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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 124

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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  1. Chatteris family of Sandleford Priory GRANT OF ARMS to William Pollett Brown Chatteris of Brazen Nose College Oxford On vellum, size 25" x19", 25 lines in ink, blue borders, first line in Gothic script in gold letters. Top left is Chatteris coat of arms, 7" x 6", and three other coats of arms including a royal one alongside. Signed by George Nayler, Garter Principal King of Arms, and Ralph Bigland, Clarenceaux King of Arms, at the bottom, with slots of tags for seals, but there are no seals or tags present. Trace of horizontal fold 1831. £200.00
    The arms were 'a chevron gules between three fleurs de lis vert on a Chief Azure three Bezants' with 'a Pheasant proper' holding a Fleur de lis in his beak on the crest. William Pollett Brown Chatteris purchased the lease of Sandleford Priory, near Newbury in 1835. His second wife was the daughter of Sir Thomas Hardy. He died in 1889. George Naylor was the author of a work on Gloucestershire coats of arms (1792) and Ralph Bigland wrote 'Historical, Monumental and Genealogical Collections Relative to Gloucestershire' (1791).

  2. Hills & Saunders, Photographers CARTE DE VISITE showing four Eton boys, whose names have been written in the bottom margin. Size 4" x 2", image very slightly faded. On the back below the photographers name, is 'All Communication Respecting this Photograph to be Addressed to Eton.' October 1880. £5.00

  3. Hurley THE SINGULARLY CHARMING FREEHOLD RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY known as The Malt House, Hurley, near Maidenhead... charming Old World Gardens over Seven Acres. Messrs. Wilson & Co. Will Sell the above by Auction.. 14th July, 1926. 10pp., size 12" x 9", stiff printed wraps which are slightly darkened, ink number on front wrap. 3 photographic plates, one leaf of text loose. 1926. £18.00

  4. Sandhurst RELEASE of a messuage known as Aylwards in Sandhurst, together with numerous other named lands and properties in Sandhurst, Francis White of Basingstoke to Richard Linbrey of New Inn, Middlesex. Vellum, size 27" x 33". Good armorial wax seal. Vellum very creased, small tear. 1743. £25.00
    Includes moor called Halls Grove, lands known as Street Moor, newly-erected dwelling house on The Breach, Owls Moor, Jennings Moor, etc.

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  5. Ashmead (G.C) MAP OF THE CITY AND BOROUGH OF BRISTOL Reduced from the Original Survey and corrected to 1855. Engraved plan, size of engraved surface approx. 36" x 33", plus margins. Scale approx. 1" to 1 furlong. With reference tables of Public Buildings, Schools, Almshouses, Dissenting Chapels, Principal inns and Hotels etc. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into plain buff paper 8vo wraps, with owner's name 'Russell Prichard' on front wrap in ink. Drawn on the map in a light green wash is a line marked 'Bristol and South Wales Union Railway' leading from the Dings to St. Pauls, with stations at Lawrence Hill and Stapleton Road, and another line in brown wash branching off from this to Clifton with 'Ashley Station' and three others named along route. A few small ink spots at the border with a couple on blank area in map, and one small ink spot near the middle of the map. Published by G.C. Ashmead & Son, 29 Small Street, Bristol and E. Mardon, Bookseller, Clifton. Septr. 1st 1855. £500.00
    Extends from Coldharbour Farm in the North, to The Black Swan at Stapleton in the East, Windmill Hill in the South, Nightingale Valley in the West. Ashmead issued his first plan of Bristol in 1828. This was largely based on the work of Joseph Plumley who died after issuing only the prospectus for his map. The first Ashmead map measured 75" x 58" with a scale of 200 feet = 1 inch. Ashmead went on to issue smaller, reduced scale, plans of Bristol in 1833, 1846, 1855, 1871 and 1882. Another, smaller plan, titled 'Plan of Bristol and its Suburbs' was issued in the same year as this plan, 1855, which showed less of the surrounding areas such as Windmill Hill. The original proposal for a line to Clifton through Queen's Square and over the docks was put forward in 1861, but had to be abandoned through opposition by the 'fixed property party'. The line on this map follows the line of the Clifton Extension Railway. The line going north to South Wales was opened in 1863.

  6. Bridge over River Avon AN ACT for rebuilding.... the Bridge over the River Avon, in the City of Bristol, and erecting a Temporary Bridge adjoining; and for widening the Streets, Lanes, Ways, and Passages leading thereto; and for building another Bridge over some other Part of the said River.... and for making a Way from the Bridge already built to Temple Street.... 34pp, plus cover leaf, sm. folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. Black letter. 1786. £18.00

  7. Bristol Gaol TWO LETTERS from a half-pay lieutenant pleading for a loan to keep him out of gaol. First letter dated Bristol, Dec. 31st 1806, 11 lines, on one side of 4to sheet. Says he has been ill from 'fretting at my melancholy situation' and begs for help 'unless you assist me I am lost'. The second letter is dated Bristol Jan. 4th 1807. 50 lines on 3p., 4to, integral address panel on verso with wax seal and address of Charles Cox, 20 Bartletts Buildings, Holborn, London (possibly his banker). A desperate appeal, saying he has drawn on him at two months for £20, but needs his permission 'it is the only alternative I have of keeping out of Bristol prison & being turn'd out of the Regt., whereas if I remain... I shall be entitl'd at the peace if I don't get a Compy. to the allowance of twenty five pounds a year & a six months pay... if you refuse my total ruin must follow...'. Both letters signed W. Langley. 2 items. 1806-7. £60.00

  8. British Railways (Western Division) BRISTOL DIVISION Scale 1" = 5 miles. Duplicated plan size 26" x 35", folded. Shows the network from Bromsgrove to Penzance. Insets of Bristol and Avonmouth, Plymouth etc. 1966. £15.00

  9. Clifton AN ASSESSMENT MADE UPON THE SEVERAL INHABITANTS of the Parish of Clifton County of Glocester.... from 5th April 1797. 9 double-page spreads, size 15" x 10", plus 2 pages of summaries at the end. Printed in columns for Name, Windows, Houses, Male Servants, Horses, Carriages with Four Wheels, etc. Neat entries in manuscript, each page full of names (46 per double-page.) Rough brown paper wraps, stained, split at spine, folded in 4 with docket title... together with... AN ASSESSMENT on all the Proprietors and Tenants of Land and Houses in the Parish of Clifton... year commencing 25 day of March 1798. Manuscript on 33 pages, 4to, ruled in 3 columns for Proprietor, Tenant, Amount. Approx. 24 names per page. Plain paper wraps, dusty. Includes 'Society of Merchants... Floating dock... £4.14s'. Some properties added next to tenant's name, e.g. 'James Hillhouse two Docks yards and Houses'... together with... a similar assessment for year ending 25 March 1796. 16p., on the last page are three signatures of Commissioners with small wax seals. Sewn, first page loose. 3 items. 1796-8. £80.00
    Names include Gabriel Goldney, Philip Miles, Samuel Worrall.

  10. Clifton Suspension Bridge AN ACT to amend the Acts for building a Bridge over the River Avon, from Clifton to the opposite Side of the River in the County of Somerset. 3pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1845. £12.00

  11. Dawe (G), Engr. THE GREAT BRITAIN STEAM SHIP 1000 Horse Power, Length 322 Feet, Weight of Iron Used in the Ship & Engines 1500 Tons... Built at Bristol and 19th July 1843... Aquatint size 7" x 9", plus margins. Shows the ship with six masts, other ships in distance, three towing boats in foreground with rowers cheering. Margins dusty, some light staining along top edge of view and four repaired tears from top edge, the longest of which is about three quarters of an inch. 1843. £50.00


  12. Merchant Venturers LETTER AND ACCOUNT from Jonathan Hickman, Westminster 18th March 1748, to James Laroche, Merchant in Bristol. 1p., small 8vo., blank conjoint leaf with address panel (addressed to Mr. James Laroche, Merchant in Bristoll'), with small wax seal with bust, postmark. Gives an account of rents for the Master and Wardens of the Incorporated Society of Merchants in Bristol 'for the maintenance of a Hospital there the Gift of Edwd. Colston Esq.' for the year ended Michaelmas 1748. With a letter below signedby Hickman saying the draft will be paid 'whenever you please to draw upon me'. 1748. £36.00
    Presumably this refers to the school, now known as 'Colston School' but then referred to as 'Colston's Hospital for Boys', founded 1707. It was on the site of what now is the Colston Hall.

  13. Pope family JOSEPH POPE OF THE CITY OF BRISTOL AUCTIONEER and Land Appraiser maketh oath and saith that he is the only surviving child of Joseph Pope late of Bristol Innholder.... Manuscript declaration signed by Joseph Pope about the children of Joseph and Mary Pope. 14 lines, 1p., folio. Blank conjoint leaf. Folds. 1825. £18.00

  14. Restoration of St. Mary Redcliffe THE CANYNGES SOCIETY Anniversary Meeting and Soiree, Held on April 30th, 1857. From the Bristol Times and Felix Farley's journal, of Saturday May 2, 1857. Large folio sheet, printed on one side only, folded. 5 columns of newsprint. Includes 'A Day-Dream in St. Mary Redcliff as related by one of the Canynge Society to His Brother Members'. 1857. £12.00

  15. Rope Making INVENTORY OF IMPLEMENTS BELONGING TO THE ROPE WALKE in Earles Mead taken 20th March 1787. Manuscript inventory on two sides of sheet size 13" x 8", listing upwards of 60 items. Written in a clear hand, columns ruled in red for sums valued. Lists items such as black and white oakum, pitch tar, winches, 'warrows', weights, warping ropes, crane rope, whipping twine, '28 balls sail twine', 'cod lines', 'log lines', 'marline spike', 'old posts at the Little Walk'. The most expensive item was the copper furnace and 'a Crane to Hoist up Hemp'. A different hand has added alternative values, (higher), or ticks to indicate agreement. Together with another sheet of the same size, but lacking the bottom quarter, and being an exact copy in the same hand of the first one and a half sides of the previous sheet. Under this is a list of items in the Warehouse at King Street, and in the Compting House Adjoining (incomplete as bottom part of paper sheet missing). 1787. £90.00
    A note in the hand of the higher values reads 'the Trade have always taken to this at £100', 'Cost more than double the sum'. There is no mention of a rope walk in Earls Mead in the article on Bristol Rope Walks in the Bristol Industrial Archaeology Journal, but it possibly refers to a rope works at Stapleton Road.

  16. Shipping & Navigation AN ACT to enable Robert Claxton of Bristol, Merchant, to take the Oath prescribed and directed to be taken by an Act.... for the further Increase and Encouragement of Shipping and Navigation. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 4pp. 1793. £20.00

  17. Theatre Royal PLAYBILL Sept. 5th 1867. Return of the Eminent Tragedian Mr Charles Dillon, After His Triumphant Tour Round the World... Playbill on thin paper, with the title of plays 'Belphegor', 'A New Way to Pay Old Debts', 'Nick of the Woods' in very large letters, paper size 29" x 10", a few foxing spots at top. 1867. £26.00
    Charles Dillon had toured America in the early 1860's, and appeared there in 'Belphegor'.

  18. Theatre Royal PLAYBILL for week beginning May 23rd 1866. Advertises Mr. Geo. Melville and Miss Clara Morgan in 'The Ticket of Leave Man', 'Box and Cox', 'Black Eyed Susan', etc. Printed with names of plays in large black letters, thin paper, size 29" x 10". Light waterstain in small area at edge. 1866. £26.00

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  19. Cary (John) A NEW MAP OF CAMBRIDGESHIRE Divided into Hundreds, Exhibiting Its Roads, Rivers Parks &c. Engraved map, size 21" x 18", plus wide margins, full wash colouring in hundreds. Parkland coloured dark green, roads in buff. Scale bar, title in a roundel, shaded in pink wash, pink border. Central fold. Small piece torn from margin just below fold, slightly affecting coloured border. Printed for J. Cary Engraver & Mapseller, Strand, June 1808. £60.00

  20. Ely STOCK-IN-TRADE OF A TAILOR late the property of Mr Benjamin Bailey, of Ely, deceased, consisting of 452 Yards of Woollen Cloths, Grandrills, Velveteens... Antique and Modern Furniture, Quantity of This Season Poppies in Bags... Auction sale particular, 4p., 8vo. 1885. £7.00

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  21. Lever Bros. ADVERTISING MAGAZINE INSERT Chromolith showing a young girl washing clothes in a river, with the slogan 'Sunlight Soap. A child can use it'. Size 7" x 4". printed back. 1890. £4.00

  22. Middlewich ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXX N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Small blue 'Record Map' stamp in margin. O.S. blindstamp 1897. £18.00

  23. Peak Forest Canal PRINTED FORMS OF SURRENDER The Company of Proprietors of the Peak Forest Canal represented by David Browne, to surrender certain copyhold land in Yeardsley Whaley in the County of Chester. Draft copy of printed document of Surrender to Manor and Forest of Macclesfield, manuscript insertions in an untidy hand with many amendments (referring to a piece of land in the Forest). The Manor was held by the King and the Steward was the Earl of Derby. 3p., folio, printed with manuscript inserts, many amendments and crossings-out. 1806. £20.00
    The small piece of land concerned had lately been used by the Canal Proprietors 'for part of a wharf or quay at the termination of the branch or cut from and out of the Peak Forest Canal to Whaley Bridge'. Another piece was used as a road from the old Turnpike Road.

  24. Sandbach PARTICULARS OF SALE AND PLAN of Valuable Freehold Land, House, Smith & Buildings at Arclid, near Sandbach..... to be Sold by Auction.... 26th day of October, 1887. 2pp., folio, plus docket title, 1p. hand-coloured plan, 2p. Conditions of Sale on blue paper sewn in at rear. Attractively printed in blue. 1887. £35.00

  25. Weller (E) MAP OF CHESHIRE Reduced from the Ordnance Survey colour printed map size approx. 12" x 18", central fold. Scale " to 1 mile. c1885. £8.00
    From 'Bacon's Atlas of The British Isles'.

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  26. Bodmin and Wadebridge Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the Bodmin and Wadebridge Railway to Delabole.... 20pp., disbound, small folio. Act of Parliament. Paper slightly darkened. 1873. £16.00

  27. Cornwall Election REPRESENTATION OF CORNWALL Extract from the West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser, of December 31, 1824. Broadside, 54 lines, reporting on the canvassing of Mr Pendarves at Newlyn and Penzance, and giving details of his address, in which he rebutted claims that he was a Catholic. Size 13" x 8". E. Heard, Printer, Truro. 1824. £38.00
    'he would yield to no man in attachment to the Constitutional rights and liberties of the People and in ardent zeal for the prosperity of Cornwall, of its Agriculture, its Mines, and its Fisheries.. (Loud and continued cheering)...'

  28. Cornwall election MR. PENDARVES Respectfully Solicits your Vote and Interest, at the next General Election, for this County. Printed on thick card, size 2" x 3". E. Heard, Printer, Truro. 1841? £15.00

  29. Crantock, Cubert and St. Columb LUTTRELL FAMILY AND THE MANOR OF TREAGO collection of documents relative to a dispute about lands at Crantock and Crevick, 1670's and 80's. Documents collected and compiled by Narcissus Luttrell, subsequent to a notice of ejectment on Luttrell lands. Comprises (i) ABSTRACT of Fr. Luttrell's Title to Crevick and Crantock in Cornwall 'Twas evidently the land of Mr Webb...who... 1 Jan 1569 Conveyed it to Jo. Killigrew & his heirs...' 1p., folio. Traces the ownership through Harris, Couldingham, Lowe, Luttrell families. c. 1670. (ii) ORDER Luttrell pl. vs. Bennett & Rowlett Dfs. That the service of the Attorney at Law shall be good service... June 1671 (a subpeona had to be left with an Attorney as they could not discover the defendent's whereabouts). 1p., sm. folio. (iii) AFFADAVIT of William Sparke a tenant of Treaga Manor for 52 years... Says the tenenment is free of the service of a tythingman being College land. With note by Luttrell in his fine italic hand saying 'Old Mr Rilston being intgerrogated abt. the same... confirmed this'. (iv) Letter to Narcissus Luttrell from his attorney, docketed by Luttrell 'Instructions for a Bill at my Suit vs. Bennet to discover her title.' 1688, with Luttrell's letter to his attorney Rowe 'Pray prepare a bill... you know it requires hast... Yr. real friend and Servt. N. Luttrell'. (v) BILL before the Rt. Honble Orlando Bridgman, being the Complaint of Francis Luttrell against Bennett and Rowlett concerning his title to the Manor of Treago and lands in Crantock and Crevicke. Draft in two hands, 6p., folio. Folded with docket title, small note in Narcissus Luttrell's hand. (vi) Similar bill, before George Lord Jeffreys. 3p, folio. (vii) Booklet of 19 pages, in Narcissus Luttrell's small neat hand, closely-written, bound in part of an old deed (worn). Sets out details of leases etc., and 'some general observations' from the early 17th century onwards, with much detail of tenancies etc., with his notes and queries for consideration. (viii) Details of early leases from 1569, mentioning Godolphin and Killigrew families, 'with Mr Pollexfen's opinion', 1p. folio, with two similar documents, each 1p., small folio. 17th century. £200.00
    Narcissus Luttrell (1657-1732) was a diarist and historian of parliament. He amassed a vast library which became the basis of the British Library.

