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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 127

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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  1. Ashley Down ASHLEY FARM, ASHLEY HILL Photographed by Tyleys' Bristol. Fine attractive photograph, size 10" x 14", mounted on stiff card, wide border, printed title as above below image. Shows a large three storey house, with a one-story wing on the left, large conservatory to the right, a couple with four children playing croquet on the lawn in front of the house. There is a large bird-cage with a parrot in front of the house. The man is wearing a top hat. Crease in card at bottom right, not affecting photograph. n.d. c1870. £50.00
    A J. Tyley junr. is listed in Wright's Bristol Directory of 1877 as 'photographer of architecture, 24, Trinity St.'

  2. Bedminster ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXIV.4.20. Scale 1/500 being 10.56 Feet to One Statute Mile. Size approx. 25" x 39". Shows buildings in detail with garden layout, shrubs, etc. Covers area from East Street and Timber Yard to Bedminster Station. Shows two Tanneries with Tanpits, Doveton Mill, Stoneyard, Smithy, Chapels. Surveyed 1882, printed 1891. £35.00

  3. Bedminster ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXIV.4.20. Scale 1/500 being 10.56 Feet to One Statute Mile. Size approx. 25" x 38". Shows buildings in detail with garden layout, shrubs, etc. Covers area from East Street and Timber Yard to Bedminster Station. Shows two Tanneries with Tanpits, Doveton Mill, Stoneyard, Smithy, Chapels. A small area 5" x 5" top left edge has been marked out lightly in red ink, in small squares. Surveyed 1882, printed 1891. £26.00

  4. Bridge over River Avon AN ACT to amend and render more effectual an Act.... for rebuilding, widening, and enlarging the Bridge over the River Avon, in the City of Bristol, and erecting a Temporary Bridge adjoining.... and for building another Bridge over some other Part of the said River.... Black Letter, cover leaf + 20pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1786. £14.00

  5. Bristol (Lulsgate) Airport AIR SERVICES GUIDE to 31st March, 1958. brochure, 4p., narrow 8vo, illustrated, giving flight information, and information on airport facilities... together with... This is Bristol. From Bristol Airport. Brochure with tourist information, hotels, airport history and facilities, shopping etc. 25pp, 4to, illusts. c1970... together with... Bristol Airport Handbook 1969. 40pp., 8vo, and Programme for Airport Open Day, 1978. 23pp. 4 items. 1958-1970. £20.00

  6. Bristol Ratepayers' Association BRISTOL RATEPAYERS' BROADSHEET Issued by the Bristol Ratepayers' (non-political) Protection Association. Newspaper, 4pp., folio, folds, some minor browning at folds. 27th Feb. 1909. £12.00
    'Members are also earnestly warned against the insidious movement.... to further dabble in Municipal Trading by acquiring the Tramways....'

  7. Bryan (Mary) Printer ORDER OF PROCESSION on Celebrating the Coronation of His Majesty King George the Fourth, In the City of Bristol, Thursday the 19th of July, 1821. Broadside, size 15" x 9", decorative border, listing tradesmen, military, city officers, Lodges of Free-masons, Merchant Venturers, etc., in 3 columns. Traces of folds, a few very small edge tears. 1821. £75.00
    Opening the procession were 'Division of Capt. Smyth's Yeomanry. Body of Bristol Firemen, With Implements, Banners of different Nations... Mounted Knight in Black Armour... Part of Messrs. Hilhouse's Men, with Emblems... Three handsome Models of Vessels...'

  8. Burrow's POINTER GUIDE MAP of The City and County of Bristol. Map over 25 pages, plus Index to Streets, adverts. for local businesses. Large 8vo stiff wraps, with photo., tape attached to front wrap. Staples rusty, hence contents loose from wraps. 1950's. £8.00

  9. Central Unit for Environmental Planning SEVERNSIDE A Summary of the Feasibility Study. 27pp., wraps, spiral binding. 1971. £10.00

  10. Clifton PROBATE of the will of John Barry, of Clifton, Shipwright. Probate copy of the will on vellum, size 14" x 16", certificate of administration attached, chipped papered seal attached. 1792. £18.00
    Leaves numerous money bequests, including to his apprentices and servant.

  11. Clifton Wood LEASE for a year of land part of an orchard near the road leading from Bristol to the Hotwells, and a piece of woody ground, part of Clifton Wood, Charlotte Punter to Thomas Coates. Large vellum sheet, 3 wax seals. 1789. £14.00

  12. Cotham CONVEYANCE of a plot of land at Cotham, B.J. Frankis to Wm. Stephens. Large vellum sheet, signed with wax seals. In text is a sketch plan, size 10" x 8". The land formed an entrance to 'The Cottage' at Cotham... together with... Handbill advertising auction sale of The Cottage, Cotham, and No. 1 Cotham Terrace. Small 7vo sheet, attached to larger Conditions of Sale, filled in for purchase of No. 1. 1878. £16.00
    'The Cottage' is described as having a vinery, fernery, cucumber house, conservatory, etc., and there was also a separate gardener's cottage.

  13. Gardiner & Sons, Ironmongers and Merchants LETTER to Rev. Sanford at Combe Florey, quoting prices for Grates, marble and slate baths etc. 2 pages, decorative printed heading. Traces of vertical fold... together with another letter giving prices for 'articles seen by you on Wednesday...', listed under rooms, including 'rouge fleuri and black marble chimney piece', plus another letter with receipt. 1888. £8.00

  14. Gardiner, Sons & Co. LIST 174. Small catalogue. 12mo, 11p. of illustrations showing garden furniture, chairs, hammocks etc. 1935. £6.00

  15. Hawkins (G), Lith. CLIFTON, AND ST. VINCENT'S ROCKS, FROM LEIGH WOODS Tinted lithograph, size 8" x 12". A few small foxing spots in margins. c1840. £38.00
    A view looking up river towards the city and the terraces of Clifton, Hotwells just visible, sailing ship being towed up river.

  16. Howard (Thos.) BRISTOL DOCKS. DESIGN FOR IMPROVEMENTS IN THE RIVER AVON And For New Entrance and Junction Locks at Cumberland Basin. Lithographed plan, with some hand colouring, size 42" x 15". Scale 1000ft = 3 inches. Folds. The plan is oriented so that the Somerset side of the river is at the top. Shows the New Cut, Mardyke, River as far as Black Rock and Pheasant Quarry Point, Hotwell Road, Dowry Parade and other roads and buildings in Hotwells, Rownham Ferry, Suspension Bridge, named locks, the railways either side of the river, coloured pink. Rocky areas and woods indicated, showing mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees. The River, New Cut and Cumberland Basin are shaded pale green, the Harbour, Merchants Dock, and Junction Lock in pale blue. The proposed developments are indicated in red lines: 'Proposed New Entrance Lock' and 'Proposed New Junction Lock'. Lavars, Lith. Broad St. Hall, Bristol. 1864 £320.00
    Thomas Howard was the first full-time Bristol Docks Engineer. In 1865 an Act of Parliament was obtained for making a new entrance lock, enlarging the Cumberland Basin, and making a new Junction Lock. The improvements were completed in 1873.

  17. Kingsdown, Stokes Croft ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXI.16.10. Scale 1/500 being 10.56 Feet to One Statute Mile. Size approx. 25" x 39". Buildings shown with gardens, glasshouses, trees, layout of flowerbeds, tramway, Ward Boundaries. First Edition Published 1885. £45.00
    Shows great detail of Carriage Manufactory on Stokes Croft (designed by Godwin and now being redeveloped). Includes Stokescroft Brewery, Old Circus, Baptist College, Carriage Manufactory in Jamaica Street, King Square, Somerset Street, St. Mathews Church.

  18. Mills (T & H.J), Nicholas St., Printer ORDER OF PROCESSION ON CELEBRATING THE CORONATION of her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, in the City of Bristol, on Thursday the 28th of June, 1838. Broadsheet, 18" x 11". Headings in large type-faces. List of City Officers, Freemasons, Tradesmen, Yeomanry, 'Knight in suit of White Armour' etc., printed in two columns, with route from the Council House to Queen Square, Broad Weir, and back to Council House along the bottom. Traces of folds. 1838. £80.00.
    'it is requested that no Ribbon except White be worn in the Procession'.

  19. Robinson (E.S & A.) PHOTOGRAPH showing the inside of a factory. Albumen print, size 9" x 11", mounted on thick card. Shows the length of a large workshop, with about fifty men and girls working at machines, in the foreground are men working on lithographic stones, and girls working on what appears to be a machine for sewing booklets. One man seems to be working on a sheet headed 'Newport Corn & Hay'. There are rows of pulley wheels fixed to spars running along the ceiling. The girls are wearing long white aprons. c1910. £18.00
    There is no contemporary title to the photograph, and nowhere in the view is the word 'Robinson' visible. Someone has written on the back in pencil ' E S & & A Robinson, Redcliff St'.

  20. St. Pauls ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXII.19.11. Scale 1/500 being 10.56 Feet to One Statute Mile. Size approx. 25" x 39". Shows buildings in detail with garden layout, shrubs, detailed layout of planting in squares, etc. Small ink blot in bottom margin. Covers area from Wilder Street to Houlton Street and River Street. Shows Portland Square, Nonconformist Burial Ground with Mortuary Chapel, most of Brunswick Square, St. Paul's Church, Great Western Saw Mills, Vinegar Works... together with... Sheet No. LXXII.13.6. Extends from Buckingham Terrace on Brigstocke Road, to Cave Street, Cross's Gardens and Wilson Place, William Street. Names the various terraces along the main streets, and shows much detail of their gardens. 2 items. 1885 and 1891. £65.00

  21. Stapleton and Frenchay PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of exceptionally well-situate Freehold Building, Pasture or Accommodation Lands situate at Begbrook, Stapleton and Frenchay... for Sale by Auction... November 8th, 1923. 7pp., folio, original pink wraps, very large coloured folding plan. Describes 5 Lots, including Woodland, Stone Quarries, 'Begbrook Fruit Farm', Lodge at Beg Brook, etc. Pasted inside front wrap is newspaper report of the sale. 1923. £32.00

  22. Stapleton CONVEYANCE of a messuage and hereditaments in Stapleton, William Froom to The Trustees of Thomas Proctor. Vellum sheet, 22" x 27", five fine wax seals showing bust of a gentleman in a ruff. In text is sketch plan, size 6" x 8". 1879. £16.00

  23. Street (George Edmund), architect DESIGN FOR PROPOSED CHURCH of S. Mary in the Parish of S. John the Evangelist Clifton. No. 4. Plan of Site. George Edmund Street Archt., 51 Russell Sqr. W.C. Oct. 1863. Architect's drawing in black ink and three colours of wash, on thick paper backed with linen. Size 16" x 25", scale 2" = 50ft. Scale bar, compass rose. Shows Alma Road at bottom, 'Proposed Road' and footpath leading off to the right at an angle (now the continuation of St. John's Road), Alma Vale Road shown as 'Proposed Road' at the top, site of church in a roughly triangular shape between these roads. Shows plan of church in red, walkways around it and entrance in buff, lawns, bushes etc, in green. 'Parsonage' is indicated to the north of the church, but in lettering only. Owners of land Taylor and Ashmead, are named. 1863. £170.00
    This site is now occupied by the Bethesda Chapel. Presumably this church was never built. George Edmund Street was a well-known Victorian architect working in the early Gothic style. His most notable design was for the Law Courts in the Strand. He also designed All Saints, Clifton, and the nave of Bristol Cathedral. William Morris was one of his apprentices.

  24. Were (F) LETTER to 'Dear Pritchard'. No date. 2p., small 8vo. Enquires whether he has seen a silver alms dish engraved with monkeys and dragons, part of St. John's plate. Mentions a mistake by the illustrator in his book. c1920. £8.00

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  25. Farnham Royal PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Charming Freehold Residential Property known as Yew Place Farnham Royal... approximately 29 acres... to be offered by auction... 19th October, 1937. 14pp., stiff printed wraps, size 13" x 8", 5 tipped-in photographs plus one on front wrap. Printed in brown on thick cream paper. Number in ink on front wrap. 1937. £25.00

  26. Twyford POSTER advertising auction sale of 6 Good Brick-built and Slated Cottages adjoining the Bicester Road in Twyford, for sale by Auction at Bicester, June 11th, 1875. Poster printed in large type-faces, size 20" x 15", folded in four. 1875. £18.00

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  27. Cambridge ABSTRACT OF TITLE of Julian Skrine to several Messuage or Dwelling Houses in Downing Terrace, in the Parish of St. Andrew the Less in the Town of Cambridge. 25p., folio, held with tape at corner. Details title from 1805 to 1848. 1848. £30.00
    Refers to Manor of Barnwell, Mansion House called Barnwell Abbey, Rectory of Barnwell, cottages, rights of common, right of fishery etc. of Peter Lord Gwyder, Baroness Willoughby and Peter Drummond Burrell, formerly of Thomas Panton, grandfather of Baroness Willoughby.

  28. Haslingfield PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of 2 Farm Homesteads and 2 Cottages, Haslingfield, also 2 Life Policies, to be sold by Auction... Aug. 20, 1881, at the Lion Hotel, Petty Cury, Cambridge. 4pp., folio, including completed memorandum and docket title on last page. 1881. £12.00

  29. Rampton Lyles (Manor of) SURRENDER of lands in Mill Field, Brook Field and Snout Common in Rampton, William Ivatt of Cottenham, Farmer, to Thomas Smith, Butler of Pembroke College. 3p., folio. 1865. £12.00

  30. Trinity College, Cambridge TWO PHOTOGRAPHS of a sitting room in College. Albumen prints each size 9" x 11", one print with light crease across corner. Messrs. Stearn, Cambridge. c1890. £25.00
    The room is presumably in Trinity, from the badge on the caps and team photographs displayed. Shows furred gown hanging on Japanese screen, cabinet of leather-bound books, tiger skin rug, pipe rack, etc.

  31. Wilburton PARTICULARS OF A DESIRABLE ESTATE at Wilburton, in the Isle of Ely, which will be sold by Auction by G. Legge & Son.... 24th day of March instant.... 5pp., folio, folds, first page with title attractively printed with different type-faces. Lists 12 Lots, each lot with approx. 5 different plots, each with acreage, occupier, etc. 1835. £35.00

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  32. Bennison (C), Surveyor MAP OF TREVALGA PARISH in the County of Cornwall shewing particularly the Lands Belonging to The Revd. Richd. Stephens. C. Bennison Surveyor, London 1843. Manuscript plan in ink and wash colour, on thick paper backed with linen, edged with silk tape, which is frayed or missing in places. Size 50" x 34". Border, large title in a variety of decorative type-faces, compass rose, scale bar (scale 1" = 4 chains). Shows Bristol Channel at top of map, coast shaded blue, Trevalga, Welltown, Trehane, Tregenna, Cardew, Redavallen, Trevorder and other tenements. Shows roads, buildings in pink, field outlines, each field with acreage. Stephens' land shaded green, pink, or pale yellow, other owners fields uncoloured, with name of owner. Buildings numbered. Raised ground, for example along coast, and along river banks, shaded in light grey. A small rust spot which has caused a minor hole in one field, surface dusty around edges, some creasing of paper at top corners, linen rather grubby on verso. 1843. £260.00
    Trevalga is a hamlet between Boscastle and Tintagel, in the Hundred of Lesnewth.

