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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 81

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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  1. Barton in the Clay, Manor of AT THE GENERAL COURT BARON of the Right Reverend father in God Edward Willes Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells Lord of the said Manor there held for the Manor aforesaid the second day of January... 1745 before William Barker, Steward there... sworn Thomas Brasier, Richard Crouch and William Nash. 11 pages on vellum sheets (written on both sides), each sheet 25" x 11". Tenants presenting include Rev. Wm. Hopkins, for 25 acres, Joseph Striffe, Maltster, for house, land and cottages, Henry Potts for cottages, William Field for messuage, lands and cottage, Owen Davis and Hugh Smyth for messuage, orchards and 26 acres, Thomas Evans for a cottage. Each property described in detail with field names etc.... together with... The General Court Baron... 16th April 1746. 3 pages on similar vellum sheets. Details surrender of Edward Wilson, Wheelwright for 7 acres in the common fields, Admission of Elizabeth Betts for 3 acres in Long Croft and Short Croft near the Water Mill. 1745-6. 140.00

  2. County Theatre, Bedford GOLDILOCKS Charles Denville presents his Spectacular Xmas Family Pantomime... Les Trios Farlows from the Folies Begere Paris... Playbill on card, size 15" x 10", printed in four colours with picture of Goldilocks and bears. early 1950's. 10.00

  3. Felmersham, Thurleigh, Milton Ernest ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet VII S.W, VII S.E etc. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo, cloth endpapers. Water features hand-coloured. Two areas of land shaded. c1890. 24.00

  4. Morden (Robt.) BEDFORDSHIRE Engraved map, uncoloured, size 14" x 16", title cartouche. Central fold. Sold by Abel Swale, Awnsham & John Churchill c1700. 36.00
    From the 1695 edition of Camden's 'Britannia'.

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  5. Bacon BERKSHIRE Reduced from the Ordnance Survey. Scale 1" = 4 miles. Colour printed, size 11" x 16", central fold. Divided into 5 mile squares. 1885. 8.00
    From Bacon's New Large Scale Ordnance Atlas.

  6. River Kennett AN ACT for Enlarging the Time for making the River Kennet navigable from Reading to Newbury in the County of Berks. Cover leaf + pages numbered 207-209, disbound, Act of Parliament, small stamp in corner of first leaf, last leaf loose and waterstaining to portion of fore-edge margins. London: Printed by John Baskett, 1721. 16.00

  7. Sandhurst Manor AN ACT for vesting in His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, certain lands or Grounds, formerly Part of the Wastes of the Manor of Sandhurst, in the County of Berks, freed and discharged of Commonable and other Rights. Pages numbered 1065-1079, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1812. 12.00

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  8. Bristol Waggon & Carriage Works SPECIAL LIST FOR COAL MERCHANTS Corn Merchants, Millers.... 4pp. 20" x 12", folds, illustrating 25 types of cart, with prices for different sizes etc. of each model, brief description. Some slight browning at fold on front page. July 1905. 32.00

  9. Clifton Rocks Railway CLIFTONIA THE BEAUTIFUL With Matchless 'Lift and Spa'. Commenced March 7th, 1891. First charge Fired by the Mayoress, Lady Wathen. New Commemorative Song by P. Gabbitas, Clifton Poet, March 1891. 4to handbill with the poem in two columns, 9 stanzas, title in decorative type-face, at the top a vignette of Clifton and the Suspension Bridge, with measurements and facts about the bridge on the left, and information about the Giant's Cave on the right. Traces of fold, some minor edge tears, small piece of paper missing at top right margin. Published by the author, 46 Muller Road, Bishopston. 40.00
    'The grand new Lift will swiftly shift/The people from below/And in a trice, so smooth and nice/To Downs or Spa may go'. Written to commemorate the beginning of the work on the Clifton Rocks Railway, which was opened two years later in March 1893.

  10. Clifton WATERCOLOUR Amateur watercolour of a view looking south from Clifton, probably from Royal York Crescent, across the docks and rooftops of a few houses to Ashton Court and beyond, paving stones and railings in the foreground, boat with one funnel and two masts on the river. Size 9" x 11", on thin card, traces on verso of having been once stuck down. c1860? 16.00

  11. Donne (B) A PLAN OF BRISTOL, CLIFTON, THE HOTWELLS 1826. A facsimile by Messrs. Waterlow and Sons Ltd., 1952. Size 20" x 27", on thick paper. 1952. 14.00

  12. Election Petition SUPPLEMENT TO THE BRISTOL MERCURY Saturday, March 31, 1838. 4pp., broadsheet, containing full report of the Proceedings before the Committee of the House of Commons on the Petition against Francis Henry Berkeley for corrupt election practices. 1838. 14.00