  30. Dean & Munday Printers PLAN OF EXCAVATIONS AND ERECTION WITHIN THE ROCKS at Stepper Point, for the greater security of Vessels entering Padstow Harbour in gales of wind. Lithograph, size 10" x 16", plus wide margins, overall size 15" x 22", showing ships and the lifeboat, and buoys, in front of Stepper Point, with the various lifeboat houses, capstans, signal posts etc., onshore and on the cliffs. Horizontal and vertical crease, having been once folded in four, pinhole at each corner. Tear from top edge approx 1" long, just obtruding into heading (as below), repaired, a few other repaired edge tears in bottom margin. Small rust spot at left border with tiny hole. Margins slightly dusty in places. One of the buoys, referred to in the text as the 'red buoy to mark the Ketch of the Dumbar Sand' is hand-coloured. A Reference Table top right gives key to 25 numbers in the plate, indicating for example 'A Boat conveying a Hawser from the Outer Capstan to the assistance of a vessel in danger of being... driven on the Dumbar Sand & wrecked'; 'Wreck of H.M. Schooner Whiting, stern appearing above Water spring tides', 'Houses erected to contain Life Boats and various Materials for Capstans'. T.W. Dean, Lithogr. n.d. c1840? £290.00
    In the top margin are three lines 'Padstow Harbour Association. The Views of the Institution are directed to the preservation of Life and Property from shipwreck by rendering more effectual assistance to Vessels entering the Harbour of Padstow in gales of wind.' Many ships were wrecked on the 'Dumbar Sand', later known as the 'Doom Bar'. The Padstow Harbour Association ran the port until the creation of the 'Padstow Harbour Commissioners' by an 1844 Act of Parliament.

  31. Egloshayle THOS. LOBB RENT BOOK For Egloshayle Houses. Notebook, small 8vo, full diced calf, spine faded and chipped at head and foot. 50 pages of entries, recording rents paid 1877 - 1890, with date, name of tenant and amount. 1877-90. £24.00
    Tenants' names include Menhenick, Craddock, Rowe, Treglown.

  32. Germoe WILL of Joseph Tuckfield of Germoe in the County of Cornwall, Miner. Appoints Stephen Davey, Farmer and John Curtis, Farmer and Mine Agent, both of Breage, as Trustees. 19th Feb. 1871. 1p. sm. folio, signed and witnessed. 1871. £12.00

  33. Gwinear Road to Helston Railway AN ACT for authorising the Construction of a Railway from the Gwinear Road Station of the West Cornwall Railway Company to Helston... 16pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1880. £16.00

  34. Kinsman (John) LETTER to J. Daubriz, dated 2 Millbay Rd., Plymouth 25 March 1889. 2p., small 8vo. Says he is sending the 'Parish Registers', and has a few more copies left. On the next page lists plates lacking from his copy of Gilbert's Cornwall. 1889. £8.00
    Kinsman was the author, with Quiller Couch, of the 'Cornish Handbook'.

  35. Launceston PENCIL DRAWING looking towards the town from the river. On stiff paper, in soft, dark, pencil, size 8" X 11", titled 'View near Launceston, April 1831' in small writing at base. In foreground is river and a bridge with several arches, Launceston on hill in distance with outline of castle. Some light foxing in top two-thirds of paper. 1831. £16.00
    Drawing by a skilled amateur, unsigned, but with the name 'Mrs Ruskin' on verso.

  36. Leatherwork SHOEMAKER'S BILL drawn to Revd. Sandys. Neatly written on sheet 15" x 6", folded. Lists 80 items, 1803-4. Receipted as paid. 1803-4. £15.00
    Includes shoes tapped and heeled for Richard Oliver and Elizabeth Jory, as well as Sandys, mending the carriage harness, mending the portmanteau, 'to leather for the pump by Malachi Martin', 'leather for the Kitchen pump'.

  37. Lescudjack, Penzance TRANSFER OF MORTGAGE Walter Borlase of Castlehorneck, John Trewren of Trewardreva, Richard Pearce of Kerris to Christopher Hawkins of Trewinnard. Concerns lands at Lescodgiack, Park and Growse, Bojowans, etc. 4 vellum sheets, 27" x 31", 4 good wax seals. 1750. £30.00
    Refers back to indenture of 1692, amongst others. Gives occupiers.

  38. Merther LEASE of a moiety of a messuage or tenement in the parish of Merther near a place called Penpons Tresillian, Edward Wynne to Joseph Weekes of Merther, Carpenter. Later copy of a 1777 lease, 3p., folio.. together with... Conditions of a Survey for leasing a tenement at Tresillian, 1819. 2p., folio. Lists the offers made by 9 people. William Gartler was the purchaser. Two pieces. 1819. £16.00

  39. St. Agnes and Perranzabuloe BOND of John Thomas of Chiverton to Joseph Reed of Wendron for two hundred pounds. Contemporary copy, in a very small hand, on 2p., folio. 1823 (paper watermarked 1821). £16.00
    Relates to an arbitration to be held in a dispute over land in the Manor of Tywarnhale. Thomas was Lord of the Manor and claimed Reed was committing a trespass when he and his servants entered land in the area of Bans and dug up soil and caused stones and rubbish to be thrown into the leats. He claimed he had a right to do this as he was a copyholder.

  40. St. Enoder COUNTERPART LEASE of eight Acres of Fat Work Common in St. Enoder, William Rashleigh of Menabilly to Banjamin Brokenshire. Large vellum sheet, wax seal. Ink slightly faded. 1825. £14.00

  41. St. Enoder COUNTERPART OF DEMISE of a moiety of Nankervis in St. Enoder for 21 years, William Rashleigh of Menabilly to Francis Symonds. On paper, size 21" x 29", two small splits at one fold, wax seal. 1825... together with two similar deeds, Demise, 1827, and Counterpart Demise, 1848. 3 items. 1825-48. £26.00
    The last document contains one large folio page of stipulations about farming methods to be carried out - amount of sea sand, manure, lime etc., to be added per acre, and type of stock to be kept.

  42. St. Erth AUCTION POSTER Advertising the sale of the Fee-Simple of a Tenement in Higher Leah, adjoining Tenement in Killinoon, in the occupation of Richard Woon, moiety of Killinoon Common.... Sale at the White Hart Hotel, Hayle, on Friday 15th August 1873. Size 24" x 17", several folds, few short tears to margins. 1873. £16.00

  43. St. Keverne DEMISE of the tithes and tenths of hay, corn and grain belonging to the Rectory of St. Keverne, arising from a part of a tenement called Trevivian, Richard Hele of Fleet Damerell, Devon, to John Reskilly, yeoman, of St. Keverne. Printed on vellum, 41 lines, with manuscript inserts, size 13" x 14", signed by Reskilly with small wax seal. Large heading with attractive initial letter. 1706. £36.00
    Three 'lives' with their ages listed on verso. Symons' 'Gazeteer of Cornwall' lists Trevivian as a farm of 120 acres in St. Keverne.

  44. St. Minver LEASE of Anthony's tenement in Tregwarmond in St. Minver, Trehane Symons to Samuel Symons. On paper, size 19" x 26", two good wax seals with busts, some minor small splits at folds, and slight wear at two points where folds meet with loss of a couple of letters... together with... DEPOSITION of Moses Ede, son of Roger Ede, who held a lease in Tregwarmond under Jonathan Anthony, relative to the bounds of the tenement, hedges etc. (a Walter Ede is referred to in the 1793 lease). 31 lines, small folio, signed and witnessed. 2 items. 1793 and 1806. £25.00
    The closes appurtaining to the messuage were called Neilden's Ground, German's Bargain, Seven Acres. 'his father always cut the said Bound of furze which was stubbed up, when the High road was formed...'

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  45. Kendal, Keswick ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 102. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Folding into sm. 8vo cloth wraps, edges of sections slightly browned, 6" split in linen at one fold. Electrotype 1878. £22.00

  46. Westward, near Wigton HAZELSPRING FARM The Property of The Right Honble. Lord Leconfield. 1864. Traced from unfinished Ordnance Plans of the Parish Westward. Lightly coloured manuscript plan in brownish tracing paper mounted on paper then on linen, size 28" x 30", folding into 8vo marbled wraps. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Shows buildings at Wallace Lane, Hazelspring, Hilltop, Studholme Rigg Wood, fields with acreage etc., river, streams, roads... together with... HILL TOP FARM The Property of the Right Honble Lord Leconfield. 1864. Similar plan, size 33 " x 55", folding into 8vo marbled wraps. The two plans fit together, with some overlap. The area of Hazelspring Farm is coloured pink and Hill Top Farm green. Neat manuscript labels on wraps. 2 items. Signed W.L.M. 12th March 1864. £50.00

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  47. Derby TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by: Mr. Shaw, at the George Inn, in Derby...12th day of July.... Estates In Mackworth and Langley and in Spondon. Handbill, size 13" x 8", describing 4 Lots, with occupiers. J. Drewry, Printer, Derby, June 29th, 1805. £38.00
    Included the house 'Wheat Hill' with thirty acres adjoining, and a close of forty acres on the banks of the River Derwent.

  48. Hadfield area WHEELWRIGHT'S ACCOUNT BOOK 1872-1891. 4to notebook, ruled for cash, parchment-covered boards, covers darkened, spine worn at top and bottom, spine and edges of board lightly rubbed. 166 pages of neatly-written accounts, listing work making and repairing carts, wheels, repairing agricultural tools and machinery. Very detailed accounts listing price of bolts, nuts, springs, lengths of wood, etc., for example Mr. John Tingey's account for a 'New Cart' lists 42 items, including 'piece of larch fir 9ft.', '4ft of oak rails'. 1872-1891. £145.00
    Examples of entries: 'new pair of strong waggon wheels painted complete... £5.0s0d'., 'to new tailboard to Scotch cart', 'to taking out motion wheels of horse power cleaning and packing and sending them to Derby', 'to cleaning and repairing haymaking machine, new nuts & keys on main axle, new lifter and new teeth to drums, new spring and bolts...', 'to cutting and sharping turnip cutter', 'to new pair of strong ash shafts 2 new cross bars new 1in. deal bottom to Pony Cart'.

  49. Sylvester (Charles), Engineer TICKET FOR A LECTURE 'Mr. Sylvester's Lectures on Galvanism. Lecture II. Finely printed on card, size 2" x 3", in a decorative oval cartouche with the three Prince of Wales feathers at the top. With the signature added in ink 'C. Sylvester'. n.d. c1815? £35.00
    Charles Sylvester was a mechanical engineer who took out a patent for 'galvanised metal' in the early 1800's. He gave lectures on Galvanism in Derby and worked with William Strutt, head of the Derby Foundry. He published 'The Philosophy of Domestic Economy' in 1819.

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  50. Babbacombe Cliff Light Railway STATUTORY RULES AND ORDERS 1923, No. 1624. Authorising the Construction of a Light Railway in the Borough of Torquay. 16pp, 8vo, disbound. 1924. £12.00

  51. Barnstaple THE BARNSTAPLE CHARTER Printed transcript of the Latin charter, with summaries in English in the margins. 2pp., folio, folded with docket title. Pages numbered 1-3... together with... THE COMMISSION AND INQUISITION Temp. Edward III. Taking Notice of King Athelstan's Charter to the Burgesses of Barnstaple. The same format as above, but with no English note in the margin. Both documents have small needle holes in the blank area at the foot of the third page where it was once sewn onto card. 2 items. n.d. c1830 £50.00

  52. Capern (Edward) LETTER to J.H. Haydon, signed 'E. Capern'. Addressed from Rock Villa, Harborne, 27th November 1877. Tipped inside is an envelope addressed to Haydon at Bethlem Royal Hospital, penny red stamp. 1877. £26.00
    Capern published various books of poems. He was known as 'the rural postman of Bideford'. He says he recalls Hayden's visit with Mr. Risdon 'he was quite a walking chronicle to me touching the Giffords of Hatchbury and other old North Devon families', and reminisces about Devon 'there was a freshness and simplicity in Devonshire and a sweet poetry too that the so-called civilization of a large town like Birmingham can never supply.' He tells him where he can get two particular editions of Barnes' poems, naming the publisher' 'I sincerely hope you may succeed in getting a set of his works...' and asks him to let him know the price.

  53. Dawlish CUSTOMARY COPYHOLD MANOR OF DAWLISH Mr Thomas Prowse, tenant, requests the attendance of all his fellow tenants at this court... Printed, 3pp., small folio, on two separate leaves, the margins have been cut away. Address on the back to Revd. Gilbert Burrington, Chudleigh. Prowse complains that after the sale of the Manor of Mr Fortescue 'encroachments were continually making on the rights & privileges of the tenants...' and attemps were made to destroy the written Customs. He calls on the Lord to produce the Rolls at the next Court. There follows a list of the Customs (with references to Blackstone on tenants' rights). Trewmans, Printers, High-Street, Exeter. Dec. 13th, 1809. £32.00
    Prowse was the son of Revd. Thomas Prowse who had done a survey of the Manor.

  54. Exeter Linen Draper DEED OF PARTNERSHIP between William Brock and Augustus Cudland, William Traies and Mark Moyle, whereby Brock takes the last three, who were in his employ, into partnership in his Linen and General Furnishing Drapery and Cabinet Making business. 1861. 21 pages, in manuscript, on folio sheets written on rectos only, tied at corner, folded. Contemporary copy, not signed... together with... DEED OF ARRANGEMENT on the Expiration of the Partnership between Messrs Wilcocks & Brock. 1852. Large vellum sheet, signed with wax seals by the two parties... together with... PARTNERSHIP DEED Messrs. Brock & Company. 1871. The original partnership having expired Brock now takes other employees, Heal and Pockwell, into the partnership. Manuscript on vellum, 13 large folio sheets, folded, signed with small wax seals. 3 items. 1861-71. £35.00
    Brock's extensive premises were in Fore Street.

  55. Great Torrington and Langtree PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of freehold properties comprising Withecott Farm... 5 Cottages and Large Garden... for Sale by Auction... 16th July, 1898. 6pp., folio, folded with docket title. Large folding coloured plan. 1898. £32.00

  56. McDonald (John), Illustrated by OLD PLYMOUTH Its Nooks & Corners. Album of views of Plymouth, size 8" x 11", grey wraps with decoratively printed title, 8 pages of lithographed views of buildings in Plymouth, two to a page, plus 7 full-page views. Descriptive text on facing page. List of subscribers on first leaf. Wraps slightly faded at edges. 1883. £35.00
    Scarce. Views include: Palace Court, The Hoe Gate, Pin's Lane, Friary Gate, Abbot's House, Basket Street, Notte Street, Old Custom House, Batter Street Chapel, Kitto's House.

  57. Morice (William) DEVONSHIRE William Morice Esq. late Sheriff of the said Countie for the year ending at Michms. 1652.. Slip of paper, size 8" x 7", 6 lines, giving the sum for the account at the end of Morice's office, signed John Billingsley. The 'D' in Devonshire top left, has been torn away. 1652. £15.00
    William Morice, of Werrington, was made Sheriff in 1651, and became an M.P. in 1654.

  58. Plymouth Roads AN ACT to explain and amend Two Acts, made in the Tenth and Twelfth Years of His present Majesty's Reign, for paving, lighting, and watching, the Town of Plymouth, in the County of Devon; and for regulating the Carmen and Porters within the said Town. 21pp, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1774. £18.00
    Includes 7p. Schedule listing property owners with name of Field, House, etc.

  59. Rowe (G), Drawn and Published by TORQUAY from Park Terrace. Lithograph with subtle touches of hand colouring. Size 6" x 8", plus margins, laid on to card. Margins slightly grubby. c1840. £18.00
    Attractive view looking across harbour with ships, people seated on wall in foreground.

