISION OF THE COUNTY OF SOMERSET Broadside explaining Mr. Miles conduct on the 'Slavery Question'. 37 lines, with heading in large type, key points in the text in capital letters. Size 17" x 11". Small repaired tear at bottom margin, small hole at bottom affecting one letter. Wansborough, Printer, Redcliff-Street, Bristol. c1825. £65.00
    Sir Philip John Miles, owner of the Leigh Court Estate near Bristol, had interests in the sugar trade. This defence of Miles relates to the public reaction to the case of missionaries expelled from the West Indies, and sets out to prove Miles is anti-slavery. 'Mr Miles is Not a Slave Proprietor, nor has he ever been engaged in the West India Trade. Surely, the possession of an Estate in Jamaica is no crime in his Father. To shew the manner in which the Slaves are treated on that Estate, I adduce the triumphant fact that, with only one exception, They All, During the Late Insurrection, Rose in Defence of the Property...'

  108. West Harptree TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION At the Crown Inn.... 16th day of March... For Lives to be Named by the Purchasers, The Following Lands and Tenements.... Poster, size 16" x 13", printed in bold type, giving details of 11 Lots for sale, plus 2 Lots which were to be let. Folds, some minor offsetting, small piece torn from top right corner. Baker, General Printing-Office, Wellington. Dated 22nd February 1819. £48.00
    Includes tenements called Gains, Fairash, Budds, Holbrooks, Crown Inn, Flowers, Snooks.

  109. Wiveliscombe TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION at the White Hart... 30th day of March Instant... In Lots, Eight Beech and Two Ash Trees, of large Dimensions, on the Lands of Mr. Hancock, at Nunnington Down... adjoining the Road to Spears Post. Handbill, size 7" x 6", printed in large type-faces. With blank adjoining leaf, which has been used, with the back of the handbill, to write names of purchasers of each of the five lots, with prices. Piles, Printers, Norton, 15th March, 1824. £28.00

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  110. Harper (W), Printer A COPY OF A LETTER WRITTEN BY OUR BLESSED LORD AND SAVIOUR Jesus Christ, and Found Eighteen Miles from Iconium, Sixty-three Years after the Crucifixion Transmitted from the Holy City by a converted Jew and faithfully translated from the Original Hebrew Copy, now in Possession of Lady Cuba's Family in Mesopotamia... Broadside, size rectangular illustration of Christ on cross. Traces of folds, 1" split at fold at left side, repaired on verso, small tear at top margin. Halesworth: Printed and Sold by W. Harper, Bookseller and Stationer. n.d. c1810. £70.00
    Includes Christ's Cures and Miracles, King Agbarus's Letter to Christ, Lentuls's Epistle to the Senate of Rome.

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  111. Theatre-Royal, Richmond ELISENA: OR, THE FOREST OF TRANSILVANIA with a celebrated New Farce, call'd The Sleeping Draught... In the Course of the Piece, the following New Scenery: Interior of a Gothic Mansion in Ruins.... A Ballet... to Conclude with the View of A Magnificent Terrace... Wednesday 19th August, 1818. Playbill, size 12" x 7". Margin slightly trimmed down left-hand edge. Norbury, Printer, Brentford. 1818. £45.00

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  112. Chichester TO THE LOYAL FREEHOLDERS OF THE COUNTY OF SUSSEX We whose names are undermentioned, having formed ourselves into a Committee in the City of Chichester, for promoting the Election of Mr. Curteis, think it right... thus publicly to declare them... The Committee will sit at the Fleece Inn every day till the Close of the Poll... Election broadside attacking the Liberal Sir Godfrey Webster who was against 'laws lately passed for the repression of Blasphemy, Sedition and Treason... we on the other hand, conceive better to deserve the epithets of salutary, wise, and indispensable...' Size 17" x 11", folds. Four paragraphs, with 17 names printed at the bottom. Against the names have been written in a neat hand satirical slogans attacking each one 'Deceived by priestcraft', 'Promote my Sons', 'I must please Lord Selsey', 'Keep up the Rents', etc. Mr Curteis is 'alias Jerry Sneak', and the Committee as a whole 'Cergy, Poachers & Magistrates consulting the best means of serving their own Interests... The Manchester Magistrates are expected' (no doubt a reference to the Peterloo Massacre, which had occurred seven months previously). Mason, Printer, Chichester, March 4th, 1820. £70.00

  113. Tourle (C), Printer, Edward Street, Brighton THE HAPPY MAN As sung by Harry Fox. Ballad printed in three columns, overall size 10" x 7". The top half of the sheet is a woodcut of Brighton bay with the chain pier in the middle distance, people on the promenade looking out at the ships. Traces of folds, some slight browning along two old folds. c1840. £35.00
    The ballad gives advice on how to lead a good life.

