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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 70

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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Dorset -- Durham -- Essex -- Gloucestershire -- Hampshire and Isle of Wight --
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  1. County Theatre, Bedford GOLDILOCKS Charles Denville presents his Spectacular Xmas Family Pantomime... Les Trios Farlows from the Folies Begere Paris... Playbill on card, size 15" x 10", printed in four colours with picture of Goldilocks and bears. early 1950's. £10.00

  2. Darton BEDFORDSHIRE Divided into Hundreds and the Parliamentary Divisions. Folding hand-coloured map, linen-backed, approx. 17" x 14", original sm. 8vo cloth boards. Vignette of Woburn Abbey, Reference tables, etc. Slight discolouration on pasted down section, otherwise a nice copy. c1835. £38.00

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  3. Bacon BERKSHIRE Reduced from the Ordnance Survey. Scale 1" = 4 miles. Colour printed, size 11" x 16", central fold. Divided into 5 mile squares. 1885. £8.00
    From Bacon's New Large Scale Ordnance Atlas.

  4. Garden House, Stanford Dingley PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE Of the Freehold Residential Property known as THE GARDEN HOUSE Comprising an enlarged Queen Anne Residence.... in all about 2 acres.... For Sale by Auction.... by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... on Wednesday, May 8th, 1929. With photographic illust, coloured plan, 9pp, 4to, original printed wraps, staples slightly rusty. 1929. £20.00

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  5. Bristol Waterworks VISIT OF HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II Programme of the Inauguration of the Chew Valley Lake, Tuesday, 17th April, 1956. 8vo, 20p, illusts. and map. 1956. £12.00

  6. Directory SCRAP BOOK of cuttings relating to Bristol, with inscription of Alfred Waterman, Redland. Large 4to album, 79 pages of cuttings from Bristol newspapers, mainly the articles reproducing Sketchley's 1775 directory. 1904-1910. £15.00

  7. Grace (John and Josiah), of Wellington Place, Bristol Quakers COMMONPLACE BOOK Vellum bound notebook, manuscript, size 12" x 8", vellum marked. Comprises 226 pages by Josiah Grace, with his name and the date March 15th 1764 on the flyleaf, in a large hand, being copied extracts from the Book of Genesis, 24 pages on local villages (copied from Atkyns and Collinson), a 15 page list of names with payments, followed by another short list of names with payments (possibly Quakers - names include Rutter, Fry, Grace, Harford), and copied extracts of biographies of famous artists, the odd note on local events. Approx. 200 pages appear to have been written by Josiah and approx. 200 by John Grace. 1764-1848. £650.00
    John Grace's part begins 'My father Josiah Grace died the 14th day of the 2nd Month 1822 and was buried in the burial Ground called the Fryers in the City of Bristol...' John's entries cover 1822-1849, and are more in the way of a journal, mostly dealing with life in the Society of Friends, visits from Friends from other towns (Elisha Bates, Elizabeth Robson, Joseph Metford), some genealogical information on local families, deaths, burials, 'This day Ann Moon was interred at the Workhouse Burial Ground after Meeting.... she was about 80 years of age... my wife's testimony at the Grave appeared pertinent, and with good authority...', 'Joseph Clark of Street was interred in the Friends Burying Ground there my wife and a few other friends for Burial attendants...'. He hears William Tanner (apparently husband of his daughter Mercy, and later to write 'Three Lectures on The Society of Friends in Bristol and Somerset', published 1848) speak at Chew. There are some entries on local topics ('I have this day avoided going into the City, because I could not have my mind diverted with the sight of Baillies' and Prothero's Chairing... nor with the Illumination at Night'), including 2 pages on Collieries at Nailsea and their prospects. Davis, Thomas and Grace owned a colliery at Nailsea, White's Work. There is much on the situation of the Friends in America in connection with the anti-slavery campaign, and the problems of the 'separation in Indiana', including copies of his letters to 'The British Fiend' on the subject, and to Thomas Edgerton, newspaper-cuttings of his contributions to this journal on the topic. He notes information on various Yearly Meetings in New York, Baltimore, Ohio, Indiana, and he lists his 'queries to be made... the subject of the impropriety of friends keeping their fellowmen in a state of slavery... were friends allowed to sell their slaves or were they obliged to give them their freedom...' He seems to have felt the American friends in general were not as active in anti-slavery as they should be 'it may be that some of their members have mortgages on slave estates or are otherwise selfishly interested in the system of Slavery....' There are copies of his letter to James Harford on his decision to leave the Friends, and an actual letter from Harford, Buxton, Norwich, 1844, explaining his decision. There are 10 pages on his attendance at the funeral of Joseph John Gurney at Norwich, 1847. There is also loosely inserted a copy of Grace's letter to Thomas Clarkson enclosing copies of The British Friend 'thy interest and feeling for the poor slave continues to burn with increased brightness and thy mind is alive for their liberation in the United States of America...' The part written by John Grace is approximately 200 pages, plus a few blanks.

  8. Packer & Co., Cocoa and Chocolate Manufacturers LETTER with fine view of the factory in Greenbank, printed in red with decoration of cocoa beans etc., size of heading approx. 4" x 7". Typed letter accompanying share certificate, 1p., 4to. 1912. £8.00

  9. Reed (Walter), Printer THE WESTERN DAILY PRESS August 11th, 1902. Broadsheet newspaper, 10pp., size 27" x 25". Folds. Coronation of Edward VII edition. Numerous detailed reports, line drawings. 1902. £15.00

  10. Scholastic Trading Co. STONE'S BUREAU CABINETS and Universal Portfolios. Illustrated price list, 16pp, printed in red, rusty staple. c1900. £10.00

  11. St. Augustines Parish CONVEYANCE of the reversion in fee of nos. 7 and 8 Pipe Lane, The Ecclesiastical Commissioners to H. Willmott, of Cotham. 3 large vellum skins, small coloured sketch map on verso of one skin, papered seal of Commissioners. 1872. £14.00

  12. St. Peter's Hospital LETTER from J. Polglase to John Righton the Deputy Governor recommending Henry Williams, a sick plasterer and his wife 'I believe them to be in great Poverty and unable to pay their rates... I hope thee will see it right to relieve them from the payment of the rates....', recommending that 'if they are broken up they will be obliged to resort to the Parish for support'. 2p. 1833. £14.00
    Marked 'Recommended to be discharged by the Deputy Governor'.

  13. Storer (J & H.S) HIGH STREET, BRISTOL Steel engraving, 5" x 6", plus wide margins. Sherwood, Pub. 1825. £18.00
    Shows a crowd of people in the street, boy herding sheep, Veryard's Hemp & Flax Dressers on Right.

  14. Temple Parish LAND TAX An Assessment made.... llth day of May l700.... for the Raising of forty one pounds eighteen shillings on the Parish of Temple by virtue of an Act of Parliament granting an Aid to his Majesty among other things by a Land Tax, this being the second Quarterly Payment. Folio, paper wraps, covering 8 sides, with lists of Taxpayers, some with descriptions of property (warehouse, Meeting House, hospital etc.), with three columns of figures: Reall Estate, Personall Estate, Sum Totall. 250 taxpayers listed. Very clean and legible throughout. May l700 £85.00

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  15. Clifton COUNTERPART of deed of bargain and sale of 250 acres called the Great Pasture or Newfield in Clifton, (Clifton Reynes) Mary Low and James and Elizabeth Low to Sir Thomas Higgins and Thomas Robinson, and Francis Boteler of the third part. Vellum, size 14" x 20", very decorative printed calligraphic heading. Signed by 4 parties with heavy wax seals on tags. Witnessed on verso. 1667. £45.00
    A fine attractive deed. Boteler paid the Lows one thousand seven hundred pounds, and Higgins and Robinson paid them one shilling.

  16. Stowe SALE OF THE DUCAL ESTATE & CONTENTS of The Mansion. Sectional Copy for the Trade only of Part 2 (Furniture Section). Section 1. July 5th to 8th inclusive. 46pp, 8vo, wraps. 984 Lots of furniture, carpets etc, described room by room. 1921. £18.00

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  17. Sawston, Whittlesford, Stapleford, Hildersham PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Sawston and Hildersham Estates, comprising Superior Dairy, Stock and Corn Farms, Bulding Sites, Cottage and Shop Property... extending to an Area of about 2,317 Acres... for Sale by Auction... 23rd September, 1922. 31pp., folio, staples rusty hence wraps loose. 2 large folding plans in pocket. With a bundle of correspondence, 1923-4, relating to sales, tithe apportionment, tenants, etc. 1922. £45.00
    Includes Huntington's Farm, Dernford Farm, Cook's Pen Farm, Plumb's Place Farm, Cook's Pen Farm etc.

  18. St. John's College, Cambridge LETTER addressed on address panel to 'The Reverend Mr Rouse at St. John's Colledge in Cambridge. By way of London. Bruce.' dated Tor Park Jany. 3rd 1731, 8 lines on 1p 4to, conjoint leaf with address panel, circular indistinct postmark. Asks him for 'an account of how Mr. Lypeatt goes on in your College' and asks that he may be chosen for a Wiltshire fellowship. Signed 'Your friend and servant Bruce'. Tear at one fold in blank area. 1731. £20.00
    Possibly from the Earl of Elgin.

  19. Wilburton, Ely GROWING CROPS OF CORN With the straw.... to be Sold by Auction at the Chequers in Wilburton.... August the 22nd, 1854.... Poster, sm. 4to, with acreage and Cultivation of 26 plots in New Cut, Flexon Field, etc. Traces of folds. 1854. £16.00

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  20. Northwich, Sandbach ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXX.N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Blue 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Railways inserted to 1891. O.S. blindstamp 1897. £18.00

  21. Shavington-cum-Gresty AUCTION POSTER. Sale of Freehold Property in Shavington-cum-Gresty, Cheshire, on the 31st of July. To be Sold by Mr Fowles, At the House of Mr Higgins, known as the "Royal Hotel," Crewe, On Friday, the 31st of July, 1857.... Size approx. 13" x 8", printed on one side only, few contemporary ink sums, folds. E.H. Griffiths, Printer and Stationer, Nantwich. 1857. £15.00
    Lists the property with acreage.

  22. Warburton VALUABLE WHITE WOOD TIMBER To Be Sold By Ticket, at the House of Mr. Wm. Warburton The Sign of the Punch Bowl.... 20th day of February 1826.... Particulars attractively printed on single sheet size 19" x 12", listing 8 lots with type of tree, and names of Land holders. Small piece of paper chipped away at bottom edge, not affecting text, some slight brown 'shadowing' of letters in places. 1826. £25.00

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  23. Bacon's COUNTY GUIDE AND MAP OF CORNWALL From the Ordnance Survey. Folding coloured map, linen-backed, 16pp., guide. Small 8vo boards with label. c1900. £12.00

  24. Besley's VIEWS IN CORNWALL 12 steel engraved vignette views, size of engraved surface approx. 4" x 7". Decorative orange wraps, slightly rubbed, cloth spine. Some minor foxing on first view. c1860. £95.00
    Views include: St. Michael's Mount with train in foreground, Mounts Bay, Penzance (3), Lamorna, Logan Rock, Tol-Peden-Penwith, Lands End and Longships, St. Just, Botallack Mine, Gurnards Head.

  25. Bodmin area ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXX, covering the area from Boscastle to Luxulyan. Printed surface 24" x 37", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into cloth slipcase. Some roads coloured in brown, the word Delabole added in capitals with pencilled lines running from there to Bodmin & St. Columb, possibly indicating railway etc. Pub. 1813. Taken from an Electrotype 1872. £32.00

  26. Cadgwith DECLARATION Peter Hill discharging his father William Hill of any liability regarding lands in Grade, part of the Manor of Buryan. Vellum, size 21" x 24", printed heading. Signed by Peter Hill with wax seal on tag. 59 lines, detailing sale of the Manor of Buryan by Christopher Davis to Elizabeth Pierrepoint in 1689 for £2000, and other transactions involving the Hills, the Marquess of Dorchester, Viscount Newhaven, Lady Cheyne, and others. 1708. £38.00
    This document refers to Cellars and fishery at Porth Cadgwith, lands in Grade called Luddra, Luddra Mill etc, occupied by Naboth Randall, John Safeguard, and others.

  27. Callington LEASE FOR A YEAR of share in a house in Callington and a road out of the adjoining field, part of the Manor of Manaton, Peter Hill to John Palmer. Single vellum sheet, 2 wax seals. 1813. £15.00

  28. Callington RELEASE Philip Burton and Joshua Peart of London to Stucley Lucas of Callington, of messuage and tenement in the town of Callington. Vellum, size 17 x 24, 2 wax seals, small piece torn at one edge, with loss of a few letters. 1768. £18.00
    The tenement was previously in the tenure of the Hayes family, one of whom was a shipwright in Poplar.

  29. Collins (H.G) CORNWALL Lithographed map with decorative border of leaves, size 13" x 15". Inset of Scilly Islands. Traces of folds, leaf border on left trimmed away, small library stamp in bottom margin. 1852. £16.00
    From 'The British Gazeteer'.

  30. Constantine DEED of Transfer of Mortgage in the tenement of Treleggan, on the appointment of a new Trustee. John Pascoe to Michael and Thomas Holman. 3 small folio pages, vellum 1891. £10.00

  31. Cornwall Boiler Co. ARCHITECT'S DRAWINGS Two detailed scale drawings on waxed cotton, in ink, one with some colour, size 22" x 18", showing 'Section through Rivetting Tower', 'Detail of Gate', and larger scale detail of top of rivetting tower, the other size 23" x 34", showing 'South Elevation' and 'West Elevation', of rivetting tower on a long building of two stories with 5 windows on ground floor, eight on the first floor, and a single storey extension, and a separate building with round window. Both signed by architects. Sept. 1892. £55.00

  32. Cugar ASSIGNMENT by way of Mortgage of Chicarne in Cugar in Grade, Naboth Randle of Grade, Yeoman, to Thomas Stephens. Large vellum sheet, wax seal. 1856. £12.00

  33. Dolcoath Mine REPORT August 22nd, 1881. 3pp, 4to, giving balance sheet etc., report by Josiah Thomas and others on new lodes opened etc., and value, with letter to shareholders enclosing cheque on page 3. Traces of folds. 1881. £22.00

  34. Gwennap ASSIGNMENT of Parts in the United Mines and Baldew in the Parish of Kea, together with Tools, Tackle and Material, William Harris of Camborne to Thomas Reed of Stithians. Single vellum sheet, 24" x 32", wax seal, 44 lines in a fine large hand, signed Harris with a good armorial wax seal. 1783. £65.00

  35. Gwennap COUNTERPART SETT of Ground in the Parish of Gwennap. William Robinson Hill of Carwythenack to John Williams of Scorrier House with power to dig work mine and search for tin and copper. Two large vellum sheets, signed by Williams with wax seal. Some foxing at folds. 1819. £48.00
    Involved Hill's share of five sixteenths in the land. Williams had to set up engines, drive certain levels, etc. within three years.

  36. Gwinear RELEASE of the estate of Taskus in Gwinear.... Mrs W. Nicholls to R. Osborne. 2p, large folio, on paper. 1878. £10.00

  37. Helston DEED of bargain and sale of a moiety of two houses in Lady Street, formerly the property of the Earl of Bath and Richard Sampson. Alice Trewren, Widow, to Hugh Rogers. Vellum, 12" x 27". Signed by Alice Trewren, with wax seal, some slight pinkish discoloration in one area. 1752. £16.00

  38. Helston in Kirrier (Manor of) COMPOSITION BOOK 1835, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43. Notebook, manuscript on 18p, 4to, plain paper wraps with MS title, listing tenants, rent due at Michaelmas, cash received, yearly composition, etc. Ink slightly faded but easily legible. 1825 and later. £35.00
    Lists approx. 35 tenants each year. Names include Perry, Penberthy, Penelerick, Polglase, Silvester, Borlase.

  39. Helston in Kirrier (Manor of) SURRENDER At a Special Court held 20th April 1812.... Stephen Usticke of Penwarne nephew and heir of Sir Michael Nowell of Penwarne, deceased, surrenders to John Borlase of Helston a moiety of 6 fields with a Hilly Croft part of the Antient Dutchy of Cornwall called by the name of Lower-park-Gendalls parcel of Gwealhellis, and land known as Mean Moon and Park an Garrack, in Wendron. On vellum, size 30" x 13", 2 blue paper tax stamps, some slight fading of ink in places, but always legible. 1812. £28.00

  40. Helston, Borough of SESSIONS OF THE PEACE Manuscript, 2p, sm. folio, plus blank conjoint leaf, recording Session held before Henry Tremenheer, Mayor, and Edward Penrose, Keeper of the Peace, adjourned till 27th July 1742, and listing 15 people sworn, under the heading 'Grand Inquest.' On the next page is a note about Zacharias Remfry 'suffering a Dam to be made in his feild to Divert the Current of Helstone Town water'. Paper fragile at right hand margin, due to damp, but without loss of text. 1742. £14.00

  41. Helston, Truro, St. Austell ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No XXXI. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 25" x 36". Dissected and mounted on linen, folding to sm. 4to, marbled endpapers. Electrotype, 1880. £36.00

  42. Illogan DUPLICATE GRANT of the right to stream and work for tin on hereditaments situate in the Parish of Illogan, The Rt. Hon Viscount Clifden to William Wickett and others. Printed on vellum, in booklet form, 4to. 9 printed pages, red ruled margins, sewn. With folding plan on waxed cotton 9" x 35", scale 1/2500th, showing area from Rayle Bottom to Shuffley. 1911. £36.00

  43. Kea SETT of ground in the parish of Kea, William Hill of Carwythenack to John Williams of Scorrier House. Two large vellum sheets, wax seal. Gives limits of the Sett (which was near Nicholas Bayley's new Stamping Mills), details of right to 'erect any Engines.... sink any shafts....' etc., and of William Hill's dues. 1819. £45.00

  44. Kenwyn SURRENDER of house and orchard, with rights of Pasture and Turbary in Bossore Downs ('all Timber Trees of Oake Ash and Elme and all Tin Toll Tin and Tinworkes.... free liberty.... to dig and search for Tin....'), John Wilkin of Kenwyn to Samuel Luke, Tinner, of Kenwyn. Paper, 16" x 20", small wax seal torn away, tear 3" into text. Attractive engraved heading. 1710. £18.00

  45. Lanlivery SWEETSHOUSE Plan showing site of proposed new Cottages. Manuscript plan in ink and colours on cartridge paper, scale 40 feet to an inch. Size 19" x 22". November 1897. £15.00

  46. Launceston CONVEYANCE of freehold hereditaments in Wooda Road, W.H. Congdon and others to the National Council of Young Men's Christian Associations. Vellum, 6p, folio, including coloured sketch map. Some browning along lower margin of first page and one line of text from old sellotape marks. 1918 £15.00

  47. Liskeard REPORT OF THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH OF LISKEARD. 2pp, with a folding plan, by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline. Scale 4" to 1 mile, and a Plan of the Borough, Scale 1" to a mile. Folio, disbound, some slight off-setting and waterstaining on text leaf. 1837. £20.00

  48. Luke (John) APPOINTMENT of John Luke Esquire as Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Cornwall by Richard Lord Edgcumbe, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum. On vellum, size 10" x 16", printed with manuscript inserts, with large heading, papered seal of Edgcumbe, signed 'Edgcumbe'. Vertical folds, docket title in MS on verso. 1759. £30.00

  49. Mining Photographs FIFTEEN BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS Size 8" x 10", showing old mine engine houses etc. Titled in pencil on verso. 1960's? £50.00
    Includes Wheal Castle, Wheal Edward, Wheal Cock, Ding Dong, Geevor, Peevoc, Wheal Coates, East Pool, St. Just United.