  60. Rowe, Pub. EXMOUTH lithograph of terrace of houses with church behind, seen from across the estuary, rowing boat in foreground. Size 3" x 7", plus margins, mounted at corners on thin paper sheet, 'Lady Dixon' (presumably the artist), written below. c1840. £6.00

  61. South Devon Railway Company AN ACT to enable the South Devon Railway Company to extend the Line of the South Devon Railway to Torquay and to Brixham.... 11pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1847. £12.00

  62. Spreat (W) THE VALLEY OF ROCKS Linton. Lithograph, size 8" x 11", plus margins. A few foxing spots in bottom margin. Printed and Published at W. Spreat's Lithgraphic Establishment. c1840. £16.00
    Shows a view looking down the valley, sea on the left.

  63. Spreat (W) WARKLEIGH CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface size approx. 5" x 7", with large margins. Printed by C. Hullmandel. c1842. £20.00

  64. Spreat (W) WIDDECOMBE IN THE MOOR CHURCH. Sketched and Drawn on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel c1842. £18.00

  65. Totnes MARRIAGE ARTICLES between Timothy Earl of London and Dorothy Trist of Totnes. Refers to dwelling house with three herbgardens in Leechwell Street, and Eastleigh and Westleigh in Harberton. Two large vellum sheets, size 24" x 31", signed by 6 parties concerned with wax seals. Vellum dustmarked on verso, some minor yellowing. 1736. £40.00
    On verso is a note in pencil 'Devon Phillips 26/1/65. 193.'

  66. Totnes, Paignton and Torquay Railway AN ACT for making a Railway in the county of Devon, to be called the Totnes, Paignton, and Torquay Direct Railway..... 16pp, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. 1880. £15.00

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  67. Bloxworth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLII N.E. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 17", plus margins. Second Edition 1902. £10.00
    Covers Bloxworth House, Morden, Black Heath.

  68. Bradpole CHRISTMAS GREETINGS CARD 'Kindly Greetings from The Knapp, Bradpole.' Thick card, gilt-edged, size 4" x 6", actual photograph of a book-lined sitting room mounted on the card, with border, size 2" x 3", printed with greeting as above and the quote 'There is a pleasure in remembrance'. Crease across card just below bottom edge of photo. n.d. c1910? £8.00
    'The Knapp' was built by the controversial barrister, Alexander Meyrick Broadley.

  69. Dorset Central Railway AN ACT for authorising the Sale to the Dorset Central Railway Company.... of Part of the Settled Estates.... of which the Right Honourable George Pitt Rivers Lord Rivers is now Tenant for Life... 12pp, small folio, disbound, with brief Schedule. Act of Parliament. 1857. £14.00

  70. Fiddleford WILL of Morgan Light, of Fiddleford in the Parish of Ockford Fitzpaine, yeoman. 4p., large folio, folded. Ink slightly faded. Copy, 1837. With later note re probate, 1850. £15.00
    Leaves his daughter his best bed and bedstead 'with the furniture and clothes', to his wife his property in Bagber, and his field called 'Allpits' in the Manor of Pulham, his son his stock of cattle, hay etc.

  71. Hinton St. Mary PROBATE COPY of the will of Robert Foot of Hinton Saint Mary, yeoman, 1818. 3p, large folio, held at top left corner with tie, folded with docket title on cover leaf. Probate copy of 1820. £22.00
    Bequeathes properties at Fifehead St. Quentin, his house at Hinton St. Quentin, house at Donhead St. Mary in Wiltshire, house at Brookhill in Donhead St. Andrew, etc. to his various children, watches to his grandchildren.

  72. Kingston WILL of John Barns of Kingston in the Tything of Great Canford, yeoman. Extracted copy of 1811 of will made 1804. 5p., folio, folded, cover sheet with docket title. 1811. £20.00
    The executors with William Recks and Hookey King. Bequeathes his estate to his wife, money to his grandchildren. Andrew Barns Burlington was to have his clock and his feather bed.

  73. Pouncy (B.T), engr. by SOUTH EAST VIEW OF CANFORD CHURCH IN DORSETSHIRE To Ralph Willett of Merly... this Plate Engraved at his Expence is Respectufully inscribed... engraving size 8" x 12", plus wide margins. Good large view of the church from across the graveyard, small figure near one tomb. Two small ink blots just below plate mark. n.d. c1810. £14.00

  74. Prideaux (William de Courcy) SMALL ARCHIVE of letters, draft articles etc., mainly relating to his immediate family and his archaeological researches in Dorset. Includes: (i) Letter written to his parents from Sidcot School (1873) complaining that he is very unhappy 'it is so uncomfortable... I wish I had left long ago my bed so smal and cold I can poke my feet out... and all the rest of it is horrid its so lonely I am fit to cry..' 3p., sm. 8vo. (ii) Manuscript draft of his paper on the small armorial shields on medieval horse trappings (one was found near Weymouth). 8p., folio, together with a collection of letters, drawings, and photographs on this subject, including: large folded sheet of drawings of medieval armorial horse trappings, with one photo pasted on; 8 good watercolour drawings, some with gold, of the armorial shield trappings, each on stiff card, various sizes; three photographs pasted onto card, plus a few very small ones of the shields; letters on the subject from Nelson Richardson at Weymouth, British Museum, H. St. George Gray at Taunton, etc. (10 letters 1907-11). (iv) Certificate from the Society of Antiquaries appointing Prideaux Local Secretary for Dorset, with impressed seal. 1921. (v) Pamphlet 'The Ancient Memorial Brasses of Dorset', inscribed by Prideaux on front wrap, small piece cut out from one leaf. Together with a few other letters from his relative at Wellington, from Prideaux Place, Cornwall, etc. (vi) Four letters to Prideaux, 1902, from F. Rawes, Bradford Rectory (Devon), regarding a bell of the Prideuax family which is at his house, and taking it down to send to Prideaux, with a letter from W.H.H. Rogers regarding Rawes and the bell. 1873 - 1921. £120.00

  75. Stalbridge COPY WILL of Robert Williams of Stalbridge Weston, cordwainer, extracted from the Registry of the Archdeacon of Dorset. 2p., folio. 1795, copy made 1820's. £14.00
    Makes bequests to his grandchild Bithia Jeanes, as well as his six children.

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  76. Barnard Castle, Whitburn, Hurworth etc. WESTARICK RENTAL 1706 Three proprietors, Duke of Richmond, Stonor, and Webb. List of rents on four sides, 4to, in a neat hand, in columns for Parish, Name of tenant, Place, sum. Lists approx. 140 names. 1706. £30.00
    Parishes include Aycliffe, Chedster le Street, Bishop Middleham, Stockton on Tees, Middleton St. George, Lanchester, Ryton, Ebchester.

  77. Hopetown and Cockerton PARTICULARS AND PLAN of Valuable and Important Freehold Building Land, Garden Ground and Dwelling-Houses, Situate near Hopetown and Cockerton in the Vicinity of Darlington... To be Sold by Auction... 29th Day of April, 1868. 3pp., folio, hand-coloured folding plan, docket title. 1868. £26.00

  78. Sunderland DEED OF BARGAIN AND SALE of a cornmill and a close of land with houses erected thereon, David Reah, Miller, George Reah, Miller his son, and John Christon of Seaton to Joseph Walter of Sunderland, Common Brewer. Vellum, size 12" x 20". Signed with three wax seals (David Reah with his initials). Vellum rather yellowed throughout. 1761. £25.00

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  79. Colchester ABSTRACT OF TITLE of Mr Joseph Baines to a messuage in the Parish of St. Mary at the Walls, Colchester. 4p., folio. Affixed is a note by the Chamberlain of Colchester, 1817, saying he has made a search in the Chamberlain's accounts of the city, and giving details of a lease in 1717 and a purchase in 1764. 1817. £14.00

  80. Colchester AN ACT for making more effectual several Acts.... for cleansing and making navigable the Channel from the Hithe at Colchester to Wivenhoe.... and for cleansing the Streets and Lanes of the Town of Colchester. Cover leaf + 13pp., disbound, Black Letter, folio, Act of Parliament. 1750. £14.00

  81. Halstead WILL of John Greenwood the elder, of Halstead, Ironmonger. 9p., large folio, folded with docket title. Leaves property in Halstead to his eldest son, a sum of £8,000 in trust for his eldest son and nephew, and a further £6,000 the interest of which is to be used for the care of his youngest son, who is insane. 1811, copy, proved 1812. £14.00

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  82. Almondsbury AN ACT for regulating the Manner of Stocking and using the Marsh Common, otherwise Salt Marsh, in the Parish of Almondsbury, in the County of Gloucester. Cover leaf + 11pp. Small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1794. £16.00

  83. Baily & Woods, Printers, Cirencester ADVERTISING BROCHURE for the printers, booksellers and stationers in Market Place. 4" x 6", listing prices etc., with illusts of shop and town. c1910. £8.00
    With small gold embossed phoenix on front wrap.

  84. Cheltenham Station AN ACT To confer additional powers upon the Midland Railway Company.... for the construction of works... to make provision for the transfer of the undertaking of the Cheltenham Station Company to the Midland Railway Company.... 27pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1895. £14.00

  85. Coscomb AN ACT for effecting the Sale of unsettled Freehold Estates, belonging to Thomas Whitmore Wylde Browne, an Infant, in Fee Simple, and for investing the Purchase Monies on other real Estates, to be conveyed to the Infant in Fee Simple. 6pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. stapled. 1812. £14.00
    Not in Hyett and Bazeley. The estates include a mansion at Coscomb in the parish of Didbrooke.

  86. Dymock PROBATE of the will of Thomas Onions of Ryton, yeoman. Vellum, size 20" x 23", printed certificate and large papered seal attached. 1874. £12.00

  87. Forest of Dean Mines and Quarries AN ACT for regulating the opening and working of Mines and Quarries in the Forest of Dean and Hundred of Saint Briavels in the County of Gloucester. Pages numbered 6pp, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. 1838. £20.00

  88. Rolt (Sir John, M.P.) COLLECTION OF AUTOGRAPH LETTERS TO ROLT 1854-61, being requests for donations to various charitable bodies, schools, churches in South Gloucestershire and North Bristol, or thanks for such donations. 46 autograph letters, from committee members, ministers of the church, etc. Mainly 1-3p. small 8vo. 1854-61. £150.00
    Includes appeals for church repairs, including Newland Church (printed appeal, with written letter from the Vicar inside, plus list of subscriptions promised, 3p. 4to); Uley Church; Thornbury Church ('the nave will be rebuilt exccept the roof... the woodwork is in a tolerable state of preservation... the chancel will I hope be done...'); Chipping Sodbury Organ Fund; building at Castle Green School ('the school is obliged to meet in a dark ill-ventilated room under the Chapel while a young mens' class having often more than 100 in attendance has no other place of meeting than the front gallery...'); building of a schoolroom in Downend; reading room at Lydbrook; Rowland Hill Sunday School at Wootton ('Ld. Ducie gave us the Stone, Sr. M. Berkeley the Land, and other Gentlemen in the Neighbourhood have felt an Interest in the Erection. I thought you wd. not feel displeased if I venture to mention the Subject to you'); New Building Fund of the Diocesan Training College, Fishponds, Bristol; Gloucester Infirmary; Coleford Poor Relief Fund; Berkeley and Thornbury Agricultural Association; Shirehampton Regatta Fund; Dursley Race Fund. Rolt contributed from £2 - £5 to each. There are also two finely printed letters from the Dolphin Society, 1857 and 1861, 4pp., inviting the recipient to the Annual Dinner at the White Lion, each with a fine engraved invitation on the first page, with dolphins, shells, cherubs, poor widow, etc., and on the inside letter from the Chairman, Statement. The 1861 brochure has a draft letter inside, presumably from Rolt, 2p., 8vo, dated Lincolns Inn, 4 Nov. 1861, with amendments, saying he cannot leave London for the celebration but encloses a donation. Also included is a printed list of Subscribers to the Testimonial to the Rev. E.E. Elliott, Minister of the Baptist Church, Lydney, 4pp., folio, with a long list of subscribers. Rolt was M.P. for the Western Division of Gloucestershire 1857-67, and became Attorney General in 1866. He died at Ozleworth Park in 1871.

  89. Stoke Bishop AN ASSESSMENT made on the Tything of Stoke Bishop in the Parish of Westbury on Trim for raising... a Land Tax... for the service of the year 1796. Manuscript 6p., folio, ruled two columns for name, sum. Sewn, folded with docket title. Arranged under street name, including Alfred Place, Clarence Place, Paul Street. Includes 'a piece of land at Whiteladies Turnpike', 'Thomas Hoddock, Blackmoor's Head, foot of Clifton Down'. With similar documents for the years 1797, 1798, 1799. 4 items. 1796-1798. £40.00

  90. Taylor (Isaac) THE COUNTY OF GLOCESTER Surveyed by Isaac Taylor and Planned from a Scale of Two Miles to One Inch. Engraved map, size 26" x 23", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into small 4to card slipcase with original printed label. Fully hand coloured, county coloured in pink wash, with darker pink for boundary, hundreds coloured in outline, rivers, woods and main roads coloured. High ground shown with hachures. Inset plan of the City of Gloucester top left, size 4" x 6". On linen back is printed mapsellers label, with above it the hand-written inscription 'John Trotter Jnr., Porchester Castle, Portsmouth. Published by Wm. Faden, Geogr. to the King... Charing Cross, Feb. 1st 1800. £480.00
    A reduced edition of the large-scale map first published at Ross 1777.

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  91. Bonchurch, Shanklin ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet XCIX N.E. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 18", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. Main roads coloured. Surface rather dusty. About half the map is sea area. Revised 1907. £17.00

  92. Froyle WILL of Ann Nicholas of Froyle, spinster. 3p., folio. Leaves properties in Foyle and Fee Farm rents out of Chantry lands in Somerset to her sister Mary Moody and nieces, money bequests to her servants and Bailiff, mahogany bureau to her Bailiff's wife... together with... WILL of Mary Annabella Moody of Froyle. 7p., folio. Leaves bequests in property and goods to her daughters, including 'miniature picture of their father'. Her sons are not included as she has for years 'permitted them to take to their own use my share and interest in the Profits of the Brewery Mailting and Distilling Businesses in Southampton'. 2 items. First will proved 1826, second will 1830. Examined 1846. £20.00
    Extracted from the Registry at Winchester.

  93. South Warnborough Estate FREEHOLD THE IMPORTANT RESIDENTIAL AND SPORTING ESTATE KNOWN AS SOUTH WARNBOROUGH ESTATE of about 1,120 Acres.... consisting of The Historic Manor House, about 155 Acres New Farm, about 370 Acres.... Ford Farm... Chalk Pits... for Sale by Auction.... the 24th day of June, 1921.... Poster, size 40" x 30", some short tears, a 9" split at one fold, and a couple of small holes. This copy appears to be an uncorrected proof copy as there are a few notes on printing and alterations in ink. 1921. £8.00

  94. Sutton Manor, Sutton Scotney ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, CONDITIONS OF SALE AND PLAN of the well-known Residential, Agricultural & Sporting Property comprising medium-sized country residence... six corn, dairy and stock-raising farms, first-rate partridge and pheasant shooting, three-quarters of a mile of single bank fishing... Village Properties and Cottages... in all about 2760 Acres... James Harris & Son are instructed to submit for Sale by Auction... July 24th, 1933. 28pp., size 14" x 9", photographic frontispiece and two other photographic plates, two folding plans in pocket at rear. 1933. £34.00

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  95. Bromyard PARTICULARS, PLAN, VIEW AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Highly attractive Freehold Residential Property Known as the Munderfield Estate, comprising a medium-sized country residence... commanding beautiful views extending to the Malvern and Welsh Hills... Pleasure Grounds, Farm Homestead.. For Sale by Auction... 24th July, 1877... 5p., size 16" x 11", decorative wraps with lithograph of lodge house on front wrap, fine tinted lithographic frontispiece showing house and gardens, folding coloured plan. Long Schedule of lands. A variety of decorative type-faces used throughout. A small wormhole in right margin of all pages... together with.... PARTICULARS of Freehold Cottages and Lands situate at Doward, near Whitchurch... for sale by Auction... 29th April, 1896. 1p., 8vo., blank conjoint leaf. Two items. 1877 and 1896. £50.00

  96. Doward SALE OF FREEHOLD COTTAGES and Lands, situate at Doward, near Whitchurch... for sale by auction... 29th April, 1896. Small handbill listing 6 lots. Gives acreage and adjoining owners. 1896. £6.00
    Includes an orchard of 'upwards of 50 Apple Trees in full bearing'.