  13. Manuscript Annals BRISTOL ANNALS comprising two sets of chronology of Bristol in a folio notebook, presumably copied from earlier manuscripts in the first years of the eighteenth century, as follows:- (i) "Catalogue of all the Mayors Propositors Bayliffs and Sherriffs Wch have been in the citty of Bristol: The First whereof began in the First Year of King Henry the Third in anno 1216." 1216 - 1702. On 24p, in 2 ruled columns per page. In the early centuries the lists of names are interspersed with few references to local events, but for the 17th century there are quite long accounts, for example of storms, royal visits, executions, an earthquake, fire, ship wreck, fairs, and local trivia, such as the witch or spirit at Mr Hart's the Glover which "did throw about the bowls pothooks and diverse things and.... it pulled the maid out of the bed and it several times threw water on people.... ". Some of the events parallel those in Adam's Chronicle of Bristol, e.g. "1633. This year the Crane on the back was taken down and new built and it cost above 100l." This is recounted in more detail in Adams. (ii) An untitled chronology, 1217 - 1702, 15p, in the same hand, but not so neatly written. Refers to national and local events. This does not correspond to the first chronology, mentioning quite different events, often in great detail, e.g. "1701. This year goody Pugsley was buried in a ground beyond the 9 trees in St. James with a fiddle playing before her thousands of people beheld her.... when they came to the High Cross they threwed sweethearts among the people there was great Rudeness at her burying.... " At the rear of the book is "An Account of Severall persons that have given guifts to the City of Bristoll for good & charitable uses". 1292 - 1670. There are also 10p, listing benefactors, amount given and to whom, preceded by transcript of 2 wills, Edward Cox, Merchant, 1627, and George White, Merchant, 1634. On 6p. In all 55 pages of manuscript, 12 blank leaves, folio, full contemporary calf, very rubbed, most of spine missing, boards detached. Inscription 'Joseph Whittuck' on front paste-down and 'John Drew' on rear end paper, modern indelible ownership stamp inside front board. Wormhole in bottom corner affecting all leaves, but with loss of only a few letters throughout. Hand writing and watermark suggests the manuscript was written in the first decade of the eighteenth century. c170- 350.00
    In the preface to his 'Memoirs of Bristol' 1822-25, Seyer speaks of "A number of MS Calendars or Chronicles.... evidently derived from more ancient copies, transcribed by various hands, having generally a great similarity, but many particular differences.... many have been destroyed, but probably 40 or 50 still remain, chiefly in families of long continuance in Bristol, of which about 20 have passed under my inspection...."

  14. St. James BOND of Samuel Varlow, Hairdresser, and George Gwinnett, of Bristol, to James Hingston Cabinet Maker, for 400. 2p., tall folio, 2 wax seals. 1802. 26.00
    Refers to purchase of a piece of land in North Street, St. James. Two deeds of 1724 and 1743 referring to a fee farm rent on the property had been lost, and Hingston wanted to indemnify himself against any future charges. The early owner was Michael Sidwell Free Mason and Stone Cutter.

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  15. Astley family PRESENTATION VOLUME recording subscribers to the gift of a Silver Inkstand to H.J. Delaval Astley on the occasion of his Coming of Age, March 3rd 1909, with list of Residents and Tenant Farmers, and for a Silver Cigarette Case, with names of the Cottage Tenants. 4 card leaves, plus blanks, in morocco bound 4to volume. Written in red and blue. 1909. 15.00
    The Ellesborough Golf Club is listed among the first group of Subscribers.

  16. High Wycombe REPORT UPON THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY Sm. folio, disbound, 2pp and plan, coloured in outline, scale 4" to 1 mile. Off-setting on last page. 1837. 22.00

  17. White Cross Green Wood CATALOGUE OF 51 PLATS OF CAPITAL UNDERWOOD Standing in White Cross Green Wood and in Gardiner's Coppice, Bucks, Adjoining the Road leading from Oxford to Brill, and about 6 Miles from Oxford, The Property of Lady Croke, Which Will Be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. T. Mallam & Son, on Thursday, December 8, 1853, At Mr J. Burrows's the Sign of the Kings Arms Studley.... Poster, size 13" x 8", slightly off-set. Printed by H. Cooke and Co., Oxford, 1853. 24.00
    'The young Heirs of Oak mus be left uncut and not damaged...'

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  18. Cambridge TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets Tl 45 N.E and N.W. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 20" x 19", plus wide margins. Contours in red. Provisional edition. 1960. 12.00
    Covers the whole of the town of Cambridge, Teversham, Coton.