  50. Morwenstow TWO POSTCARDS One a photograph of an elderly Rev. R.S. Hawker 'The Late Vicar of Morwenstow', Francis Petvin, Copyright, and the other a view of Hawker's Vicarage. Both titled in white in plate. Divided backs. c1910. £10.00

  51. Nicholls (G.F) CORNWALL WATER-COLOURS 19 coloured plates, sm. 4to, coloured illustration on front board. A. & C. Black, 1919. £16.00

  52. Penhalveor and Prazeruth AN ACCOMPT OF THE MONEY RECD. ... from Julyan Martyn for the purchase of Penhalveor and Praze Ruth... Manuscript, 1p., small 4to, listing money from bonds of various people, in gold etc. totalling £260. Signed as received by John Oliver. Blank conjoint leaf with docket title. Some fraying at top edge. n.d. c1700. £15.00

  53. Penzance REPORT OF THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY AND DIVISION INTO WARDS OF THE BOROUGH. 8pp, with a coloured Plan of the Town by Dawson. Scale 4" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1837. £18.00

  54. Perranuthnoe and St. Hilary TREGUTHA DOWNS AND OWEN VEAN CONSOLS MINING COMPANY, PROSPECTUS Incorporation 1862. 23pp., large folio, plus page of illustrations and a form for Application for Shares. Detailed description of the sett etc., with two tables for other comparable mines showing depth, dividends etc. plus 17 reports from Managers, Agents, etc., of other Mines. The page of illustrations has four plans: a map of the district with the various mines outlined, with returns of copper ore, decorative ships on sea, St. Michael's Mount; a 'Ground Plan'; two attractive sections showing the workings on Flat Rod Lode, and Engine Lode, with shafts, smoking chimneys, etc. 1862. £75.00
    Described in Symon's 'Gazeteer' (1884) as 'recently resumed working for tin and copper ores'.

  55. Rae (Oliver M) FIVE POSTCARDS being original etched views on good quality card with uncut edges, good plate marks, each with tissue guard. Views are: The Jew's House, Couch's House, The Harbour, and The House on the Props, Polperro, and Talland Church. Titled and signed in plate. c1930? £10.00

  56. Redruth ABSTRACT OF TITLE of Charles Chaplin of Blankney, Lincolnshire as a Trustee of William Praed to part of the tenement of Parc Hoskin, Messuage in Trengweath, 'Seisin of the Minerals' of fields in Redruth (refers to Sett of 1793), etc. 3 pages, in manuscript, large folio, plus 42 lithographically printed pages detailing deeds from 1803 - 1854, and referring to the Manors, or Shares in the Manors, of St. Ives, Treloyan, Marazion, Lelant, Trevethow, Trewinnard, Trembethow, listing approximately 150 places, 'theretofore the estate of William Mackworth Praed', with details of rights of common, turbary, etc. 1854. £50.00
    Concerned Lot 91a of 'Praed's Sale'.

  57. Cornwall Record Office GUIDE TO CORNISH PROBATE RECORDS 54pp., plus numerous folded sheets, copies of the original documents which are transcribed, loosely inserted. Small folio, printed wraps, cancelled library label. 1984. £7.00

  58. Sithney of Boscajack and Cowrgaw, in Sithney, Martin Angove and Margaret his wife to William Beauchamp of Gwennap. On paper size 8" x 12", two small papered seals. 2 or 3 small wormholes. 1617(?) £24.00

  59. South Crofty SHARE CERTIFICATE Capital £130,000. Printed in pale mauve, manuscript inserts, cancelled stamps. Size 11" x 13". Made out for 1,000 shares. Traces of numberous folds. 1937. £18.00

  60. St Agnes PRINCESS ROYAL TIN AND COPPER MINE St. Agnes, Cornwall. Printed sheet, 4to, printed on one side only giving details of the Sett, with its boundaries, 'bounded by Wheal Prosper, on the West, by the Blue Hills and Wheal Betsy...', lodes, adits etc., and a list of 28 Proprietors, with three others added in manuscript. J. Brokenshir, Jun., Typ. St. Agnes. 9th Sept. 1842. £40.00

  61. St. Cleer PARTICULARS of the manor of Fursnewth, and of Freehold Farms and Lands, and Building Sites, in the Parish of St. Cleer... The Lands of Edward Morshead... For Sale by Auction... at Webb's Hotel, Liskeard... 30th day of August 1853. 12pp., folio, on blue paper, folded with docket title, plus 3 pages of plans. Detailed schedules with names of fields, etc., and quantities. 1853. £65.00
    Includes Venland, Lampretten, South Hendra, Treneath Farms... St. Cleer Well 'Comprising an Ancient Well, and the remains of a beautiful Well Chapel, of the Perpendicular Gothic'. Gives details of mineral on the various lands, for example 'Tretharrop... is intersected by several Mineral Lodes, and comprises the Sett of Wheal Tretherry, now in work, at the usual dues, and is offered subject to the provisions of such Sett. The Tenement... is adjacent to the Site of South Caradon and it is presumed that the Lodes of that celebrated Mine extend into part of the ground, and will be developed in progress of working.'

  62. St. Erth AUCTION POSTER Advertising the sale of the Fee-Simple of a Tenement in Higher Leah, adjoining Tenement in Killinoon, in the occupation of Richard Woon, moiety of Killinoon Common.... Sale at the White Hart Hotel, Hayle, on Friday 15th August 1873. Size 24" x 17", several folds, few short tears to margins. 1873. £16.00

  63. St. Issey LETTER from J. Warren at St. Issey to his uncle William Sandys at St. Minver, Nov. 29th, 1811. 3p, size 6" x 3", written in a small hand. 1811. £10.00
    'Mr Lang has just called in on his way home from St. Columb market, Wheat 40s, Barley 18s 9d... it is generally thought Potatoes will be very dear as many Crops have fail'd... We have charming weather for drawing them. Mr Rosewarne was here today and tells me Salmon was never more plenty in the River...'


  64. St. Ive SCROWSDON SLATE QUARRY Account ledger. Vellum boards, size 12" x 8". Titled in ink on front board 'Scrowsdon Slate Quarry 1837'. Boards darkened. 5 page Index of clients, followed by 124 pages of entries headed by customer and amounts sold, with dates, name of carter, when account settled etc. June 1837 - Sept. 1842. Specifies different type of slates ('best', 'spotted' 'wrags', 'half wrags', and collar stones, flooring stones, wallstone, table stone, gutter stone, etc. At the back of the book are 22 pages of expenditure accounts, April 1837 - August 1843, detailing payments to named labourers, and payment for working slate ('Paid for Excavating 19 fathoms of Ground at 9s per fathom including cost of powder... £8.11s... Paid for Cleaving 3 Hw. Slate...), expenditure on powder, smith's work, carriage, loading, etc. Some pages are of 'Cash Received'. In between the two sections are many blank pages. 1837-43. £295.00
    Customers include 'Proprietors of Holmbush Mine ('2,500 of Slate. Dec. 15th 1837. 17s 6d'), Mr. Coad, Trebeth, Proprietors of Tuckenberry Mine, Mr Nattle late of Bicton, Mr Gould, Quethiock School, Adventurers of South Caradon and Markvalley Mines, Parishioners of St. Mellion (for repairing church roof).

  65. St. Minver LETTER from Jane Llewellin to Rev. Sandys, Mount Coffee house, London. 2p, 4to, folded with address panel on verso, small piece missing where seal opened, affecting a couple of words. St. Minver April 11th. 1771. £16.00
    Thanks him for the fish, wishing him success in his new living, hinting at news of his marriage 'a Western Lady at last', and giving him details of work planned for the house. 'Your old servt. Nanny was with me the other day... if agreeable she will be proud of serving you again... Mr Fisher's compliments, as Minx is now big shall be glad to know if you make choice of a dog or bitch'.

  66. Stithians GRANT to Search for Tin Copper &c. in James Buller's tenement called Penalvean, James Buller of Shillingham to Thomas Reed of Trevales, the dues to be one tenth. Vellum, size 24" x 31", wax seal. 1801. £40.00

  67. Tremayne (COPY) tithe apportionment of the parish of Tremayne in the County of Cornwall. Copy on 11 pages folio, in columns giving Landowners, Occupiers, Description of premises, Quantity. On thin paper, slightly feint, but easily legible. n.d. c1900? £20.00
    Tenements include: Milford, Pethicks, Tremayne Hill, Westcott, Trussell.

  68. Trewey Common, Zennor ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets LXI S.W. and LXVIII N.W. Scale 6" to 1 mile, quarter sheets. Second Edition. 1940's reprint. £14.00

  69. Truro ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Composite map, scale 25" to 1 mile, showing the western part of Truro, covering the area from Victora Place as far west as Malabar, and from Nansavallan to as far north as Pencoose. Two sheets pasted one above the other, but with the right hand side trimmed. Water features, buildings and main roads hand-coloured. Some brownish marks from glue where the two maps overlap. First edition. 1880. £30.00
    The map has been used to mark a railway from near Treyew Mills northward through the west part of Truro, and another one branching off near the Cattle Market.

  70. Walker (J & C) CORNWALL Engraved map with outline colouring showing areas of three Fox Hunts with small circles to show places of Meets, size 13" x 15", parkland and railway line coloured. With list of polling places, boroughs etc. Inset of Scilly Isles. Centre fold. c1860. £48.00

  71. West Cornwall Railway HALF-YEARLY REPORT AND ACCOUNTS 30th June, 1861. 3pp., folio, folded, with docket title. August 1861. £42.00
    Includes half-page report from the Engineer, R.P. Brereton. 'The relaying of the Permanent Way on portions of the Main Line, by substituting longitudinal Fish-jointed Rails for the Barlow Rails is in progress, upwards of two miles having been laid...'

  72. Wheal Agar SETT of Wheal Agar Mine The Rt. Hon Viscount Clifden to East Pool and Agar, Ltd. Printed on vellum, in booklet form, 4to. 17 printed pages, red ruled margins, sewn. With folding map, 20" x 30", linen-backed, from the 25" Ordnance Survey, area of sett shaded in various colours, buildings at Stream Works added in green. 1931. £34.00

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  73. Bolton AN ACT for Dividing and Inclosing the Commons and Waste Grounds within the Manor of Bolton... 43pp, disbound. 1777. £22.00

  74. Castle Sowerby, Dean, etc. PARTICULARS of Three... Freehold Estates, Most desirably situate in the vicinity of the beautiful scenery of the Cumberland Lake District... Deanscales.... Newlands... Penruddock... 6pp., folio, printed wraps, two large folding plans, lacks the plan of the Deanscales estate. Some edge tears. 1872. £20.00

  75. Wigton FEOFFMENT of a parcel of ground in Wigton, called the Croft, part of land formerly called Black Swan Croft, near John Meal's warehouse, Anne Drewry to George Winter. Vellum, size 21" x 27", two small holes affecting a few letters, wax seal. 1820. £16.00

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  76. Bakewell, Buxton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXXI.S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Red 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Railways inserted to 1867. O.S. blindstamp 1909. £18.00

  77. Brampton LEASE of a parcel of land at Brampton with liberty to remove the bind heap and burn bricks, etc. Revd. J. Hall of Stroud to Joseph Ashmore. 3p, folio, with attached manuscript plan, 4to, coloured in outline, on wax cotton. 1899. £16.00
    Shows disused Colliery at Brompton, Old Coal Pit, shafts, etc.

  78. Castleton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXXI.N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Red 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Railways inserted to 1867. Printed 1890. O.S. blindstamp 1909. £16.00

  79. Pigot & Co. DERBYSHIRE Engraved map, outline colour, engraved surface approx. 14" x 8", plus margins, vignette. Reference to the Hundreds. Stab holes near top edge in margin, some slight dustmarking at extreme edges. c1850. £25.00

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  80. Appledore, Okehampton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXVI. Scale 1" to 1 mile, approx. 25" x 38". Mounted on linen, marbled endpapers, folding into cloth slip-case with Stanford label and key map. Paper water-marked 1849. £34.00

  81. Ashburton TO BE SOLD By Public Auction.... 12th day of April next.... all that Cottage and Garden called Rose Cottage.... Poster, size 17" x 11", fold. 1865. £16.00
    With description of cottage.

  82. Aylesbeare PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Two Highly Desirable Valuable Freehold Farms, viz. 'Rill Farm' and 'Homer Dairy'.... which will be offered for Sale by Auction by Messrs. Hussey & Son.... Friday June 17th, 1921.... 12pp., sm. folio, wraps, coloured folding plan. 1921. £18.00
    Part of Lord Clinton's Estate.

  83. Bantham, Kingsbridge PHOTOGRAPH Commercial photograph showing a street of thatched cottages, Sherriff's baker's shop in foreground with baker outside in white apron. Size 9" x 11". 'Wyatt's New Series' bottom right. c1900. £8.00

  84. Barnstaple AUCTION SALE PARTICULARS of valuable dwelling house and shop no 68 High Street, and also about 11 acres of Eligible Building Land.... for Sale by Auction.... 23rd December 1880. 3pp. folio, folded with docket title. Spotty. 1880. £10.00

  85. Barnstaple Theatre CERTIFICATE OF ONE THIRTY-SECOND SHARE in the name of William Law of Barnstaple, in the Barnstaple Theatre, for the Term of Sixty Years, and one thirty second part 'of the Scenery, Furniture, Machinery and Fixtures... and the clear Receipts and Profits....' Printed with manuscript inserts, signed by 4 members of committee. Vellum, 8" x 10", water-stained and creased along bottom edge to a depth of 2" - 1". 1835. £26.00

  86. Bradworthy ABSTRACT OF THE TITLE to a Mansion House called Berridon Lodge with the Gardens and Pleasure Grounds, Farm Buildings, Lands and hereditaments belonging containing 357a. 1r. 3p. situate at Bradworthy. 84 pages, folio, folded horizontally, docket title on outer sheet of glazed cotton. Details deeds etc. from 1806 to 1873, mentioning such names as Lord Rolle, Sir Lawrence Palk, Baron Clinton, the Drake family, etc. 1879. £45.00
    Includes tenements called Jollifs, Berrydon, Westen, Spittle, Dunworthy. Names.


  87. Bratton Clovelly MINUTE BOOK of the Bratton Clovelly Friendly Society, 1894. 4to notebook, lacking back board and most of spine, front board almost detatched. 176 pages, in a very neat hand. Gives minutes of Quarterly Meetings, Committee Meetings, Annual Meetings, Special Meetings... together with... a similar minute book for 1925 up to the dissolution in 1955... together with... Account Book for the Society, 1917-1925. Narrow ledger, approx. 100 pages. Gives receipts, no. of weeks Walking pay, Bed pay, payments to members etc. 1894-1955. £95.00
    The meetings generally started with members walking to a church service accompanied by a brass band, a dinner (approx. 100 people attending), and meeting. 'Quarterly Meeting Oct. 2nd 1905... 'Sydney Horrell was admitted a Member age 16. The Secretary was instructed to go to Okehampton and draw £1000 from the Post Office, the proposed loan to the Bible Christian Trustees'.

  88. Broadwood-kelly ABSTRACT OF MR GEORGE COLWILL'S TITLE to Bowood and Inleigh in Broadwoodkelly and Okehampton. 2p, folio, 2 small holes in paper with loss of name of one parish in title and two words in first paragraph. Details indentures etc. from 1668 to 1714. With opinion of lawyer added as to a Recovery dated 1726. £16.00

  89. Broadwood-kelly CARPENTER'S ACCOUNT BOOKS Two account books of William Harris, listing work done for various named people, under the heading of the name of the customer. Narrow folio ledgers, parchment bound, one book titled in ms. 'Wm. Harris. B.W. Kelly'. 1868-1887, 216 pages, small whiteish damp spots throughout. Rather untidy writing, corner torn from one page, 1 page loose. The second book is for the period 1888-1906, approx. 280 pages, and includes customers from Honeychurch, North Tawton, Winkleigh. 1868-1906. £110.00
    William Harris is listed in Kelly's directory of the period as being a carpenter in Broadwood-kelly. Customers include Mr. Flood, Mr. Sampson, Rev. Hole, Mr. Brook, Mr. Thorne, Mr. Powsland (also listed, most being farmers). As well as carpentry work - repairing carts, putting up apple shelves, fixing doors, making hurdles, gates, axles, hen coops, etc. - he lists work on harvesting, 'going in the copps birdnesting 2s.6d.', 'self stopping rats holes', 'donkey going to station', 'self and boy lopping trees'. There is a page listing works done at Broadwood-kelly school in 1897.

  90. Dart (Lewis J.), Grocer, Draper, Black Torrington ACCOUNT BOOK 1897-1905. 507 pages of entries, in a ledger size 12" x 6", cloth boards, morocco spine, morocco chipped and worn. Each page is headed with customer's name, and village, sometimes with occupation, with an index of names at the front. There are 5 bills with Lewis Dart's printed heading loosely inserted. A few pages loose. 1897-1905. £60.00
    Records sales of an interesting mixture of groceries, haberdashery and clothes, for example, oatmeal, maize, cinammon, fowls, tapioca, and velveteen, corsets, silk gloves, 'jade for mother's hat', lace, etc.

  91. Divisions of the County PRINTED LIST of the Divisions of the County of Devon, pursuant to the 'Act for the better regulation of Divisions in the several Counties of England and Wales'. 10pp, 4to, docket title. Old ink blot affecting margins of a few leaves. Trewman, Printers, Exeter. 1831. £36.00
    Lists 19 Divisions with the Parishes, Tythings and Places.

  92. Exe Estuary ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 23" x 35". Border on right side. Mounted on linen, folding to large 4to. Pale green silk edging tape, frayed in parts. Linen split along 1" at one fold. Some slight off-setting. Linen rather discoloured on verso. c1810 £40.00
    Margary State 3.

  93. Hawkins (G), Lith. ILFRACOMBE FROM HILLSBOROUGH Lithograph, size 9" x 12", plus margins. Published by J. Banfield, c1837. £32.00
    Shows view across the bay with Lantern Hill in middle distance, sheep on rocks in foreground.