  33. Bodmin, Nanstallon ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXIV N.W. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 17" plus margins, linen-backed and folding into 8vo boards with Stanford label, cloth worn at spine, marbled endpapers. Roads coloured pink, water features coloured. 1887. £16.00
    First Edition Without Contours.

  34. Camborne ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT between William Pearse of Camborne, Miller, and Edward Stackhouse whereby Pearse agrees to surrender the water grist mill on the Stream below Pendarves Mills, and the croft adjoining called Gibraltar in consideration of Stackhouse converting the Mills into a triple mill and providing materials to add another mill. 2p, small folio, signed by Pearse and Knight. With a note in a different hand about a further agreement relating to fields. 1810. £18.00

  35. Carminowe, Manor of COUNTERPART LEASE of Chynithon Hendra in Cury, John Rogers to Isabella Carlyon. 3pp., folio, manuscript insertions. 1906. £10.00

  36. Collins (Greville) THE ISLANDS OF SCILLY Fully hand-coloured engraved sea chart. Size 17" x 22", showing the islands in detail. Highly decorative title cartouche with cliffs, sea-birds, fish, shells, goats, etc, dedication to Duke of Grafton, scale bar in bottom right hand corner flanked by Neptune and mermaid, system of rhumb lines, compass rose. Along the bottom edge is pasted an extra strip, 'A True Description of the Setting of the Tides... in and about the Islands of Scilly Taken by Abraham Tovey, Master-Gunner at the said Islands', in 22 lines of text. c1730. £220.00
    'The chart of the Isles of Scilly is the first printed map to be devoted exclusively to the islands, and because of this and its handsome presentation is much sought-after by collectors'. See Quixley's 'Antique Maps of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly'. The chart was originally published in 'Great Britain's Coasting Pilot...' 1693. This edition shows the place where Sir Cloudsley Shovell was lost (his ship sank in 1707).

  37. Cury & Mawgan PLANS OF CHYNITHON HENDRA AND CONTENT in the Parishes of Cury and Mawgan Property of Revd. J. Rogers. Folded hand-coloured manuscript map on paper, mounted on linen, size approx. 21" x 18". In ink and 3 colours of wash. Shows buildings (coloured red), roads ('from the Lizard', 'Road to Helston'), footpaths, 2 small streams. Fields numbered, adjoining owners named. Very decorative heart-shaped cartouche with title in a variety of calligraphic styles. A later note entered below title states "these estates do not adjoin as represented here". Very clean and bright condition. By J(ohn) R(oberts) 1833. £95.00

  38. Gunwalloe LEASE of houses and garden at Chinalls, (part of the Manor of Carminowe) in Gunwalloe, John Jope Rogers to John Freeman... together with... similar lease of House and Capstan at Chinalls, to Rev. Thomas Leah and J. Coulson. 2 items. Large vellum sheet, 27" x 31", wax seal. 1867. £10.00
    In Symons 'Gazetteer of Cornwall' Chynalls is listed as 'a farm in Gunwalloe'.

  39. Helston HELSTON FURRY DAY postcard. Printed with large heading and 35 lines of text on the origin and history of the Furry Day. Undivided back, no imprint of publisher. n.d. 1940's? £5.00

  40. Helston NOTICE to John Penberthy from Glynn Grylls, Town Clerk. States that unless his dog 'be forthwith destroyed or kept muzzled' a Bill of Indictment will be served against him at the next Quarter Sessions. 11 lines in a large neat hand on one side, 4to, folded with docket title on verso 'Notice to J. Penberthy to muzzle his Dog. Copy served by G. Dobb' 27th Feb. 1829. £12.00

  41. Helston REPORT ON THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF HELSTONE; 2pp. with a plan by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline, Scale 4" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound, some offsetting of plan onto text page. 1837. £20.00

  42. King Edward Mine PHOTOGRAPH of two students timbering an adit. Black and white, size 5" x 6". Shows two students at the mouth of an adit sawing planks, watched by a man in a bowler hat seated at the side. Titled later on verso in ink. 1920's. £6.00

  43. Lostwithiel GENERAL STATEMENT of the Receipts and Expenditure on account of the Highways of the Parish of Lostwithiel from 7th May 1849 to 11 April 1850. Printed sheet with manuscript inserts, folio, printed on one side only, signed by John Bennett, Clerk to the Justices. 30th January 1852. £18.00

  44. Maddern RELEASE of messuage and land in Chyandower John Rogers of Penrose to Thomas Bolitho of Maddern. Vellum, 18" x 25", wax seal, vellum slightly browned. 1789. £10.00

  45. Oliver (J), Rutger (J), Pawlby (J), Surveyors PLAN OF THE BOROUGH OF PENZANCE Cornwall, Dedicated by Permission to His Worshipful the Mayor. Lithographed plan, shoreline and Boundary line of Town's Jurisdiction hand-coloured. Shows Proposed New Dock, Proposed New Harbour, Harbour Office etc. Size 27" x 32", plus margins, dissected in six sections and mounted on new linen, folding into recent cloth-covered boards, printed label to front board. Scale 4 chains to 1". Shows individual houses and plots, woodland, garden plots etc., raised ground shown with hachures. Extends to Lescudjack Castle, Chapel St. Clare, Larrigan River. Some very light browning in bottom left corner. 1841. £260.00

  46. Padstow A CHART OF PADSTOW HARBOUR From Surveys in 1801, 1829 & 1834. Engraved chart, size 20" x 25", plus margins. Chart of Coast from Treyarnon to Pentire Point, Padstow Harbour, Rock. Shows buildings such as Place, churches etc. in elevation, rocks such as Newland, high ground, cliffs shown with hachures, two sections at bottom of chart. Reference tables with key to numbers. The chart has been professionally laid down on Japanese tissue, reinforcing the creases and a couple of tears in the paper. Small chip in paper at bottom margin with loss of a few letters in imprint, and about a quarter of an inch of border, which has been restored. Surface of paper slightly grubby at edges. One or two small areas of slight rubbing. 1834. £220.00

  47. Penzance DEED for declaring uses for a Fine, Richard Pearce and his wife of Kerris to Walter Borlase of Castle Hornack. Refers to twenty cottages, pasture at Lescudjack, Castle Down, Morraps. Vellum, 12" x 22", 3 wax seals, including good armorial one by Borlase's signature, and one with a sailing ship. 1741. £30.00

  48. Saint Cleer and Saint Stephen's-by-Saltash PLANS, PARTICULARS, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF WELL-SITUATED FREEHOLD FARMS And Valuable Quarries of Stone, to be Held at Webb's Hotel, Liskeard, On Monday, December 11th, 1911. By Messrs. J. Kittow & Son, Launceston. With 3 large coloured folding plans, 7pp, folio, original printed wraps. 1911. £40.00
    Includes farms of East and West Hendra, Trevollard, the tenement of Cumble Torr with the Quarry on the bank of the River Lynher.

  49. Sandercock (Robert) MAP OF PART OF THE MANOR OF PENPONT AND TREGLASTA in the Parishes of Altarnun, Davidstow and St. Cleather in the County of Cornwall, belonging to Earl St. Germans, - Coryton Esq., Captn. Hay and Miss Hockin. Map in pen and wash colour on thick paper backed with linen, size 39" x 62". Scale 10 chains to 1". Large compass rose, calligraphic title, scale bar. Silk tape edging, frayed in places. Shows roads and pathways, boundary stones, field outlines, houses (shaded in green), churches, public houses such as the 'Rising Sun'. Each field, moor, and plot named, with number, Names numerous adjoining owners. Extends from Davidstow Moor and Cold Nockett at the Top, Fowey Well, Higher Gunnon, Trewint Down, Lescarnick, in the south. The tenements in this area are very small and scattered. Down the right hand side is a 'Reference Table', with names of 22 tenants, names of 'Parcels', no. on plan, and quantity. Some minor small horizontal creases in paper at left of map, mainly around compass rose. Different areas of land coloured pale pink, pale yellow, pale green, and pale pink. Surveyed & Drawn by Robt. Sandercock, Altarnun 1847. £220.00
    Robert Sandercock was born at Tresmere (1816) and worked with his father. 'He succeeded him as Registrar of Births and Deaths there'. See Eden's 'Dictionary of Land Surveyors'. Various parcels are referred to as 'in Wheal Roughtor Sett'.

  50. Scilly Isles PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM recording a holiday in 1931. Album size 8" x 10", cloth-covered boards, cloth frayed down front hinge. Black album leaves, with pasted in photographs and postcards as follows: (i) 19 postcards, black and white, by King & Son. Includes Maps of Tresco, St. Agnes, St. Martins, Bryher, Donkey Cart by Atlantic Hotel, Higher Town,, Penninis, Grey Seal Nursery, Herring Gulls on Roof. (ii) 9 black and white postcards by Gibson, including Post Office, Hell's Bay, Bryher, Eastern Isles. (ii) 72 small photographs. Includes Algy Guy Trinity House Pilot, The Lighthouse Keeper's reliever, The Scillonian, The Pet Crane, Cromwell's Castle, Landing at Bryher, etc. Some of the photos include the three lady holidaymakers, who came from London. 1931 £70.00

  51. South Crofty Mine INVOICE from the Nobel's Explosives Company for 500lbs. of Polar Gelatine Dynamite. Printed heading, 8vo... with invoice from F. Reddaway & Co., Manchester for 'Karasha' Belting. Large 4to, very decorative heading printed in green with view of factory, camels etc. 2 items. 1929. £8.00

  52. St. Minver ABSTRACT of the Title Deeds &c to the premises bought by William Sandys Clerk of Mrs Lewellen taken by Samuel Warren the 15th May 1771. Manuscript on two sides small folio, blank conjoint leaf with docket title on verso, partly split at fold between first and second leaf. Signed by Warren. Details leases etc. from May 1742 to June 1771. 1771. £24.00
    Concerns tenements of Little Trehawke, Hamblys, Styles, and 'The Wastrell'.

  53. St. Minver NOTE OF COSTS of Mr May for repairing St. Minver Church. Manuscript, 2p, small 8vo, 27 items listed, e.g. 'Buttresses to Chancel... £10'. 1870. £8.00

  54. Stokeclimsland BOND for quiet enjoyment of one eighth part of the tenement of Over Hampt, and Higher Hanett, William Hill to Arthur Kelly. Vellum, size 22" x 29", wax seal. Some foxing spots. 1826. £12.00

  55. Symons (R), Truro Publisher PLAN OF THE PARISH OF MADRON in the County of Cornwall 1843. Scale 8 chains to an inch. Size approx. 50" x 39", dissected and mounted on new linen, folding into new folio cloth-covered boards, half calf, printed label. Covers the whole of the parish, shaded in different colours of pale wash. Shows field outlines, tenements with buildings and plots. Inset of Madron Church Town top left at a scale of 3 chains to an inch. Each field and plot numbered. Damage due to damp in bottom right corner, with some whitish marking mainly in blank area, a couple of small holes in paper at bottom, and some staining and wear along bottom edge. Map professionally restored and mounted. 1843. £140.00
    Reduced tithe map.

  56. Tregonetha, St. Wenn ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 33 S.W. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 18", linen-backed and folding into 4to marbled endpapers, printed label. Revised 1905. £10.00
    Covers Castle-an-Dinas, Little Brynn, Demelza, St. Wenn

  57. Wheal Margaret, Uny Lelant, near St. Ives SET OF QUARTERLY REPORTS 1858-1873. Group of separately published printed quarterly Reports, each 2p, 4to, mostly on blue paper, printed on one side of leaf only, name of mine in decorative lettering at head. Comprises Statement of account, giving amounts for labour costs, carriage, merchants bills, Doctor, etc., and Tin sold, details of shares etc., and on the second page a detailed Agents' Report on work in the different lodes (such as South Russoe, Mushell Lode, Foul Lode), equipment installed etc. Agents include Thomas Michell, Thomas Treweeke, John Williams. A broken run. Comprises (no. of reports in brackets) :- 1858 (2), 1861 (1)1862 (3), 1863 (3), 1864 (3), 1865 (2), 1866 (3), 1867 (2), 1869 (2), 1873 (2). Two reports rather browned. 23 Reports in all. 1858-1873. £85.00
    Wheal Margaret had been worked in the eighteenth century, restarted in 1842, and became one of the most productive mines in the area. In 1874 it became part of the Wheal Sisters group. It is uncommon to find a group of mine reports spanning a number of years.

  58. Winnianton COUNTERPART LEASE of the tenement of Court, Henry Lord Arundell to Anabella, Lucy and Elizabeth Jago. Large vellum sheet, signed by the three women with wax seals with Roman busts. Light brownish staining in parts. 1755. £10.00

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  59. Brisco PARTICULARS, PLAN & CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate known as Brisco Hill, comprising Mansion House, Garden & Pleasure Grounds.... to be Sold by Public Auction.... 28th September 1887.... 3pp., folio, folded, large attractive hand-coloured folding plan. 1887. £28.00

  60. Carlisle CATALOGUE of the Annual Great Special Prize Show & Sale of 200 Two Year Old Cart, Saddle and Harness Geldings and Fillies, Horses, Cobs, Ponies... 22nd Sept. 1909. 16pp., 8vo., printed wraps. Vertical crease. 1909. £10.00

  61. Castle Sowerby A PARTICULAR of a Copyhold Estate Situate at Hewerhill in the Parish of Castle Sowerby... To be Sold... at the House of Mrs Marr, The George Inn, at Heskett New Market.... 2nd day of September 1808. 2pp., sm. folio, plus docket title. Attractively printed. 1808. £45.00
    The property was held under the Manor, the Lord of which was the Duke of Devonshire.

  62. Penrith MARY BELL'S ASIGNMENT Whereas Mary Bell, of Penrith, Milliner & Straw Bonnet Maker, hath by an indenture... assigned all her Personal Estate to the said John Pattinson and Joseph Birkett... In Trust for the benefit of... her Creditors... Poster, size 11" x 9", heading in large letters., informing creditors of the indenture held at Brunskill's, Solicitors. B.T. Sweeten, Printer, Penrith. 1859. £24.00

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  63. Derby and Midland Oddfellows ACCOUNT BOOK June 15th 1846 - December 30th 1933. Cash book, size 14" x 9", full parchment boards, front inner hinge broken, so front board and spine, although not detached, have come away from the spine. On the first two pages is a list of 70 members with year of entrance (going back to 1789). There is also a list of 22 Honorary Members. 290 pages. Each year's accounts signed by auditors. A few pages loose, parchment darkened, some tears in parchment on back board, back inner hinge partly broken. Neatly written throughout. Blanks at end. 1846-1933. £170.00
    Includes money paid out for funerals, provisions for the Feast 'One gallon of ale to Band at John Colledge's', 'Singers at Church', 'Ringers at Church', payments to hundreds of named people, presumably while they were sick, 'Surgeon half year's salary...' etc. Receipts include subscriptions, odd sums such as 'received from Bolehill Lodge for use of the Flag... 5s'.

