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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 122

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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Bedfordshire -- Berkshire -- Bristol -- Cambridgeshire --
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Devon -- Dorset -- Durham -- Essex --
Gloucestershire -- Hampshire and Isle of Wight -- Herefordshire -- Hertfordshire --
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Shropshire -- Somerset -- Staffordshire -- Suffolk --
Sussex -- Wiltshire -- Worcestershire -- Yorkshire --
Ireland -- Scotland -- Wales -- General
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  1. Conviction for felony RECEIPT of Luke Richards for nine pounds received from Francis Pym, Sheriff of Bedford for his share of the reward for conviction of John Robertson for Felony and Burglary. Four lines on paper, size 3" x 8", signed by Richards. Impressed stamp. 1791. £18.00

  2. Todington DEED OF SETTLEMENT of a cottage or Inn at Todington called the Bell, with yards and outhouses 'abutting south east into the Market Place', together with lands called Nightingale Pightell, and 3 closes of sward and meadow in Rockliffe, Rebeccah Shaw of Todington, widow, to her son Thomas Peele, of St. Anne, London, Citizen and plate worker. 3 pages folio, in a large clear hand, tied at top with vellum tie. Attested as a true copy of a deed of 1696 taken 20th December 1706, signed by two parties. At the bottom is a note 'Quere who keeps orig.', 'Mr Reddall has the originall deed in keeping'. 1706. £38.00

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  3. Berkshire AN ACT for making the Acts of the First and Seventh Years of His late Majesty's Reign (for making the River Kennet navigable from Reading to Newbury in the County of Berks) more effectual. Cover leaf + 12pp, small folio, disbound, black letter. Attractive floral initial letter. 1730. £20.00

  4. Reading GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet 268. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Colour-printed, size 13" x 20" plus margins, dissected, linen-backed and folding to 8vo, marbled wraps. 1904. £16.00

  5. River Kennett AN ACT for Enlarging the Time for making the River Kennet navigable from Reading to Newbury in the County of Berks. Cover leaf + 3pp, disbound, small folio, black letter. Act of Parliament. Attractive woodcut of garlands etc. around initial letter. 1721. £20.00

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  6. Avon and Froome Navigation AN ACT for the better Preserving the Navigation of the Rivers Avon and Froome, and for Cleansing, Paving and Inlighting the Streets of the City of Bristol. Cover leaf + 18pp, small folio, disbound, Black Letter, floral decoration of initial letter... together with... AN ACT for making more effectual an Act.... for the better preserving the Navigation.... and for the regulating Hackney Coachmen, Halliers... and the Markets... within the said City... 1749. Cover leaf + 17pp, disbound. 2 items. Acts of Parliament. 1700 and 1749. £60.00

  7. Blackboy Hill, Westfield Park, Apsley Rd, Wellington Park, etc. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet No. LXXI.12.22. Scale 1:500. Engraved surface approx. 25" x 38", mounted on dark blue linen, edged with tape, a few manuscript notes for cable runs, a couple of areas with small manuscript overpasted updates, tape missing from top and part of one side edge, one corner lightly dust-stained. First Edition, 1882, Reprinted 1897. £38.00
    Extremely detailed map showing garden layout, greenhouses, street trees, etc.

  8. Bristol Union Fire Insurance Company INSURANCE CERTIFICATE for Nehemia Newman, Publican, for a dwelling house called the Cross Keys, Stone Timber & Tile... in Temple Street, with a Brewhouse and stable behind under one roof. Size 22" x 17", large decorative heading with a tied bundle of sticks. Details added in manuscript. Folds. 1839. £16.00

  9. Charities IN THE MATTER OF THE CHARITIES OF ALDERMAN JOHN WHITSON being some of the Municipal Charities of the City of Bristol, together with the Foundation called the Red Maids School.... Order by the Board of Charity Commissioners setting out sums payable yearly. 3pp., folio. 1905. £8.00
    Includes money for the poor of Clearwell, in Gloucestershire, Burnett in Somerset, poor widows in Bristol etc.

  10. Clifton BILL of James Garraway & Compy., Nurserymen, Seedsmen & Florists, Durdham Down Nurseries, Dec. 11th, 1888. 4to, printed heading. Made out to Ilminster Cemetery for cupressus nataliensis, Irish yews, 3 doz. laurels, junipers etc. Receipted over stamp. 1888. £8.00

  11. Geographia Ltd. NEW PLAN of the City of Bristol. Size approx. 40" x 46", coloured, mounted on linen and folding into cloth boards, with street index. Title on front board faded, ownership stamp on cover leaf of Index. c1930. £18.00
    Shows tram & bus routes, postal districts.

  12. Rownham Ferry DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY near Rownham Ferry and the Hotwells, Bristol to be Sold by Auction... at the York Hotel, Dowry Square, Thursday 18th August, 1831.. Poster, size 18" x 11", folds, printed in large type with a variety of typefaces. Lists 4 Lots. Two small edge tears repaired neatly on verso. Printed at the Bristol Mirror Office by John Taylor. 1831. £50.00
    The lots included the Hotwell Tavern, with detailed description of the rooms, including the Brewhouse with the 'excellent Cellar 40 feet by 14', a house adjoining, Fee Farm rents of newly erected house forming a continuation of Freeland Place Buildings, a house in Freeland Place, with a slip of land behind Mr Watkinson's stable. Gives occupiers.

  13. Theatre Royal PLAYBILL Mr. Gomery's Last Benefit... on Monday next the 19th of June 1809 will be performed the last New Comedy of Grieving's a Folly.... after which, the Ballet Dance called The Bristol Sailors & Savages... Printed in a variety of type-faces, on thin paper, size 10" x 7", paper rather stained. 1809. £20.00
    The programme also included 'Don Juan' and 'Mother Goose, In Wooden Shoes'.

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  14. Greenwood (C) & (J) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF CAMBRIDGE from An Actual Survey made in the Years 1832 & 1833. Fully hand-coloured engraved map, size approx. 23" x 27", with a vignette view of Ely Cathedral. Decorative title, Reference to the Hundreds, Explanation Table. Folded into four. Off-setting of title and vignette view on other side of map. April 1st, 1834. £50.00

  15. King's College, Cambridge POWER OF ATTORNEY John Naylor, Fellow of King's College Cambridge appoints William Banister, Stationer, of St. Martin's Parish in the Fields his Attorney, for receiving sums due to him out of the Exchequer for his salary as one of the Clerks attending Committees at the House of Commons for the Session 1st Jan. 1738 - 15th June 1739. 31 lines in a clear hand on one and a half pages folio, signed by Naylor and two witnesses, chipped wax seal. Blank conjoint leaf with docket title on verso. Old repair to a tear at bottom right corner. 1739. £28.00

  16. Newcombe (John) POWER OF ATTORNEY John Newcome, Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge, appoints Richard Beadon of St. John's College his attorney, for receiving from the Tellers of the Exchequer for sums due to him as Professor. 16 lines in a neat hand, 1p., small folio, blank conjoint leaf with docket title on verso. Signed by Newcome and two witnesses, wax seal. 1763. £30.00
    Newcome, of St. John's College, was also Dean of Rochester.

  17. Sherriffs of Cambridge and Huntingdon THREE DOCUMENTS FOR POWER OF ATTORNEY allowing those nominated to receive due from the Exchequer to the Sherriffs under an Act of Parliament 'for the better enabling Sherriffs to sue out their Patents and pass their accounts....' Comprises John Jackson to Thomas Johnson of St. Ives, 1758, Sir Charles Cope to the same, 1773, Daniel Swain to John Smith of Cambridge, 1775. Each approx. 30 lines on folio sheet, blank conjoint leaf, signed by the Sherriff and two witnesses, wax seals. One document has the conjoint leaf pasted to the back of the first leaf. All three have a neat old repair to a tear across bottom right corner. 3 items. 1758-75. £60.00

  18. Symonds (John) POWER OF ATTORNEY from John Symonds, Professor of Modern History in the University of Cambridge to Messrs. Christoper Cooke and James Halford. 23 lines, manuscript, on folio sheet, folded, blank conjoint leaf with docket title on verso. Signed with wax seal by Symonds, and witnessed. 1797. £38.00
    The Attornies were to receive from the Teller of the Receipt of His Majesty's Exchequer any sums due on account of his salary as Professor of Modern History. John Symonds (1730-1807) left an important donation of books to the Historical Library at Cambridge in his will.

  19. West Wickham FOUR LETTERS from J.R. Wollaston, Rector at West Wickham, to R. Withers at Wimpole, Arrington, Lord Hardwicke's estate. All letters dated W. Wickham 23rd May 1831 to 14th April 1834. Each 4to, traces of small seal, address panel on verso. 1-3 pages, in a large clear hand. Content is as follows: (i) Refers to progress of the allotments. Asks for money for books for the school, 'we have 110 children now in our school', listing titles and number of books needed. (ii) About a parishioner who has ignored Hardwicke's notice to quit. (iii) Asks for his salary, due a month ago. His wife has distributed blankets etc to the clothing club. (iv). Grieved he has to report that the parish's agricultural labourers are not as quiet as he may think 'this day week they struck for wages & four persons are committed to the House of Correction...'. 4 items. 1831-4. £80.00
    Lord Hardwicke, a major local landowner had decided to inclose the parish in 1811. An Act was passed in 1812 and he was granted allotments, although owing to some disputes the lands were not actually allotted until the mid twenties.

  20. Wood Ditton and Dullingham FINAL CONCORD between Thomas Appleyard, and Walter Howlett, Thomas Kilborne and others, deforciants of 2 messuages and lands in Wood Ditton and Dullingham, for £60. On vellum, in Latin, size 8" x 15", some words very rubbed. 1633. £15.00

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  21. Crewe LETTERHEAD of Henry Manley & Sons, Live Stock Salesmen, Proprietors of the Crewe New Cattle Market. 4to, attractive printed heading with bull and horse, with brief letter to a Sandbach solicitor. Small repaired tear at central fold... together with... INVOICE of William Wood, Saddler and Harness Maker, Crewe. Small folio, listing 20 items (e.g.'New patent leather saddle for pony'). Printed heading with picture of medals. 1904 and 1893. £9.00

  22. Miln & Co., Seedsmen, Broughton MILNS SEEDS Spring 1966. Catalogue on 48pp., size 7" x 8", numerous photographic illustrations. Decorated throughout with 15th century medallions. Stiff wraps with coloured illustration from shooting print. 1966. £16.00

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  23. Bodmin REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF BODMIN Zincographed from the Ordnance Survey. 1pp., with map (from the Ordnance Survey), coloured in outline. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Approved by Henry James. Folio, disbound. 1868. £22.00

  24. Cornish Post SUPPLEMENT to the Cornish Post and Mining News, April 30, 1898. Single large sheet, broadsheet size, being a Paper read at Camborne School of Mines by W. Hopwood 'Modern Winding Appliances'. Printed on one side only, folded. 1898. £6.00

  25. Crantock, Crowan, St. Columb A PARTICULAR OF ALL THE DEEDS of Carevecke and Crantock. 3 pages large folio, in a small hand, detailing leases from 1553 - 1653. Summary of deed in the margin. 34 deeds listed. Involves the families of Webb, Cowlyn, Killigrew, Luttrell, Godolphin, Rosewarne, Harris. A lawyer has written a note at the end bringing the situation up to date 'Fr. Luttrell continued in possession... till 1 Nov. 1676 when he made his will and devised the premises to trustees....' mentioning that he has filed a bill in Chancery 'to make them sett out their title and am getting an injunction till they do'. c1653, with additions to c1680. £65.00
    '12 dec. 16 Eliz. John Killigrew demises to Vivyan Hendra Mary his wife and Christopher his son for their lives all his messuages and tenements.... in Crantock rendering 5th yearly rents at the four feasts in the year for the term and 2 capons yearly and a herriott upon their deaths...'

  26. Gwinear DEMISE for 2000 years of the estate of Taskus in Gwinear for securing £500, Robert Osborne to Revd. Henry Penneck. Large vellum sheet, engraved heading. Wax seal, receipt for sum on verso, with another wax seal. 1848. £12.00

  27. Helston in Kirrier, Manor of AT A SPECIAL COURT of the said Manor held at the Borough of Helston... before Thomas Grylls gentleman, Steward of the said Manor... Manuscript on vellum, size 27" x 13", signed by Grylls. Refers to Surrender by Stephen Usticke, the heir of Sir Michael Nowell of Penwarne, to John Rogers, Lord of the Manor, of four acres of land at Mean Moor and Parc and Gwarrack, part of Gweal Hellis in Wendron, and the granting of the tenancy to John Borlase 'upon the payment of the ancient acknowledgement of eight pence'. Below the details of the Surrender is a copy of Usticke's Letter of Attorney appointing Joseph Roberts, Attorney, to act for him in this matter. 1812. £40.00

  28. Helston, Lizard ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 359. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 19", plus margins. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo, cloth endpapers. Cloth at fold between two sections torn (4" tear). Boundaries revised to 1898. £12.00

  29. Jenkyns (Frans.) A PLAN FOR MAKING A SAFE AND COMMODIOUS HARBOUR IN ST. IVES BAY Cornwall. Surveyed and Drawn by Frans. Jenkyns, St. Ives. Engraved plan, size 11" x 17", plus wide margins (overall size 19" x 23"). Scale 3" = 1000ft. Compass rose. Shows the town with buildings, main streets named, Porthminster Point, The Island, Porth Meor, and the proposed Breakwater '2000ft in length'. Shows high ground with hachures, parkland or orchard with trees, rocky areas, sand banks, low water mark, Batteries, Pier. Some greyish spotting in margins bottom right, a few greyish marks on plan, mainly in Bay area, and some small rust spots below the word 'Cornwall' on title. Trace of vertical crease, some small impressions in paper like pencil points at a few places on plan. Backed recently with stiff paper. c1800. £130.00

  30. Manaccan, Wendron DEMISE by way of Mortgage of Halvose in Manaccan, Gwealhellis in Wendron, and Rent Charge in lieu of Great Tithes in Wendron and St. Hilary and St. Keverne for a term of 800 years, John Vivian and John Kendall to George Treweeke of Illogan Rectory, 1842. On verso is a reassignment of 1856, Cordelia Vivian to John Kendall. Two large vellum sheets, 2 wax seals. Outside where titled rather dusty. 1842. £16.00

  31. Mawgan in Meneage LEASE two messuages and 37 acres, part of Killianker, known as Roskymer Cutter, G.L. Bassett of Tehidy Park to Elisha Aver. Printed on three pages, folio, sewn at edge, with details in manuscript. With double-page sketch plan in ink on waxed cotton sewn in, with schedule giving acreage of fields numbered on plan 1883. £15.00
    Signed by Bassett's Mineral Agent.