  94. Hemiock, Manor of GRANT by the Most Excellent Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall and of York and Earl of Chester, of the Wardship of John Every to John Bennet of Symonsborough in Dorset, yeoman, grandfather of John Every, his Highness' ward, and Barbara Every, late wife of John Every late of Symonsborough, gentleman. 61 lines, in English, on vellum, size 20" x 22", large calligraphic initial letter. Attached is a smaller sheet with 'The Extent and the Cleere Yeerely value of the Manor Messuages lands tenements and hereditaments late of John Every Gent', with values on the right, and a total, together with a column in very small script concerning inheritance in the Every family. Tag lacking wax seal. 1623. £75.00
    John Every had a fourth share of the Manor of Hemiock, with other lands.

  95. Honiton Manor Estate PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Outlying Portions of the Honiton Manor Estate, Situate close to the important Market Town of Honiton, comprising:- Hale Farm, Hutgate Lands, Ottery Moor Lands.... Folio, original printed wraps, 11pp, two folding plans in pocket at rear, occasional spotting. 1923. £27.00

  96. Lundy Island ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXVII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 25" x 37". Printed from an Electrotype 1879. O.S blindstamp 1883. £38.00

  97. Northlew APPOINTMENT and Conveyance in Fee of Church Town Meadow in Northlew, John Smale to John Smale the Younger. Vellum, size 23" x 26". 1859. £14.00
    Concerned 4 acres called Church Parks.

  98. Okehampton TRIENNIAL REPORT OF THE NINTH SCHOOL BOARD for the United District of Okehampton. Manuscript, foolscap, on 25 pages, the last page being a 'Statement of Account'. 1898. £30.00
    Includes list of teachers and pupil teachers employed, attendance, illegal employment of children, Evening Continuation Schools, Inspectors' Reports, etc.

  99. Rowe (George) BEAUTIES OF THE NORTH OF DEVON, Drawn and Published by Geo. Rowe. 12 lithographed views, each view approx. 5" x 7", bound in the original printed wraps, overall size of book:- 9" x 12", some light foxing mainly to margins, small worm hole to corner of margins and lower wrap, light soiling to wraps. Contained within a recently made box with ties, and label on the top. Seville Cottage, Mount Radford, Exeter: c1829. £270.00
    Similar to Abbey Scenery 124 though with 2 more views. The views are:- Capstone Hill; The Lantern Hill; Ilfracombe from Capstone Hill; Ilfracombe from Hillsborough; Watermouth; Entrance to Lynton and Lynmouth; Lynmouth; Lynmouth; At Lynmouth; The Valley of Rocks, Linton; Entrance to the Valley of Rocks; Barnstaple.

  100. Rowe (George) FORTY-EIGHT VIEWS OF COTTAGES AND SCENERY AT SIDMOUTH, Devon. Drawn from Nature and on stone by G. Rowe. Title + Dedication leaf + 48 lithographed views, with tissue guards, each view approx. 5" x 8", bound in the contemporary calf, with marbled panels on front and rear board, leather label on top board, spine gilt tooled in compartments, slightly rubbed, to edges, marbled endpapers, top board almost loose, small amount of spotting mainly to margins, some tissue guards creased. Sidmouth: Published by John Wallis, 1826. £995.00
    As well as general views of Sidmouth, it includes many views of the local cottages and other buildings of architectural interest, usually with the names of their owners. Many of the houses are in the 'cottage ornee' style. Includes North End Cottage, Levonia Cottage, Temple Cottage, Myrtle Cottage, Knowle Cottage, Woodland Cottage.

  101. Spreat (W) CHAWLEIGH CHURCH. Sketched and Drawn on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 5" x 8", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel c1842. £22.00
    Man, woman and child to the left foreground, and woman walking along path to wards church door.

  102. Stannaries of Devon PARTICULARS of the sale of the materials and effects sold by Public Auction 20th September 1860. 3pp, folio, manuscript, folded, stained and grubby. Gives price realised for the tin stuff and effects at auction, and by private contract, and account of the money received and paid by the Registrar of the Court pursuant to the Decrees for Sale, plaintiffs' costs, in the cause Dodd and others vs. Cock, etc. 1860. £18.00
    'Paid Thomas Hocking watching materials ... 44 days at 4s per day.... Charles Gudge and othes taking up pit work from underground... £3. 16s. 6d.... Carriage of Cost Book.... 1s 8d....'. A much later note in pencil says the Mine was 'The Duke, late Raven Rock'

  103. Tawstock POSTER 28" x 19", advertising auction of farm called Eastacombe. Folds. Affixed to corner is 4p. manuscript conditions of sale. With schedule giving field names etc. 1881. £18.00


  104. Tiverton, Bickleigh, Halberton PLANS, PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Estates and Properties Adjacent to the Town of Tiverton.... comprising The Historical Residence Known as Tiverton Castle.... Castle Barton, Ashley Pitt and Landfoot Farms... Rhode and Durkshayes and Higher Backswood.... Henbeer Far... Cottage Properties in Bickleigh... The whole about 1,437 Acres.... Which Whitton and Laing Will Sell by Auction.... 22nd day of September, 1922... 34pp., folio, photographic plates, three large folding plans inside back wrap, printed wraps. Loosely inserted is typed sheets with results and names of purchasers. Damp staining in top left corner, not affecting text, or plans, but with pinkish or brownish marks in top margins at left, with some disintegration of paper along part of top edge of wraps, and two inches of spine. 1922. £80.00

  105. Torquay ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP 1" to 1 mile, Fifth Edition, Sheet No. 145. Blue and black Ellis Martin Cover with hiker, cloth-backed. Fine condition. 1930's. £9.00
    'Book' type wraps.

  106. Wilson (J), Pub. THE BIDEFORD GAZETTE Facsimile reprint, original size, of the Bideford Gazette for March, 1854. 4pp., folded. 1954. £8.00
    With a poem on Bideford by Northam, article and portrait of Alfred Denbow of Bideford the youthful Mental Calculator.

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  107. Beaminster PROBATE of the Will of Richard Hine, Grocer. Large vellum sheet, plus small printed sheet with ms. inserts, large papered seal. 1844. £14.00

  108. Beaminster RELEASE of tenement and farm known as Chapel Down and Chapel Marsh, William Richards of Warmwell to William Dunning. Vellum, size 27" x 36", printed heading, 2 wax seals. 1736. £30.00
    Gives a long list of named lands, such as Wilkins Chapel, 36 acres; Little Dock Close, 4 acres; Wheat Marsh, 7 acres.

  109. Beaminster WILL Probate of the Will of William Dunning of Beaminster, Gentleman. 2 large folio sheets, papered seal on tag. 1748. £28.00
    Leaves money for hat-bands and gloves for the pall-bearers, to Oliver Hawkings Apothecary, and to Henry Dunning Doctor of Physick of Beaminster he leaves gold rings, shirts and cravats, cotton stockings, small tea dishes and saucers, six silver spoons marked with his cipher, etc.

  110. Bridport LETTER from Philip Harwood, a Minister to his 'Friends of the Bridport Unitarian Congregation', upon his leaving Bridport, thanking them for their gift and their support in the last five years. 3p, 4to. April 18th, 1840. £8.00

  111. Burton LEASE of a cottage, shop, stable and garden in Burton, George Pitt of Iwerne Courtney to John Lawrence of Burton, yeoman. Vellum, size 14" x 23", armorial wax seal. 1724. £22.00
    Names three 'lives'.

  112. Burton St. Luke's LEASE of lands at Burton called North Mead and Oxleaze, Sir Anthony Sturt of Hockfield, Hampshire, George Chefin of Chettle, and Humphrey Sturt of Horton in Dorset to Elizabeth Lawrence of Burton. Vellum, size 22" x 25", printed heading with coat of arms, 4 wax seals. 1738. £22.00

  113. Dorset BOOK OF NEWS CUTTINGS 4to book with 68 pages of cuttings pasted in, 4to cloth, half morocco, rubbed. Also pasted in are some programmes for the Teign Naturalists' Field Club Dorchester Excursion, 1904, transcript of a letter lent him by F. Harris Mitchell to Elizabeth Francis at Comb Flory describing a mutiny by General Monk's soldiers. Most of the cuttings concern Dorset and antiquarian matters. 1901-1907. £40.00
    Possibly compiled by W. de C. Prideaux as there are many press reviews of his work 'Dorset Manor Houses', obituaries of Prideaux Brune of Padstow. Loosely inserted is an actual photograph of a skeleton in a pit with a tape measure.

  114. East Burton and Wool PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Sporting and Agricultural Estate including East Burton Dairy and Brookhill Farm.... Trout and Salmon Fishing in the Frome.... which will be offered for Sale by Auction.... 21st September, 1929. Folio, 22pp., large folding plan loosely inserted. 1929. £24.00

  115. Geographia NEW ROAD MAP of Dorset and Adjacent Counties. Folding map, linen backed, scale 3 miles to an inch. Printed wraps, sm. 8vo. c1950? £6.00

  116. Graston LEASE of 21 acres of land in the parish of St. Lukes, Richard Roberts of Burton Bradstock to Thomas Fish of Bridport. On paper, size 18" x 27", three wax seals. Two small splits where folds meet. 1786. £18.00

  117. Medicine WILL of Henry Dunning, of Beaminster, Doctor in Physick. Vellum, size 16" x 26", signed by Henry Dunning, and three witnesses. Good armorial wax seal with skull and crossbones. Some browning of vellum. 1753. £30.00
    Leaves £100 in trust for his nephew to be educated in the study of Physick and take a degree, leaving him 'all my Study of Books whatsoever and wheresoever' and makes arrangements for his funeral with 'six poor men to be paid 2s 6d and a pair of gloves' to be his underbearers.

  118. Dorchester Quarter Sessions DORSETSHIRE TO WIT. THE NAMES OF THE JURORS summoned to be and appear before Her Majesty's Justices assigned to keep the Peace... to try as well the several Prisoners at the Bar as the several Persons on their Traverses at the General Quarter Sessions.... to be holden at Dorchester.... the twenty eighth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty two. Vellum roll, size 24" x 7", listing 60 names, with home town, occupation. 1842. £55.00
    Occupations include hairdresser, boat builder, pawnbroker, gilder.

  119. Dorchester Quarter Sessions DORSETSHIRE TO WIT. THE NAMES OF THE JURORS summoned to be and appear before Her Majesty's Justices assigned to keep the Peace... to try as well the several Prisoners at the Bar as the several Persons on their Traverses at the General Quarter Sessions.... to be holden at Dorchester.... the third day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty two. Vellum roll, size 27" x 8", listing 59 names, with home town, occupation. 1842. £55.00
    Occupations include spinner, innkeeper, mason, baker, and many yeomen.

  120. Rock's ROYAL BOURNEMOUTH CABINET ALBUM 16 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into magenta gilt boards, sm. 4to, corners very slightly rubbed. 8 are 2 to a page. c1880. £17.00
    Includes Corfe Castle, Hotel Mount Dore, The Arcade, Invalids Walk.

  121. Sadborrow, Thorncombe A TRUE AND PERFECT INVENTORY or appraisment of all and singular the Goods Chattles rights and Creditts of John Bragg Esq. late of Sadborrow in the County of Devon deceased Taken and apraised by us whose names are hereunto subscrib'd on Wensday 30th day of August 1749. Manuscript in a neat hand on 37 pages, 4to, marbled wraps. Inventory room by room listing items in Little Parlor, kitchen, pantry, servants' hall, cyder cellar, chamber, summer house, etc. Then 'Goods Sold to Mr. Bethel', 'Living Stock on the farm at Sadborrow, Grighay Dedlewood and Burstock' (includes in Sadborrow Stable '4 Coaching geldings.... £40'), 'Household Goods Sold at Sadborow 16,17,18th Jan. 1749' listing item sold, purchaser and price, (includes 'A Gunn by Nichols.... 16s', 'a pair of horse pistols'), 'Horses sold at Sadborrow Sept. 12, 1749 by auction', 'Sheep sold by auction 27th March 1750', and Cart Hoses, Waggons, Bullocks etc. 'An account of the plate pack'd into the portmanteau Trunck' including 'Large Silver waiter with the Bragg arms quartered with the Pawlets', 'A Coffee pott chas'd with Mr Braggs and his last wifes arms', 'A Cocoa Nutt Bowl sett in a Silver foot', 'late Mrs Braggs gold Watch with a crystal seal with her own and her husbands arms', 'An account of China pack'd up in the Great Trunk...' (Tea cups flower'd with blue and gold... Octagon Blew and White Tea Cups and Saucers'. 1750. £170.00
    The Bragges were the largest landowners in the district.

  122. Sadborrow, Thorncombe RENT BOOK of Bragg family, Sadborrow. 4to account book, parchment binding, size 8" x 6", frayed ties. Notes on Bragg family documents in ink on front board. Lists rents received every quarter from named tenants, Lady Day, 1695 - Midsummer 1713. 88 pages of rents, plus blanks, and at the back an alphabetical Index, with entries under name of tenant, listing lands let, with conditions, sold, and sums received (this does not duplicate the entries in the first part). For example 'Mar. 25th 1695. Let to Widow Hitchcock and her son Joshua... Castlewood, and Coopers Close, with the Common on Blackdown hill (inclosed) belonging to Winsland farm for 10£ per annum... Wid. Hitchcock only to plow the 2 grounds above the house... to take the wood of the hedges, ditching them as they have bin formerly, and Joshua Hitchcock to plow the great Castlewood.' 8 pages of entries. 1695-1713. £230.00
    Names of tenants include Rowsell, Bowditch, French, Hallett, Burridge, Paul.

  123. Swanage PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of all that Freehold Cottage Property known as 'Summer's Terrace'.... Which Messrs Plummers are favoured with instructions to offer for Sale by Auction.... 27th October, 1919. 4pp., sm. folio. 1919. £8.00

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  124. Long Newton Estate, Stockton-on-Tees PARTICULARS OF SALE AND PLAN of Valuable Freehold Farms on the Highroad between Stockton and Darlington... Which will be Sold by Auction... 17th day of September 1890. Folio, printed wraps, description of lots inside front wrap, very large folding plan, coloured in outline. Back wrap, with docket title, dusty. 1890. £35.00

  125. Ryhope, Silksworth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XIV. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx. 23" x 35", linen-backed. Map hand coloured geologically, and much geological information added in neat black lettering (e.g. 'Strewn with limestone', 'sand dark-coloured at surface' etc.). In top margin is written 'Geological information copied at 28 Jermyn Street from the original manuscript map 20th September 1890. The original map geologically surveyed by W. Howell.' Map published 1861, MS information added later. £50.00
    Covers several collieries.

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  126. Bradwell Marshes ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LVI, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. One field shaded. Over three-quarters of the map is sea or Flats. 1880. £16.00

  127. Hadleigh PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SEVERAL MESSUAGES AND COTTAGES, WITH LARGE GARDENS..... To be Sold by Auction by Alfred Rodd.... on Saturday, June 13th, 1868, at the Crown Inn, Rayleigh.... Folio, 5pp, docket title, folded. 1868. £16.00

  128. Purleigh COPY OF A CLAUSE in the Will of Mr Wm. Sturgeon decd. dated 3d Mar. 1763. whereby he devises his Farm in Purleigh to his youngest Daur. Eliz. Sturgeon. 1p., sm. folio, plus blank conjoint leaf. Attested as being a rue copy by Wm. Smart. 1772. £10.00
    Refers to lands he purchased of Mr Beal, and his arm lying in Layer de la Hay in the occupation of John Bridge Wheelwright, and messuage late in the occupation of Thomas Peake.

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  129. Alkington FEOFFMENT of tenement called Claypitts in Alkington, and land in Westfield, a parcel of land called Galgrove, a close in Wyndley, in Goldswick, James Lawrence to William Curnock of North Nibley, son of Richard Curnock, deceased. Vellum, size 12" x 15", 37 lines in a small neat hand. Remains of wax seal on tag. Signed and witnessed by three people. Attractive calligraphic initial letter. 1583. £40.00
    With signed memorandum on verso saying possession of the within-named lands was taken 3rd August 1583.

  130. Alvington LEASE FOR A YEAR of a cottage, an acre of land, wood ground by the name of Roughett, in Alvington. Attested copy on single large sheet, folio, plus cover leaf with docket title. James Parsons and Ann and Mary Davis to George Williams. 1805. £14.00

  131. Avening and Minchinhampton PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of valuable freehold estates... comprising a family residence called 'Sandford House', Corn Mill, Farm Homesteads, numerous cottages, and 256a. 2r. 31p of productive land, to be Sold by Auction... Nailsworth, 27th July, 1886. 6pp., folio, folded with docket title, large coloured folding plan. Spine split and repaired with archival tape. 1886. £38.00

  132. Cheltenham CATALOGUE OF HORSES To be Sold by Auction by Warner, Sheppard & Wade Ltd. at The Repository, Cheltenham, Oct. 13th.... Catalogue, 4pp., folio, folded. Lists 96 horses under owner's name, with type of horse, age, character, prizes won, where hunted, brief history etc. Three horizontal folds, with water staining and discolouration along folds, tear in margin at two folds, some foxing spots. Loosely inserted is Catalogue of Carriages, Harness & Saddlery for sale after the horses. 1p. 4to. n.d. late 19th century. £45.00
    Owners include Hartigan Brothers, Waterford; Asgill Colville; R.C Berkeley; Charles Tilley, Huntsfield Court ('sold on account of Owner having bought a Motor Car').

