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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 128

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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Measurements for maps, engravings, etc are given depth x width.
Berkshire -- Bristol -- Cheshire -- Cornwall --
Cumberland -- Derbyshire -- Devon -- Dorset --
Durham -- Essex -- Gloucestershire -- Hampshire and Isle of Wight --
Herefordshire -- Hertfordshire -- Kent -- Lancashire --
Leicestershire -- Lincolnshire -- London -- Monmouthshire --
Norfolk -- Northamptonshire -- Oxfordshire -- Somerset --
Staffordshire -- Suffolk -- Surrey -- Sussex --
Warwickshire -- Westmoreland -- Wiltshire -- Worcestershire -- Yorkshire --
Scotland -- Wales -- General
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  1. Egerton (John William) NOTE REGARDING HIS CHAISE requiring a mat to be ordered for his chaise, and saying what he likes about the chaise, and what is wanting. 11 lines on one side of 4to sheet, dated Sunning Hill, Sunday July 11th (no year given). Signed 'John Wm. Egerton'. n.d. c1810? £28.00
    'I like the chaise very well, it seems to run very light...' Egerton was an M.P., and became the fourth richest man in Britain when he inherited the Duke of Bridgwater's estates. Sunning Hill was the home of his wife's family, the Haynes.

  2. Maidenhead and Twyford AN ACT for making more effectual an Act.... for Repairing the Highways from Maidenhead Bridge to Sunning Lane end, next to Twyford.... and from the said Bridge to Henley Bridge.... 7pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. plus cover leaf. Attractive woodcut initial letter with flowers. 1728. £12.00

  3. Reading ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP of the Country Round East Ilsey. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 26" x 38" plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo marbled wraps, with Stanford label with title as above. Covers almost the whole of Berkshire, plus parts of Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire. Counties coloured in pale wash, with deeper colour at the borders, parkland, railways, water features, main roads hand-coloured. 1906. £70.00
    Covers Abingdon, Wokingham, Stratfield Saye, Shrivenham.

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  4. Ashmead (G.C) ASHMEAD'S MAP OF THE CITY AND BOROUGH OF BRISTOL, Reduced from the Original Survey and corrected to 1871. Fine engraved plan, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into original 8vo, unlettered cloth boards, overall size of map approx. 38" x 34". Scale approx. 1" to 1 furlong. With Reference tables of Public Buildings, Schools, Almshouses, Dissenting Chapels, Principal inns and Hotels etc. Some light marks on linen on verso, not affecting paper. Published by G.C. Ashmead & Son, 11 Small Street, Bristol: March, 1871. £680.00
    Ashmead issued his first plan of Bristol in 1828. This was largely based on the work of Joseph Plumley who died after only issuing the prospectus for his map. This first Ashmead map measured 75" x 58" with a scale of 200 feet = 1 inch. Ashmead went on to issue smaller, reduced scale, plans of Bristol in 1833, 1846, 1855, 1871 and 1882. This edition extends from Windmill Hill to Cold Harbour Farm in the north, from the Black Swan on Stapleton Road to Nightingale Valley in the West.

  5. Bristol Aeroplane Company OLYMPUS Turbojet Engine. Brochure, size 9" x 12", 15pp., glossy card wraps, numerous full plate illustrations, and photos in the text, as well as coloured sectioned drawing over two pages. Staples rusty, paper rather cockled along bottom edge... with... MOTEURS HERCULES 758-9 (Licence Bristol). Mai 1955. Pamphlet in French, 4pp., large 4to, diagrams and photos... with... 'BRISTOL' SLEEVE VALVE ENGINES Turboprops, Turbojets, Ramjets. Bochure which folds out to a single large sheet of glossy paper, illustrating four engines with their aeroplanes, c1954. 3 items. n.d. c1956. £38.00
    Includes information on the altitude record of May 4th 1953.

  6. Bristol Aeroplane Company PROTEUS 755 Free Turbine Engine. Brochure, size 9" x 12". Glossy card wraps. 20pp., many photographic illustrations, and double-page coloured section, page of graphs. Front wraps slightly chipped at top and bottom corners on right of front wrap... with... BRISTOL ENGINES. PROTEUS. Brochure, printed in red and black, large 4to, attractive design of white aeroplanes on red background on front, 4pp., folding out to large sheet with photographic illustrations on the inside. 2 items. n.c. 1955. £35.00

  7. Broad Street SIR HUMPHREY HOOK'S LEASE to Jno. Baker of a House in Broad Street called the Golden Fleece. Indenture on vellum, size 11" x 30". Very large calligraphic initial 'T' at head, signed by Hooke, tag lacking seal. Vellum rubbed and creased in parts, verso of deed slightly browned. On verso is obligation bond of Sibill Blake of Bristol, widow, administratrix of Margary Baker, deceased, quitclaiming any right in the property to Robert Cann, signed with her mark and wax seal. 1664. £45.00
    Sir Robert Cann had been Mayor of Bristol. In 1664 Hooke was Deputy Lieutenant. When he died in 1677 he left £680 to the parish of St. Stephen for bread for the poor. He built Ashley Court on Ashley Down.

  8. Cann (Sir Robert) PROBATE OF THE WILL of Sir Robert Cann, of the City of Bristol, Knight and Baronet. 42 lines on vellum size 19" x 29", the words 'I Sr. Robert Cann' written at the head in large letters 3" tall, with many calligraphic flourishes. Administration certificate in Latin attached. Tear in administration certificate. 1681. £80.00
    Leaves to his wife all his lands in Bristol, and his Manors in Gloucestershire and Somerset, but gives the Manor of Brean to his son Thomas, with the tenement and lands in Compton 'in the holding of Goodwife Jenkins', and the 'house my father built there'. Leaves large sums to his daughters. Cann had been a member of parliament for Bristol, and Mayor.

  9. Clifton Boundary TWO MANUSCRIPT MAPS showing The River Avon, Clifton, Hotwells, College Green, and the boundary between Clifton parish and Bristol. As follows:- Plan size 15" x 19", in ink with buildings and docks in grey wash, open areas in green wash, roads in buff, border shown with red line, with note 'all between the dark Red Line and the River is in that part of Clifton which is in Bristol'. Scale bar (7" = 2000ft.) Shows the river with Hotwell House, Rownham Ferry House, New Long Room, Albermarle Row, Hope Square, Floating Dock, Mardyke, Limekiln Dock, road marked 'to the Jacob's Well', buildings along Hotwell Road. Area within the bend of the river and west of Hope Sq. shaded green. Folds, docket title on verso 'The King v Clifton. Plan. Mr Plumer'. n.d. late 18th century. £140.00

  10. Corn Street LEASE to Sir Thomas Cann of Stoke Bishop from the Mayor Burgesses and Commonality of Bristol with the advice of Sir Wm. Vaines now Mayor, of a tenement in Corn Street. On vellum, size 15" x 26", 3" tear at one fold, several areas in top half of deed completely rubbed away. Approximately half of the wax seal of the Corporation of Bristol surviving, on tag. 1701. £18.00
    Gives the occupiers of the adjacent tenements. The rent to be paid to the Corporation was 50s a year.

  11. Dempsey (J), artist HERE! HERE!! WHO'S NEXT? SOLD AGAIN! commonly called Dickey All-hot; Bristol. Watercolour on card, size 25cm x 17cm, showing Dickey wearing a hat and apron, holding a basket and a tray in one hand and offering a sample of his food on a fork with the other. Signed and dated on the image. Some foxing affecting the background. December 1840. £36.00
    Dempsey was known for his portraits of public characters in Bristol, Bath, and many other major cities in England, Scotland and Ireland. He is mainly known for his cut card work.

  12. John Hall Ltd. TOOL CATALOGUE Autumn 1960. 108pp., 8vo., many illustrations. 1960. £14.00

  13. Kingswood TOOLS Catalogue of Fred Males & Co., Two Mile Hill. 8vo, printed wraps, 102pp. Fully illustrated, with prices. One section of 4p. loose, as staples rusty. 1954. £9.00
    Includes chisels, planes, saws, drills etc.

  14. Medland (James), County Surveyor ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS for Fishponds Police Station. October 1867. Measured drawings on waxed cotton, size 20" x 25", in ink and blue, brown, pink and grey colour wash. Each signed and dated bottom right by County Surveyor, Gloucester. Comprises: (i) Plan no. 1. Shows ground plan, scale 5" = 40ft., with guardroom, cells, superintendent's entrance, office, parlour, constables' scullery, etc., and Plan of Site, scale 1" = approx. 30ft., showing police station, Portcullis Inn, stables, garden, parade ground etc., with small elevations of Entrance Gates, entrance to stable yard, walls (with notes on height above and below ground. (ii) Drawing headed 'Police Station Fishponds nr. Bristol. Shows elevations of stables and Section, Ground plan scale 5" = 40ft., with Trap house, Harness Pen, etc., and roof and loft plans. On left is Plan of Site similar to that on (i) above. (iii) Plan No II. Police Station Fishponds. With elevation and section of stables, grounds and roof plan, and First Floor plan of Police Station showing bedrooms. (iv) Police Station Fishponds Near Bristol No. III. With 3 fine detailed elevations at top showing south, east and north elevations, section of cells. 'Gloucestershire Police Station' sign is above first floor windows on south elevation. At the bottom is an elevation of cells and 'Section on line A-A', and Roof Plan. Scale 4" - 30ft. Four items in all. 1867. £250.00
    Fishponds Police Station was opened in 1870. It was recently converted into residential accommodation.

  15. St John the Baptist Parish COUNTERPART of the lease to Dr. Eedes of Mrs Plomer's house in Grope Lane, Sir Thomas Cann of Stoke Bishop to Francis Eedes of Bristol Physician. Vellum sheet size 19" x 29", large engraved heading. Signed by Eedes with wax seal with classical bust, on tag. 2" split in vellum at one fold, small area of browning where two folds meet. Someone has written in ink in small letters under the docket title 'Bristol City Wall'. 1712. £45.00
    Refers to a messuage with garden and summerhouse adjoining in a lane called Grope Lane otherwise Halliers Lane bounded on the east by the City Wall. There are stipulations about keeping the house in good repair.

  16. St Mary Redcliffe THE NAVE ST MARY REDCLIFFE. A fine detailed pen and pale brown ink drawing. Delicately highlighted with watercolour in pale greys and blues, size approx. 15" x 11", plus small margins, pasted onto thick card. Depicts a view looking up the nave towards the organ in the distance, with several figures, including women in crinolines. Titled, as above, to verso. An extremely competent and very attractive image, with excellent architectural detail. mid 19th century. £45.00

  17. Steep Street VIEW OF OLD SHIP PUBLIC HOUSE STEEP STREET. A competent watercolour 9" x 6", mounted onto card, showing the medieval buildings with some women chatting in the foreground. A note in ink on the verso :- 'View of Steep Street. The Old Ship Public House now demolished Colston St. passes over the site.' mid 19th century. £28.00
    A carved figure is shown over the doorway on the right.

  18. Stoke Bishop COUNTERPART of Jerome Cuffe of Stoke Bishop's Mortgage for £532.10s to Thomas Latch of Winford, for Downe House and twenty acres of land in Stoke Bishop. Vellum, size 19" x 25", signed with his mark by Latch, lacks seal. Witnessed on verso. 1660. £45.00

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  19. Bacon's MAP OF CHESHIRE Reduced from the Ordnance Survey by Edw. Weller. Colour printed map, size approx. 12" x 18", central fold. Reduced from the Ordnance Survey, scale " to 1 mile. Divided into 5 mile squares. c1885. £10.00
    From 'Bacon's Atlas of The British Isles'.

  20. Chester LEASE OF POSSESSION of a piece of ground with dwellinghouse, workshops and other buildings on the east side of Nicholas Street in Chester, The Governors of the Possessions and Goods of The Free Grammar School of King Edward the Sixth in Macclesfield, to James Hilton of Chester. Vellum, size 17" x 25", written in a large clear hand. Fine large oval wax seal of the Trustees. 1822. £35.00
    Description of the property gives measurements in feet and occupiers of adjacent properties.

  21. Lymm THE OUGHTRINGTON ESTATE and a Considerable Portion of the Beechwood Estate, Valuable Farms, Business Premises in the Town of Lymm... Valuable Building Sites Extending to 956 Acres... to be offered by Auction... 25th and 26th September 1911... 131 pages, folio, original printed wraps. Key map at front, but lacks folding map from pocket at back. 1911. £40.00
    Includes Burford Lane Farm, Agden Lane Farm, Foxley Hall Farm, Jolly Thresher Inn, Broomedge Smith, Bank Premises in Lymm, 'Bleak House', 'The Chestnuts'. Completed Memorandum at end, signed over stamp. The owners of the estate were Lever Bros., Ltd.

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  22. Besley's PENZANCE And Neighbourhood. Six vignette views, large ovals, approx. 4" x 7", tissue guards. Album in green embossed cloth, gilt title. Pale grey splash mark at top of flyleaf and inside front board, not affecting plates. c1850. £46.00
    Views are: train in front of St. Michaels Mount; Penzance from Newlyn Battery; Mount's Bay; Penzance from the Sea (with steamer); Penzance from Lescudjck; Lamorna (with works).

  23. Brimmell (John) Printer LAUNCESTON WEEKLY NEWS Cornwall and Devon Advertiser. No. 982, Feb. 6, 1875. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp, slight wear at fold on first page, a couple of old sellotape repairs to small tears, one longer unrepaired tear. 1875. £10.00
    Numerous adverts for local firms on front page.

  24. Easter Cant BILL of Rashleigh Coode to Revd. William Sandys, 1808-9, for legal services, expenses for travel, etc. 1p, manuscript, 4to. 8 attendances listed. 1808. £8.00
    Includes 'Oct. 3. Journey to Lanhydrock to inspect Map of Easter Cant and writing you thereon... £1.1s.' He no doubt consulted the Lanhydrock Atlas.

  25. Falmouth ABSTRACT OF THE TREASURER'S ACCOUNTS Borough of Falmouth, For the Year Ending 31st March, 1940. 69pp., together with Abstracts for the years 1945,46,47,48,49,50, 8vo, except for the last two which are 4to. Original wraps. All except the 1940 booklet have approx. 35pp. 1940-50. £12.00

  26. Helston ORDER OF FILIATION by John Borlase and John Rogers, Justices of the Peace, concerning the female Bastard Child lately born of Mary Ann Banfield. 52 lines on one side of small folio sheet, with manuscript inserts. Folds, signed by Justices with small papered seals. The order required the reputed father Richard Eva of Helston, mason, to pay towards the lying-in, and thereafter to pay the Overseers of the Poor 1s 6d a week for maintenance of the child. 1815. £28.00

  27. Kenwyn WILL of John Wilkins of Kenwyn, Tinner, 1716. Copy extracted from the Registry dated 1776. 2p. folio on 2 sheets held with rusty pin, tax stamps in margin. 1776. £22.00
    Bequeathes 20s a year to the poor of Kenwyn, property at Bossore, Veyseys tenement, 'part in the Grist Mill and all thereunto belonging in Idless', part in 'Husband tenement' etc., to his son.

  28. Raising taxes Hugh Trevanion 'An Act for raising money by a Poll or otherwise to enable His Majesty to enter into an Actual War against the French King...' Signed by Whitaker Deputy of the Pipe. Large decorative calligraphi 'Quietus est' and end. 1690. £150.00

  29. Saint Wenn APPORTIONMENT OF THE RENT CHARGE IN LIEU OF TITHES in the Parish of Saint Wenn, in the County of Cornwall. 24pp., folio, thin card wraps, cloth spine. Printed in columns giving names of Landowners and Occupiers, no. on Plan, Description of premises and land, Cultivation, Quantity, Rent-charge. 1839. £100.00
    Includes the tenements of Tregolls, Lancorla, Tregurtha, Trewollack, Cransworth, etc., and the public roads

  30. St. Neot, Padstow ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 19", plus margins. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into new marbled paper endpapers. Trimmed to border hence lacking marginal information. c1895. £16.00

  31. Trescowthick family AFFADAVIT OF DEBT Statement of Elizabeth Moore of Helston affirming that Mark Trescowthick of Sithney is indebted to her for the sum of £2.2s. 6d. 10 lines in manuscript on one side of small folio sheet, folded. Signed by H. Tremenhere, Mayor, and Elizabeth Moore. 1741. £16.00

  32. Wheal Canon, Sithney ANSWER of Hugh Stevens Defendant to the Petition of William Stevens Plaintiff in the Stannary Court. 2p folio, tear at one fold repaired, small Stannary stamp. 1842. £25.00
    Hugh denied that he had held shares in the mine up until 'the working was abandoned on the 30th day of June 1841'.