  97. Ross and Hereford PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Fine Old Manorial Property Situate Nearly Midway Between Ross and Hereford... distinguished as the Harewood and Netherton Estates... with the Manors or Lordships of Irchenfield, Harewood, Evaston and Llandinabo, in the Parishes of Harewood, Pencoyd, Hentland, Ballingham, Llanwarne, llandinabo, and Tretire, containing a Capital Mansion... Pleasure Grounds... Woods... The Proprietaty Donative of Harewood, The Advowson and Next Presentation to the Rectory of Llandinabo... Numerous Farms, Two Inns, Cottages and Lands... which will be Sold by Auction... 4th day of July, 1877. Large folio (size 18" x 11"), 17 pages, original wraps, with circular lithograph view on front wrap, two fine tinted lithograph full-page views of the house (The West Front, and East Front and Chapel), very large hand-coloured folding map which has come loose from the sewing, large repaired tear in map at blank area in top right corner, and some small tears at folds. Lacks back wrap, front wrap slightly dust-marked. 1877. £70.00

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  98. Folkestone Improvements AN ACT for paving, repairing, and cleansing, the Highways, Streets, and Lanes, in the Town of Folkestone, and Liberty thereof, in the County of Kent.... Cover leaf + pages numbered 655-691, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1796. £15.00

  99. Gravesend and Milton Waterworks AN ACT for incorporating the Gravesend and Milton Waterworks Company, and for more effectually supplying the Inhabitants... with Water. 24pp., small folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1846. £12.00

  100. Luddenham LUDDENHAM COURT The Property of Sir R.M. Filmer, Bart. Ordnance Survey map, scale 25" to 1 mile, centred on Luddenham Court, composite map, with no borders, size 52" x 39", linen-backed and folding into small folio boards, gilt lettered as above on front board, cloth on front board slightly spotty. Water features hand-coloured, area of Luddenham Estate shaded in pink. c1900. £70.00
    Covers Brick Works and Pottery in the north, Davington Mills (Gunpowder) in the south.

  101. Maidstone Geneva AN ACT to continue and amend an Act... as permits Sir William Bishop... to carry on the Manufacture of Maidstone Geneva. 4pp, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1799. £10.00
    The Bishops ran an important distillery in the town.

  102. Rochester and Maidstone AN ACT to continue Two Acts... for repairing and enlarging the Road leading from the House called The Sign of the Bells to the parish of Saint Margaret in Rochester... 15pp., small folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1749. £14.00

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  103. Bacup RE-UNION Bacup Mount Pleasant Boys' School. Re-Union of Old Boys and Teachers March 27th 1897. Commemoration of Mr Mottram's 25 Year Services as Head Master. Small folded card with printing as above, plus verse from 'Old Lang's Syne', opening to show a portrait of Mottram. 1897. £4.00

  104. Blackburn CANTERBURY ARCHBISHOPRICK ESTATES Ten leases, The Ecclesiastical Commissioners to various tenants. 8 documents in manuscript on vellum, size 17" x 11", sewn at edge, approx. 5p. in each, folded, and 2 printed on vellum, smaller format. All having plans in ink with some colour in the text, scale 41.66 ft to an inch, size of plans approx. 8" x 8", some larger. On the verso of each lease is a record of assignments from the 1880's up until the 1950's. 10 items. 1883-1911. £45.00
    Refers to property in Cherry St., Temple St., Clive St., Queen's Road, Lambeth St., etc.

  105. Didsbury NOTICE. THE MANOR HOUSE DIDSBURY The Recreation Rooms have, owing to the necessity for accommodating more men, been removed to this house. All Wounded Men are most cordially invited to make free use of them... Instruction given in Rug Making, Basket Making... Poster, size 20" x 15", printed in red in very large letters... together with a small poster, size 6" x 15", 'Now Open... A Warm Welcome for all the 'Boys in Blue'... A. Henshall, Printer, Didsbury. c1917. £25.00

  106. Lancashire TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet 67 (Garstang, Ribchester), Sheet 59 (Lancaster, High Bentham). Each size 13" x 18", plus margins. 'Outline Series' stamp in right margin. 2 items. 1913. £25.00

  107. Manchester PLAN OF PREMISES IN PETER ST. Manchester. Belonging to the Late Richard Green. Basic plan showing the property, in ink on cartridge paper size 17" x 24", title in red. Scale 8ft. per inch. Shows slaughterhouse, yard, house and shop, abutting onto Lad Lane. Verso of paper dusty... together with Representations on Title, Robert Green to The Corporation of Manchester. 3p., folio. With a small bundle of correspondence relating to the transaction. 1880's. £16.00

  108. Ormerod family ACCOUNT of George Ormerod relative to a sum paid for the upbringing of Mary Ormerod, daughter of Elizabeth Ormerod and her first husband John Ormerod. Manuscript, 1p., 4to, written on the verso of a piece torn from a will of a man called Doyle, of Fallbarn, Rossendale. 12 lines describing the marriages of Elizabeth, and the rents from 'Carr Land', and a list of yearly sums received in rents, 1736-1742, by the writer (£2.1s half-yearly). 1742. £18.00

  109. Strangeways Hall Colliery PEMBERTON TWO FEET MINE Late John Leyland. Manuscript plan on waxed cotton, size 13" x 27", in ink and some colour. Scale 6" = 170 yards. Folds. no date. 1926 or slightly later. £12.00
    Fairly basic plan. Shows workings 1925-6 in different colours.

  110. Wigan RAVINE MINE Three manuscript plans of workings in Ravine Mine, Eckersley Estate, on waxed cotton, average size 15" x 20", scales 30-50 yds. per inch, with correspondence re. lease, 1917, attached, referring to plans. 1917. £20.00

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  111. Bedford Level AN ACT for laying an additional Tax upon the Lands within the North Level, Part of the Great Level of the Fens called Bedford Level, and on Portsand, otherwise Great Portsand, in the County of Lincoln, for the further Support and Preservation of the principal Banks and Works of the said North Level. Cover leaf + pages numbered 1123-1136, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1796. £14.00

  112. East and West Allington BOND of John Brown of Donington, Gentleman, and John Flinders, Apothecary, to William Leeson of Harlaxton, for one hundred pounds. 1p., large folio, manuscript, signed by Brown and Flinders, with wax seals. Folds. Refers to a conveyance of land in Bocking in East and West Allington. 1743. £24.00

  113. Foston AN ABSTRACT of John Cragg's Title to Copyhold Lands in Foston. Manor of Long Bennington and Foston with the Members. 1p., small folio, manuscript, detailing surrenders and admissions from 1715-1769. Folds... together with... Memorandum recording surrender of one half oxgang of land by John Cragg of Foston, tenant of the Manor, 1777, signed by Cragg and witnessed by Steward. 1p., small folio. 1777. £15.00

  114. Moor Farm, Linwood PARTICULARS AND PLAN OF MOOR FARM.... Extending to 63 acres. For Sale by Public Auction..... at the Corn Exchange, Market Rasen, On Tuesday, 13th October, 1964. Small coloured folding plan loosely inserted, 4pp, sm 4to, original printed wraps. 1964. £12.00

  115. Sedgebrook PROBATE OF THE WILL of Thomas Hollingworth of Sedgebrook, yeoman. On paper, two large folio pages, printed administration certificate attached, but information written in manuscript on verso, signed, rather than inserted in the spaces in the printed document. Large papered seal on tag... together with... A Copy of the Richd. Hollingworth's Will. Dated 29th Jan. 1718. 1p, folio, 32 lines. Contemporary copy. Piece torn from left margin. Refers to his house and land at Allington, six of his best cows and sheep, etc. 2 items. 1728. £28.00
    Leaves his closes of land in Allington to his wife.

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  116. Aldersgate AN HYMN to be sung by the Children Belonging to Saint Ann's Society Schools, on Sunday the 1st Day of November 1807. At the Parish Church of Saint Ann's, Aldersgate, After a Sermon to be Preached before the President.... and the rest of the Governors of the Institution By the Rev. Henry Draper. Single folio sheet, printed on one side only, traces of folds, old repair with strip torn from the leaf of a book reinforcing two folds, two later repairs in blank area at edges, some creases and dust-marking, and some slight wear at folds. Printed by J. Diggens, St. Ann's Lane, London. 1807. £22.00
    With a description of the society and its work in 17 lines. There were 1140 children in the two Charity Schools.

  117. Chiswick (Manor of) ADMISSION at the Court Baron of Charles Wolstead, heald at the sign of the Roebuck on Turnham Green... Vellum, 13" x 22". Admits Edward Bint to a messuage and tenement in Chiswick, formerly in the tenure of Dorothy Ernest. 20 lines, signed by Steward. 1837. £16.00

  118. Dulwich College AN ACT for confirming a Scheme of the Charity Commissioners for the College of God's Gift in Dulwich.... 26pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1857. £10.00

  119. Hammersmith AN ACT for authorizing the Construction of a Railway for carrying the West London Railway over the Great Western Railway by means of a Bridge... 10pp., sm. folio, disbound. Some pages with a few edge tears. 1859. £10.00

  120. Investiture TICKET Admit Bearer to the Quadrangle Buckingham Palace on the occasion of an Investiture by H.M. The King. 22 May 1919. Derek Keppel, Master of the Household. Ticket printed on one side of card size 4" x 5". Small blue crown top left. One corner 'bumped'. 1919. £6.00

  121. Knight (Charles) ENVIRONS OF LONDON Lithographed plan. Size 10" x 14", trace of central fold, split 2" along central fold at bottom edge, neatly repaired on verso. Two small foxing spots. London. Charles Knight 90 Fleet Street. (1878). £40.00
    Covers Richmond, Tottenham, Plumstead Marshes, Northwood. From the book on London by Charles Knight. One of three maps from this publication, the others being 'Western London', and 'Eastern London'.

  122. London election TO ALL FREE AND INDEPENDENT ELECTORS Those who wish Peculators to be Protected, Subsidies to be Lavished, The Slave Trade to be Revived... are earnestly entreated to vote for the Friends of the restored Privy Councillor Melville, and the present Administration. Election handbill, size 9" x 7", traces of horizontal folds, printed in large letters, with the words beginning with a capital letter above, printed in large capitals. S. Gosnell, Printer, Little Queen Street. n.d. c1820? £45.00
    Melville was expelled from the Privy Council in 1805 but re-admitted in 1807. He was a hard-line Tory and opposed the abolition of slavery and supported the continuation of the war.

  123. Millinery HENRY HEATH. YE HATTERIE 106, 107, 109 Oxford St. W. Illustrated brochure, 12pp., 8vo, each page with an illustration of a person wearing a hat. Stiff wraps with no title except 'To Her Majesty' with gilt coat of arms. Inside the front wrap is a list of patrons, topped with a crown, including The King, The Queen, The Prince of Wales, The Empress of Russia etc. Brown silk ribbon ties perished. On the back wrap is an illustration of the shop. n.d. c1900. £30.00

  124. Mogg (Edward) MOGG'S TWENTY FOUR MILES ROUND LONDON Folding engraved map. Circular map with London at the centre, extending to Hertford, Windsor, Ryegate, Stanford le Hope. Scale half an inch to 1 mile. Diameter of circle 20", overall size of map 24" x 22". Information about the roads in the four corners. Large title, scale bar. Fully hand-coloured. Linen-backed and folding to 6" x 4", inserted in card slip case, covered with marbled paper, old bookplate on side, some brown staining over the bookplate. Published Jany. 1st. 1812 by Edward Mogg, No. 14 Little Newport St. Leicester Square. £250.00
    Howgego No. 235 (3). There were two previous editions.

  125. Tailor BILL of George and Thomas Cook made out to Doctor Wynn for 18 items. In a neat hand on one side 4to, May 20th 1811 to March 1812. 1812. £15.00
    'A Suit Thickset Livery as usual... Servant' cost £4. 142. 6d'. Includes steel grey cassimir breeches, a great coat, new sleeves to waistcoat.

  126. Theatre Royal, Drury Lane DOUBLE PLAYBILL advertising the programme for Feb. 16th, 1857. Size 19" x 19", folded vertically and printed on two pages, variety of decorative type faces. Francis, Printer, Strand. 1857. £40.00
    Programe included 'Black Book' and the Christmas pantomime 'See Saw, Margery Daw: or Harlequin Holiday and the Island of Ups & Downs' (the last word printed upside down), 'Mistletoe's Holiday Home' with 130 Ladies of the Corps de Ballet, and the 'Grand Scenic and Mechanical Effects, Exhibiting, in process of Construction The Fairy Factory of Fancy'. One of the scenes was in 'Mappin's Cutlery and Shilling Razor Warehouse' with 'A Pair of Sharp Blades' etc.

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  127. Aldridge (John), Artist SHELL GUIDE TO NORFOLK Poster, lithograph and letterpress printing, glossy surface. Illustration showing watery landscape, 'flush work' building, Holkham Hall, book of Sir Thomas Browne, various birds, etc. Description and map with key below. Overall size 29" x 20", metal hanger top and bottom. Red and yellow Shell logo at bottom. 2" tear at bottom along metal stretcher. 1950's. £30.00

  128. Great Dunham & Great Fransham AN IMPORTANT FREEHOLD AGRICULTURAL ESTATE known as Rookery Farm... Fields House Farm... to Be Sold by Auction June 21st, 1941. 8pp., 8vo, wraps, folding coloured plan. 1941. £12.00

  129. Norwich ABSTRACT OF THE TITLE to an Estate in St. Michael at Thorn in Norwich. 6p., large folio, manuscript, neatly written, folded with docket title. Recites indentures from 1748 - 1821. 1821. £14.00
    Owners' names include Bell, Finch, Rowe.

  130. Norwich PLAN by the City Enginner's Ofice, of Rosary Road and Lollards Road, showing individual properties, and St. Matthews' Church. Scale 41.66 ft to an inch. On waxed cotton, size 13" x 27", affixed to an agreement between the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and other owners, and the Corporation of Norwich. 3p., typed, large seal of Commissioners. 1912. £14.00
    Refers to the construction of a public way.

  131. Norwich WILL of John Branch, of Norwich, yeoman. Extracted copy of a will of 1795. 2p., folio. Branch leaves his property in St. John Sepulchre at St. Michael at Thorn to his wife Judith, and after to his seven children. Extracted 1796. £14.00

  132. West Norfolk election TO THE ELECTORS OF WEST NORFOLK. Address from the Liberal candidate and sitting Member Brampton Gurdon, setting out his principles, followed by address of his running mate Willoughby Green. Leaflet, 3p., 4to. Hole approx. 1" in diameter in margin at top right corner, probably caused by silverfish, not affecting text, and some chips in paper at right edge. June 1865. £22.00

  133. Wymondham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of A Capital Messuage and Accommodation Land which will be sold by auction... 30th day of January, 1856. 3pp., folio, plus docket title. Folded... together with... Particulars of a Small Farm in Suton Division... for Sale by Public Auction... 29th August, 1873. 2pp., 4to, folded with docket title. Some small tears at folds. 2 items. 1856 and 1873. £12.00

  134. Wymondham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Messuages, Cottages, Brick-Kiln & Yards.... for Sale by Auction.... 14th August, 1877. 4pp., folded with docket title. 1877. £14.00

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  135. Alnwick, Otterburn ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 5/6/8/9. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 38", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into marbled paper wraps, large 4to. Small library stamp on verso. 1897. £32.00
    Covers Alnham, Embleton, Longhirst, Falstone. About one eighth of the map is blank, being on the Scottish side of the border.

  136. Election broadside THE MARKS OF HARRY LIDDELL Humorous poem in support of the Tory candidate Bell, attacking Liddell. Printed on one side of sheet 11" x 5", 7 four-line stanzas. M. Smith, Printer, Alnwick (1826). £26.00
    'What will Matthew Bell do/What will he do to Liddell?/He'll melt him like an icicle/And drive him like a shuttle.' The 1826 election in Northumberland was famously very costly for the candidates. Bell and Liddell were both Tories, but opposed each other.

  137. Newcastle PRINTED LETTER with manuscript inserts, dated Castle of Newcastle upon Tyne, 6th April 1836. 11 lines, 4to, folds. Sent to William Radcliffe by John Adamson on behalf of the Antiquarian Society of Newcastle upon Tyne, thanking him for donating a pedigree showing the descent of the family of Radcliffe, Earls of Derwentwater 'from its settlement in Northumberland to its extinction'. 1816. £20.00

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  138. Banbury AN ACT for taking down the Church, Chancel and Tower belonging to the Parish of Banbury... 20pp., plus cover leaf, small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1799. £12.00
    With Schedule of Tenements affected.