  32. North Cornwall Railway Company A BILL for incorporating the North Cornwall Railway Company and authorising them to make and maintain the North Cornwall Railway... 28pp. stitched as issued, folded with docket title. 1882. £16.00

  33. Porkellis, Carvedras ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 12" x 18". Top margin trimmed and plain paper pasted across with title in ink 'Trewavas and Carlidna'. Linen-backed, central fold. Area round North Lovel Mine and around Trewavas shaded in pink wash, upper part of area marked 'Undivided', 'Proposed new HT Line' marked in pencil. c1910. £12.00
    Shows numerous old tin mines and quarries.

  34. Sancreed REFERENCE To The Map of the Parish of Sancreed. Oblong roy 8vo, rebound in modern half calf, raised bands, gilt lettering piece on spine. Manuscript title on first page. Printed in columns, across two pages, completed in manuscript, on 130 double-page spreads, plus blanks. With columns:- Estates (e.g. Tregerras, Botrea, Bejowans etc.), Owners, Occupiers, Nos referring to the Plan, Names and Description of Lands and Premises (field names, gardens etc., Acreage of Arable and Pasture, of Croft and Commons, Total, and Remarks.. together with... THE PARISH OF SANCREED IN THE COUNTY OF CORNWALL, R. Pentreath, W. Marrack, G. Hosking, Surveyors. Recent manuscript copy of the Tithe map, 1851, scale 10 chains to an inch, on two sheets of thin card, each sheet 20" x 25". In ink, with the outlines of the estates in colour, and each plot numbered lightly in pencil - the numbers corresponding with the Book of Reference. 1851. £170.00
    Approximately 16 lands and premises per spread.

  35. Scilly AN ACT to authorize Persons duly appointed to act as Justices of the Peace in the Islands of Scilly, although not qualified according to Law. Pages numbered 309-310, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Spottiswoode, 1834. £10.00

  36. St. Ive, Quethiock and Pillaton ST. IVE, QUETHIOCK AND PILLATON PARISHES CORNWALL. PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTIES Comprising Farms and Detached Fields. Messrs J. Kittow & Son Are instructed to offer the above for Sale by Auction at Golding's Hotel, Callington on Wednesday, 5th July, 1916. With 4 large coloured folding plans, 9pp, folio, original printed wraps. 1916. £45.00
    Includes the farms of Penpoll, Ford and Saunton, tenement of West Morsehead.

  37. St. Keverne DEMISE of the tithes and tenths of hay, corn and grain belonging to the Rectory of St. Keverne, arising from a part of a tenement called Trevivian, Richard Hele of Fleet Damerell, Devon, to John Reskilly, yeoman, of St. Keverne. Printed on vellum, 41 lines, with manuscript inserts, size 13" x 14", signed by Reskilly with small wax seal. Large heading with attractive initial letter. 1706. £40.00
    Three 'lives' with their ages listed on verso. Symons' 'Gazeteer of Cornwall' lists Trevivian as a farm of 120 acres in St. Keverne.

  38. St. Keverne LEASE of Park Warra in Roscarnon, with the 'Lower Hall and Chamber over the same' in the dwelling house belonging, John Sandys of Lanarth to Simon and Henry Lugg of St. Keverne, together with tithes and tenths belonging. Vellum, 14" x 22", signed by the Luggs with two wax seals showing a dragon. Witnessed on verso by Richard James, Thatcher. 1720. £35.00
    The Luggs were to pay one fat capon or eight pence at Christmas, or a harvest journey and four pence. With a note on verso of the 'lives', and that £1.1s.4d was received in lieu of a best beast on the death of Jane Lugg.

  39. Trewey Common, Zennor ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets LXI S.W. and LXVIII N.W. Scale 6" to 1 mile, quarter sheets. Second Edition. 1940's reprint. £14.00

  40. Vivian's Visitations LETTER from John Glubb at Bedford to Mrs Carteret Guille at Little Torrington. 4p., small 8vo, Says Col. Vivian who is compiling the Visitations of Cornwall has asked him for information about the Glubb pedigree. Asks various questions, and encloses another page of questions for her to fill in answers on. In the original envelope. 1880. £8.00
    'Don't know whether the Cornish Pedigrees will interest you but Vivian's Book will be the best authority on the subject.'

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  41. Carlisle PETITION to the Mayor and Corporation signed by 9 inhabitants of Carlisle soliciting the use of the Town Hall for 10 Sabbath Days for Divine Service conducted by Rev. John Girdwood of Horton College 'which is connected with the particular Baptist Denomination'. 1p., 4to, dated May 20th 1837. On conjoint leaf is another petition for continuing over 12 Sabbath days, ending 22nd October 1837, services by a different preacher. With names of 29 people... together with... A Few Statements in Relation to my design in Preaching at Carlisle. Note of 23 lines on small 8vo sheet. Note on verso 'If the Lord will I shall Preach next Thursday Evening on the Sands at half past 7 o'clock.' 2 items. 1837. £35.00

  42. Dalston TO BE SOLD by Public Auction at the House of Richard Martin, Innkeeper... Several Closes of Land Called... Sorrow Pow, Low Close, High Close and The Orchard situate at Nook Lane... Poster size 13" x 8". 1835. £20.00

  43. Drigg GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. 99 N.E. Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 13" x 15", plus wide margins, key in margin. About two-thirds is sea. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1905. £18.00
    Almost two-thirds of the map is sea area.

  44. Hesket PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of valuable estates in the Parish of Hesket.... 291 acres of thereabouts, which will be offered for Sale by Auction.... 10th May, 1870. 5pp., folio. Includes schedules. 3 hand-coloured folding plans. Outer page with docket title dusty. 1870. £32.00
    Includes the estate of Stonefolds.

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  45. Measham VALUABLE PROPERTY at Measham To Be Sold by Auction by B. Cheatle & Son... June 4th, 1847... Poster, size 9" x 11", folds. Describes 2 Lots, comprising four houses fronting the Cross in Measham, with four others in the yard at the back. Gives occupiers. 1847. £24.00

  46. Pigot & Co. DERBYSHIRE Engraved map, outline colour, engraved surface approx. 14" x 8", plus margins, vignette. Reference to the Hundreds. Stab holes near top edge in margin, some slight dustmarking at extreme edges. c1850. £22.00

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  47. Aylscott (Alverdiscott) FINE Verified copy, on paper, size 8" x 12", in Latin, for £100, George Hooper, plaintiff, Peter Hooper and Frances his wife, defendants. Concerns one messuage 25 acres of land 4 acres meadow, 20 acres pasture etc. in Easter Aylscott, Wester Aylscott, Westdowne and Westdowne Wood. With signature of John(?) Lee attesting it as a true copy. 1693 (copied 1699). £18.00

  48. Barnstaple Boundaries REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF BARNSTAPLE, 2pp, with a lithographed folding Plan, hand-coloured in outline. Scale 2" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1832. £18.00

  49. Bell-ringing GUILD OF DEVONSHIRE RINGERS Meeting at Ottery St. Mary 1894. Photograph, size 9" x 11", showing a large group of approx. 60 men and a few young boys, grouped in front of an ivy-covered wall, the first three rows seated, others standing, a few in the front row holding hand-bells, and others holding bell-ropes. Titled in pencil on the print. Small tear at top edge, repaired on verso. 1894. £25.00

  50. Bishops Tawton COUNTERPART OF LEASE of Whiteamoors, a tenement containing 24 acres, for ninety nine years. George Barber to William Joyce. Vellum, size 23" x 30", good wax seal with a bird. 1814. £17.00
    Gives amounts of fine, rent, heriot, best beast.

  51. Church Stanton LEASE of two tenements called Dyers and Picks, part of the Manor of Church Stanton, Frank Nicholls, Doctor of Physick, to John Frood, yeoman. Large vellum sheet, good wax seal with bust. Ink very slightly faded but legible. 1753. £15.00

  52. Collins (R.G) POWDERHAM CASTLE (S. DEVON RAILWAY) Drawn and Engraved for the British Gazetteer. Hand-coloured engraved oval view, size of view 5" x 8", excluding title. c1850. £7.00
    Shows the castle from the land side, with the estuary in the distance.

  53. Dartmoor ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXV. Scale 1" to 1 mile, dissected and mounted on linen, size 24" x 36", folding into 8vo green endpapers. Parkland, county boundaries, main roads and railway hand coloured. Inserted in full green morocco slip case with tuck-in flap, rubbed at corners. Electrotyped in 1873. £65.00

  54. Hawkins (G), Lith. ILFRACOMBE From Hillsborough. Lithograph, size 9" x 12", plus margins. Published by J. Banfield, c1837. £30.00
    Shows view across the bay with Lantern Hill in middle distance, sheep on rocks in foreground.

  55. Ilfracombe LEASE of a messuage and close of land in the Borough of Ilfordcombe, William and James Darracott, both Mariners, to William and Walter Lawnd, both Coopers. Vellum, size 12" x 13", printed heading, two wax seals. Vellum slightly darkened. 1718. £25.00

  56. Landkey THESE ARE TO CERTIFY that James Shapland of Landkey... Husbandman was on the Day of the Date hereof Sworn Constable of the parish of Landkey... Manuscript note, 9 lines, 8vo, signed by a Justice, Richard Bawden. The conjoint leaf has been used for the address to send to the Steward of Bishops Tawton Manor, Philip Sydenham, at Barnstaple. Small hole in blank leaf. 1772. £16.00

  57. Lydford PENCIL DRAWING titled 'Lydford bridge'. On thick paper, size approx. 10" x 14". Shows stream in steep wooden ravine, looking upstream towards the bridge, ferns etc. in foreground. In dark green mount with gold line. c1806. £50.00
    The drawing covers the whole of the paper.

  58. Palmer (Sutton) DEVON WATERCOLOURS 20 coloured plates, including illustration on front board. Published by A. & C. Black, 1926. £14.00

  59. Photographs BUCKFAST ABBEY 1928. Fifteen full-page sepia views, plus leaf with four reproductions from historic prints. Original paper wraps, slightly rubbed at edges, with coloured view of the Abbey in a roundel, 2pp. introductory text. 1928. £20.00

  60. Quatremain (W.W) TORQUAY Queen of English Watering Places, from Original Water Colours by W.W. Quatermain. 13 views, size approx. 4" x 5", overall size of album 7" x 9", wraps with small view on front wrap, wraps darkened, staples rusty hence middle leaf loose. Recent bookplate, a few small spots in margin of first few views. c1910? £7.00

  61. Shobrook Parish HIGHWAY WEEKLY ACCOUNT BOOK Two 4to volumes printed in columns over two pages headed 'Weekly Account of Money expended on the Highways of the Parish of Shobroke. Paper-covered boards, cloth spines, printed title on front boards. One book for March 1852 - March 1853, the other from March 1855 - March 1856. Columns for Day Labor, Laborers' Names, Team Work, Weekly Total, etc. Sparse entries, although from Nov - March 1853 there was expenditure every week, including laying pipes, stone breaking at various named places 'Stone drawn from Trew Quarry & Landed at Nomansland'... etc. A Charles Vinecombe was employed fairly regularly. At the back of the earlier book is pasted a printed 'General Statement', with ms inserts, folded, and in the back of the later one a printed Schedule, folded, stating state of roads, bridges, what materials used, state of hedges etc. 1852-56. £70.00

  62. Spreat (W) WOODBURY CHURCH CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, large margins. [C. Hulmandel, Printer.] c1842. £24.00
    In the left foreground are a young child and a man talking to a woman who is holding a large jar. To the right are two men one of whom is carrying a long length of wood on his shoulder.

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  63. Bartholomew's REDUCED ORDNANCE SURVEY For Tourists & Cyclists. Sheet 34. Dorset. Scale 2 miles to an inch. Colour-printed, linen-backed and folding into decorative blue cloth wraps. c1918. £12.00

  64. Burrow & Co., Printers, Cheltenham DORSET AUTOMOBILE CLUB Official Handbook 1914. Small 8vo., blue and gold printed wraps, small photographs and line drawings and double-page map of the county, local adverts printed in blue on back wrap. Staples rusty, hence the inside has come loose from the wraps... together with a printed letter, Sept. 30th, 1914, from the Club referring to a suggested 'Motor Patrol'. 1914. £15.00
    With list of members.

  65. Henbury Park, Charborough Park ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXIV S.W. Size 13" x 17" plus margins. Contours in Red. Provisional Edition. Revision of 1926 with additions in 1938. £12.00

  66. Isle of Portland POWER OF ATTORNEY Richard Tucker of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis appoints his brother John Tucker of the same place to receive money due at the Exchequer, on account of his salary or allowance as 'Surveyor, Guardian, Director and Supervisor of all the Quarries, Piers, Cranes and Ways within his Majesties Island of Portland'. 17 lines in a large hand, signed by Tucker and 2 witnesses, wax seal. Tear which has been closed by sticking the first leaf to the blank conjoint leaf. 1739. £45.00

  67. Lyme Regis KINGS LYME CORPORATION Order is taken this 30th day of June 1709 by Virtue of the Maties. Genll. Letters of Privy Seale... that you Deliver and pay... unto the Mayor and Burgesses of the Burrough of Kings Lyme... the sum of One Thousand pounds... Manuscript, 24 lines on one side of small folio, conjoint leaf. The thousand pounds 'of her Maties. free Gift and Royall Bounty' was to enable the Corporation to repair the damage done 'the Peir of Fabrick built in the open Sea... called the Cobb', after the violent storms of January and December. There is a wide margin at the top, smaller one at the bottom, with some slight traces of letters where it has been cut at the bottom, so this order was probably clipped from one below it, however the document has been folded and given a docket title, with a very large 'S' shaped flourish, in the same hand as the document within. 1709. £75.00

  68. Mabel Lucie Attwell POSTCARD Here's Lots of Good Luck from Bournemouth. Shows four postboys in blue carrying black cat in basket. Written in pencil but not used. n.d. £10.00

  69. Newman and Co. TWELVE VIEWS OF WEYMOUTH AND PORTLAND Twelve engraved vignette views, oblong 8vo album, blindstamped boards, both detached. Size of engraved surface 3" x 4". Light waterstain affecting most of plates, obtruding onto engraved surface. Front board detached. c1850. £18.00
    Includes Chiswell, Portland from the Nothe, Portland Castle and Railway Station, Chesil Beach with quarry working in foreground, Bow and Arrow castle.