  19. Chatteris, Dodington AN ACT for imbanking and draining certain Fen Lands and Low Grounds, within the Parishes of Chatteris and Dodington, and Hamlet of Wimblington, in the Isle of Ely... and for dividing... the Commons and Waste Lands... of Wimblington. 56pp., plus cover leaf. Black letter, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1791. 22.00

  20. Witcham AUCTION POSTER. To be Sold by Auction, by Geo. Legge at the Plough, in Witcham, On Tuesday, the 30th day of June, 1846.... The following Valuable Parcels of Land.... Size approx. 17" x 13", few folds, attractive with various decorative type-faces. Clements. Printers, Ely: 1846. 22.00

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  21. Middlewich ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXX N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Small blue 'Record Map' stamp in margin. O.S. blindstamp 1897. 18.00

  22. Northwich, Sandbach ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXX.N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Blue 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Railways inserted to 1891. O.S. blindstamp 1897. 18.00

  23. Sandbach PARTICULARS OF SALE AND PLAN of Valuable Freehold Land, House, Smith & Buildings at Arclid, near Sandbach..... to be Sold by Auction.... 26th day of October, 1887. 2pp., folio, plus docket title, 1p. hand-coloured plan, 2p. Conditions of Sale on blue paper sewn in at rear. Attractively printed in blue. 1887. 35.00

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  24. Bodmin Gas Consumers' Co., Ltd. RULES To be observed by the Company's Employees. Attactively printed poster size 18" x 12", giving 12 rules for operation of the valves, management of the Retort House, hours of work, duties of Lamplighters etc., in decorative border with Celtic type ornament at the corners. Rule 5 gives a table of Pressure for the Town Governor and the Asylum Governor for different times of day in Summer and Winter. A few minor repaired edge tears, traces of folds. c1835. 45.00
    'The Stoker on duty to have charge of the Valves which direct the flow of Gas into the Gas-holders, and regulate the supply to the Town... The Lamplighters to commence lighting at Six...' etc.

  25. Bodmin REPORT ON THE BOROUGH AND TOWN OF BODMIN 2pp., with folding map, coloured in outline. Scale 2" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1832. 24.00

  26. Caerhays Castle BASEMENT PLAN OF CELLARS AND WINE BINS Scale 4 ft. to an Inch. Drawing in ink on paper size 12" x 21", folds. Plan shows cellars with rainwater slate tanks, drain, four bays, with elevation above showing 'Interior of Wine Bins with Nos.' (20-26 in each of the four). Signed '20.5.85. W.W.' 1885. 35.00

  27. Camelford, Trewen ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XIV.II. Scale 1/2500, size approx. 25" x 38". Folded to 8vo. Second edition 1907. 17.00
    Shows the whole of Camelford, Valley Truckle, Jetwells, Treclago

  28. Carnbellack AN AGREEMENT by which John Hill of Helston, Gent., grants a lease of the Tenement of Carnbellack to Athanasius Pryor of Wendron, yeoman. 1p., sm. 4to, blank conjoint leaf with docket title. Signed and witnessed. 1710. 12.00
    'Rent to be 20 shillings, 1 shilling for Capon and four pence for havest day, and four shillings in lieu of a Best Beast... the sd. Mr Hill reserves all Tyn...'

  29. Duchy of Cornwall A BILL to confirm the Awards of Assessionable Manors Commissioners, and for other Purposes relating to the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster. 11pp. 1848. 12.00

  30. Gastineau (H), del. TREMATON CASTLE Cornwall. Engraving, size 4" x 5", showing river and boats in the foreground, castle on a hill. In cream thick card mount. c1840. 8.00

  31. Gorran Haven LETTER dated 10th Feb. 1879 to Mr. Pryor from Robert Lanyon, Treveague St. 2p., 8vo, saying the slip before the Fish Cellar at Gorran is washed away and high tides could damage the cellar, suggests Pryor might want to lease the 3 Lofts and fish cellar: 'there are several of the best men going to have a new small Pilchard Seine... I think they would require some place to keep the Seine...' 1879. 8.00

  32. Grade GRANT of a freehold tenement in Kugar in Grade, John Medlyn and Philippa his wife to John Randle of three acres of land, two gardens and a dwelling house at Kugar. Two vellum sheets, size 20" x 28", wax seals. Small hole where two folds meet, with loss of two words. Affixed is a certificate relative to acknowledgement of deeds by married women. 1853. 16.00
    Includes the right to take away sand and seaweed from Poltesco Cove.

  33. Helston Church TWO RECIEPTED BILLS on slips of paper. One 'A bill for washing the Church Lynin and other things Mr. John Rogers Mayor. 1783.' inlcudes his dinner on Court Day, and cleaning the church plate. Receipted as paid by John Jago, the other a bill for glass at the church '14 sqrs. of new Glass 6 pr Sqr... For Lid (lead?) and Binds...' Receipted by John Repper, Glazier. 1783. 10.00

  34. Helston THE VOLUNTARY EXAMINATION of Mary Stevens of Helston, who says she is 'big with a base child' chargeable to the Borough and that Williams, late a servant with Mr. Seilly of Falmouth, is the Father. 1p., 4to, printed with MS inserts, signed with her mark by Mary, and by the Mayor, Isaac Head. 1816. 24.00

  35. Kea SETT of Ground in the parish of Kea, R. Hill of Carwythenack to J. Williams of Scorrier House. Two vellum sheets, size 21" x 28", signed by Hill with wax seal. 1819. 50.00
    One of the stipulations for working the set was that a minimum of four men was to be employed.