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  64. Ashburton TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet CXIV N.E (much of Ashburton, Buckfast), and CIX S.W (Bickington, West Ogwell). Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 17", plus margins. Trace of central vertical fold in first map. Revision of 1904 with additions in 1938. £18.00

  65. Broadclyst AN ACT to transfer the Endowments of the Domestic Chapel of Sir Thomas Dyke Acland Baronet... which Chapel is proposed to be pulled down, to a Chapel intended to be built in lieu thereof near his Residence at Killerton in the same Parish. 11pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1837. £14.00

  66. Cary (J) A MAP OF DEVONSHIRE from the best Authorities. Engraved map, size 17" x 19", outline hand-colouring. Coloured compass rose, reference to Hundreds. Laid down on card. Published by J. Stockdale, 26th March 1805. £40.00

  67. Dawkins (H.C) TWO LETTERS from H.C. Dawkins, author of 'The Geology of Lundy' to John Dollar. 1939 and later. 5th and 15th April 1939. One 3p., 8vo, one 2p. 4to. Dawkins was a pupil at Gresham School at this time and visited Lundy twice studying the geology. Describes his geological investigations on the island, and asks Dollar for advice.... together with photocopy and computer print-out of Dawkins' 'The Geology of Lundy'. 1939 and later. £18.00
    'What interests me a lot is that you mention a hybrid junction rock between the sediments and the plutonic intrusions. I found a sort of green and white, almost vitreous rock about two feet from the baked slates... this was at the Ladies beach end...'.

  68. Exeter and Bideford BILL of J. Lugg, Smith, Plumber, Bell Hanger, Bideford. Small 4to, printed heading, receipted by Lugg over stamp... with... Bill of C.M. Taylor & A. Bodley, Founders, Exeter. Printed heading, two stab holes. 1889 and 1896. £5.00

  69. Frithelstock DEED OF EXCHANGE relating to fields part of Southcott, Emily Lewis and George Boundy. 3 large folio pages, vellum, sewn at edge, plus basic double page sketch plan... together with Mortgage relating to same property, 2p, large folio. 1907-8. £15.00

  70. Harrison (J) A MAP OF DEVONSHIRE Engraved from an Actual Survey, with Improvements. Engraved map size 18" x 13", plus margins. Central fold. Title, compass rose, scale bar and 'Reference to the Hundreds'. Engraved for J. Harrison. 1789. £45.00
    Shows Lundy island.

  71. Heavitree, Exeter PLANS, PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF A VALUABLE BRICK-YARD With Buildings, Cottages and Premises, together with about 5 Acres, and the Goodwill of the Business. About 13 Acres of land adjoining including Valuable Building Sites, A 14-Roomed Villa Residence, known as "Melrose," and Three Dwelling-Houses. To Be Sold By Auction... September 22nd, 1910. Folio, folded with docket title, very large coloured folding plan and 7pp. 1910. £36.00

  72. Little Torrington OBLIGATION BOND of John Bickley of Little Torrington, Dyer, to Henry Roll(?) for £100. Vellum, size 5" x 9", signed by Bickley and 4 witnesses, including John Coplestone (2 with their marks). Small seal bound in paper. Preamble in Latin, the rest in English. 1638. £30.00

  73. Moore Stevens family THE LONDON GAZETTE Saturday June 21, 1817. 8pp., folio, red tax stamp. Contains half-column report that His Majesty has granted Thomas Moore, of Cross, in the County of Devon, permission to take the surname and arms of Stevens. This has been marked with a red line in the margin. 1817. £9.00
    On the same page is report of a reward of 100 guineas offered to an arsonist who tried to set fire to the home of John Clark, of Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

  74. Musbury AUCTION PARTICULARS of 'Ashe House', Musbury. Cyclostyled on three small folio pages (printed on rectos only), describing the house in detail. Two punch holes in top margin. 1953 £6.00
    The auction was by Sanders of Sidmouth.

  75. Seaton AGREEMENT for rent of shop and store rooms at Seaton, James Skinner to Robert Follett, 'to carry on business of China, Glass and Earthenware, as well as Tea and Wholesale Dealers and Family Grocers'. 3 pages folio, folded. 1887. £10.00

  76. Seaton PHOTOGRAPH of Seaton Church. Albumen print, size 8" x 11", close up view of church framed by branches. Two light vertical creases. c1890. £8.00

  77. Seaton SEATON AND BEER CHURCH BOYS BRIGADE At Rousdon 1909-10. Photograph, title as above in ink on back of mount. Size 6" x 8", mounted on thick card, with name 'G. H. Barton, Seaton, Devon', written on mount. Shows 15 boys and four adults, in uniform, lined up across the road. Image slightly faded. 1910. £12.00

  78. Shapland (R) A VALUATION of the Revd. Mr. Karslake's right and interest in several parts of Whitefield in the Parish of Highbray. 5p, sm 4to, sewn in plain wraps. Lists names of fields, quality and quantity, value, valuation of timber, etc., in a neat hand. 1832. £28.00

  79. Sommers Gard (R), of Exeter LETTER dated Rougemont 10 Dec. 1860. 1p., 8vo, with mourning border, to a Mr. Nott, saying he is sending him an autograph of Lord Ingestre for his collection. Signed R. Sommers Gard. Pasted to stiff paper, 4to sheet. 1860. £14.00
    Sommers Gard was an M.P. who gave money for the building of the Royal Albert Museum.

  80. Spreat (W) IPPLEPEN CHURCH. Sketched and Drawn on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel c1842. £22.00
    There is a man, a woman and a child on a path in the foreground with a man sitting on the kerb stones and another man behind him pointing to a grave stone.

  81. Spreat (W), Publisher TEIGNMOUTH The Den, Looking South. Tinted lithograph, size 7" x 13", plus margins. Shows bathing machines on beach, couple in a carriage in foreground, tall flagpole-type structure on lawn, The Ness in distance. Sky area with foxing spots. c1850. £30.00

  82. Stokeintinhead AN ACT for Inclosing Lands in the Parish of Stokeintinhead.... 19pp, drop-head title, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1809 £16.00

  83. Tavistock LETTER from the Bedford Office, dated February 1840, from J. Benson, discussing the eligibility of the Master of the Free Latin School in Tavistock for money left in trust by the Ford charity. 1p., 4to, signed J. Benson... together with... Letter from W.G. Adam, Berkeley Sq., 16th March 1835, to Mr Crapp at Tavistock, 4p., 4to. 'Your letter... on the subject of establishing a School in Tavistock on the principle of the Devonport Institution has engaged no small portion of His Grace's attention.... he has come to the conclusion that the Devonport system is not... adapted to a town like Tavistock'. Says the Duke has decided to build a schoolroom and master's residence at his own expense, for 35-40 scholars, setting out ideas for curriculum, which included land surveying.... together with... Letter from Mr Beale, Brooke Vicarage, Nr. Norwich, to Benson, Jan. 21st 1865, setting out the history of the Grammar school at Tavistock from the earliest times. 3p., 4to. 3 items. c1860's. £24.00
    These letters are copies, and were presumably made from letters at the Bedford Office in response to some queries involving administration.

  84. Valentine & Sons PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEW ALBUM OF PLYMOUTH And the Surrounding Neighbourhood. 70 Pictures of Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport, with the Rivers, Moors and Coast in their Vicinity. Size 8" x 11", orig. boards, gilt faded, boards faded at edges, spine chipped. Two pages of text at end. c1910. £18.00

  85. Week St. Mary POSTCARD real photo postcard. Titled 'Week St. Mary. Goodman Photo.' in white in plate. Unused. n.d. c1910. £4.00
    Shows a view taken from high up, across the village, tors in distance.

  86. Winkleigh LEASE of Bransgrove in Winckley for 24 years, John Codrington of Exeter, Apothecary, to Richard Davie of Winckley. On paper, 20" x 26", signed with small papered seal, two splits in one fold. 1774. £16.00
    Lays out detailed conditions for husbandry, about sowing of clover, breaking up parish ground, etc.

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  87. Blandford Forum and Stourpaine AN ACT to vest Part of the Estates devised by the Will of the Reverend Robert Maurice, late of Blandford Forum in the County of Dorset Clerk deceased, in Trustees for Sale... 21pp, sm. folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1833. £14.00
    With a 2p. Schedule of lands in the Manor of Ash and Laverton.

  88. Shaftesbury LETTER to John Rutter, Solicitor, Shaftesbury. Aug. 11th 1845. From a John Gray at Croydon, who offers his services as a valuer, enclosing his card (not present). 1p., 4to, address panel on verso, postmarks, wax seal. 1845. £6.00
    'I have just finished one of upwards of 3000£ at Southampton, and can also refer to Messrs. Smyth of Liverpool...'.

  89. Sherborne ABSTRACT of the Title of Wm. Flooks to premises in Half Moon St., next to the King's Arms Inn, agreed to be sold to G.D.W. Digby. 3p. folio, in manuscript, copy deed of covenant for production of title deeds enclosed, 3p. 1861. £10.00

  90. Wambrook RELEASE IN FEE of Premises in Wambrook Dorset and Grant of a Right of Way, Isaac Deane and his Trustee to Revd. Wm. Palmer. Two large vellum sheets, wax seals. With brief Schedule of deeds. Loosely inserted is LEASE FOR A YEAR, single vellum sheet, 2 wax seals. Ink slightly faded. 1814. £16.00
    The land comprised 30 acres part of allotments of land numbered on the map of inclosure, and bounded on by a piece of land called Buenos Ayres, and land belonging to Wadham College.

  91. Wambrook RELEASE in Fee of a Piece of Land in Wambrook, Thomas Lawrence to the Revd. W. Palmer. Vellum, two large sheets, two wax seals. Ink slightly rubbed at two folds. 1814. £18.00

  92. Wareham ASSIGNMENT of a piece of land at Wareham at the south side of West Street, Revd. H. Capel to R.C. Hutchings of Wareham. Vellum, 20" x 22", ink rubbed in parts. 1881. £8.00

  93. Weymouth and Melcombe Regis AN ACT for the better ascertaining, recovering, and collecting, certain Duties commonly called petty Customs... payable upon the Importation and Exportation of Goods and Merchandizes into, or out of the Harbour... of Waymouth... and also of Ballast and Harbour-duties payable in respect of Ships and Vessels... Cover leaf + 14pp, sm. folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1749. £16.00

  94. Weymouth LIST OF PROPERTIES Belonging to the Corporation. 16pp., 4to, printed in columns with Property, Lessee, Term of Lease etc. Vertical fold. 1925. £12.00

  95. Weymouth PROPOSED PLAN of Layout of the Weymouth Bay Estate. Estate Surveyors Jackson & Greenen, Bournemouth. Coloured plan, size 20" x 34", showing plots above Overcombe Beach, proposed Cliff Walk and Gardens, Recreation Ground, Charlbury Lodge, Jordon Farm, Preston. Each plot numbered. Some stamped 'Sold'. Folded to 8vo. Issued November 1926. £18.00

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  96. Durham PROBATE of the Will of Jane Blackburn formerly of Durham and later of Islington. 3 large vellum pages with printed certificate attached. Large papered seal on tag. 1854. £12.00

  97. Teesdale & Co. Publisher MAP OF DURHAM Engraved fully hand-coloured map, size 13" x 16". 1832. £35.00
    Shaded in wards.

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  98. Felsted PROBATE of the will of Bethiah Hurrell late of Felsted, Widow. 29th Nov. 1793. Probate copy of will on vellum, size 22" x 27", certificate of administration in manuscript attached, papered seal of Archdeaconry of Middlesex. Leaves to her son her farm at Felsted which she holds under Sir James Tylney, her silver cup and brewing copper. 1793. £18.00

  99. Northfleet, Grays Thurrock, Gravesend ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XCV. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. 1923. £18.00

  100. Pattiswick LETTER from J. Smith Jr. at Pattiswick Hall to his sister. 4p, sm. 8vo., with two pages over-written cross-wise. Written in Quaker style. Writes of election matters. Says the Liberals have brought forward a candidate for South Essex 'and they expect a very sharp contest. Papa went to hear him on 6th day'. Mentions Beresford & Du Cane 'I want to go to the nomination to see Beresford pelted with rotten eggs... Papa and I have been to Colchester. It was polling day, Miller was top by about 22 votes...' 29 of 3 mo. 1857. £14.00
    The Smiths were a prominent Quaker family in Essex.

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  101. Cheltenham CATALOGUE OF HORSES To be Sold by Auction at the Repository, Cheltenham... May 7, 1908. 4pp., folio. Folds. Lists 10 horses owned by A. Byard,. 4 hunters property of C. Ratcliff, 18 Cotswold Hunt Horses, and numerous horses of other owners. Some slight darkening of paper and slight wear on the 'Conditions of Sale' section on the back page... together with... single sheet catalogue, 1p, 4to, of sale of Carriages, Harness etc. on October 13th. 1908. £25.00

  102. Cirencester Road AN ACT for repairing the Road leading from the Town of Cirencester in the County of Gloucester, to a Place called the Monument upon Lansdown in the same County. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 22pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1742. £12.00

  103. Gloucester to Hereford Road AN ACT for repairing the Roads from Gloucester towards Hereford, and other Roads therein mentioned.... 34pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1812. £14.00

  104. Gloucester Waggon Company Limited and Reduced DIRECTORS' REPORTS & ACCOUNTS 30th June, 1888. Folio, 4 printed pages, folded, couple of short tears. 1888. £14.00
    'The Waggon stock of the Company now consists of 5,436 wagons let on simple hire, and 3,232 sold on deferred payments...'

  105. Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury Roads AN ACT for enlarging the Term.... for repairing and widening the Roads leading from the City of Gloucester, towards Cheltenham and Tewkesbury... 3pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1798. £10.00

  106. Great Washbourne PARTICULARS AND PLAN of a Valuable.... Estate Situate in the Parish of Great Washbourne which will be Sold by Auction at the Swan Hotel, Tewkesbury... 6th Day of September, 1854. Folio, folded, 2pp plus hand-coloured lithographed plan on third page, with reference table giving names of fields and acreage. Some slight wear at folds in page with plan. 1854. £24.00

  107. Painswick AGREEMENT between Robert Townsend of Pittville Circus, Cheltenham, and John Collins of Steambridge House, Painswick, for the letting of orchard and pasture opposite the house. Manuscript on 2p, folio. Narrow line of light browning down page. 1891. £9.00

  108. Sherwood, Jones & Co. Pub. WILLIAMSTRIP Engraving of the house with a hunt meeting in the foreground. Size 4" x 5", plus margins. Engraved by J. Storer. £5.00

  109. Slimbridge PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate Known as Kingston Farm, with Good Farm House & Buildings, Four Cottages, 116 Acres.... and Orcharding.... close to some of the best meets of Lord Fitzhardinge's Hounds.... to Be Sold by Auction.... 28th June, 1884. 4pp., folio, folded, large hand-coloured folding plan loosely inserted. 1884. £32.00

  110. Storer (J. & H.S) CIRENCESTER Steel engraving showing the main street with man herding cows, church in middle distance, small vignette of coat of arms and stags in title. Size 4" x 6", plus margins. Small tear in top margin. Published 1825. £7.00

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  111. Bacon's MAP OF HAMPSHIRE South Division. By Edw. Weller. Divided into 5 mile squares. Colour printed map size approx. 12" x 18", central fold. Scale " to 1 mile. Divided into 5 mile squares. c1885. £12.00
    From 'Bacon's Atlas of The British Isles'.