  33. Wreck LETTER to Joseph Yonge Attorney at Mevagissey, dated Redruth 14th March 1750, from A. Angove. 13 lines on 1p., small folio, folded, address panel on verso, and docket title 'papers sent me abt the Wreck'. Angove says he is sending a paper by order of Lord Falmouth and other landowners to Sjt. Wynne, to see if he wishes to support them in their proportional claim (presumably referring to a wreck). Says if Mr. Fortescue needs a man to erect his furnace he can recommend a better workman than Martyn Cornelius 'who is very idle & bad'. Enclosed is 4to sheet 'An Account of the Estates Joyning to the western side of the Gannell with the value of each Lord's Estate from Portislandjoack to Penpoll Cove'. Lists 35 owners with name of land and monetary value. 1750. £35.00

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  34. Coldale Hall Estate PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS SALE of a Valuable Freehold Estate situate at Newtown, and in the Willow Holme, Carlisle, in the Parish of St. Mary, Carlisle.... which will be offered for Sale by Auction.... 14th day of February, 1860.... 9pp., folio, with folding hand-coloured plan. Outer sheet leaf with docket title dusty, with tear at fold. Docket title stained at edge. 1860. £30.00

  35. Keswick area RENTAL BOOK of the Trustees of D. Carrick Esq. Notebook size 6" x 4", red morocco boards, spine worn at top. 232 pages in a neat hand, with names of rent payers on right (some months there are about 20 names), and amount, and on left disbursments, which include taxes, money for repairs, 'cash for ale at Mrs Tweddles for Workmen at Kingmoor', 'Richd. Cowin for Thatching at Rockcliff', 'Wm. Sowerby for a Pump Tree for Hill House', 'Mary Hudart her Annuity'. 1832-1863. £65.00
    Among the payers of rent are 'The Botchergate Foundry'. As well as Kingmoor and Rockcliff mentions Warehouses in Abbey St., Milthorp, Braithwaite. A note on the endpaper of 1854 reads 'Angus Beles was sold to Isaac Brown for £3000. Better Farm than Hill House. R.A.'

  36. Solway Moss, Longtown GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. 107 N.E. (New Series Sheet 11). Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 13" x 19", plus margins, linen-backed, key in margin. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1890. £10.00
    Shows only a small portion in bottom right corner, as the area beyond the Scottish border is blank.

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  37. Derby AN ACT for paving, cleansing, lighting and otherwise improving, the Streets, Lanes, and other publick Passages within the Borough of Derby and for selling a certain Piece of Waste Ground called Nun's Green.... 44pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. plus cover sheet. 1792. £16.00

  38. North Staffordshire & Mid-Derbyshire Railway A BILL For making new Railways in the County of Derby and for other purposes. 22pp., small folio. Folded vertically with docket title. 1898. £14.00

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  39. Bideford, Okehampton, South Molton GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF GREAT BRITAIN. Sheet XXVI. Printed surface area approx. 24" x 35". Scale 1" to 1 mile. Hand-coloured with key in right margin. Embossed Ordnance stamp to top margin, with date 1882. Small triangular piece torn from top margin, just touching edge of border, on 5" repaired tear from right edge into map, and one smaller repaired tear just above. c1880. £50.00
    On this map there is only a small amount of colour.

  40. Bovey Tracy ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet CI. S.W. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 12" x 17" plus margins, on stiff paper. 1906 £10.00
    Covers the whole of Bovey Tracy, Bovey Pottery and Lignite Pit, Whitestone Quarry.

  41. Devon County Council TOTNES and Dartington Outline Plan. 16pp., oblong small folio. Folding plan, illusts. Wraps. January 1972. £7.00


  42. Devonport Dockyard MARINE DRAWINGS 30 fine scale drawings of parts of battleships, cruisers, etc, by S.E. Hancock, Acting Carpenter. Each on cartridge paper, in ink and wash colour, size approx. 20" x 25", folding, each with accompanying description in manuscript on 1p ruled paper, signed by Hancock, titled and with rubber stamps of Chief Constructor and Captain. Scales mainly " to 1 foot, 1" to 1 foot, some valves, etc. half size. Some bound into and some loosely inserted in folio ledger, half cloth, marbled boards, rubbed. Bottom of one leaf of text torn away. 1904-5. £300.00
    Drawings include:- section showing framing abaft armour; mid section, and framing of after part; 'boat hoisting derrick'; 'Cruiser Fore Section'; 'midship section, and stem'; 'Cressy Class', section showing before and abaft double bottoms; 'Gun support as fitted to 1st Class Cruiser'; 'Plan of Conning Tower, K.E.VII Class'; '13'6" Balsa Punt'. H.M.S. Hibernia, a King Edward VII class battleship, was launched in 1905. H.M.S. Encounter was a destroyer. Other ships mentioned are H.M.S. Queen and H.M.S. Minotaur.

  43. Frithelstock TWO MANUSCRIPT PLANS one showing 'Ashbury' and the other 'Southcott. Both on waxed cotton in ink and outline colour. Size approx. 20" x 22", folded. Shows buildings, field outlines with acreage. c1900. £12.00
    Scale 1/2500.

  44. Geological Survey DEVON AND CORNWALL Five maps covering the western part of Devon and parts of Cornwall. Hand coloured on five sheets, dissected, and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo cloth endpapers with index map to front. Endpapers of one map spotty. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Key in margin or sea area. Sheet Nos. 24 (Plymouth), 25 (Tavistock), 26 (Bideford), 27 (Ilfracombe), 30 (Camelford). Sheet sizes 37" x 25", except for sheets 27 and 24 which are 17" x 37". Contained in a morocco slipcase with Stanford label (with Cockspur St. address) and key map on front. Some professional restoration to joints of slipcase. Probably c1880, or slightly earlier. £520.00

  45. Gray (Joseph W.) THE DEVON TOR RANGE an Improved Ventilating Kitchener or Cooking Apparatus.... Sold Exclusively by Joseph W. Gray, Kitchen Fitter & Furnisher & Domestic Engineer, 31 Fleet Street, Torquay, Manufacturer and Erecter. Illustrated Prospectus of ranges, baths, kitchen equipment etc., 12pp., folio, folded, bottom half of last page browned. c1874. £20.00
    Includes list of satisfied customers who had the range installed.

  46. Heathfield, near Newton Abbot PLANS PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE SALE OF ABOUT 13 ACRES OF LAND With Manufacturing Premises thereon, Together with Two Cottages and a Valuable Building Site... To Be Sold By Auction.... September 19th, 1910. Folio, folded, large coloured folding plan and 2pp, of text plus 1p 'Conditions of Sale'. Piece missing from last leaf with docket title and Conditions, with loss of a few words. 1910. £26.00
    The premises were those of 'The Ligno Carbon Co.', opposite Candy's premises, and the lot included sacks of carbon, bellows, etc. The building site is described as having clay 'suitable for a pottery', wells, etc.

  47. Kennedy (James) TO THE FREE INHABITANTS, Yeomanry, &c. of the Town and Parish of Tiverton. Poster size 12" x 8", signs where once folded, small hole affecting one letter. This is a request by Kennedy, a radical, to meet constituents in the Three Tuns to persuade them to vote for him in the coming election. He was successful. Parkhouse, Printer, Tiverton: 1832. £35.00

  48. Ordnance Survey THE SECOND PART OF THE GENERAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND & WALES, CONTAINING THE WHOLE OF DEVON, And a Portion of the adjoining Counties. Done by the Surveyors of His Majesty's Ordnance, under the Direction of Lt. Col. Mudge, of The Royal Artillery, F.R.S. A set of maps, with the original title sheet, covering all of Devon, except for Lundy, and including parts of Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, and South Wales. Scale l" to 1 mile. Copper plate engravings, on 8 sheets, plus title sheet, dissected and mounted on linen, folded over to bind edges. Each sheet has a printed paper label to verso, numbered from 1 to 8 and listing the main towns on each sheet in differing typefaces. Sheet Nos:- 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and title sheet. Some slight offsetting on title sheet, otherwise a clean set, contained in a contemporary box in the form of a book, full morocco, gilt lines, gilt arms of the 'Ordnance' on front of lower portion of box, corners slightly bumped. Published 11th October, 1809 by Lt. Col. Mudge, Tower. £875.00
    The sheets all correspond to Margary state one, having the borders which enable it to be fitted together to form a composite map.

  49. Roscoe (Henry) and Rushton (Edward) MUNICIPAL CORPORATION INQUIRY. Borough of TIVERTON. 7pp, 4to, single folded sheet, first and last leaf dusty. T. Parkhouse, Tiverton: 1834. £20.00
    Gives details of the organisation of town including accounts, population, acreage, employment, etc. Includes a list names, and professions, of Burgesses, and their assistants.

  50. Sidmouth PROBATE Certificate granting administration of the goods of Joan Fling, deceased, of Sidmouth, to her sister Hester Bird. Folio sheet folded in half and written on one side, large impressed seal of Archdeaconry of Exeter. signed by Robert Wright, Surrogate. 1768. £16.00

  51. Southern Railway PHOTOGRAPH of the railway engine 'Seaton'. Glossy black and white print with the stamp and number of the Southern Railway on verso, with the date June '46, and the number A5348. Size 6" x 8". 1946. £12.00

  52. St. Peter's Church, Tiverton COLLECTION OF PRINTED ITEMS concerning the fund raising, restoration and finances of St. Peter's Church. 26 items of various sizes. Including:- (i) Printed letter, to the Inhabitants of Tiverton, concerning the state of the church which 'has been allowed to fall into comparative decay.' November 6th, 1852. (ii) ST. PETER'S CHURCH, TIVERTON. An Abstract of the Report Of Mr Edward, Ashworth, Architect. On the state of the Tower and South Aisle.... read before the Committee for the Restoration of the Fabric, November the 17th 1852. 3pp, small hole through both leaves, affecting a few letters. Parkhouse, Printer, Tiverton, 1852. (iii) OFFICE TO BE USED IN LAYING THE CHIEF CORNER STONE, OF THE CHURCH OF SAINT PETER, in the Ancient Borough of Tiverton, On Wednesday, August 24, 1853. 5pp. Dunn, Printer, Tiverton: 1853. (iv) TIVERTON BAZAAR. For the Sale of Fancy, Ornamental and Useful Articles, In Aid of the Restoration of St. Peter's Church. Single sheet, printed on both sides. Dunn, Printer, Tiverton: n.d. (v) TIVERTON CHURCH AND CHANCEL RESTORATION. 4pp, folio, signs where once folded, includes a list of over 200 contributors with their donations. Dunn, Printer, Tiverton: n.d. (vi) SERVICES ON THE OCCASION of the Re-Opening St. Peter's Church, Tiverton, Thursday, 26th June, 1856. 8pp. Printed and Published by T. Parkhouse, Tiverton: 1856. (v) THE RE-OPENING OF THE ORGAN of St. Peter's Church, Tiverton. 25th November, 1869. 8pp, original wraps. Parkhouse, Tiverton: 1869. The rest of the items are mainly single sheets, of various sizes concerning fund raising, the opening of the church, as well as details of the debt and the expenses into the 1880's. Various printed dates, 1852-1881. £60.00

  53. Theatre Royal, Plymouth AN ORIGINAL EPILOGUE Written for the Battle of the Alma, Will be Spoken by Mr. C.R. Warde... in the Character of 'Time, The Only True Historian'. Single sheet, 4to, woodcut border, printed in double columns on one side. Title in decorative lettering. c1856. £45.00
    'Let 'em come! lion spirits still remain/Like rocks of steel, on Inkerman's dread plain.'

  54. Tiverton Magistrates A RETURN OF THE NAMES, PROFESSIONS, AND TRADES OF THE MEMBERS OF THE CORPORATION OF TIVERTON, WHO BY VIRTUE OF THEIR ELECTION TO CORPORATE OFFICES HAVE BECOME MAGISTRATES.... Fred. O. Patch, Town Clerk. Single sheet, printed on one side only, slightly dusty, few short tears to edges. Lists 60 magistrates, for the years from 1813-1832. 6th April, 1833. £22.00

  55. Wembworthy LEASE of a messuage in Wembworthy with closes of land called Hayes, Mill Down, Lamma Crofts, etc., John Glynn of Glynn in Cornwall, to Mary Saunders of Wembworthy and Josias Downe of Winkleigh. Vellum, size 17" x 23", signed by Glynn with wax seal, witnessed on verso. 1779. £22.00
    Stipulates the payment of a 'best beast' as a heriot, refers to Fireboot, Ploughboot, etc.

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  56. Netherbury PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Copyhold Estate in the Parish of Netherbury, which will be Sold by Auction by Mr. F. Pittis, at the White Hart Inn, Beaminster... 24th day of November, 1830. 3pp., small folio, plus docket title, folded. With schedule of the fields, orchards etc. The purchase price, £3843.5s.0d, has been added in ink. 1830. £40.00
    The estate was called 'Perry's and Ford's', occupied by John Galpin, with a dwelling house and three cottages.

  57. Uplyme road AN ACT for continuing for Twenty-one Years.... An Act.... for repairing several Roads... leading to and through the Borough of Lyme Regis and from the Turnpike Road on Uplyme Hill to the Turnpike Road at Three Ashes in Crewkerne... 3pp, sm. folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1800. £10.00

  58. Wareham LICENCE to assign land at Pound Lane, John Calcraft of Rempstone Hall to Samuel Townsend of Wareham. 1p., sm. folio. 1843. £10.00

  59. Wimbourne PLAN OF WIMBOURNE MINSTER copper engraved plan, covering the town from Walford Mill to Deans Court. Size 13" x 10", clipped to edge on left side. With Reference table giving index to buildings. Small compass rose with face of sun. n.d. late 18th century. £8.00
    Appears to have been taken from a book.

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  60. Eighton Moor Colliery, Lamesley IN THE KING'S BENCH Between Ralph Grey, Plaintiff and John Hunter, James Lawton and George Green, Defendants. Brief for the Defendants. The Plaintiff declares that on the 1st of January 1781 he was possessed at Darlington... of Twenty Thousand Ton weight of Coals of the value of £2000... he casually lost the same and they came into the possession of the Defendants... intending to Defraud him and... converted the same to their own use. Plea Not Guilty. Manuscript on 20 pages, folded, each page measuring 18" x 13". Headings in larger 'Gothic' script. The defendants worked the Colliery under lease from Lord Ravensworth. c1781. £80.00
    Draft copy with some amendments. Gives names of witnesses to be called, and details of many leases, dating back to 1623, including the lease on which the Plaintiff founded his claim, being a lease of Eighton Moor from the Bishop of Durham, 1773. At the end of this document is a lawyer's response dealing with a dispute about whether Eighton was in the parish of Lamesley not Chester, and whether Lamesley was a parish or a Chapelry (quoting figures for baptisms etc. from the parish books).

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  61. Chingford reservoirs IN PARLIAMENT. EAST LONDON WATER Plans and Sections Session 1900. William B. Bryan, M. Inst. C.E., Engineer. Four lithographed sheets, size 22" x 30", plus title page with 'Explanation'. Sewn into pale green wraps, with large printed title in decorative typefaces, morocco spine, morocco split down spine (sewing sound). Comprises (i) Plan of intended reservoirs between Chingfield and Edmonton. Scale 6" to a mile. Intended reservoirs handcoloured. Shows river Lea, lines of conduits, diversion of river, railway, buildings, Ponders End Station, roads, proposed cuts, etc. (ii) Six enlargements at 25" to a mile of specific points on plan. 9" repaired tear at right hand edge reaching into one enlargement. (iii) Sections. 2 small edge tears. (iv) Plan of Road Diversion, 6" to a mile, One enlargement & 3 sections below. 1" tear at edge. Waterlow & Sons. 1900. £95.00

  62. Stisted A BILL OF CARPENTERS WORK done to the houses belonging to Mr. Hurrill at Borehampton... by order of Wm. Coote of Braintree.... To Thos. Smith... Large folio sheet listing prices for wood nails, labour etc. 33 items listed. Includes lengths of wood ('4ft of Elm board for Carter's back door'), clasp and clout nails, etc. Signed by Smith. Clipped at top, there may have been another bill above this on a longer sheet. July 1804. £16.00

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  63. Almondsbury AGREEMENT to build Bridge and execute Works, The Bristol South Wales & Southampton Union Railway Company and Robert Cann Lippincott. Vellum sheet, 21" x 27". Refers to the Bill 'for the purpose of making a Railway from the City of Bristol to an ancient Ferry in the parish of Henbury called the New Passage Ferry...' 'with a Steam Ferry across the River Severn'. Lippincott had petitioned against the Bill but withdrew his objection with this agreement on the building of the bridge. Sets out 8 stipulations. Attached is a measured drawing on waxed cotton, size 18" x 13", with two plain and one coloured section, this last showing the level of rails, road, evergreen shrubs either side. 1857. £40.00

  64. Campden OBLIGATION BOND of Sir Baptist Hickes, Baronet, to Thomas Calcott, of Barrow, Cottesmore, Rutland, for £700. In English, with preamble in Latin, 20 lines on vellum size 8" x 9", remains of wax seal on tag. Signed by Hicks and two witnesses, receipted for payment on verso. A 2" cut has been made with sharp knife in vellum, without any loss. 1620. £30.00

  65. Chipping Sodbury POSTER advertising the auction sale by Moses Smith & Sons of properties in Horse Street and Broad St., and a cottage and dwelling house in Old Sodbury... May 30th 1901. Printed in heavy black type, size 35" x 22", folds. Some off-setting of type. Printed by Bristol Times & Mirror Ltd., 1901. £18.00

  66. Clay Pitts, Stone, Berkeley, Dursley, Wotton, Stroud, and Sodbury Roads AN ACT for continuing the Term and altering the Powers of an Act.... for amending the Road from the Nine Mile Stone on the Bristol Road, at or near a Place called The Clay Pitts, to or near Berkeley, Dursley, Wotton-under-edge, Stroud and Sodbury, and several other Roads.... 10pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1800. £12.00

  67. Elberton, Aust, Olveston ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP scale 6" to 1 mile. Composite map, prepared for the Cann Lippincott Sale of 1911. Size 24" x 30", dissected and mounted in linen, folding into green cloth 8vo endpapers, with manuscript label pasted on front endpaper. Lands have been shaded in different colours of wash, and each field numbered in red and in black. 1911. £22.00

  68. Elberton, Littleton, Aust PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Properties forming the Northern portion of the Over Court Estates.... consisting of about 1239 Acres.... which will be Sold by Auction... 21st day of June, 1917. 16pp., folio, plus 3 pages of photographs, two per page. Key map at front, and one only (of 2) folding maps in pocket at rear. Original wraps, split down spine, many pages loose, paper rather browned and brittle. 1917. £25.00
    Includes Camp Farm, Haywood Far, Mumbleys Farm, Elberton Court Farm, Jemmys Farm, Cote Farm, Manor Farm.