  70. Sheriff of Dorset POWER OF ATTORNEY whereby James Gollop, Present Sheriff of Dorsetshire appoints Samuel Barnsley of the Treasury, Westminster, his Attorney to receive of the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury the £106 due to him as Sheriff in order to carry out the Expense of his Letters Patent. 24 lines on one side of folio sheet, signed Gollop, and by two witnesses. An armorial wax seal at the top left margin, and one at the bottom. A tear across the bottom corner has been neatly repaired by pasting the first sheet to the blank conjoint leaf. Docket title on verso. 1768. £30.00

  71. Wimborne area ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS scale 6" to 1 mile. Sheets XXIV S.W. (Henbury Park, Charborough Park), Sheet XXV S.E. Hinton Parva, High Hall, Sheet XXXIV N.W. (Shapwick, Sturminster Marshall), Sheet XXVI N.W. Chalbury, Horton, Sheet XXV N.E. (More Crichel, Witchhampton), Sheet XLII N.E. (Bloxworth), Sheet XVI S.W. (Wimborne St. Giles, Woodlands), Sheet VIII S.W. (Fontmell Magna, East Orchard). Three of the maps are 1929 editions with red contours. The others are Second Editions 1902. 8 maps. 1902-1929. £65.00

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  72. Monkwearmouth MONKWEARMOUTH SHORE ESTATE Ground Rent Reference Plan. Scale 66 feet to an Inch. Size 27" x 29", linen backed, in grey line and two pale colours in what appears to be some form of early reproduction, names of streets inked in in black ink. Shows plots along each street with houses and buildings in pink. A few plots have been marked in red ink with numbers, and some land and houses in Whickam Street marked with a note of conveyance. There is a brief key bottom right for land of 'Sir Hedworth Williamson, Ground Sold Out, Ground Conveyed'. Surface slightly dusty. Manor Office August 1894. £45.00
    Covers Halgarth Square, Calver Street, Zetland Street.

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  73. Bumpstead Helion COMPLAINT To the Right Honourable Robert Walpole... Chancellor of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer... Richard Bentley Master of the College of the holy and undivided Trinity within the University of Cambridge... against Richard Serrell and Henry Crispe, yeomen.... Manuscript on 58 lines on large folio sheet, signed 'Wm. Greaves', alleging that Serrell and Crispe had refused to pay tithes of milk and calves to the Vicar Theopilus Cole, and asking for a sub poena to discover what quantities of milk and calves they had and the value thereof. 1730. £30.00

  74. Chelmsford, Maldon, Halstead, Much Hadham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets 222, 223, etc., Size 27" x 37", scale 1" to 1 mile, composite map, dissected and linen-backed and folding into 8vo endpapers, lacks front endpaper. Wyld label in bottom margin. Some very slight discolouration in places on left side. Electrotype 1886. £32.00

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  75. Coleford, Monmouth, Usk and Pontypool Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the West Midland Railway to the Coleford, Monmouth, Usk, and Pontypool Railway.... 16pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1865. £16.00

  76. Coombe Hill Canal AN ACT for making and maintaining a Navigable Canal from the Foot of Coombe Hill in the Parish of Leigh, to join the River Severn, at or near a Place called Fisher's, otherwise, Fletcher's Leap, in the Parish of Deerhurst... Cover leaf + 53pp., small folio, disbound. Cover leaf dust-stained. Attractive floral headpiece, initial letter with coat of arms. 1792. £75.00

  77. Kell (Thomas) and Son, Printer GLOUCESTER CORPORATION. SESSION 1911. PLAN AND SECTION William Fox, F. Latrobe-Bateman, Richard Read, Engineers. 3 lithographed sheets showing plans and sections of Aquaduct Work at Pauntley, printed green paper wraps, size 23" x 30", cloth spine. 6" repaired tear in first leaf, not affecting printing. 1911. £45.00

  78. Severn and Wye Railway and Canal Company AN ACT to enable the Severn and Wye Railway and Canal Company to improve and extend their undertaking.... together with... AN ACT to enable the Severn and Wye Railway and Canal Company to raise further Money... 16pp. and 5pp. respectively, disbound, Acts of Parliament. 2 items. 1869 and 1877. £22.00

  79. Thames & Severn Canal Navigation AN ACT to enable the Company of Proprietors of the Thames and Severn Canal Navigation to raise a certain Sum of Money, for discharging some Arrears.... and to maintain and support the said Navigation. Cover leaf + pages numbered 371-375, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. 1796. £20.00

  80. Westley's REDUCED ORDNANCE MAP of the Environs of Cheltenham. Showing all Railways, Stations, Roads &c. from the Ordnance Survey. Size 19" x 24", scale 2 miles to 1 inch, folding into yellow printed paper wraps. c1880. £24.00
    Shows railways open and authorized.

  81. Withington AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Withington.... 19pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1813. £15.00

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  82. Barber (delt.) BONCHURCH engraving. Steel engraving, size approx. 4" x 6", later hand colouring, in ivory mount. c1860. £8.00

  83. Basing LAND IN THE OCCUPATION OF MR. W. ELLIOT in the Parish of Basing Called Razors Farm. 1865. Plan in ink on tracing paper, 15" x 17", 10 Chain Scale. Down right hand side is Schedule giving number on plan for 36 plots etc., with State and Quantity. Inset top left is small plan of a plot at Sherfield. With some later notes on schedule such as 'all taken by Railway 21.3.70'. There is a cotton backing sheet of the same size, to which the paper is not pasted. 1865. £34.00

  84. Bishops Waltham MANORIAL COURT DOCUMENT Manor of Waltham Episcopi, recording tenancy of members of the Noyse family, 1723. Vellum, size 10" x 11", 20 lines in Latin. 1723. £20.00
    Concerns Nicholas, William and James Noyse, and refers to closes of land called Brookes, Gully Close, Stony Croft, naming adjoining owners.

  85. Bourne St. Mary MORTGAGE of a messuage and lands in Saint Mary Bourne, Robert Noyes of Hatherdine and Edmund Rolfe of Bourne, to Katherine Barlow of Andover. Vellum sheets, size 20" x 38", two small armorial wax seal. Some slight browning in parts, engraved initial letter slightly rubbed. 1715. £38.00
    Concerned a messuage in Saint Mary Bourne 'near the May Pole there', and another messuage called 'Billetts' as well as various closes of land, including closes in the village called Link, Longclose, Bedlams and Lyes, Pepper Hill field, etc.

  86. Bramley, Pamber and Monk Sherborne CATALOGUE OF UPWARDS OF 44 ACRES OF USEFUL UNDERWOOD, and upwards of 400 Small Oak, Elm, & Ash Trees & Saplings... To be Sold by Auction... At the Queens College Arms, Pamber End, on Friday, the 18th of November, 1853.... Poster, size 17" x 13", slightly off-set. H. Cooke & Co., Printers, Oxford, 1853. £18.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

  87. Christchurch PARTICULARS of a Valuable Freehold Estate comprising a Marine Residence called Heathercliffe House.... which will be sold by Auction.... 17th of June, 1864.... 2pp., folio, folded, plus folding lithographed plan, by Driver & Son Surveyors, showing the cliffs etc. 2" tear in text, repaired with archival tape. 1864. £26.00

  88. Geological Survey VERTICAL SECTIONS of the Tertiary Strata of the Isle of Wight, arranged and drawn by Henry W. Bristow, F.G.L. Vertical Section Sheet 25. Size 38" x 26". Hand-coloured, with sections at Alum Bay, St. Helen's, Whitecliff Bay, etc. Linen-backed, folding to 8vo, paper endpapers, linen split along section edges at five places, splits held with strong archival tape on verso. Paper sound and in good clean condition. Published at the Geological Survey Office, Sepr. 1858. £90.00

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  89. Hereford PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of Properties situated on Aylestone Hill and West Street in the City of Hereford... to be sold by auction... 8th day of July, 1892. 5pp., folio, folded with docket title. Attractive folding hand-coloured plan at rear, showing 'Overbury Lodge' and 'Elmhurst'. Completed memorandum on verso of last page, signed over stamp. 1892. £32.00
    Included 'Elmhurst', 'Overbury Lodge', and five dwelling houses in West Street.

  90. Wye and Lugg Rivers AN ACT for explaining and amending an Act passed in the Seventh and Eigth Years of the Reign of His late Majesty King William the Third, Intituled, An Act for making Navigable the Rivers Wye and Lugg.... Black letter. Cover leaf + 14pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1727. £25.00

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  91. Great and Little Munden EXTRACT FROM CONFIRMED INCLOSURE AWARD of John Nockolds, Land Surveyor. 2p., folio, in MS, relating to Great Souls field Common, Fellowsfield Common, various private carriage roads etc. With schedule. Plain wraps, folded.... together with.... PLAN on tracing paper, scale 3 chains to an inch, 'traced from Inclosure Map', showing various Great Souls field, etc. 1853. £22.00

  92. Hitchin BOND of Mercy Collis of Hitchin widow of John Collis, Brazier, Francis Corrie, Linen Draper, to John Newman, Gent., for £100. 1p., manuscript, small folio, blank conjoint leaf. Three wax seals. Signed with large 'MC' by Mercy, and by two other parties, and witnesses. 1725. £22.00

  93. Hitchin FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY Attractive Small Residential Property Codicote Lodge, Hitchin, covering in all an area of approximately 80 acres. 10pp., 4to, stiff wraps, 4 photographs in text, and photo on front wrap. 1938. £15.00

  94. Kings Walden, Manor of SURRENDER by John Welch, one of the Customary Tenants, 'out of Court... by the rodd into the hands of the Lord of the said Mannor by the hands of Edward Catherall and Robert Jenkyn' of lands called Flexmore Field, Whiteway Close, a piece of land in Cholwell Common. The tenancy was to go to George Chalkley of Bendish in Paul's Walden, yeoman. 1p., manuscript, blank conjoint leaf with docket title. Signed by Catherall and Jenkyn, Welch, and one other, with a note of sum paid. Paper slightly darkened, some spots on conjoint leaf. 1706. £26.00

  95. Monken Hadley AUCTION SALE PARTICULARS of the Choice Historical Freehold Property known as 'The Mount'... comprising a Beautiful Old Georgian House... Lovely Gardens & Pleasure Grounds... for sale by Auction... 17th June, 1913. 1pp., wraps decoratively printed in red and black, photo tipped onto front wrap, 14" x 9", 5 sepia photographs in text. Traces of crease down centre, front wrap rather dusty at edges. 1913. £18.00

  96. St. Neots, Fletton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 158. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 34" x 26", linen-backed and folding into chipped cloth endpapers. Main roads and rivers hand-coloured. County boundary outlined in red. 6" square at bottom left, with manuscript compass rose. Linen at central fold browned, slightly affecting paper at edges of section, some slight browning in top and bottom margins. 1896. £30.00
    Covers the whole of Huntingdon and parts of adjoining counties.

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  97. Dover AN ACT for Enlarging the Term of years granted by an Act passed in the Session of Parliament, held in the Eleventh and Twelfth Years of King William the Third, for the Repair of Dover Harbour. 2pp., plus cover leaf, small folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. Attractive floral decoration around initial letter. 1703. £22.00

  98. Romney Marsh ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP part of Sheet No. IV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 16" x 26", border all round. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo grained cloth endpapers. n.d. c1860. £16.00
    Covers Rye, Folkestone, Woodchurch.

  99. Tongswood, near Hawkhurst PRIVATE CATALOGUE of Pure Bred Shorthorn Cattle. The Property of C.E. Gunther Esq. of Tongsood. 74pp., size 5" x 7", cloth boards with gilt title. Introduction, and pedigrees, with name of animal at head of each page, with details of dam, sire, breeders etc. Each page with border. Two photographic illustrations of Tongswood and 14 plates of beasts. February 1912. £36.00

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  100. Blackburn THE PUBLIC HEALTH ACT, 1875. Whereas the Town Council of the Borough... have applied to the Local Government Board for sanction to borrow money for purposes of Street Improvement... Notice is given that Col. C.H. Luard, Inspector appointed to hold the said Inquiry, will attend... at the Town Hall... Poster, the word 'Blackburn' in large heavy type-face, size 18" x 11". 1899. £10.00

  101. Clitheroe REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF CLITHEROE: with a Description of the Proposed Boundary. 3pp. with a folding Plan of the borough by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline, scale 2" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1832. £24.00


  102. Cow Hill (Chadderton) A MAP OF THE COAL-WORKS in two closes of land at Cow-hill in Lancashire The Property of James Travis. By James Needham 1787. Manuscript plan in ink with outline colour, on paper, size 19" x 23", coal workings shaded in different colours of buff (probably a faded red), black, and green. Basic title cartouche and compass rose. Rows of what seem to be workings but look like houses either side of a street, numbered 1 - 6 on each side. Traces of folds, laid down on thin card, wear at central horizontal fold, with some slight loss of paper at points along fold, in blank areas, with some minor dustmarking around edges of holes. A reference bottom left explains 'Boundary fencies'; the 'red letters are the Higher end Black the Lower end, red numbers up Banks in both Ends and the Black are down Banks'. The red numbers are faded and are now a slightly lighter black. 'Works numbered & lettered red are works that are fallen & the Houses over have given way'. There are other numbers that show distance of workings from coal pit, 'the Hitch betwixt the two Ends' etc. 1787. £120.00
    Names of other owners marked include Duckworth,Lawton. In Eden's 'Dictionary of Land Surveyors' a John Needham is recorded as a maker of estate and mineral plans in the West Riding of Yorkshire, mid eighteenth century, so it's possible James Needham was a relative.