  36. Lavethan Estate SALE OF FREEHOLD FARMS Accommodation Lands, Cottages, in the Parishes of Blisland and St. Breward, For Sale by Auction... 5th June, 1910. 14pp., small folio, printed wraps with number pasted at top. 1910. 24.00
    With detailed schedules. Includes Quarry at Tresarrett, Ivy Farm, Lease Farm, Metherin Farm, Cocks Penrose, Struland, Barlendew, Royal Oak Inn at Churchtown.

  37. Leans' ENGINE REPORTER And Advertiser. No. 424. December, 1846. Work performed by Steam Engines. Consists of 5p of tables for Pumping Engines, and 1 page of Stamping and Whim Engines, listing 26 mines with 19 columns for details such as Length of Stroke, Depth, Consumption of Coal, and Remarks & Engineers' Names. 7pp, 4to, uncut, red tax stamp. 1846. 40.00

  38. Liskeard, Camelford ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold, Residential and Sporting Estate of 'Lewarne', for Sale by Auction... 18th July, 1916. By direction of Horace B. Grylls. 60pp., folio, printed wraps, 4 photographic views of the house on two plates, one only of three plans in pocket at back (lacks plans 1 and 2), key plan inside front wrap. Water-stain at corner of front wrap (not affecting contents). With numerous Schedules giving field names, rentals etc., including a two-page list of the payers of the Tithe Rent Charges. Some results pencilled in. 1916. 75.00
    The estate included the Pleasure Grounds, Ornamental Woodland, Grass Farm, Glass Houses etc., Trout and Salmon-Peel Fishing in the Fowey, eight mixed farms, freehold of Goonzion and Hardhead Downs, Brown Gelly Downs (including 1/20th minerals underlying), The Manor House, St. Neot, Gill Wood on the Fowey.

  39. Lostwithiel ST AUSTELL LISKEARD ROAD A390 Cornwall County Council. E. Collcutt, County Surveyor. Map so titled, printed on linen, size 27" x 59", scale 1/2500. Shows Lostwithiel and surrounding fields, road shown in red making 'U' bend across river and railway from North Street to Burn's Cottage. Folds. Three (burn?) holes in blank area. n.d. 1950's? 22.00

  40. Morden (Robt.) CORNWALL Engraved map, handcoloured, size 14" x 16", large colourful title cartouche, Table at top with key to the figures, and an explanation of the signs for Market Town, Parish etc. Central fold, reinforced on verso. Trimmed almost to neatline. Slight 'cockling' of paper in parts. 1695 75.00
    From the 1695 edition of Camden's 'Britannia'.

  41. Morvah, St. Just TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets LXIa S.E. & LXVII N.E. (Morvah, Gurnard's Head Mine, Bosporthennis) and LXXIIIa N.E. & LXXIII N.W. (St. Just, Cape Cornwall, Joppa). Scale 6" to 1 mile. Linen-backed, folded to 7" x 5". Two items. Second Edition 1909. 19.00

  42. Nicholls (G.F) CORNWALL WATER-COLOURS 19 coloured plates, sm. 4to, coloured illustration on front board. A. & C. Black, 1919. 16.00

  43. Peter (Thurstan C) COMMONPLACE BOOKS Small 8vo plain paper notebook, full morocco, spine detatched and rubbed, with 43 pages of ink sketches, the rest blank. Mostly humourous cartoon-like sketches, and small sketches of detail from statuary etc., but also includes 8 pages of Cornish crosses, one per page, with brief description giving place, type of carving etc. Each drawing dated and initialled TCP. Loosely inserted is a drawing of Redruth National School. Inscribed on fly-leaf 'Thurston C. Peter August 1872.'.... together with.... Commonplace book, sm. 8vo, morocco wraps, 79p of copied epigrams, verses etc. Inscribed with his name and date. 2 items. 1873-5. 60.00

  44. Prideaux family THE ACCOUNT OF EDWARD MANLEY The Receiver appointed persuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery bearing date the 17 day of July 1778 to receive the rents and profits of the Estates late of Sir John Prideaux Bart. dec'd. and devised by his Will lying within the Cos. of Devon and Cornwall... so far as concerns the Parish of St. Minver... An Account of Tythes of the year 1781 rec'd in the month of July 1782. 3 pages, large folio, manuscript, listing Purchasers' names, acreage with wheat, barley, oats, peas, Gross Receipts, plus a final sheet of expenses, e.g. 'Pd. Thomas Pope his Bill for Entertainment of the farmers on paying Tythe'. Together with 3 similar pages for Tythes 1779 received 1780. 6 pages in total. 1779-80. 45.00
    Each lists 69 names. The document concerns a case in Chancery between Edward and Edmund Prideaux and Sir John Wilmot Prideaux, Earl Lisburn and others.