  133. Cheltenham CATALOGUE of Household Furniture and Effects being the Contents of 'The Laurels', St. Stephen's Road. 16pp., 8vo. 1897. £6.00

  134. Cirencester HANDBILL advertising 'Cotswold House to be let Furnished... Six Miles from Cirencester and Eleven from Cheltenham'. Lists rooms on 3 floors, stabling, garden, greenhouse, etc. Size approx. 11" x 8", some offsetting. c1840. £18.00

  135. Coleford ASSIGNMENT AND RELEASE of a Mortgage Term of 1000 years, Richard James of Coleford, yeoman and John Rosser of Coleford, Stonecutter, to Messrs. Marklove and Hicks, relating to six acres in Coleford known as Lower Long Leazes. 2 large vellum sheets, slightly yellowed, 5 wax seals. Lease for a year on paper loosely inserted. 1809. £16.00

  136. Coleford DEED OF APPOINTMENT from Mrs Yarworth to her son James of the third part of an estate in Coleford. Comprises dwelling house and land adjoining called Strowes Meadow, house called Boxbush, nine pieces of land including Ambroses Meadow, Great and Little Corks Land, etc. Large vellum sheet, wax seal, signed Elizabeth Yarworth. 1763. £18.00

  137. Coleford MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT between James Yearworth of Newland and Elizabeth Coster of Coleford. 2 large vellum sheets, signed by 7 parties with wax seals. Some minor browning in places. Refers to house and lands in Coleford. 1730. £30.00

  138. Dymock PROBATE of the will of Thomas Onions of Ryton, yeoman. Vellum, size 20" x 23", printed certificate and large papered seal attached. 1874. £8.00

  139. Gloucester Bank POSTER To Capitalists and Others. 100 Shares in the County of Gloucester Bank, Late the Property of John James, deceased, Esq.... By Auction at the Plough Hotel, Cheltenham, On Thursday, the 27th of July, 1848.... One Hundred Valuable Shares in Lots of Ten Each.... 18" x 11" printed on one side only. Some off-setting. 1848. £35.00

  140. Gloucester BILL of the Ram Commercial Inn and Tavern, made out for June 13, 1842, for dinner, sherry, servant, horse. 8vo, engraved vignette heading, by Holland, Birmingham, showing the inn with carriages in front, size approx 2" x 4". Stab hole at top edge. 1842. £14.00

  141. Gloucestershire War Agricultural Executive Committee POSTER. MILITARY SERVICE. By Royal Proclamation issued 20th April, 1918. Printed on one side only, size approx. 17" x 11", folded. L.A. Smart & Son, Printers, Northgate Street, Gloucester. (1918) £8.00
    Refers to appeals for exemption for 'highly skilled agricultural workers whole time employed on a farm on farm work.... '

  142. Liberal Party LEATHER STATIONERY WALLET with lock, lacks key, with metal shield on the back, engraved with 'A Souvenir of Earl Spencer's Visit to Gloucester No. 10th 1896. Presented to W.J. Arnold by William Wooding Secretary of the Midland Liberal Federation....' Pigskin rubbed, handle detached and placed in pocket. 1896. £10.00

  143. Mangotsfield CONVEYANCE AND ASSIGNMENT of two fourths of the share by the Will of Thomas Rutter given to his Daughter Rachel Fry... in his Residuary's.... Estate. 3 vellum sheets, 22" x 30", 6 wax seals, detailed Schedule of lands in Mangotsfield including Old Quarry, with occupiers. 1859. £16.00

  144. Newent PARTICULARS of a choice Freehold Residential Estate known as 'The Holts', comprising a Well-Built Residence with Conservatories, Vineries, Pleasure Grounds... for Sale by Auction... May 2nd 1893.... 3pp., folio, plus full page coloured plan, scale 1 chain to an inch. 1893. £25.00

  145. Newland PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Beautiful Freehold Property Situate on the Banks of the Picturesque and Romantic River Wye... in the Vicinity of the far famed Tintern Abbey, distinguished as the Newland Valley Estate... together with Extensive well Timbered Woodlands... also The Kings Head Inn, A Timber yard and Wharf adjoining the River Wye, and several Cottages... which will be sold by Auction... at The Mart, Tokenhouse yard, near the Bank of England... the 15th July... in One Lot. Folio, 13pp. Front cover in tinted lithography, with decorative titles in white, and fine view of Valley House. Very attractive large folding fully hand-coloured map with inset at scale 3 chains to an inch of the village of Lower Redbrook. 1869. £120.00
    '...there is a good stock of both winged and ground game. The Estates also possess a Frontage to the Wye, there are two pools well stocked with trout and other Fish... many Elevated Sites, splendidly Timbered, commanding panoramic views of great extent over this proverbially lovely district...' Included Highbury, Glyn, Tanhouse, Lodges, Valley House Farms.

  146. Slimbridge PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate Known as Kingston Farm, with Good Farm House & Buildings, Four Cottages, 116 Acres.... and Orcharding.... close to some of the best meets of Lord Fitzhardinge's Hounds.... to Be Sold by Auction.... 28th June, 1884. 4pp., folio, folded, large hand-coloured folding plan loosely inserted. 1884. £36.00

  147. South Cerney TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By Mr Jefferies, At the George Inn, South Cerney, On Saturday, the 29th of June, 1844.... Freehold Property Situate in South Cerney. Poster, printed on one side only, size approx. 17" x 11".' With it are 'Conditions of Sale', 4pp, with manuscript notes and amendments. Two 2" tears in poster, neatly repaired on verso with archival tape. Henry Smith, Printer & Bookseller, Cirencester: 1844. £20.00

  148. Stanton WILL of Joseph Evans of Stanton. 5p folio, signed with wax seal. 1833. £14.00
    Refers to farm and lands called Butler's Ground, Upper Orchard etc.


  149. Wickwar CONVEYANCE by Appointment and Release of Lands at Wickwar, Arthur Hockley of Wickwar, William Jones, Labourer, master, and Thomas Watts, Labourer and others, Stewards of a Society of Tradesmen formerly meeting at the Kings Arms in Wickwar and now meeting at the house of John Chandler known as the New Inn, Revd. Thomas Jones and others to Joseph Plaister, shopkeeper, of Wickwar. 3 vellum sheets, some browning and rubbing, outside dusty, signed by 48 parties, with small wax seals, on the last sheet, some with their marks, and again on the back of one sheet, without seals, acknowledging receipt of £250 paid by Plaister. 1819. £45.00
    The names of the parties are given in the body of the deed, all with occupations, including farrier, pargeter, woolstribbler, woolcomber, mason. The majority are listed as labourers. Parishes they come from include Tortworth, Yate, Hawkesbury, Cromhall.

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  150. Andover ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS Plans and Conditions of Sale of... The Over Wallop Estate, including Seven Corn-growing and Dairying Farms... Watercress Bed, numerous Cottages... about 2,418 acres, Valuable Sporting Rights.... for Sale by Auction... 24th August, 1932... 32pp., sm. folio, large folding coloured plan, 2 pages of photographs. 1932. £38.00

  151. Crawley Clump ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets XXXII.16 scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Edition of 1910. £10.00
    Shows Crawley Clump, Lackwhistle Farm, Roman Rd.

  152. Hayling, Portsmouth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Parts of Sheet No. LXXXIV, LX, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen-backed, folding into 8vo wraps. Small area near Mengham outlined in red. 1932. £18.00
    Covers part of Portsmouth, Hayling Island, Chichester Harbour.

  153. Headley Park ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets XXXVI.11 scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Minor tear in margin. Edition of 1910. £12.00
    Shows Pickets Hill Farm, Headleywood Farm, River Wey.

  154. Heathfield PARTICULARS, PLAN, PHOTOGRAPHS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF, the Valuable Freehold Residential Property known as HEATHFIELD situate in the Parish of Christchurch east and including a Substantially-Built Residence.... Good Stabling, Home Farmhouse & Buildings Two Cottages and Lodge.... the whole covering a total of 99 acres. Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... to Sell by Auction at Winchester House, Old Broad Street, London EC. on Thursday, the 8th day of July, 1920. Folio, with large coloured folding plan, mounted photo on front cover and 4 photographic illusts on 2 sheets, 12pp, original printed wraps. 1920. £22.00

  155. Ryde Isle of Wight AUCTION POSTER. Messrs. Wallis, Riddett & Co. Will Sell by Auction The Antique and Modern Furniture formerly the complete Equipment of "Beech Cottage. Ryde.... Size 30" x 20". 1895. £17.00
    Includes 'Cushion-Tyred Safety Bicycle', 'Antique Carved Oak Furniture'.

  156. Seaton & Allix, Southampton SEATON AND ALLIX'S PATENT AUTOMATIC CLEAT Single advertising sheet, sm. folio, decoratively printed title, illustration of blinds etc. Slight browning at fold, small tear. c1860. £18.00
    'The Window and Carriage Blinds, as fitted up by Messrs. S. & A. are drawn up by means of a parbuckle or cord, attached to which is a chain, which on being dropped from the hand falls into the Patent Cleat, and stops the blind at any height required.'

  157. Shirley BILLHEAD of H. Godden, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, Undertaker &c. Fine engraved heading showing funeral procession. 8vo. Made out to Miss Buxton for 'passing the Nell for the Late Mrs Buxton'. 1850. £10.00

  158. Southampton LEASE of a piece of land with the buildings thereon in Three Field Lane, George King to Rolles Driver. Single vellum sheet, wax seal, coloured plan size 9" x 8" in text. 1859. £16.00

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  159. Allensmore APPOINTMENT AND CONVEYANCE of a cottage and garden land at Allensmore, John Perrott of Allensmore to Daniel Dinery of The Callow. Large vellum sheet, 3 wax seals. 1849. £10.00

  160. Cradley PARTICULAR of the Manor and Estates of Cradley, in the County of Hereford, which will be Sold by Auction, by W. Handy, at the Crown Inn, in the City of Worcester. On Friday the 30th Day of January, 1801. 10pp, folio, plus docket title, each leaf inlaid in larger thick sheet of paper, disbound, folded. 1801. £95.00
    The Manor included 'a large Tract of the Southerly Part of the Malvern Hills, and some other valuable Commons and Waste' and over 100 Copyhold Estates, listed with occupiers names for most of them. Farms were The Seed Farm, Batchcombe, Whitmonds and Whippiatts, and Crumpall Hill.

  161. Hereford, Monmouth, Gloucestershire APPOINTMENT of Trustees of Mrs. Burr's Marriage Settlement. 10 large vellum sheets, with detailed Schedules, 5 wax seals. 1874. £16.00
    Marden, Humber, Stoke Prior, Hereford; Chepstow, Monmouth; Rodmarton, Aylburton, Lydney, Gloucestershire.

  162. Little Birch ASSIGNMENT OF A MORTGAGE of a cottage at Little Birch, William Pritchard to Richard Hall. Large vellum sheet, two wax seals, ink slightly faded. Some relevant documents on paper loosely inserted. 1826. £10.00

  163. Three Ashes AUCTION CATALOGUE for sale of 'Treribble', Three Ashes. Residential and Agricultural Property Including Fine Old House... Pleasure Garden... in all 65 acres... 9pp., 4to, stiff wraps, photos and plan. 1934. £12.00

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  164. Bacon's MAP OF HUNTINGDONSHIRE Colour printed map size approx. 12" x 18", central fold. Reduced from the Ordnance Survey, scale " to 1 mile. Divided into 5 mile squares. c1885. £8.00
    From 'Bacon's Atlas of The British Isles'.

  165. Fenton TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By Mr. Lovell, On Monday the 2d Day of June, 1806 at the Crown Inn, St. Ives.... The following Desirable Estates.... Lists 12 Lots, all 'Closes' with acreage, and occupiers. On verso are Conditions and completed memorandum. Single folio sheet, 3 folds, manuscript additions listing amount of rent payable, freehold etc. 1806. £20.00

  166. Godmanchester TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by Messrs. Jenkinson and Lovell.... 5th day of October, 1803.... A Very Desirable Farm, comprising Seventy Three Acres and Half a Rood of Arable Land, Leys and Meadow.... Handbill, size 11" x 9", traces of folds, 'Seventy-Three' has been altered to 'Seventy-Two' in ink. Jenkinson, Huntingdon, Printers, 1802. £30.00

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  167. Allhallows, Isle of Grain ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. V, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers, water features hand coloured. Two very small areas shaded, with date. About half the map is sea area. 1869. £22.00

  168. Cary (John), Engraver KENT Engraved map size 8" x 10", hand-coloured in outline. Title, scale bar and small compass rose. Small stain in margin below plate mark... together with... Cole and Roper KENT. Engraved map size 7" x 9", roads, parkland, coast etc. hand-coloured. 2 items. 1787 and 1806. £22.00

  169. Erith & Wrotham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Very Valuable Freehold Estate called The Marsh Farm.... and a Public House called The Chequers or Halfway House, Situate on the Banks of the River Thames, at Erith.... and also of a Freehold Estate, consisting of the Bull Inn and Posting House, Situate at Wrotham, Kent. For Sale by Auction.... 23rd September, 1847. Folio, 3pp, fine hand-coloured double-page plan of Lot 1 with table of reference, possibly lacks plan of Lot 2. 1846. £26.00

  170. Halcot Bexley PARTICULARS, VIEWS, PLAN, & CONDITIONS OF SALE OF The Valuable Freehold Property known as "HALCOT" embracing a Georgian Residence.... Attractive Gardens and Grounds.... in all about 82 acres.... For Sale by Auction by Messrs. Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... at the London Auction Mart.... on Wednesday, July 10th, 1935. Folio, with large coloured folding plan in pocket at rear, 2 photographic illusts, 10pp, original printed wraps. 1935. £24.00
    Gives description of the house room by room.

  171. Hooper (S), Publisher SALTWOOD CASTLE, KENT Copper engraving, size 4" x 6", wide margins... together with... Rochester Castle... Allington Castle. 3 items. 1784. £18.00
    From 'Grose's Antiquities'.

  172. Kippington Court, Sevenoaks PARTICULARS OF THE VERY FINE TUDOR MANSION Known as "KIPPINGTON COURT," Sevenoaks.... in all about 30 acres. Sole Agents Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... Price £25,000. With 5 photographic illusts on 3 sheets, 4to, 12pp, original printed card covers with pasted-on photo. c.1930. £20.00

  173. Margate LETTER from John Barber in London to Francis Cobb, Bank, Margate. Letter on 1p, folio, expressing his doubts about the Philanthropic Annuity Institution, saying he will pay money due to Sir Jas. Esdail & Co. on his account, etc. On the conjoint leaf is an account of expenses due to Barber, Aug. 1806 - Feb. 1807, including 'changing diaper' '12 Bibles', 'Hatt for Thomas'. Folded with large wax seal, address panel. 1807. £10.00

  174. Sutton Valence, Grafty Green ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LIII. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Some hand-shading of boundaries, two minor repaired edge tears. First edition 1875. £30.00

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  175. Accrington New Hold Manor of SURRENDER of Elizabeth Woodcock of land at Oakley Rawtenstall, at the Halmot Court of the Clitheroe Estate Company. Vellum, small plan in margin. 1908. £12.00

  176. Blackburn GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LXXXIX N.E., size approx. 13" x 15", plus wide margins, key in right-hand margin. Surface slightly dusty. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1899. £25.00

  177. Bury LEASE for 999 years of a plot of ground with the buildings and improvements thereon, belonging to Chesham Fold Estate, called The Moss, John Phillips of Manchester, Haberdasher and Joseph Wright, Taylor, to Abraham Kershaw, of Blue Bell in Bury. Vellum, size 21" x 28", two wax seals. 1782. £16.00

  178. Carlton LEASE of a messuage in Carlton for a yearly rent of five shillings and eight pence, George Hull the elder to John Silcock of Harthorne, husbandman. On vellum, size 10" x 17", wax seal on tag. Vellum rather thin and rubbed in parts, 1" split at a fold. 1635. £17.00

  179. Clitheroe, Thornton GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. 92 S.W (New Series 68), size approx. 13" x 15", plus wide margins, key in margins. Surface dusty, some edge tears. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1904. £24.00
    Shows numerous faults in white lines, and a few mineral veins in gold.

  180. Formby ABSTRACT OF THE TITLE to a leasehold plot of Land and dwellinghouse situate in Formby. 8p., folio. Small coloured sketch plan in margin. 1880. £14.00
    The plot was half an acre, near the Liverpool and Southport Railway line.

  181. Liverpool ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 25" to 1 mile. Sheet CVI.14. Size 28" x 38". Edition of 1903. Printed 1927. £18.00
    Covers Princes Graving Dock to Kings Dock, Lime Street Terminus, Infirmary.

  182. Radcliffe LEASE of Mount Zion Bleach Works and lands in Radcliffe, The Earl of Wilton to John Slagg of Manchester, Commission Merchant. Vellum, size 24" x 28", 2 sheets, schedule, on verso of the second sheet is a good full-page manuscript plan, scale 1" = 3 chains, coloured in outline, showing the River Irwell, old Cut, reservoirs, buildings, print works, house and pleasure garden, fields with names and acreage, adjoining owners named. Outside dusty, two small holes in vellum about a quarter inch in diameter. 1875. £46.00
    Includes the Mount Zion Waterfall on the Irwell.

  183. Rochdale NUMBER AND NAMES OF ALL THE LOCKS upon the line of the Rochdale Canal from the Junction of the Calder and Hebble Navigation to Manchester showing the length and breadth of each Lock and the distance from each other. Manuscript on large sheet size 40" x 26", listing approx. 90 locks with 20 columns for measurements such as 'Breadth of the Head', 'Breadth of the Bottom Bar' 'Distance from Sowerby' etc. Laid down on conservation paper, some loss of paper at top and left edges, area approx. 3" long torn from bottom left corner, with loss of the list numbers of the last few locks. A few rust spots. c1840. £140.00

  184. Seacombe PROSPECTUS for a Smelting and Lead Company, at the Seacombe Works, Liverpool. Capital £20,000 in 200 Shares of £100 each. 2pp., folio, blank conjoint leaf. Top corners worn, a few small edge tears repaired with document tape, traces of folds. c1850. £38.00
    The works contain 'three furnaces saturated with lead, four refineries for separating the silver... the machinery consists of a crushing mill, a complete apparatus for drawing lead pipes... a rolling mill... steam engine of 30 horses power...' Emphasises savings to be made by bringing the ores by sea, mentioning ores from Scotland, Cumberland, South Wales, Cornwall, Devon.

  185. Tradesman's verses COPY OF VERSES BY A POOR TRADESMAN 'Friends, it is with feeling of the deepest regret that we are at present compelled... to offer these few simple verses to your notice... the only means left us at present to support the tender thread of our existance....' Printed sheet, folded, decorative border, 4to, printed on one side only, thin paper, with 'A Blessing', 'Copy of Verses by a Poor Tradesman', and 'Stanza'. Price One Penny. At the bottom is printed in heavy type 'We are a Party of Calico Printers from Ramsbottom, Lancashire'... together with a similar sheet, with three verses, 'Please give what you think proper to the Bearer for this paper, who is out of employ'. Small vignette of bible and books. Slight browning, small repaired tear at fold. c1860(?) £35.00
    The second item has a topical poem 'The Spiritual Railway': 'The Bible is the engineer/It points the way to heaven so clear.... God's love the fire, his truth the steam...' etc.