  103. Ince in Makerfield PLAN OF BUILDING LAND in the Township of Ince in Makerfield belonging to Thomas Gidlow Esq. 1869. Shows Occupation Road, railway, New Hall, a square-shaped moat, 7 building plots with names of owners along Turnpike Road, with areas. In colour on paper backed with linen, size 37" x 32". Scale 30ft. to an inch. Title in different colours. Many small vertical creases in paper, with some tears in the paper (but not linen) along the creases in the bottom 12". Surface of paper very dusty. 1869. £34.00
    Thomas Gidlow is listed in the 1871 census as a land and colliery owner employing 600 people.

  104. Liverpool BOUGHT OF WILLIAM BREWER Canal Coal Dealer, 14 Richmond Row. Small printed bill for coal, size 4" x 4", manuscript inserts. Receipted as paid. Stab hole in blank area, traces of fold. 1849. £5.00

  105. Manchester FOUR BILLS of Wood & Westheads, Manufacturers of Smallware, Fringes, Umbrellas, Sewing Cottons &c, Plan and Fancy Ribbons, Moleskins... All with printed headings, 2 folio (3p. and 2p), and 2 4to. Made out for items such as satins, braid, tailors twist etc... together with... 3 bills of John & Nathaniel Philips & Co., made out for lace, combs, etc., all 1-3p. 4to., plus bill of Milne Cruden & Co., Flax Spinners & Bleachers. All made out to J. Roberts, Alfreton, Draper, and sent through the post with address on verso, postmarks etc. 8 items. 1850's. £12.00

  106. Manchester ORDNANCE SURVEY of The Country Round Manchester. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 22" x 27". Title in large letters as above, along top margin. Label 'Simms and Dinham, Booksellers, Manchester, Agents to the Honourable The Board of Ordnance' along bottom border. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo boards, but front board missing. A few section edges slightly browned. Imprint 1848, but slightly later. £22.00
    Holton le Moors, Stalybridge, Alderley, Leigh.

  107. Spotland, Rochdale LEASE OF POSSESSION of Miln House in Spotland with Cottage, Water Corn Mill and one Kiln, a messuage called Horsecroft, another called Holling Hill, and three messuages in Rochdale called the Queen's Head, in Yorkshire Street, James Hey the elder to James Hey the younger. 3p., folio, folded, contemporary copy. 1760. £22.00

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  108. Leamington Spa PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS of Leamington and District. 12 views, oblong 8vo, decorative card wraps, ribbon tie rather frayed. c1910. £10.00

  109. Leicester APPRENETICESHIP INDENTURE whereby Richard Johnson son of William Johnson of Evington is apprentised to John Palmer of Leicester, fellmonger, for seven years. On vellum, size 7" x 11", 20 lines in a small fine hand. Signed by Palmer, tag, but lacks wax seal. Signed on verso by three witnesses. Two very small wormholes, one of which affects one letter. 1642. £70.00
    With the usual stipulations about not frequenting taverns or tippling houses, not committing fornication, matrimony, etc.

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  110. Cassell, Petter and Galpin, Pub. CENTRAL SHEET OF THE NEW EDITION of Cassell's Large Nine Sheet Map of London, Scale, Nine Inches to the Mile. Sheet from the nine-sheet map originally published by Edward Weller in the Weekly Dispatch newspaper. Scale 1 mile = 1". Lithographed, size 17" x 25", title as above along top, slight trace of central fold, the word 'London' after 'La Belle Sauvage Yard' has been chipped from the imprint in the bottom margin. London, Published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin, La Belle Sauvage Yard. 187-. £180.00
    Blackfriars bridge is at the centre at the bottom of the plan, The Tower in bottom right corner. Covers Trafalgar Square, St. James Square, British Museum, The Foundling Hospital, St. Pauls', Bunhill Fields, etc.

  111. Covent Garden AGREEMENT for a Building Lease of Ground in Bedford Street and Bedford Court, Covent Garden, The Most Noble The Duke of Bedford and her Majesty's Postmaster General. Written in ink on vellum, 3 pages, size 18" x 12", red ruled margins. Signed Bedford with large wax seal with coat of arms, on a ground of blue silk. Attached is a coloured plan of the Site for Proposed Post Office, Bedford Street, on waxed cotton, size 14" x 8". 1883. £85.00

  112. Gray (Sir James) LETTER dated London 20th May 1714, signed Wm. Grahame, addressed on verso to Sir James Gray, (place illegible). 1p., 4to, 17 lines, blank conjoint leaf with address on verso. Tipped down right edge to a piece of blue paper. Says Gray can have the ledger 'when I am clear of the 100 guinee note which Mr Murray endors't...' but offers to answer any queries in the meantime. 'I desyre but justice in this affair... give your self that trouble in tyme or blame not me for the consequence of your neglect...' 1714. £28.00
    Sir James Gray, 1st Baronet, had been a merchant, and footman to James II.

  113. Harlesden COUNTERPART LEASE of No. 6 Springwell Avenue Harlesdon. Large vellum sheet, printed with manuscript inserts. R.P. Wright Esq. Small coloured sketch plan in text. 1901. £10.00

  114. Horse Sale TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION BY MESSRS. TATTERSALL at Knightsbridge, S.W., On Monday, October 29th, 1934. 4pp., folio, folds. Describes the horses in the various stables. Lists approx. 80 horses, many with parentage, etc. 1934. £22.00

  115. National Sunday League SUNDAY EVENINGS FOR THE PEOPLE The Grand Palace, Clapham Junction, Sunday January 4th, 1925. Concert Programme and Words. 4pp., 4to. The back page advertises forthcoming concerts and excursions. 1925. £8.00

  116. Saint Luke Parish Improvements AN ACT for the better enlightening and cleansing the open Places, Squares, Streets, Lanes, Alleys, Passages, and Courts, within the Parish of Saint Luke... Cover leaf + pages numbered 83-102, small folio, black letter, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1754. £10.00

  117. Sergent Plomber THE VOLUNTARY AFFADAVIT of Thos. Kynaston of Somerset House... Manuscript note of four lines, on sheet of paper size 6" x 7", whereby Kynaston affirms on oath that Jos. Roberts Esq. late Sergt. Plomber to his Majesty died on 10th April 1742. Signed Kynaston, and signed as sworn before him by J. Bromfield. Small piece of paper torn from top left corner with loss of part of a word not in the body of the affadavit which is followed by 'viz'. 1742. £18.00

  118. Stanford's LIBRARY MAP OF LONDON AND ITS SUBURBS Scale 6" to 1 mile. Steel engraved plan. Comprises sheets 6 and 7 and the two sheets to the south, covers Leighton Road, Mildmay Road in the north, Shadwell New Basin in the east, Lambeth Bridge in the south, St. John's Episcopal Chapel in the west. Overall size 25" x 31", plus margins. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into rubbed marbled endpapers, size 9" x 7". Tear in linen between the two top left sections, some small edge tears in linen at margins where folds meet, a couple of small holes in linen where folds meet. Parks and water features hand-coloured. Small ink splash near St. Paul's Pier, not obscuring text, six central areas outlined in colour and lettered with a capital letter in red, three areas have been colour washed in pink, yellow and buff. Published by Edward Stanford, February 15th 1877. £90.00
    Presumably this is the 'School Board Map'.

  119. Strand BILL of Edward Corn, 385 Strand, Boot Maker To Their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of Sussex and Cambridge. Size 7" x 8", fine large engraved heading taking up most of the paper, showing royal coats of arms with lion, unicorn, flags etc. Made out for 2 pairs of top boots and 2 pairs of dress shoes. Small receipt attached, signed by corn. 1823. £20.00

  120. The People's Palace LETTER signed Edm. Hay-Currie to The Hon. J. Nilson?, thanking him for 'the grand words I listened to in the Abbey this morning. I do believe that the Peoples Palace will produce a change in East London & I need hardly add how much indebted I am to you for the encouragement to go on'. 2p, sm 8vo, blank conjoint leaf, embossed heading '1 Hyde Park Terrace' crossed through and '10 Holles Street' added. Some foxing. Feb. 20 1886. £18.00
    Sir Edmund Hay-Currie was a business-man and philanthropist who supported many charitable undertakings in the East End, and was one of the principal fund-raisers for the The People's Palace project in the 1880's.

  121. Theatre Royal Covent-Garden THE PUBLIC IS MOST RESPECTFULLY INFORMED This Theatre will be Opened on Monday Next, October 1, 1827. Announcement listing the principal actors and musical directors for Tragedy, Comedy, Opera, Melo-Drama and Pantomime. Printed on thin paper, size 13" x 8". Printed by W. Reynolds, 8 Denmark Court. 1827. £28.00
    Names include Charles Kemble, J.S. Grimaldi, Madame Vestris. Charles Kemble was the manager of the theatre at this time.

  122. Theatre Royal, Drury Lane PLAYBILL Mr Kean & Mr. Macready will have the honour of appearing together this evening... Double playbill printed on thin paper sheet 13" x 16", folded vertically to make two pages. Some small repaired tears, and two or three small holes in blank areas. 1833. £24.00
    The main play was Othello, followed by 'Harlequin Traveller' which involved a series of views including 'The Starry Hemisphere, as represented on the Celestial Globe', 'Extensive View of London from Greenwich Hill', 'New Hungerford Fish Market' and 'A Grand Dioramic Display Falls of Niagra... Buffalo on Lake Erie... Broadway New York by Moonlight'

  123. Theatre Royal, Drury Lane PLAYBILL advertising King Richard III, to be followed by 'The Brigand'. Printed on thin paper, size 13" x 8". Tabby, Printer, Drury Lane. 1829. £24.00
    'Mr. Kean has kindly volunteered his Services in Aid of the Establishment which first fostered his Talent and the Injunction laid upon him having been dissolved... will appear as Richard the Third this evening, and as Othello on Friday'.

  124. Theatre Royal, Adelphi PLAYBILL This theatre will open for the Winter Season under the Sole Management of Mr Yates... Printed on thin paper, size 13" x 7", names of plays in large block letters. 1836. £22.00
    Includes the play 'Novelty' where the character of Novelty arrives 'in her latest Conveyance, The Vauxhall Balloon', followed by The Giraffe, the Bedouin Arabs and the Adelphi Tableaux 'The Great Globe Itself'.

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  125. Greenwood (C. & H) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTHSHIRE. From an Actual Survey made in the Years 1829 & 1830. Engraved map, hand coloured, with an engraved inset view of Tintern Abbey. Size approx. 25" x 29". Scale approx. 1" = 3 miles. Central fold. Several repaired edge tears, one of which reaches 1" into map. 1831. £60.00

  126. Grocer's TRADE CARD of Morgan & Williams, Wholesale & Retail Grocers and Tea Dealers, Hop Cheese & Butter Factors, Spices, Fish, Sauces, Capers, Olives &c. Shiny card, some slight discoloration at edge. c1860. £10.00

  127. Monmouthshire Railway & Canal Company SHARE CERTIFICATE for 'one Quarter Pref. Share Numbered 75', made out to George Grout of Norwich. Attractively printed certificate, size 8" x 10", decorative broder and 'Gothic' style calligraphic heading, small engraved vignette of barge approaching canal bridge, and train going over a viaduct. Manuscript inserts. Signed by Chief Clerk, red papered seal of Company 2" in diameter. Traces of folds. 1853. £68.00
    George Grout was a partner in the firm of Grout and Co., which was the largest manufacturer of crepe (used for mourning) in Britain, owning large mills at Great Yarmouth and Norwich.

  128. Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Co. AN ACT for malgamating the Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company with the Great Western Railway Company. 8pp., small folio, disbound. 1880. £12.00

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  129. Carbrooke ACCOUNT OF YEARLY RENT CHARGE of Four hundred and eighty two pounds four shillings payable to Sir Willobert Clayton Bart.... Rector... in lieu of Tithes of Corn, Grain, Hay, Lamb... Manuscript ruled in columns, small folio, bound in vellum wraps made of an old lease. 18 double-page spreads, listing Occupiers, Land Owners, Quantity, Yearly Rent, Observations. 78 occupiers listed. A few additions in pencil. 1845. £50.00
    Also includes Watton and Great Ellingham parishes.

  130. Felbrigge area WRIGHT'S CASH BOOK 1805. Manuscript account book, title in ink as above on front board. Size 13" x 8", parchment-covered boards, modern bookplate on front paste-down. 41 double-page spreads of debit and credit accounts, Oct. 1805 - Dec. 1809. Very neatly and clearly written throughout. Items for moneys paid out fill the right hand pages, moneys received on the left side fill approximately one third to a half of the page. The book is completely full with no blank leaves at the end. The accounts appear to be for a fairly large and prosperous farm. 1805-1809. £200.00
    There is no indication as to the location of the farm, but there are occasional place names mentioned, such as 'Steward twice to Felbrigge...' 'Pd for a Hamper from Yarmouth'. Other expenses include ''Paid the boys for 11 crows nests...', 'Gave Lord Suffield Harvestmen...', 'Wheat unloading', 'Pd Thurkell for killing 12 rats...', 'Pd Shearing for 6 Beasts'. On the credit side large sums are often noted as received from Major Petre. Other credits include 'Recd. of Pointer for 1 Hund. Trees...', 'Rec'd of Williamson for 12 bunches of Ozier...'.