  112. Basingstoke ADMINISTRATION of the will of Henry Peircie of Basingstoke, 1703. Small vellum sheet size 7" x 9", with will in which he leaves 12 pence apiece to his children and appoints his wife Elizabeth as executrix, attached is probate certificate of the Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury, in Latin, in manuscript, signed Thos. Welham. Tag but no seal or traces of one.1 1703. £24.00

  113. Kilmeston SALE PARTICULARS of the residential and agricultural property 'Dean House', Kilmeston, 213 Acres, comprising The Delightful Country House... Beautiful Gardens and Richly Timbered Pleasure Grounds... Home Farm... 14 Cottages... for Sale by Auction... 22nd July, 1930. 15pp., folio, stiff wraps, large folding coloured plan at rear, 6 tipped-in photographs. Edges of wraps dust-stained. 1930. £22.00

  114. Ryde Isle of Wight AUCTION POSTER. Messrs. Wallis, Riddett & Down Will sell by Auction.... Furniture.... A Cottage Pianoforte in Rosewood Case by 'Broadwood'.... Polished Black & Brass Bedsteads... Two Safety Bicycles.... Poster advertising sale of furniture, printed in very large type-faces. Size 30" x 20". 1894. £18.00

  115. Southampton Docks ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXV.II.22. Scale 1/500 of 10.56 Feet to one Statute Mile. Size 25" x 39". Small repaired tear in left margin. Extends from Cambridge St. to Albert Road, Custom House. The railway runs down the centre of the map, with the Terminus and Imperial Hotel at the bottom. Shows extremely detailed layout of Station with refreshment rooms, lamp room, ticket office, extensive stabling, telegraph office, etc. Shows Dock House, Emigration Deport, Provedores Depot, Cattle Market. Names many public houses, and hotels. Engraved & Published at the Ordnance Survey Office, 1870. Printed 1882. £48.00
    Shows such detail as pillar letter boxes, man holes, turn tables, signal posts, bushes.

  116. Southampton Docks ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXV.II.17. Engraved map. Scale 1/500 of 10.56 Feet to one Statute Mile. Size 25" x 39". Covers St. Mary's Saw & Planing Mills, 'The Deanery' with its extensive grounds, London & S.W. Railway, Granville St., Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.'s Schools, Three Swans Brewery. Small piece torn from bottom left corner, not affecting printing. Two repaired marginal tears. Surveyed 1868. Engraved 1869. £50.00
    Shows such detail as pillar letter boxes, man holes, turn tables, signal posts, bushes.

  117. Southampton PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Prominently Situated and Valuable Shop Premises known as 'Foy's Corner', 195-203 Shirley Road.... which Messrs. Nicholas are to offer by public auction.... 10th March, 1954. 7pp., sm. folio, actual photo on front wrap, key plan. 1954. £9.00

  118. Vosper's PATENT 4-CYLINDER LAUNCH ENGINE Important Testimonial. Advertising Sheet, size 15" x 9", printed on one side only, the large heading and border in gold, testimonial from E.S. Bowlby, Royal Victoria Yacht Club, printed in blue. Three horizontal folds. Vosper & Co, Broad Street, Portsmouth. 1879. £20.00
    Vospers were a shipbuilding company, established in 1871. They became well known for their high-speed yachts.

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  119. Dilwyn PARTICULARS OF SALE AND PLAN of A Valuable Freehold Estate called Chadnor Court.... to be Sold by Auction.... 26th September, 1877. 2pp., folio, including schedule, folded, hand-coloured folding plan. 1877. £24.00

  120. Greenwood (C. & J) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF HEREFORD. From an Actual Survey Made in the Year 1831. Corrected to the Present Period & Published April 1st 1834. Engraved by J. & C. Walker. Hand-coloured, size 23" x 28", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo, marbled endpapers, small stamp with name of library adjacent to the title, few small spots, and a small amount of light browning. With fine large vignette view of Hereford Cathedral. Published by Greenwood & Co. London: 1834. £70.00

  121. Hampton Bishop PARTICULARS PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Freehold Estate called 'Whitehall' containing 169a. 2r. 3p.... together with Most Comfortable Dwelling-House, Six Cottages... for Sale by Auction... 9th day of July, 1902. 5pp., small folio, pink printed wraps, plus large coloured folding plan. 1902. £22.00

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  122. Childwick, Court Baron of ADMISSION of William Rollensen Senior, and Elizabeth his wife. Vellum, 4" x 12". 1" split in vellum at left edge, letters slightly rubbed at edge, and ink untidy. 1711. £16.00

  123. Stanborough SKETCH OF NEW NORTH ROAD Passing thro' Stanboro' Farm the Property of Earl Cowper, August 2nd, 1833. Manuscript plan in ink and outline colour on vellum, size 21" x 14", folded with docket title. Scale 4 Chains to an Inch. Shows Stanboro' Green, Stanboro' Farm, buildings in grey, named fields, River Lea, spring, Bull Inn. Existing roads (named) shaded buff, new road in pink. With Reference table with acreages. 1833. £60.00

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  124. Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells DICK WHITTINGTON Reg Lever presents His Second Annual Pantomime With Elsie Winsor... The Arcos and Their Feathered Family.... Corps de Ballet and Orchestra And the Sight That Must Be Seen to Be Believed The Miraculous Third Dimensional Rat Fight. Playbill in four bright colours on stiff card, 15" x 10", with illustration of Dick and his Cat. 1952. £10.00

  125. Canterbury AN ACT for amending certain Acts for paving cleansing and lighting the Streets and other public Passages... within the City and Borough of Canterbury. 27pp., small folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1844. £8.00

  126. Gravesend AN ACT for authorizing the granting of Lease of Part of the Estates... devised by the Will of the Right Honourable Edward Earl of Darnley deceased. 13pp., small folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1839. £12.00
    Includes 2p. Schedule of properties in Gravesend, with occupiers.

  127. Hop-picking POSTCARD titled 'Hop-Picking, Kent.' with black and white view of a group of hop-pickers standing amidst hop poles covered in hops, large filled sack. Group includes sailor in uniform and some children. Sent through the post with Goudhurst postmark (date has not come out). Mockford Series 4. n.d. c1910. £7.00

  128. Newington, Lewisham AN ACT to enable Edward Leigh and Mary Anne his wife to... authorize Sales, Exchanges... Lease of Estates at Newington... 20pp., small folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1847. £12.00
    Includes 1p. Schedule, with occupiers.

  129. Woolwich AN ACT for Rebuilding the Parish Church of Woolwich.... Cover leaf + pages numbered 83-90, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1732. £12.00

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  130. Colne W.B. WHITE & SONS LTD. Red Scar Works, Colne, Lancashire. Makers of All Kinds of Power Looms, Dobbies, Textile Machinery and Accessories. Established 1849. Catalogue on 51pp., 4to, finely printed on glossy paper, printed wraps. 41 full-page illustrations, plus colour frontis., illustrating looms, winding machines, etc, and 5 pages illustrating small parts. Staples rusty hence two leaves loose at centre. n.d. c1910. £45.00

  131. Ince Hall Moss Colliery WIGAN NINE FEET MINE. MANUSCRIPT PLAN Plan in ink and nine colours on stiff paper backed with linen Size 38" x 72", shows workings coloured according to date of working, buildings. Each part of the working dated with month and year in small neat ink lettering. The plan covers almost the whole of the paper. Note on lease bottom left. Some small horizontal creases in paper throughout, plan dusty, paper ragged along top and bottom edges, without affecting drawing. Plan titled on verso. Dates on workings 1871-1917. £85.00

  132. Mersey & Irwell Navigation PRINTED NOTICE of consignment of 2 bales of paper To the Proprietors of the Mersey & Irwell Navigation, Duke's Dock... per Flat 'Gregson'. With ms inserts for weight, description. 1853. £8.00

  133. Ribbleton, Grimsargh Preston VALUABLE DWELLING-HOUSES AND BUILDING LAND At RIBBLETON AND GRIMSARGH. A Dwelling-House in Maudland Bank and A Dwelling-House and Shop in Lune Street, PRESTON. To be Offered for Sale by Auction by Messrs. Jabez B. Jones & Sons at their Salerooms, 131 Church Street, Preston on Thursday, 17th day of November, 1921. Large coloured folding plan, 4pp, original printed wraps slightly dusty. W. Brown, Printer, Preston: 1921. £18.00

  134. Salford ASSIGNMENT by way of Mortgage of a plot of land, bordered on one side by the River Irwell, and a cotton mill with the steam engines, machinery etc., George Ashworth of Ashton under Lyne, Spinner and Manufacturer to Edwin and Thomas Mellor, spinners and manufacturers. 2 vellum sheets, size 23" x 29", wax seal. 1856. £14.00

  135. Tyldesley GAS WORKS Two manuscript plans in ink on waxed cotton. One titled 'Tyldesley U.D.C. Levels of Gas Works & District', size 35" x 23", with plan of gas works showing railway, engine house, retort house, purifying house etc., and table of point nos., the other size 20" x 27" showing 'Mine Workings under Sewers' in sections. n.d. c1950? £14.00

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  136. Bottesford OBLIGATION BOND of Mathew Livesey of Bottesford, Yeoman, to William Rose of Shelton, Yeoman. 1p., small folio, blank conjoint leaf, folds, in English with preamble in Latin, signed by Livesey with small wax seal, two witnesses. 1704. £25.00

  137. Buck (S & N) THE SOUTH-WEST VIEW OF OLVESTON-PRIORY, IN THE COUNTY OF LEICESTER. Copper plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 8" x 14", plus wide margins. A fine early impression. Samuel & Nathaniel Buck, 1730. £30.00

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  138. Grantham PRICE LIST of Hornsby & Sons Ltd., Spittlegate Iron Works, Grantham. Sheet printed on both sides, illustrating turnip cutters, root pulpers. 6 woodcut illusts. Size 13" x 8". Creasing of paper. n.d. c1880. £15.00

  139. Sedgebrook COPY WILL of John Hollingworth of Sedgebrook, grazier. 1771. Copy on two and a half pages folio, probably made slightly later. Split at fold in last page... together with... Attested copy of the same will, made 1830, docket titled 'Office Copy Will of John Hollingworth'. 1830. £14.00
    Leaves his house in Allington to his nephew, and other lands to various people, including a cottage to his servant Sarah Linsdale.

  140. Winterton ABSTRACT OF TITLE of the late Henry Liversidge to property at Winterton formerly belonging to Mr. George Maxted. 18p., folio, held at corner with tape. 1879. £28.00
    Details title from 1815 - 1878.

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  141. Belgravia, Lea, Blackheath PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Leasehold Premises, 3 Wilton St., Belgravia, 1 Belgrave Terrace Terrace, Blackheath, 5 & 6 Diamond Terrace, Blackheath.... to be sold by Auction... 28th January 1898. 2pp., folio, plus 1p. conditions of sale. Folded with docket title, which is dusty. Two small repaired tears at folds. 1898. £10.00
    Gives description of each house.

  142. Chamberlain's Office PRINTED LETTER addressed to Henry Brown, Engraver, 14 Nicol Sq., Cripplegate. 6 lines, 4to, with dates and signature in manuscript. Informs Browne that the period for him obtaining freedom of the City has expired and he must present himself at the Office or proceedings will be taken against him. Address panel on verso of conjoint leaf, broken wax seal. 1841. £18.00

  143. Jeweller BILL of Thomas Hamlet, Goldsmith and Jeweller, 1 Princes St., Leicester Square. Printed heading, decorative lettering, made out to Anthony Frankland for forks, spoons, soup ladle, sugar tongs, ewer, candlesticks, etc. 4to, written on both sides, listing 26 items. Traces of folds. 1811. £24.00

  144. King's College, London LETTER from R.W. Self(?), Principal, to an unknown correspondent regarding the Resolution of the College respecting a Memorial to Sir Robert Inglis, with remarks on his character. 4p, 8vo. King's College London, Dec. 16, 1856. £10.00

  145. Piccadilly BILL of C. Hall, Poulterer & Licensed Dealer in Game, 52 Albemarle St. Small 8vo, printed heading with vignette of pheasant, made out for three (illegible) items. 1846. £10.00

  146. Pollard Engineering Co., Faringdon St. SAFE! Catalogue of Pollard Safety Geysers. 16pp., 8vo, illusts. of geysers, baths etc. Decorative wraps with attractive illustration of railway signal, slightly worn at one corner, some page edges yellowed. Repaired down spine with archival tape. c1930 or earlier. £8.00


  147. Port of London DELIVER TO Col. Campbell the following Goods, sold him by the Honble. Commissioners of Excise at their Sale on the 18th of Jany. 1822 viz.... Small folio sheet headed with three printed lines as above, details in manuscript, followed by listing of 11 Lots with price, totals. Signed by Accomptant, Receiver and Comptroller. Folds, docket title on verso, with a note 'Due to Mr. Trefusis for 4 extra Bottles Maderia at 4s per Bottle'.... together with... RECEIPT for payment to the London Dock Company for 12 weeks rent and Import Rate, 1853. 22nd March 1822 and 1853. £24.00
    Apart from '2lb wax candles' the lots seem to be wine or spirits, as the measure is in gallons, but the item is referred to only as 'no 3' etc. The cost of carriage for lot 994 (35 Galls) is added.

  148. Robins's ROYAL WATER FILTERS By Her Majesty's Letters Patent. Sole Office 163, Strand, London, Opposite The New Church. Printed advertising sheet, 4to, printed on both sides, coat of arms at head. 23 lines, plus headings in a variety of type-faces. Gives prices for different filters. On verso are 20 recommendations, and Directions for maintenance of the filter. Small piece torn from top left corner. A couple of small edge tears, traces of folds. n.d. c1850? £34.00
    'I have been disgusted for some time past by the filthy fluid which has been served to my house by the Grand Junction Water Company'.

  149. South Kensington, Pimlico etc. PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Leasehold Ground Rents and House Properties situate in Various Parts of London.... to be sold by Auction.... on 6th day of December, 1882. 8pp, folio, some tears at folds. 1882. £12.00
    Includes sale of houses in Paulton Sq., Chelsea, Cavendish Square, Castelnau Villas, Barnes, The Cock Tavern, Hampstead Road.

  150. St George Parish ASSIGNMENT and Release of messuages in Grove Place, Artichoke Hill, Pennington Place, Andrew Burt of Stoke Newington, Maria Fladgate of Queen Square, Thomas Pellatt of Ironmongers Hall. 7 large vellum sheets, four wax seals. Includes half page schedule of property with details of lessees etc. 1827. £18.00
    Includes the Artichoke Public House.