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  114. Knott and Lloyd, Printers LOST! O YES! O YES! O YES! This is to Give Notice To all Persons whom it may concern... Deserted and Strayed from the Place, where, in the Days of its Credit, it used to be laid... The Seal of the Draper's Company. The last Time it was seen or heard of, was some Time on Thursday last, upon the Scout towards London, in Company with another Seal, well known to be an Old Offender... Coventry, May 3, 1802. Printed on one side only, size 10" x 7", tipped on to a larger sheet of paper down left hand side. Two or three minor creases. Birmingham, printed for Knott and Lloyd, at the Office of the Executors of T.A. Pearson, Hgh-street. 1802. £35.00
    Presumably refers to some contemporary political event.

  115. Pratt (W), Printer, Birmingham VILIKINS AND DINAH and Banks & Braes o' Bonny Doon. Two poems the first the tale of a girl who refuses to marry the man chosen by her father, in 7 verses, with chorus to be sung by 'pisoned people', 'for the Chemist round the corner, where the poison was bought', etc. Size 10" x 7". Nick in paper in left margin. Woodcut vignette at head. No. 431 bottom right. c1860. £20.00

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  116. Calne Cemetery HANDBILL Calne Non-Conformist Cemetery. The Foundation or Memorial Stone Of the Mortuary Chapel will be laid on Wednesday next, May 15th, at 4p.m.... Size approx. 11" x 8", fold. A. Heath, Printer, Calne, May 9th, 1867. £18.00

  117. Calne PARTICULARS of Allotments of Land to be Sold by Auction In Fee Simple, On Wednesday the 2nd Day of November 1814... At the Wheel Inn, In Calne; By Mr. R. Parsons jun. In pursuance of the power contained in an Act of Parliament.... intituled ' An Act for inclosing Lands in the several parishes of Calne, Calstone-Wellington and Blackland....'. Poster, finely-printed, size approx. 21" x 16", listing 5 Lots of pasture and arable land, including Honey-Garston, Haunch Furlong, etc., with Conditions of Sale. 1" tear plus a few very minor tears at top edge, 1 small snag in text, some creasing. Baily, Printer, Book-binder, Stationer, &c, Calne, 1814. £35.00

  118. Littlecote Estate TO BE SOLD BY TENDER about Fifty Acres of Capital Underwood, growing on the Littlecote Estate.... Size approx. 17" x 11", folds. A. Emberlin, Printer, Marlborough. 1862. £22.00
    Lists the woods concerned in Chilton Foliatt and Ramsbury.

  119. Paul Pry, Jun. Pseud. BROTHER TOWNSMEN Political broadside attacking the Whig interests in the Town Council (town not mentioned but presumably Marlborough). Size 14" x 9", folds, 17 paragraphs of scurrilous gossip about the would-be Mayor, Reed, and other figures referred to by initials or nick-names. T. Cowderoy, at the Five-Alls, in the Marsh, 7th January, 1836. £40.00
    'The second of your high-minded, poor N.J. the Clipper, I had hopes would have been within the walls of Bedlam 'ere now. I hear that his keeper (Young) had great difficulty in restraining him, on Monday the 4th instant, after the result of the Election was known....' 'Paul Pry' was a character created by the actor John Pool in 1825, and his name became synoymous with an interfering busybody.

  120. Sloper (S.F.K) TO THE ELECTORS OF DEVIZES Poster, size 17" x 11", folds, left-hand edge slightly ragged, setting out the views of Sidney Sloper, of Winterton Hall, an independent candidate, in 10 paragraphs. Gillman, Printer, Devizes, 1874. £25.00
    'I detest Bribery; and besides, I am too poor to afford it.'

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  121. Barr (John), Printer TO THE RATE-PAYERS OF LEEDS Friends, You should be up and doing; for the question is who shall be your Churchwardens... Political broadside, encouraging parishioners to vote for their Churchwardens, with a list of 6 candidates at the bottom. Printed on one side, size 9" x 5", two tears at bottom 1" long, repaired on verso with document tape, some small nicks at edges. John Barr, Printer, Cheapside, Briggate. (1835). £18.00
    Claims that Mr. Buttrey and his colleagues have 'decorated the church, replaced the choristers, kept the bells ringing without a rate'.