  131. Gissing FINE of a messuage and lands in Gissing, between Thomas Havers and John Shardlowe and Robert Kempe and Dorothy his wife. On vellum, size 5" x 15", in Latin. Some works lightly rubbed but legible. 1604. £18.00

  132. Great Yarmouth PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of an Old-Established Woollen Draper's and Tailor's Shop and dwelling House... for Sale by Auction, February 2nd, 1882. 3pp., 4to, plus signed memorandum. Folded vertically with docket title. 1882. £12.00

  133. Moulton A TRUE TERRIER of all the Glebe Lands, Messuages and Tenements belonging to the Rectory and Parish Church of Moulton St. Michael... now in the the possession of the Reverend Thomas Howes Rector... renewed according to the Old and Ancient Terriers... 1845... Vellum, size 17" x 23", folds. On the verso is an 'Extract from the Apportionment' in columns for Occupiers, number, description of land, cultivation, quantity, with 11 properties. Signed by Rector, Churchwardens, and 4 inhabitants. 1845. £40.00
    There are annotations in pencil for preparation of the Terrier of 1872.

  134. Nash (Percy A.), Architect & Surveyor PLAN Showing Ancient Water Courses and Their Gradients to Norwich Castle Ditch. Lithographed plan, size 17" x 11", plus wide margins. Scale 1" = 200 ft. Covers area from St. Catherine's Plain in the south to Bank Plain in the north. Shows main roads, churches, post office etc., levels marked in small circles, arrows show direction of flow... together with another plan by Percy Nash 'ROMAN NORWICH. 'Venta Icenorum'. As designed by a Roman Surveyor 1st Century A.D. The Discovery by Geometrical Analysis by Percy A. Nash... of the Lost Sciences of Ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian Geometric Surveying... Dating back about 6000 Years to the Great Pyramid. Reproduced plan in a brownish print, on thick paper, size 24" x 19". Shows the city centre on a sort of graph with lines radiating out, some marked 'Cross Interval', city circles, etc. Various scale bars for Roman Miles, Cross-Interval Miles, etc. 'I have discovered these four long measures in the design of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.' Two items. n.d. c1920. £95.00
    Nash was an amateur archaeologist, with rather unorthodox views. He was convinced that the Romans had planned Norwich as a copy of ancient Rome. He published various pamphlets etc. to put forward his controversial views.

  135. Norfolk Chronicle, Publisher NORFOLK CHRONICLE MAP OF THE WARDS OF THE CITY OF NORWICH As determined by Her Majesty's Commissioners... August 12th 1892, with the Polling Divisions for the said Wards... Lithographed map by Wright & Ratcliffe, Surveyors, size 23" x 26". Small compass rose, scale bar (scale 4" = 3000ft.) Shows main roads and principal buildings, river, railway, with wards and polling districts labelled. On verso is a printed copy of the Official Award, with detailed descriptions of each of the 16 Wards. 1892. £48.00
    This was issued as a Supplement to the Norfolk Chronicle.

  136. Norwich, Watton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXVI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 35", linen-backed and folding into 8vo wraps, parkland, water features, main roads hand-coloured. Costessey Old Hall, Hevingham Estates and three other small estates shaded, with small dates (presumably date of sale). Wraps rubbed at edges. Printed from an Electrotype. c1860. £65.00

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  137. Brixworth THE PARTICULARS of a Valuable Tithe-Free Estate, situate at Brixworth... on the High Road, Six Miles from Northampton... in the very Centre of Mr. Ward's (late Lord Spencer's) Hunt... Comprising a spacious Stone-built Edifice, called Brixworth Hall... Pleasure Ground, Canals and Fish Ponds, Cold Bath, Ice-house... containing together upwards of 16 Acres walled round... Also one Fifth Part of the extensive Manor of Brixworth.. A Good Farm-House and the George Inn... To be Sold by Private Contract. 3p., folded with docket title. no date. c1800. £40.00
    Gives measurements of the rooms in the Hall, Schedules with acreages of different closes etc.

  138. Preston Capes ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, PLANS and Conditions of Sale of the Freehold Residential Agricultural & Village Properties Forming the Outlying Portions of the Fawsley Estate, situate at Preston Capes, Badby and Charwelton including Charwelton Hall, Eleven... Farms... Fifty-one Picturesque Country Cottages... 2,264 Acres... to be offered for Sale by Auction... 28th October, 1932. 55pp., folio, original printed stiff wraps, paper rubbed down 4" of spine. 5 coloured folding plans in pocket at rear. 3 photographic plates with 3 views on each. 1932. £45.00
    Includes attractive thatched cottages in Church Street, Swan Farm, New Fields Farm, Charwelton Hall Farm. There is a list of properties with tenants, area, rent.

  139. Stony Stratford THE EXCEEDINGLY ATTRACTIVE Residential and Agricultural Property known as Cosgrave Hall, The Comfortable Georgian Residence... Richly Timbered Old-World Gardens & Grounds 35 Acres, Four Cottages... The Well Known Manor Farm with Old Manor House... Little Manor.... for Sale by Auction, July 15th, 1927. 15pp., folio. Printed wraps with photo pasted on, 7 actual photographs tipped in. Large folding coloured map loosely inserted. 1927. £28.00

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  140. Northumberland election MR. LIDDELL'S COMMITTEE Have learned, with infinite Astonishment, that some of Mr. Bell's Friends have requested the Freeholders who have given Mr Liddell their unqualified Support, to re-consider their Promises... Handbill, size 9" x 7", printed in large type-faces. Walker, Printer, Newcastle, 15th February, 1826. £35.00
    Castigates Mr. Bell, the Conservative candidate, for insulting freeholders by asking them to break their word.

  141. Somerville (William) AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENTS Five Years' Work at the Northumberland Country Demonstration Farm. 172pp., 8vo., original boards with gilt title. Coloured plan of Cockle Park. 1902. £25.00

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  142. Bridgnorth SIX VOTING PAPERS for election of Councillors. Six single printed sheets, size approx. 6" x 7", printed on one side only, for the election November 1st 1843, listing four names of candidates for Councillors of the Borough, with address and occupation, the same candidates on each paper, signed by six different voters, with house he is rated for, and parish. The three who have signed with their marks are also witnessed.. together with four similar papers for November 1st 1841. All 10 papers have stab holes at centre. 1841. £24.00
    Among the candidates' occupations are surgeon, carpet manufacturer, watch-maker, bookseller, ironmonger.

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  143. Bath FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR DOYLE on Saturday next May 23, 1801, The favourite Play of The Castle Spectre... Playbill, size 10" x 8", listing cast for 'The Castle Spectre' and The Review, or The Wags of Windsor'. Gye, Printer. 1801. £25.00
    The name of the theatre is not mentioned. Tickets were to be had from Mr. Doyle, 22 Orchard Street, and of Mr Gye, Market-Place. The printer and bookseller Gye was involved in the incident whereby Jane Austen's aunt was accused of stealing lace from a shop in Bath.

  144. Bath Theatre Royal PLAYBILL This present Saturday, February 20, 1808, will be presented the Historical Play of The Hero of the North... to which will be added a New Grand Historical Melo-Drame The Blind Boy... Printed on thin paper, size 9" x 7", play titles in large type-face, actors names in capital letters. Ann Keere, Printer, Kingsmead-street, Bath. 1808. £30.00
    'The Blind Boy' was played by Miss Jameson.

  145. Bennett & Co., Surveyors MANUSCRIPT PLAN showing an estate at Kingweston. In ink and wash colour on waxed paper, size 22" x 16", folded. With the number of acres in Kingweston, Somerton and Charlton Mackrell parishes, together with a small plan of 'Home Farm, Kingweston', 8" x 7". 1947. £12.00

  146. Bonnor (T), drawn and engraved by COURT HOUSE. The Seat of Matthew Brickdale Esq. Copper-plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 7" x 10", plus margins. 1791. £18.00
    From Collinson's History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset.

  147. Bonnor (T), drawn and engraved by YARLINGTON LODGE. The Seat of John Rogers Esq. Copper-plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 7" x 10", plus margins. 1791. £25.00
    From Collinson's History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset.

  148. Bridgwater VALUABLE LICENSED AND BUSINESS PROPERTIES Dwelling Houses and Premises... which Mr. Tamlyn will sell by Auction... 27th March, 1905. Printed handbill, size 15" x 9", pasted along top margin to typed conditions of sale, folded. 1905. £16.00
    The properties, in 8 Lots, were in Polden Street and St. John Street, and included 'The Caledonia Inn', 'The Golden Lion', Butcher's and Slaughterhouse etc.

  149. Chard Canal Company AN ACT To enable the Chard Canal Company to raise further monies, and to amend the Act relating to the same Canal.... Cover leaf and 8pp., small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1840. £20.00

  150. Charlinch FINE relating to two messuages and land at Edington Burtle in Charlinch, between William Perkins and John Pearce. Vellum, size 9" x 16", printed with manuscript inserts. 1821. £12.00

  151. Charlton Horethorne AN ACT For Inclosing Lands in the Parish of Charlton Horethorne... 27pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1812. £16.00

  152. Cheddar PHOTOGRAPH Titled in white in plate 'Tea Gardens, Cheddar', showing a small tent in the garden with ladies with parasol, rocks in distance. Size 4" x 6". Numbered W5614. c1910. £7.00

  153. Conviction for felony REQUEST to the Earl of Lincoln, Auditor of the Receipt of His Majesty's Exchequer, to re-imburse Henry Powell, Sheriff of Somerset £120 for money disbursed to Jhn. Barnes and others for convicting Peter Davenport, Benjamin Allan and James Noble of Felony and Robbery. Manuscript, 21 lines on one side of folio sheet. Signed by three people (including 'Bessborough'). Small tear in left margin. 16th May 1759. £30.00
    Noted as entered 23rd May 1759 and signed by the Deputy Clerk of the Pipel.

  154. Corfe PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Sporting and Residential Property known as Hayne, Corfe, Comprising a Stone Built Tudor House... rich grassland, sporting woodland... 2 building sites... in all about 166 acres... for Sale by Auction, July 14th, 1937... 10pp., small folio, stiff wraps with photo on front wrap, four photographic views on two plates, folding plan at rear. Edges of front wrap dust-stained, number written in ink on front wrap. 1937. £18.00

  155. Glastonbury DEED TO LEAD THE USE OF A FINE relating to fifty acres formerly enclosed out of the Moores or Woody Ground called South Moor and Alder Moore, part of the Manor of Glastonbury, and a tenement and land in Mere and right of common on Godney Moor, Heath Moor, etc., Thomas Maynard and Hannah his wife, of Halton and Richard Godwyn of Street. Vellum, size 14" x 21". Some light browning of vellum in places. 1732. £22.00

  156. Hardington Mandeville MAP OF THE PARISH OF HARDINGTON MANDEVILLE in the County of Somerset. 1843. Tracing of the tithe map in ink and some colour on tracing paper, size 55" x 36". Very neat tracing, with names and number for each field, woodland shown by small trees, roads shaded in red, etc. no date. Probably circa 1950. £45.00

  157. Lottisham DRAINING done on George Scott's Farm with Frank Parson and Wm. Webb, drainers. Contains details of wages, and at back of book a few rough sketches of drainage and calculations, in pencil. 3 small printed delivery notes from Hornblotton Brick and Tile Yard pinned in. Sm 8vo notebook, entries on 21pp. February - May 1880. £16.00

  158. Mere (Lordship of) LEASE FOR A YEAR of one acre of meadow at Stilvey and the Manor or Lordship of Mere, with... Wastes, Ways, Ground, Commons... Ponds, Pools... Rights, Customs.... Thomas Moore of Bristol and his wife and William Horrel of Westbury on Trim to William Fry of Bristol, Grocer. Vellum, size 17" x 22", three wax seals. 1760. £22.00

  159. Pawlett and Puriton PARTICULARS of an Excellent Dairy Holding known as Court Farm, for sale by Auction, 24th July, 1929. 5pp., small folio. Traces of folds. 1929. £10.00

  160. Salisbury's 105 VIEWS OF WESTON-SUPER-MARE 'The Camera' Views of The United Kingdom, published by Brown & Rawcliffe. Extending strip, approx. 130" long, boards size 9" x 6" with large gilt decoration. Some views double-page, others with many small views on one page. Advert for Brown & Rawcliffe with view of works inside back board. c1890. £28.00
    Photographs by Poulton & Son. Includes lively views on the beach: 'A Quiet Dip', 'Minstrels', 'A Sitting on the Rocks' (photographer); views of Clevedon, Ilfracombe,

  161. South Cadbury GLEBE EXCHANGE A Survey and Valuation of Lands in the Parish of South Cadbury the subject of a Proposed Exchange between Revd. Henry Bennett as Rector and James Bennett. Manuscript on 8p folio, sewn, with two double page schedules of lands, with field names, cultivation, declaration of surveyor etc. Folded. 1846. £16.00
    Refers to a plan, not present.

  162. Taunton IN MEMORIAM William Bidgood. Born at Skilgate... Died at Taunton, January 31st, 1901. Curator and Librarian Somerset Archaelogical and Natural History Society 39 Years. Small 8vo booklet, printed wraps, 14pp. 1901. £8.00

  163. Theatre Royal, Bath PLAYBILL announcing the programme for January 12, 1810, 'The Foundling of the Forest', and 'The Forty Thieves'. Printed on thin paper, size 10" x 7", paper slightly dusty... together with... similar Theatre Royal playbills for 'The Curfew', 'Harlequin & Mother Goose', September 1807, and for Mr. & the 3 Misses Giroux's Benefit 'The Sailor's Triumph', 'Lionel and Clarissa', 'The Rustic Lovers', December 1809. The 1807 playbill creased and slightly dusty, the 1809 one with some light brown staining in parts. 3 items. Keene, Printer, Kingsmead St. 1807-10. £26.00

  164. Wellington BOUGHT OF THOMAS BAKER Soap & Candle Maker. Bill, decorative heading withe two vignettes, one showing candle making, the other a beehive and flowers with motto. Size 5" x 5", stab hole at bottom of printed heading with loss of a few small letters. Made out for 'Dips'. 1850. £9.00

  165. Wiveliscombe ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXIX.2 Printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 25" to 1 mile. Folded. Second Edition 1903. £16.00
    Covers the whole of Wiveliscombe, Castle Hill.