  69. Holmes (Marcus), artist WICK near Bristol. Two pencil drawings on paper, both 11" x 14", pasted on card. One showing man, woman and child on a bridge over a stream surrounded by trees, the other shows a view along a river with rocky banks, a man fishing in the distance. Both views completely fill the paper. Each signed, dated and titled in the lower corners. Few brown marks to first image. 2 items. 1840. £40.00
    The Braikenridge collection, in the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, contains some of Holmes' works. The River Boyd at Wick was famously cited in the poem 'The Secrets of Angling', 1613, by John Dennys of Pucklechurch.

  70. Kingweston, Frampton Cotterell etc. INDENTURE TRIPARTITE Between Humfrey Hooke of Bristol, William Haberfield and Richard Hawkins of Middlesex, Francis Poulett of Hinton St. George, Somerset, and Hugh Smith of Long Ashton, Somerset. Relates to the bargain and sale to Haberfield and Hawkins of the Manors of Kingweston, Lawrence Weston, Elberton, Frampton Cottterell, Redwick, in Gloucestershire, and the Manor of Midsomer Norton in Somerset, together with all messuages tenements, cottages mills, pastures... woods... fishings... liberties... 49 lines in English, on vellum, size 23" x 23". Very large calligraphic initial letter 'T'. Not signed, but with a list of signatories and witnesses in the last lines, and a note in Latin at the end. This is presumably a contemporary copy of the signed indenture. Some slight rubbing of ink at horizontal folds. 1660. £75.00
    Refers to a Recovery with double vouchers to be made at the Court of Common Pleas. Humfrey Hooke is described as the grandchild of Humfrey Hooke of Bristol, deceased (presumably the Hooke who had been a wealthy merchant in Bristol, but whose executors had to sell his estate to pay off his debts at his death in 1658).

  71. Littleton upon Severn CONVEYANCE in trust for Sale of Hereditaments situate in the parish of Littleton upon Severn, Mrs. Mary Jones and others to Messrs. Willm. Taylor and others. 3 vellum sheets, size 22" x 28", signed by 18 parties with wax seals. 1867. £18.00
    Gives a list of lands, including cottage in Littleton Street, two tynings in the North Field, land formerly that of Thomas Pritchard, close called New Tyning etc.

  72. Maismore AN ACT for rebuilding the Bridge over the River Severn, at Maismore, near the City of Gloucester; for raising, widening, and securing Over's Causeway.... and for enforcing the proper paving and cleansing of the several Streets within the said City.... Black Letter. Cover leaf + 42pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1777. £18.00

  73. Manor of Hempton and Patchway MAP OF ENCROACHMENTS ON THE MANOR OF HEMPTON AND PATCHWAY in the Parish of Almondsbury 1862. Manuscript map in ink and colour wash, on paper backed with linen. Size 26" x 66". Scale 3" = 5 chains. Shows numerous plots shaded in different colours, at Woodlands Green and Patchway Green, and along a road which bisects the road to Gloucester at the Patchway Inn. There is a large Reference Table with key to the 62 plots, giving Occupier, Acknowledgement and Quantity. There is an inset map 'At Almondsbury Hill' on the left, showing one plot, and Manor Stones. There is a key to the colours for the different types of encroachments (e.g. held on lease for lives), and symbol for trees along the turnpike road which belong to the Lord of the Manor ('mainly elm'). Some traces of light foxing and lines of waterstaining, creases in paper and small tear in paper (not in linen) at the right edge. Copied from a map of 1854, corrected Nov. 1862. £85.00

  74. Olveston and Old Down PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Cottages, Gardens and Grazing Lands... at Olveston... for sale by Auction at the White Hart Inn... 4th July 1894, in 19 Lots. 5pp., folio, folded with docket title. Two large folding coloured plans. Docket title is dusty, and has some rubbing at folds, small repaired tear in one plan. Purchaser's names and hammer price of each lot entered in ink in margins. 1894. £36.00

  75. Olveston MANUSCRIPT MAP of Olveston Parish, entitled 'Map E referred to by the annexed Indenture. Olveston. (indenture not present). 1864. In ink and some colour on thin parchment, size 27" x 64", edges bound with green tape. Scale 1" = 6 chains. The village of Olveston is at the centre. Shows roads in buff (Bilsham Lane, Haw Lane, Catherine Hill etc.), various houses, plots and fields coloured green, numbered, many with the names of occupiers? or owners. Other plots uncoloured, but with name of owner. Covers area from 'The Holm' to Alveston Down. Tear 3" long bottom left in blank area, some creasing at right edge... together with... CONVEYANCE of the Manor of Olveston to the uses of the Will of Sir Henry Cann Lippincott, P. Llewellin and others to Sir Jon. Davis and others. 3 large vellum sheets. 1875... together with... EXCHANGE OF LANDS in the Parish of Olveston, Sir Henry Cann Lippincott and Richard Ward Thomas and others. 4 large vellum sheets. The last sheet has a brown stain over a large portion, affecting legibility of some lines, browning on verso of vellum. 1694. Three items. 1694-1875. £120.00
    A note under the scale bar says the map is copied from Tithe and Enclosure Maps with corrections 1864 by J. Jennings, Bristol. The properties shaded are presumably those of Lippincott.

  76. Olveston RELEASE IN FEE of 'all that the Manor of Olveston otherwise Olston... with the Rights Members and Appurtenances... together with... messuage wherein Walter George doth now dwell...' John Cook of Thornbury and Catherine his wife (late Catherine Mohun, only child of Richard Stafford of Marlwood) and others of the Mohun family, to James Cowles of Bristol, Merchant. Two vellum sheets, size 22" x 30", signed by 5 parties with armorial wax seals. Large engraved heading with portrait of George II. Witnessed on verso. Also on verso is a Receipt for the sum, signed by the various recipients. 1749. £45.00
    Gives a long list of various parcels of arable and pasture land, with their names. Cowles was to pay £1,087.10s.

  77. Westbury on Trym and Henbury parishes LEASE FOR A YEAR of a capital messuage known as Canford, lately purchased from the widow of Richard Lane, Alderman, and a messuage in Saltmarsh with various named closes.... Sir Thomas Cann to William Cann and Thomas Cowles. Vellum, size 15" x 24", three chipped wax seals, witnessed on verso. Someone at a later date has underlined a line of text relating to the fishing in ink and made a note in the margin. 1719. £45.00
    Names the closes of land with acreage, in Saltmarsh and Compton Greenfield. Includes the right of common for 92 sheep in Chilmead Wharth, for 20 sheep, one mare and colt, one goose and gander in the Common of Compton, and the 'wearestage or fishing stage in the River of Severn'. The lands were at one time held by Sir John Berkeley.

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  78. Gubbins (J), Newport, Published by SHANKLIN CHINE letter sheet with engraved vignette. 4to letter sheet, conjoint leaf, with vignette showing a small sailing boat lying at an angle on the beach, small house beyond, men in the surf holding nets, a few people looking on from the path, rocks and woods surrounding. Size of vignette 4" x 6". c1850. £10.00

  79. Portsmouth REPORT UPON THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY and Division into Wards of the Borough of Portsmouth. Plan and 4pp, disbound. 2 fully-coloured plans on one page, one scale 1" to 1 mile, one 4" to 1 mile. Offsetting on page 1 of text. (1837) £20.00

  80. Ryde Isle of Wight AUCTION POSTER. Messrs. Wallis, Riddett & Down have received instructions to sell by Auction Villa Residence, known as "Sussex Lodge".... at the corner of Melville Street and Dover Street, Ryde.... Size 30" x 20" 1894. £17.00
    'Within a few minutes' walk of the Sea, the Esplanade Gardens and the Pier...' Lists the rooms in the house, stables, etc.

  81. Shedfield PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold properties situate at Shedfield in the parish of Droxford comprising Three Brick-Built and Slated Cottages, one Acre of Meadow Land, Three Acres of Arable land, which will be offered by Public Auction.... Botley, March 4th, 1878. 3pp., folio, folded. 1878. £14.00

  82. Upham AUCTION SALE PARTICULARS of Freehold Residential Property known as 'Upham House', Upham, Charming Old Georgian House Facing the South... stabling for 4 horses... beautiful old Pleasure Grounds... 6 Cottages... for sale by auction.. 9th July, 1930. 10pp., 4to, printed on thick grey paper, stiff wraps with photograph of house, 5 tipped-in photographs in text, plan at rear. 1930. £16.00

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  83. Eaton Bishop NOTICE OF SALE BY AUCTION The Valuable Freehold Estate Known as Lower Eaton, with the Gardens, Pleasure Grounds and Fishpool, situate in the Parish of Eaton Bishop, on the Banks of the Beautiful River Wye, Opposite Brenton Ferry, also the Lane Head Farm.... Poster, size 17" x 23", folds. 1854. £24.00

  84. Marden and Much Cowarne PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Agricultural Properties comprising the outlying portions of 'Amberley Court' Farm, 'Green Barn, Farm and a small pasture orchard adjoining, in Much Cowarne... to be offered for Sale by Auction.... 27th October, 1920. 6pp., small folio. Large folding plan. 1920. £18.00

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  85. Hitchin TO THE REVEREND JOHN FRANCIS STUART Reverend and Dear Sir, Considering the Parish of Hitchin to be deeply indebted to you... we the undersigned Inhabitants feel called on... to acknowledge our sense of obligation... Illuminated address on vellum, presented to the Reverend Stuart on his leaving the parish, 1857. 21 lines of text on a roll with a wooden stretcher at the top, rolling with a spring onto a roller fitted in a wooden box with a hinged lid. Size of address approx. 20" x 13". Over a hundred names of parishioners at the bottom. Very finely illuminated, with lavish use of gold. Decorative border in colours and gold down the sides, some headings in the text (which is in cursive) in illuminated 'Gothic' script, and a large illuminated heading with angels either side, and much floral decoration, the initials of the Reverend's name in gold squares filled with roses, peonies etc. Explains how he had founded National Schools, and initiated services at Preston and Langley. Hitchin 1st March 1857. £120.00
    A very fine example of Victorian illumination. This was obviously a rather wealthy parish. A photographic portrait of Stuart is held by the National Portrait Gallery.

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  86. Canterbury LETTER to Mrs. Brydges, Canterbury, Kent, from Elizabeth Patrick. Dated Saturday Oct. 13 1792. 2p., 4to, 37 lines in a neat hand, conjoint leaf with address, black wax seal, and black postmark on verso. 1792. £50.00
    Says she's glad to hear her daughter is as well as can be expected in the circumstances but thinks it best if she and the children do not come to stay with her as 'it would be too much for her weak spirit... the Hooping cough is still very much about and a fever among the children... I am much obliged to you and Mrs Branfill for the copy of my Dr. Son's will, he could not do too much for so good a Wife'. There is a strange postcript about not sending dogs to India 'for fear of Madness'. The son referred to is probably Champion Branfill, who had married Charlotte Brydges and died in 1792. The writer had married Matthew Patrick.

  87. Herne AN ACT for paving, cleansing, lighting watching, repairing and improving a certain Portion of the Parish of Herne... 69pp., small folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. First page dusty. 1833. £17.00

  88. Lewisham ASSIGNMENT of the a house and a piece of land between the London-Lewisham Road and the Tunbridge-Dartford Railway, James Kent to William Giddins. Vellum, 22" x 28", 2 wax seals. Small coloured plan in margin. 1867. £12.00

  89. Navigation MANUAL FOR NAVIGATION OFF THE KENT COAST Manuscript of 8 double pages. Presumably for the use of pilots or helmsmen, or to be used as a training manual for those learning the craft. The format consists of questions on the left page, with answers on the right page. The first section is 'Directions from Dover Road through the Downs over the Flats up to the Hope Point', and the second 'Directions from the North Foreland Round the Longsand head & up the Sevin'. Each question and answer has a ruled line under it. Approx. 17 questions per page, written in a large clear hand. Sewn into plain brown wraps, size 12" x 8", with ink note on top wrap 'To Mr George Towers at Mr Towers Mr Alendans(?) at Chatham.'. First few leaves and wrap loose, and slightly brittle at edges. Some waterstaining down edges, but text always clear. 'Finis' written at end. c1800. £160.00
    Typical questions are: 'In turning into the Downs to what Depth will you stand off to the Godwin' - (answer): 'Stand off to the Godwin to 14 or 15 fathom Watter'. 'Whats the thawrt mark for the No. Sand head' - (answer) 'St. Peter's church on Broad Stair Pier Head at bearing WNW.' 'What's the course from the Narrows by the Spainard Buoy' - (answer) 'NW or NWBN according to Wind and Tide'

  90. Snave and Brenzett PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Desirable Freehold Property Comprising A Brick and Tiled Dwelling House, Stable... eleven Enclosures of Excellent Pasture Land... For Sale by Auction... 28th day of June, 1904. 2p., folio, plus 1p. conditions of sale, folding coloured plan. Creases, map and pages with repaired tear at old fold, title very dusty at edges. 1904. £20.00

  91. Woolwich AN ACT to enable Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson Baronet to grant the Site of a Church for 'The District of St. Thomas, Woolwich'... 14pp., small folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1807. £8.00

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  92. Bacon's MAP OF MANCHESTER Corrected to the Present Time. Divided into Half mile Squares and Circles. Size approx 12" x 18", single fold at centre, printed in 3 colours. Scale 5" to 1 mile. Small tear at centre, repaired on verso. c1885. £20.00
    With street index printed down sides.

  93. Clayton le Moors CERTIFICATE OF ADMINISTRATION of Henry Leeming late of Enfield in the parish of Clayton le Moors, Farm Servant. Printed on vellum with manuscript inserts, very large papered seal of the Court of Probate Lancaster Registry. Size 11" x 10", folded. 1862. £8.00

  94. General Strike LIVERPOOL EXPRESS BULLETIN May 8th, 1926. Single sheet, broadsheet size, printed on one side only. Folded, hole 1" diameter where folds meet at centre, with loss of some text. 1926. £10.00
    'More Specials Wanted', 'Union Leaders Suspended'.

  95. Liverpool and Lancaster Merchants AN ACT for enabling His Majesty to direct the Issue of Exchequer Bills to a limited Amount... for the Relief of the Merchants of Liverpool and Lancaster. 9pp, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. 1799. £12.00

  96. Salford PLAN OF SHUTTLE MINE Agecroft Colliery. 1889. Manuscript plan, scale 1" = 5 chains, on thick paper backed with linen, size 22" x 21". In ink and colours. Shows River Trent, canal, roads, railway, Agecroft Print Works, and underground workings shaded in five different colours. 1889. £35.00
    Agecroft Colliery was re-opened briefly in the 1950's.