  139. Blenheim Palace AN ACT for repairing Blenheim Palace. 11pp., disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. 1840. £10.00

  140. Pangbourn AN ACT for building a Bridge at or near the Ferry over the River Thames from Whitchurch... to the opposite shore in the Parish of Pangbourn... 36pp, plus cover leaf, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. 1792. £15.00

  141. Taynton TAYNTON INCLOSURE AWARD 1822. Manuscript plan by Edward Webb of Stow on the Wold, Land Surveyor, on vellum, in ink and outline colour, size 30" x 21", scale 1 inch = 10 chains. Roads and water features in colour, shows buildings in red or black, allotments with acreage, names of owners. Scale bar, compass rose, Reference to Small Allotments. Shows the village just north of the river, plots within village and larger areas around are labelled with a letter referring to the key. Folded into 4, bound with 24 vellum pages, written on one side only, setting out the award. Original full calf boards, size 18" x 13", metal clasps, titled in gilt on front board, re-spined in calf, gilt, with morocco lettering piece, some restoration to edges of boards. The Commissioner was John Davis. 16th May 1822. £300.00
    Sets out details of the Public Carriage Roads and Highways, bridle ways, orchards, cottage gardens, homesteads, etc. Among the names of the landowners involved were Wheeler, Lenthall, Cozens, Southall, Hall, Lambert, Lord Dynevor. This copy is not actually signed, and has no embossed seal.

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  142. Bridgnorth AN ACT for repairing or rebuilding the Bridge over the River Severn.... and for opening convenient Avenues thereto. 21pp, disbound, plus cover leaf. 1797. £16.00
    With Schedule of properties affected.

  143. Ludlow, Burford, Hope Bagot PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Beautiful Freehold Residential Domain, known as 'The Stoke Estate', about Four Miles from Ludlow and Tenbury... consisting of an Elizabethan Residence distinguished as Stoke House... Gardens... Several Excellent Farms, Water Corn Mill, Cottages, Orchard and Garden Ground in the Parishes of Burford and Greets... and Grove Farm in Hope Baggot... which will be Sold by Auction... November 8th, 1876... 12pp., large folio, orignal wraps, cloth spine. A variety of type-faces throughout. 2 large folding plans. There are worm-holes throughout, mainly in the right margin, but on the map of the Grove Farm at the end, and the last page, these are more widespread over the page. 1876. £35.00

  144. Selattyn, near Oswestry PARTICULAR AND PLAN of a most attractive and desirable small Freehold Farm known as "Ty Newydd." otherwise "New Barns..... in the occupation of Miss Ann Roberts, which will be offered for Sale by public Auction, by Messrs. Jones & Son, at the White Lion Inn, Oswestry, on Tuesday, the 26th day of July, 1881. Folio, 3pp, tipped in plan, docket title, folded. 1881. £18.00

  145. Shrewsbury ABSTRACT OF TITLE of the Lady Keane to leasehold premises situate in the Quarry near the town of Shrewsbury. 3p folio, in manuscript. 1823. £14.00
    Details title from 1806.

  146. Vennington DOCUMENTS RELATING TO A DISPUTE about enclosing common lands in Vennington, Mr Topp against Thomas Hawley, 1771-3. Comprises (i) CASE with the opinion of Lord Kenyon respecting the Right to the Waste lands in Vennington & Whitton. 3p, folio. 1780. (ii) EIGHT LETTERS from Alexander Topp to his solicitor, Pemberton, in Shrewsbury, stating the details of his case, giving reference to documents and perambulations from Elizabethan times onwards, and details of the slate quarry, turbary, etc., and ownership through the Lingon, Spenser, Gough and Owen families. Each letter signed by Topp, small wax seals, approx. 2p 4to in each. The letters contain detailed description of the boundaries ('... return from thence by the Hoar Stone in Caldwell Meadow along old Carriage Way to Bald Hill Gate, thence down Broomhill Hedges...', 'all of the sd. late discovered stones are Nearly in a Line southwardly from the Hoarstone & wch. run along the Height of Ground within the Common are upon the face or Breakout of a slatey kind of Rock & Now remain cover'd with Earth'). (iii) Letter from a representative of Lord Weymouth, 1771, 'I have reason to expect that proper persons will be ordered, on his Lordship's behalf, to pull down any fence...'. 2p., 4to. (iv) Letter dated Castle Yard 6 July 1771 to Pemberton, with a list of 24 names of Jurors he is to choose 10 from. 2p., 4to. (v) PURCHASE AGREEMENT Job Parry and others to Rd. Thomas relative to messuage and lands at Vaurn Heath in Westbury Parish. Signed with small wax seals. 3p., folio. 1793. 1771-93. £85.00
    A contemporary newspaper clipping gives a summary of the case 'Plaintiff's ancestors had purchased his estate from the Condover family and defendant had purchased the estate and Manor of Cause from Lord Weymouth... Mr Topp had enclosed 40 acres more than he was authorized to do'. Lord Weymouth's bailiff had broken down Topp's fences. Topp had received a royalty from the slate quarries.

  147. Wem PARTICULARS OF SALE AND PLANS of a Valuable Farm and Lands known as The Ditches Farm.... which will be offered for sale by Auction.... 11th day of July, 1889. 4pp., folio, folded with docket title, 3 folding hand-coloured plans. A few minor foxing spots. 1889. £36.00

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  148. Bath Hospital AN ACT for confirming a Scheme of the Charity Commissioners for Saint Mary Magdalen Hospital near Bath. 7pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1856. £11.00

  149. Bath SUBSCRIPTIONS AND DONATIONS BOOK For the Society for Preserving to the Public the Right of Ancient Footpaths. R. Hare, E. Saunders, Secretaries. Manuscript recording names and amounts for subscribers 1843-1870. 38p., sm. 8vo, parchment boards, worn, chipped morocco label with gilt title. There are also two minutes of meetings noting change of collector, signed R. Wilbraham Falconer (the author of works on the Bath Mineral Waters). 1843-70. £110.00
    Pasted inside front board is a printed letter stating the Society would like a subscription from each household 'the health and pleasure of the Inhabitants of Bath being so dependent upon the Footways that afford accommodation to pedestrians in reaching the various delightful situations around the City.' Among the subscribers are: R. Tite, C. Milsom, Rev. Bartram, T. Jolly, S. Rutter, J. Pulteney, Lady Hargood, Holloway & Son.

  150. Bathwick and Chew Magna COPY WILL of William Abraham of Bathwick, Banker, 1803. 6p., small folio, sewn at edge, folded with docket title... together with... An Inventory of the Personal Estate and Effects of William Abraham Deceased. 1p, folio. Paper of will watermarked 1814. £28.00
    Bequeathes his house in Bathwick, held under Lady Bath, property in Chew Magna, house at 6 Caroline Buildings in Lyncombe & Widcombe, money for bread for 'the second poor' of Chew Magna, shares in Sydney Gardens, money to the Bath Dispensary and Infirmary. The house at Chew Magna was called 'Fosters House'.

  151. Bonnor (T), drawn and engraved by SOUTH HILL. The Seat of John Strode Esq. Copper-plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 7" x 10", plus margins. 1787. £25.00
    From Collinson's History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset.

  152. Bridgwater Without PARTICULARS With Plans and Conditions of Sale of 'Upper Dunwear Farm' and other Properties.... to be Sold by Auction... 28th July 1937. 7pp., small folio, wraps. Trace of vertical fold. Lacks map from pocket at rear. 1937. £10.00
    Includes Withy Bed near Baltmoor Wall in Stoke St. Gregory, Cottages, etc.

  153. Cheddar COX'S STALACTITE CAVERN Brilliantly Lighted with Gas. Visited by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales... The Fairies Grotte - A charming little Chamber, full of Small Stalactites, discoverd 1887... Admission to the Cavern One Shilling each... Alfred E. Bragg, Proprietor. Poster detailing the attractions of the cavern, size 15" x 10", heading in large lettering. Traces of folds, small piece of thin orange paper approx. 1" x half an inch stuck to left margin. A few foxing spots at part of central fold. Oliver & Son, Machine Printers, Axbridge. n.d. c1890. £75.00
    The text of 38 lines, the introduction describing the 'grotesque and fanciful' formations 'a mummy, Hindoo Temple', etc., then there follow quotations extolling and detailing its charms from 'The Queen', 'The Dean of Llandaff to Dr. Buckland', 'Elihu Burritt', 'The Bristol Times and Mirror', and list of prices. At the end is a description of 'The Cliff Hotel and Pleasure Gardens 'The abundand and evergreen Foliage together with the Lake andflowing Waterfall surrounded by the vast Cliffs comprise this most charming rocky scnery in the West of England'.

  154. Dale (R.W) PEAT IN CENTRAL SOMERSET A Planning Study. 36pp., card wraps, small folio. Maps, line drawings and photographs. Somerset County Council. 1967. £18.00

  155. Frome LETTER from P. Lewis, dated Frome Fr. Morn. Nov. 22 '93, 3p., small folio, integral address panel on verso, Frome postmark and address of Rev. I. Lewis, Bristol. Docket title with 'Letters from Br. Polydere. With them every earthly correspondence closed on 16 of Jany. 1794.' followed by a Latin quotation. The writer complains that he has been very unwell and in bed 'my complaint is accompanied with Worms and occasionally a discharge of blood by stool'. Says he will answer his brother's questions about botany when they meet, and discuss the 'Baronite's Case'(?) 'from having studied Botany myself under Dr Hope once the pupil of Sr. Charles Linnaeus... I may possibly serve you in this way especially'. Approximately 60 lines in all. Signed 'P. Lewis'. 1793. £40.00
    Probably the Polydore Lewis who wrote 'A Philosophical inquiry into the nature & properties of Common Water, with annexed observations on its medical qualities &c' (London, 1790). Dr. Hope was Professor of Botany at Edinburgh and an early supporter of the Linnaean system.

  156. Glastonbury THE SOUTH PROSPECT OF THE RUINS OF GLASTONBURY ABBY copper engraving. Size 7" x 15", book page number P.252 bottom right. Trace of fold at centre, and slight trace of two other vertical folds. c1750. £12.00

  157. Horsington CERTIFICATE OF ADMINISTRATION of William Ridout of Horsington, yeoman, deceased. 20 lines, in Latin, on vellum size 6" x 6", signed by Simon Rolleston, Registrar. Lacks tag. 1669. £17.00
    Grants administration to his brother Christopher.

  158. Ilminster BOND for £652, John Slee, Sergemaker, to Bridget Slee. Printed on sm. folio sheet, blank adjoining leaf, details in MS., small wax seal. 1766. £22.00

  159. Keynsham LEASE FOR A YEAR of two dwelling houses and a piece of ground called Woodleys in Keynsham, John Hill and Samuel Skuse, to William Daniel, Hatter and Thomas Dix. Vellum, size 20" x 24". 1838. £17.00

  160. Kingsdon Estate COTTAGE RENTAL For the Half Year due Michaelmas 1891. Folio, folded, 4 pages with printed columns, lists the tenants, rent, arrears, allowances, amount received, remarks, outer blank slightly dusty. 1891. £16.00

  161. Nether Stowey OAK TIMBER TO BE SOLD at the Globe, in Nether Stowey, on Wednesday the 19th, Day of April Instant, by Four O'Clock, Forty Large Oak Trees... The Trees are in Holford Wood, near Stowey, 3 miles from Coombwich; 6 from Watchet.... John Webber of Holford aforesaid, will shew the Timber.... Handbill, size 8" x 6", printed in large type, decorative border above imprint, little hand pointing to John Webber's name. Paper slightly frayed at top corner, traces of vertical fold. Pile, Printer, Norton, 12th April, 1815. £36.00

  162. Penny, Typ., Frome THE PRIMROSE LEAGUER'S SONG By a Somersetshire Clodhopper. Poem in twelve four-line stanzas, printed on sheet size 8" x 4". 9 verses in praise of the flower's charms, and Beaconsfield and the Tories. n.d. c1880? £16.00
    The Primrose League was founded in in support of Disraeli.

  163. River Tone AN ACT for Making and Keeping the River Tone Navigable from Bridgwater to Taunton in the County of Somerset. 20pp., plus cover leaf, small folio, disbound. Black letter, attractive floral initial letter. 1799. £16.00

  164. Rock and Co. PANORAMA OF WESTON SUPER MARE Ten engraved views on a folding strip. Each vignette 2" x 4", surrounded with scroll leaf border. Folding into blue cloth covered boards, gilt title. Cloth on boards slightly rubbed and faded at corners and right hand edge. 1861. £48.00

  165. Rowe (George), Printer and Publisher LITHOGRAPHED VIEWS OF SOMERSET. 11 tinted lithographs. Tissue guards, size of each view approx. 8" x 11", overall size of book 11" x 15", early unlettered half calf, cloth boards, slightly rubbed to edges, occasional foxing. Cheltenham: George Rowe, c1848. £250.00
    The views are:- West Front, Wells Cathedral (this view is not by Rowe, but published by T. Green, Wells); St. Cuthberts, Wells; The Bishops Palace, Wells; The Chapel and Ruins of Great Hall, Bishops Palace, Wells; Doorway, Glastonbury Abbey; St. Joseph's Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey; St. Mary and St. Josephs Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey; Cheddar Church; The Cheddar Cliffs (3 views);

  166. Sedgemoor AN ACT for opening the Ancient and making any New Roynes and Water Courses in and near Sedgmore in the County of Somerset, for rendring the said Moor more Healthful and Profitable to the Inhabitants. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 21pp., small folio. Act of Parliament. Attractive woodcut of flowers around initial letter. Paper slightly toned. 1699. £24.00

  167. Shepton Mallet to Wells Railway AN ACT for authorizing the East Somerset Railway Company to abandon the making of their authorized Railway from Shepton Mallet to Wells, and to make instead thereof another Railway from Shepton Mallet to Wells.... 15pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1860. £12.00

  168. Sweeting (Miss) CULBONE CHURCH Tinted lithograph, engraved surface 8" x 11", plus margins. A few foxing spots in margins, margins slightly trimmed. Lithographed by A. Pocock, c1840. £22.00
    Shows church in middle distance with mother with two children nursing baby in foreground, high hill in background.

  169. Taunton GRANTS Six grants 'out of Lockage'. Made at the Court Baron of William Kinglake Lord of the Manor of Taunton Late Priory. 5p., small folio. Refers to 6 areas of land including property in Middle Street. 30th October. 1826. Copy made c1877. £18.00

  170. Taunton Hospital AN ACT for appointing Commissioners to sell and dispose of a certain unfinished Building at or near Taunton, in the County of Somerset, intended for a Public Hospital or Infirmary.... for finishing the said Building, and paying the money due... Black Letter. Cover leaf and 8pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1792. £20.00

  171. Tully (W), Publisher GLASTONBURY. THE VISIT OF THE BISHOPS A Memento of August 1897. 17 views, 2 of which are half page. Oblong 8vo, gilt boards, cloth spine. 1897. £12.00
    7 of the views are of the processions, crowds in the streets etc.

  172. Weston super Mare CONVEYANCE in fee of a dwellinghouse no 7 Orchard Place, Messrs. Stock, Jones and Harvey to Charles Greenslade. Large vellum sheet, wax seals. 1862. £12.00

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  173. Coton PARTICULARS of A Valuable and Most Desirable Freehold Estate, At Coton, in the Parish of Milwich... Consisting of Coton Hall, now and For Many Years Used as an Inn and a Farm-House, Also Another Farm-House... Wood and Plantations Which Will be Sold By Auction... 20th day of August, 1840... 3pp., folio, plus double page lithographed plan with outline colour. Folded with docket title. 1840. £38.00
    Gives schedules.

  174. Funeral sermon MANUSCRIPT FUNERAL SERMON In Memory of Ann Wolfe a Sincere Christian. She was born May 14th in the year of our Lord 1794 and died Feby. 19th 1815 Aged 21. Manuscript in 4to note-book, original wraps with illustration of paper-making 'Published by P. Rose, Bristol', wraps grubby. Neatly written over 22p., (filling the book). Verse from Isiah 60 at the head. Hand-painted frontispiece, covering the whole of the first page, in grey, yellow, black and orange, showing a decorative memorial tablet, with crown, face, heart, urns etc., and inscription as above, with poem 'I did just step one foot upon the stage/To view the world and the deplored age/My dear Redeemer thought it best for me/To leave this world a better one to see'. 1815. £125.00
    The theme is the mortality and mutability of human kind contrasted with the unchanging nature of Christ 'What number in their youthful days are worn down with sickness and disease... in the gay hours of youth they are seized with a small tickling cough... we do now perceive that it is a slow lingering consumption'...'. Ann Wolfe 'our departed sister' is said to have 'met death as an angel sent to release her from sin and sorrow... I seem to hear her with the same affectionate concern which she express'd for youth in her affliction, calling now to you from heaven and saying 'Would you be happy, be religious...' The Staffordshire Burial Records show an Ann Wolfe who died 1814, aged 21, and was born 1794. Her burial date is given as 24th February 1815. The Wolfe family were pottery manufacturers in Stoke.