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  186. Binbrook and Kelstern PARTICULARS OF A VERY DESIRABLE FREEHOLD SMALL AGRICULTURAL ESTATE COMPRISING "LAMBCROFT WALK" FARM of 259 acres and "Bingham's Top" Farm of 103 acres. For Sale by Auction at the the Town Hall, Louth, on Wednesday, February 25th, 1948. Large coloured folding plan, 5pp, sm 4to, original printed wraps. 1948. £12.00

  187. Bishops Norton Estate ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, CONDITIONS OF SALE OF AND PLANS of the Freehold Residential, Agricultural and Sporting BISHOPS NORTON ESTATE About 1,602 Acres. "T.T." Dairy and Mixed Farm.... Archer House.... Norton Place.... To be offered for Sale by Auction..... by Messrs. Lofts & Warner at the Upper Room, The Exchange Arcade, Lincoln, On Tuesday, 19th July 1955. Large coloured folding plan loosely inserted, 7 photographic illusts, 32 + (1)pp, folio, original printed wraps slightly spotty and dusty. 1955. £20.00

  188. Black Bank Farm, Messingham PARTICULARS OF "BLACK BANK FARM" Extending to 118 acres 1 rood 32 perches with Farmhouse and Buildings. For Sale by Auction at the Angel Hotel, Brigg, On Thursday, July 15th, 1948. Coloured folding plan in pocket at rear, 4pp, sm 4to, original printed wraps. 1948. £12.00

  189. Brigg AUCTION SALE PARTICULARS Three sale particulars, for Cleatham Hall Estate (1961), Springfield House, Wrawby (no date probably c1960), College Farm, Thornton Curtis and Priory Farm, Goxhill (1961). All folio, glossy wraps, with photos and map. 3 items. 1961. £16.00

  190. Moor Farm, Linwood PARTICULARS AND PLAN OF MOOR FARM.... Extending to 63 acres. For Sale by Public Auction..... at the Corn Exchange, Market Rasen, On Tuesday, 13th October, 1964. Small coloured folding plan loosely inserted, 4pp, sm 4to, original printed wraps. 1964. £12.00


  191. Slingsby, Belton, Beltoft, Isle of Axholme LETTING AGREEMENT BOOK of John Collinson, Steward and agent to William Johnson. Manuscript recording leases on the estate from 1752 - 1818. 282 full pages, plus blanks, neatly written, bound in full reversed blindstamped calf boards, size 8" x 6", tuck in flap, with frayed silk tie, chipped at top of spine. Bookplate of Christopher Barber Collinson, Beltoft, inside back board. 1752-1818. £300.00
    For example the first 4 pages record the lease to William Brown of 'The Capital Mansion House called Temple Belwood' and various named lands, for £170 a year, with detailed conditions on husbandry methods, e.g. 'the closes to be plow'd and neatly laid down with good natural grass seeds.... thirty waggon loads of good rotten manure to an acre... Tenant to leave Dovecots well stocked with Pigeons' and so on. Mentions various rooms in the house, for example 'the little Room which was Mr. Popplewell's study.' The leases often include Schedules of fields, and go into great detail, setting out the obligations of Landlord and Tenant. At the house called 'Newintacks' the Landlord was 'to make a Dairy or Milkness the Tenant Loading the Materials for the same gratis but the Landlord may dissent from this contract and make the same void... if he should not upon Inquiry hear such a Character of the Tenant as he likes'. The agreements are signed by Alan or William Johnson, or Collinson, and the tenant, often with his mark, and witnessed. Some leases refer to enclosing commons in Crowle, for example a common called 'Overwrath' was 'to be let in Gates at one pound each gate... The Townspeople of Crowle to have the preference in hiring the said gates....'. Also mentioned are the tithes of Crowle, the Quaker Meeting house Cottages, Belwood Hall Farm, Farm at Clouds Lane, Bolton, house at Derrythorpe, farm at Temple Belwood.

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  192. Cadogan Place, Sloane Street PARTICULARS, WITH CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Completely Modernised and beautifully Appointed and Decorated Town residence.... To be offered for Sale by Auction, At the Mart, Tokenhouse Yard, E.C., by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Son & Oakley, on Monday, the 4th of July, 1910.... Folio, 9 + (1)pp, original printed wraps. 1910. £25.00

  193. Childs, Printer, Teddington THE KING'S DINNER TO THE POOR Saturday July 5, 1902. Volunteers as Stewards Wanted to Assist at Each Dinner. The Lord Mayor of London and the Mayors of 28 London Boroughs ask for the loyal cooperation of London Volunteers.... Poster, folded, size 30" x 19", printed in blue in large type. Split of 15" at vertical fold, repaired on verso with document tape. 1902. £16.00

  194. Edmonton LEASE FOR A YEAR of 3 roods in the Common Marsh of Edmonton, William Rolfe of Lombard Street, haberdasher to Abraham Jones, Carpenter, of Edmonton. Vellum, 13" x 24", written in a fine large hand, printed heading with coat of arms, wax seal with bust. Signed by Rolfe with a bold signature. 1728. £25.00

  195. Edmonton RELEASE of 3 roods of land in the Common Marsh of Edmonton, William Rolfe, Citizen and Haberdasher, to Abraham Jones, Carpenter. Vellum, size 21" x 27", wax seal. Signed by 3 witnesses on verso. 1728. £22.00

  196. Falmouth House, St James's Square PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Magnificent Freehold Mansion known as FALMOUTH HOUSE, 2 ST. JAMES'S SQUARE.... the stabling No 6 CHARLES STREET.... Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... have received instructions to submit this Property for Sale by Auction..... On Thursday, 8th July, 1920. Large coloured folding plan, 7 + (1)pp, loose in the original printed wraps, short tears to inner and outer margins where once folded. 1920. £26.00

  197. Freehold Properties PARTICULARS, PLAN, VIEWS, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Properties comprising An Excellent and Most Attractive Family Residence, situated on the Main Road from Uxbridge to Slough and known as SANDSTONE.... in all about 15a. 1r. 27p. also a cottage.... and Adjoining a Convenient Residence situated on the River Colne and known as LAMBOURN.... EXTENDING TO 5 Acres, and a Cottage in CHERRY TREE LANE. To be offered for Sale by Auction by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... on Thursday, the 5th of June, 1919.... Folio, coloured folding plan, 2 photographic illusts, 15 + (1)pp, original printed wraps. 1919. £25.00

  198. Gill (Macdonald) MAP OF THE ELECTRIC RAILWAYS OF LONDON Colour printed map showing 10 lines, with Reference, size 10" x 13", folded, with small plans of city centre, main line connections, list of first and last trains etc. on verso. Folding to 5" x 3", title in red and black. 1922. £32.00

  199. Hackney ASSIGNMENT of a brick messuage at Clapton known by the sign of the Windsor Castle, Charles Hurt, Surgeon, to Robert Targus, Victualler. Vellum sheet, two wax seals. Receipted on verso. Ink rather blotchy in places, with some rubbing at folds. 1766. £12.00

  200. High Holborn ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Business Premises..... Comprising Nos 319 to 323a (consec.) HIGH HOLBORN and No 47 SOUTHAMPTON BUILDING, London, W.C.1.... Sale by Auction.... by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... on Wednesday, 26th March, 1958..... Coloured plan, photographic illust, 8pp, 4to, original printed wraps. 1958. £15.00

  201. Hornsey LEASE of premises No. 68 Queens Road Hornsey, Charles Hambridge to Mrs Mary Ann Catchpole. Large vellum sheet, printed with manuscript inserts, small coloured sketch plan in margin. 1879. £12.00

  202. Ingram Court, Fenchurch Street DEED to lead Uses of Recovery between Ann Haywood, widow of Joseph Hayward, Merchant, and her son Thomas Hayward, Hosier, and Francis Pease of Threadneedle Street. Contemporary attested copy on paper, 3p folio, folded with docket title. Refers to brick messuages in Fenchurch Street near a court called Ingram Court, known by the sign of the three Kings, the Black Lyon, the Cross Keys or Queen's Head, together with the Gateway out of the Court and the rooms over it, and various lands at East and West Ham in Essex and at Barnes Green in Surrey. Attested copy 1762 of original of 1753. £22.00
    Names occupiers.

  203. Lincolns Inn Fields APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE apprentising Henry Owens, Brother of Robert Owens of Carlisle Place in the parish of Saint Mary Lambeth, gentleman, to Joseph Taylor of Great Wyld Street, Lincolns Inn Fields, Gold and Silver Beater, for seven years. Vellum, size 10" x 9", printed with manuscript inserts, signed by the three parties with wax seals, witnessed. Some dust-staining, 1838. £25.00
    With the usual stipulations about fornication, cards, dice, and haunting taverns and playhouses.

  204. Marylebone COUNTERPART LEASE of no. 47 Great Cumberland Place Bryanston Square, William Holsworth to R. Nelson. Two large vellum sheets, small wax seal. 1869. £18.00
    With detailed 16-line Schedule of the fittings of the house at the end, for example, in the drawing room were 'two Register grates with bronze mouldings black bars and an extra set of bright shifting bars to each, four lever bell pulls, three sash fasteners....'

  205. Marylebone Road PARTICULARS, PLAN, & CONDITIONS OF SALE OF, The Valuable Leasehold Residence known as No 21 Nottingham Place, Marylebone Road.... To be offered for for Sale by Auction by Messrs. Daniel Sith, Oakley, & Garrard at Winchester House, Old Broad St, E.C. 2, on Wednesday, July 28th, 1920. Folio, with large coloured folding plan, 7 + (1)pp, original printed wraps. 1920. £18.00

  206. Piccadilly THE PARTICULARS of that Spacious and Distinguished Residence... Opposite the Green Park, at the South-East Corner of Hamilton Place... Detached Laundry, Stabling for Eight Horses and Standing for Four Carriages; Held of the Crown... which will be Sold by Auction by Mr. Squibb & Son... 26th day of June, 1818. 3p., folio, plus docket title. Detailed description of the rooms in the Mansion. 1818. £40.00
    'the chimney piece in the Room is very costly and elegant, of statuary marble, beautifully sculputred...'

  207. Saint George the Martyr PROBATE of the Will of Catherine Kitchin, widow. Vellum, size 22" x 26", with smaller printed certificate, manuscript inserts, and fine large papered seal of the Perogative Court of Canterbury. 1785. £24.00
    Mentions the gift of fifty pounds she had made to her neice Amelia Kitchin towards settling her in the business of Wills Coffee House in Serls Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields.

  208. St. James PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Important Freehold Properties known as No 2 ST. JAMES'S PLACE and No 5 ST. JAMES'S PLACE St. James's London, S.W. Right in the Heart of Clubland.... For Sale by Auction by Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... On Wednesday, 16th May, 1923. Coloured plan, 4 + (1)pp, folio, original printed wraps. 1923. £20.00

  209. St. Paul, Deptford LEASE of no. 26 Arbuthnot Road New Cross, The Haberdashers' Company, Governors of the Almshouse and Free Grammar School of William Jones in Monmouth to Frederick Cavalli, Stationer. Printed on vellum, 21" x 26", coloured sketch plan size 10" x 7" in text, large papered red seal of William Jones Monmouth Charity, two wax seals. 1898. £15.00

  210. St. Paul's Church, London ROYAL GRANTS Manuscript on 10p, sm. folio, unbound, listing grants to St. Pauls from the Conqueror to Charles II. Copied from the Index to the Royal Grants. early 19th century. £40.00
    Lists 80 items. e.g. 'Henry 3ds grant to Mattew de Malteby a free Warren & a Market & fair at Runewell'.

  211. Stoppered Bottles, microscopical slides PRICE LIST of George Holt & Co., Brixton Hill. 4pp., folio, printed in blue, illustrations of bottles. Traces of folds. Jan. 1920. £10.00

  212. Wandsworth, Battersea PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Ground Rents.... secured upon seventy-seven houses and extensive stabling.... 14 Freehold Houses, Freehold Beerhouse.... To Be Sold By Auction by Messrs. Glasier & Sons.... October 18th, 1894. 9pp, folio, 2 coloured plans, one of which is folding, reinforced at spine, a few tears at edges of pages. 1894. £26.00

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  213. Bedford (F), Photographed by EASTNOR CASTLE, THE PRINCIPAL FRONT. Photograph size 4" x 6", mounted on thin card with printed title... together with a slightly faded albumen print of the river at Brockweir, sailing boats beached on the mud, photographer not named. c1880. £16.00

  214. Chepstow PARTICULARS OF SALE With a Brief History and Description, of the Venerable Castle of Stiguil, commonly known as 'Chepstow Castle', with the Castle Ditch and Meadow Land Adjoining, in all Comprising an area of about 10a. 3r. 13p. Which will be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Driver, Jonas & Co., at the 'Beaufort Arms Hotel', Chepstow, Thursday the 5th day of October, 1899. 19pp., printed wraps, size 8" x 10". Photographs and 2 plans, one of which is folding. 1899. £80.00
    The Vendor was the Duke of Beaufort.

  215. Harding & Co. HARDING'S GUIDE MAP TO MONMOUTH AND CHEPSTOW Folding map scale 4 miles to 1 inch, surrounded by attractive adverts. for local firms. Printed in red, black, beige and green. Wraps. 1920's. £12.00
    Covers area from Leominster to Bristol.

  216. Monmouth RELEASE IN FEE of two tenements with smith's forge adjoining in St. Marys Street, in the occupation of Edward Cowmeadow, Gunsmith, and Thomas Knowles. Vellum, size 23" x 29", 4 armorial wax seals, engraved headings. 1740. £22.00

  217. Monmouth THE NELSON COLLECTION, MONMOUTH Catalogue. 32pp., 8vo, wraps. c1960. £8.00
    The collection was bequeathed to the Borough by Baroness Llangattock.

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  218. Aldeby and Wheatacre All Saints PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, WITH PLAN, of.... the Aldeby House Estate, in the Parishes of Aldeby and Wheatacre All Saints, with two labourers' cottages... which will be sold by Auction.... the 30th day of August, 1867. Folio, 8pp, fine hand-coloured folding plan. Docket title, folded, outer folds slightly dusty, traces of horizontal fold. 1867. £32.00

  219. East Dereham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Several Cottages in Swanton Morley Which Will be Sold by Auction.... on Friday 19th September 1862.... 4to, 5pp, folds. Headings printed in attractive type-faces. Notes on prices etc. in pencil and ink. 1862. £15.00

  220. Mildenhall, Thetford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LI. N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Blue 'Record Map' stamp in margin. 'Index to the Tithe Survy' printed in top margin. O.S. blindstamp 1880. £17.00

  221. Norgate and Company, Tea & Grocery, Oil & Italian Warehouse BILLHEAD with good engraved heading showing 5 'Norman' arches, inside each an advert. for a different type of grocery, e.g. 'Barclays Wax & Sperm Candles and Highly Purified Sperm Oil', 'Parmasan Stilton Cheddar old Cheshire Cheese'. Size 6" x 9", made out for soap and tea. 1849. £9.00

  222. Norwich THREE BILLHEADS with engraved headings, sm. 8vo, for G. Mingay, Ladies Boot & Shoe Waterhouse; Mrs Taylor, Stay & Elastic Bandage Maker; Magasin des Modes, Millinery, Straw, Tuscan & Leghorn Bonnets, French Flowers. 3 items. 1841-2. £18.00
    All made out and receipted as settled.

  223. Wicklewood WILL of Archibald Rowing of Wicklewood, farmer. 4pp., folio, signed and witnessed. 1870. £13.00

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  224. Alnham RECEIPT for the sale of the Corn Tithes of Alnham, sold to Alexander Collingwood for £290, signed by Arthur and Nicholas Forster. 16 lines, manuscript, sm. folio, 2 small wax seals. Signed by 3 witnesses. Blank conjoint leaf with docket title. 1669... with... Case for lawyer's opinion, regarding the George Crawford's avoidance of paying tithes of lamb for his farm at Alnham, belonging to the Duke of Northumberland. 2p, folio, setting out the details of the case, with lawyer's opinion in a different hand on conjoint leaf. 1807... Alnham Vicarage. Copy of Mr Caley's Report and account of the Abbey of Alnwick 6 Edward 6th to 1 Mary. 3p, folio, manuscript, recounting searches for information on Vicarial tithes of Alnham. With copy in Latin of relevant account and English translation. 3 items. 1669-1807. £35.00
    The second document recounts in detail how Crawford took his sheep to have their lambs on a farm that was not liable for tithes of lamb, and then brought them back to Alnham, avoiding the tithe of lamb. He claimed that Alnham 'being a Mountainous Country does not afford any good Situation or Shelter for the Ewes...'

  225. Bacon PLAN OF NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE AND GATESHEAD Size approx. 12" x 18", single fold at centre. Scale 6" to 1 mile. c1890. £15.00

  226. Berwick ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 30". Mounted on linen and folding to large 4to, marbled endpapers. Boundaries shaded in thick lines of colour wash, county coloured in very light wash. Sea area in very pale blue wash. Printed from an Electrotype in 1866. £38.00
    The area of Berwickshire is blank, apart from Coldstream.

  227. Newcastle ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Composite map, made up of 4 quarter sheets, Sheets 14 and 15 and sheets to the south. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 38" x 25". Area round Newcastle and to the north hand-coloured in different colours according to area, and neatly titled ' Prestwick', 'Dinnington', etc. Some repaired marginal tears. O.S. blindstamp 1902. £35.00
    Covers Newcastle, Blyth, Sunderland, Morfet.