  97. Seacombe PROSPECTUS for a Smelting and Lead Company, at the Seacombe Works, Liverpool. Capital £20,000 in 200 Shares of £100 each. 2pp., folio, blank conjoint leaf. Top corners worn, a few small edge tears repaired with document tape, traces of folds. c1850. £38.00
    The works contain 'three furnaces saturated with lead, four refineries for separating the silver... the machinery consists of a crushing mill, a complete apparatus for drawing lead pipes... a rolling mill... steam engine of 30 horses power...' Emphasises savings to be made by bringing the ores by sea, mentioning ores from Scotland, Cumberland, South Wales, Cornwall and Devon.

  98. Wigan PEMBERTON FIVE FEET MINE Ince Hall Moss Colliery. John Walmesley, Esq., Lessor. Manuscript plan in ink and wash colour on waxed cotton, size 28" x 38", scale 3 chains to an inch. Together with a basic 1936 plan of workings in Ince 4 Feet Mine, Mains Colliery. 2 items. c1900 and 1934. £30.00
    The earlier plan indicates pillar of coal left ungotten, coal gotten, closed workings, dates coal was worked up to the pillar permanently left marked in red ink (1870-1882.). Shows railways, pits with numbers, inclination, etc.

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  99. Bottesford A TERRIER(?) OF CERTAIN LANDS meadow... pastures Sold by Robert Dadsley of Bottesford in the county of Leicester freeholder, unto Daniel Fowler of the same town and county, husbandman, made the vith day of July in the year of our lord god 1590 there being witnesses whose names are underwritten... List of lands on three sheets of paper sewn together making a long sheet size 27" x 8". Twenty listings of small pieces of land, under the headings 'Item', divided into three sections, with totals at the end of each section, for example 'the landes in the oatie feilde doe contain ii acres'. For each piece of land the names of the holders of the land adjoining is given, e.g. 'Item. 1 land lying east and west upon brodelooke hill butting on the land in the tenure of Robert Chaloner Richard Greenam on the north the lord in the tenure of Robert Gibson...'. The names of 6 witnesses are at the end, each having signed with a mark. There are some interesting marks, one looking like a dagger, another like the sail of a boat. On the verso is written 'These writings concerns Wm. Dadsley's estate in Botsford wch. is mortgaged to Ro. Saywell of Wellingore'. 1590. £120.00

  100. Bottesford LEASE FOR NINETY-NINE YEARS of land in Bottesford, Margaret Dadsley of Bottesford to William Dadsley. Vellum, size 12" x 28", large decorative initial 'T', papered wax seal on tag. Signed with her mark by Margaret. 1682. £36.00

  101. Bottesford LEASE of lands 'in the liberties precincts and territories of Bottesford, William Dadsley of Skillington in Lincoln, husbandman to Richard Hollingworth of Allington, yeoman. Vellum, size 12" x 21", two wax seals, one with a lion, one with an anchor and a heart. 1705. £35.00

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  102. Allington SETTLEMENT of William Hollingworth of 15 selions of land in Allington on his son Richard's marriage with Ann Newber. Closely written on vellum, size 14" x 18", wax seal on tag. Some browning in bottom half of deed. 1648. £22.00

  103. Allington WILL of William Marriott of Allington, farmer, 1769. 2p., small folio. Copy of Probate Copy. Paper watermarked 1801. £14.00
    Bequeathes his properties in Allington.

  104. Bourn, Harlaxton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. 143. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 19" plus wide margins. O.S. blindstamp 1905. £17.00
    Covers Sproxton, Ropsley, Holywell.

  105. Long Bennington and Foston, Manor of THE VIEW OF FRANKPLEDGE with the Court Leet and Court Baron of Andrew Grote Esq. Lord of the Manor. Five documents, manuscript on vellum with Surrenders of tenants, 1747, 1750, 1769, 1805, 1808. Names are Winter, Harvey, Dring, Cragg. Size of documents range from 10" x 14" to 15" x 20". All with blue paper tax stamps... together with eight vellum Surrenders, with the same family names, at the Court Baron, 1745, 1765, 1770, and five of 1792. Size ranges from 10" x 14" to 16" x 22". 13 items in all. 1745 - 1808. £75.00

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  106. Bloomsbury, Holborn, Spitalfields etc. AN ACT to enable Her Majesty's Commissioners of Woods.... Works and Buildings to make additional Thoroughfares in the Metropolis 55pp., sm. folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1840. £18.00
    Includes a fourteen-page Schedule, with tables giving house number, street name, names of Freeholder, Leaseholder, Occupier. Comprises 'Oxford St. to Holborn', 'Long Acre to Charlotte St.', 'London Docks to Spitalfields Church'.

  107. Christ Church AN ACT for shutting up and discontinuing a certain Way or Passage called Old Paris Garden Lane situate in the Parish of Christ Church in the County of Surrey, and for selling and disposing of the Ground and Soil thereof. 3pp, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1817. £10.00

  108. Grosvenor Street LEASE of a room at 81 Grosvenor Street, previously used as a Counting House by Henry Earle, John Urell to Edward Gould. Large vellum sheet, two plain wax seals. 1867. £8.00

  109. Holborne LEASE FOR A YEAR From the Trustees &c to Mr Richard Dashwood. Two vellum sheets, size 24" x 26", plus one smaller sheet, seven wax seals on tags, engraved heading with coat of arms. Lease between Dame Margaret Dashwood of Red Lion Square, Holborne, and the various trustees of her late husband, making provision for Richard Dashwood, then a minor. 1697. £60.00
    With a long list of manors and properties in Lancashire, including rents issuing out of the Monastery of Cockerland, Manors of Westhaughton, Spotland, Kilbridgethorp, Moulton, Rectory of Crofton, Hart Mill, Sea Mill, New Mill, etc. Signed by Margaret Dashwood, Sir Gabriell Roberts, Sir Samuel Dashwood (who was Lord Mayor of London 1702-3), Joan Perry, Edward Noell.

  110. Johnston Brothers Ltd. THE JOHNSTON 'DOME' AND 'SUPERDOME' for heating and spraying tar and bitumen. Travels Fast, Heats Faster, Works Fastest. Advertising leaflet for boilers, long sheet folded to make 6 4to pages, printed in red and black, four photographs, details of dimensions etc. c1936. £10.00

  111. Princess's Theatre, Regent Street PLAYBILL Double playbill, size 19" x 19", folded in half vertically, with programme printed on two sides. Advertising programme for Wednesday March 13th, 1850. Main spectacles printed in large type-face. 9 small stab holes in margin. Fairbrother, Printer, Covent Garden. 1850. £30.00
    The programme included a scene from Bellini's 'La Sonnambula', the romantic opera 'Night Dancers' by Mr Loder, a new farce 'Hot and Cold', and the ballet 'The Three Statues'.

  112. Regent's Quadrant AN ACT to empower the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Woods to remove the Colonnade in the Regent's Quadrant. 10pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. Some light spotting on last few pages. 1848. £10.00

  113. Saint Sepulchre AN ACT for the better Relief and Employment of the Poor within that Part of the Parish of Saint Sepulchre... and for paving, cleansing.... regulating the Squares, Streets.... 83pp, disbound, short tear to cover leaf. Act of Parliament. 1772. £16.00

  114. St. John's Wood LEASE of house and premises on the north side of Belsize Road, the fifth House westwards of Albion Road, J. Standen, to John Morgan and John Henry Morgan, plasterers. Three large vellum sheets, wax seals. In the margin of the first sheet is an elevation of the three-storey house, and a plan, showing adjoining owners. 1852. £14.00
    The Morgans had recently built the house.

  115. Streatham CERTIFICATE OF ADMINISTRATION and probate copy of the will of John Flint of Queens Park Gardens. Printed certificate with manuscript inserts, probate copy of will on vellum attached, large papered seal. 1895. £10.00

  116. Walters (H.E), Old Kent Road SPECIAL NETT PRICE LIST for Wholesale Trade. H.E. Walters, Manufacturer of Oilskin Clothing, Oil-Dressed Cotton, Tarpaulin Canvas... 20pp., 8vo, with illustrations and prices. 1935. £10.00
    Includes Cabmen's and cyclists' capes, etc.

  117. Westminster AN ACT for impowering the Commissioners for putting in Execution the several Acts... for Paving, Cleaning and Lighting the Squares, Streets, and Lanes within the City of Westminster... to collect certain Tolls on Sundays, upon the several Roads.... 12pp., plus cover leaf. Black letter. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1765. £10.00

  118. Westminster BOND Matthews Beachcroft Esq., Merchant, to Brook Watson, Alderman, of London, and Robert Rashleigh of London, Merchant, Esqrs., for securing an annuity. On paper, 2p., sm. folio. Folded with docket title. Signed by Matthews Beachcroft, and Thos. Rashleigh, Hatton Gardens, with small wax seal. Relates to the imminent marriage of Beachcroft and Sarah Webber of Manchester Buildings, Westminster, stating that his heirs and executors should pay an annuity of £300 per annum to Sarah after his death. 1786. £25.00
    Sir Brook Watson (1735 - 1807), went to sea as a young man and lost his leg to a shark at Havana. He later became an M.P. for London, and Lord Mayor.

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  119. Monmouth RELEASE IN FEE of two tenements with smith's forge adjoining in St. Marys Street, in the occupation of Edward Cowmeadow, Gunsmith, to John Bulbrick of Wonastow. Vellum, size 23" x 29", 4 armorial wax seals. 1740. £26.00

  120. Wye Bridge PLANS AND SPECIFICATION OF WYE BRIDGE. SPECIFICATION. Points of Commencement and Termination... Spans... Waterway... Headway... Reproduced engineering drawing, size 26" x 38", plan showing Lydney and Chepstow sides with line of bridge, scale 100ft. = 2". At the bottom is a section showing river bed and bridge, top right a key plan showing bridge line across Beachey Peninsula. Gives detailed measurements of spans etc. c1960. £45.00

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  121. Blow Norton FINAL AGREEMENT between George Baker and John and Ann Glears regarding a messuage, two cottages, barn, gardens and orchards, and 28 acres of land in Blow Norton. Vellum, size x 8" x 16", printed in cursive with manuscript inserts. Blue paper tax stamp. 1824. £14.00

  122. Fuller's MAP OF NORWICH 1871. Lithographed map printed in black buff and blue. Size 10" x 18". Decorative border, six circular vignettes showing Pull's Ferry, Gatehouse to Bishop's Palace, Guildhall, Norwich Cathedral, Erpingham Gate, Norwich Castle. Traces of central vertical fold. 1871. £110.00

  123. Hevingham CASH BOOK headed 'Gurneys & Co. with George Gooch'. small 8vo cash book with double pages for credit and debit, vellum wraps with tuck-in flap. Starts with a credit of £7,000, and lists only surnames and amount paid to them. 1869-1877. £6.00
    Possibly Gurneys Bank in Norwich.

  124. Hockering PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Very Desirable Property situate at Hockering, Norfolk, which will be sold by Auction by Mr. Wilde, on Thursday, September 19th, 1849, at the Cock Inn... Sm. folio, 4pp. 1849. £12.00

  125. North Lynn, Gaywood & South Wootton PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Old Marsh & Pasture Land.... in three lots.... Charles Hawkins & Sons are instructed to Sell by Auction at the Globe Hotel, King's Lynn, on Tuesday, May 26th, 1942. Folio, 8pp, plan in pocket at rear, wraps, folded. 1942. £15.00

  126. Wreningham PARTICULAR AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Messuage, Cottage and Lands.... to be sold by Auction by Mr. Jno. Standley.... 4th day of December 1861. 3p., 4to, folded, two small edge tears neatly repaired. Re-inforced down spine with green paper. Attractive headings with decorative type faces. Sm. folio, 4pp., folded. 1861. £8.00

  127. Wymondham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Desirable Cottages, and Gardens situate in Wymondham, Morley St. Botolph, and Wicklewood in Norfolk... to be Sold by Auction... 26th Day of July, 1861. 5pp., 4to. Vertical fold. The headings to the lots are printed in attractive decorative type-faces. 1861. £15.00
    The 10 Lots comprise cottages and tenements in Rattle Row, Fairland Street, and near the church.

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  128. Blakesley, Maidford, Woodend PARTICULARS, PLANS, VIEWS and Conditions of Sale of Outlying Portions on The Wakefield Estate in the Parishes of Blakesley, Maidford, Woodend, Ashton, Roade, and Hartwell, Covering an area of 2120 Acres including Eight Farms, numerous small holdings and cottage properties, two woods... for Sale by Auction... 26th June 1913. 59pp. folio, printed boards, cloth spine. Boards slightly rubbed at corners. 6 large coloured folding plans in pocket at rear, plus key map. 5 photographic plates, two views to a plate. Front and back inner hinges weak, boards slightly stained With some small decorative vignettes at end of some sections. 1913. £65.00
    The Vendor was the Duke of Grafton.

  129. Brixworth PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Capital Freehold Estate situated at Brixworth, Six Miles from Northampton.... comprising Brixworth Hall A Spacious Stone Mansion, Coach House, Stabling, Gardens, Canals and Fish-Ponds.... One undivided Fifth Part of the Extensive Manor of Brixworth..... Which Will be Sold by Auction by Mr Devenish, at Garraway's Coffee House, Cornhill, London, Thursday April 2, 1801... 3pp., folio, folded. 1801. £38.00

  130. Walgrave, Old & Broughton PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Estates.... To Be Sold by Auction... 22nd June, 1860. 3pp., plus docket title, folds. Schedule. 1860. £22.00

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  131. Bourton on the Hill AN ACT for repairing the Road leading from Chappel on the Heath, in the County of Oxon. to the Quarry above Bourton on the Hill.... Cover leaf + 20pp, disbound, Act of Parliament, paper slightly darkened, held with staples. 1731. £18.00

  132. Littlemore, near Oxford CATALOGUE OF PART OF THE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing Plant, Useful Pony, 2 Fat Pigs, Quantity of Potatoes and various Effects, To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs T. Mallam and Son, On Friday Next, the 28th Day of September, 1855.... Poster, size 17" x 13", few folds. Printed by H. Cooke & Co, Oxford, 1855. £20.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

  133. Oxford ALBUM of photographs of Oxford. Home-made album, 4to, boards covered with plain brown paper, with initials of photographer and date 1905. 12 photographs size 3" x 4", mounted on 6 leaves of white paper, titles below the view in red ink. 1905. £24.00
    Views include Magdalen, Student's Delegacy, Queen's, The Broad, The Ashmolean. There are people, cyclists etc. in the views. This was the album of the Rev. Robert H.W. Barnes, presumably made when he was a student at Oxford.

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  134. Bath Abbey WEST VIEW OF BATH ABBEY CHURCH. Watercolour drawing. On paper, size 7" x 5", a fine very detailed drawing, titled as above in the lower margin. On the lower corner is written 'Britton's B.A.C'. This drawing would seem to be taken from a plate in John Britton's 'Bath Abbey Church', (the figures in the doorway are the same) but whereas the engraving shows the rest of the Abbey this shows only the front. n.d. c1830? £18.00

  135. Bath PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Business Premises.... 24 Union St., 2 Union Passage.... for Sale by Auction 4th September 1917. 3pp., folio, folded. 1917. £8.00

  136. Bishops Hull BISHOPS HULL CHURCH from E.N.E. Pencil drawing on thin card, 5" x 8", a fine, very detailed drawing showing the view across the churchyard with gravestones in the fore-ground, and a cottage to the right, titled as above and with the date on a tombstone. Ruled border. A few minute foxing spots in sky area. March 12 1851. £22.00

  137. Chard ACCOUNT OF THE PERSONAL ESTATE of late Mr Edward Baker, died 19 Feb. 1820. Manuscript, 2p., folio. Lists sums due to him on mortgage (for people at Chard, Hatch, Wincanton), due on bond, money lent without security, leasehold estates at Overland, Sea Mills, Chard, House and Tan Yard at Broadway, etc. Total due amounted to nearly £16,000. 1820. £8.00

  138. Churchill ABSTRACT OF TITLE of Emily Newton to several Closes of land at Churchill. 5p., folio. 1853. £14.00
    Details title from 1812. Includes Langford Field, Worthy Plot.