  151. Weinreb & Douwma PLANS OF LONDON Catalogue. 20pp., oblong 8vo... together with... Plans for London. Architecture catalogue 24. 34pp., 8vo. Numerous illustrations in each. 2 items. c1978. £16.00

  152. Weller (Edw.), Red Lion Square, drawn & engraved by LONDON (South Sheet). Sheet from the nine-sheet map originally published by Edward Weller in the Weekly Dispatch newspaper. Scale 9" = 1 mile. Lithographed, size 17" x 25", title and scale bar along top, border along bottom. Traces of central fold, border very slightly clipped along bottom edge for approx. 2". Weekly Dispatch, 139 Fleet Street. (1860's). £180.00
    Shows Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Millbank Penitentiary, 'Bricklayer's Arms Railway Station', Kennington Oval, etc.

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  153. Hoyle (Walter), Painter SHELL GUIDE TO MONMOUTHSHIRE Poster, lithograph and letterpress printing, glossy surface. Illustration showing Sugar Loaf Mountain, Skirrid Fawr, Welsh farmhouse, White Castle etc., description and map with key below. Overall size 29" x 20", metal hanger top and bottom. 1950's. £34.00

  154. Mathern PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE with Plan and Views of... Freehold Residential Property known as The Mathern House Estate with Most delightful Old Garden, Stabling, Glass Houses... for sale by auction... July 30th 1902. 3pp., large folio, plus 2 pages of photographic views. Original printed wraps with large view, title page with variety of type faces, coloured folding plan. Lavars & Co., Bristol. 1902. £45.00
    'A late 18th century, or even early 19th century' house according to the register of Listed Buildings.

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  155. Oulton Broad POSTCARD of the Wherry Hotel, Oulton Broad. Valentine's Series. 610. Coloured view showing Hotel in middle distance, boats of various kinds in the foreground. Sent through the post, squared circle postmark. 1903. £4.00

  156. Roughton OBLIGATION BOND binding Thomas Athow of Roughton, Farmer, to Robert Athow, Farmer, for £500. On paper, in English, printed with manuscript inserts, wax seal. Sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf. Traces of folds. 1797. £26.00

  157. Thompson & Sons Ltd., Norwich SUPPLEMENTARY LIST of hearth furniture. 1957. 10pp., 4to, stapled. Many illustrations of coal hods, pokers, trivets, fireguards etc. Stapled at top edge. Cyclostyled price list. Together with two crudely produced leaflets of Poultry Appliances, 1949, illustrated. Chalk Hill Works. 1949 and 1957. £8.00
    'How quickly the Coal Hod Season descends upon you. Be prepared...'

  158. Wymondham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Small Property comprising a Farm-House.... Double Cottage situate in Spooner Row, which Salter & Simpson will sell by Auction.... on Friday the 9th or July, 1880. Folio, 4pp., folds. 1880. £14.00
    The farmhouse is described as 'Clay lump and tiled'.

  159. Wymondham PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Small Farm... brick & slate Farm House... Convenient Cottage... several inclosures of superior arable and pasture land... by the side of the Norwich Turnpike Road... to be Sold by Auction... 27th August, 1870. 3pp., folio, plus full page lithographed plan with some outline hand-colouring. Docket title spotty. 1870. £24.00

  160. Wymondham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Cottages and Land at Wymondham... for Sale by Auction.... 2nd July, 1869. 3pp., folio, folded with docket title. 1869. £8.00

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  161. Pattishall COPY ADMINISTRATION with will annexed, of The Revd. Thomas Welch, Clerk. 5p., folio. Leaves the Presentation to Nether Vicarage and Parish Church of Pattishall, and his lands in Blakesley to his son, Presentation to the Rectory and Parish Church of Slapton to another son, etc. Will dates 1815, copy c1818. £12.00

  162. Weedon Beck AN ACT for making Compensation of the Proprietors of certain Lands and Hereditaments, situate at Weedon Beck in the County of Northampton.... 5pp, disbound, sm. folio, Act of Parliament. 1804. £15.00

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  163. Alnwick LETTER from James Russell to Thos. Adams at Mr. English's Coal Merchant, London. Alnwick July 1800. 2p., folio. Mentions Leadbitter of Amble Hope had given Mr Riddell a proposal for the Holm Colliery 'this Leadbitter served his time as a viewer to Johnson of Byker'. Describes a hurricane which had turned the pear trees at the Summer House 'quite black with the Hurricane as if they had been set on fire... the Vinery has suffered a little... 6 or 7 panes broke by the stones blown from the walls... the Duke has in his Vinery above 100 broke panes...'. On conjoint leaf are two letters from Mr Russell. Address panel with wax seal on verso. 1800. £18.00

  164. Newcastle ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Composite map, made up of 4 quarter sheets, Sheets 14 and 15 and sheets to the south. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 38" x 25". Area round Newcastle and to the north hand-coloured in different colours according to area, and neatly titled ' Prestwick', 'Dinnington', etc. A few repaired marginal tears. O.S. blindstamp 1902. £30.00
    Covers Newcastle, Blyth, Sunderland, Morfet.

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  165. Colston Basset APPORTIONMENT OF RENT CHARGE IN LIEU OF TITHES in the Parish of Colston Basset. 19 pages on vellum, written on one side only, column heads printed with information entered in manuscript, size 19" x 24" limp calf wraps. Tear in calf on back wrap, which is also rubbed at edges. 1842. £80.00
    Lists landowner, occupier, name of property, cultivation, quantity, remarks.

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  166. All Souls AN ACT for enabling the Warden and College of the Souls of All Faithful People deceased of Oxford to grant Building and Improving Leases of their Estates in the County of Middlesex. 8pp., sm. folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1846. £10.00

  167. Oxford Great Ram Fair CATALOGUE OF 40 OXFORDSHIRE-DOWN SHEARLING RAMS for Sale by Auction.... Bred by and the Property of Mr. E. Gillett, Cote House, Bampton... August 10th, 1892. Catalogue printed on card, 4p., size 6" x 4", names sire and sire of dam, with columns for entering purchaser and price, 'Reference to Sires', on verso. 1892. £10.00

  168. Stoke Lyne LETTER signed S.T. Cole, to an unknown correspondent, dated Tredenham 5 May 1820. 22 lines on both sides of single 4to sheet. Says he has received 'the Nos. from 23 to 27'. Refers to Lady Sophia Pierrepoint 'who is a friend of my Wife's Lady Elizth. Cole.' Suggests that he visit Mr Walter Jewkes(?) house which is near his relation Sir Henry Ibbetson's. 1820. £22.00
    'As you intend to Print the subscribers names I send mine underneath as correct. On my Estate at Stoke Lyne in Oxon. at one Period stood a very Fine Building placed in a delightful situation but during the Life Time of the late Countess of Shipbrook from whom I inherit the Place it was burnt to the Ground'.

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  169. Shrewsbury SHREWSBURY SUBURBAN ROADS AND BRIDGE TO KINGSLAND Plans and Sections Session 1880. Engineer Thomas Charles Townsend, Shrewsbury. Set of lithographed plans, size 21" x 29", sewn at edge but lacking cloth spine, buff wraps printed with title. Scale of plans 4 chains to an inch. Comprises title page and plans on three sheets, sections on three sheets. Shows buildings, street names, river, boat house, churches, schools etc., limit of deviation. 1880. £85.00
    Begins at the Grove Inn, Shrewsbury, shows parish of St. Julian, St. Chads.

  170. Whitchurch linen draper W & T VENABLES return sincere thanks to numerous Friends for their kind Patronage and... Broadside, size 15" x 12", approx. 500 words in large type, explaining their mode of business, their capital, and why they are able to sell their goods cheaply. R.B. Jones, Printer, Whitchurch. Oct. 5th 1827. £55.00

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  171. Bath CATALOGUE of Household Furniture... Two Grand Pianofortes, Mahogany Dining-Room Furniture... Upwards of 20 Cases of Stuffed Birds... which will be Sold by Auction... March 8, 1900. 15pp, 8vo. 1900. £9.00
    Note in ink 'The estate of the late J. Stone'. Birds include Northern Diver, Sandpipers, Kingfishers, Godwit, Oyster-Catchers.

  172. Bath City Centre ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet Somerset IV.5. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 37". Covers The Circus, Locksbrook, Alexander Park, Morland Brick & Tile Works. Public Houses shaded in pink, and three which are in the bottom left corner named in red ink. 6" repaired tear at right edge. 2" brown stain in right margin from old sellotape, and in a few places bottom left some light narrow strips of tape, not obscuring printing. Second Edition 1904.... together with.... CITY OF BATH DEVELOPMENT PLAN TOWN MAP. Town & Country Planning Act 1962. Amendment No. 6 (1965). Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 28" x 31", plus margins with large title, key. Residential areas printed in pink, letters and numbers in red indicating Business Use, Shopping, Car Parks, area of Landscape Value etc. There are to overlays showing changes, north of Weston and at Lambridge. Two other overlays have been lost.... together with Ordnance Survey Map made of two part sheets, 25" to 1 mile, size 26" x 39", no margins, public houses shaded red. Covers Twerton Farm to Sydenham Buildings. 3 items. 1904 and 1965. £35.00

  173. Bath Improvements AN ACT for better paving, cleaning, lighting, watching, regulating and improving, the City of Bath... 44pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1814. £18.00

  174. Batheaston ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet Somerset VIII 15 & 16. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Size 28" x 37", plus margins. Buildings printed in pale green. Paper slightly ragged at top right edge along about 18", tears not extending beyond margin. Slight darkening of paper at left edge... together with... Sheet VIII 11 & 12. Covers Sandybank Farm, Upper & Lower Shockerwick Farms, inset of Shockerwick House. Gloucestershire area blank... together with... Sheet VIII 13. Covers Charlcombe, Woolley. 3 items. Edition of 1932. £25.00
    Covers most of Batheaston, Bathford Bridge, Bathford Paper Mill, 'Elmhurst', Shockerwick Farm.

  175. Bonnor (T), drawn and engraved by LONG ASHTON CHURCH. Copper-plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", plus margins. 1791. £14.00
    From Collinson's History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset.

  176. Bonnor (T), drawn and engraved by SUTTON COURT. The Seat of Henry Strachey. Copper-plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 7" x 10", plus margins. 1791. £20.00
    From Collinson's History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset.

  177. Chard OBLIGATION BOND Thomas Lawrence and Elizabeth Lane of Chard to Charles Edwards for £263. 1p., sm. folio, preamble printed with ms inserts, the main paragraph in manuscript. Signed by Thomas Lawrence and by Elizabeth Lane with her mark, two small wax seals. Blank conjoint leaf. Folds. 1809. £16.00

  178. Drayton Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Drayton... 17pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1817. £15.00

  179. Elections TO THE GENTLEMEN, CLERGY & YEOMANRY, Freeholders of the County of Somerset. The melancholy event which has so recently occurred, must cause a dissolution of the present Parliament.... Handbill, 20 lines, small folio, printed on one side only, stating the E. Ayshford Sanford intends to stand again, and solicits support. Split along all but 1" of horizontal fold repaired on verso with archival tape. The handbill has been used by a lawyer to write details of a case in the Exchequer on the verso, and there are a couple of words in the margin of the handbill. Cherry, Printer, Wellington. 1830. £25.00
    The 'melancholy event' was the death of George IV.

  180. Evercreech PARTICULARS of the Freehold Estates known as the Evercreech Park Farm, Bagbury Farm, & Durns.... to be Sold By Auction.... 8th of August, 1862. 3 pages, size 17" x 11". Folded. With detailed schedules of each farm, listing fields with cultivation, tenant, acreage. etc. 1862. £18.00

  181. Exmoor Inclosure AN ACT for vesting in His Majesty certain Parts of the Forest of Exmoor, otherwise Exmore, in the Counties of Somerset and Devon; and for inclosing the said Forest. 35pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1815. £22.00

  182. Frome ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. 281. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 19" plus wide margins. O.S. blindstamp 1909. £20.00

  183. Glastonbury Abbey Estate PARTICULARS, WITH PLANS, VIEWS, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF A VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, Comprising the Elegant and Distinguished Mansion known as The Abbey House.... also the Two Entrance Lodges, and 22 Cottages.... In a portion of the Grounds stand the Magnificent and Historic Ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, Which are in a good state of preservation.... Which will be sold by Auction.... by Mr Robert Bowring in a marquee in the grounds On Thursday, the 6th day of June, 1907. Folio, original printed boards, cloth spine. 23 pages, plus 9 pages of photographic illustrations, many large and one to a page, tissue guards. Folding map and folding coloured plan. Each page of text with decorative border. Includes 'The Story of Glastonbury Abbey. By the Reverend Chancellor Scott Holmes.' Paper on front board rubbed and worn around edges, narrow strip of paper approx. a quarter of an inch wide and 4 inches long torn from front board, with loss of some letters in the address of the auctioneer. 1907. £190.00

  184. Glastonbury and Bath INVOICE of James Colmer Ltd., Drapery, Outfitting, Bath. Printed heading. Together with bill of W.H. Murch, Ironmonger, Gas and Bell Fitter, Glastonbury. Folds. 1905 and 1906. £5.00

  185. Keynsham TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 25" to 1 mile. Sheet VII.9 and sheet to south. The bottom margin of VII.9 has been trimmed away as has the top margin of the lower sheet, so that they butt up together (but not glued). Overall size 50" x 29". Left margins trimmed away. 3 neat red circles have been drawn at a quarter, half and three-quarter mile radii from Keynsham church, and public houses have been coloured red or blue, and neatly named in ink. Edition of 1931. £28.00
    Covers Somerdale Factory, Durley Park, Avon Paper Mills, Isolation Hospital.

  186. Knightstone Theatre, Weston-super-Mare CINDERELLA Pantomime playbill. Weston-super-Mare British Legion present their 14th Annual Pantomime, in 11 Gorgeous Scenes. See The Wonder Circus, The Dancing Donkeys.... Playbill printed in three colours on card, size 12" x 8", with picture of Cinderella and Prince. 1952. £12.00

  187. Marriott (J), Publisher THE TAUNTON COURIER and Western Advertiser. September 12, 1860. Newspaper, 8 pages. Folds. Two brown stains just under mast-head. 1860. £14.00
    Contains Notices of two meetings of the West Somerset Mineral Railway, advertisement for Mr. Henry's demonstration of his Great Orrery at The Assembly Rooms, police court reports, floral shows at Sydney Gardens, Bath, and at Lyme.

  188. Mere RELEASE of a messuage and lands at Westhay, John Esgar of Mark, George Cooke of Wookey, to the Rt. Hon. George Somerville. Vellum, size 31" x 33", 3 wax seals. 1753. £22.00
    Names the various closes of land.