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  228. Banbury, Chipping Norton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLV.N.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Blue 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Printed 1882. O.S. blindstamp 1892. £18.00

  229. Chipping Norton, Banbury ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. XLV.N.W., size approx. 13" x 15", plus wide margins. Small 'Record Copy' stamp in margin. Printed 1882. O.S. blindstamp 1892. £17.00

  230. Flint House Estate, Goring-on-Thames PLAN, PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, Freehold. The Flint House Estate of about 346 Acres, including a very Attractive.... Modern Residence, with Stabling, Home Farm and Eight Cottages, standing 480 feet above sea level.... Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard have received instructions to offer for Sale by Auction At Room No 12, Winchester House, Old Broad Street, E.C.2. On Wednesday, May 25th, 1921. Folio, large coloured plan and 2 photographic illusts, 8 + (1)pp, original printed wraps. Final edition, 1921. £28.00

  231. Oxford APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE binding Albert James Attwood son of Thomas Attwood late of Oxford Attorney at Law deceased to William Pickering Citizen and Merchant Tailor of London. Printed on vellum, size 7" x 8", with manuscript inserts, Fine engraved initial letter with coat of arms, wax seal. Very dust-stained, signatures rubbed. 1826. £14.00

  232. Witney GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. 236. Solid with Drift. Colour-printed, size 13" x 19", plus margins, key, section. Linen backed and folding to 4to, blue endpapers. 1938. £16.00

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  233. Church Stretton area ACCOUNT BOOK Manuscript in a neat hand, approx. 450 pages, bound in full green vellum, boards slightly warped, splits in joints at head of spine. Details receipts on left-hand page and expenditure on right. Receipts consist mainly of rents (e.g. 'Chief rents in Cardington Manor', 'Richard Millington for rent of Stone Quarry'), interest, tithes (e.g. 'Mr Jones of Dorrington, tithe in Leebotwood for 1817'), grazing let out ('Mr Rogers for Colts and Cattle in the Hall meadow'), wood, sheepskins, stock sold. Expenditure covers food and household items, travel, washing, travel and carriage ('Journey to Leighton Hall and back', 'cart to Shrewsbury with hide and tallow'), clothing ('15 yards of calico for my shirts'), tuition, wages to carpenters, masons, glaziers, labourers and servants, dinners while travelling, expenses for Pitchford and Dorrington Sessions. He records 3s 9d spent on 'mending the window of Leebotwood Chancel', and the cost of 'repairing stonework round the Hall window' (presumably his house). There are payments to poor individuals, for 'Apprenticing my godson Henry Johnson to a Surgeon and Apothecary... £30. 0s. 0d.', to Mrs Hulme 'for her room, which she offered to see the members carried... £1., to Robert Burgwyn 'for coming to talk about his brother in Gaol (by my desire)... 1s.' He gives £5 to a Mr Cross 'to be given away tomorrow at the Chapel according to Sir Richard Corbett's will'. 1817-1821. £260.00

  234. Ryton, Chelmarsh LEASE FOR A YEAR of capital messauge and farm lands at Achley, Charles Hope, William Angeworth the elder and William Angeworth the younger of The Hay in Quatford to George Clark. Large vellum sheet, 4 wax seals, stain along 6" of one fold. 1808... together with... Abstract of Deeds belonging to Mr. Angeworth, 1808, detailing deeds from 1724, very untidily written; Declaration of John Turnbull of Pitchford, Earl of Liverpool's agent, relative to Angeworth's lease of a meadow at Chelmarsh, 1855; extracted copy of William Angeworth Jones of Bridgnorth's will, 1846; with similar wills of John Jones of St. Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth, 1840, and Jesse Russell of Chelmarsh, Farmer, together with a Probate copy, 1795, of William Angeworth's will, on vellum with papered seal and printed certificate, browned, and a bundle of ten burial and marriage certificates for Jones and Angeworth families, from 1774, taken by the Vicar of Chelmarsh from the Registers, with a letter from him. 1795-1857. £45.00

  235. Smith & Son's MAP OF THE ENVIRONS OF SHREWSBURY By J. Bartholomew. Scale approx. 4 miles to an inch, size 13" x 18", coloured in out-line, linen-backed, folding into blue printed paper wraps. c1900. £10.00

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  236. Bath PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Business Premises.... 24 Union St., 2 Union Passage.... for Sale by Auction 4th September 1917. 3pp., folio, folded. 1917. £8.00

  237. Bath PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of Nos. 8 & 9 Orange Grove, Bath.... Powell & Powell will Sell by Auction.... 22nd Day of March, 1853. 1pp., docket title on adjoinnig leaf, 3p. MS Conditions pinned in. 1853. £14.00

  238. Bathampton CONVEYANCE of premises known as Meadow Farm and Nos. 1 and 2 Walton Cottages. Henry Allen to Messrs. G & G Candy. Vellum, 7p folio, in MS, includes good full-page coloured plan scale 6 chains to 1". Slight water-staining on last sheet. 1921. £15.00

  239. Bishops Hull CONVEYANCE of the equity of redemption of and in the Royal Crown Inn and land opposite in the New Road, Bishops Hull, Abraham Waygood, Innkeeper, to William Hewett, Brewer. Large vellum sheet, two wax seals. 1880. £12.00

  240. Blagdon Reservoir, Highridge ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. VI.13. size approx. 25" x 38". Scale 25" to 1 mile. Linen backed. Edition of 1903. £15.00

  241. Bridgwater Bay ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XX. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size approx. 24" x 35", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 4to, marbled endpapers. Counties coloured in light wash, with darker colour at coast. Electrotype 1874. £30.00
    Attractive copy. Covers Porlock, North Petherton, Weston-super-Mare, part of South Wales coast.

  242. Chard and Axminster ORDNANCE SURVEY Contoured Road Map, Sheet 129. Scale one inch to one mile. Popular edition, linen backed, Ellis Martin Covers. Published 1919. Slightly later. £7.00

  243. Churchill, Manor of Banwell LEASE of 'one messuage and on yard land of old auster' in Churchill, and a field called Rushey Field. The Bishop of Bath and Wells to John Fisher of Langford. 4p. large folio. Attested copy. 1812. £18.00

  244. Failand ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. V.3, size approx. 25" x 38". Scale 25" to 1 mile. Buildings and water features hand coloured. Linen-backed, surface slightly dusty, small hole in blank area. 1884. £20.00
    Shows Failand Lodge, Failand Hill House, Parsonage Farm, Portishead Water Works, lime kilns etc.

  245. Frome ANNUAL REPORT of the Frome Newspaper Printing & Publishing Co. 3pp., folio. 29th March 1924. £5.00
    Contains brief statement from Chairman, Statement of Accounts.

  246. Gray's 35 VIEWS OF WESTON-SUPER-MARE Cheddar, Clevedon, Wells & Ilfracombe. Photolitho views, on folded strip. Some full page, some 3 or 4 to a page, one page with 12 small views. Advert for Gray's Fancy Bazaars inside back wrap. Album size 9" x 12", printed wraps, rubbed, ink blot on front wrap, split at spine. c1900. £20.00

  247. Hutton PARTICULARS PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of... The Hutton Court Estate, including the Historic XVth Century Manorial Residence... Five Cottages, Rich Dairy and Orchard Lands, Woodlands, Lime Stone Quarries, the Well-known 18-Hole Hutton Golf Links and tracts of increasingly Valuable Building Land... extending to about 535 Acres... which Percy Palmer is instructed to Sell by Auction... 3rd June 1935. 16pp., folio, stiff printed wraps, 3 photographic plates, including two of the interior of the residence, large folding plan. 1935. £40.00

  248. Ilminster BOND for £652, John Slee, Sergemaker, to Bridget Slee. Printed on sm. folio sheet, blank adjoining leaf, details in MS., small wax seal. 1766. £22.00

  249. Ilminster LEASE FOR A YEAR of messuage comprising one shop, one other shop that was formerly a Hall, one salting room, one kitchen called Grammar's kitchen one brewhouse, two stables... in Ditton Street, Thomas Culliford, Linen Draper, Richard Pearson, Silk Manufacturer, to Samuel Palmer of Colyton. Vellum, 16" x 23", signed by six parties with 6 wax seals, some foxing along central fold. 1784. £26.00

  250. Ilminster MORTGAGE for £600, of dwelling house near Hasselwell Stock, and lands known as Odd Mead and Pusk in the parish of Ilminster, William Patten of Martock to Amos Pittard. Vellum, size 21" x 29", wax seal, printed heading with coat of arms. 1781. £16.00

  251. Ilminster PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, of the Dwelling-Houses, Lands & Cottages, Situate in the Parish of Ilminster.... Which will be Offered for Sale by Auction by Mr. Morris, at the "George Inn," in Ilminster, On Friday, the 30th day of June, 1871. Folio, folded, 3pp. 1871. £15.00

  252. Kingsdon THE PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE For a Capital Freehold Estate, through which, for Two Miles, passes the Turnpike Road leading from Somerton to Ilchester.... consisting of Nearly the Whole Village and Parish of Kingsdon, together with The Manor belonging thereto. This Estate contains about Fifteen Hundred Acres of Very Valuable Land.... all of which will be Sold by Auction by Mr Raine.... the 9th Day of December, 1800.... Folio, 18 pages, uncut, folded. Lists 129 Lots, in Schedules giving lands, quantity, quality, names of 'lives' on leases, with their ages. 1800. £75.00
    Nos. in schedules refer to a estate plan which may be shown by Mr Raynolds, at Kingsdon.

  253. Long Ashton, Ashton Court ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. VI.5. size approx. 25" x 38". Scale 25" to 1 mile. Linen backed. Surface dusty. Second Edition 1903. £15.00
    Shows part of Nailsea, Middletown, Tickenham, Stone-edge Batch.

  254. Lopen LEASE of lands known as Hangerland head, Shores Close, Little England, etc. in the Manor of Lopen, John Cable to Abraham Harding. 3p, sm. folio. 1813. £10.00

  255. Lower Weston, Twerton, Bath ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XIII.8. Printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. 1932. £17.00
    Covers area from Locksbrook Cemetery to Clays End, including Flight Works, Weston Mills, Maltings etc.

  256. Mark and Wedmore SALE of Freehold and Long Leasehold Pasture and Orchard Lands, Cottages, Gardens and Premises. For sale by Auction at the 'Pack Horse' Hotel, Mark, 12th February, 1909. Handbill, small folio, folds, listing three Lots. 1909. £14.00

  257. Nettlecombe REMOVAL ORDER to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Nettlecombe to Convey and to those of Bicknoller to Receive and Obey.... Orders the Overseers of Nettlecombe to convey William Jenings Taylor, who has lately intruded himself into the parish of Nettlecombe, to Bicknoller, his last place of legal settlement, where he must be provided for by the Overseers. Size 13" x 8", printed with manuscript inserts, large decorative coat of arms at head with lion and unicorn. Signed by H. Lutterell and Thos. Camplin, with small papered seals. Pile's Printing Office, Norton, Taunton, 1767. £45.00

  258. Nynehead GRANT OF ADMINISTRATION to Elizabeth Ludlow Widow of William Ludlow of Ninehead. Vellum certificate, printed with ms inserts, good papered seal of Archdeaconry of Taunton on tag. On verso is endorsement concerning Wiveliscombe Turnpike. 1853. £14.00

  259. Oath LEASE of a tenement containing 14 acres in the Manor of Oath, William Mowrie of Motherham to George Andrews of Oath, yeoman. Vellum, 17" x 25", small wax seal with bust. 1717. £26.00
    Andrews was obliged to 'hedge ditch fence scower and cleanse' the land.

  260. Pitminster area RENT BOOK listing rents received 1829-30, with name, amount paid, and sometimes the land, house etc., e.g. 'Recd. of Robert Wyatt for the parish orchard... 3s 10d'. 12mo., marbled wraps, 23 pages. 1829-30. £18.00
    Mentions Robert Mattock, Bridgwater Poor land, Trull Close.

  261. Priddy ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXVII.8. Printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. Revised 1902. Reprint c1940. £16.00
    Covers Priddy, Harptree Lodge, Townsend Pool.

  262. Rowe (George), Printer and Publisher LITHOGRAPHED VIEWS OF SOMERSET. 11 tinted lithographs, with tissue guards, size of each view approx. 8" x 11", overall size of book 11" x 15", early unlettered half calf, cloth boards, slightly rubbed to edges, occasional foxing. Cheltenham: George Rowe, c1848. £380.00
    The views are:- West Front, Wells Cathedral (this view is not by Rowe, but published by T. Green, Wells); St. Cuthberts, Wells; The Bishops Palace, Wells; The Chapel and Ruins of Great Hall, Bishops Palace, Wells; Doorway, Glastonbury Abbey; St. Joseph's Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey; St. Mary and St. Josephs Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey; Cheddar Church; The Cheddar Cliffs (3 views);

  263. Slee family, of Ilminster DECLARATION of John Dunster, of Ilminster, Cooper, regarding the Slee family and possible heirs of Bridget Slee. 1837. 2p, folio, signed.... together with.... Extracts from the Register Books of Marriages, Baptisms and Burials for Ilminster and Crewkerne parishes, 1716 - 1820, 4p folio... together with Pedigree of the Slee family, large folio sheet. 1837. £16.00
    John Dunster was born in 1751 and relates how his father had been Mr Slee's Cooper (the family kept the Swan Inn). He was servant to William Slee Collector of Tolls and Hornsbury Hill Gate.

  264. Taunton LEASE of Holway Farm at Rack Rent for seven years, Revd. John Jeffery, Joseph Poole and John Evered to William Ludlow. 7 pages, large folio. Copy. 1827. £16.00

  265. Taunton WRIT ordering the Sheriff of Somersetshire to convey John Walker to appear before Sir Vicary Gibbs on 14th June, 1815, to answer the complaint of John Cox. Vellum, printed with ms inserts, size 2" x 13". Folds. 1815. £18.00
    With note on verso by Thomas Challenger saying he has personally served Walker with a copy of this writ.

  266. Tickenham, Stone edge Batch ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. V.5. size approx. 25" x 38", linen-backed. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Second edition. 1903. £17.00
    Shows Tickenham Court at the centre of the map.

  267. Ubley CONVEYANCE of close of land called 'Binhams', John Griffin to Susan Knowles. 2 large vellum sheets, wax seals. Affixed is completed document for taking acknowledgement of deeds by married women. 1869 £12.00
    With Schedule of deeds from 1818.

  268. Walcot, Bath MORTGAGE of plot of land and two dwelling houses fronting to a new made street called Morford Street in Walcot, Bath, William Viner and Jean Christinaz, Brewer, to Elizabeth Towers. 4 large vellum sheets, two wax seals, lightly browned. 1792. £18.00
    Gives the previous owners of the land, including the Morford family who the street was named after.

  269. Walker (J & C) SOMERSETSHIRE Map with outline colour, size 12"x 17", plus margins. Shows the areas covered by various Hunts, with small circles showing place of meets. Parkland, railways, towns, borders of hunting areas coloured. Small split in bottom and top margins, repaired on verso. c1836. £28.00
    From 'Hobson's Fox Hunting Atlas'.

  270. Wellow Auction PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF A DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE; Consisting of a Farm House, and about One Hundred Acres of Land in the parish of Wellow.... Which will be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. Stafford & Son. At the Lamb Inn, Stall Street, Bath, On Saturday, the 1st Day of June 1839. Folio, 4pp, folded. George Wood, Printer, Bath and Cheltenham Gazette Office, Bath. £18.00

  271. West Chinnock PROBATE of the Will of John Spordel, of West Chinnock, Gentleman. Three vellum sheets, size 23" x 25", printed certificate attached, large papered seal attached. £20.00
    Makes provisions for his funeral and headstone, leaves money to George Harris now in the Greenwich Hospital. With codicil substituting Philip Hine, Wine Merchant of Beaminster, for a deceased Executor.

  272. Weston Super Mare BILL for Pianoforte Warehouse, High Street. 8vo, folds, made out for £50 lent, signed over stamp. Attractive vignette of an ornate piano. 1881. £7.00

  273. Witham Friary PLAN Bath and Weymouth, Great Western Union Railway. Copy of so much of the Map or Plan and Section of the proposed Railway from Bath to Weymouth... and the lands and premises in or through which the same are intended to be made, as relates to the Parish of Witham Friary. Lithographed plan, scale 20 chains to one mile, enlarged parts on 20 chains to half a mile, outline colour, section and part of plan, and title, cut separately from a larger plan and pasted on to a single sheet, inscription at the bottom corner, 'Bath November 30. 1836. Roger Hopkins & Sons, Civil Engineers.' and on verso 'Duke of Somerset Lord of the Mannor.' Overall size 24" x 27", repaired tear down fold almost whole length of plan, glue marks on verso, creasing. 1836. £30.00

  274. Worle and Kewstoke PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF FREEHOLD MESSUAGES, OUTBUILDINGS, Closes of pasture, Arable and Orchard Lands, situate in the parishes of Worle and Kewstoke.... Containing in the whole about Fifty Acres, which will be Sold by Auction by Mr Samuel Norton, In Thirteen Lots at Rogers Hotel, Weston-super-mare, on Tuesday, September 16, 1862. Folio, 7pp, folded, short splts where folded. 1862. £16.00

  275. Worle PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Residential Estate known as Springfield... for sale by Auction... 25th July, 1938. 8pp., folio, stiff printed wraps, photographic plate and folding coloured plan. Some foxing. 1938. £22.00

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  276. Prestwood HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE IN 101 LOTS OF THE EXTREMELY VALUABLE Freehold Residential and Sporting Estate known as PRESTWOOD.... The Picturesquely Situated Family Mansion "PRESTWOOD HOUSE".... The Fine Old Castellated Mansion, "STOURTON CASTLE,".... Exceptionally Attractive Property, Distinguished as "DUNSLEY HALL,".... Well-known Hostelry, "THE STEWPONEY AND FOLEY ARMS,".... The Fully-Licensed Premises, "THE CROWN INN"; 16 Excellent Mixed farms.... The whole Estate extending to about 4,160 Acres. Edwards, Son and Bigwood... will Sell the above by Auction, at the Talbot Hotel, Stourbridge, On Thursday and Friday, July 17th and 18th, 1913. With map, and 5 coloured folding plans in pocket at the rear, numerous illusts, 112pp, folio, original wraps. 1913. £90.00

  277. Seighford and St. Mary's FIRST-CLASS FARM HOUSE & FARMSTEAD Water Mill, Mill House, and About 130 Acres of Land... together with Sundry Cottages.... also the Manor or Reputed Manor of Great Bridgford.... To be Sold by Auction.... the 7th day of May, 1859, at the Swan Hotel, Stafford. Two pages, folio, folds, paper slightly darkened, with 3p. Conditions attached at corner. 1859. £22.00

  278. Uttoxeter, Burton on Trent ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXII.S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Red 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Railways inserted to 1895. O.S. blindstamp 1909. £18.00

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  279. Debenham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Most Desirable Freehold and Copyhold Property.... Arable and Pasture Land, Two Convenient and Substantial Family Residences.... late the Property of Mr. John Abbott.... To be Sold by Auction at the Angel Inn, Debenham, the 15th day of May, 1840. 4pp., folio, folds. Title printed in a variety of attractive type-faces. 1840. £25.00
    Includes house known as 'Upper Burnt House', barn adjoining the Meeting Burial Ground, etc.

  280. Ellingham, Geldeston POSTER advertising auction sale of Cottage Properties.... 10th November, 1865. Poster, size 18" x 12", folds. 1865. £17.00

  281. Ipswich SETTLEMENT on the Marriage of William Harrold of Ipswich, Whitesmith, to Mary Hunt. 3 large vellum sheets. 4 wax seals. 1845. £16.00
    Refers to Mary Hunt's share of land at Carleton Rode and Tibenham in Norfolk.

  282. Long Stratton, Beccles ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LVI.S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Blue 'Record Map' stamp in margin. O.S. blindstamp 1883. £18.00

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  283. Chichester AN INVENTORY of Fixtures in the Mill House and Malt House, late the property of Mr Thos. Tailor, situate in Chapel Street. Appraised by John L. White, Decr. 8th, 1830. Manuscript, 1p., folio, plus blank conjoint leaf, folded with docket title. 1830. £14.00
    Includes Horse Mill with French stones.

  284. Chichester INVENTORY OF FIXTURES etc. in Mill House and Malt House late the property of Mr. Thos. Tailor, Decd. situate in Chapel Street, Chichester. Appraised by John White, Decr. 8th, 1830. 1p. manuscript. Blank conjoint leaf. 1830. £14.00

  285. Rowe (George) ILLUSTRATIONS OF HASTINGS and its Vicinity. With lithographed vignette title-page, 49 lithographed views on India paper, and 2 aquatints, the views are approx. 4" x 5", overall size of volume approx. 7" x 10" in the original half morocco, marbled boards, leather label on top board, slightly rubbed, short split to foot of top outer hinge, spotting mainly to margins, 2 short marginal tears. Hastings: Published by G. Wooll, Printseller, 5 High Street. (1830). £450.00
    Includes views of Hastings, Hollington Church, Ore Rectory and Church, Battel Abbey, Bodiam Castle, Ashburnham Place, Hurstmonceaux Castle, Westham, Fairlight Place, Fairlight Mill, Winchelsea Church, Ipres Tower, etc. This collates as Abbey Scenery 158, except for the 2 aquatints which are of St. Clements Caves, and are drawn by C.W. Wing.