  139. Clevedon CLEVEDON VIEW Pencil drawing. Size 10" x 14", a well composed piece showing a track with a horse and cart moving away, farm buildings on the right, with trees behind. Dated Aug. '55 in lower right hand corner. 1855. £16.00

  140. Curtard (H.M)?, artist GLASTONBURY ABBEY RUINS. Watercolour 10" x 14", surrounded by, and pasted onto, an ivory mount, mount spotty. It shows a view with the Retreat House in the background, framed by the ruins, a man is sitting on the grass in the fore-ground and trees are growing to the side and inside the ruins. Some spotting to image. On the verso is a note in pencil:- 'H.M. Curtard. Yeovil artist. Somerset.' mid 19th century. £30.00

  141. Dundry Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Dundry... 14pp, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. 1815. £16.00

  142. East Lydford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP 6" to 1 mile, showing Wheathill, Lovington and East Lydford. Size 9" x 11", plus margins, mounted on linen, folding into stiff wraps. The area of Priory Farm has been coloured in green wash. c1930. £12.00

  143. Eden (Rev. John), artist WOODSPRING PRIORY. Watercolour, 9" x 13", showing an elevation of the Priory, with a trees and foliage in the foreground, and just the lower half of the tower, slight discolouration to right-hand margin. Signed and titled in pencil in the lower margin. mid 19th century. £24.00
    There was a Rev. John Eden who was a vicar at St. Nicholas and St. Leonards in the mid 19th century, and the Braikenridge collection, in the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, contains some works by John Eden.

  144. Elworthy Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Elworthy... 16pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1829. £16.00

  145. Godwin (C) A NEW AND CORRECT PLAN OF THE CITY OF BATH from a recent Survey. Copper engraved plan, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 18" x 21", scale 120 yds to 1". View of the Royal Crescent in bottom corner with title, city coat of arms in top left hand corner. Reference Table giving key to 22 buildings, lines show proposed diversion of river, and proposed canal from Bath to Bristol. Folding into small 4to card marbled paper slipcase, with original printed label on green paper, slipcase slightly rubbed at edges. Published By and For H. Godwin, Bookseller. Upper Corner of Milsom Street. New Edition 1816. £450.00
    Scarce. Extends from Sion House in the North to Upper Great Pulteney Street in the South, Lyncombe Lane in the West to American Buildings in the East.

  146. Greenwood (C & J) MAP OF SOMERSET Sheet VI only from the large-scale map. Size 26" x 24", fully hand-coloured. Scale bar and Explanation. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Tear at right hand edge into blank surface of map, 4" long, and another 1" tear at margin, both neatly repaired on verso. Bottom edge rather dusty. Publisher's imprint in top margin. 1822. £50.00
    This is the bottom right hand corner of the map, covering Glastonbury, Milborn Port, Yeovil, North Parret.

  147. Haselbury Plunknett HASELBURY CHURCH South View 1836. Ink and wash sketch 24cm x 34cm, a few short tears, one intruding into 'View' in the lower margin. Titled 'Haselbury Church South View 1836' in lower margin. 1836. £24.00

  148. Hillfarrance ASSIGNMENT of a dwelling house and pasture ground at Redbridge, James Jarman, thatcher, Hannah Wood, of Bishops Lydiard, his sister, and others, to Daniel Litherton. Vellum, size 19" x 28", wax seals. Signatures faded. Ink of text slightly faded but legible. 1717. £18.00

  149. Hunstrete Estate TIMBER SALE 700 Timber Trees to be Offered for Sale by Tender, Situate on the Hunstrete Estate.... comprising some Very Fine Ash, Oak & Elm Beech, S. Chestnut, Alder, Aspen and Walnut.... Sale leaflet, 3pp., 8vo, listing 4 Lots, with details of situation. December 1890. £9.00

  150. Ilminster COPY CONVEYANCE of 'The Bell Inn' in Ilminster, R. Allen and Revd. J. Coles to George Richards. 7pp folio, folded. Tear in margin of first leaf. 1871. £10.00

  151. Kewstoke Church FIVE VIEWS OF KEWSTOKE CHURCH. Five ink sketches on 2 sheets Each sheet 13" x 8". On one sheet is Floor Plan, Balustrade of Tower and South Door, on the other sheet is the 'North Side 1800' and the 'South Side 1800' of the church. 1800. £35.00

  152. Ling DRAWING showing a view down a narrow street. The church tower rising behind a cottage on the left, a row of thatched cottages on the right. Finely executed drawing, with good architectural detail on the church tower. On paper size 10" x 9". Titled in feint pencil bottom right 'Ling near Taunton Somerset'. n.d. c1840. £24.00

  153. Marston Magna ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXIV.15 Printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 25" to 1 mile. Folded. Second Edition 1903. £14.00
    Covers the whole of Marston Magna, Lambrook Bridge.

  154. Mere LEASE FOR A YEAR of various closes of lands in Mere called Barbara Lease, West Mead, Shalden, Park, turbary ground in Westhay Moor, etc., Mary How to Arthur Phippen of Westhay and Thomas Gidding of Cheddar. Vellum, size 15" x 20", signed by Mary How with wax seal. 1788. £18.00

  155. Newton Bridge NEWTON BRIDGE, BATH. Watercolour On paper size 8" x 12", mounted on thick card, ruled border. A view taken from the river bank, showing fields and countryside through the arch of the bridge, with 2 girls sitting near the bridge, and a covered cart being driven across the bridge. mid 19th century. £25.00
    The bridge was rebuilt in the late 18th century by William Armstrong of Bristol.

  156. North Cadbury PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of a Valuable Freehold Property consisting of a Public House called The New Inn and Land at Galhampton... Several Parcels of Rich Arable Land being the remaining portion of the Askew Estate... for sale by auction 14th August, 1877. 3pp., folio, plus docket title, folded. 1877. £16.00

  157. Perkins (Louisa B.) SOUTH EAST VIEW OF WELLS CATHEDRAL Watercolour drawing. On thin card, tipped into thin card home-made mount. A finely detailed and attractive drawing showing the the cathedral with a small pond in foreground tree on left partly framing view. Titled in bottom margin as above, monogram and date 1836 bottom left. A later hand has written 'Louisa B. Perkins 1836' on verso. 1836. £35.00

  158. Shapwick IN THE TURF MOOR, SHAPWICK. Watercolour. On thick paper size 11" x 13", tipped onto another sheet, showing workmen with a horse and cart stacking peat onto the cart, and several stacks of peat waiting to be loaded. Hills in the background. Titled in ink on the backing sheet, as above, and dated July 30/61. July 30th, 1861. £25.00

  159. Somerton PARTICULARS of the Charming and Compact Residential Property distinguished as Somerton Erleigh... Commodious Old House... with fine mantelpieces and ceilings of Adam design... 48 Acres... for Sale by Auction... 10th July, 1923... 7pp., folio, folding plan, four photographic views on two plates, and photo tipped onto front wrap. Vertical crease down centre, wraps faded and dusty. 1923. £17.00

  160. Somerton SOMERTON THE MAIN SQUARE, With Market Cross. Watercolour 10" x 14", on paper pasted onto card, showing a view across part of the square looking towards the church of St. Michaels and All Angels. The Market Cross is partly hidden with an early building which is still in the square, as is a building on the right of the picture and the building on the far side of the square. On verso is a good sepia watercolour of an Italian scene with a Roman arch. late 19th century. £20.00

  161. Stukeley (W) THE PROSPECT OF GLASENBURY ABBY Copper engraving. Showing the Tor, Abbots Lodging, Abbots Kitchen, Abbey, Edgar's chapel etc. Size 9" x 14", key to buildings along bottom margin. Traces of vertical central fold. 1723. £25.00
    From Stukeley's 'Itinerarium Curiosum'.

  162. Sweet's Hotel, Taunton CATALOGUE of the Modern & Substantial Household Furniture, 1000 oz. of Plate... and other Valuable Effects of Miss Sweet... Which will be Sold by Auction... on the Premises at Sweet's Hotel... 15th July... 27pp., 8vo., title on front wrap with a range of decorative type faces, sewn at edge. Traces of vertical fold, 6 leaves have a small hole at this fold in the bottom margin, on two pages this affects one letter. Verso of last page dusty. Barnicott, Printer. n.d. c1860. £12.00

  163. Taunton TWO LETTERHEADS one for Cabinet Manufactory, 64, East St., 1862. 8vo, decorative heading; the other for Hawkes & Son, Ironmongers, East St. 1917, heading showing lathe etc. 4to. 2 items. 1862 and 1917. £6.00

  164. Twerton-on-Avon PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold business premises on the main road at Twerton, for sale by auction... 29th April, 1901. 3pp., folio, folded with docket title and Memorandum on verso. 1901. £10.00
    Comprised Stanley House, Stanley Cottage, and Stables and Workshop.

  165. Uphill LEASE FOR A YEAR of five houses and land in Uphill, Robert Coles and William Parfitt of Wells to John Fisher. Vellum sheet, 15" x 23", 3 wax seals. 1832. £18.00
    Gives occupiers of the houses.

  166. Walter (R), artist SOUTH WALL & NORTH WALL OF THE CHANCEL STOKE SUB HAMDON. Two sepia watercolour views of the chancel. On paper, each sheet size 10" x 13". Titled and with the artist's name in lower margin. The views show the chancel before buttresses were installed. mid 19th century. £18.00
    The views do not show the top of the roof-line, and it's possible the top of the drawings have been slightly clipped.

  167. Wellington PROBATE COPY OF THE WILL of Elizabeth Lippincott, deceased, of Wellington. On vellum, size 24" x 24", with certificate of administration attached, lacking seal. Ink rubbed throughout, but legible. Name written at head in very large letters. Vellum crinkled in left margin, brown stain in bottom left corner. 1761. £40.00
    Leaves £100 to the Baptist Meeting of Wellington, to Elizabeth Lippincott 'my workt hankerchief and a pair of my workt Ruffles', and to her cousin Temperance Davey 'my workt Suit of cross Darning'. Also bequeathes her gold locket and five gold chains, silver spoons, a gold watch, and her tenement in Wellington called Woodforlong.

  168. Weston super Mare THREE DRAWINGS of the Church, 1800. Pen and ink drawings, each on paper size 8" x 13", titled 'North Side of the Church of Weston super Mare 1800' (inset detail of tower balustrade, scale bar of 1" = 10ft.); 'Plan of the Church... 1800', traces of folds, (with note 'The East window is stopped up', and small drawing of 'The Vestry Windows' bottom left); 'South Side of the Church... 1800'. 1800. £36.00

  169. Woodley (W), Printer and Publisher THE SOMERSET COUNTY GAZETTE Dorset Herald, Devon Courier and West of England Advertiser. Large broadsheet newspaper, four pages. March 19th 1853. £14.00
    Includes notices for Emigration to the United States, 'The Cosmo' from Bristol for New York, news from villages such as return of 'gold-digger' from Australia to Babcary, explosion at the Western Iron Mine, Luxborough, etc.

  170. Woodley (W), Publisher THE WESTERN NEWS and Farmers' Market Reporter. Taunton, Monday and Tuesday September 5 and 6. Broadsheet newspaper, 4p. Small vignettes of ships etc., in notices on front page, masthead with coat of arms. Folds. (1859). £14.00
    Contains local and national news. Includes reports of a man attempting to sell his wife at Dudley, theft of 29 pairs of boots and shoes at Weston super Mare, etc.

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  171. Greenwood (C. & J) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF STAFFORD. From an Actual Survey Made in the Years 1818 & 1819. Corrected to the Present Period & Published Feby. 24th 1830. Josiah Neele, sc. Hand-coloured, size 23" x 28", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, edged with silk tape, folding to 8vo, marbled endpapers, small stamp with name of library to lower corner. With fine large vignette view of Lichfield Cathedral. Published by Greenwood & Co. London: 1830. £70.00

  172. Tunstall, Cheadle GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. LXXII.N.W. Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 13" x 15", plus wide margins, key in left-hand margin. Slightly dusty. Railways inserted to 1890, O.S. blindstamp 1901. £28.00

  173. Wetton PARTICULARS OF SALE AND PLAN of Valuable Freehold Farms Which Will be Sold by Auction... At the Light Railway Hotel, Hulme End... 21st day of June, 1906. 2pp., small folio, large folding coloured plan. 1906. £14.00
    The farms were known as Cantrills and Leys.

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  174. Adams (George Edward) BARDWELL, COUNTY SUFFOLK Monuments, extracts from Parish Registers &c all relating to Bardwell Co. Suffolk, made Febr. 1852 by me George Edw. Adams B.A. Notebook, 45p., 4to, marbled wraps, no blank leaves. Contains lists of burials, confirmations, marriages, burials in woollen, from the parish registers, transcriptions and descriptions of monumental slabs, tombs, in the church of St. Peter and Paul, including some basic sketches. 1852. £70.00
    On one page there is a small printed cutting from 'Willis Current Notes' for June 1854 about a Greek inscription at Bardwell, by G.E. Adams.

  175. Chassereau (Peter) A PLAN OF THE LAND SITUATED IN THE PARISHES OF STOKE, Sproughton, Washbrook and Belsteed near Ipswich in the County of Suffolk pursuant to the Will of Sr. John Fenner Knt. bearing date the 15th day of November 1633 for the Uses therein Mentioned and Bequeathed to the Ten Parishes following viz. Sepulchres, Giles Cripplegate.... Surveyed in the year 1745 by Order of the several Gentlemen appointed by the respective Parishes for that Purpose, and in the presence of Thomas Quarrill Esq., William Pyrke... by Peter Chassereau, Architect and Surveyor. J. Mynde sculpt. Printed plan size 17" x 22", hand coloured. Scale bar in monumental cartouche, (scale approx. 20 chain = 3 inches), large scroll top left with title as above, bottom left is another scroll with 'References' listing 18 plots such as 'Hop Yard', 'Horse Brass Meadow' etc., with acreages, and total. Bottom right is a seated classical figure with trees and an urn, accompanied by two cherubs, handing bibles to small children. Fields coloured according to cultivation, small trees etc. for wooded areas, small bushes for hedgerows. Paper watermarked 1808. £260.00
    Sir John Fenner's will of 1633 required his executors to purchase lands, the rent to be laid out every Easter in buying bibles for the poor in ten parishes in London.

  176. Henstead Estate, Wrentham PARTICULARS of the Henstead Estate, and Henstead Hall Mansion, Manors of Henstead, and Henstead per Pounds and Poynings.... Sundry Contiguous Farms, Forming together one of the most desirable and complete Estates in the County; The Property of Charles Barclay, Esq. M.P... which will be Sold by Auction.... 20th June, 1828.... 5pp., sm. folio, plus docket title, folded... together with... BILL of C. Carter, Bricklayer, Plasterer and Slater, Hulver, to Col. Bagot Chester, Henstead Hall, for work done at the Hall, 1876. 9p., folio, sewn, printed headings. 2 items. 1828. £48.00
    Contains a brief description of the Mansion, with sizes of different rooms, 'a Vinery 40 feet by 14 feet', gamekeeper's cottage and school, etc., and a few lines on each of the farms, with tenant, acreage, details of leases etc.

  177. Ipswich, Lowestoft ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 25. Size 19" x 28", plus margins, scale half an inch to 1 mile, printed black and blue, rivers and sea in blue. 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Published 1913. Corrections in 1933. £12.00

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  178. Balham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Building Land having frontages to Balham Hill Road and Endlesham and Ramsden Roads, The New Roads Leading Therefrom, within a few minutes' walk of the Balham & Clapham Junction Railway Stations, for Sale by Auction... 12th May, 1871. 5pp., folio, plus docket title, folded. 1871. £16.00

  179. Godalming FINE relating to two messuages, two gardens, two barns and two orchards in Godalming, George Hedger to John Underwood and others. Vellum, 8" x 20", folds. 1766. £18.00

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  180. Battle ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS Plan and Conditions of Sale of Loose Farm... Modern House, terrace of five cottages... for Sale by Auction... 24th July, 1961. 18pp., 4to, wraps, folding plan, 9 photographic views on 3 plates. 1961. £18.00

  181. Brighton PROBATE COPY of the Will of Anne Partington of Brighton, Spinster. Vellum, size 15" x 17", large papered seal, cracked. Outside very duststained. 1863. £12.00

  182. Sheriffs LETTER OF ATTORNEY for receiving patent money, John Burges, Sheriff of Sussex to James Parke and John Ellis, attornies. Manuscript, 25 lines, folio, signed by Burges and two witnesses with fine large wax seal showing a sheaf of corn. Slight trace of tear from bottom edge. 1766. £30.00
    The attornies were authorised to receive ninety pounds and five shilling, payment to him from the Exchequer.

  183. Whatlington and Mountfield PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF..... FREEHOLD ESTATE together with Home Place and Dorrels and Hoath Farms, Whatlington and Mountfield.... comprising 206a. 1r. 23p.... A Gentlemen's Superior Residence.... first rate Stabling, Modern Farmhouse, Five Cottages.... To be Sold by Auction by Nicholas, Denyer & Co at the Mart, Tokenhouse Yard, London, on Friday, June 10th, 1904. Large coloured folding plan, 2 photographic illusts, 7pp, original printed wraps, fold. 1904. £25.00

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  184. Bartholomew (J) PLAN OF BIRMINGHAM scale 1" = half a mile. Hand-coloured plan, size 9" x 12", mounted in cream heavy card mount. Traces of central fold. c1880. £18.00

  185. Birmingham VIEW OF ASTON FLINT GLASS WORKS Two mezzotint views on one sheet, each view size 5" x 9", plus margins, the two views printed from one plate, one below the other, overall size of paper 19" x 14", folded horizontally making a crease between the two plates. No imprint or title of any kind. c1800. £120.00
    The top view shows the works with a Regency facade, a pavement in front with elegant figures strolling and talking in doorway, the smoking cone behind, open countryside on the left with a house among trees in the distance. The lower view shows the canal in the foreground with barges and horse towing, the cone and works, with smoking chimneys, on the opposite bank, with figures working unloading barges. The two views present an interesting contrast.