  45. Queen Anne's Bounty CERTIFICATE from the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty charging the Vicarage of St. Wendron to repay the 195 advanced for 5 years in 5 instalments. Sm. folio, printed with ms inserts, fine papered seal of the Governors, 4" deep. 1926. 15.00

  46. Redruth LETTER to Js. Plomer from Wm. Davey, on behalf of the Redruth Railway, offering him fifty pounds as compensation 'for the Freehold through which their road has passed the property of the late W.R. Hill. Docket titled on verso 'Letter... offering 50 for land injured by the Rail Road'. 1p, 4to., folded. Redruth 1st November, 1829. 12.00

  47. Sennen TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets LXXIII S.W. (Sennen Cove, Aire Point, Brea), and LXVIII N.W. (Land's End, Porthcurno, Sennen) Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 12" x 18". Linen-backed, folded to 7" x 5". Second edition 1908. 20.00

  48. St. Erth AUCTION POSTER Advertising the sale of the Fee-Simple of a Tenement in Higher Leah, adjoining Tenement in Killinoon, in the occupation of Richard Woon, moiety of Killinoon Common.... Sale at the White Hart Hotel, Hayle, on Friday 15th August 1873. Size 24" x 17", several folds, few short tears to margins. 1873. 16.00

  49. St. Minver LETTER dated Helston 26th September 1763. Docket title on verso 'Copy of a ltre. this day sent Mr Brown about St. Minver'. 4to, 19 lines, presumably in Sandys hand with his signature. Accepts the purchase of the next presentation to the Church of St. Minver, saying he will meet Mr. Carthew at the White Hart Bodmin 'tuesday se'ennight at dinner' to hand him '200 cash and 300 bills as cash is so difficult to obtain'... together with... Brown's reply suggesting Thursday instead, dated 27th Sept., with address panel to Richard Sandys Attorney, Helston. 2 items. 1763. 15.00

  50. St. Minver LETTER to William Sandys at St. Minver from H. Paynter, Trevibban(?), saying he had been told by Mr Hawtrey of St. Issey that 'he met with some of your farmers a few days ago at Wadebridge and they said to him if I continued valuing the farmers' estates in St. Minver that I shd. certainly be shot.... these words is not plesent...'. 1p., sm. 4to, folded with address panel, remains of seal, address torn. 1800. 7.00

  51. Stithians RULES AND REGULATIONS of Stithians Cattle Insurance Society. Leaflet, 2p., 4to, folds. Light brown staining throughout. 12 Rules. 1865. 6.00

  52. Tackbeare, Bridgerule A GENERAL LIVERY in the name of James I, to John Gilbert of the Manor of Tackbeare, in the parish of Bridgerule. In Latin on vellum, in strong black ink, size 10" x 14", about one third remaining of large heavy seal on a wide tag, showing the back half of a knight on a horse, a rose and a harp. The portion of the seal remaining is approx. 3" x 4". Fine calligraphic decoration at top with flourishes along the top margin. Endorsed on verso and signed by Walter Tooke and W. Curll. 1604. 70.00
    Refers to an Inquisition Post Mortem of Elizabeth Mayne, who held the manor of the Crown, who died at Bridgerule 1602, and that her heir was John Gilbert.

  53. Treen, Tregiffian, Boskennal ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXVIII N.E. & S.E. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 18". Linen-backed, folding to 7" x 5". Second Edition 1908. 10.00

  54. Tresavean Mine SECTION ON TRESAVEAN MAIN LODE Printed plan, size 20" x 30", numbered '3' top right. Scale 1" = 200ft. Shows shafts, 'Number of times the Pitch was Set for Tin and Copper' shown in Roman numerals, Table of Pitches bottom left giving Levels, Pitches, Prices, Dates, etc. Folded. c1860. 16.00
    Probably one of a series of plans from a report, or similar. Dates on plan are between 1844 and 1854.

  55. Truro TO THE MAYOR, ALDERMEN and Capital Burgesses of the Borough of Truro... Election handbill in the form of a letter from 'A Disinterested Observer' extolling the virtues of Sir Hussey Vivian 'a Man who was born and bred amongst you... and only wishess to blend the civic wreath with the military garland to shew... his fervent attachment to the interests of the town of Truro'. Size 13" x 8", traces of folds, some creasing, splash of ceiling wax over one letter in heading, a few small browning spots. Truro June 6, 1818. 28.00

  56. Truro, Saint Austell, Redruth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXI. Size approx. 24" x 36". Scale 1" to 1 mile. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into sm. 4to marbled wraps. Printed from an Electrotype in 1880. 34.00
    Covers an area from the Helford River to Polpero and from Illogan and Perran Sands to Lanreath.