  122. Barr (R), Printer OLD GOSPEL SHIP and TRY AGAIN. Size 9" x 7", two small vignettes. Right hand edge ragged. Barr, Printer, Leeds. 1840's. £20.00
    Stirring religious ballads. Mentions Wesley and Whitfield.

  123. Barr (R), Sold by OLD GOSPEL SHIP and Try Again. Two religious songs printed on one sheet, size 10" x 7", ragged down left hand edge, slight browning down right edge. Vignettes of a sailing ship and a man with a book. Sold by R. Barr, 72, Marsh Lane, Leeds. c1850. £18.00

  124. Barr (R), Marsh-Lane, Leeds, Sold by THE RANTERS' SHIP and On the Cross! Religious broadside, printed in two columns with decorative dividing line. Vignettes at head, one showing a soldier leading army with large flag, the other Jesus on the Cross. Size 10" x 7". R. Barr is described as 'Tobacconist, Dealer in Snuff & Cigars' £25.00

  125. Cadman (J), Printer, Leeds COUNTRYMAN'S RAMBLE TO LONDON Story in Yorkshire dialect of an innocent's trip to London, interspersed with songs. Printed in two columns. Number 112 at bottom. Printed & Sold by J. Cadman, Gt. Ancoats St., Manchester, also Sold by H. Andrews, St. Peter's St., Leeds. c1850. £20.00

  126. Fordyce, Printer, Hull THE HUMOURS OF THE RACES and Wonderful Times. Two poems, the first describing a day at the races, with the pick-pockets, low-life characters etc, and the second is a look at cheats and con-men in all walks of life (the title being ironic!). Size 10" x 7", edges slightly creased, a woodcut vignette of a horse race, with decorative border, above title of first poem. Printed and sold by W. & T. Fordyce, 48 Dean-street, Newcastle. To be had also at 43, Myton-gate, Hull. c1840. £25.00

  127. Forth, Printer I REMEMBER, I REMEMBER and 'Dere's Some One in De House Wid Dinah. Slip ballad, printed in double columns, very decorative wide vertical dividing line, illustration of a man and two flirtatious ladies above first song, a portrait of a man above the other. Size 10" x 7". Forth, Printer, Pocklington. c1850. £26.00

  128. Forth, Printer SANDY AND JENNY and The Galley Slave. Ballads, printed in two columns with vignettes at head, one of a rose, and one of Britannia on an island. Size 10" x 7". Repaired tear at top left corner, some very small tears at edges. Forth, Printer, Pocklington. c1840. £25.00
    'Sandy and Jenny' appears to be a Scottish ballad.

  129. Jones (Fred), Printer THE ZULU WAR! and Victory in Zululand, Relief of Colonal Pearson. Broadsheet with two poems, printed in two columns with decorative dividing line. Size 10" x 7". Paper slightly darkened, some small creases, a few brownish spots. Jones, Printer, Sheffield. c1880. £30.00
    Refers to the Battle of Rorke's Drift, and the Commanders, Lieutenants Chard and Bromhead. The second poem refers to the relief of Colonel Pearson's forces, who at the end of 1879 were isolated deep in Eastern Zululand, by a force commanded by Col. Pearson.

  130. Skelton TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION On Saturday the 28 day of October 1820, at the House of Eliz. Green, the Duke William Inn, by Mr. John Watson, Houses and Land at Skelton, in Cleveland. Printed in large typefaces with 6 lines of description of each of the 2 Lots. Size 14" x 8", traces of folds. Marshall, Printer, Guisbro'. Sept, 26. 1820. £42.00
    Comprised 2 cottages with Wright Shop, Orchard, Garth, and half a Pew in Skelton Church, and An Allotment on Manless Green 'desirable to any Person... anxious to Build; as there are good Public Quarries in and for the use of the Township, where the Purchasers will have right to win Stones'.