  186. Coventry THE HARRIS BICYCLE Made as Perfect As A Gun... Ridden by the Elite. Advertising leaflet, printed in black and red with photographic illustrations, with lady riders in long skirts and large hats, view of the works, with 'contented workmen' etc. Lists different models with prices. Sheet 23" x 9", folding to a 4to 6-page leaflet. c1900. £25.00
    'Weighty Men need fear no longer. This Bicycle will carry a 20-stone Man...'

  187. Kenilworth PENCIL DRAWING Size 11" x 15", on thick paper, showing ruins with lane leading through gate, surrounded by trees, titled in bottom corner 'part of Kenilworth Castle'. n.d. c1860. £25.00
    Very well drawn, with the drawing taking up most of the paper.

  188. Stratford upon Avon and Midland Junction Rly. PILOTMAN'S TICKET 'Shakespeare Route'. To be used in accordance with Rule 25... To the Guard and Engine-driver. You are authorised to proceed from... Printed on white card, size 3" x 4", instructions that it is to be given by the driver to person in charge of the station to which he is ordered to proceed on verso. c1910? £9.00
    Name of railway in decorative 'Gothic' type script. The railway took the name in 1909 and became part of the LMS in 1923.

  189. Stratford-on-Avon ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS and Plan of the Freehold Residential Estate known as Oxstall Farm, Warwick Road... Farm Residence, Agricultural Premises, Two well-built Cottages... for Sale by Public Auction... July 25th, 1941... 13pp., 4to, original wraps, photographs in text, coloured folding plan. 1941. £26.00
    'Nearly a Mile of Beautiful River Frontage... The river Avon has along this farm's frontage a Gravel bottom....'

  190. Walker (J & C) WARWICKSHIRE Engraved fully hand-coloured map, showing Parliamentary Boundaries, distance of towns from London, railways. Size 16" x 13". 1839. £24.00

  191. Westley (W) THE PLAN OF BIRMINGHAM Survey'd in the Year 1731. Reprint. Size 17" x 20", central fold, and traces of other folds. Backed with Japanese tissue. 4" tear in paper, but not tissue. n.d. Appears to have come from a book. Possibly late 19th or early 20th century. £14.00

  192. Yardley AN ACCOUNT OF THE RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS of Mr. William Steen in the matter of John Cottrell's Charity for the year Ending Easter 1858... Small folio ledger, original boards with morocco label with gilt title 'Cottrell's Charity Accounts Yardley'. Approx. 200 pages, plus some blanks at end. Inner hinge broken. With double page spread of accounts for each year, 1857-1951. Each set of accounts signed by several people. 1858-1951. £80.00
    The earlier accounts have more entries, naming recipients, e.g. 'Pd. Elizabeth Arnolds a Poor Widow residing in one of John Cottrell's Cottages Three pounds... to the directions of John Cottrell's Will...', but the later accounts (post 1895) are very brief (Dividend on Consols received, rates paid, etc.)

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  193. Greenwood (C & J) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF WESTMORELAND From an Actual Survey in the Years 1822 & 1823. Most Respectfully Dedicated to the Nobility, Clergy & Gentry of the County. Large engraved map, with an fine large engraved inset View of Appleby. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Overall engraved surface approx. 39" x 48", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into marbled endpapers, 10" x 6", contained within original marbled slipcase, old manuscript label on spine, small label with owners name on front, corners slightly rubbed. Greenwood, Pringle & Co. No. 13 Regent Street, Pall Mall, London. Published Jan. 1st 1824. £650.00
    A crisp dark impression.

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  194. Alderbury, Britford and Coombe Bisset AN ACT for vesting Part of the estates devised by the Will of Tristram Huddleston Jervoise esquire, in Trustees, to be sold.... 12pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1800. £15.00
    Includes a schedule of the land, occupiers, rents, etc. concerned in the parishes of Alderbury, Britford and Coombe Bisset.

  195. Bratton, Westbury Leigh and Westbury AUCTION POSTER advertising sale of share in three houses, one of which is used as Reading Room and Lending Library in Westbury Leigh, shares in house and lands at Bratton, the 'White Horse Coffee Tavern', and houses in Church Road, Bratton Road, etc., in Westbury, for sale by auction, at Westbury, May 5th, 1885. Size W. Michael, printer, Westbury. 1885. £20.00
    Lists 12 Lots, with occupiers, etc.

  196. Brinkworth PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Pasture Farm known as Yorks Farm.... to be sold by auction.... 17th April, 1905. 3pp., folio, folded. Docket title rather spotty. 1905. £10.00

  197. Calne Boundaries REPORT OF THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH OF CALNE. 2pp, with a coloured Plan of the borough by R.K. Dawson. Scale 4" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1837. £22.00

  198. Chippenham Improvements AN ACT for lighting, watching, cleansing, paving, and otherwise improving the Town of Chippenham.... 46pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1834. £14.00

  199. Coombe Bissett PARTICULARS of the remaining part of Manor Farm... 204 Acres with useful Homestead... 5pp., 4to, stiff wraps. Folding plan loosely inserted. 1965. £8.00

  200. Edington, Bulkington and Keevil PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Property at West Coulston, in the Parish of Edington, and in the Parishes of Bulkington and Keevil.... which will be Sold by Auction.... July 25th, 1872. 3pp., folio, folded, with two plans, hand-coloured in outline. 1872. £28.00

  201. Hill Deverill PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Corn and Sheep Farm with the Manor House, Homestead and Down Buildings.... Comprising an area of about 656a.3r.15p.... which will be sold by Auction by Mr. Edward Waters.... Warminster, 20th August, 1887. 4pp., folio, folded, title page with attractive typefaces. 1887. £18.00
    'The farm is in the centre of the South Wilts Hunt....'

  202. Hilmarton Swine Fever [The Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878.] THE ANIMALS ORDER. NOTICE IS HEARBY GIVEN, That the Cowshed and Pigstyes at Snow Hill, situate in the Parish of Hilmarton, in the County of Wilts, in the occupation of Mr Walter Woodward.... were... infected with Swine Fever... now declared To Be Free From Swine Fever.... Marlborough, September 21st, 1882. Poster, size 11" x 8", few small holes at folds, and slightly soiled at folds. R.F. Houlston, Printer and bookseller, Chippenham, 1882. £16.00

  203. Hilperton and Trowbridge AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parishes of Hilperton and Trowbridge.... 15pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1815. £17.00

  204. Hurst Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Hurst in the Counties of Berks and Wiltshire. 16pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1807. £17.00

  205. Liddington PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate known as 'Liddington Wick'.... for Sale by Auction... May 30th, 1864. 3pp., folio, double page hand-coloured plan. Folded with docket title. 1864. £32.00

  206. Marlborough PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Hotel and Premises known as the Castle & Ball Hotel... commanding an extensive frontage to the High Street... for Sale by Auction, 23rd October 1886... 3pp., folio, folded, docket title. 1886. £14.00

  207. Netherhampton Farm ISOMETRICAL VIEW OF HOMESTEAD Netherhampton Farm, Wiltshire. Designed by Mr Robson, Mr. S. Clarke, Architect. Lithograph showing farm from above, with good architectural detail. Size 9" x 13", together with ground plan on separate sheet of same size. Light foxing. c1870. £12.00
    Drawn for Bailey Denton's 'The Farm Homesteads of England'.

  208. Rodbourne Cheney PARTICULARS Of a Valuable Freehold Estate known as Northleaze & Even Swindon Farms.... for sale by Auction.... 18th June, 1870. 4pp., folio, folded, large folding hand-coloured plan. Docket title slightly foxed. 1870. £28.00

  209. Stanton Fitz-Warren PARTICULARS OF A FREEHOLD ESTATE, land Tax Redeemed, situate In the Parish of Stanton Fitz-Warren.... comprising Sixty Acres. Which will be Sold by Auction, By Messrs Hoggart & Norton, At the Auction Mart, On Friday, October 25, 1844.... Folio, folded, 4pp, docket title. 1844. £18.00
    Comprised farm buildings now used as two cottages, an orchard, Catch Gate Meadow, and two other meadows, in 4 Lots.

  210. Swindon CASE relating to a dispute about the will of Joseph Bristow, deceased, and whether he was entitled to a trust fund and able to dispose of it in his will, as he died aged 17. Manuscript on 3p., folio. Opinion of lawyer given over one page, in an untidy hand, at the end... together with... YOUR OPINION is requested.... Document putting five legal points in the same case, answered by lawyer. 2p., sm. folio. February and March 1836. £18.00
    The dispute concerned rents from a property called Ferris, in Swindon.

  211. Swindon G.W.R. WORKS SWINDON Plan. 1935. In black with buildings in pale pink, size 12" x 21", plus margins. Scale 3" = 1000ft. Inset is plan of the works in 1846. 1935. £16.00

  212. Swindon THREE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets SU 1584 N.W and S.W, and 1586 S.E. Scale 50.688 inches to 1 mile. Each size 17" x 16" plus margins. 3 items. Revised 1965. £22.00
    Covers Turl Street, Clarence Street, Courts of Justice, Regent Circus, North Street, Tydeman Street, Buller Street.

  213. Trowbridge WILL of James Fisher of Trowbridge, Plasterer and Tiler, 1826. 6p. folio. Folded. Contemporary copy. c1826. £20.00
    Leaves his 3 properties in Frog Lane to his son and daughter, and the daughter of his deceased daughter Freelove Hibbard, naming occupiers. Appoints Trustees for the grandchildren who were minors. Leaves his stock in trade to his sons 'except my Thirty six round ladder'.

  214. Warminster ATTRACTIVE AND IMPORTANT SALE of very Valuable Freehold Property comprising.... 2 & 3 Woodcock Villas, A Picturesque and Modern Residence known as Highbury.... 2 & 3 Boreham Villas.... Two 14-Qr. Malthouses... Two Cottages.... 500 Shares in Warminster Motor Co... For Sale by Auction.... June 17th, 1907. 10pp., large 4to, printed wraps, split at spine. Includes photographs. 1907. £18.00

  215. Warminster TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION at the Lamb Inn.... 18th day of August 1820... the following Freehold & Leasehold Premises.... Handbill, size 12" x 8", listing 10 lots, with measurement of land, occupiers, details of leases with 'lives' etc. A column of 'nos. in the Award' added in manuscript in left margin. Bottom margin slightly trimmed, just clipping imprint. S. Yockney, Printer, George-Street, Warminster. 1820. £36.00
    Includes dwelling house in the Furlong, and at Top's near Pound-Street, two dwelling houses with a weaving shop and gardens at Cold Harbour, dwelling house with newly erected Oven and Bake House in East Street etc.

  216. Westbury and Dilton Marsh PARTICULARS OF SALE of Small Holdings, Residences and Shop, Pasture and Arable Lands... for Sale by Auction... 26th May, 1926. 10pp., 4to, wraps. Central vertical crease. 1926. £10.00

  217. Wilton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXVI. N.W, and quarter sheets to West and South. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 26" x 37", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo boards with Stanford label. 1926. £18.00
    Covers Wilton and Wilton House, Barford St. Martin, South Newton.

  218. Winterslow Estate PARTICULARS Plan and Conditions of Sale of a Freehold Agricultural and Sporting Property known as The Winterslow Estate... comprising Agricultural Holdings known as Livery Farm and Broads Farm... 14 Cottages.... for sale by auction.. 23rd June, 1903. 8pp., folio, decorative wraps, large folding plan. Wraps ragged, traces of vertical fold. 1903. £28.00

  219. Wotton Rivers, Pewsey CATALOGUE and Conditions of Sale of Valuable Oak, Elm and Ash Timber, at Wootton Rivers, Near Pewsey To be Sold by Auction... at the Phoenix Inn, Pewsey... 15th December, 1857. 3p., printed on card, size 6" x 4". 1857. £14.00
    Lists 34 Lots, with type of tree and location. The timber was on the Manor Farm, and the property of St. John's College, Cambridge.

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  220. Abberton HISTORICAL FREEHOLD ESTATE to be Sold in 44 Lots on Thursday, September 7th, 1905 at the Grand Hotel, Birmingham. The Abberton Estate, Worcestershire, comprising the Entire Parish of Abberton, and a large Part of the Parishes of Flyford Flavel, Naunton Beauchamp, Bishampton, North Piddle, Kington, Dormston and Grafton, containing about 2,408 Acres... the Manorial and Residential Estate of Abberton with Country Mansion, Part of Village... The Manor Farm, Abberton Mill, Baynhall Farm, The Court Farm with the Advowsons of Kington and Dormston... 40pp., size 18" x 11", original wraps with photo, some scuffing of surface of paper on part of front wrap, foxing and some dust-staining on front wrap. 15 very large coloured folding plans, key map on back wrap. 23 photographs in text, many with groups of people, cart horses, pony carts etc. Some damp spots on top half of title page, and two spots on first page with Summary of Lots. 1905. £95.00
    With interesting historical notes on the Manor and Hall.

  221. Berrow CONVEYANCE of a piece of land called Casson Park, a cottage and garden at Chase End Hill, Henry Hart to D. Clutterbuck. Vellum, 3p., folio, red margins, coloured plan 6" x 5" in text. 1903. £14.00

  222. Dormstone AN ACT for Dividing and Inclosing the Open Common Fields... within the Parish of Dormstone... 21pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. Separately paginated, docket title. 1790. £18.00

  223. Redmarley d'Abitot RELEASE and Assignment of a cottage in Redmarley d'Abitot, Joesph Pritchett, Cordwainer, to George Bennet, of Ledbury, Baker. Vellum, size 24" x 34", vellum rather browned on first 6 lines, light brown stain about 4" x 2". Signed by 4 parties with small wax seals. 1784. £16.00

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  224. Castleford PLAN AND PARTICULARS of Valuable Building Sites at Castleford, to be Sold by Auction... 16th January, 1873. 2pp., folio, folded with docket title. Large folding coloured plan. 1873. £30.00
    Comprised 29 plots of land north of Albion Street. The streets are marked as 'Intended'.

  225. Delph ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet 270. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. More than half the map is blank. 1864. £15.00
    Covers Delph, Lydgate, Austerlands.

  226. Fenwick, near Askern SALE OF LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK Wheat & Bean Stacks, Eatage, Household Furniture &c at Fenwick, near Askern... By Public Auction On the Premises of Mr Mark Skelton.... 14th & 15th of Feb. 1844, All the Valuable Farming Stock... Poster, size 15" x 10", rather creased in places, with some marks with printers ink. Lists Horses, beasts, Sheet, Poultry, Carriages & Implements, Furniture. T. Brooke & Co. Printers, Doncaster. 1844. £20.00

  227. Headley Estates PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Estates, occupying 1,802 Acres of fertile Arable, Pasture and Rich Meadow Land, situate in the parishes of Bramham, Little Habton, Butterwick, South Holme, Amotherby and Muscoates.... comprising Eleven Excellent Farms, known as Headley Hall, Wise Warren, Manor, Habton Grange.... Which will be Sold by Auction.... 8th of August, 1903. Folio, 24pp, with 3 large folding coloured plans, loosely inserted. Spine re-inforced with brown paper. A few small edge tears in front wrap. Traces of having been folded horizontally. 1903. £34.00

  228. Keighley, Haworth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet 200. Sheet 200. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo cloth covered boards with printed label of seller W.T. Hansbrow, Land Surveyor, Manchester on front board. Cloth slightly frayed down edges of spine, a few spots on front board. Parishes lightly shaded in colour wash, with darker colour along borders. Published 30th April 1852. £60.00
    Useful for Bronte fans.

  229. Scarborough and Whitby Railway AN ACT to revive the powers and extend the periods for the compulsory purchase of Lands and for the construction of the Railways authorised by the... Acts 1871 and 1873... 14pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1880. £8.00

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  230. Bacon's PLAN OF GLASGOW Coloured plan Size approx 12" x 18", single fold at centre. Scale 4" to 1 mile. c1885. £22.00
    With street index in margins.

  231. Barclay (Sculp.) EDINBURGH CASTLE in Midlothian. Copper engraving, size 5" x 7", plus margins. A few foxing spots at edge of paper. c1780. £8.00
    Buildings in foreground, view framed by trees.