  166. Wookey TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION at The Mitre Inn, in the City of Wells... 6th Day of February, 1809... An Eligible Farm & Lands, Situate in the Parish of Wookey... occupied by Mr. William Hill... in the undermentioned Lots... containing... 106 Acres... Handbill, size 16" x 10", listing 25 Lots, with name of field, orchard, etc., and measurement. Name of purchasers written in untidy hand down left hand margin, and some figures written in right margin. 2" repaired tear from top margin into title, paper generally rather creased, with some light browning. Bryan & Co., Printers, High Street, Bristol. 1809. £45.00
    On the verso is written neatly in ink the sum paid for Lots 1 and 10, with amount for deposit, auctioneers fee etc.

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  167. Ball Green, Smallthorne, Bradley PARTICULARS of Valuable Freehold Property, 31 Dwelling Houses, and Fifty-Seven Plots of Building Land... to be Offered for Sale by Auction... At the Rising Sun Inn, Smallthorne... 1st July, 1909. 3pp., folio, listing 35 Lots, the first 15 being house in South Street, Ball Green, giving occupiers, the other 20 being plots of land. With two very large folding plans, one showing area between Heath Street and Queen Street in Smallthorne, the other building plots south of Union Street. A few very small repairs at edge tears at folds. Docket title. 1909. £28.00

  168. Ipstones SURVEY AND MAP OF LANDS IN THE PARISH OF IPSTONES in the County of Stafford belonging to J. Sneyd Esq., taken in the Years 1770 & 1773 By R. Hill. Manuscript plan in ink and some colour, on vellum, size 15" x 14". Decorative title cartouche, in grey wash, shows fields and a few buildings, each field named, meadow land and woodland shown, land of J. Sneyd outlined in yellow. Table of 30 fields with acreage. Scale of chains, (one and a quarter inches = 10 chains). Ink slightly faded in places, some short vertical creases at top and bottom edges. Small piece cut away at top right corner (in blank area). 1773. £135.00

  169. Lichfield COUNTERPART LEASE of land at Lower Knowle, near the city of Lichfield, adjoining a lane called False Way, Weston Noble of the Close of Lichfield, yeoman, to Humphrey Hall of Lichfield, yeoman. Vellum, 16" x 18", lacks tag. Vellum slightly spotty in parts. 1650. £35.00

  170. Tamworth, Lichfield GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LXII N.E., size approx. 12" x 14", plus margins, key in margins. 1901. £26.00

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  171. Binyon family, Ipswich CARTE DE VISITE PHOTOGRAPHS four carte de visite photographs. Mounted in a folding leather case, showing a baby, a child, a young girl, and a young woman. 'Helen Binyon' written in pencil on the latter portrait. Photographs by Vick, of Ipswich, and Edwards, of Hackney, Cade of Ipswich. It would appear that these are all of the same person, although it could be Helen and a daughter with a strong family resemblance. n.d. 1850's - 60's? £20.00

  172. Cowell Ltd., Pub. STREET MAP OF IPSWICH Colour printed map Size 14" x 20", plus Index to Streets and Public Buildings at bottom. Folding into sm. 8vo printed boards, title faded, spine rubbed. Impressed ownership stamp at top. Published by W.S. Cowell Ltd., Butter Market, Ipswich. c1907. £24.00
    With streets with tramlines printed in pink.

  173. Ipswich PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of Freehold Premises, Situate in Queen-Street, Ipswich, To Be Sold By Auction... at the Falcon Inn, Ipswich... Feb. 12, 1835. 3pp., small folio, printed in a variety of attractive type-faces. 1835. £24.00
    The house was a 'Freehold Dwelling-House, with Shew Shop, Work Shops, Yard, and Saw-pit... now let to Mr. Chilver, Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer..'

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  174. Frith (Francis) PHOTOGRAPH OF LITTLEHAMPTON PIER Number 22661 in white bottom left. Size 8" x 11", on very thick card mount, gold design with 'Frith's Photo-Pictures' on verso. Small splash mark of coffee or similar at top edge in sky area, approx. one inch long and half an inch wide. c1890. £22.00
    View looking down the pier towards the shore, children, nurse with pram on pier, lighthouse, windmill, flagpole and houses on right, sailing ships and cliffs in distance.

  175. Madgwick (Edward), Sheriff of the County POWER OF ATTORNEY of Edward Madgwick to William Whitehead of Grays Inn authorising him to receive of the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury the Surplussage on his account ending Michaelmas 1737. 16 lines, on small folio sheet of thick paper, impressed tax stamp, signed by Madgwick and two witnesses, with small papered seal. Written in an attractive clear hand. Titled on verso 'Letter of Attorney to receive Patent Money'. At some point the first leaf has been pasted down to the conjoint leaf with the docket title to secure a tear reaching about 7" from the bottom edge. 1738. £36.00

  176. Offington DECLARATION by James Coleman that he saw Sarah Alford of Offington, widow, sign and execute an assignment dated 16th May 1716. 11 lines on 4to sheet, signed by Coleman and witnessed. The assignment was of a banker's order (No. 1218), 1705, and an annuity on a yearly sum in lieu of £800 principal. Sworn 19th May 1716. £26.00

  177. West Harting WATERCOLOUR SKETCH showing a sunset over the pond, hills in distance, crescent moon. Size 3" x 6", mounted on card with line border, and inscription on mount 'Wishing you a Happy New Year, From Ernest Smith to his sincere Friend...' On verso is title 'Sketch of West Harting Pond in Lady Featherstone's Estate near Rogate'. December 31st. 1880. £12.00

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  178. Box Roads AN ACT for Repairing and Widening the Road from Horsley Upright Gate, leading down Bowden Hill, in the County of Wilts, to the Top of Kingsdown Hill, in the Parish of Box... Black Letter. Cover leaf + 13pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1726. £15.00

  179. Devizes PARTICULARS WITH PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Desirable Agricultural Properties being the Patney Manor Estate.... with Two Farm Houses, Homesteads, Cottages & Lands... for sale by Auction... July 31st, 1919. 8pp., small folio, wraps, small damp stain along 6" of top edge throughout.. Large folding coloured plan. 1919. £14.00

  180. Martin (R), Lithographer, Long Acre PLAN OF THE ANTIENT CLOSE AT OLD SARUM with 'Indications of the Antient Cathedral, visible in September 1834', and 'Ground Plan restored'. Plans single sheet of thick paper, size 12" x 18", the first plan shows embankments with hachuring, trees, etc, and the outline of the two adjacent plans superimposed. Scale approx. 1" = 300ft. Published by Messrs. Brodie & Co. Salisbury. c1850. £12.00
    The Top edge of the paper appears to have been trimmed, although there is no border.

  181. Pewsey Vale PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Oare House and West Wick Estates containing about 785A. 1R. 5P. for sale by Auction, July 13, 1893. 7pp., large folio, folds. Attractively printed wraps, split down two thirds of spine. 1893. £24.00

  182. Simpson (G) Printer DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE Four issues bound together, June 8th - 29th, 1820. Broadsheet newspaper, each 4pp., red tax stamps. 1820. £35.00
    Contains notices of sale of Manor and Mansion of Hatford, sale of stock in trade of Cabinet Maker at Frome, Baker in Devizes, death of Sir Joseph Banks. Much on the Queen Caroline case (which had reached a hiatus in June 1820).

  183. Simpson (G), Printer and Publisher THE DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE October 12, 1820. 4pp., broadsheet newspaper. 12" split down left-hand edge at fold, single horizontal fold... together with... issue of October 19th, 1820. Horizontal fold. 1821. £22.00
    Includes report from a whaling captain on the Davis straits and Lancaster Sound, an account of Tristan da Cunha. Both issues contain very detailed reports of House of Lords discussion of the Queen's reputed indiscretions in Italy, with many witness statements, etc.

  184. Wreck of the Carlebury THE DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE April 12, 1821. 4pp., broadsheet newspaper. Left-hand edge slightly ragged at margin, where once bound. 1821. £16.00
    Includes a front-page column on the sufferings at sea of the survivors of the wreck of the 'Carlebury' in the Atlantic, notice of the opening of the Fisherton Asylum, Gloucester Assizes Reports etc.

  185. Wroughton DEED OF CONVEYANCE of the reversion in a Close of Land and hereditaments at Wroughton, held for three lives of the Manor of Wroughton... The Ecclesiastical Commissioners to Edward Watts. 1864. Two vellum sheets, 19" x 27", large papered seal of Commissioners, and wax seal, small sketch plan on verso of one sheet... ABSTRACT OF TITLE, 1855, of the Devisees of the Will of O.C. Codrington to a piece of land at Wroughton Common held of the Manor of Wroughton, beginning 1727. 4pp. folio... together with... ABSTRACT of certain Orders in Council Relating to the Winchester Chapter Estate. 5pp., folio. 1862. 1855-64. £25.00
    The property was part of the Winchester Chapter Estates.

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  186. Castle Morton, Longdon SECURITY for £300 including £258 due on a former Mortgage, Mary Beale of Ledbury to John Hartland of Colwall. Vellum, size 28" x 33", nice wax seal with a galleon. 1757. £18.00
    Refers to a house called Grimstone in Longdon, in which Samuel Beale lately dwelt, various named closes of land.

  187. Northfield PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Heriditaments and Premises containing 30 Acres... called the Bartley Green Farm, 10 pieces of Arable and Pasture Land, a Public House known as the 'Cock' Inn, a five quarter Malthouse, two Cottages... Which will be sold by auction... at Birmingham, 20th June 1878. 3 pages, folio, folded with docket title, plus folding hand-coloured plan. Another plan, showing Bartley Green Farm is loosely inserted, but it would appear to come from a different sale particular. Repaired tear in docket title. 1878. £32.00

  188. Oldswinford PARTICULARS OF SALE of Reserved Ground Rent at Dudley and Shares in Freehold Properties at Audnam & Oldswinford near Stourbridge... for Sale by Auction... 11th July 1884. Handbill, small folio. Folds. Mark & Moody, Printers, Stourbridge. 1884. £12.00
    Lot 2 was a share in Ivy House, Audnam, and Lot 3 a share in Two Cottages at Oldswinford.

  189. Tembury ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT between Anne Eaton of Tembury, widow of Thomas Eaton, Mason, and Edward Land of Tembury, Executor of Francis Eaton. Refers to a messuage near the Towns End in Tembury in Wirrytree close, and two acres called the West Fields. Vellum, size 16" x 28", armorial wax seal on tag. Some yellowing throughout. 1691. £40.00
    Names adjoining owners.

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  190. Beverley AN ACT for cleansing, deepening, and widening a Creek, called Beverley Back... and for Repairing the Staiths near the said Beck, and for Amending the Roads leading from the said River to the Town of Beverley.... 1727. Cover leaf + 13pp, disbound, Act of Parliament... together with... AN ACT for more effectually cleansing, deeping, widening and preserving a Creek called Beverley Beck... 1744. Cover leaf + 10pp. 2 items. Acts of Parliament. 1727 and 1744. £48.00

  191. Darlington Show Society SCHEDULE OF CLASSES Darlington Show, August 1955 and August 1956. Two booklets, each appro. 50pp.... together with... Catalogue of Entries August 1957, and Catalogue of Entries August 1964, each approx. 150pp. All with printed wraps, apart from the last, which is bound in boards, cloth spine. 1955-64. £12.00

  192. Heywood HEYWOOD CORPORATION. IN PARLIAMENT - SESSION 1883. MAP. Shewing the Parliamentary Limits of Water Supply. Lithographed map, size 19" x 14". Scale 1" x 1 mile. Hand-coloured to show different populations supplied with water. Repaired marginal tear. Shows supply main, reservoirs, catchment area etc. 1883. £20.00

  193. Melbourne AN ACCOUNT OF WOOD Sold by me off the East Wood upon Lady Vavasour's Farm Melbourne. Lists name of purchaser and price, for example 'Wright, Everingham... 9s', 'Snell, Pocklington... 4s'. Feb. 1st 1845. Written on both sides of sheet 13" x 4"... together with... Expences of Cutting Wood in East Wood March 17 1838. Small 8vo slip listing 9 items, name of person, dates worked and rate per day, plus ale expense. Signed as settled by C. Horner, Woodman. 1838-45. £16.00

  194. River Darwent AN ACT for making the River Darwent, in the County of York, Navigable. Cover leaf + 16pp., small folio, disbound, black letter. Attractive floral initial letter and headpiece. Some slight spotting in right margin. 1702. £60.00
    The navigation would open 'a Trade and Commerce between the several Ridings... and be a means of Employing the Poor, Encreasing the Number of Watermen, and Advancing the Trade of the said County...'.