  131. Wakefield WEST-RIDING RACES 1835 A Letter from Tom Win-All of Wakefield, to his old Brother Sportsman, Dick Sure-Foot, at Dundee, in the County of Forfarshire. Election Broadside, attacking the Tories, referring throughout to the candidates as race-horses, etc. Printed in two columns. Size 15" x 10", approx. 100 lines in all. Some slight creasing, a few small ink spots in margin, extreme top corner. Nichols, Printer, Northgate, Wakefield. 1835. £55.00
    Wakefield was only entitled to send a Member to Parliament after the Reform Bill of 1832. The first member was David Gaskell (referred to in the text). He was re-elected in 1835. 'The Old Tory breed has been long & fast declining in consequence of getting their feet in Old Rotten borough holes and so breaking down.... the best cure for all, is the true Russell Purge.

  132. Walker (B), Bradford, Sold Wholesale by JOHN BULL AND THE NEW TAXES. Slip ballad in two columns, size 10" x 7", a few edge tears at left side. No. 4. top right. c1840. £35.00
    Humourous attack on taxes and the Corn Laws. 'And for to raise some money/For the wedding of the Queen/They'll tax old maids and bachelors/That have turned seventeen... To tax and starve the nation/They do cobble up some laws/And the devil swears he'll tax them all/When they get into his claws.'

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  133. Elgin and Nairn FINAL CLOSE OF POLLS, TUESDAY, JULY 13, 1841. Printed in large type faces, size 11" x 9", traces of folds, giving results for Elgin, Forres and Nairn. 1841. £20.00

  134. Kilchoan River BY LAW 'An Act to Regulate and Amend the Law Respecting The Salmon Fisheries of Scotland' District of the River Kilchoan or Inverie (Loch Nevis). Folio sheet, traces of folds, signed by 3 Commissioners, setting out the Regulations for nets used to catch salmon. 1864. £24.00
    'Meshes... shall be under on einch nd three-quarters in extension, from knot to knot... seven inches measured round each Mesh when wet'.

  135. Middleby, Annandale ELIGIBLE FARM TO BE LET For such a number of Years as may be agreed on, The Farm of Crowdieknow.... as lately possessed by the deceased Robert Farries, consisting of 155 Acres Arable, Imperial, and 337 Acres of Meadow..... well adapted for the Cheviot Breed of Sheep.... Poster, size 11" x 9". 14th Feb. 1850. £16.00

  136. The Beacon THE HYDRA WITH FIFTEEN HEADS; Or Jack Straw in the Suds. That Colussus of Depravity, The Beacon, Brought to his Doom, With His Last Speech and Expiring Groan. Broadside, size 17" x 7", horizontal fold. Woodcut of thistle at head, with title as above in large typeface, and the words 'O Temp Ora O Morris' with 15 numbers under the letters and 'The Mystery of Iniquity. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the Beast'. Horizontal central fold. The bottom half of the broadside has the margin slightly clipped on the left hand side. Webster, Printer, Horse Wynd. (Edinburgh, 1821). £95.00
    The Beacon was a weekly newspaper started by the Tories in Edinburgh in 1821. It was suppressed in August of that year, after only a few months. Sir Walter Scott was one of its founders. He wrote to Erskine 'I am terribly malcontent about the Beacon. I was dragged into the bond against all reasons.... Entre nous, our friends went into the thing like fools, and came out very like cowards'.

  137. Webster, Printer THE LAST SPEECH, CONFESSION, AND DYING DECLARATION OF THE BEACON, Which departed this Life, September 29th, 1821, in Donkie Slaverson's Royal Magazine of Slander, Scurrility, Personality, and other Pensioned Virtues; with a Programme of the Funeral Procession, and Description of the... Depositing of the Defunct in the Tomb of Infamy and Oblivion... to which is added a 'Dirge' by John Nemo, Alias Jack i' the Straw... Broadside in the form of a spoof funeral announcement, attacking the newspaper and its supporters, with black mourning border, size 18" x 8", central horizontal fold, margin clipped down bottom half of left margin, edge slightly ragged down right hand side. Webster, Printer, Horse Wynd, Edinburgh. 1821. £90.00
    53 lines telling the story of the newspaper, the meeting of the bond-holders at which the closure was announced etc., plus 'Order of Funeral Procession' (including 'Sir Walter Waverhoe, veiled, as if ashamed to show his countenance', 'General Solicit Her' etc.) and 'The Dirge', a song of farewell.