  232. Brown (James) Printers THE ABERDEEN HERALD March 31st, 1860. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp., folds, Some minor browning along part folds on front page. 1860. £14.00
    Many adverts. for local firms, steamship sailings, Provost's resignation etc.

  233. Dumfries ARTICLES OF ROUP of all and whole Three Parks lying in the Burgh roads of Dumfries belonging to Thomas Goldie of Craigmuir to be Exposed to public roup... 28th January 1819... 3p, manuscript, small folio. Each page signed by Goldie in a shaky hand. 1819. £10.00

  234. Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal PETITION of Robert Robb, Tenant in Gorgie, against Lord Bannatyne's Interlocutor Passing A Bill of Suspension for Union Canal Company. 10pp., 4to, sewn at margin J. & C. Muirhead, Printers, Edinburgh. 1821. £25.00
    'the Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal Company... have of late been forming a Canal or inland navigation from Falkirk towards the vicinity of Edinburgh. In performing their operations they occupied a part of the lands of Meggetland, under lease to the petitioner...'

  235. Edinburgh DEFENCES for William Scott, Assistant Clerk to the Bills, in the Action at the Instance of John Smith, Writer to the Signet. 15pp., 4to, sewn at margin, vertical fold. James Clarke & Co., Printers, Old Stamp Office, 1825. £18.00
    'This is a case attended with no ordinary degree of cruelty and oppression..' A writer called William Scott was obliged to pay two thirds of his income as 'Clerk to the Bills' to Sir Robert Anstruther and Thomas Smith. Contains copies of the letters that passed between the parties.

  236. Glasgow HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Sewing Machine, 60 vols. Valuable Books &c, At No. 4 Newhall Terrace, Greenhead, To be Sold by Warrant of the Sheriff, Monday 11th December... James Hamilton Auctioneer. Poster, size 11" x 9", heading in large letters. Lists over 20 items including American Clock, 3-light Gasalier etc. 1st December 1882. £16.00

  237. Gray (John), Publisher NORTH BRITISH ADVERTISER No. 1602. July 11, 1857. Broadsheet newspaper, containing advertising only. 4 very large pages. Folds. Some slight dustmarking in margin of first page. 1854. £9.00
    As well as numerous adverts. for local firms includes notices of Public Meetings, Situations Wanted, Situations Vacant, Property Sales, sailings to Australia etc.

  238. Hogg (Alexr.) A GENERAL VIEW of the City & Castle of Edinburgh, the Capital of Scotland. Copper engraving, size 8" x 11", plus margins, decorative border. Shows view looking across the city towards Fife, figures in the foreground. Paper slightly darkened at edges, with some creases and edge tears in side margins... together with a similar engraving with two views, Montrose and Channery, which is slightly creased. Two items. 1784. £15.00
    Both engravings are from Hogg's 'The New British Traveller'.

  239. Menzies (J), Edinburgh, Publisher SOUVENIR OF THE NORTH Forty engravings on glazed cards. Each card size 5" x 3", one engraving on each card. Inserted into boards covered in red silk tartan, gilt, with purple card flaps, gilt on front board faded, silk split down edges of spine. The engraving is by J. Gellatly, from a variety of artists. c1850. £60.00
    Includes views of Edinburgh, Lock Katrine, Stirling, Falls of the Clyde, Loch Lomond, Taymouth Castle, Loch Ness, Dunkeld, Loch Leven, etc.

  240. National Gallery AN ACT for the Erection on the Earthen Mound in the City of Edinburgh of Buildings for a National Gallery, and other Purposes connected therewith and with the Promotion of the Fine Arts in Scotland. 4pp, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. 1850. £15.00

  241. Solway Fisheries NOTICE by Solway Fisheries Commissioners as to Mr Murray Stewart's Fishings. Sent to Russell & Nicholson (Solicitors). Contemporary copy, 1p, folio, manuscript. Orders the owner to appear at a special court at Kircudbright, for an enquiry into the fixed engines for taking salmon at Cally... together with... Copy letter from the solicitor to the Chairman at Register House, Edinburgh, describing the location of the three fishings in Fleet Bay. He says in the 1860's 'there was but one fixed engine... though for time immemorial before there have been constant fishing by stake and fixed nets all along Mr. Murray Stewart's lands on the Shores'... together with... Memorandum of Rentals on the Boughton estate including Cally Grass Parks, Tayland fishery, shooting let, 2p., folio. 1851. 3 items. 1878. £20.00

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  242. Gresford CATALOGUE OF SALE OF THE VALUABLE CONTENTS of Horsley Hall, Gresford, Denbighshire, comprising fine old English and French Furniture, China, Silver, Glass... for sale 9th - 17th April, 1934. 122 pages, 4to, original wraps, rubbed and faded, old repair with tape to spine. 11 full-pages photographic plates, some showing views across complete rooms. 1834. £28.00
    The house was sold for demolition in 1934, and finally demolished 1963. The gardens remain. Pieces include wood ornamentation in the style of Grinling Gibbons, Hepplewhite chairs, old Venetian gondola lamps, etc. Some prices entered in pencil.

  243. Mount Alyn, Rossett, Denbighshire CATALOGUE OF SALE at Home Farm, March 29th, 1887 comprising Young Dairy Cows & Heifers, Fresh Barrens, Fat Cows, Yearling Heifers, Flock of Grand Shropshire Down & Leicester Ewes... Agricultural Implements... 10pp, 8vo. Traces of having been folded twice. 1887. £12.00

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  244. Architect's Drawings EIGHT MEASURED DRAWINGS by Alfred G. Church, Kingston on Thames, a student at Regent St. Polytechnic. comprises: (i) R.I.B.A. Intermediate Examination. Testimony of Study. Design For a House. Half Inch Details. Fine drawing in ink and full colour on thick paper, size 22" x 29", interior and exterior in elevation, with a similar coloured drawing showing four elevations, two plans, section, and another drawing, same size 'Full Size Details of the Double Hung Sliding Sashes. Browned along bottom margin. ii) Testimony of Study No. Temple of Mars Ultor, Rome. in pencil, ink and grey wash, half elevation of portico, and section. Size 28" x 21", fraying due to damp below border, otherwise fine, with a similar very attractive drawing showing The Orders of the Temple, showing decoration on soffit etc. (iii) R.I.B.A Final Examination. Three drawings for 'A Motor Coach Inn'. On thick paper, each size 31" x 21", in pencil, ink, and attractive shades of red, buff and grey, comprising 'Half Inch Detail of Entrance Block', 'Block Plan', 'South Elevation', 'Section' etc. Edge of one sheet a little frayed along a few inches of top edge. 1933. £80.00

  245. Asnieres, Paris CACHEMAILLE Tout pour Harley. Tarif Des Pieces Detachees. Septembre 1923. 16pp., 8vo, printed on lilac paper, small illustration of tricycle type motorbike with two seats on cover. 1923. £18.00

  246. Avenue Press, Drury Lane Pr. POSTER advertising The News Review. Vol. 7 No. 22, June 1, 1939. Printed in red and blue, size 29" x 19", 'News Review' in large letters at top and 'Premier to Quit?' in large blue letters, height of letters 6". Traces of having been folded in 4, some small edge tears at folds, neatly repaired on verso. 1939. £20.00

  247. Bank of New South Wales SEVENTY-SIXTH REPORT to the Half-Yearly General Meeting... 31st October, 1888. 4 pages, 4to., folded... together with... Commercial Bank of Australia. Forty-Third Half-Yearly Report. 2nd August 1888. Blank verso of last leaf dusty. 2 items. 1888. £14.00

  248. Bayard family PEDIGREE OF BAYARD manuscript on vellum. In black ink with red lines, title in Gothic lettering top left. Size 28" x 72", rolled. Large coat of arms of Bayard at the centre in watercolour and gold, size 7" x 5". Gives known dates for each person such as baptism, marriage, death, as well as positions held and biographical facts. Begins with the marriage of Lazarus Bayard, Huguenot Minister, and Judith Vosse, 1601, and the last date mentioned is for those still living 1895. Shows Lazarus and Judith's son Samuel married Anne the daughter of Balthazar Stuyvesant and they emigrated to New Amsterdam in the 'Princess' 1647. The daughter Judith married Peter Stuyvesant, General of the New Netherlands in America, and there is much on the American branch of the family . Signed bottom right by H. Farnham Burke, Somerset Herald, 1897. 1895. £140.00

  249. Boundaries of Boroughs COPY OF RETURN OF ALL PETITIONS, LETTERS Papers and Memorials laid before the Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Boundaries of Boroughs, together with the Reports of the Assistant Commissioners. 293pp., size 13" x 8", original blue paper wraps, small pieces of paper chipped from top and bottom of spine. Ordered to be printed 2d July 1868. £50.00
    With tables, petitions, reports, correspondence etc., on 33 Boroughs, including Birmingham, Manchester, Cheltenham, Bristol, Reading, Newport, Windsor.

  250. Bristol and Gloucestershire PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a capital messuage or dwelling house, lawns, gardens, orchard, plantations situate in the Parish of St. Philip and Jacob in the City of Bristol, and in... St. George, Stapleton, Mangotsfield, Frampton Cotterell and Iron Acton... which will be sold by Public Auction... 15th March 1866, in Seventeen Lots. 9pp., folio, plus 4 hand-coloured lithographed plans with decorative borders, one of which is folding. Folded with docket title, sent through the post with two penny red stamps. 1866. £50.00

  251. Buttons AN ACT to regulate the making and vending of Metal Buttons, and to prevent the Purchasers thereof from being deceived in the real Quality of such Buttons. 8pp., plus cover leaf, sm. folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1796. £12.00

  252. Cambridge and Norfolk ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXV. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo green grained paper endpapers. Printed from an Electrotype. c1860. £55.00
    Covers March, Wisbech, Kings Lynn, Brandon.

  253. Catholic Emancipation ROMAN CATHOLIC EMANCIPATION. THE DELUDED SHEPHERD - A FABLE. Poem in manuscript attacking Catholic emancipation, in the form of an allegory about a shepherd who wishing to be kind to beasts excluded from the fold admits wolves who finally murder the flock: 'Who wished indeed to save the sheep/And yet the Wolves in humour keep/Him the submissive brutes petition/To pity their forlorn condition...' 94 lines, 4p., 4to. Feb. 20th, 1829. £20.00

  254. Coates & Howes, Wine Merchants, London PRICE LIST for 1865, with introductory letter above summarising the vintages etc. 1 page, in small print, with adjoining leaf with address panel on verso, some small holes in a couple of lines of text at top and at folds of address panel... together with... Letter from Walter Howes explaining how the case of champagne ordered will be transported to Wadebridge. 1865. £20.00

  255. Combe Bridge, Steeple Ashton AN ACT for widening and repairing the Road from Combe Bridge in the County of Somerset, to Bradford... and from thence through Hilperton... to join the Road which leads from Steeple Ashton to Trowbridge... Cover leaf, 42pp., small folio, black letter, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1752. £10.00

  256. Davies (B.R) MAP OF CENTRAL EUROPE, CONTAINING ALL THE RAILWAYS in Use with the Stations Also those in Progress & Projected Forming the Best Railway Traveller's Guide. Drawn and Engraved under the Direction of Willm. Lindley Esq., C.E., by B.R. Davies. 1863. Hand-coloured engraved map, dissected and mounted on linen, size 34" x 43", plus margins, with an additional piece projecting 7" beyond the bottom border covering Italy. Sea colour-washed, boundaries of countries shaded in bright colours. Railways shown in black, named along their course. Inset map of Europe bottom left showing the railways 'Also the Routes to India'. Scale of British, Italian, German and French miles. Folding to 15" x 11", marbled endpaper, the other marbled endpaper has come off the linen and is missing. Some wear in the linen at the central vertical fold, but not affecting the paper. 1863. £200.00
    Extends to Chester, Stockton, Rennes, Nimes, Rome, Buda Pest, Warsaw, Konigsberg, Sleswig. First edition of this map. A later edition was published in 1870.

  257. Duchess of Norfolk, etc. PEDIGREE shewing the Consanguinuity of Robert Jackson to Frances late Duchess of Norfolk, deceased, the Earls of Carlisle, Essex and Fitzwilliam, Viscount Southwell, Lords Lyttleton, Dundas and Byron, The Baroness Roos, and Sir Francis Burdett Baronet. Manuscript pedigree on thick paper backed with linen, green silk tape at edges, slightly frayed in places. Size 26" x 130". Begins on the left with the Scudamore family in the 16th century, at the right hand side is the Byron family in the 18th century, with one 'still living' in 1823. Neatly written throughout. 1823. £110.00
    A note at the bottom (in a different hand) says 'This Pedigree is compiled from the Records in the College of Arms and other authorities.' and is signed J. Hawker, Richmond Herald 12th April 1823.

  258. English (Henry), Publisher THE MINING JOURNAL Railway and Commercial Gazette. 24th October 1863. Size 18" x 11", pages numbered 753-768. Folds. Red tax stamp. 1863. £25.00
    Prospectus of Golden Shoe Lead Mining Company, Flintshire; new discoveries at Great Wheal Busy; brief reports on over 30 Cornish mines and some Devon ones, including Great Work, Grambla, Lady Bertha, Hingston Down, etc., report of Morfa Colliery Explosion, Mining Share Lists.

  259. 'F.W. Esq.' TWO MANUSCRIPT POEMS one on the fleeting charms of beauty and the survival of virtue, entitled 'Written immediately after the occurrence it recites in France by F.W. Esq.', six 4-line stanzas, 1p., sm. folio, and on the conjoint leaf a poem about Buonaparte in six 8-line stanzas. c1810. £40.00
    The first poem describes how the writer while walking on the shore with Amanda writes her name in the sand, she protests that as the letters will be effaced by the tide, so will her memory: 'Not so my Amanda thy beauty shall live/In the heart which thy virtue hath won/And virtue the ruin of time shall survive/And live when extinguish'd the sun'. The poem on Napoleon 'Wondrous chief of modern days' describes how he has survived many setbacks, including the attacks of the Turks, 'Plague at Suez', crocodiles, famine, 'Often kill'd yet still existing/What a paradox we find/Some new project ever twisting/In thy mistchief making mind'.

  260. Fell-Smith (Charlotte) WILLIAM PENN IN THE TOWER by Charlotte Fell-Smith. Typescript of an article, 12p, 4to, on thin copy paper, pinned at corner into rough brown paper wraps. Printed label of Christy and Moore Ltd., the literary agents, on the title page. c1913. £30.00
    Charlotte Fell-Smith was the author of a biography of John Dee.

  261. Finance LETTER from R.A. Johnson to Joseph Hill, Chancery Office, London, dated Brock Street, (Bath?) 18th Decr. 1774. 8 lines on one side 4to, conjoint leaf with address and postmark 20/DE in small circle on verso. Says he has received the letter with the enclosed notes 'very safe by this mornings post', and is sending a receipt. 1774. £16.00

  262. Fox Photo Archive AN IMPORTANT PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIAL AND HISTORICAL RECORD of Great Britain between the years 1926 and 1976, will be Sold by Tender by Sotheby's Belgravia... to be sold as two separate archives... 20pp., decorative wraps, size 8" x 8", numerous illustrations, including some in colour. 1976. £16.00

  263. Frome, Yeovil and Weymouth Railway AN ACT for incorporating and giving Powers to the Frome, Yeovil, and Weymouth Railway Company... 11pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1852. £12.00

  264. Gabbitas, Thring & Co. PUPILS' DEPARTMENT Prospectus, setting out their services. 2pp., 4to. The second page is a list of Patrons, with asterisks denoting parents of pupils placed by the firm. c1900. £14.00

  265. Gloucestershire and Monmouth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Glos. Sheet LXII N.E, & Part of Sheet XXXI. Scale 6" to a mile. Size 12" x 18" plus wide margins. Shows Aust and Beachley... together with... AUST. Shore South of the Spur of Aust Cliff. Survey made 27 Feb. 1947 Showing the High Water Mark of the Forenoon Tide. Scale 1/500. Sketch plan in pencil and crayon, size 25" x 14". 1924 and 1947. £14.00

  266. Govan (Alexander) MOTOR CARS Article from the 'Proceedings Of the Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland. Vol. XLVII.' Disbound, pages numbered 240 - 284, 8vo. Four lithographed folding plates at the end. Read 26th April 1904. £8.00

  267. Great Eastern Railway COLLECTION OF LUGGAGE LABELS 15 labels, all for different stations on the Great Eastern Railway. Printed in large block lettering with 'G.E.R.' above the name of the place. Size approx. 2" x 3". c1910. £10.00
    Includes Leigh, Higham, Millwall Junction, Cheshunt, Whittlesea.