  195. River Dun AN ACT for making the River Dun, in the West Riding of the County of York, Navigable, from Holmestile in Doncaster, up to the utmost Extent of Tinsley, Westward, a Township within Two Miles of Sheffield... 1726. Cover leaf + 28pp... together with... AN ACT for improving the Navigation of the River Dun, from a Place called Holmestile... to Wilsick House... 1727. Cover leaf + 30pp... together with... AN ACT to explain and amend Two Acts... for making navigable the River Dun... and for the better perfecting and maintaining the said Navigation... 1732. Cover leaf + 41pp... together with... AN ACT for the more effectual improving the Navigation of the River Dun... to Fishlock Ferry... 1739. Cover leaf + 44pp. All small folio, disbound, black letter, all with decorative engraved initial letter. 4 items. 1726-39. £80.00

  196. Shorthorn Sales at York CATALOGUE of about 60 Pure Bred Shorthorn Bulls... For Sale by Auction... March 20, 1901, By John Thornton & Co., York. 35pp., small 8vo. Printed wraps. Lot 58 has been clipped out of the page... together with... similar catalogues for sales of Shorthorn Bull and Cattle for October 1901, April 1902, April 1903, all 40-50 pages... with The Yorkshire Society For the Christmas Exhibition... Catalogue of Ten Pure-Bred Shorthorn Bulls for Sale by Auction November 30th 1899, 7pp., with similar for 1902 and 1903, and a 2p. list of entries for the York Gold Challenge Cup, April 1902. 8 items. 1899-1903. £22.00

  197. York CATALOGUE of 256 Pure-Bred Shorthorn Cattle for Sale by Auction, 30th April 1924. 96pp., 8vo., green wraps. Staples rusty, tear in paper at part of spine. 1924. £7.00

  198. York City Club MENU for the Annual Dinner at Harker's Hotel, Nov. 24th, 1893. 4pp, 12mo, on pink card with decorative gold border with medieval people, etc. Small trace of glue near the word 'City' in the title. 1893. £10.00

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  199. Dublin LETTER from Richard Pope, 98 James Street, Dublin. Addressed to unknown correspondent, asking him to thank the Committee of the Religious Tract Society for the grant of tracts they have sent 'May the friend of truth in England water with their prayers the exertions in progress in this country for the diffusion of truth...' 1p to, blue paper stuck to back of letter below signature. 1827. £16.00

  200. Galway LETTER from J(?) Eyre to Messrs Bullock and Adair, Charing Cross, London, dated Galway April 25th 1769. 1p., 4to, 13 lines, blank conjoint leaf with address panel on verso, two postmarks. Tipped along left edge to an album leaf. Says he has read in the papers about 'a Scheme for carrying on an English lottery' and asking him to buy him a ticket if he has any credit 'as I have a growing family'. 1769. £24.00
    The Eyres were a prominent family in Galway, five of the family having been Mayors. Eyre Square was named after them.

  201. Marcus Ward & Co. Limited MARSH & CO'S BISCUITS & CAKES Belfast. Calendar 1894. Calendar printed in brown on thin card size 3" x 4", folded in two with coloured illustration on front and back, one showing a girl carrying holly and mistletoe, snowy background, the other a girl in a garden gathering cherry blossom. Possibly by Kate Greenaway as they are very much in her style. Inserted in a decorative envelope, printed in red, with 'Calendar 1894. With the Compliments of Marsh & Co. Ltd. Belfast in decorative lettering, and a boy in pierrot hat opening a large box of Marsh's biscuits and brandishing one... together with... Pocket Book Calendar. 1873. 18pp., gilt edges, size approx. 2" x 1", printed in green on pale green paper, wraps with celtic type decoration. Marcus Ward, Belfast Works. 3 items. 1894. £24.00

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  202. Brown (James) Printers THE ABERDEEN HERALD No. 1439. March 24th, 1860. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp., folds. 1860. £14.00
    Many adverts. for local firms, steamship sailings, properties to let, displenish sales etc.

  203. Dalbeattie LETTER from Robert Blyth, Furnishing Ironmonger, Nether Dalbeattie Buildings. 2p., 8vo. Printed heading with view of the shop. Acknowledges order, and says 'The Falcon' (a boat) is for sale, it is cold and 'skating and curling is in full swing'. 1903. £8.00

  204. Dumfries ARTICLES OF ROUP of The Anchor Inn, Dumfries. 4p. folio, manuscript. The first page is a detailed description of the property, with names of adjoining occupiers etc. 1866. £12.00
    The auctioneer was to be David Creighton.

  205. Moffat THREE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet XVI N.E. (Hairmyres Hospital, Thorntonhall); VIII N.E. (Glengowan, part of Moffat), XI S.W (High Blantyre, Nerston). Scale 6" to 1 mile. Contours in red. Size 12" x 18". Provisional Edition. 1948. £18.00

  206. Perth, Coupar Angus, Dundee ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 48. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 36". Light red stamp in margin 'Scotland 48 - Outline Series'. Railways inserted to 1910. £32.00

  207. Portobello ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet IV N.W. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 18", plus margins. Contours in red. Slightly less than half the map is sea area. Revision of 1931. £12.00
    Covers Seafield Hospital, Joppa, Buddington Mills, Eastfield.

  208. Portobello REPORT UPON THE BOROUGH OF PORTOBELLO 1p, with a Plan of the Town, by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline, scale 6" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. Some minor off-setting on plan. c1832. £24.00

  209. Prestwick, Dalbeattie, etc. NINE BILLS of post masters, coach-hirers etc. in Scottish towns. All with printed headings, some with small vignettes of carriages etc. Made out for horse hire, horse shoes etc. Nine items. 1888-1900. £15.00
    Includes: Scott, Post Master, Falkirk; Peebles, Jobbing Smith, Prestwick; Marshall, Post Master, Perth; Baxter, Coach Hirer, Blairgowrie.

  210. Queensferry AN ACT to enable the Trustees appointed by an Act.... for the Improvement of the Passage across the Frith of Forth, called The Queensferry, to carry the same into Execution. 3pp, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1814. £10.00

  211. Russell (Alex), Publisher THE ELGIN COURANT and Morayshire Advertiser. October 11, 1850. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., red tax stamp. Dustmarking along 10" of two folds. 1850. £12.00
    Contains article on the 'Gigantic Workhouse' at Barnshill, Glasgow, celebrations for the Earl of Fife's birthday, etc.

  212. Scottish Fat Stock Club FORTY-FIFTH ANNUAL SHOW to be Held at Waverley Market, Edinburgh... 30th November and 1st December 1955. Official Catalogue, 96pp., 8vo., wraps. Note in biro on front wrap and a few on back wrap... together with... The Scotch Shorthorn At Home. Scottish Shorthorn Breeders' Association Handbook. 1952. 40pp., 8vo., wraps... together with... Dairy Shorthorn Booklet. No. 9. 1957. 32pp., 8vo. 3 items. 1952-57. £10.00

  213. Seafort (Earl of) AN ACT to enable William Mackenzie late Earl of Seafort to sue or maintain any Action or Suit, notwithstanding his Attainder.... to take or inherit any real or personal Estate... 4pp., plus cover leaf, sm. folio. Black letter, attractive woodcut initial letter. One page spotty. 1735. £14.00
    The Earl had been attainted for treason in 1715.

  214. The Royal Highland Agricultural Society TRANSACTIONS. Sixth Series Vol 1. 1956. 295pp., 8vo. Numerous photographic illustrations of bulls, horses etc. Stiff wraps, some minor foxing spots on front wrap. 1956. £7.00
    Includes Premiums awarded by the Society for that year (Inverness).

  215. Westdrums, Angus WESTDRUMS HERD OF SCOTCH SHORTHORNS Booklet giving details of each one of the herd. Size 5" x 7", grained paper wraps with embossed gold title and head of bull. 5 photographic plates, map. Pedigrees printed in red and black, one per page. 60pp. n.d. c1957. £25.00

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  216. Cefn Mawr PEOPLE'S HALL Playbill 'Denis Emons presents his Grand Xmas Pantomime Babes in the Wood...' in ten Glorious Scenes... Comedy Galore... Card, size 12" x 8", printed in bright red, blue, yellow and green, with holes at top for hanging, picture of Babes with rabbits, signed W. Hemmings. Card slightly darkened at edges. c1953. £12.00

  217. Glamorganshire AN ACT to empower the Company of Proprietors of the Glamorganshire Canal Navigation to make and maintain a railway and other works at Cardiff... 21pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1882. £10.00
    Includes a Schedule of Wharfage Rates.

  218. Merthyr Tydfil to Cardiff Canal AN ACT for making and maintaining a Navigable Canal from Merthyr Tidvile, to and through a Place called The Bank, near the Town of Cardiff, in the County of Glamorgan. Cover leaf + pages numbered 1707-1767, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. 1790. £55.00

  219. Neath Canal Navigation AN ACT for making and maintaining a Canal or Navigable Communication from or near a certain Place called Abernant, in the County of Glamorgan, to and through a certain Place called The Brickfield... into the River of Neath, near the Town of Neath... Cover leaf + 69pp., small folio, disbound. 1791. £60.00
    The introduction mentions the advantages of opening communications with 'Mines, Quarries, Woods, Iron Works, and Collieries'.

  220. Tonypandy, Glamorgan EMPIRE THEATRE Frank Fortescue's Spectacular Comic Pantomime Mother Goose. Printed in bright red, blue and yellow, on card size 12" x 8", holes at top for hanging, picture of Mother Goose riding a goose, with broomstick, list of cast. 1950's. £12.00

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  221. American Colony Photo. Dept. FIVE PHOTOGRAPHIC POSTCARDS Comprising: Bedouin Mother and Swaddled Baby; Going to the Village Fountain (9 women carrying large pots on their heads); Jerusalem, Eighth Station of the Cross; Shepherd Type with rod and staff and flintlock; Jerusalem. Herod's Gate (crowded scene with boy with sheep in foreground). All unused... together with... four other photographic postcards, Porte de Damas, Old Street leading to Golgotha; Place du Temple, Kait Bey; Bedouin youth (with long ringlets, holding rifle). 9 items. c1920. £30.00

  222. Anne Jones, Quaker preacher THREE LETTERS relating to Anne Jones. The first from Mary Marriage, Chelmsford 17 3 mo. 1828. 3p., 4to, folded with red wax seal, names, but no address on verso. Mary writes to offer her support in the struggle Anne has had with 'false brethren.. it has been a time of close conflict'. Continues with news of family and friends (mainly those who have died or are ill)... together with... LETTER to his wife from Joseph Marriage, at Anne Jones, Stockport, 12 4 mo, 1846. 3p., small 8vo., no envelope. His wife has been looking after Anne Jones, and he says it must be 'a lasting satisfaction to thee that thou hast been favor'd to cheer the downward period of our dear Sister's life'... together with... LETTER from Elizabeth Christy to 'Dear Friend', Reading, Crown St., 2mo 12th 1849. 4p., 4to. Counters a suggestion made by some Friends after a Yearly Meeting in 1845 respecting 'a little infirmity' of 'thy late revered Aunt Anne Jones'. Says she was never the worse for drink and 'never exceeded a Wine Glass of Spirit diluted... I never saw anything bordering on intemperance.' 3 items. 1828-49. £40.00
    Anne Jones was involved in the 'Hicksite controversy' while visiting Quaker meetings in America. She was a supporter of the 'Orthodox' Quakers in their conflict with the followers of Elias Hicks, who advocated a more spiritual form of Quakerism, centred on the 'inner light'.

  223. Annuity RECEIVED by me Rich. Isted of Lewes in the County of Sussex Gent. by Virtue of Order bearing Date 23 Day of February 1692... the sum of Seaven pounds for Six Months Annuity... of One Hundred Pounds... paid into the said Receipt of Exchequer... during the Life of Ann Whiteing... Printed document numbered 2597, manuscript inserts, printed on one side of small folio sheet, signed by Isted. 14th May 1694. £36.00
    The annuities had been issued under an Act of Parliament aimed at raising 'Ten Hundred Thousand Pounds towards Carrying on a Vigorous War against France'.

  224. Bowen (E) A NEW MAP OF THE COUNTIES OF CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND Divided into their respective Wards From the Best Surveys and Intelligences, Illustrated with Historical Extracts relative to Natural History, Produce, Trade and Manufactures Shewing also the Rectories & Vicarages With various other Improvements. Engraved map, size 27" x 20", folded, not dissected. Original colouring of borders of Hundreds and border of map. Decorative cartouche, and dedication top right to Sir James Lowther. Descriptive text around edge of map. Map trimmed to within a quarter of an inch of border, losing imprint (as was often done with folded maps). Two tiny splits in paper where folds meet reinforced on verso with archival tape. Small light brown spot in border bottom right. 1760. £60.00

  225. British Railways (Western Region) BRISTOL DIVISION Map of lines and stations. Scale 1 inch to 5 miles. Covering area from Droitwich to Penzance. Size 26" x 36", folded, inset maps of Bristol & Avonmouth, Worcester, Gloucester, Plymouth, St. Austell at larger scale. Freight only lines shown by a thinner black line. Printed in some kind of early reproduction process, folded. n.d. late 1950's? £18.00
    A note at the bottom says it is based on the Ordnance Survey map and reproduced by the British Railways Board.

  226. Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the The Tring Park Estate... Eleven well-equipped Farms... Cottages... Miswell House... for Sale by Auction October 31st 1938. 40pp., folio, printed wraps, two large coloured folding plans in pocket at rear. Four photographic plates. Some prices realised added in pencil.... together with... SALE OF STANDING TIMBER on the Tring Park Estate. March 24th 1939. Separate booklet, 8vo, 6pp, printed wraps. 1938-0. £48.00
    Includes Silk Mill Farm, Manor Farm and Great Farm at Marsworth, Stud and West Leith Farms.

  227. Cheshire and Wales NORTH WALES AND SOUTH CHESHIRE ELECTRICITY DISTRICT Transmission System, June, 1927. Map covering Anglesey, Liverpool, Crewe, Aberystwyth, printed in black with Lines Constructed printed in green, Lines under Construction in red. Scale 6 miles to an inch, size 14" x 18", plus margins, folded to 8vo. Shows railway lines. North Wales Power Coy. 1927. £14.00

  228. Clarke (Sarah) SEVEN CALLIGRAPHIC PIECES of prose and poetry on a religious and moralistic theme. Seven sheets, size 12" x 8", on the subject of 'Almighty Power' (4 lines of poetry), 'Death' (6 lines of poetry), 'Benevolence' (12 lines of poetry), 'Fortitude' (3 lines, prose), 'Grief' (6 lines of poetry), 'Flattery' (6 lines of poetry), 'Life' (6 lines of poetry), 'Address to Sympathy' (12 lines of poetry). Large calligraphic headings, two of the sheets with pale pink borders, three with the name S. Clarke or Sarah Clarke at the bottom, one dated as below. Watermarks of 1816-1827. One sheet with three small brownish areas at edge. Sarah Clarke, Midsummer 1821, and later. £46.00

  229. Coal products AGREEMENT between Duffield Coal Products and Frederick Duffield, inventor, and Capt. P. Fenton, Trustee. 5p., folio, typewritten. Signed by Fenton. 1935. £16.00
    Refers to the incorporation of the Company and issue of shares, and the invention by Duffield of a system for the manufacture of a cheap motor spirit from coal. The company was based at Kingsway, London.