  286. Rowe (George) PICTURESQUE SCENERY OF HASTINGS and Vicinity Sketched from Nature and Drawn on Stone, by Mr Rowe, Drawing Master, Hastings. 20 lithographed views, with tissue guards, varying in size from approx. 8" x 13" to 6" x 10", overall size of volume 10" x 15" in the original half calf, paper boards, with large printed label, which is rubbed on the top boards, and very rubbed view pasted to rear board. Boards rubbed, spine almost loose and lacking 1" at foot, front tissue guard slightly ragged, one view with some light spotting. Presentation inscription on verso of front endpaper dated 1928. Hastings: Published by P.M. Powell, Library, Marine Parade. £850.00
    RARE. Not in Abbey's Scenery.... With the engraved armorial bookplate of Thomas Parkin. Includes views of Hastings, Ore Place, The Lovers' Seat, Fairlight Glen, the Dripping Well, Glenn Roar, Winchelsea, Ashburnham Place, Bodiam Castle, Hurstmonceaux Castle, Pevensey Castle, Old Roar, etc.
    Listed in 'George Rowe, Artist and Lithographer 1796 - 1864' (Catalogue of the Exhibition at Cheltenham Art Gallery 1982) as 'the earliest known set of topographical prints by Rowe'.

  287. Walker (J) & (C) SUSSEX. Folding engraved, hand-coloured map, showing Parliamentary Boundaries, dissected and mounted on linen, engraved area approx. 12" x 15", plus margins, folding to sm 8vo, marbled sides. 1841. £20.00

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  288. Birmingham VIEW OF ASTON FLINT GLASS WORKS Two mezzotint views on one sheet, each view size 5" x 9", plus margins, the two views printed from one plate, one below the other, overall size of paper 19" x 14", folded horizontally making a crease between the two plates. No imprint or title of any kind. c1810. £175.00
    The top view shows the works with a Regency facade, a pavement in front with elegant figures strolling and talking in doorway, the smoking cone behind, open countryside on the left with a house among trees in the distance. The lower view shows the canal in the foreground with barges and horse towing, the cone and works, with smoking chimneys, on the opposite bank, with figures working unloading barges. The two views present an interesting contrast.

  289. Hill TO THE PARISHIONERS OF ST. JAMES'S, HILL Printed letter from the Minister, Montagu Webster, to the Parishioners on the occasion of the Rev. Richard's appointment as curate. 1pp, 4to, some foxing, adjoining leaf with address panel. 1882. £12.00

  290. Meriden LEASE FOR A YEAR of the messuage or mansion house called Meriden Hall, Wriothesley Digby to John Kinderley of Staples Inn, London. Vellum, size 20" x 26", wax seal. Signed by Digby. 1778. £25.00

  291. Meriden LEASE of the messuage or tenement known as the Bull Head, with eight acres of land adjoining, Elizabeth Baldwin of Dublin and Thomas Baldwin of Kings County in Ireland, to John Reynolds of Meriden, Innholder. Vellum size 12" x 23", wax seal. 1714. £28.00
    It was at a meeting at the Bull Head that the 'Woodmen of Arden' Archery club was founded in 1785.

  292. Nuneaton, Coventry ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 169. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 20". Boundaries and parkland, roads, handcoloured. A few grubby marks in top margin. Some roads inked in in blue around Monks Kirby. Linen-backed, folding into marbled wraps. c1880. £14.00

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  293. Axford, Marlborough LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, HAY &c.... A Catalogue of 6 Cart Horses, 2 Capital Dairy Cows, Wagons, Carts... Bean Mill, Chaff Cutters.... also 7 Ricks of Hay... to be Sold by Auction... on the Premises at Coombe Farm.... 3pp., 8vo, taces of vertical central fold. Wittern New, Printer, Hungerford, 1886. £14.00

  294. Bacon's COUNTY MAP OF WILTSHIRE Scale 1" = 2.3 miles. Cloth backed, folding into green printed wraps with picture of cyclists. 4pp., index at front. c1920. £8.00

  295. Box and Ditteridge Auction PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF FREEHOLD FARM, With good Dwelling-House, Outbuildings, Garden, Arable and Pasture Lands, known as "Alcombe Farm," comprising 28a. 2r. 3p. Situate in the Parish of Box and Ditteridge, for many years in the occupation of Mr Thomas Andrews; also Freehold Dwelling Houses, Gardens, Building Land, Lime Kilns, and other Premises situate in the Upper Bristol Road, about 1 Miles from the City of Bath, known as "Belle-Vue Lodge," Locksbrook Place, and "Cork Paddock." The whole comprising an area of 5a. 3r. 13p. to be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Hawkins & Son. At the Full Moon Hotel, Southgate Street, in the City of Bath, On Thursday, the 4th day of November, 1886. Folio, 3 coloured folding plans, 4pp, folded. 1886. £30.00

  296. Bratton, Westbury Leigh and Westbury AUCTION POSTER advertising sale of share in three houses, one of which is used as Reading Room and Lending Library in Westbury Leigh, shares in house and lands at Bratton, the 'White Horse Coffee Tavern', and houses in Church Road, Bratton Road, etc., in Westbury, for sale by auction, at Westbury, May 5th, 1885. Size W. Michael, printer, Westbury. 1885. £20.00
    Lists 12 Lots, with occupiers, etc.

  297. Calne C. & T. HARRIS, CALNE, LTD. A Pictorial Record of the Production of Harris Bacon. 4to, wraps, 32 pages, glossy paper, numerous illustrations. n.d. 1940's or earlier. £15.00

  298. Calne PARTICULARS OF CONDITIONS OF SALE of Highly Important First Class Freehold Business premises Situate in the Market Place and large Warehouses & Premises in the New Road..... to sell by Auction, On Wednesday, the 18th day of June, 1890.... Folio, 3pp. 1890. £12.00

  299. Calne, Wotton Bassett COLLECTION OF BILLS 26 bills, printed headings, for small north Wiltshire businesses, mounted one to a page in recent specially made 4to book, cloth boards, gilt titled 'North Wiltshire Traders', with manuscript map and notes on some of the businesses. 1900-1. £30.00

  300. Chippenham, Calne, Damerham North, and Corsham Debts AN ACT for the more easy and speedy Recovery of Small Debts within the Hundreds of Chippenham, Calne, and Damerham North, and Lordship or Liberty of Corsham, in the County of Wiltshire Black Letter. Cover leaf + 17pp, recent paper boards. 1765. £16.00

  301. Easton Royal PARTICULARS of Manor Farm... about 471 acres... for sale by auction September 1954. 14pp., oblong 8vo, folding plan, photographs... together with... Particulars for sale of Collins Farm, July 11th, 1935. 3pp., 4to, small plan. 1935-54. £8.00

  302. Faringdon to Acton Turville GENERAL STATEMENT OF THE INCOME AND EXPENDITURE of the Turnpike Road from Faringdon to Acton Turville.... between the 29th day of September 1829 and the 29th day of September 1830, General Statement of the Income and Expenditure of the Shipton Moyne Branch.... Large folio sheet, printed on one side only, folds. with two large tables setting out expenditure on Labour, Stones, Flints, Rent of Quarries etc., and income from Tolls at various gates such as Horsey Down Gate, Minty Common, etc. 1830. £38.00

  303. Fisherton COPIES OF THE SEVERAL ACTS OF PARLIAMENT Passed For Making and Repairing the Roads, Belonging to Fisherton Turnpike. 4 Acts, continuously paginated, ending with a 6 page list 'Trustees at the Time of Passing the Act of the 41st George III'. Half-title, title and 130 pages, 12mo, rebound in full recent calf. Salisbury: Printed by B.C. Collins. 1802. £55.00

  304. Great Chelworth and Little Chelworth Manors AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Manors of Great Chelworth and Little Chelworth, in the Parishes of Cricklade Saint Sampson and Cricklade Saint Mary.... 16pp, recent paper boards. 1814. £20.00

  305. Great Western Railway DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE OF THE BOOKS in the Central Lending and Reference Libraries of the G.W.R. Institution, Swindon. 1917. Compiled by the Librarian W. Hildon Bagguley. 578pp., 8vo, grained cloth, calf spine, gilt title on spine and front board. Photos of the Institution and its three branches, a few adverts. Swindon 1917. £50.00
    Includes 27 works by or about Richard Jefferies, listed with extracts from reviews.

  306. Lacock, Steeple Ashton TWO ENGRAVED VIGNETTE VIEWS showing the Cross at Lacock and the Cross at Steeple Ashton. Size of engraved surface approx. 3" x 3", mounted together in buff card mount, overall size 7" x 13". c1840. £15.00
    From drawings by S. Prout.

  307. Ludgershall PARTICULARS with Plan and Conditions of Sale of the Agricultural and Sporting Property Being 'Crawlboys Farm', in the Parishes of Collingbourne Ducis and Ludgershall, with Capital Farm House, Homestead, and Cottages.... for sale by auction... December 17th, 1909. 4pp., wraps, folding plan. Vertical fold. 1909. £18.00

  308. Shrewton PARTICULARS of Valuable Accommodation Land, Dwelling House with Convenient Farm Homestead, and Cottage.... for Sale by Auction... 15th September 1884. 3pp., 4to, folded with docket title. 1884. £10.00

  309. Warminster ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 122. Scale 1" to a Mile. Large Sheet Series. Blue wraps, linen backed. Published by T. Fisher Unwin. c1910. £7.00

  310. West Tytherton PARTICULARS of Stokes Farm... Farmhouse.... Two Capital Cottages.... for sale by auction 25th April 1947. 10pp., 8vo, plan. 1947. £8.00

  311. William and Mary A TRANSCRIPT OF THE RECORD IN THE EXCHEQUER of what the County of Wilts paid to the ffirst Four shillings Aid in the 4th year of the Reign of King William & Queene Mary. 28pp., plus blanks, in small 4to volume, vellum wraps. Amounts listed in Hundreds, with villages in each hundred and three columns for 'Reall', 'Personall', and 'Total'. There is a total for the whole county at the end. c1700. £96.00

  312. Wiltshire Dialect THE OLD FOLKS OF WILTSHIRE Book of lecture notes. 4to notebook, marbled boards, manuscript label 'Wessex 1200 years ago' and 'Old Folks of Wiltshire', with two sets of newspaper cuttings with text of a lecture 'The Old Folks of Wiltshire. Their Sayings and Doings', and 'Church Work in Wessex Twelve Hundred Years Ago' (ms. note 'Bath 1875'). Loosely inserted are manuscript texts, with some amendments and notes, of lectures, sheets held at corner with metal clips, comprising: 'Alphabetical Writing' 32 pages; the second part of 'Alphabetical Writing' (a second lecture of an hour); 'The Old Folks of Wiltshire Lecture II. Their wise sayings, proverbs.' 21 pages; 'The Old Folks of Wiltshire. The Wiltshire Dialect. Lecture III.' 11 pages, plus a few other pages of jottings on this subject. Probably late 1870's. £80.00
    Possibly notes by Canon Jones, Rector of Bradford on Avon, and author. The cuttings seem to be of his lectures, and in one the speaker refers to a man from a parish bordering on his, Wingfield.

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  313. Addingham RELEASE of five closes of land, with the buildings and appurtenances, in the parish of Addingham, Anne Woolley of Gatecroft, widow of Richard Woolley, yeoman, to William Webster of Addingham, Clerk. Vellum, size 11" x 14", signed by Anne Woolley with her mark, heavy wax seal on tag. Some waterstaining, but legible in those parts affected. 1622. £38.00
    Lists each piece of land by name, also included a part of the common waste and moor.

  314. Bacon (G.W) PLAN OF LEEDS 26" x 20", folded. Three small buildings shaded in blue. Prepared for Kelly's Directories. Stanford, London, Publisher, n.d. c1890. £14.00
    Covers Beestone to Chapel Allerton.

  315. Bewerley Moor ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet 135. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Linen-backed. Area in the south around Stones Moor and Katty White's allotment outlined in yellow, some water features coloured. 1854. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1864. £30.00
    Covers Pateley Bridge, North Rakes Lead Mines, Braithwaite Moor.

  316. Bradford, Ilkley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet 69 (formerly 92 S.E). Size 13" x 15", plus wide margins. Slightly dusty at edges. Railways inserted to 1893. O.S. blindstamp 1893. £18.00

  317. Bramley ABSTRACT of the Title of Samuel Shore and wife to Hereditaments at Bramley in the parish of Leeds. 7p., large folio, written on one side only, folded. Details title from 1744. 1812. £25.00
    Refers to 30 messuages, 20 gardens, 100 acres of land, 80 acres of meadow, 60 acres of pasture, common of pasture for all cattle and common of Turbary in Leeds, Bramley, West Ardsley otherwise Woodchurch'. Later deeds refer to dyehouses and dryinghouse.

  318. Bramley LEASE for a Year of lately rebuilt messuage with workshops, warehouse... in Bramley, with three closes of land, John Haley and Thomas Tottie, Cloth Manufacturer, to James Brown. Single large vellum sheet, 2 wax seals. 1831. £15.00

  319. Bramley LEASE for a year of lands at Bramley, and 'all those scribbling slubbing and cloth mills... workshops, burlinghouses, spinning mill and weaving shops... reservoir of water, engine houses with steam engines...', John Haley and others to James Brown. Single vellum sheet, 6 wax seals, some yellowing in places. 1830. £18.00

  320. Hornsea DRAWING titled 'View from my bedroom window, Grantham's Lodging, Hornsea, preventive House. Sept. 23rd, 1857'. Size 7" x 9", competent amateur drawing of detached house with tall mast in the garden, man looking through telescope coastline in distance. Thick paper, lightly foxed throughout. 1857. £18.00

  321. Huddersfield, Oakenshaw ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet LXXXVIII N.E. Size 13" x 15", plus wide margins. A few edge tears. Railways inserted to 1892. O.S. blindstamp 1894. £18.00

  322. Langsett GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No 281. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx. 23" x 35", plus margins, fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. 1872. £40.00

  323. Leeds DEED OF GIFT of estates at Bramley, James Holt to John Holt his son. 4pp., large folio. With schedule listing dwellinghouses, mill or factory, steam engine and land at Bramley. 1842. £14.00


  324. Stanwick and Forcett, near Richmond PLAN OF THE INTRENCHED LINES at Stanwick and Forcett 1816, made by Thos. Bradley, Richmond. Engraved plan with some outline colouring in blue, size 14" x 9", scale 3 ins. = 40 chains, on thick paper. Shows Stanwick Hall and gardens, St. John's Church, Park House, a high mound north of the house, roads, Forcett village, with church and a few buildings. Woods, road, lakes, fields boundaries, and owners of land shown. Small Section showing the sunk fence and park wall. Published by Longman, Hurst, Rees Orme & Brown, Paternoster Row, Decr. 1820. £65.00
    The estate belonged to the Duke of Northumberland. The house, famous in the later nineteenth century for its luxuriant gardens, and 'the Stanwick nectarine', was demolished after the First World War.

  325. Thurgoland, Tankersley GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No 282. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx. 24" x 35", plus margins, fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. Small piece torn from margin bottom left, without loss of text. c1875. £40.00

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  326. Auchtermuchty,Fife FARM STOCK There will be Sold by Public Roup, on Wednesday the 14th September, on the Farm of Newton, Parish of Auchtermuchty, The Whole Crop and Stock... 18 Stacks of oats, 4 Stacks of Barley, and about 300 Stones of hay.... with the whole Implements of Husbandry, including 3 Iron Ploughs, (Thallan, Maker)... Mr Dingwall, Auctioneer. Poster, heading in large type, size 8" x 7", many folds. Manuscript note in ink about credit. Some slight browning, repaired small tear with small hole in blank area. Struthers Barns, 7th Sept. 1831. £18.00

  327. Ballater, Aberdeenshire MONALTRIE HOUSE - PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM Family photograph album, size 9" x 8", lacks calf spine. Later note in pencil on flyleaf 'Mary Bacon, Monaltrie. Contains 54 photographs, plus others which are very faded. c1899. £45.00
    Includes photos of the house, lady cycling, Bishop Douglas of Aberdeen in top hat and gaiters, carriage in front of the house, pipers marching in a town with 'Welcome to our King and Queen' banners in the street, shooting parties, gardeners hoeing beans etc.

  328. Bogie family LETTER to William Bogie in Calcutta from his uncle in Scotland (Glengerthan?), 1829. 3 pages, 4to, address panel on verso, 5 postmarks including ship one in black. Small tear at one fold, loss of a few words where seal broken. 1829. £22.00
    Hopes the change of Governor General will be no impediment to his soon obtaining a good civil station. Gives news from home 'several famlies laid up with Typhus but few deaths... the following deaths have occurred since my last, at Kirdcaldy Mrs Beveridge by falling of the Kirk (!), Mrs Rintoul of Apoplexy.... this quarter has been greatly distressed by rascally failures... scarcely an industrious person but has lost the savings of their life.... the farmers have suffered much... would all have been ruined under Lord Montagu...'

  329. Braemar ORDNANCE SURVEY Sheet No. XCVIII. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size approx. 25" x 36". 2 indelible Survey Branch stamps in top margin. Second Edition 1903. O.S. blindstamp 1903. £20.00
    Covers the whole of Braemar, Corriemulzie, Loch Phadraig.

  330. Dunlop, Ayrshire DISPLENISHING SALE OF HORSES, HARNESS Traps, Furniture &c. Poster, listing named horses with Dam and Sire, carts, etc. For sale by Auction at Springfield, Dunlop. 1903. £15.00

  331. Edinburgh Friendly Society RECEIPT for money received by Robert Mcfarlane, Cashier to the Edinburgh Friendly Insurance against Losses by Fire, issued to the Representatives of William Lillie Cordiner. Printed with manuscript inserts, with attractive small woodcut of clasped hands. Size 7" x 8", signed by Cashier and Secretary. 1762. £16.00

  332. Iron Foundry BILLHEAD of Shotts Iron Coy., Edinburgh. Oblong 8vo. Fine engraved vignette showing street scene with foundry building, figures, smoking chimney behind. Made out for box, pipes, receipted. 1847. £10.00

  333. Musselburgh REPORT UPON THE BOROUGH OF MUSSELBURGH 2pp, with a Plan of the Town, by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline, size 13" x 18", scale 6" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. c1832. £20.00

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  334. Blaenau-Ffestiniog ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet no. IV.9. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Size approx. 25" x 36". Buildings, roads, and water features hand coloured. Ordnance 'Office Record' stamp in top and left margins. First Edition. Zincographed and Published 1889. £28.00
    Shows Cwm-orthin Slate Quarry, Oakeley Slate Quarry, Llechwedd Slate Quarry, with the many tramways, Pont Woollen Factory, the town of Blaenau as far east as Long Street.

  335. Brecon ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLII N.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Quarter sheet. Laid down on thin card. 1888. £14.00
    Shows Brecon in S.E. corner, Llandulas etc.