  189. Minehead Harbour AN ACT for Prolonging the Term for Payment of certain Duties Granted by an Act.... Intituled, An Act for Recovering, Securing, and Keeping in Repair the Harbour of Minehead, for the Benefit and Support of the Navigation and Trade of this Kingdom. Black Letter. Cover leaf and 5pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1712. £18.00

  190. "Orchardleigh" Estate Frome PARTICULARS OF A VALUABLE ANNUITY, To continue during the Joint Lives of a gentleman and lady, both in the 71st Year of their Age.... Secured on the well-known Important and Very Valuable Estate of "Orchardleigh," in the Parish of Frome.... Will be sold by Auction by Messrs Daniel Smith and Son at the Mart, On Tuesday, the 15th October, 1839. Folio, 3pp, folded, with docket title. 1839. £55.00

  191. Rowe (G), Exeter, Drawn and Published by THE GEORGE INN (The Abbey Prison), Glastonbury. Lithograph, size 7" x 6", plus wide margins. Some minor creasing at two corners. c1835. £18.00
    A busy scene showing organ grinder with monkey, children on cart etc.

  192. Somerton A CATALOGUE of the Equipment of the Residence 'The Grange', to be Sold by Auction... July 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 1909. 42pp., 8vo, wraps. 1909. £8.00

  193. Staple Fitzpaine LEASE of a messuage and tenement containing 18 acres, Henry Portman of Brayanstone, Dorset, to Jane Redford of Staple Fitzpaine, widow. Vellum, size 18" x 25", wax seal. Signed Portman. Ink slightly faded. 1770. £16.00

  194. Wells TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION for the Lives of three healthy Persons; At the Bull's-Head Inn, in the City of Wells... 26th day of January Instant... The Under-Mentioned Messuage Lands and Premises; Situate in the Tithing of Coxley and near to the said City... Handbill, size 15" x 10", some light creasing. Some prices and purchasers' names added in ink. Lists 10 Lots, with name of field, acreages, occupier. Printed by J.E. Lewis, of whom may be had Stamps for Bills.... 9th January 1815. £45.00
    Includes land called South Croft at Polsham, Folly-Ground, Dwelling House at Coxley.

  195. Woodley (W), Publisher THE WESTERN NEWS and Farmers' Market Reporter. Taunton, Monday and Tuesday June 4 and 5. Broadsheet newspaper, 4p. Small vignettes of ships etc., in notices on front page, masthead with coat of arms. Folds. (1859). £14.00
    Includes news from Haselbury, Chard, Milverton, Wincanton, Dulverton etc.

  196. Yatton LEASE of the prebend and parsonage of Yatton.... the Mansion House.... pastures, trees.... Rents Reversions.... Courts Baron fines herriots.... Tythes etc. Dr. Thomas Eyre to Earl Poulett. 11th March, 1799. Contemporary copy on paper, 3 closely-written pages, flscp. 1801. £20.00

  197. Yeovil LEASE FOR A YEAR of a cottage in Preston Lane, Yeovil, John Goodford of Chilton Cantelo to Thomas Vagg of Yeovil. Vellum, size 15" x 23", wax seal. 1835. £16.00

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  198. Greenwood (C. & H) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF STAFFORDSHIRE. From an Actual Survey made in the Years 1818 & 1819. Engraved map, linen-backed and folding to 8vo, hand coloured, with an engraved inset view of Lichfield Cathedral. Size approx. 25" x 29". Scale approx. 1" = 3 miles. Explanation table and Reference to Hundreds. 1820.. £65.00

  199. Longdon and Cannock Wood FINAL AGREEMENT between George Boughey and William and Dorothy Davenport relating to messuage, stable, barn, orchard, thirty acres of land and common of pasture for cattle. Vellum, size 7" x 21", some light spotting, folds, some brown stains on verso. 1749. £18.00

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  200. Beccles Improvements AN ACT for paving, lighting, cleansing, and other improving, the Streets, and other publick Passages, and Places, within the Town of Beccles, in the County of Suffolk. Cover leaf + pages numbered 715-732, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1796. £14.00

  201. Ellingham and Geldeston POSTER advertising sale of Cottage Properties at the White Lion Inn, Beccles, 10th November, 1865. Size 20" x 13", folds. Small tear at top margin. Crisp and Moore, Steam Printing Works, Beccles. 1865. £20.00
    With details of the three lots, including acreage, tenant, land tax etc. The purchase of the cottages also conferred 'Votes for East Norfolk'.

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  202. Lambeth AN ACT for amending and enlarging the Powers of an Act.... to enable His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales to grant Leases of certain Lands and Premises called Prince's Meadows, in the Parish of Lambeth, in the County of Surrey, Parcel of His said Royal Highness's Dutchy of Cornwall, for the building therein. 9pp, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1812. £10.00

  203. Thornton Heath LEASE of land in the Canterbury Road with tenement and public house known as the Duke of York. 15pp., 4to, on vellum, sewn at edges, last page being a fully coloured manuscript plan of the premises, scale 20ft = 1". Noakes and Co. to John Langford. 1909. £18.00

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  204. Brighton AN ACT to authorize the Sale of the Royal Pavilion at Brighton, and the Grounds thereof; and to apply the Money arising from such Sale. 4pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1849. £15.00

  205. Eastbourne THE LINKS Meads, Eastbourne. A Young Methodism Guest House. Souvenir Booklet. 20pp., 8vo, printed card wraps, which are slightly spotty. Each page has a photograph of the house or surroundings. 20 autographs and address of fellow guests, in ink, inside of back wrap. Late 1930s? £8.00

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  206. Appleby AUCTION POSTER. To Be Sold by Auction.... at the house of Mrs Lamb, The Sign of the Crown and Mitre, in Appleby.... on Saturday the 28th Day of February.... several Closes of Valuable Land, situate at Bongate Town Head, near Appleby.... Size approx. 12" x 7", printed on one side only, small portion torn from left hand margin, folds, few small and one slightly larger holes, not affecting text, some contemporary in names and sums. 1824. £15.00

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  207. Berwick Saint James & Fisherton Anger AN ACT For Dividing and Allotting the Open and Common Fields, and other Commonable Lands and Grounds, in the Parishes of Berwick Saint James and Fisherton Anger. 19pp., small folio, separately paginated, docket title. Decorative headpiece. 1789. £16.00

  208. Bradford on Avon AN ACT for repairing and improving several Roads leading to and from the Town of Bradford... and for maintaining a Bridge over the River Avon, at Stokeford... 42pp., small folio, disbound. Last four pages foxed. 1819. £16.00

  209. Chirton AN ACT For Dividing, Allotting, and Inclosing the Open and Common Fields and Downs, Common Meadows, Common Pastures, and Commonable and Waste Lands within the Manor or Tithing of Chirton otherwise Cherrington in the County of Wiltshire. pages numbered 1-24 + docket title, disbound, small folio, folded, rear leaf slightly dusty. Act of Parliament. 1800. £14.00

  210. Cholderton Estate PARTICULARS Plan and Conditions of Sale of Sheep & Cattle Grazing Farm.. 80 acres of Copse well suited for shooting purposes. 8pp., folio, wraps, folding plan. Traces of vertical crease. 1925. £22.00

  211. County Rate LIST OF PARISHES AND PLACES with the Amount of Present Assessment and of The Rateable Value... Proposed to be Adopted for The New Assessment... 8pp., 8vo., title page as front wrap. 1844. £16.00

  212. Hippenscombe Estate PARTICULARS of the Hippenscombe Estate A Sporting and Agricultural Property comprising about 822 Acres.... Old Fashioned Residence, Farm Buildings & Four Cottages... for Sale by Auction... 23rd July, 1915. 8pp., folio, wraps, traces of vertical fold. Lacks plan at rear. 1915. £8.00

  213. Little Hinton PLAN of Home Farm. Litho. plan prepared for Auctioneers, on glazed cotton, size 29" x 13". Scale 1" = 200 ft. Shows buildings, roads. Area of farm outlined in red. 1949. £7.00

  214. Lower Studley PARTICULARS of a Pleasantly Situate Suburban Residence... Two Closes of Pasture Land... to be sold by auction... 28th June, 1888. 4pp., folded with docket title. 1888. £15.00

  215. Marlborough to Coate Road AN ACT for making and maintaining a Road from Marlborough, to the present Turnpike Road at or near Coate, in the Parish of Liddington... 36pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1819. £12.00

  216. New Swindon PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Block of 11 Well Built Houses, Nos. 1 - 11 Queen Anne's Buildings.... Occupying a commanding position in the important thoroughfare of Faringdon Street, to be Offered for Sale by Auction.... June 27th, 1888. 6pp., folio, folded, with double page coloured plan. 1888. £26.00

  217. Pewsey PARTICULARS OF THE FREEHOLD ESTATE situate at West End. 2pp., 8vo, small plan. 1936. £8.00

  218. Rowde PARTICULARS AND PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Capital Villa Residence.... A Compact Holding, comprising Farm House, Buildings, Yard, Garden.... at Marston.... to be Sold by Auction..... July 20th, 1893. 3pp., folio, folded, double-page coloured plan. 1893. £22.00

  219. Salisbury LIST OF THE PERSONS entitled.... to be Registered as Parliamentary Voters.... for the Borough of New Sarum, in respect of the occupation of Property within the Liberty of the Close of the Canons of the Cathedral.... Printed list, size 23" x 12", in table form giving name, abode, qualification, address of qualifying property. On one side is list of 48 people entitled to vote and to be enrolled as Burgesses, on verso is list of persons to be enrolled as Burgesses but not as Voters (all women).... together with.... 4to sheet headed 'The Close of New Sarum', listing 5 persons and details entitled to Vote for the Southern Division of the County. Both signed by Overseers. 1884. £32.00

  220. West Lavington, Devizes, Seend Roads AN ACT for repairing the Road leading from West-Lavington to the Devizes, and from Devizes to Seend... Black Letter. Cover leaf + 21pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1750. £16.00

  221. Wheatley (William Walter) CURTON MANOR HOUSE Watercolour showing the Manor house, wall in front with gates and large pillars, road in front with figures at the side, small cottage to the right of house, view framed by trees, pink clouds in sky, flock of birds. Size 10" x 14", buff card mount size 17" x 23", initialled 'WWW' bottom centre. c1850. £120.00
    William Walter Wheatley (c1811-1885) was a prolific painter of antiquities, churches, and old buildings in Wiltshire and Somerset. He worked for various patrons including George Weare Braikenridge. Born in Melcombe Regis, he lived for a time in Rode, and later in Bath.

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  222. Alcester and Redditch AUCTION SALE PARTICULARS Ludlow & Briscoe will Sell... on Thursday June 20th, 1907, at 4 p.m., The Worcestershire Estates of the Late Miss Phillips... Divided into 39 Lots.... The Cook Hill Priory Estate... The Nunnery Wood Property, An Attractive Freehold Sporting Estate Adjoining and Woodland Cottage... Cook Hill Farm... Gannow Farm, Rush Farm, Inkberrow... Tookey's Farm, Astwood Bank... 24pp., size 18" x 11", wraps printed in red and black with photo, recent new cloth spine. With 5 very large folding coloured plans, and two single page plans. Key map on back wrap. 7 photographs in text. 1907. £80.00
    'Cook Hill Priory... comprises the quaint brick and stone and half-timbered Homestead, constructed on the site of, and partly from the materials of, the old Priory, together with a brick and stone-faced wing erected about the reign of George II, and a very old and interesting Chapel adjoining...' The estate was granted to Nicolas Fortescue on the dissolution of the monasteries.

  223. Willersey ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of The Top Farm, Willersey, Comprising a most Perfect Tudor Residence... standing about 450 feet above sea level and commanding exceedingly beautiful views over the Vale of Evesham... for sale by auction... July 14th, 1914... 10pp., stiff printed wraps, size 12" x 10", wraps darkened, large number in blue crayon on front wrap. 6 photographic views on 3 pages. 1914. £22.00

  224. Worcester Hop Market AN ACT for confirming an Agreement lately entered into between the Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of the City of Worcester, and the Guardians of the Poor of the said City, for continuing the Hop-Market of the said City in the Workhouse there; and for vesting the Right... of keeping a Hop-Market... in the Guardians of the Poor... Cover leaf + 8pp, small folio, black letter, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1731. £10.00

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  225. Beverley ADMISSION of Joseph Stephenson to a cottage and land at Tickton in the Manor of the Chapter of Beverley. Signed as 'A True Copy' by the Deputy Steward, J. Myers. 1836. £12.00

  226. Humber AN ACT to explain and amend an Act... intituled An Act for taking down and removing certain Light-houses now standing near the Spurn Point, at the Mouth of the Humber and for erecting other fit and convenient Light-houses instead thereof. 12pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1772. £10.00

  227. Leeds PLAN OF THE NEW POST OFFICE BUILDING Scale 8 Feet to an Inch. Lithographed plan, by Thomas Winn, Architect, Leeds, showing three floors. Size 22" x 30". Repaired tear along much of central horizontal fold. n.d. c1880. £18.00
    Prepared for An Arbitration in The Matter of Samuel Croft's Trustees and The Postmaster General.

  228. Pateley Bridge, Fewson ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 12" x 16", folded to small 8vo. Margins have been cut away leaving only piano key border. High ground shown with hachures. c1850. £10.00

  229. Whitby Water Act ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLV S.E. and the sheet to the south, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 25" x 18", plus margins, overprinted in red with 'Whitby Water Act. 1928. House of Lords. The Plan referred to...' and showing the pipe-lines etc. west of New Wath Scar. 1928. £18.00

  230. York INVITATION from the Sheriff of York to a Reception at the Exhibition Buildings, January 16th, 1895. Card size 4" x 6", printed in brown, with shield surrounded by leaves at top... together with... Menu for the City Club, York, Annual Dinner, Nov. 28th, 1894. 4pp., printed in red on card, small 8vo. 1894-5. £14.00

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  231. County Down PRINTED LETTER from A. Edwin Hill, dated Norwood Park, 8th Sept. 1852. 8 lines, on one side of sheet, small 8vo, blank conjoint leaf. Thanks recipients for their support in the late election, and assures them of his desire to promote 'the interests of our common country'. 1852. £6.00
    Hill, a Conservative, was elected for County Down in 1845 and held the seat for 35 years.

  232. Dublin COPY ASSIGNMENT of Miss Georges and The Revd. Mr Roberts of Assignment made by the Executor of Richard Gorges Esq. to Mr Ferdinandus Webber, Organ Builder, of House offices and Ground in Marlborough St., Dublin. 2p., folio, folded. Copy made 1840 of original of 1779. £12.00

  233. Dublin LETTER signed 'John G. Armagh' to Charles Beresford. 5 lines on 1p., 8vo, dated 'Woburne' Dec. 21st 1861, saying he has enclosed a letter from the Registrar of Rooms at Trinity College. A pencil note in the top corner says 'From the old primate about letting me have rooms in T.C.D. in his gift'. 1861. £14.00
    Lord John George de la Poer Beresford (1773-1862), Primate of All Ireland, Chancellor of Trinity College.