  230. Duke of Wellington AN ACT for granting a Sum of Money for purchasing an Estate for the Marquis of Wellington, and his Heirs, in consideration of the eminent and signal Services performed by the said Marquis of Wellington, to His Majesty and the Public. 13pp, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1812. £12.00

  231. Essex and Hertfordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP In slip case with printed label 'The Country Around Brentwood'. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 38", plus margins. Sheet 241 and adjacent sheets. Border all round. In full wash colour, water fully coloured, Essex coloured in pale yellow, Hertfordshire in pale pink, roads and parkland coloured. County border and coast in deeper yellow. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo marbled endpapers, in red Stanford slipcase with printed label as above. Railways inserted to 1901. £50.00
    Covers Widford, West Ham, Southend, Shoeburyness, mouth of the Blackwater.

  232. Faden (W) A MAP OF ENGLAND, WALES & SCOTLAND describing all the Direct and principal Cross Roads in Great Britain, with the Distances measured between the Market Towns and from London; to accompany Paterson's Book of the Roads, by W. Faden, Georgrapher to the King, and to the Prince of Wales, Charing Cross, August 12th, 1801. Engraved map, county boundaries and border hand coloured, dissected and mounted on linen and folding to 8vo. Old owners name on linen back. Size 28" x 25". Inset map of North Part of Scotland. Inserted in faded marbled slipcase, original printed label, which is slightly spotty. 1801. £120.00

  233. France TRAVEL JOURNAL of a trip to France, Sept. 1st to Sept. 20th 1913. 4to notebook, cloth spine, large postcard of Bruges pasted on Front wrap. 21 pages of manuscript, 13 pages of pasted-in postcards (7 postcards) and other illustrations, including small brochure with view of Hotel Haute Mere Dieu at Chalons, train reservation tickets, fine coloured label for a hotel at Strasbourg showing storks. The party of 5 (one of whom is 'the Rector') leave St. Martin's Rectory, Canterbury for Chalons, Gerardmer, Strasbourg, Luxembourg. There was perhaps another notebook continuing the journey, as this one stops at a blank page headed 'Luxembourg to Dinant'. 1913. £36.00
    A rather pedestrian account, with little actual detail of the places seen, but a lot on meals eaten, grandpa's contretemps with the wine waiter, weather etc. 'Strasbourg cathedral... went into the nave, at first one likes it but it does not grow on one like some other Cathedrals, a want of religious tone about it I think... I went to a shop opposite the N. Porch & bought a little silver basket for Aunt Sally... At 12 the Cathedral is shut! Home to lunch, a very nice one too.'

  234. Hampshire and Berkshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Made of quarter sheets. Sheet 268 and sheets to south and west. Border all round. Size 26" x 37", plus margins. Dissected and mounted on linen and folding into 8vo marbled wraps. Inserted in cloth covered slipcase with printed Stanford label. Parish boundaries inserted to 1883. £50.00
    Covers Andover, Basingstoke, Lambourne, Reading.

  235. Jacobs family RECORD OF BIRTHS AND DEATHS from 1777 to 1869. Manuscript on one side of 4to sheet, 25 records, recording births and deaths of the same people. There is a smaller sheet pasted to verso, with writing in a later hand, recording later births and deaths. Some places of burial are mentioned, such as 'Paul St. Meeting House Yard', 'Taunton Cemetery Grave 2026'. n.d. mid-nineteenth century. £9.00
    Possibly written on a flyleaf torn from a family bible.

  236. Kennet and Avon AN ACT for making a Navigable Canal from or near Gain's Cross, in the Parish of Shillington Okeford, in the County of Dorset, to communicate with the Kennet and Avon Canal, at or near Widbrook, in the County of Wilts, and also a certain Navigable Branch from the intended Canal. Pages numbered 551-630, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. First leaf browned, four subsequent leaves slightly darkened. 1796. £75.00
    Includes a 5 page schedule of the owners/occupiers of the land concerned.

  237. Kent and Middlesex AN ACT to authorize the Sale of a Mansion House purchased under the Trusts of the Will of the late John Julius Angerstein deceased... 32pp., disbound, small folio, 1840... together with... An Act to enable John Angerstein to grant Building and Repairing Lease of Lands in the Parish of Grimsby... and in the Parish of East Greenwich... 27pp., includes 2p. Schedule of property, 1837. Two Acts of Parliaments. 1837-40. £15.00
    The Mansion house was in St. James's Square, Westminster.

  238. Lancashire and Cheshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXX. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 30", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into grey paper 8vo wraps, with small key map. 1842. £48.00
    Covers Chester, Prescot, Sandbach.

  239. Lodwidge family SMALL ARCHIVE OF CORRESPONDENCE 1847 - 1917. Comprises letters between members of the Lodwidge family (who were orignally Vintners in London), some genealogical notes, notes of property, family portraits, etc. Approx. 20 letters, mostly small 8vo., and a few pages of family notes. 1847-1917. £24.00
    Several letters refer to an ancestor 'the martyred Sheriff' Alderman Sir John Cornish, and the possibility of claiming his title, and to the advantages of joining the Vintner's Company.

  240. London and Devon PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Modern-Built Private Residence, No. 8, St. George's Terrace, Islington... Also of a Freehold House in Whimple Street, Plymouth... Which will be Sold by Auction... March 12th, 1856. 3pp., plus docket title, folio. 1856. £20.00
    With description of rooms etc.

  241. Lyme Regis, Lydlinch MORTGAGE of Messuages Farms and Lands in Dorset Somerset and Devon for securing £6000 and Interest. Revd. H. Yeatman of Stock Gaylord Dorset to Revd. J. Daintry Vicar of Putney, Wiltshire, and J. Du Boulay of Holwell, Somerset. Made in pursuance of an Act of Parliament. Properties include Summerleaze Estate at Kilmington, Devon, newly-built house in Lyme Regis on Uplyme Road, houses in Vicarage St., Yeovil, and Holwell, and house and orchards at Lydlinch in Dorset. 23 ms pages, folio, secured with pin. Contemporary copy. 21st Aug. 1845. £25.00

  242. Mason's Marks MANUSCRIPT with drawings of mason's marks. 8vo volume, fine binding of red morocco, gilt border and title 'Mason's Marks' on front board, title and date 1873 on spine, all edges gilt. Spine slightly darkened, with slight rubbing at top and bottom. Manuscript introduction on first page, followed by 32p. of marks, seven to a page. Each page ruled with pale blue borders. Two small slips of paper with marks copied from Freemason's Magazine loosely inserted. Many blank pages. Name 'M.H. Robart(?), Derby' on flyleaf. 1873. £75.00

  243. Morwhellam Quay to Tamerton Bridge and Lifton to Launceston Canal AN ACT for making and maintaining a Navigation from Morwellham Quay, in the Parish of Tavistock in the County of Devon, to Tamerton Bridge, in the Parish of North Tamerton, in the County of Cornwall; and also a certain Collateral Cut from Powlson Bridge, in the Parish of Lifton, in the said County of Devon, to Richgrove Mill, in the Parish of Saint Stephen, near to the Borough of Launceston, in the County of Cornwall. Pages numbered 903-962, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. 1796. £68.00
    On the last leaf is a Schedule giving Properties, Owners, Occupiers etc., for the 'Tamar Manure Navigation', and 'Collateral Cut'.

  244. North Eastern Railway HALF-YEARLY MEETING 15th August 1879. Verbatim report of the Chairman's address to the meeting, held at York. Printed in double columns on two sides of small folio sheet. Printed at the 'Daily Herald' Office. With letter to Shareholders attached... together with... 45 printed letters to shareholders from the Secretary, 1p., 4to, giving brief details of dividend to be paid for the half-year, some with very brief report of the Half-Yearly or Extraordinary Meeting... together with... 36 statements of Dividend, sent to a William Hatton in Kidderminster, giving stock he holds and dividend. Amounts filled in in ink. Lists the 14 types of stock available (Carlisle, Scotswood, North Eastern Consols etc.) with Dividend. 1876-1894. £35.00
    Some of the brief letters mention the Bills to be put before Parliament.

  245. Ordnance Survey ANCIENT BRITAIN A Map of the Major Visible Antiquities of Great Britain Older Than A.D. 1066. North Sheet and South Sheet. Two maps, linen-backed, scale 1/625,000, illustrated wraps, slightly bumped at corner. Index of names. 1951. £14.00

  246. Penny, Printer THE SHERBORNE, DORCHESTER AND TAUNTON JOURNAL March 9, 1837. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., red tax stamp. Folded in four, one quater of front page with some browning and foxing. 1837. £7.00
    Includes notices for butchers, groceers etc. to contract for specific items for Langport Union, Chard Union, news from Blandford, Weymouth, Wareham etc.

  247. Quakers and poor relief SOCIETY FOR BETTERING THE CONDITION OF THE POOR At a Meeting of the Committee 13th Dec. 1800 The Bishop of Durham in the Chair. Manuscript, contemporary copy of the original, 15 lines on quarto sheet, folds, setting out a unanimous resolution that the society should bear public testimony to the labours and liberal contributions of the Friends commonly called Quakers in helping the labouring classes in the Metropolis in the winter, and a letter be put in the public papers. c1800. £6.00

  248. Siemens ELECTRICAL FITTINGS Bowls, Globes, etc. Catalogue, 11" x 8", 24pp., wraps. 2-3 illustrations per page. Some slight dustmarking at corner of some pages. 1927. £30.00
    Includes 'Italian Alabaster Bowl Fittings' 'Cornelian Glassware Fittings' etc.

  249. Somerset and Devon NOTES ON THE MILITARY CAREERS of members of the Corfield and Blundell family. Two large folio printed forms, with column headings for Name, Season of appt., Ensign or 2nd Lieut., Captain, and higher ranks, and Services. Notes in manuscript for George Snow Blundell, Frederick, Charles and Alfred Corfield, William D'Oyly Burgh. No date. Probably compiled c1900. £24.00
    Detailed information on their service in the Army in India, for example among the exploits of Frederick Corfield 'He was given command of 20th N.I. 7th March 1842 and commanded it throughout the 2nd Sikh War 1848-9 including the crossing of the Cherrab river and the battles of Chillianwala & Goojerat, medal with 2 clasps.'

  250. Taunton to Topsham Canal AN ACT for making a Navigable Canal from the River Exe, near the Town of Topsham, in the County of Devon, to the River Tone, near the Town of Taunton, in the County of Somerset; and for cleansing and making navigable a certain Part of the said River Tone; and for making Certain Cuts from the said Canal. Pages numbered 487-548, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. 1796. £60.00
    The first Act for the Grand Western Canal. Contains a 3pp schedule of the land and owners/occupiers concerned.

  251. Tavistock and Okehampton, Bodmin, Plymouth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets 136, 137, 144. 1" to 1 mile, Fifth Edition. Three single sheets, unfolded, printed in blue and black, each size 24" x 30". 1933. £28.00

  252. Thompson & Co. THE IDOLICE CONFECTIONER Edited by 'Craftsman'. Catalogue and recipe book of cake decoration manufacturer, aimed at bakeries. 19pp, 4to, illusts. Some stab holes in front wrap. 1930's. £8.00

  253. United Grand Lodge CERTIFICATE OF ADMISSION of John Lodgwidge into the Oakley Lodge, Basingstoke. Finely engraved folio vellum sheet, folds, engraved with columns, globes, coat of arms and mason's tools, etc, impressed seal, signed by secretary and Lodwidge. 1858. £35.00

  254. Venerable Bede BEDE'S ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY Translated from the Anglo Saxon Version of King Aelfred. Manuscript transcription on 535 pages, in volume size 12" x 9". Written in a clear bold hand, approx. 20 lines per page. Fore-edges and bottom edges of paper uncut. Half calf, marbled boards, gilt title on spine. Boards detached. Calf rubbed at edges. With armorial bookplate of The Revd. Jarvis Kenrick, Blechingly. Paper watermarked 1828. A later owner (possibly Kenrick) has corrected a mistake in the page numbering, and put in headings in the top right margins e.g. 'Augustine's death', and notes on title 'This omits the text of several letters and also chapters bearing on Scottish history...' c1830. £65.00
    Jarvis Kenrick was a Vicar in Chichester, and later Rector of Caterham. His son, also Jarvis Kenrick, was a footballer who scored the first ever goal in the F.A. Cup, in 1871.

  255. Warwickshire and Staffordshire LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION from William Vyse, Vicar General of the Lord Bishop of Litchfield and Coventry, to John Barratt of Powley, regarding the estate of Samuel Yeomans, late of Bangley in Stafford. 25 lines in manuscript on large folio sheet, folded, followed by printed section with manuscript inserts. Impressed seal of Bishopric. 4" split at edge neatly repaired on verso. 1806. £22.00
    Administration had been granted to Yeomans' son, but he also died. A term of 500 years in an estate at Ansley in Warwickshire was vested in Samuel Yeomans the elder. Trustees had nominated Barratt to take out the letters of Administration.

  256. Wedgwood EXHIBITION CATALOGUE of Early Wedgwood Pottery Exhibited at 34 Wigmore Street, London W.1., 1951. 4to, 110pp, spiral bound, wraps, many photographs including some in colour. Wraps slightly rubbed. 1951. £20.00
    Lists 289 exhibits.

  257. Weller (E) Engr. SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY Dover & Hastings Branch. Lithographed map with some outline hand-colouring, size 17" x 12", divided into 3 vertical strips, scale " to 1 mile. 1863. £20.00
    From 'The Dispatch Atlas'.

  258. Wilts. and Berks. Canal AN ACT to authorise the transfer to the Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Swindon of the site of portion of the Wilts and Berks Canal and the Coate Reservoir and the abandonment of the remainder of such canal... 41pp, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1914. £15.00

  259. Wiltshire and Gloucestershire AN ACT for repairing and widening Roads from Chippenham Bridge in the County of Wilts, to the Top Togg Hill... to the Top of Old Sodbury Hill in the said County of Gloucester. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 36pp. 1752. £14.00

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