  175. Hollington PARTICULARS of Very Valuable Freehold Stone Quarries, Building Land, Substantial Stone Cottages at Hollington, Public-House, Blacksmith's Shop, Cottages and Garden at Beamhurst... to be Sold By Auction... 9th May 1857... 1p., folio, with details in a variety of large decorative type-faces at top, and list of the 13 Lots in the bottom half, plus conjoint leaf with docket title, and a full-page hand-coloured plan. Docket title very dusty. 1857. £28.00

  176. Rugeley ALBION IRON FOUNDRY Bot. of Thomas Hatfield, Manufacturer of Stove Plates, Kitchen Ranges... Gates, Field & Garden Rollers... Iron Pumps, Pallisades Plain or Ornamental... Engine and Mill work Casting with every other description of Casting to Pattern Drawing or Dimension... Bill with Printed heading as above, 1p., folio, folds, made out to a Mr. Elley for various types of grate, gates, railings, etc., and labour for installing. Signed as received by Hatfield. Small repaired tear at centre where bill once stabbed for storage, a couple of minor edge tears. 1841. £25.00

  177. Swithamley OBLIGATION BOND of John Legh of Ridge in Cheshire to William Trafford of Swithamley in Staffordshire. 13 lines in Latin and English on Vellum, size 6" x 14". Small wax seal missing from tag. Signed by Legh and five witnesses. Slightly faded in parts. 1642. £35.00
    The Legh family of East Hall were an important family in Cheshire. They were related to the Traffords by marriage.

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  178. Burgh ABSTRACT OF TITLE to 2 cottages and several pieces of land at Burgh. 18p., folio, folded with docket title. Traces title back to 1808, when it was part of the Manor of King's Hall, detailing the various Courts Baron. 1869. £14.00

  179. Ellingham, Geldeston POSTER advertising auction sale of Cottage Properties.... 10th November, 1865. Poster, size 18" x 12", folds. 1865. £17.00

  180. Halesworth, Peasenhall ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet L S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Small blue 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Railways inserted to 1881. 1883. £17.00
    Covers Halesworth, Peasenhall, Harleston.

  181. River Lark AN ACT for amending and rendering more effectual, an Act.... for making the River Lark, alias Burn, navigable. 22pp, disbound, six pages spotty. 1817. £10.00

  182. Rushmere PARTICULARS, WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Occupation Farm known as the Beech Tree Farm.... 5pp., 4to, folding coloured plan, vertical crease. 1919. £16.00

  183. Stoke Ash CONVEYANCE of a freehold messuage, windmill and Steam Mill in Stoke Ash, Lydia Weavers and others to Ephraim Catchpole. Large vellum sheet, signed by four parties with wax seals. 1876. £24.00

  184. Wrentham POSTER advertising Auction sale at the Spread Eagle Inn of A brick and tile built sash-fronted messuage licensed as a Beer House called the King's Head... also the Blacksmith's Shop adjoining, with the two bricked forges... Three brick and tiled cottages... Size 20" x 14", folds, brownish off-setting of lettering. 1846. £22.00

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  185. Kew AN ACT for enabling His Majesty to inclose Part of Kew Green, and for dividing and extinguishing Rights of Common over certain Lands in the Parish of Kew... 11pp., disbound, small folio. Act of Parliament. 1823. £10.00

  186. Kingston upon Thames CONVEYANCE of a house and land at Norbiton, Catherine Morehead to Jemima Laurence. Vellum 3p., folio. Small plan in text. Three wax seals. 1869. £10.00

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  187. Etchingham PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Four... Properties in this Improving Locality... For Sale by Auction... August 10th, 1900. 3pp., folio, plus docket title and memorandum. Full-page coloured plan. A few small edge tears at folds. 1900. £20.00

  188. Littlington, Eastdean ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet LXXIX. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. . 1879. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1893. £30.00

  189. Pevensey, Bexhill, Crowhurst, Brightling PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Landed Properties... comprising Fishers & Grantwyssell Farms, Burwash & Brightling; Crouchers Farm, Crowhurst; Actons Farm, Bexhill; Marshland in Pevensey... for Sale by Auction... May 24th, 1919. 17pp., small folio, 5 coloured folding plans, including one very large one, photograph on front wrap. 1919. £35.00

  190. Pevensey, Hailsham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet LXIX. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. 1879. Embossed stamp 1895. £25.00

  191. Rowe (G) FRIARS, WINCHELSEA. Lithograph, showing ruined arches. Overall size 12" x 14", engraved surface 6" x 9". Published by P.M. Powell, Library, Hastings c1850. £12.00

  192. Waldron CONVEYANCE of part of a farm called Woods Place, Susanna Cheale and others to Robert and Thomas Hogg. Vellum, size 24" x 29", 5 wax seals. Coloured sketch map in text, size 7" x 7", scale bar. Brief Schedule. 1872. £16.00

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  193. Bilston MOTHER GOOSE hanging card, advertising Mother Goose at the Theatre Royal. Size 12" x 7", printed in three colours, with illustration of Mother Goose riding a goose. c1950. £12.00

  194. Brailes PLAN OF AYLESMORE FARM Brailes, Warwickshire. Plan in ink and some outline colour on waxed cotton, size 33" x 26", folded, scale 1:2,500. Name of Maxwell, Wood & Co., Banbury, bottom right. 1918. £14.00

  195. Hill TO THE PARISHIONERS OF ST. JAMES'S, HILL Printed letter from the Minister, Montagu Webster, to the Parishioners on the occasion of the Rev. Richard's appointment as curate. 1pp, 4to, some foxing, adjoining leaf with address panel. 1882. £12.00

  196. Westley (W) THE PLAN OF BIRMINGHAM Survey'd in the Year 1731. Later copy, size 16" x 19", numerous folds. Possibly taken from a book. Backed with Japanese paper. Late 19th century. £18.00

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  197. Bowles (Revd. W.L) LETTER signed 'W.L. Bowles', dated Bremhill, 6th 1828. Note of 8 lines, handwriting appearing as if it is written in haste, addressed to 'Dear Sir', sending him four guineas for 'Mr. Hunter's book'. Says his brother is with him and also the Archdeacon. 1828. £18.00
    William Bowles, poet and antiquary, wrote a history of Bremhill, and a work on Avebury.

  198. Box and Ditteridge Auction PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF FREEHOLD FARM, With good Dwelling-House, Outbuildings, Garden, Arable and Pasture Lands, known as "Alcombe Farm," comprising 28a. 2r. 3p. Situate in the Parish of Box and Ditteridge, for many years in the occupation of Mr Thomas Andrews; also Freehold Dwelling Houses, Gardens, Building Land, Lime Kilns, and other Premises situate in the Upper Bristol Road, about 1 Miles from the City of Bath, known as "Belle-Vue Lodge," Locksbrook Place, and "Cork Paddock." The whole comprising an area of 5a. 3r. 13p. to be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Hawkins & Son. At the Full Moon Hotel, Southgate Street, in the City of Bath, On Thursday, the 4th day of November, 1886. Folio, 3 coloured folding plans, 4pp, folded. 1886. £30.00

  199. Devizes, Salisbury Plain ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 31", plus margins. Linen backed and folding into faded mauve cloth boards, small 8vo. 'Wilts' written in ink on front board. Electrotype 1865. £55.00

  200. Manningford Abbots, Pewsey PARTICULARS of the Rich Freehold Dairy and Stock Farm known as Lower Farm, about 208 acres.... for Sale by Auction, December 8, 1949. 5pp., 4to, wraps, orange colour from wraps staining edge of some leaves. 1949. £6.00

  201. Marlborough, Calne ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 166 Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 19", plus wide margins. Red Hydrographic Office stamp in right margin. Railways inserted to 1914. £18.00

  202. Milford, near Salisbury PARTICULARS of Freehold Building Land distant about half a mile from the City of Salisbury with direct access from the London Turnpike Road, the property of the Salisbury Burial Board, to be Sold by Auction.... 24th July 1857. 2pp., sm. folio, plus docket title. 1857. £18.00
    Amendments in ink, presumably corrections to proof copy.

  203. Simpson (G) Printer DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE Two issues.August 17th and August 24th, 1820. Broadsheet newspapers, each 4pp. 1820. £22.00
    The greater part of both issues is taken up with reports on the proceedings against Queen Caroline, and her reputed affairs in Italy.

  204. Southwick and Studley PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Estates comprising Four Farms.... which will be submitted to Public Competition at the George Hotel, Trowbridge, May 28th, 1885. 6pp., folio, large folding coloured plan. 1885. £28.00
    Includes Chancefield Farm, Road Common Farm, Sparrows Rest Farm, Hoopers Pool Farm.


  205. Stockton Almshouses BROADSHEET. 'Articles, Constitutions and Orders Made and Established the 13th day of May, in the year of Our Lord 1833, by The Right Honourable William Lord Heytesbury, Harry Biggs Esq..... The present Governors and Trustees of the Almshouses at Stockton, and all the Lands and Dependencies thereunto belonging, founded by John Topp, heretofore of Stockton, deceased, to be observed for the better government of the Alms-men and Alms-women elected to and admitted therein.... ' Single sheet, printed on one side only, size 18" x 15", folded. Vardy, Printer, Warminster, 1833. £40.00
    With a list of 23 Articles for the administration of the Almshouses.

  206. Stourhead AN ACT to give to the Trustees of the will of Sir Richard Colt Hoare Baronet deceased power to sell property settled by the Testator. 12pp. small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. Splash mark in one margin. 1882. £10.00

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  207. Dowty (William), Photographer DEFFORD AND HILL CROOM CORONATION FESTIVITIES Bourne Bank, June 24th, 1902. Photograph, size 6" x 8", mounted on thick card, with printed title under image. Slightly faded. 1902. £8.00
    Shows people in a large garden or park, decorated with garlands, lanterns etc. Taken looking down on the crowd from a slight rise.

  208. Hanley Castle INVENTORY AND VALUATION for the purpose of the insurance of the furniture pictures, chinea, glass and contents at Blackmore Park... the Property of His Grace the Duke Gandolfi. 223 pages, carbon copy of typewritten inventory, on rectos only. small folio. Morocco boards, gilt title. Front board detached. Some values have been added in manuscript, and a total value at the end... together with... Blackmore Park Near Malvern. Catalogue of the Valuable Contents of the Mansion for Sale Tuesday 30th August 1921 and Five Other Days. 55pp., 4to, wraps. Loosely inserted is a large folding coloured plan of the estate from the 1919 sale catalogue. 2 items. c1900 and 1921. £80.00
    The original mansion had been gutted by fire in 1880. It was restored in 1883. The contents were sold at auction in 1921 at a sale lasting six days. The house was demolished shortly afterwards. Alonso Charles had been given the title Gandolfi by Pope Leo XIII for services to Catholicism.

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  209. Diggle (James) Borough Engineer HEYWOOD CORPORATION. In Parliament. - Session 1883. Map, Shewing the Parliamentary Limits of Water Supply. Scale 1" to a mile, size approx. 19" x 15", plus margins, hand coloured, key showing Population supplied with water for each area. short tear to one margin, neatly repaired to verso, feint water stain at bottom corner. 1883. £26.00

  210. Hedon AN ACT for repairing the Road leading from a Gate commonly called Sacred Gate, on the South East Side of the Town of Hedon.... through the said Town, to Hull North Bridge. 29pp, disbound, plus cover leaf. Some slight browning in parts. 1744. £12.00

  211. Withernsea, Keyingham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile. Composite map, made of six quarter sheets, top right sheet is CCXLIII. N.W. Water features hand-coloured. 'Withernsea Water' in capital letters top centre, area round Withernsea and around area to the east of Winestead Hall shaded with thick red line, windmill pump, impounding reservoir, pumping station, tank etc. marked in red ink, rising main marked in red ink. 1895. £35.00

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    Channel Islands

  212. Bichard (Thomas), Printer LA GAZETTTE DE GUERNESEY Journal Officiel, Politique et Litteraire, Samedi 24 Aout 1895. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., in French. 1895. £8.00

  213. Grose (Francis) ISLAND OF GUERNSEY engraved map. size 5" x 5", on folio sheet of thick paper, descriptive text below and on verso. £22.00
    The map also shows the island of Sark.

  214. Guernsey ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 11 S.W. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 12" x 17", plus wide margins. Small repaired marginal tear First Edition. 1900. £14.00
    Covers La Passee, Capelles, Fort Hommet, etc.

  215. Jersey BRITANNIA EXCURSIONS ROUND THE ISLAND E. Gilley, Celebrated Four-Horse Excursion Cars will leave the Britannia Livery Stables... Every Morning at 9.30... Handbill listing the different itineraries for every day of the week, and on the verso an advert for Gilley's Britannia Concerts at the Concert Room, Bath Street, and the 'Sunday Special Trip' excursion. Size 6" x 10", stab hole in margin, traces of folds. Le Lievre, Typ., Halkett Place. 1877. £25.00

  216. Leroy (Henri), Printer LE BAILLIAGE Journal Officiel de la Societe Royale D'Agriculture et D'Horticulture de Guernsey. Broadsheet style journal, 4pp., folded, in French but with a few articles in English, including a long article on 'John Guille, formerly Bailiff of Guernsey'. 21 janvier, 1893. £8.00

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  217. Castle Durrow LETTER to William Flower from David Drewett, dated Apr. 5th, 1732. Congratulates him on the celebrations held for four days when the Viceroy made held his court at his house, says he is glad 'my little Dear Harry', Flower's son, has a tutor at last, and mentions that the Duchess of Kent and Lady Limerick are soon to add to the number of Lady Portland's grandchildren. 3p., 4to, 56 lines in a rather untidy hand. Tipped on to album leaf down extreme left edge. 1732. £40.00
    'I was mightily pleas'd to Hear of yr visitt yr King & Queen made you, & wish I could have seen the Form & Ceremony of Adapting A New Name for yr House - by yr Description of it I believe twas very Diverting, I am Sure the Addition of Castle to Durrow gives it a Noble Sound... for the New Title, I am Privately Whispered, you are soon to Have..' William Flower built Castle Durrow 1712-16, and it was known as one of the finest houses in Ireland. He became Baron Castle Durrow in 1733.

  218. Dalton family HISTORICAL MEMOIR of the family of Dalton of the Kingdom of Ireland. Manuscript, 20p., bound in notebook size 7" x 5", plain card wraps with torn marbled paper stuck on, calf spine, recent tape down spine. Decorative calligraphic title. On the back endpaper is a list of the records consulted, for example 'The Statute at large in old Gaulois in the Rolls of the Chancery of England', with corresponding numbers in text. Paper watermarked 1811. £85.00
    Gives a history of the family, which originated in East and Westmeath and Annaly, from Norman times to 1777. 'Sir Walter De'Aliton was as a most valiant Knight was planted in the frontiers of the English conquest in that part of Westmeath called Teffia (part of the the territories of the Families of the Fox and Macgawlys) and made Governor thereof, being deemed the most capable of protecting these quarters from the incursions of the neighbouring Irish Chiefs'.

  219. Irish Population AN ACT for taking an Account of the Population of Ireland... 16pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1812. £10.00

  220. Witchcraft AN ACT to repeal an Act made in the Parliament of Ireland in the Twenty-eighth Year of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, against Witchcraft and Sorcery. 1pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1821. £8.00
    The body of the Act is only 10 lines.

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  221. Allom (T), artist INTERIOR OF ROSLYN CHAPEL steel engraving. Size 5" x 7", plus margins. c1850. £8.00
    Shows the heavily-decorated columns and arches, two small figures in the distance.

  222. Atholl (Duchess of) LETTER signed M. Atholl, dated Dunkeld(?), August 5th 1808. 1p., 4to, integral address panel on verso. Broken black wax seal, small piece torn from top left corner in blank area. Small hole between lines where seal broken. Letter addressed to Messrs. Collingridge & Co., coachmakers, enclosing instructions about a Phaeton the Duke has 'bespoke for his Friend'. Says he should take care 'that it is Strong, and all good, as the roughness of the Roads in this Country will try it severely'. 1808. £24.00

  223. Bartholomew & Co. MAP OF TRAMWAY SYSTEMS IN GLASGOW AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Scale One Inch to 1 Mile. Colour-printed map, backed with linen, folded vertically. Size 20" x 32". Shows Glasgow Corporation Tramways in operation, with red lines, authorised extensions in dotted red, Other Tramways in operation in black lines, Other Tramways authorised in black dotted line. Water features in blue, towns and villages shaded in grey, background in buff with extent of Glasgow city in darker shade. n.d. c1910?. £55.00
    Covers Port Glasgow, Balloch, Bonnybridge, Caldercruix, Wishaw, Beith.