  57. Williams family, Scorrier GROUP OF LETTERS from John Michael Williams to Henry and George Williams at Scorrier House and Tredrea, Cornwall, 1853-9. Refers to amounts of copper sold 'We have sold largely here this week of Copper and I shall sell only sparingly seeing there is a speculative demand for a further advance'. Gives advice on the conduct of business: 'The representatives of the Devon Consols & Phoenix Mines should be spoken to on Thursday next about their not getting the ores ready for sampling'. 'I am sorry to see you bought nearly all rich ores on Thursday. It is useless to purchase rich ores in Cornwall... when we only want poor sulphur ores....' Mentions the plans for carrying on of Freeman's Works 'H.H.V. (i.e. Hussey Vivian) is not likely to meet us... they evidently want to drive us to give them half interest...' Refers to the Devoran Railway ('I think we shall get them to terms'), the effects of the insurrection in Chile on shipments of ore ('the quantity now on the way home exclusive of Gibb's contract is very large, 15 or 16 vessels names known'), and the prospect of defeat for Lord John Russell. 7 letters, all but the earliest with mourning borders, 8vo., approx. 3 pages in each... together with... 2 letters from Richard Harvey in Torquay to Henry Williams, about the illness of his father, April 1858, each 2p, 8vo. 1853 and 1858-9. 95.00

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  58. Abbey Town PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... the Border Estate, together with 15 Stints or Cattle Gaits on Calvo.... Cottages in Holme Cultram.... to be Sold by Auction, 25th September, 1894. 3pp., folio, folded. 1894. 14.00

  59. Carlisle PARTICULARS, PLANS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of valuable freehold estate called 'Knight's Lodge', situate at Ivegill.... Closes of Land at Greystone.... and excellent dwelling house no. 42 Aglionby St., Carlisle..... to be Sold by Auction.... 23rd September, 1902. 3pp., folio, folds, docket title, 2 large folding plans. 1902. 28.00

  60. Carlisle PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Estates situate in Carlisle... comprising Two Freehold Dwelling Houses, and Two Shops Adjoining... The Wellington Inn in English Street... share in the Three Crowns Inn and several dwelling houses... to be sold by auction... 3rd of September, 1867. 3pp., folio, folds, with docket title. Double page coloured plan. Some small splits folds at edge. 1867. 32.00

  61. Inglewood Forest INCLOSURE Honor of Penrith and Forest of Inglewood. Notice is Hereby Given, That John Sadler, John Marshall, and John Fryer, the Commissioners appointed.... by an Act of Parliament.... entitled 'An Act for dividing and inclosing the Commons and Waste Lands, within the several Parishes of Penrith, Edenhall, Salkeld.... intend to meet at the George Inn, Penrith.... for the Purpose of reading over and executing their General Award.... this first Day of October, 1819. Poster, size 12" x 8", inviting those interested to attend the meeting. Shaw, Printer, Penrith, 1819. 45.00

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  62. Castleton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXXI.N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Red 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Railways inserted to 1867. Printed 1890. 18.00

  63. Derby AN ACT for paving, cleansing, lighting and otherwise improving, the Streets, Lanes, and other publick Passages within the Borough of Derby and for selling a certain Piece of Waste Ground called Nun's Green.... 44pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. plus cover sheet. 1792. 16.00

  64. Derby AN ACT for the more easy and speedy Recovery of Small Debts within the Borough of Derby... 17pp., plus cover leaf. First few leaves slightly foxed, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1766. 14.00

  65. Derby TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by: Mr. Shaw, at the George Inn, in Derby...12th day of July.... Estates In Mackworth and Langley and in Spondon. Handbill, size 13" x 8", describing 4 Lots, with occupiers. J. Drewry, Printer, Derby, June 29th, 1805. 45.00

  66. Duffield NOTICE Having appointed Samuel Spenser of Belper, to collect my small Tythes and Easter Dues... in order to accommodate and save my Parishioners the trouble of attending at Duffield I have directed the said S. Spenser to call upon each Person at his Residence.... Handbill from F. Dixon, Vicar of Duffield, warning them that the collector will call only twice, and after that he will have to compel payment by civil and ecclesiastical Law. With an extract from the Endowment giving charges for each cottage, every foal, every swarm of bees, and the proportion of geese, pigs etc. he is entitled to. Size 8" x 7", laid down on thin card. c1810. 32.00

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  67. Ashburton AN ACT for repairing and widening the Road from Chudleigh Bridge in the Parish of Hennock, in the County of Devon, through the Town and Borough of Ashburton, to Brent Bridge.... 37pp, disbound, black letter, plus cover leaf. Slight browning of paper. 1755. 20.00

  68. Ashton, Kenn, Thorverton AN ACT for Confirming and Establishing the Partition of the Estates late of Sir George Chudleigh.... Tryphena Davie and John Pollexfen; and for settling the several specifick Shares thereof.... and for authorizing Leases to be made of divers Parts of the Premises. 25pp, small folio, attractive engraved headpiece showing pelican and young, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1745. 18.00


  69. Banfield (J) & Rowe (George) Publisher SCENERY IN THE NORTH OF DEVON. With 32 tinted lithographic plates, after George Rowe and others. Views are approx. 7" x 11", overall size of book 10" x 14".Decorative cloth boards, with the original paper label on top board, quarter calf, rubbed, short splits in calf at top of spine. A few of the plates have some minor foxing in the margins. Banfield, Ilfracombe: c1837, and G. Rowe, Cheltenham: 1835 - 1845. 740.00
    According to Somers Cox in 'Devon Topographical Prints' Banfield published 32 lithographs in all, so this is a complete set. The plates are mainly views of Ilfracombe, Lynton, Lynmouth, Valley of the Rocks, Watersmeet, Dunster, Clovelly, Combe Martin.