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  138. Brown (J), Printer THE MENAI BRIDGE near Bangor, Carnarvonshire. Second Edition, With Additions. Finely printed broadside, size 16" x 12", decorative border, engraved view of the bridge at head, size 3" x 8", 2 columns of description, including detailed account of the proceedings on 26th April, 1825 when the first chain was thrown over the Straits ('upon the completion of the Chain, three of the workmen, viz. H. Davis, stone-mason, Wm. Williams, labourer, and John Williams, carpenter, had the temerity to pass along the upper surface of the Chain which forms a curvature of 590 feet...'), and much technical information. Traces of folds, small piece missing from left margin, some creasing in margins, and rust mark at bottom margin, reaching " inside border. Someone has added in ink at the edges of the engraving the Tollhouse and the Anglesey end of the chains. J. Brown, Printer and Bookbinder, Bangor. 1825. £100.00
    There is a line in larger type, with small pointing hand, at the bottom, 'The 16th Chain, which completes the whole line of Suspension, was carried over on Saturday, July 9th, 1825.

  139. Merionethshire AUCTION POSTER. Valuable Oak, Ash and other Timber to be Sold by Auction by Mr Thomas Payne, At the Cross-Foxes Inn, Mallwyd, on Tuesday the Fourteenth Day of February, 1826.... Size approx. 18" x 11", folds. Dolgelley: printed for J. Pugh. 1826. £24.00
    Lists 7 lots of the timber and farms concerned in the Parish of Mallwyd.

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  140. Anon. BERKSHIRE LADY In Four Parts. Ballad in 45 verses, printed in three columns with large heading, very decorative border with swags, etc., and woodcut head and shoulders portrait of a lady. Size 14" x 9". Trimmed to within half an inch of the border, no imprint. c1830. £50.00
    Tells the story of a rich lady of Reading who challenged the man she had fallen in love with to marry her or fight her in a duel 'You shall find I do not vapour/For I have a trusty rapier/So now take your choice said she/Either fight or marry me'. Possibly cut from a large sheet of several ballads.

  141. Anon. COPY OF A CURIOUS LOVE LETTER Letter printed on one side of 8vo sheet, with an explanatory note at the bottom. Paper rather browned, chipped down right hand side. Stamp of W.H. Palmer, Union Passage, Bath, on verso. c1880. £10.00
    The letter could be read by the lady's stern father in one way and in another way by the lady, who had to read every other line.

  142. Anon. GOD'S DEAR SON Christmas song in nine verses, printed in 2 columns, with decorative dividing line, and crude woodcut at head showing men praying, with what looks like the Ark in the background. Size 9" x 7", wear at top corners, spotting down right hand side. c1820. £30.00
    Tells the story of the birth of Jesus and ends 'And let us say that Christmas-day/Is still the best in all the year'.

  143. Anon. I'LL BE A GOOD FELLOW AND DO SO NO MORE Ballad cut from a larger sheet, 6 verses, size 8" x 3", with woodcut illustration of Bacchus figure. Paper slightly darkened. c1830. £14.00
    Despite the title it tells the story of an unrepentant drunkard and criminal.

  144. Anon. ORPHAN BOY'S PRAYER AND MY DEAR MOTHER'S GRAVE Two poems printed side by side on 4to sheet, no imprint, each poem with decorative border and vignette headpiece. Two marginal tears, traces of folds. c1860? £18.00

  145. Anon. THE RAILWAY SONGSTER, THE EASTERN COUNTIES SPORTING SONGSTER, THE SKYLARK SONGSTER Three songsheets printed across one very large sheet, size 30" X 20", three large woodcuts at the head of each one, being a tiger, the Prince of Wales coat of arms with lion and unicorn etc., and lion. Folded in four and then again, a few small splits at central fold, and one small tear repaired on verso. Presumably intended to be cut into three 'long song' sheets. c1840. £110.00
    The Railway Songster comprises: Chapter on Bells, Woodman spare that Tree, The Peace of the Valley is Fled, Oh! Where is my Lover, When first I went to Sea, The Spot where I was born, I'm Ninety-Five, With all thy Faults I love thee Still, She lives with her own Granny Dear, Pretty Star of Langary. The Eastern Counties Sporting Songster comprises: I should Dearly like to Marry, My Bonny Black Hens, The Pope he leads a Happy Life, William Tell, My Father's old Farm, The Carfindo, When I heard He was Married, The Merry Maids of England, The Village Born Beauty, The Gypsy Tent. The Skylark Songster comprises: The Shop-boy is Free, Lost Rosabel, Lucy Long, I'm Afloat, We are all Carpenters, False One I Love thee Still, Tomorrow We'll be Married, Old Rosin the Beau, Kathleen Mavourneen.