  224. Edinburgh AN ACT for Lighting, Cleansing and Watching the Streets, Lanes... of the Burgh of Canongate, and the Liberties of Pleasance and Leith-wynd adjoining to the Royalty of the City of Edinburgh. 8pp., small folio, plus cover leaf. Black letter. Act of Parliament. 1772. £12.00

  225. Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway COMPARATIVE SECTION of The Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway, and the Falkirk Junction Railway. Lithograph diagram size 5" x 22", lines uncoloured (not as described in Reference 'The Proposed Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway is shaded RED etc.) c1850. £16.00

  226. Edinburgh PERSPECTIVE VIEW of the Castle and City of Edinburgh, with the Towns of Leith, Burnt island & Kinghorn. Copper engraved view, taking in the whole of the city, with the castle on the left, hills of Fife in the distance, men with a horse in foreground. Size approx. 7" x 12", plus margins. Title below, and 'Engraved for The Modern Universal British Traveller' in smaller lettering in top margin. Small repaired edge tear at top margin. c1779. £22.00

  227. High Treason AN ACT to ascertain and establish the Method of Proceeding to and upon Outlawries for High Treason, and Misprision of High Treason, in Scotland. Cover leaf + 4pp, small folio, black letter, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1749. £10.00

  228. Melrose PROSPECTUS of the Proposed Corn Exhange and Public Hall at Melrose. 1p., 4to, giving a list of the Provisional Committee and setting out the proposals, conjoint leaf with application form for Shares. On verso of the first page is a manuscript note of six subscriptions, including The Rt. Hon. Lord Polvarth with 40 Shares (£200). Folds. 29th January 1862. £18.00

  229. Ramsay (D), Printer & Publisher EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT May 30, 1833. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., folds... with... edition of May 30, 1834. 2 items. Red tax stamps. 1833-34. £15.00
    Includes notice for auction sales of Island of Benbecula and part of South Uist, of the Stock and Copyright of Blackwood's 'The Edinburgh Encyclopaedia', sale of the Island of Gigha,

  230. Scottish Militia AN ACT for amending the laws relating to the Local Militia in Scotland. 72pp., small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1812. £10.00

  231. Stranraer ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 90. Popular Edition. Buff and red wraps with shield and crown. 1924. £9.00

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  232. Brecknock Forest AN ACT to amend an Act made in the Forty-eighth Year of His Present Majesty, to improve the Land Revenue of the Crown, so far as relates to the Great Forest of Brecknock and for vesting in His Majesty, certain Parts of the said Forest, and for inclosing the said Forest. 7pp, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1818. £12.00

  233. Brecon ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLII N.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Quarter sheet. Laid down on thin card. 1888. £14.00
    Shows Brecon in S.E. corner, Llandulas etc.

  234. Cardiganshire 'HYMETTUS' WILL SERVE THIS SEASON Thorough-bred Mares, 6 Guineas; Half-bred Mares 3 Guineas; and 5 Shillings the Groom. Printed handbill, small 8vo, on blue paper, setting out pedigree, with a description of horse, and list of wins. Owner was J. Rees, Berthlwyd, near Cardigan... together with a similar notice on pink paper for 'Dalnacardock', a bay horse foaled 1869, winner of the Yorkshire Handicap. Owner John Griffith, Llandugwydd. Traces of many folds. 2 items. 1866 and c1880. £20.00

  235. Llandudno TWO REAL PHOTO POSTCARDS of large groups of about 70 people posing outside the Ormes Cliffe Hotel. Each with the name 'Ormes-Cliffe' and the date 17.8.14, and 5.7.15 in the plate. 1914-15. £10.00
    In the later group there are many young women, neatly dressed in white blouses.

  236. Rhos-on-Sea PROSPECTUS of Rhos-on-Sea School. 12pp, 8vo. Wraps with school badge. 1937. £6.00

  237. Stanford's RAILWAY & STATION MAP of England & Wales in 24 Sheets. Sheet 7 covering Anglesey, Caernarvon, Merioneth. Scale 3 miles = 1in. Size 20" x 20", dissected and mounted on linen, printed label with key map darkened. Shows railways and stations in red. Dotted lines presumably proposed lines. Some grubby marks in corners. 1879. £12.00

  238. Welshpool ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 60 N.E. Size 12" x 19", border all round, folded. Trimmed to border. 1" split at fold at edge. 1880. £15.00

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  239. Aliens AN ACT to continue.... and amend An Act for establishing Regulations respecting Aliens arriving in the Kingdom, or resident therein... 10pp., disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. 1798. £10.00

  240. Antigua, Saint Kitts, Nevis, Dominica, and Montserrat AN ACT for granting Relief to the Islands of Antigua, Saint Kitts, Nevis, Dominica, and Montserrat. Pages numbered 641-644, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George E. Eyre and Andrew Spottiswoode, 1843. £10.00
    Relates to the losses caused by the earthquakes.

  241. Army and Navy AN ACT for raising a certain Number of Men, in the several Counties, Stewartries, Royal Burghs, and Towns in that Part of Great Britain called Scotland, for the Service of His Majesty's Army and Navy. Cover leaf + 43pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1796. £12.00

  242. Avon AN ACT for the better regulating the Navigation of the River Avon, running through the Counties of Warwick, Worcester and Gloucester.... 16pp plus cover leaf, disbound, Act of Parliament. Black letter. 1751. £10.00

  243. Bahamas AN ACT to carry into Effect certain Licences, permitting the Removal of Negro Slaves from the Bahama Islands to Demerara. 2pp. small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1820. £14.00

  244. [Bowen and Kitchen] AN ACCURATE MAP OF THE COUNTIES OF GLOUCESTER AND MONMOUTH Divided into their Respective Hundreds collected from the Best Materials and Illustrated with Historical Extracts relative to their Natural Produce Trade Manufactures &c. Size approx. 20" x 27", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into sm. 4to marbled card slipcase with printed label. Scale ten miles to three and five eighths inches. Outlines of hundreds and border coloured, ornamental cartouche in top left-hand corner, with dedication to The Hon. John Thynne How, with three columns of notes to the right; title at bottom right, on a piece of masonry with trees, figure holding wheat, above it notes referring to Fairford, Stow etc. Key shows churches, rectories, vicarages or curacies, charity schools, hamlets, parks, woods, roads with distances between the towns. Pr. For Bowles & Carver, R. Wilkinson, and Laurie and Whittle. c1760. £200.00

  245. Brentor, Devon, and Davidstow, Cornwall PARTICULARS OF FREEHOLD ESTATES in the Parishes of Brentor, Devon, and Davidstow, Cornwall, comprising the Farms of Liddaton, Telay, Tresoke, Tippaton & Trevivian. In all about 637 Acres, with One-fourth the Manor of Penpont and Treglasta.... To be sold by Public Auction at the White Hart Hotel, Launceston, on Saturday, August 24th, 1918. By Messrs. J. Kittow & Son. 12pp, folio, original printed wraps. 1918. £24.00
    Includes one fourth of the Manor of Penpont and Treglasta, with the Chief Rents and Mineral Rights over 3,000 Acres of waste lands.

  246. Bristol District GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES Solid and Drift. Bristol District. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Parts of Sheet 250,251,264,265,280,281. Coloured map, overall size 42" x 34", vertical sections at sides, including sections of coalfields, sections in bottom margin. 1962. £16.00

  247. Butcher BILL of Thomas Eyre to Robert Mason of Burnham. Manuscript listing 66 items, 1737. Large folio sheet, folded in half vertically, making two pages. Lists tongue, mutton, sweetbread, calf's head etc. with price. Signed as received by Mason.Some silverfish damage at a few words. 1737. £25.00

  248. Catholic emancipation ADDRESS OF THE CATHOLICS OF ENGLAND to their Protestant Countrymen. Broadside, small folio, with heading as above printed in a variety of large type-faces, printed in two columns. A few edge tears. Some folds re-inforced on verso with old paper. With the names of upwards of 60 catholic signatories at the end, including including Norfolk, Stourton, Clifford, Petre, Stafford, etc.) Extracted from the 'Exeter News' Saturday June 17, 1826. £40.00
    Disclaims the beliefs they say are commonly attributed to catholics, such as 'dividing the allegiance which is due to the King', points out that 'six or seven million of the people are deprived of equal chances under equal laws... we claim the right of free discussion... to be admitted in a full participation in all the rights of British subjects'.

  249. Charities AN ACT for the registering and securing of Charitable Donations. 6pp., sm. folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1812. £8.00
    'many of the aforesaid Donations appear to have been lost... or are in Danger of being lost, or rendered very difficult to be preserved...'

  250. Christie, Manson & Woods CATALOGUE of the Valuable Collection of Ancient and Modern Pictures... of Sir Hugh Hume Campbell, Bart... to be Sold by Auction... June 16, 1894. Catalogue, 8vo., 11pp., sewn... together with... CATALOGUE of Ancient & Modern Pictures of Onley Savill-Onley, deceased, removed from Stisted Hall, Essex. 12pp. Bound together, separately paginated. Traces of pink paper on the spine, so appears to lack wraps. 1894. £16.00
    Includes works by Lely, De Hooch, Murillo, Ruysdael, Van de Velde, Vandyck.

  251. Christie's THE CAMERARIUS FLORILEGIUM Catalogue for Auction Sale 20th May 1992. 30pp., 4to., glossy wraps with coloured illustrations, numerous coloured plates. 1992. £18.00

  252. Clarke (W) BOTANICAL WATERCOLOUR showing a long spray of pale mauve wisteria hanging from a twig. Very detailed watercolour, size 10" x 6", plus wide margins, on thin card. The flower covers the whole length of the paper. The name 'W. Clark fecit' in very small letters. c1880. £16.00

  253. Classics manuscripts COLLECTIONES EX OVIDIO METAMORPHOSEON Robert Long Eius Liber. Manuscript transcription of the Metamorphosis in nine books, with English translation of some of the lines. 344 pages in a very neat clear hand, in a notebook with plain parchment-covered boards, 8" x 6", each page completely full, no blanks. The first page is a fine calligraphic title, with a peacock-type bird underneath, surrounded by a border of scrolls with little faces in some of the loops. The next page has the inscription in a very decorative 'Gothic' style script, 'Robert Long Eius Liber'. There are occasional notes in the margin explaining names etc. e.g. 'Cynthia a very beautifull woman', 'Arcos the son of Jupiter and Calisto'. At the end of some of the books he has written the date in Latin in a small script, the earliest '13.Cal.Oct', the last 'Ter. Cal. Sext' (August). It would seem to be the work of an older Latin pupil. The translations are fairly basic and literal, e.g. 'When Juno looked gruff on you all', with occasional self correction, e.g. '... per aetas par forma fuit' he begins as 'Her age...' then crosses it out and puts 'She was of the same age and same shape'. There are some eccentricities of spelling such as 'Tho littly wounded he died, Being stabed'... together with another manuscript book of Robert Long COLLECTIONES E DIONISIO. A similar notebook, 625 lines in Greek of the description of the world by Dionysius Periegetes, with the names of the listed places in Latin as headings, e.g. 'Nilus Fluvius', 'Mare Creticum. 30p. At the other end of the book 17 pages headed 'Diarium Sophoclis', 'Collectiones E Sphoclis Electra', lines in Greek, with Latin equivalents of some phrases. The name Robt. Long is on the front paste-down. 47 pages, on rectos only, plus some blanks. Two items. c1800 or slightly earlier. £300.00

  254. Cobbler BILL of Charles Peal to a Mrs Gell. 1817. Slip of paper size listing 11 items of shoe repair, with cost, Feb. 14th - Dec. 29th 1818. Signed as received by Peal. 1818. £14.00
    Includes 'a pr of Brown pumps stifned behind', 'Mrs Gell a pr Shoes 4 stitcht Straps...'.

  255. Coleford to Llanvihangel Pontymole Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the Newport, Abergavenny, and Hereford Railway in the parish of Llanvihangel Pontmoyle in the County of Monmouth to Coleford in the County of Gloucester.... 19pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1853. £15.00

  256. Davie Estates, Devon and Cornwall AN ACT for vesting parts of the Estates of Sir John Davie Baronet, deceased, in Trustees, upon Trust to be sold, and for laying out the Purchase Money... in the Purchase of other Estates... 27pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1839. £15.00
    Includes an 8pp schedule of the lands and tenants concerned at Exeter, Hollacombe, Brixton, Marleigh, Holsworthy and Bittiscombe.

  257. Devon and Cornwall THE YACHTSMAN'S LOG BOOK for 'Morwenna'. Sailing log for voyages to Cornwall, Devon, Scillies, 1946-9. Printed log book, 4to, recording cruises off the Devon and Cornwall coast, and the Scillies. Printed columns, over double-page spreads. Entries in ink and in pencil. Records position, compass course, technical details. Entries on 63 double-page spreads, nearly all entries in 'Remarks' column, some pages just a few lines, others up to 20 lines. 1946 £35.00
    'Wolf Rock Abeam. Sail: Mainsail Foresail Staysail & Jib. Visibility good. Ship sailing well. Sailing vessel (Crabber) sighted on Starboard bow. Scilly Islands on Starbord Bow. Masts on Centre of S. Marys abeam. Penninis Head Identified. Spanish Ledges Buoy identified. Dropped anchor in line with Hugh Town Beacon. Went ashore hoping to get dinner....'

  258. Devon and Somerset FOUR ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet LXVII S.E (and parts of Devonshire); LXVII S.W (and parts of Devonshire); Somerset LXVII N.E. (and parts of Devonshire); LXVII N.W (and parts of Devonshire). Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 12" x 18", plus margins. Second Edition 1906. £28.00
    Covers Exebridge, Morebath, Oldways End, Dulverton, Bury, Northmoor.

  259. Dufour (G.H) MAP OF NEUCHATEL, FREYBURG Sheet XII. Engraved map size 20" x 29", scale 1/100000. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into sm. 4to marbled wraps. 1860. £16.00
    From the Survey of Switzerland. Covers Thun, Lucens, Bulle, Bern.

  260. Frome to Weymouth Railway AN ACT for enabling the Completion of the Wilts, Somerset and Weymouth Railway between Frome and Weymouth to be effected and for authorizing and confirming Contracts between the Great Western Railway Company and the Kennet and Avon Canal Company and other Companies... 16pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1852. £15.00

  261. Frome, Yeovil and Weymouth Railway AN ACT for incorporating and giving Powers to the Frome, Yeovil, and Weymouth Railway Company... 11pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1852. £12.00

  262. Gold and Silver AN ACT for better preventing Frauds and Abuses in Gold and Silver Wares. 17pp., small folio, plus cover leaf, disbound. Black Letter, Act of Parliament. Attractive woodcut initial letter with birds etc. 1739. £22.00
    Sets out the stipulations for marking gold and silver under the Act of Edward I, and later Acts, and the new regulations to be enforced by the Company of Goldsmiths.

  263. Great Western & Great Central Joint Railway PLAN of the line, scale 40ft = 1 inch. Lithographed plan with hand colouring and some manuscript labelling, size 26" x 210", on thick paper backed with linen, rolled. Large title, compass rose (north is pointing downwards). Later green stamp of GWR office, Paddington. Extends from the road from Uxbridge and Denham East Station at the left, at the right to the Stationmaster's house at Denham Station and the Uxbridge/Rickmansworth road crossing the line. At the right side a later plan size 17" x 14" has been attached with a pin at the corner, and there is a note in pencil on the large plan 'see new Survey (attached).' The label 'Grand Union' on the canal has been lightly crossed out and 'Grand Junction added' (the Grand Junction bought the old Grand Union in 1894). n.d. 1890's. £350.00
    Shows lines shaded in different shades of grey, locking bars, embankment, roads, rivers, canal, woodland (shown with small trees), viaducts (with measurements of spans etc.), pumps, wells, cranes, cattle pens, pipe lines, weighing machine, different waiting rooms etc. at station, even position of notice board. The Great Western and The Great Central Joint Railway was opened in 1899. It was known as 'the Alternative Route'.