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  234. Alyth LETTER on headed paper of John Gibson, Coal and Forage Merchant, Alyth. To J. Murray at Oaty Hill Farm, Laurencekirk, saying he will send a horse to his address in a Horse Van, together with 3 letters between Murray and Gibson about his complaint that the horse is vicious and refusal to pay the full price. 1917. £5.00

  235. Dumbarton DISPOSITION by Sir Archibald Edmonstone of Duntreath, Bart., in favor of Lt. Col. Andrew Geils of Dumbuck. 1822. Contemporary copy on 21 pages, small folio, sewn at left margin, folded. Paper watermarked 1821. £18.00
    Refers to many plots of land in the Burgh of Dumbarton, giving exact location of the lands with adjoining owners, for example 'an acre of land called Guildy Acre lying in the Green of the Burgh of Dumbarton betwixt the lands of the mains of Colquhoun upon the south... and the common way on the north and the land belonging ot Sir James Smollet on the west...'

  236. Dundee and Aberdeen whalers PETITION to the Lord of Council and Session of John Ireland of Nether Urquhart and Robert Low of Fordel, for Appointment of New Trustees. 3p., 4to, printed, folds, small hole where folds meet with loss of a few letters. Paper very dusty. Note of the judgement added in manuscript on the verso of second leaf. 1833. £18.00
    Concerns the will of Robert Glass whereby he bequeathed two shares in the whaling vessels the Dee and the Don, belonging to the port of Aberdeen, and two shares in the whale vessels the Three Brothers and the Calypso, belonging to the port of Dundee, to his nieces Catherine and Margaret Glass. The residue, if none of their sons became a Minister, was to go to the propogation of the Gospel. This was contested by John Glass, of Jamaica, next of kin.

  237. Kircudbrightshire WILSON FAMILY OF CROSSMICHAEL near Kircudbright. Archive of manuscripts relating to the family at Burnbrae and Clarebrand, with items from circa 1780 - 1841. Includes:- (i) Bill of C. Wood for cheese & salt. 1p. sm 4to. 1783. (ii) Letter to John Wilson, Rector of the Grammar School, Leith, re. disposal of their sister Mary's effects. 1p. 4to, 1780. (iii) 'James Wilson in Cossmichael entered with the Incorporation of Weavers, Glasgow' 1794. Sm. 8vo, manuscript. (iii) 'Account of things I have given to James Wilson Stocking Maker in Kirkpatrick... on loan' (stocking frame, bed etc.) 1p. sm. 4to, and a letter to James Wilson from his son, 1798, authorising him to sell his looms when he goes to Glasgow. (iv) Wilson's bill to Wm. Thompson for corn, labour etc. Threatens him with court action. 1p. sm. fo. 1816. (v) Declaration by James Wilson re. maintenance of his sister Janet who had looked after their father since 1798 when 'she came home to her father with a child...' (vi) 'Articles in my Box property of James Wilson Jr.'. 37 items listed including 'a glass for a short-sighted person', 'a brass hefted penknife'. 1p. folio, 1808. (vii) 11 small receipts for payment of rates for various schoolmaster's salaries, and 1p. folio listing 'Valuation & School master's Salary' 'Heritor's Names' - 27 places named. (viii) Papers relative to a suit for damages by John Wilson, one of the masters of the Grammar School of Glasgow against Sir Alexander Gorden. 1804, and a letter from him to his brother authorising him to deal with anything pertaining to Burnbrae, 1794. (ix) Letter from J. Macqueen at Dumfries, to James Wilson his uncle listing items in his father's house at Clarebrand, purchased by Wilson, with sums he offers for buying each item back. 26 items. 1816, and a letter from him to his father Robert and James Wilson asking them to sell his old mare and cow he keeps at Clarebrand and purchase a new horse, 1818. (x) Various bills for shoemender, doctor, draper, peat, rum, costs for funeral of John Wilson, 'sleatting a House', etc. 1780-1841. £95.00
    A James and Margaret Wilson are shown on the 1841 census at Burnbrae (James was aged 60).

  238. Ramsay and Son, Publisher THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT Feb. 9th, 1835. Newspaper, 4pp. 1835. £12.00
    Contains adverts for auction sales, report of dinner at Perth for Hon. Fox Maule, murder in Leith etc.

  239. Stirling AT STIRLING the sixth day of October one thousand seven hundred and seventy two years in presence of the Commissioners of Supply of the County of Stirling... anent the Petition of William Murray of Touchadam... Jean Don of Wester Livelands commissioned by James Nathaniel Kind of Wester Livelands her son for managing his Estate of Wester Liveland... 40 pages, manuscript, small folio. Lacks at least one page at the end. At the beginning of the document is a list of 20 areas of land with their value taken from a survey book of 1730. Other lands are listed in continuous text. Includes 'Benny's Croft belonging to Allan's Hospital', 'John Wordie's at Bannockburn Bridge in Balquhidrock...' 1772. £18.00

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  240. Cardigan FOUR INDENTURES Further charge on an agreement to mortgage the Lloyd Jack Estate in Llanvihangel Ystrad in Cardigan, Henry R.B. Touchet Davies late of Merwin Lodge, Ross, to James Bowker and F. Peake. Each 3p., signed with small seal. 1864-5. £15.00

  241. Llangendeirne, Carmarthen MAP OF DAN Y RALLT and Nant-r-Aur Cottage etc. in the County of Carmarthen The Property of J.A. Timmins Esq. By John Lewis Surveyor 1862. Scale of 3 Chains to an Inch. In ink and pale colour wash, on thick paper backed with linen. Size 16" x 17", plus margins. Shows field outlines, brook, plantations, watering places, quarry, houses. Reference table with names of fields, house etc. with acreages. 1862. £85.00

  242. Llangunnor, Carmarthenshire MAP OF MOUNT HILL in the Parish of Llangunnor In the County of Carmarthen. The Property of J.A. Timmins. By John Lewis, Surveyor. Manuscript plan in ink and wash colour on thick paper backed with linen, size 12" x 15", plus margins. Scale one and a half chains to an inch. Decorative title, compass rose with fleur de lys, scale bar, Table of Reference listing house, shrubberies, plantation etc., with acreages. Finely-drawn plan of the Mansion and grounds, showing in detail the flower beds, shrubberies with different trees, vegetable gardens, lawns, pond. Adjoining owners named. The road to Pensarn shown. 1866. £120.00
    Mount Hill was built in the second quarter of the 19th century. It is still standing.

  243. Welsh literature LETTER from Tresilian(?) Williams to Egerton Grey. Says 'this little story has no Welsh colour about it - try again, that is, try your hand at a short story dealing with Welsh life and character.' Roath Park, Cardiff, June 6 1910... together with... another rejection letter to the same writer 'I cannot find room for the enclosed in the next number of 'The Nationalist'. The other little poem has been sent on to the printers'. Each 1p., 8vo. 1910-11. £10.00

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  244. Almshouses, Poor Knights AN ORDINANCE for the Continuance and Maintenance of the Alms-Houses & Alms-Men called Poor Knights and Other Charitable and Pious uses, Whereof the late Dean and Canons of Windsor were Feoffees in Trust. 13pp., small folio, plus cover leaf. Disbound. Act of Parliament. Black letter, with coat of arms on cover leaf and at head above title on first page, last leaf loose and browned at edges, cover leaf slightly spotty. Ordered by His Highness the Lord Protector and the Council 1654... Henry Hills and John Field, Printers, 1655. £50.00
    The lands whose revenues were to be used to support the foundation were mainly in the West Country.

  245. Amherst (Earl) FREE FRONT sent to G.L. Austen at Sevenoaks. Red 'Free' stamp with '9 NO 9 1832', and Stratford on Avon circular postmark No. 8 1832. 'Amherst' signature bottom left, remains of black wax seal at top. 1832. £8.00
    William Pitt Amherst was Governor-General of India in 1823.

  246. Arts Council of Great Britain GEORGE CRUIKSHANK Catalogue of an Exhibition February - April 1974. 59pp., 4to. Numerous illustrations. Lacks something from a small pocket inside back wrap. With an article by William Feaver. A few ink marks in margins. 1974. £10.00

  247. Bainbridge (H.S) CHRISTMAS CARD Chromolithographic card. Finely printed with sprays of flowers, two sections, held by silk down 'spine', white silk fringe all around, four flower sprays and poems by Bainbridge about Christmas and New Year, one on each side. Long blue silk tassel. The whole contained inside blue card wraps, 8vo, with cloth spine. c1880. £10.00
    The flowers are white jasmine, carnation, wild clematis and sweet pea.

  248. Betts's NEW RAILWAY AND COMMERCIAL MAP OF ENGLAND & WALES on which the various Lines of Railroad, The Turnpike & Principal Cross Roads, with the Courses of the Rivers & Canals are Carefully Laid Down, and the Situation of the Cities, Market Towns and Principal Villages accurately described. Handcoloured engraved map, size 36" x 30". Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into cloth endpapers with printed label. Original owner's inscription on front endpaper, dated September 1850. Inserted in slipcase with gilt title. Counties fully shaded in different colours, with darker shade around county boundaries. 1850. £145.00

  249. Bonhams AUCTION CATALOGUE of Scientific and Medical Instruments, Barometers, Cameras... 21st July 1998. 44pp., 4to, glossy wraps. Many photographs. Title page partly loose, lacks last page of conditions of sale. 1998. £16.00
    Includes waywiser, compasses, sextants, microscopes etc.

  250. Bookseller's advertisement CHERRYCOMB & SILVERTAIL A Tragedy in 2 Acts by A.M. Being A Page from the Log of the Good Ship Nile Containing the only true account yet published of the Lives, Loves & Adventures of Cherrycomb & Silvertail. London. Routledge Warne & Routledge. Sold Here. Lithographed card in black, white, and red on a green ground. Size approx. 9" x 12". Decorative lettering, border. Shows a large egg with the second part of the title in it, flanked by a hen and a cock, the hen telling him 'she cannot return his affection'. Lavars, Litho. Broad St. Hall, Bristol. (1863). £95.00
    Advertises copies 'Plain 1s 6d' 'Colored 3s 6d'. The book is very scarce, only one copy located on Copac.

  251. British Army in America AN ACT for exonerating the Estates and Effects of the late Sir James Colebrooke, the late Sir George Colebrooke, Arnold Nesbitt.... from all Claims and Demands in respect of any Contracts entered into with His Majesty's Government. 9pp., sm. folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1815. £14.00
    Those named had entered into an agreement in 1758 for supplying provisions for the British Army garrisons at Louisburgh and Saint John.

  252. Christie's AUCTION CATALOGUE for sale of Scientific, Philosophical and Medical Instruments. South Kensington, 29th November, 1990. 38pp., 4to, stiff wraps with colour photographs, numerous illustrations. 1990. £18.00
    Includes globes and sundials.

  253. Cincinnati, U.S.A THE PHOENIX CARRIAGE COMPANY Price List No. 40. 1901. Leaflet, 4pp., 8vo., listing 40 types of vehicle with prices. Paper with creases at bottom, small repaired marginal tear. Enclosed is a typewritten letter, dated 1901, on company headed notepaper, with decorative heading featuring a carriage. 1901. £8.00
    Includes 'Doctor's phaeton', 'Stick seat driving wagon', surreys, etc.

  254. Clockmaking AN ACT for the more effectual preventing of frauds and abuses committed by persons employed in the Manufacture of Clocks and Watches 6pp., plus cover leaf with coat of arms. Sm. folio, disbound. Pages loose, held with archival tape at spine. Act of Parliament. Paper slightly darkened. 1754. £20.00

  255. Cornwall & Devon Miners AN ACT for repealing an Act.... intituled, An Act for raising a Body of Miners in the Counties of Cornwall and Devon.... and for the more effectually raising and regulating a Body of Miners for the Defence of Great Britain. Pages numbered 12pp, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. 1802. £9.00

  256. Devon and Bristol TO THE PROPRIETOR OF THE PRINCESS ROYAL STEAMER for Freight From Bristol. L. Llewellyn Esq. Printed form with manuscript inserts, size 5" x 8". Columns for goods, measurement, charges etc. 1854. £20.00

  257. Devon, Cornwall, Somerset SIX ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets XX (West Somerset), XXIII (Dartmouth), XXIV (Plymouth), XXVI (Okehampton, Tawstock), XXVII (North Devon), XXIX (Bude Bay). Scale 1" to 1 mile. Each sheet 25" x 37", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo, edges bound in silk tape. All sheets affected by some light brownish spotting, particularly in sea areas, apart from Sheet XXVI, which is only affected in top right sections. Good strong impressions of an early state, corresponding to Margary State 6. Sheets XXIII, XXVI and XXVII have a line of brown silk stitching, presumably following some geological feature, and notes referring to 'Sedge & Mur' figures, no doubt relating to a work by geologists Sedgewick and Murchison, and Sheet XX has some small areas in Somerset (e.g. Brent Knoll) hand-coloured in mauve or pink, with key in margin for 'lias' and 'red marl & sandstone'. Six items. n.d. 1830's. £180.00
    Sedgewick and Murchison wrote various papers together in the 1830's.

  258. Dulau & Company Ltd, Old Bond St. OLD PRINTS, MAPS & DRAWINGS Persian & Indian Miniatures... and a Few Important Rarities. Catalogue 190. 37pp., 8vo., wraps. Wraps repaired down spine with archival tape. Illusts... together with... Old Prints & Maps. Catalogue. 29pp., numerous illustrations. 2 items n.d. 1940's? £12.00
    Includes botanical paintings on vellum by the Misses Crabtree, 'Original Sketch-Books of the Great Pre-Raphelites'.

  259. Fisher family of Gloucestershire, Staffordshire, etc. GENEALOGICAL NOTES Manuscript in 4 small 8vo notebooks. Comprises (i) Notebook, limp calf wraps, approx. 160 pages of notes plus some blanks. A few leaves loose. Includes heraldic description of the arms of 20 various branches, pedigrees written in a very small hand (beginning from the 17th and 18th centuries), some tipped in on folding blue paper, blue paper occasionally slightly discoloured, list of Fishers buried in Gloucestershire, extracts from registers of Baptisms at Elmstone Hardwick, notes on Fisher portraits, relevant extracts from Rudder, Atkyns, Chalmers Biographical Dictionary, etc. (ii) Vellum bound notebook, brass clasp 'Notes disconnected & unarranged'. 70 pages. (iii) Another notebook, same binding as (i), Baptisms, marriages etc. from Registers of Alrowas, Stafford, more on registers of Elmstone Hardwick, 1565-1689. 17p. (iv) Another parchment-bound notebook, duplication of notebook (iii) in a tidier hand. 15p. c1890. £85.00
    'Feb. 6th 1889 I went to the Royal College of Arms where I had an interview with Alfred Scott-Gatty, Esq., York Herald, who was most kind and careful in helping to search the records...' Apparently Benjamin Fisher had applied for arms and 'Mr Naylor sent him a rough sketch of of the arms that would be assigned to him', but the writer possessed a document that he did not sign and return so 'the Fishers of Stroud are a non-armigerous family'.