  268. Great Northern Railway MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS of the One Hundred and Nineteenth Half-Yearly Ordinary General Meeting and Special Meeting of the Proprietors.... 7pp., folio, folded, with docket title. 1906. £14.00

  269. Greenland Fishery AN ACT for encouraging the Greenland Fishery. 2pp, disbound, black letter, plus cover leaf. Some off-setting. 1732. £14.00

  270. Hatton (J.L.) Composer and performer LETTER addressed from Aldeburgh, 2nd Sept. 1866, to 'My dear Henry' (at the end is the name 'H.E. Hume(?). 1p., small 8vo. Written on one and a half sides. Says will see him on Friday, and he wants the 'Leider ohne Worte' and asks him to save a nicely bound small edition for him. 1866. £15.00
    J.L. Hatton was a composer of songs and performer. He made a collection of 'The Songs of England' and 'The Songs of Ireland'.

  271. Hennessy Cognac TWO RESTAURANT MENU SHEETS advertising Hennessy Cognac, with black and white illustration of Breton coifs. On thin card, nicely printed, size 13" x 9", photographic illustration in top corner size 4" x 3". Shows ladies in 'Coiffe de Marans', and 'Coiffe de la region d'Aigre'. 2 items. Helio Sadag, Ain. c1950? £10.00

  272. Her Majesty's Theatre SOUVENIR OF NERO Ninth of March, 1906. Presented, With Mr. Tree's Compliments, on the Occasion of the Fiftieth Consecutive Performance of Nero. Booklet with cast list etc., 14 pages of text, plus 10 coloured full-page portraits of the cast, from pastels by Chas. Buchel. Oblong 4to, attractive decorative stiff wraps with picture of charioteer. 1906. £14.00
    Beerbohm Tree played Nero.

  273. Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XVIII S.E. etc., composite map, scale 6" to 1 mile. Size linen-backed and folding into 8vo endpapers. Water features hand-coloured. Estate south of Biggleswade hand-coloured, presumably relative to sale. 1891. £25.00

  274. His Majesty's Navy AN ACT for the Encouragement of Seamen, and the more effectual Manning of His Majesty's Navy during the present War. 9pp, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. 1814. £10.00

  275. His Majesty's Stationery Office (Pub.) THE BRITISH GAZETTE May 12th 1926. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., published in the General Strike. Folded in four, some browning along part of one fold. 1926. £8.00
    Anti-strike newspaper, reporting 'Increasing numbers of Men Returning to Work', 'Legal Issue of the Strikee', cartoon showing John Bull confronting the T.U.C., etc.

  276. Hoursch (Vering von) ASTUDIN-KARTEN VOM RHEIN 20 colour postcards on a folding strip, with views from paintings. Pink wraps, some slight foxing on verso of cards. n.d. 1920 or earlier. £12.00

  277. Indigo AN ACT for continuing an Act intituled An Act for encouraging the making of Indico in the British Plantations in America. Disbound, 6pp, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1755. £10.00

  278. (Jaillot, A.H. & Mortier, P.) CARTE DE L'ENTREE DE LA TAMISE Avec les Bancs, Passes, Isles et Costes comprises entre Sandwich et Clay. Copper-engraved chart, size approx. 18" x 35". extends from Sandwich to Clay in Norfolk. Inset map of Thames from London to 'Greane Island'. Hand-coloured. Scale bar in French, English, Spanish and German leagues, compass roses. North is to the right of the chart. Towns and villages shown with small churches etc., coloured red, also shows windmills. Traces of central fold, small skilfully repaired tear at right-hand margin. (Paris, 1693.) £300.00

  279. Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Co. EIGHT POUND PREFERENCE SHARES, 1888. Printed circular. Concerns the raising of additional capital, single sheet, printed on both sides, together with 4 small printed letters, MS inserts, confirming registration of shares for a Mr. Mair, Macclesfield. 1888. £12.00

  280. London, Oxford & Cheltenham PROSPECTUS for The London, Oxford & Cheltenham Railway Company. Capital £1,500,000 in 75,000 Shares of £20. Each. 2pp, folio, with title on verso of adjoining blank leaf. Lists Provisional Directors, many of whom were from Cheltenham and Gloucester, describes route, etc. The Engineer was Robert Stephenson. 1846. £45.00
    No plan is referred to in the text. One may have been issued separately.

  281. Lottery HANDBILL Candidates are now offering themselves for every City, County and Borough in the Empire... it is necessary to inquire what Favors may be received from Candidates, without the Imputation of Bribery... but the Present of a Lottery Ticket, which may on Tuesday, the 12th of this Month gain Thirty Thousand Pounds.... in this grand Lottery, abounding with Capital Prizes is No Bribery. Size 8" x 5", printed on one side only. No imprint. The words 'Candidates', 'Favors', and 'Bribery' are printed in very large letters. 18 lines in all. c1810? £25.00
    The reference to the Lottery was presumably making a satirical political point.

  282. Middlesex, Dorset & Berkshire PARTICULARS OF SALE OF A SUPERIOR SEMI-DETACHED VILLA RESIDENCE, AT WEST BROMPTON: 113 Acres of Superior Grass Land and Corn rents at Willesden; A Farm of 105a. 1r. 14p., the Rent charge and pew rents, at Handley, Dorsetshire, and the Rent Charge, on lands in the hamlet of Grove in the Parish of Wantage, Berkshire..... Which will be Sold by Auction... 6th of August, 1858. Folio, 8pp, docket title, folded, lacks lower half of last leaf which is the 'memorandum', partly affecting description of Wantage lot. 1858. £12.00

  283. (Moll, H) A NEW MAP OF THE RIVERS And Sea Coasts of England. Engraved map, size 11" x 11", central horizontal fold. Title and scale bar top right. Shows the Counties and Rivers (which are named), ports along the coasts, main towns. 1720. £60.00

  284. Morley (Arnold) LETTER to W.R. Bousfield, M.P. 7 lines on one side of 8vo notepaper with seal of Post Master General, white on red background, at head. Says he will look into the case of W. Swansboro of Stoke Newington. Blank conjoint leaf. 1890. £8.00
    Morley was Post Master General from 1892-5.

  285. Municipal Corporations Act ADDRESSED TO ALL OVERSEERS of Persons executing the Duties of Overseers of the Poor in Parishes maintaining their own Poor... Folio sheet, printed on both sides, giving instructions for recording all 'Male Persons of the age of Twenty-one Years... rated to the Poor Rates....' according to the Act. On the back is a list of boroughs, and warning about penalties.. together with... Order in Council regarding the Act, Court of St. James, 11 September 1835, large folio, folded. Covering letter from Whitehall printed at head. 2 items. 1835. £30.00

  286. New Zealand AN ACT to promote Colonization in New Zealand, and to authorize a Loan to the New Zealand Company. 9, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1847. £16.00

  287. New Zealand CHRISTMAS POSTCARD showing black shield with four red stars above heavily embossed silver fern in an oval. Design in oval cartouche, six-line Christmas verse below. Divided back, Christmas greetings on back with date 1910. B.B. London. 1910. £4.00

  288. New Zealand COLLECTION OF FIFTEEN POSTCARDS eleven black and white and four colour. Comprises (in colour): Coach West Coast Road near Otira. Viking Series. 3149. (c1910?); Mount Egmont, 1908; Wanganui. 1910; Clinton River, with inset map of New Zealand. (1920's?). (in black and white) The South Bound Express at Waidura Railway Station showing Mt. Purperu & Noaurhde Volcano in Eruption. 1909. Ral photo'; Kaikoura. 1906. (real photo); Ascending the Rimutaka Incline length 3 miles.. (real photo). 1920's?; Water Fall, Te Aroha (c.1910); Rawrimu on the N.I.M.T Line (Jones & Coleman), c1910?; East St. Invercargill, 1912; Oat Crop Blenheim (farmers and 5 horses in field). n.d. c1910? and three others. 1906 and later. £25.00

  289. New Zealand POSTCARD title in white in plate 'Victoria St. looking East. Cambridge. Sherris Series 25'. Real photographic postcard showing view down a very wide street, with one and two storey buildings, with colonnades, large shop signs, mountains in distance. Two small cars. Together with another later card with a photo of Tauranga, dated 1935 on verso. c1920. £8.00

  290. New Zealand SIX POSTCARDS of Wellington. Blue-grey printing of photos. Divided back, unused.... together with... sepia card showing 'Panorama of Wellington' in oval. All F.T. Series. 7 items. c1930. £15.00
    Views are: General View; Wellington from the Western Hills; The Water Shute, Days Bay; Convent of the Sacred Heart, Island Bay'; Town Hall; Rocks near The Pinnacles.

  291. Newman (R.Z) LETTER dated Guildhall Buildings, 8th July 1833. 1p., 4to, 4 lines, address panel on blank conjoint leaf says only 'G.R. Corner'. Thanks him for the medal of Mr. Calvert he has sent 'it does justice as well to the Artist who took the likeness & Mr. Wyon'. 1833. £15.00
    Apparently the medal was commissioned by 'the Boroughnians'. William Wyon was chief engraver at the Royal Mint and responsible for the head of the young Victoria on coins.

  292. Norfolk and Suffolk TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets L N.W. and L S.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 18", plus wide margins. 2 items. O.S. blindstamps 1885. £26.00
    Covers Stowmarket, Botesdale, Lavenham

  293. Norfolk Broads A WHERRYMAN sepia photograph. Shows head and shoulders of a bearded gentleman in a straw hat, guernsey with a few holes, smoking a clay pipe, ropes of a boat rigging behind him. Size 8" x 6", mounted on grey paper stuck to card. Title as above printed in white on card... together with... Photograph of two women in long white aprons filling buckets with water at a pump, cottage in background. One woman wears a shawl and headscarf. An attractive photograph. Sepia view, size 8" x 6", stuck onto brown paper, which is tipped onto card. No title or date. 2 items. c1910? £30.00

  294. Nottingham, Derby MAP OF RESERVOIRS Untitled lithographically printed map in black and two colours, showing Ambergate service reservoir. Size 22" x 32". Shows roads, railways, rivers, cotton mills, saw mills. Covers Nottingham, Derby, Matlock. Small repaired tear in right margin. c1910. £22.00

  295. Peachey (James) LETTER dated St. James Street, April 15, 1752. To 'Mr Timy. Waldo'. 1p., 4to, blank conjoint leaf with 'For Mr. Timothy Waldo'. 26 lines in a neat hand, setting out details of financial transactions between them. 'I left with yr clerk Last week the mastr. in chancerys Report of what was due To Each Person in the Bill mentioned... due to me at midsumr. 1747 the sum of £5333 7s from which deducting the Purchase money clear of cost of Suit £3811 15s...' Tipped onto album leaf down left side. 1752. £24.00
    The Waldo family owned Hever Castle in Kent. Timothy Waldo is described in 'British History Online' as 'an eminent merchant of London'

  296. Publishing AN ACT for more effectually preventing the Sale of Obscene Books, Pictures, Prints.... 4pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1857. £10.00

  297. Shropshire, Hereford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LV N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Small blue 'Record Map' stamp in margin, 'Index to Tithe Survey' in top margin. O.S. blindstamp 1891. £18.00
    Covers Great Malvern, Bromyard.

  298. Somerset and Dorset PARTICULARS WITH PLANS OF THE AGRICULTURAL PROPERTIES ON THE BORDERS OF SOMERSET AND DORSET comprising Lattiford Farm, Holton situated within 2 miles of Wincanton... also Ryalls Farm and Accommodation Lands within 3 miles of Sturminster Newton.... To be offered by Auction in Lots at the George Hotel, Frome, on Wednesday, the 3rd of June, 1914. Folio, key plan, 19pp, photographic plate with two views, 2 coloured folding plans in pocket at rear. 1914. £38.00
    With detailed Schedules of farms.

  299. South Wales Railway AN ACT to enable the South Wales Railway Company to make a new Railway in the Forest of Dean, in lieu of the Railway already authorized to construct new Lines at Cardiff and Britton Ferry.... 15pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1851. £12.00

  300. South-Eastern Railway HALF-YEARLY GENERAL MEETING. REPORT AND ACCOUNTS July 1875 - January 1890. Each 8pp., folio, uncut and unopened. Folded with docket titles. Comprises July 1875 - July 1881 (a complete run, 13 items), and January 1883 - January 1890, with the July 1884 and the two 1888 Reports missing (12 items). The January 1886 and July 1889 reports have brown stains. 1875-1890. £120.00

  301. St. Petersburg RELEASE by the Creditors of Francis Dring of St. Petersburg in Russia and of Francis Dring and John Brunning Merchants lately in Partnership in St. Petersburg, in consideration of the sum of £500 paid by Katherine Dring of Hull, Francis' mother. 2p., sm. folio. n.d. c1800. £16.00
    Presumably a contemporary copy, not signed.

  302. Staffordshire, Shropshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Composed of quarter sheets LXI N.E., LXII N.W., LXXII S.W., LXXIII S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 29", plus margins. Counties lightly colour washed, parkland, water features, railways, main roads hand-coloured. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into small 4to marbled wraps with small printed label giving early owner's name. Electrotyped in 1872. £50.00
    Covers Stafford, Market Drayton, Rugeley, Broseley.

  303. Surrey and Sussex LOG OF THE 'CARPE DIEM' on the Wey Navigation Canal 24-30 August 1946. D.H. Williams, Captain... Home-made manuscript travel log, 13 leaves, written on one side only, with punched holes, tied with tape into card boards. Title page, two folding manuscript plans at rear showing the route, with locks marked in red., points reached marked with time and date they arrived. On the last page is a postcard size photograph of the 'Carpe Diem' leaving Hampton, showing the three men in the punt, which has a rolled canvas awning. 1946. £75.00
    'Unmoored at 10.30 a.m. Through Thames Lock into the Wey Navigation Canal about 11.00 a.m., hiring lock key (10s deposit). Paddled and poled to Black Boy Lock, 11.40... On to Coxes Lock 1.00 p.m. Had dinner some way above the lock, meat soup, sardines and mulberries...'

  304. Van Noy-Interstate Company, Publisher THE OVERLAND TRAIL From The Golden Gate to The Great Salt Lake. A Scenic Guide Book 'Through the Heart of the Sierras' On the Line of the Southern Pacific. Exclusive Edition. Booklet with 23 tipped in coloured illustrations (including a double panorama at the centre-fold), plus a view on to front wrap. Size 9" x 12", silk tie at spine, thick grey paper, decorative cover with train crossing Great Salt Lake, gold border and title. Each view 6" x 8". Title-page, two pages of text, full page map showing route. c1910. £36.00
    Includes 'S.P. Steamer 'Contra Costa', Port Costa, Cal.', 'Pulp Mills Dam and Train No. 4, Floriston, Cal.'.

  305. Wiltshire and Gloucestershire AUCTION POSTER for lands in the parishes of Ewen, in Kemble, and Oaksey, to be sold by auction by Acock & Son at the King's Head Inn, Cirencester, Monday February 20, 1837. Size 17" x 11", folds, small tear at one fold, repaired. Attached with a pin are MS Conditions of sale, 3p sm. folio. 1837. £24.00
    Lists 5 Lots, with occupiers.

  306. Wiltshire and Somerset Auction PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Farm.... Known as 'Alcombe Farm'.... Situate in the Parishes of Box and Ditteridge, also Freehold Dwelling-Houses, Gardens, Building Land, Lime-Kilns and other Premises, Situate in the Upper Bristol Road, about 1 miles from the City of Bath. To Be Sold by Messrs. Hawkins & Son.... On Thursday the 4th day of November, 1886. Folio, 5pp, folded, 3 large folding coloured plans. 1886. £32.00

  307. Wiltshire, Somerset, Devon, Ireland AN ACT for enlarging and extending the Powers given by 'Wyndham's Estate Act, 1854', over divers Freehold, Copyhold, and Leasehold Estates... subject to the Limitations of the Will of the Right Honourable George O'Brien Earl of Egremont deceased. 34pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1863. £12.00

  308. Wiltshire, Somerset and Weymouth Railway AN ACT to authorize certain Alterations of the Line of the Wilts, Somerset, and Weymouth Railway. 8pp., small folio, disbound. 1847. £14.00

  309. Wyld (J) THE COUNTRY TWENTY-FIVE MILES ROUND LONDON Planned from a Scale of One Mile to an Inch by W. Faden, Geographer to His Majesty and H.R.H the Prince of Wales. 3rd Edition. N.B. The Extent of the Penny Post coloured Orange. Counties hand-coloured in full bright wash colour, county boundaries in darker colour, roads in buff. Size of map 40" x 48", scale 1" to 1 mile. Dissected and mounted on linen. Title as above in yellow oval cartouche on tablet. An earlier owner seems to have gone over the small figures of the date 1802 in the cartouche in ink. Border coloured and marked all round with miles from London. 1802. £550.00
    This map does not correspond exactly with any of the listings given in Howgego 188. Extends to Hertford, Chelmsford, Reigate, Beaconsfield.

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