  264. Great Western Railway Company AN ACT for conferring further powers upon the Great Western Railway Company in connexion with their own and other undertakings;.... for vesting in the Great Western Railway Company the undertaking of the Faringdon Railway Company; for authorising and confirming agreements with other companies and with the Corporation of Chester.... 55pp. First page loose and chipped at edges, held with small staples. Act of Parliament. 1886. £12.00

  265. Great Western Railway AN ACT for authorising the London and South Western Railway Company to make new Railways and deviations... for the sale or amalgamation... with the undertaking of the Company of the Salisbury and Dorset Junction Railway.... 56pp., held at edge with staples. 1883. £16.00

  266. Gunpowder AN ACT for granting an Allowance upon the Exportation of British made Gunpowder. 5pp., plus cover leaf. Some offsetting. Sm. folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1731. £9.00

  267. Hagelberg, Berlin Printers CHRISTMAS CARD die-cut card. Size approx. 4" x 5", single piece of card with blank back. Fully coloured, shows a kilted Scotsman leaning on his elbow, holding a bottle and glass, with the legend 'Many O' Them', and a verse about 'helping yourself' at Christmas, by 'J.G.F'. Unused.... together with... six other smaller Christmas cards of the same period, some with names written inside. c1910. £10.00

  268. Herefordshire, Worcestershire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LV.S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. 'Index to the Tithe Survey' printed in top margin. Cancelled 'Record Map' stamp top right margin. O.S. blindstamp 1891. £18.00
    Covers Bromyard, Hallow, Great Malvern.

  269. Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Middlesex ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet VII. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size approx. 24" x 36", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. A few light browning spots in places in bottom two left-hand sections, road from Wendover to Windsor lightly coloured in crayon, a road at from Wargrave, in the bottom left corner of the map, to the bottom edge of the map, has been coloured in red. Electrotyped 1876. £55.00
    Covers West London (west from London Bridge, Great Marlow, St. Albans.)

  270. Kashmir PHOTOGRAPHS six black and white prints. Comprises three fine photographs, size 6" x 8", one of 'The Mar Canal' showing a view looking up the narrow canal with houses overhanging, boatman; untitled view across a lake with houseboats at edge; another view on a river with buildings; smaller view 4" x 6" of Shah Hamadan; postcard type view of Dal Lake; small view of Agra. Three view have white number in plate... together with... twenty later views, 1930's?, matt black and white prints, of Indian architecture, including Taj Mahal, size 6" x 8". c1890. £24.00

  271. Kennet and Avon AN ACT to vary and alter the Line of the Canal, authorized to be made by an Act.... intituled, An Act for making a Navigable Canal from the River Kennet... to the River Avon, at or near the City of Bath... and also certain Navigable Cuts... 16pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. First page slightly browned. 1796. £16.00

  272. Kent, Essex, Surrey PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable... Properties, including securities at Croydon, Ladywell, Gravesend, Norwood... and in London, together with 'The Docks Estate' Plaistow... Which will be Sold by Auction... March 25th, 1908. 13pp., folio, plus large folding plan. Stiff wraps printed in red and black, slight wear at spine, one leaf loose. Lots which sold crossed through with ink line and price marked, unsold lots marked with reserve in code. Slight vertical crease. 1908. £30.00
    Includes 'The Freemason's Railway Hotel', Ladywell; 127 Gower Street, London; 121 Lansdowne Road, Notting Hill.

  273. Kent, Surrey ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet VI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 37", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo endpapers. About half the sections have edges with a light pinkish stain, some light browning patches. Cloth on endpapers stained and 'cockled'. Printed from an Electrotype. Circa 1846. £20.00
    Does not show the Gravesend to Strood Railway (opened 1847).

  274. Lancashire and Yorks. TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 6" to 1 mile. Sheet LXV S.E (Higher Twiston, Rimington Moor) and XLVIII N.W/CLXXXIII (Walk Mill, Deerplay Moor). Water features hand-coloured. Surface dusty. Some edge tears. c1899. £17.00
    Shows old lead mines, quarries etc.

  275. London and Birmingham Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the London and Birmingham Railway to or near to Navigation Street within the Borough of Birmingham. 17pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1846. £12.00

  276. London to Holyhead Road, Coventry AN ACT for the further Improvement of the Road from London to Holyhead, and of the Road from London to Liverpool. 30pp., disbound, small folio. Act of Parliament. 1827. £12.00
    Includes 2p. Schedule of Lands in Coventry, with columns for Premises, Occupiers, etc.

  277. Maldon, East London ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet I. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 36", linen-backed, folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. County boundaries shaded in pink, yellow and bright blue, main roads, railways and parkland handcoloured. Composed of quarter sheets, border all round edge. Electrotype 1867-8. £68.00
    Covers East London, Isle of Grain, Southend, Chelmsford, Hoddesdon.

  278. Methodist Conference AN ACT to enable the Yearly Conference of the People called Methodists to delegate or confer certain powers to or upon Conferences in Australasia and elsewhere, and to confirm past acts in relation thereto.... 12pp, disbound, outer pages slightly grubby and ragged. 1876. £12.00
    Contains Schedule of Deed Poll of Rev. John Wesley, referring to Chapels in Leeds, Bristol, London.

  279. (Moll, H) A MAP OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND Copper engraving. Size 6" x 10", plus margins. Shows Britain and the coast of France, Shetland, Orkney and Faroe Islands inset top left. Central fold. Scale bar, small compass rose. 1720. £25.00

  280. Napoleonic war BULLETIN OFFICIEL Geneve, le 28 Mars, 1814. Apres la bataille de Soissons gagnee par le Marechal Blucher, l'Empereur Napoleon prit la resolution de concentrer ses forces et de les diriger sur la Grande Armee... Printed broadside, on rather rough paper, in French, signed 'le General Comte de Bubna', size 18" x 15", two folds, printed in two columns with decorative dividing line. Heading in large letters. Recounts the battle and Napoleon's retreat at the Aube and the march of the 22 Army to join with Blucher's army near Chalons 'et se placer ainsi entre Paris et l'armee francaise', and Wellington's victory over Marechal Soult 'l'ennemi s'est retire derriere la Garonne... le Marechal Wellington se porte sur Toulouse'. 1814. £70.00
    Mentions how Napoleon had his horse killed under him.

  281. Norfolk and Suffolk ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet L N.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. 'Index to the Tithe Survey' printed in top margin. Railways inserted to 1881. O.S. blindstamp 1886. £20.00
    Covers Diss, Ixworth, North Lopham.

  282. Nottingham and Yorkshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXII.S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 17", linen-backed, folding to 8vo. Electrotyped 1865. £16.00
    Covers Worksop, Bawtry, Maltby, Tickhill.

  283. Ordnance Survey ANCIENT BRITAIN A Map of the Major Visible Antiquities of Great Britain Older Than A.D. 1066. South Sheet. Map scale 1/625,000, illustrated glazed card wraps. Index of names, etc. Second Edition 1964. £7.00

  284. Perrot (A) DEPARTEMENT OF THE AUDE Decorative hand-coloured map from the 'Atlas Portatif'. Size 6" x 3", small map of the departement, topped by behive with bees buzzing around, reeds, grapes, and barrel below. 1823. £20.00

  285. Philip (George) & Son, LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY and Connecting Railways. Folding map size 27" x 16", printed in blue and black, with lines in red. Shows L.N.E.R and Joint Lines, Track of 'Flying Scotsman'. Pther Railways, Road Services. Folding into 8vo orange printed wraps, partly split at spine. London, July 1930. £24.00

  286. Pitcairn Press, Publisher WILLIAM BLIGH Extraordinary Seaman. An Exhibition held by The Earl & Countes of Devon in their home during Maritime England Year 1982. 49pp., 8vo., colour illustrated wraps, numerous colour illustrations. 1982. £10.00

  287. Pontnewynydd to Newport Canal AN ACT for making and maintaining a Navigable Cut or Canal from, or from some Place near Pontnewyndd, into the River Usk, at or near the Town of Newport, and a Collateral Cut or Canal from the same, at or near a Place called Cryndau Farm, to or near to Crumlin Bridge, all in the County of Monmouth; and for making and maintaining Rail Ways, or Stone Roads, from such Cuts or Canals, to several Iron Works and Mines, in the Counties of Monmouth and Brecknock. Cover leaf + pages numbered 2619-2757, a folding Schedule of Houses, Gardens, and Orchards, to be taken down or cut through. With Names and Residence of Owners and Occupiers. 4 pages with brown spotting, some leaves with paper slightly darkened and printing off-set. 1792. £40.00
    Other copies of this Act we have seen have a ten-page Index, not present here.

  288. Portsmouth Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from Havant in the County of Southampton to Godalming in the County of Surrey to be called 'The Portsmouth Railway'... 16pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1853. £14.00

  289. Postal history ENVELOPE WITH 'FREE' STAMP signed 'Lowther'. Size 3" x 5", addressed to Miss Norman, Post Office, Lyme Regis. Red 'free' stamp with date, date also written above address by Lowther 'London August twenty eight 1837'. 1837. £18.00
    Envelopes such as this were rarely used before 1840 as they incurred an extra charge as an extra sheet. Lord Lowther was the Postmaster General from 1841 to 1846.

  290. Queen Victoria MEDAL FOR VICTORIA'S JUBILEE 1837 - 1887. Bronze medal showing the queen in profile on one side and crown, wreath, and 'Jubilee of Her Majesty's Reign 1887 on verso. In original read leather case in fine condition, gilt monogram with crown and dates. 1887. £30.00

  291. Railways AN ACT for regulating Railways. 6pp, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. 1840. £14.00

  292. River Kennet AN ACT for making the Acts of the First and Seventh Years of His late Majesty's Reign (for making the River Kennet navigable from Reading to Newbury) more effectual. 11pp., plus cover leaf. Small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. Black letter. Attactive initial woodcut with cherubs etc. 1730. £17.00

  293. Royal Mint LETTER dated Mint Office, 11th March, 1817, to Messrs. Fryer & Co., Blandford. 1p., 9 lines, signed 'Jas. Morrison'. Integral address panel on verso of conjoint leaf, large wax seal, feint postmark in corner. Traces of paper from blue album leaf stuck to edges of verso of conjoint leaf. 1817. £26.00
    Says he is directed by the Master of the Mint to refer them to the inclosed letter and gives details of the allowance to the Inspector proposed by the Mint 'from 15s to one Guinea per day at the Banker's discretion'.

  294. Salisbury and Yeovil Railway AN ACT to enable the Salisbury and Yeovil Railway Company to make a Deviation in the Line of their Railway... 4pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1855. £8.00

  295. Scott (Valerie), Editor THE MAP COLLECTOR Three issues, nos. 67, 68, 69. Magazine, stiff wraps, size approx. 12" x 8". 76pp. in each. 1994. £24.00
    Includes articles on Collecting Maps of Bermuda, Cartobibliographies of City and Town Plans in England, Printed Maps of the Whole of Wales 1573-1837, Parts I and II.

  296. Sewing Machines INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING THE 'NAUMANN' Family Medium and Titania Sewing Machines. 32pp., 8vo, original wraps with illustration of treadle machine. Numerous illustrations of decorative machines, at the back are three pages illustrating all the numerous small parts which can be ordered. View of works in Dresden on back wrap. n.d. c1910? £16.00

  297. Shorthorn cattle DAIRY SHORTHORNS Dairy Shorthorn Booklet No. 9. Booklet, 8vo, 32pp., illusts... together with... The Scotch Shorthorn at home. 40pp. 2 items. 1952. £6.00

  298. Shropshire, Montgomery ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXIV S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 20", border all round. Dissected and linen-backed, folding to small 4to, marbled wraps. A few foxing spots. Electrotype. c1880. £15.00
    Covers Oswestry, Hengoed, Mochnant.


  299. Slave Trade AN ACT to carry into effect the Treaty between Her Majesty and the United States of America for the Suppression of the African Slave Trade. 27pp, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1862. £35.00
    Known as the 'Lyons Seward Treaty', it was ratified by the Senate on April 25 1862, and in London on May 20. Under the terms of the agreement the navies of both countries were to seize ships carrying captured slaves.

  300. Slave Trade AN ACT to continue until the First Day of August One thousand eight hundred and forty-three an Act for authorizing Her Majesty to carry into immediate Execution, by Orders in Council, any Treaties for the Suppression of the Slave Trade 1p., disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. 1842. £10.00

  301. Slave Trade AN ACT for extending to the Governors and Officers of the East India Company the Powers given by an Act of the Fifth Year of King George the Fourth to Her Majesty's Governors and Officers for the more effectual Suppression of the Importation of Slaves into India by Sea. 2pp, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. 1842. £8.00

  302. Somerset Coal Canal AN ACT to vary and alter the Line of a Canal authorised to be made by an Act... intituled An Act for making and maintaining a Navigable Canal, with certain Rail Ways and Stone Roads, from several Collieries in the County of Somerset, to communicate with the intended Kennett and Avon Canal, in the Parish of Bradford... Cover leaf + 16pp, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. 1796. £26.00
    Includes a 3 page schedule of the owners or occupiers of the land concerned in Dunkerton, South Stoke, Wellow, etc.

  303. Sotheby's CATALOGUE OF BROADSIDES, PAMPHLETS and other Printed Ephemera from the celebrated collection formed by Sir Thoms Phillipps. For sale by auction 28th November 1975. 86pp., 8vo. Illustrations. Price list stapled in, first page of price list scribbled on in biro. 1975. £10.00

  304. South Africa STANDARD RAILWAY MAP OF SOUTH AFRICA Drawn in the office of the Chief Civil Engineer, S.A.R., Johannesburg. Map printed in black on thin paper, size 36" x 27", folded to 8vo. Insets of Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, etc. Scale 1in 3,500,000. Photo-lithographed at the Government Printing Works, Pretoria. n.d. 1920's? £24.00

  305. Stock-jobbing AN ACT to prevent the infamous Practice of Stock-jobbing. 8pp., plus cover leaf. Small folio, disbound. Attractive woodcut decoration of initial letter. Some slight darkening of paper. 1734. £16.00
    Aimed at preventing (in the aftermath of the South Sea Bubble) the 'wicked, pernicious, and destructive Practice of Stock-jobbing, whereby many of His Majesty's good Subjects have been diverted from pursuing and exercising their lawful Trades and Vocations, to the utter Ruin of themselves and Families'.

  306. Street cleaning, watering SOHY Constructeur Mecanicien, Materiel d'Arrosement, Materiel de Nettoiement, 62 rue Amelot, Paris. Catalogue, large 4to (size 13" x 19"), 4pp., traces of folds. Two small pieces chipped away in right margin. Illustrations, including large illustrations of machine for watering streets, another for cleaning streets with a large brush at the back (both drawn by horses), attractive view size 3" x 7" showing a large park with gardener watering with complicated hose system, also carts, rakes, pipes, men using hoses mounted on wheels, fire pumps, firemens uniforms, pumps for wells etc. 1879. £40.00

  307. Sussex, Kent ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 303. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 19", border all round, full colour wash in pale green, boundaries, main roads, railways, parkland and water features hand-coloured. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into small 8vo marbled wraps with Stanford label and key map on front. c1890. £22.00
    Covers Tunbridge Wells, East Grinstead, Buxted.

  308. Sweet (S.), Pub. THE JURIST No. 1. London, January 14, 1837. Periodical, small folio, 16pp., sewn. 1837. £8.00
    Contains Court reports, lists of cases in 1835-6, article on wills etc.

  309. Trade AN ACT for Prohibiting all Trade and Commerce with France. 4pp., black letter, small folio, disbound. Attractive floral woodcut initial letter and decorative top border. 1704. £18.00
    Seeks to ban the import of French manufactures which 'greatly impoverished the English-Artificers, and handicrafts'.

  310. Weinreb Ltd., Booksellers ARCHITECTURE Catalogue One. A Catalogue of Books and Drawings. 76pp., tall 8vo., wraps. Illusts. 1961. £12.00

  311. Whale Fishery AN ACT for continuing... and amending, the several Acts of Parliament made for the further Encouragement of the Whale Fishery.... and to authorize the Payment of the Bounty to Thomas Hood and others, upon Three Ships fitted out for the said Fishery, and lost in the Greenland Seas. 1755. 6pp., plus cover leaf, small folio, disbound. 1755. £12.00

  312. Whaling AN ACT for the further Encouragement and Enlargement of the Whale Fishery.... and for the Naturalization of such Foreign Protestants, as shall serve.... on Board such Ships as shall be fitted out for the said Fishery. 8pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. folio, disbound, black letter, plus cover leaf. Some darkening of paper and off-setting, but text legible. 1749. £18.00

  313. Wool and Pipe Clay AN ACT against Exporting of Sheep, Wooll, Wool-sels, Mortlings, Shorlings, Yarn made of Wooll, Wool-flocks, Fullers-Earth, Fulling-Clay, and Tobacco-pipe Clay. 13pp., plus cover leaf, small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. Printed by John Bill and Christopher Barker. 1662. £30.00
    The exportation of wool and clay was leading to the 'great decay of the Woollen Manufactures, the ruine of many families, and the destruction of the Navigation and Commerce of the Kingdoms...'.

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