  336. Carmarthen ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 35", a few marginal tears. Paper slightly dusty down left-hand edge. O.S blindstamp 1887. £30.00

  337. Glamorganshire & Monmouthshire PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold & Customaryhold Farms & Lands in the Parishes of Lanedarne, Cayra, St. George, Michaelstone, St. Fagan, Landaff, Merthry Tydfil... being the Remaining Parts of the Landaff House Estate.... which Mr. William Prichard Stephenson had received instructions to Sell by Auction, at the Royal Hotel Cardiff, the 25th day of May, 1882. Folio, 15pp, plus 6 large coloured folding plans. Wraps rather grubby, one plan with small section missing from bottom corner (mainly affecting margin), two plans with minor repaired tears. Newspaper report of sale with purchasers etc, loosely inserted. 1882. £46.00
    Refers to mineral rights in some lots.

  338. Llanbedr, Llangenny & Crickhowell, Brecon PLANS, PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Farms, Accommodation Lands, Small Holdings, Cottages and Gardens.... Which will be offered for Sale by Auction at The Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, on Tuesday, the 29th day of July, 1919. Folio, 31pp., original wraps, wraps stained, only one of four folding plans. 1919. £18.00
    The estate belonged to Lord Glenusk.

  339. Machynlleth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet no. XLVII.12. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Size approx. 25" x 36". Buildings, roads, and water features hand coloured. Small splash mark top left corner of map, Ordnance 'Office Record' stamp in top and left margins, only slightly obtruding onto map. First Edition. Zincographed and Published 1889. £28.00
    Shows the whole of Macynlleth, woollen factories along Afon Diflase, Ogof Wydden, etc.

  340. Radnor and Cardiganshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets 178, 179, 195, 196. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 37", mounted on linen and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. Four main railway lines coloured in different colours, stations neatly named in red ink. 1910. £20.00
    Covers Rhayader, Builth, Lampeter.

  341. Ruabon, Denbigh LEASE of coal, fireclay, found under a piece of land at Cefn, Ruabon, A. Kenyon Fuller to the Delph Brick and Fire Clay Works, Ruabon. 21p., neatly written, folio, property concerned coloured on section from 6" O.S. map attached to first page. 1900. £25.00

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  342. American Thread Company PROSPECTUS 4pp., folio, folded with docket title. Some foxing at edges. 1898. £20.00
    The Company was established to unite eight cotton manufacturers and spinning, twisting, dyeing businesses in the eastern States. It had links with the English Sewing Cotton Company Ltd., and J. & P. Coats Ltd. were to apply for 100,000 Shares.

  343. Bacon's NEW SURVEY MAP OF STAFFORDSHIRE & SHROPSHIRE Showing Railways, Roads, Elevations & Distances, also Local Government Divisions & Parishes. Large coloured folding map, size approx. 44" x 36", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to sm 4to, contained in cloth boards, few small spots to covers, linen split to one section, and slightly stained, not affecting surface of map. c190-. £28.00
    With an Index to Boroughs, and a Geological Reference.

  344. Bainbridge (H.S) CHRISTMAS CARD Chromolithographic card, finely printed with sprays of flowers, two sections, held by silk down 'spine', white silk fringe all around, four flower sprays and poems by Bainbridge about Christmas and New Year, one on each side. Long blue silk tassel. The whole bound inside blue card wraps with cloth spine. c1880. £10.00
    The flowers are white jasmine, carnation, wild clematis and sweet pea.

  345. Briggs & Co.'s PATENT TRANSFERRING PAPERS Catalogue of tranfer designs for embroidery. 156 pages of designs, plus introduction and index, and fine chromolith frontispiece with herons, flowers etc. 8vo, blindstamped cloth-covered boards, faded. Inner front and back hinges broken, staples rusty, 22 of the pages have some parts coloured in with crayon or watercolour, probably by a neat child. circa 1882. £20.00
    Includes Ecclesiastical designs, village scenes, etc.

  346. Buckingham and Bedford GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. XLVI.N.W. Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 13" x 15", plus wide margins, key in left-hand margin. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1901. £25.00

  347. Devon & Somerset Railway PROSPECTUS Issue of £45,000 Perpetual 6 per cent Mortgage Debenture Stock. 3pp., folio, docket title on verso. Loosely inserted is plan size 16" x 18", showing railway system from London north to Hull and Liverpool, with area of North Devon north of Exeter and North West Somerset shown in detail, with Lead Mines, Iron Mines, Slate Quarries etc, marked, line of railway shown from Taunton to Barnstaple shown in red. 19th October, 1872. £70.00
    'Already a very important element in the future traffic returns is developing itself, by the opening and working of the various mines with which the district abounds, and there can be no question but that a large mineral traffic will be obtained....'

  348. Devon and Cornwall GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Colour printed map, sheet 337, covering Launceston and Tavistock. 12" x 19", plus margins, key and section in margins. Folded, 3 small splits at fold repaired on verso. 1910. £14.00

  349. Devon and Cornwall INDENTURE OF APPRENTICESHIP binding William David Haye aged 17, of Callington, to John Pearse and William Cornish Northey, Surgeons and Apothecaries of Tavistock. Vellum, 23" x 30", 4 wax seals. 1845. £24.00
    Part of the long list of conditions was that he should attend The Revd. William Beal for two hours every day for Greek and Latin tuition.

  350. First World War DESPATCH from His Majesty's Ambassador at Berlin respecting the rupture of Diplomatic Relations with the German Government. 5pp., folio, folded with docket title 'Miscellaneous. no. 8... Presented to both Houses of Parliament... August 1914. The letter was from Sir E. Goschen to Sir Edward Grey. 1914. £15.00

  351. Harrison, Printer THE LONDON GAZETTE From Saturday March 4, to Tuesday March 7, 1775. 4pp., tax stamp. Fold, slightly shaved at top. 1775. £18.00
    Includes list of Army Officers appointed, report from General Post Office on disappearance of Theodosius Kimpland, Post-master of Barnstaple who stole a bill of exchange 'out of a Letter sent by the Post', with description ('wears his own brown Hair tied with a Ribbon, quickly reddens when spoke to...').

  352. Hartley (Thomas) LETTER to Lady Bennington, dated Hertingfordbury, July 22, 1777. 3p, 4to, in a small neat hand, address panel on verso, with name but no address, seal. Offers her detailed spiritual advice that she can draw on 'while under the Cross'. He says she was lucky to be accompanied on her journey 'with the company of a lively triumphant Christian', and bemoans the sorry state of the country, the fact that now 'the Lord's mourners in Sion far exceed the number of his singing men', and that some Clergymen have sunk to scandalous behaviour. 1777. £30.00
    Hartley was a theological writer and translator of Swedenborg.

  353. Herefordshire, Worcestershire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXXI.S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. O.S. blindstamp 1891. £17.00
    Covers Bromyard, Hallow, Great Malvern.

  354. Hilder (Roland) THE SHELL GUIDE TO JUNE LANES Arranged and Painted by Edith and Rowland Hilder. Poster, 29" x 20", metal stretchers, lacks 2" of bottom metal stretcher at right, some minor light creases with slight creacking of glaze. 1950's. £26.00
    Shows foxgloves, guelder roses, cranesbill etc., in a barrel against characteristic dark background, ruined abbey on left.

  355. Howard family MANUSCRIPT PEDIGREE of the Family of Howorth or Howorth or Howard &c of Haworth Co. Lancashire. Begins with the marriage of Sir William Howard and Maud widow of the Earl of Norfolk, and the last date recorded is 1872. On paper backed with linen, size 68" X 52", some waterstaining down left hand side, slight wear at central fold, a few foxing spots at top. Signed at top by H. Howarth 1877, with some historical notes and quotations. 1877. £35.00

  356. Kent and Surrey ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXVII, and parts of Sheets XX, etc. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into cloth 8vo wraps. Various areas neatly colour washed in different colours, presumably relevant to property sales, and marked with dates. 1871. £25.00

  357. Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway SIX PLANS OF SIDINGS size 7" x 22", scale 2 chains to an inch. With key to colour of lines. Folded, some edge tears. Some marked 'Cancelled' in red ink. Falkner & Sons, Liths., Manchester. 1896. £28.00
    Includes Townsend Bros. Siding, Peel Spinning & Manufacturing Co. Sidings, Haslingden Union Gas Co. Siding.

  358. Lancashire and Yorks. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet LXXXVIII N.W. Size 13" x 15", plus wide margins. Slightly dusty at edges. Railways inserted to 1892. O.S. blindstamp 1893. £18.00

  359. Lancashire and Yorks. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LXXXVIII N.W., size approx. 13" x 15", plus wide margins, key in right-hand margin. Surface slightly dusty. A few repaired edge tears. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1904. £26.00
    Shows numerous faults with white lines, and one mineral vein in gold.

  360. Lancashire and Yorks. TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 6" to 1 mile. Sheet LXV S.E (Higher Twiston, Rimington Moor) and XLVIII N.W/CLXXXIII (Walk Mill, Deerplay Moor). Water features hand-coloured. Surface dusty. Some edge tears. c1899. £20.00
    Shows old lead mines, quarries etc.

  361. Merchant Navy CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY First Class Engineer. Printed certificate in red, printed on linen, on both sides, size 11" x 14", folds. Issued at the port of Hull to Albert Milner. 1898. £12.00

  362. Middlesex, Dorsetshire, Berkshire PARTICULARS OF SALE of a Superior Semi-Detached Villa Residence known as No. 7, Bolton's, 113 Acres of Grass Land at Willesden... Rent Charge and Pew Rents at Handley, Dorsetshire.... Rent Charge in Wantage.... which will be Sold by Auction... 6th August, 1858. 7pp, folio, memorandum cut out of last page, affecting description of Wantage Lot. 1858. £12.00

  363. Ministry of Transport THE SEVERN BRIDGE Brochure illustrating the building of the bridge, with a history by L.T.C. Rolt. Numerous photos, plans etc. 70pp., oblong 8vo. 1966. £10.00

  364. Monastic Britain ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Two sheets (North and South), colour printed, scale 10 miles to 1 inch. 1950. £15.00

  365. Monmouth Rebellion AN ACCOUNT OF THE PRECEEDINGS AGAINST THE REBELS and other Prisoners in the West. Manuscript on 4p. 4to, listing numbers of those convicted, executed, transported, whipped, remaining in custody, etc. for the counties of Southampton, Wilts., Dorset, Devon, Somerset, with headings in margin 'Dorset S's' etc. (Sessions?). n.d. mid-nineteenth century? £35.00
    E.g. 'Dorset S.s. Richard Holliday for conducting the Lord Gray from Gillingham to Ringwood, after the fight at Weston, to be whip'd twice, fined a mark, and to find sureties for good behaviour for a year... 1' 'Prisoners to be delivered to Sir Christoher Musgrave for Transportation &c. ... 16'.

  366. Newport, Gwent LETTERS FROM NOAH BOWEN, IRONFOUNDER at Newport, to the Directors of the Bristol Water Works Company. Five letters, 4to, each with integral address panel on the adjoining leaf, postmarked, concerning the casting of pipes for the company, and delivery. 'Mr Simpson wished to know if I intended having any pipes cast on the Hills, I beg to say that I shall have all the pipes cast at my Foundry here....' He offers to tender for further work (pipes with 'Branches Bends @ Ten pounds per Ton'), and apologises for late delivery 'I was obliged to have a Trow to convey the Pipes on account of the other Vessels drawing too much water for your Docks....' Attached to two of the letters are TWO BILLS OF LADING, printed with manuscript inserts, for shipping pipes on the 'John' of Chepstow, and the 'Palace' of Gloucester. Jan. 1846 - Aug. 1847. £48.00
    Noah Bowen ran the Pillgwenlly Foundry.

  367. Ordnance Survey A DESCRIPTION OF ORDNANCE SURVEY MEDIUM SCALE MAPS 21pp., tall 8vo, dark brown and tan wraps with coat of arms. 14 plates, some folding. 1949. £15.00

  368. Ordnance Survey A DESCRIPTION OF ORDNANCE SURVEY SMALL SCALE MAPS 21pp., tall 8vo, plus 19 coloured plates. Buff and brown wraps with small coat of arms. Small inscription on front wrap. 1947. £15.00


  369. Pringle (T.F) FIVE MANUSCIPT MAPS all in the same hand, in pen and outline colour, with coast shaded, on thick paper, sizes approx. 9" x 13". Each has lines of latitude and longitude, with numbers in margins, mountain ranges marked with little outline hills (except the North America map), lettering in Dutch, in copperplate. Each has a title cartouche with title in ink and the decoration in pencil. Comprises: Kaart van Noord Amerika. Covers Cook Strait to Darien and 'Orenoque' river. Shows 'New Albion', California, Louisiana, Arkansaw, Carolina, Florida, New Jersey etc. Capes and islands down the West Coast named, places on east cost named, a few rivers marked. 'Sioux' and 'Apache' marked. Carribean islands named. Signed 'T.F. Pringle de 29 Maart 1823'; Kaart van Zuid Amerika. Attractive map. Small ink blot above cartouche; Kaart van Azie 1822 29 Maart. Covers New Guinea to the Red Sea, Siberia; Kaart van Europa; Kaart van Afrika. Covers Cape Town ('De Hottentotten' marked) to Cadiz, Damascus. 5 items First map signed 'T.F. Pringle de 29e Maart 1823'. £160.00

  370. Reeve's ARTISTS' MATERIALS Catalogue, 116 pages, tall 8vo, illustrated wraps. Numerous illustrations of brushes, stencils, watercolour boxes, pens etc. c1920 or earlier. £18.00

  371. Roman Britain ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Colour printed map, folded, scale 1/1,000,000. Second Edition. 1928. £15.00

  372. Sasso (G.E) engraver PIANTA DELLA CITTA DI TORINO Engraved plan, size 13" x 17", plus wide margins, good plate mark. 2 scale bars. Key to 53 major buildings. Folded 3 times vertically and five horizontally. Torino, presso Pietro Marietti, Libraio, 1834. £45.00

  373. Shropshire and Worcestershire SEVERN VALLEY RAILWAY. 2 CHAIN SURVEY 1880. Lithographed hand coloured plan, scale 2 chains = 1", showing the line in the parishes of Kidderminster (Worcestershire) and Dowle (Shropshire). Two plans of the line one above the other, each showing a mile of track, on thick paper, size 27" x 45". Shows roads, rivers, embankment, level crossings, wooded areas, boundaries indicated, owners of land named. Distances from Shrewsbury shown along the line. Repaired tear at right hand margin, not affecting printing. Surveyed May 1880. £50.00

  374. Somerset and Devon CASE for Mr Sidebottom's opinion. 5p. large folio, written neatly on rectos only. Legal case set out with details of the marriage settlement of Revd. John Sanford, and Catharine Musgrave, and the portions due to their children. 1788. £20.00
    Concerns farm called Splott or Leycroft, and Walford, in West Monckton, and at Michael Creech, in Somerset, Tenement called Stuckeridge and Melhuishes Hams in Oakford in Devon.

  375. Staffordshire and Leicestershire GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. LXII.N.W. Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 13" x 15", plus wide margins, key in left-hand margin. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1901. £25.00
    Shows Cannock, Penkridge.

  376. Suffolk and Norfolk PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of several Small Farms, Accommodation Lands, and Marshes, situate at Beccles, Ringsfield, Barsham, Shipmeadow, Redisham, Westhall, and Brampton, in Suffolk; and Aldeby in Norfolk. Which will be Sold by Auction by the direction of the Will of the late Edward Arnold, Esq. by Messrs. H. & J. Read, at the King's Head Hotel, Beccles, on Friday, 15th day of July, 1887. Folio, 6pp, 4 plans on 2 large folding sheets, docket title, slightly dusty where folded, few short tears mainly to margins. 1887. £22.00

  377. Suffolk, Norfolk ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet L.N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Blue 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Railways inserted to 1867. Railways inserted to 1881. O.S. blindstamp 1893. £18.00

  378. Taylor Brothers SCENE ON THE MARAVILLA COCOA ESTATE Advertising sheet, 8vo, with brightly coloured chromolithographed scene of people picking cocoa beans, estate buildings etc., framed by cocoa beans. On verso is advert with 'Opinions from the Press' etc. Obviously once glued in album, as there are light traces of glue overall. c1890. £20.00

  379. W.A. & Co. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE OF CHAIRS Setees and Stools. January, 1896. 25pp., size 9" x 12, printed cloth wraps, two small waterstains near spine. Numerous illustrations, including rocking chairs, children's chairs, library chairs, in oak, maple, walnut, birch. 1896. £24.00

  380. 'W.E.D.' EXTRACTS FROM THE KORAN Manuscript on 16p, fscp., sewn together, with verses from Koran in Arabic script and Latin translation, on facing page, verses numbered 1 - 54. Watermarked 1813. £30.00

  381. Walker and Jackson families GENEALOGICAL TREE, WALKER OF FRODSHAM Large printed chart, size 18" x 25", together with similar chart listing names of nephews and nieces of William Walker, with dates and place of residence (places include Frodsham, Liverpool, Wisconsin, Rochdale.) Frodsham 1935. £22.00

  382. Wiltshire and Gloucestershire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 113. Swindon and Cirencester. Large Sheet Series. Scale 1" to 1 mile. White linen wraps, coat of arms. Linen-backed. c1920. £9.00

  383. Wiltshire and Herefordshire MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT Tripartite indenture between Arthur Plomer, of Bristol, Mercer, Richard Haynes of Wick and Abson, and Mary Haynes, and John Batchelor, Alderman of Bristol and James Haynes. 1710. 13 sheets, folio, folded, held at top margin with yellow ribbon. Attested copy 1746. £36.00
    Refers to marriage of Arthur Plomer and Mary Haynes, listing a great many properties and lands in Chippenham and Langley Burrell in Wiltshire, and Whitchurch, Langarren, mostly with occupiers, former occupiers, adjoining landowners, etc.

  384. Windsor, Berkshire and Buckingshire THREE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet Nos. Berkshire XL.5, Berkshire Sheet XXXII.9/Buckinghamshire LVI.9, and Berkshire XXXII.13. Size 25" x 35". Scale 25" to 1 mile. Edition of 1912, and Revision of 1932. £28.00
    Covers part of Windsor Great Park, Prince Consort's Workshops, Holley Grove; Clewer, Windsor as far East as Victoria Barracks, and Clewer South Ward, Spital, King Edward VII Hospital.

  385. Worcestershire and Monmouth SETTLEMENT on the Marriage of Major General Burr with Mary Davis of Chepstow. 14 large vellum sheets, 4 wax seals. Refers to messuage, farms, public house at Alvington, tenements at Tiddenham, house, cottages, and messuage with warehouse and counting house in Chepstow, detailing occupiers and rents paid, together with long list of named pasture lands, orchards etc. in Alvington and Chepstow, and the Right of Presentation to the Vicarage of Chepstow. Verso where titled is dusty. 1808. £35.00

  386. Wye Valley GEMS OF THE WYE VALLEY A Collection of Sepia Photographs. Photographic view album by Harvey Barton, Fine Art Printers of Bristol. 16 tipped in photos, with descriptive caption on facing page. Circular view on front wrap. Sewn, lacks silk tie. c1910. £18.00

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