  260. Funeral of Winston Churchill SUNDAY EXPRESS AND THE SUNDAY TIMES Churchill Memorial Issue. January 31st 1965. 32 and 16 pages respectively, broadsheet size. Many large photographs. Sunday Times with slight wear at horizontal fold on front page, and some light browning at vertical fold. 1965. £14.00

  261. Gaming AN ACT for the more effectual preventing of excessive and deceitful Gaming. 10pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. Attractive woodcut initial letter with cherubs etc. 1739. £16.00

  262. Gaming AN ACT to explain... an Act... intituled An Act for the more effectual Punishment of Persons who shall attain... Possession of Goods or Money by false or untrue Pretences... for the preventing Gaming in Publick Houses by Journeymen, Labourers, Servants and Apprentices... 12pp., sm. folio, plus cover leaf. Woodcut headpiece with ships etc. 1784. £10.00

  263. Gotch (Bernard) LINOCUT black and white, titled in pencil in margin 'Winter', signed Bernard Gotch in pencil on the right. On thin paper, size 6" x 7", mounted along top margin on thin card. Letter 'G' in bottom corner. 1940's or earlier. £40.00
    Attractive view of a village street under snow, fields and trees on lef, cottage with three gabled windows on the right, other houses beyond. This same print illustrated on the Oxford Museum of the History of Science website shows the same print titled and signed as above, but with 'Dry Sandford' added after 'Winter'.

  264. Great Western Railway AN ACT for enabling Arrangements with reference to the Purchase, Lease, or other Use by the Great Western Railway Company of the Wilts, Somerset, and Weymouth Railway, the Gloucester and Dean Forest Railway, and the South Wales Railway respectively.... 12pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1851. £14.00

  265. Great Western Railway STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS for the GWR Widows and Orphans' Benevolent Fund. June 1881. 3pp., 4to. With Report of Secretary, list of Committee members (Daniel Gooch at head), Account... together with... List of Subscriptions and Donations. With addresses. 4pp., 8vo. 1881. £12.00

  266. Great Western Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the Great Western Railway at Swindon to the London and South-western Railway at Andover.... 22pp, separately paginated, sewn, docket title. Act of Parliament. 1873. £14.00

  267. Iron Founders etc. SIX LETTERS on headed paper from the Coalbrookdale Compy. Ltd., Shropshire, to F.G. Bedoes, Ironmonger, at Iron Bridge. Typed, quoting prices etc.... with four letters on headed paper of Richard Johnson, Clapham & Morris Ltd., Manchester, Wire Nails, Bolts & Nuts, quoting prices for nails etc... with similar letters from Jones Sewing Machine Company, Singer & Co. Ltd. Cycle Manufacturer, Coventry, and Whitecross Company, Rolled & Drawn Steel & Iron Wire, Warrington. 15 items. 1908-9. £9.00

  268. Ivory Coast, Guinea, Sudan, Togo MAP Croquis du Sahara et ses Regions Limitrophes au 1.000.000e. Dresse par the A.O.F. a Dakar en 1926. Map printed in black, blue, brown and pink, size 18" x 80", plus margins, composed of several sheets butted together. 1" = approx. 25 kilometres. Heliograve et imprime par le Service Geographique de l'Armee en 1928. £35.00
    Goes from Jebba in Nigeria in the east to Makump in Sierra Leone in the west

  269. Jones (Edw.), Printer THE LONDON GAZETTE Published by Authority. From Monday September 2 to Thursday September 5 1689. Single sheet, pasted down right margin to plain buff paper, 4to. small piece torn from top left corner, not affecting text. A few very small edge tears. 1689. £18.00
    Includes reports of robbery of the North mail by three men on horseback who 'opened the Scotch and found therein Lord Melvil's black box', reports from Carrickfergus, Edinburgh 'divers heads of Clans come in daily, and take the Oath of Allegiance'.

  270. Lake District ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 38. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 19" plus wide margins. Admiralty stamps in margin. Margins rather dusty. Published 1905. £20.00
    Covers Wastwater, Coniston Water, Windermere.

  271. Lewis (Sir George Cornewall) LETTER dated Kent House April 29, 1861. On 3 sides, small 8vo., embossed coat of arms in blue at head. To 'My dear C. Bodenham'. Thanks him for letting him know about Mr Price's will, and asks him to thank his brother for the advice about precedence of Mayors 'I intend to act upon it, & to bring in a Bill to put them at the head of the Borough magistrates...'. 1861. £15.00
    Lewis was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1855-58. He argued against British intervention in the American Civil War. He was interested in linguistics and Herefordshire dialect. Bodenham was a solicitor in Hereford.

  272. Mathematics for building MANUSCRIPT NOTEBOOK of mathematical problems for 'Artificer's work'. 4to notebook, rough brown paper wraps, 24p. Consists of problems and solutions for 'Measuring', 'Plaisterer's Work' etc. 'What will the paving of a rectangular courtyard come to at £3.3s per yard supposing the length to be...', 'What will the wainscotting of room come to at 6s per square...'. Watermark 1804. £40.00

  273. Mirabeau (Comte de) ICI A ETE PRESENTE LE CORPS de Honore-Gabriel Riquetti Ci-Devant Comte de Mirabeau. Broadside with heading as above, giving the epitaph at the Eglise S. Eustache, 'Execute per Palloy, Patriote', Below are five lines about the service in his memory organised by 'les Apotres de la Liberte de M. Palloy, de retour de leur Mission dans les 83 Departemens du Royaume' 12 Mai 1791. Printed on pale blue paper, size 16" x 12", folded in four. no date or printer. 1791 or slightly later. £65.00

  274. Morris Motors Ltd. THE MORRIS EIGHT Series 'E'. Brochure, 9pp., oblong 4to, 3 cold plates, including double page coloured 'section' of the car showing all the works inside. Lists prices. Rusty marks at staples, which have rusted away, wraps and first page grubby. 1945. £15.00

  275. Moss Bros. RIDING, HUNTING KIT AND SADDLERY Price List October 1949. 4pp., 8vo., green wraps with illustration of hunting horn etc. 1949. £7.00

  276. Naval Timber AN ACT to continue.... an Act.... for permitting the Importation of Masts, Yards, Bowsprits, and Timber for Naval Purposes, from the British Colonies in North America, Duty-free. 2pp, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. 1810. £10.00

  277. Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Rutland ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 37", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into faded sm. 4to marbled paper wraps with title in ink on front wrap. n.d. c1860. £50.00
    Shows Oundle, Stamford, Melton Mowbray, Bourn, Deeping Fen, Peterborough.

  278. Ogilby (J) THE ROADS FROM EXETER TO DORCHESTER and from Plimouth to Darmouth com. Devon By John Ogilby Esq., His Maties. Cosmographer... the first containing 51 miles 6 furlongs... Handcoloured engraved 'Ribbon' road map, attractive title cartouche with coat of arms, fruit etc., compass rose on each of the six strips. Size 13" x 17", plus margins. Central fold. No printed page number, but someone has added '49' in pale ink. top left corner. c1675. £175.00
    A good strong impression. The edition with no plate number.

  279. Ordnance Survey ANCIENT BRITAIN A Map of the Major Visible Antiquities of Great Britain Older Than A.D. 1066. South Sheet and North Sheet. Two maps, scale 1/625,000, glazed card wraps. Index of names etc. Second Edition 1964. £15.00

  280. Ordnance Survey MAP OF BRITAIN IN THE DARK AGES Scale 1:1000,000. South Sheet. Linen-backed, decorative card wraps. Small water-stain at top of front wrap. 19pp. booklet at front. Recent owner's bookplate inside front wrap. 1939. £10.00

  281. Ordnance Survey MAP OF ROMAN BRITAIN Scale 16 Miles to One Inch. Coloured map, folding to 4to, 44pp. of text. Glazed printed wraps with coloured mosaic decoration. Third Edition. 1956. £12.00

  282. Pharmacy CHEMIST'S RECIPE BOOK 1870's. 92 pages of recipes in an 8vo notebook. Notes on the writer's apprenticeship at the beginning, with relevant letter pasted to endpaper. With index at the front. At the end are a further 46 pages of poetry. Calf spine ragged, with parts missing, cloth on boards stained. A few pages loose. 1870's. £65.00
    Includes 'Arsenical Soap for preserving skins, Birds etc.', 'Pink Dentifrice', 'Sheep head Ointment for Flies', 'Pil. Antibil', 'Gout and Rheumatic Liniment', 'Syr. Ferri et Quinae'. Some of the poetry (signed 'I.H') may be original as there are amendments which do not appear to be through mis-copying but changes by the author. Several of the poems refer to the River Trent, e.g. 'The Trentside Circle' about old friends who met on the banks of the river, 'From Epworth Hill', etc., so there is probably a Lincolnshire connection.

  283. Prince of Orange AN ACT for Naturalizing the most Serene Prince William Charles Henry Friso, Prince of Orange and Nassau. 2pp, disbound, plus cover leaf. Decorative initial letter. 1734. £10.00
    'descended from that Illustrious House to which this Kingdom owes its Preservation from Popery and Slavery'.

  284. Railway Benevolent Institution TO RAILWAY SHAREHOLDERS Printed letter to shareholders asking them to support the Institution with a donation. 4pp., folio. A letter from the Chairman is on the first page, testimonials from supporters on the second page, and on the first page a list of Presidents, Board, etc., and form for donation, with a 'Prospectus' on the last page... with... LIST OF 1,578 CASES RELIEVED OUT OF THE CASUALTY FUND in 12 Months, From November 16, 1875, to November 16, 1876, which was inserted with the above letter. Sheet size 24" x 14", printed on both sides, folded, listing name, rank, railway, cause of death or accident. Prospectus, 4pp., 8vo., with lists of Patrons, Board, accounts, and an address by the Prince of Wales at the Dinner of 1873. 3 items. 1877. £40.00
    Among the testimonials is a long and lively one by Charles Dickens, June 5th, 1867, describing many different kinds of 'railway servants' met with on his journeys... 'I glide out of the station, there he is again, with flags in his hands. There he is again in the open country, at a level crossing... now is there not something in the alacrity, in the ready zeal, in the interest of these men that is not acknowledged, that is not expressed in their mere wages?'

  285. Rutland, Northampton, Leicestershire etc. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Sheet LXIV and sheets to south and west. Composite map, border all round. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into large 8vo endpapers. Paper of endpapers very worn and chipped. Counties coloured in pale wash, county borders with thick shading, main roads, parkland hand-coloured, railways in red. High ground shown with hachures. One section with some small edge tears in paper down one edge. Top left corner and top right corner with some grey damp-spotting, only slightly obtruding onto border at left, and onto an area of the map approx 2" x 2" at 'Deeping Fen' top right. A few rust spots top left. n.d. £110.00
    Covers Ashby de la Zouch, Melton Mowbray, Crowland, Bedford, Towcester, Kington.

  286. Second World War TRANSCRIPTS OF LECTURES and lecture notes about Germany given to soldiers of the British Army or Air Force 1944. Cyclosyled foolscap pages, stapled at top corners, some staples rusty. Some lectures headed 'Control Commission School (Air). Restricted.' Each lecture with headings for aims (e.g. 'To give students a sound knowledge of modern German Government' 'To familiarise the students with Germany... with particular emphasis on the British occupied zone'), Introduction, Development etc. Topics of lectures include 'Probable German Propaganda during the Occupation', 'Examples of Possible Post War Myths Intended to Excuse the German Army for its Defeat', 'Mr Fraser's lecture The Political Mythology of Germany', 'G.A.F. Intelligence Organisation'. 64 pages in all (sheets printed on both sides). 1944. £65.00
    'I do not think we should under-rate in Western Germany anyhow, the effect which the physical surroundings - scenes of destruction and devastation - will have on people going into that country for the first time... any German with whom we come in contact will be very anxious to make the most of that possible atmosphere of sympathy...'. The notes appear to have belonged to an Air Force Captain called Carr.

  287. Simmons (Capt. J.L.A) MAP OF ENGLAND AND WALES SHOWING THE RAILWAYS Canals & Inland Navigation, Compiled From the Ordnance Surveys and other sources For the Use of the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade, &c. Under the Direction of Captain J.L.A. Simmons, Rl. Engrs., F. Mackenzie, Draftsman. Presented to the House of Commons by Command of Her Majesty. Lithographed map size 64" x 56", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into morocco slipcase with gilt title, size 12" x 8", morocco worn at edges. Coast and canals shaded in blue. 'No. 4 Session 1853' written in pencil below printed title top right, title 'Railway Map. England and Wales. No. 4. Session 1853' in gilt on slipcase. 1853. £120.00

  288. Somerset and Dorset A SURVEY AND VALUATION of the Farms, Lands and Tenements belonging to Mrs. Clarissa Vigor in the Parishes of Mark, Winford and Kinston-Seymour in the County of Somerset and in the Parishes of Buckland-Ripers and Broadway in the County of Dorset. Done in 1788, 1789 and 1790 by Richard Richardson of the Devizes. Manuscript, very neatly written. Title page in bold lettering with a variety of calligraphic styles, one page 'General Summary', and 12 double-page spreads ruled in columns for Premises, State in 1789, Quantity, Per Acre, Annual Value, Remarks, written on rectos only. 4to, size 10" x 8", marbled boards, calf spine. The name of the tenant is added in pencil top right. 1790. £85.00

  289. Somerset and Dorset AN ACT for conferring further powers on the Somerset and Dorset Railway Company. 7pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1874. £15.00

  290. Stealing linen AN ACT to prevent the stealing of Linen... from Fields, Grounds, and other Places, used for whitening, bleaching or drying the same. Cover leaf + 2pp., sm. folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. Attractive initial letter with birds etc. 1731. £12.00

  291. Traction Engine and Endless Railway BOYDELL'S PATENT Brochure explaining the invention, with testimonials, proposals for investment. 3p., size 15" x 9", printed on thin paper, closely printed. On the last page is half a page of text and docket title. Traces of folds. Docket title dust-marked. Large lithograph illustration occupying over one third of the first page, showing two men working the engine, which has a tall chimney, and the innovative wheels with 'sleepers and rails, over which the wheel rolls'. Includes reports of trials, testimonials from the Life Boat Institution, W.J. Codrington at the 'Camp before Sebastopol', reports of work on various farms, etc. 'in descanting on the value of this invention as a locomotive engine, it must not be lost sight of that it is equally adapted to all the purposes of any portable or stationary engine... it can convey itself to the scene of operation without the aid of horses or other motive power but what itself contains.' London, January 10, 1857. £95.00
    Proposes a Joint Stock Company to purchase and work the Patent, 12,000 Shares of £10 each. James Boydell joined with the engineer Burrell to produce the first traction engine. 'Boydell patented a system called the 'Endless Railway, which foreshadowed the track-laying vehicles of many years later. Demonstrations of the Burrell-Boydell traction engine at Croxton... and Brackenborough... were held in 1857 and made a very favourable impression' (website of Reading University's Museum of English Rural Life.)

  292. Warwickshire, Worcester ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 28", in four quarter sheets, border all round, normal margin at top and bottom, wide margins mounted at the sides. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into plain 8vo endpapers. A couple of sections top left have buildings hand-coloured in red, and parkland in green. Printed from an Electrotype. c1870. £45.00
    Covers Worcester, Solihull, Stratford upon Avon.

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