  70. Barnstaple AUCTION SALE PARTICULARS of valuable dwelling house and shop no 68 High Street, and also about 11 acres of Eligible Building Land.... for Sale by Auction.... 23rd December 1880. 3pp. folio, folded with docket title. Spotty. 1880. 10.00

  71. Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, Ashcombe Hill ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXVII. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size approx. 24" x 36". 1890. 25.00
    Much of the map is sea area.

  72. Bowen (Eman.) AN ACCURATE MAP OF DEVONSHIRE Divided into Hundreds.... Illustrated with Historical Extracts relative to the Natural produce, Mines, Minerals, Trade Manufactures.... Map size 21" x 27", trimmed to border, coloured in outline, dissected and mounted on linen. Printed for Carington Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard & Robert Sayer in Fleet Street & Robt. Wilkinson No. 58 in Cornhill. (1770). 175.00
    With fine inset plan of Plymouth, with tables of reference for the Citadel and the Town, size 8" x 7", large cartouche showing fishing boats, cider press, mining equipment etc.

  73. Broadclist AN ACT to transfer the Endowments of the Domestic Chapel of Sir Thomas Dyke Acland Baronet at Columb John in the Parish of Broadclist in the County of Devon, which Chapel is proposed to be pulled down, to a Chapel intended to be built in lieu thereof near his Residence at Killerton in the same Parish. 11pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1837. 16.00

  74. Broadclist Inclosure AN ACT for Inclosing Lands in the Parish of Broadclist.... 32pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1829. 18.00

  75. Broadwood-kelly ABSTRACT OF MR GEORGE COLWILL'S TITLE to Bowood and Inleigh in Broadwoodkelly and Okehampton. 2p, folio, 2 small holes in paper with loss of name of one parish in title and two words in first paragraph. Details indentures etc. from 1668 to 1714. With opinion of lawyer added as to a Recovery dated 1726. 16.00

  76. Broadwood-kelly ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS for the proposed restoration. Four architectural drawings on tracing paper mounted on thin card, signed Gould & Son, Archts. 1867. Comprises: (i) Plan as at present. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch. Black ink. (ii) South Elevation as at Present. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch. Black ink with a couple of notes. Some chipping of tracing paper at edges. (iii) South elevation. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch. Black ink with roof in brown red and grey. Three brief ms notes, e.g. 'no new coping is included or proposed at present, but the old on the chancel to be restored and a new cross fixed'. In the blank area above the drawing a piece of the tracing paper has been torn, leaving the remains of a red wax seal and the end of a signature, small piece missing from top corner in margin. (iv) Seats. Comprising 'Section of Seats' 'Elevation of Ends', Elevation of Front & Back framing', 'Children's Seats'. In full wash colour, with detailed measurements. Wax seal below title with date July 16th 1867. All drawings titled with name of church in Gothic-style lettering. Lettering throughout very decorative. 1867. 110.00

  77. Clayhidon AN ACT For Inclosing Lands in the Manor of Clayhidon in the Parish of Clayhidon.... 21pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1812. 18.00

  78. Dibdin (T.C) and Vivian (Edward) TORQUAY, FROM PARK HILL. Tinted lithograph. Drawn by T.C. Dibdin from a sketch by E. Vivian. On stone by E. Gauci. Size approx. 8" x 11", plus margins. Printed by M. & N. Hanhart, c1841. 55.00
    A very attractive view showing sailing ships in the harbour, with men in the foreground.

  79. Exeter FOR THE BENEFIT OF AN INTENDED SCAVENGER At the Sign of the Saddle, near East-Gate, Is Now Performing A Celebrated Play, Called The Busy Body; or the Exeter Paving Scheme. Marplot... Mr C---e... his Friends... solicit the Suffrages of the Inhabitants, in electing him to succeed the celebrated Harry White, not doubting he will give general Satisfaction, as he will not hesitate to pick up any Excrement or Filth with his Fingers.... we beg no Time may be lost in electing him one of the City Scavengers... Handbill in the form of a cod playbill. Size 9" x 5", lightly browned due to waterstaining across two thirds of surface. c1800. 28.00

  80. Exeter to Dartmoor Road AN ACT for Repairing and Widening the Road from the Exeter Turnpike at Reedy Gate, in the Parish of Dunsford... to Cherrybrook, in the Forest of Dartmoore... 28pp., plus cover leaf, black letter. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1772. 20.00

  81. Hemiock PARTICULARS OF THE MANOR OF HEMIOCK, CASTLE FARM, AND OTHER LANDS, In Hemiock Aforesaid, Which Will Be Sold by Auction, By Messrs. Hussey & Son, at The Star Inn, In Hemiock, On Wednesday the 23rd June, 1869. Lot 1 comprises the Lordship and Hundred of Hemiock, with Castle Farm, and the other 5 Lots include lands at Coniger, Newlands, Fourways, with Schedules for each Lot. Folio, 5pp, folded. 1869. 24.00