  146. 'B.M.C' WEST OF ENGLAND AGRICULTURAL SHOW Ballad in 11 verses, plus chorus, 4to, printed in two columns, wide decorative rule between columns, large coat of arms at head, large title. c1860. £40.00
    'We've Bridgwater boys & Taunton too/And Exeter's a jovial crew/We have collier lads from the land of coal/And Bedminster such jovial souls'. Also refers to 'Twerton clothiers', 'Widcombe ladies togg'd out new'.

  147. Bible production CHEAP BIBLES AND FEMALE SLAVERY An Appeal is made to the feelings of the Christian public on behalf of an oppressed body of women and girls, lately to the service of the Contractress to the British and Foreign Bible Society... Handbill printed on both sides, 8vo... together with 4-page pamphlet 'Cheap Bibles, reporting on two public meetings held at the Mechanics Institution, 20th September, 1849, with a memorial from the Journeymen Bookbinders on the low pay of the women binders and sewers. 1849. £22.00

  148. Conjuring THE PUZZLING RINGS J.H. Const. Manufacturer of all kinds of Conjuring Tricks & Puzzling Toys. Broadside, size 10" x 7", printed on thin paper, decorative border. With lists setting out 21 steps 'To Play The Ring Off' and 21 steps 'To Play The Rings On'. n.d. c1850. £40.00
    'This Mechanical Toy engaged the pen and attention of Cardan in the 16th Century... is so agreeably diversified as equally to engage the Adult and Juvenile mind.'

  149. Law (William) LINES TO THE MEMORY OF THE LATE WILLIAM LAW, M.A. Author of the 'Serious Call' which Dr. Johnson (and even Gibbon) has pronounced the fines work of the kind in any language.... Poem in 48 lines on Law's virtues. 1p., 8vo, with blank conjoint leaf. Small illustration of a classical urn at head. Written 1762. £20.00
    Law (1686-1761) was a writer on spiritual and mystical subjects and influenced the Wesleys and others of the Evangelical revival.

  150. Law (William) LINES TO THE MEMORY OF THE LATE WILLIAM LAW, M.A. Author of the 'Serious Call' which Dr. Johnson (and even Gibbon) has pronounced the fines work of the kind in any language.... Poem in 48 lines on Law's virtues. 1p., 8vo, with blank conjoint leaf. Small illustration of a classical urn at head. Written 1762. £20.00

  151. Religious broadside A SUPPOSED CONFERENCE BETWEEN A KING AND A CHRISTIAN Recommended by the Rev. Mr. Medley. Ballad, in 48 verses, in three columns, in the form of a dialogue between a King and the Christian, ending with the conversion of the King. Size 11" x 8". c1840. £30.00

  152. Smith, Printer THE QUAKERS Electioneering. Poem printed on one side only, with large heading, printed in large type-face. Size 13" x 8". Seven verses, attacking the Quakers and 'the disciples of Fox' and their support for Reform. Two folds, splits, repaired on verso, top right corner torn away. Smith, Printer, Nov. 4th, 1832. £35.00
    Portrays the Quakers as sinister enemies of the church and the Establishment 'See, the Quakers are gone, a Canvassing/All in their best broad brims/Looking with bland and gracious smiles/From under their beaver rims.' There is no clue as to where it was printed.

  153. Songsheet THE NEW OLYMPIC SONGSTER Songsheet size 19" x 7". Seven songs, printed in three columns, small woodcut at top. Horizontal fold, two very small marginal tears. c1820. £50.00
    The reference to Charlotte our Queen in one of the songs would suggest a date prior to

  154. Sun Publishing Co., St., Pine St., St. Louis AGENTS WANTED For the Grand New Book, Theatrical and Circus Life, Or Secrets of the Stage, Green-Room and Saw Dust Arena. By Jno. Jennings of the St. Louis Globe - Democrat. Poster, size 25" x 19", giving a summary of the chapters, with details of printing etc. Woodcut illustrations of actors and actresses, mashers, dancers etc, around the sides. Folded, two 1" repaired tears at margins. c1880. £50.00

  155. Wiltshire and Gloucestershire AUCTION POSTER for lands in the parishes of Ewen, in Kemble, and Oaksey, to be sold by auction by Acock & Son at the King's Head Inn, Cirencester, Monday February 20, 1837. Size 17" x 11", folds, small tear at one fold, repaired. Attached with a pin are MS Conditions of sale, 3p sm. folio. 1837. £24.00
    Lists 5 Lots, with occupiers.

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