  82. Kingsbridge Railway Company AN ACT to enable the Kingsbridge Railway Company to make Deviations in and to alter the Levels of their authorized Railway.... 12pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1866. 12.00

  83. Kingsbridge, Dartmouth, Modbury, Salcombe Road AN ACT for more effectually making, repairing, and maintaining certain Roads from Kingsbridge to Dartmouth, Modbury, Salcombe, and other Places.... 15pp. 1828. 14.00


  84. Marldon and Ipplepen PARTICULARS WITH PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Highly Important Freehold Domain... known as 'The Compton Castle Estate', Comprising The Historical and Venerable Remains of an Ancient Castle... together with an Attractively-Situated Residence with Charming Pleasure Grounds... Farms, Compact Tenements and Small-Holdings... An Area of about 1,100 Acres... Which will be Offered for Sale by Messrs. Andrew & Son... 24th June, 1904. 26pp., folio, stapled, 6 very large folding coloured plans. Foredges of pages dusty, water stain at top of last few leaves (not affecting plans) which caused some leaves to stick together along the top and tear slightly when separated, first page dusty and dog-eared at edges. Title page loose. Buff-coloured printed wraps with good lithograph view of the castle, cloth spine, wraps creased, and dusty at edges, small tear at top left corner, detached from content. 1904. 85.00
    Includes a photograph of the Castle, with a 3 page description of it. Other properties include 'Coombefishacre' Estate, Compton Mill, Compton Farm, Compton Barton, Brookside Farm, the 'Hole in the Wall' Cottages, 'Parkfield' in Marldon, Limestone Quarry at Path Torr, Totnes Down. With detailed Schedules.

  85. Pancrasweek CONVEYANCE of a messuage and tenement called Brookhill in Pancrasweek Devon, Hugh Stucley to William Gilbert. 3 pages, folio, folded. With coloured manuscript plan on waxed cotton, size 13" x 20", showing River Tamar and Bude Canal. 1912... together with... Conveyance of part of Brookhill, John Gilbert to Philip Symons, 1920, similar format, manuscript plan size 11" x 15". 1912-20. 24.00

  86. Plymouth Station AN ACT to enable the South Devon Railway Company to improve their Plymouth and other Stations; to widen parts of their Railway.... 6pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1860. 12.00

  87. Plymouth WILL of Joseph Ball of Plymouth, pipemaker, 1745. Extracted from the Registry of the Archdeacon's Court of Totnes. 2p., folio, closely written. Leaves 2 tenements in Plymouth near the old conduit, and a passage leading to Jacobs Well, a tenement in Nutt Street, and messuages in Wimple Street in the occupation of Joseph Collin, Goldsmith, messuage in St. Andrews St., formerly in the possession of Philip Pearse, limner. Also leaves silver tankard marked IB. Attached is Administration, in manuscript, with papered seal of the Archdeaconry of Totnes, pursuant to the sale of one of the properties. 1770. 32.00
    The Administratrix, Ball's daughter, died shortly after him, and Samuel Champion was made the Administrator.

  88. Plymouth, Kingsbridge ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXIV. Folded in three vertically, trimmed to border on three sides, but with marginal information at bottom. Whatman watermark 1857. 38.00
    Shows area from Looe to Prawle Point, as far inland as Diptford, Eddystone Lighthouse. Much of the map is sea area.

  89. Sidmouth Railway and Harbour (New Works) BOOK OF REFERENCE Session 1864-5. 9p folio, printed with columns for No on Plan., Description of Property, Name of Owner, Lessee, Occupier, with details filled in in MS. Original printed wraps, tears at top of back wrap, traces of vertical folds. 1865. 40.00
    Lists 69 properties.

  90. Sidmouth Railway AN ACT to authorise the construction of a Railway.... to be called "the Sidmouth Railway".... 18pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1871. 24.00

  91. South Devon Railway Company AN ACT to enable the South Devon Railway Company to extend the Line of the South Devon Railway to Torquay and to Brixham.... 11pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1847. 15.00

  92. Stockton BOND of Charles Trotter, and Thomas and John Hutchinson to Sarah Hutchinson for 1400. 1p., sm. folio, signed and witnessed. Folded with docket title on blank conjoint leaf. 1864. 8.00

  93. Stokeintinhead AN ACT for Inclosing Lands in the Parish of Stokeintinhead.... 19pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1809 18.00

  94. Stonehouse POSTER advertising the sale by Auction at the Prince George Hotel, Tuesday 19th February 1839, of a house in Union Lane, and four tenements in Adelaide Lane. Size 17" x 11". Prices realised in ink on verso, folds, two small repaired edge tears. 1839. 24.00

  95. Sutton Harbour Improvement Company AN ACT to authorise the Duke of Cornwall and the Sutton Harbour Improvement Company to enter into and carry into effect agreements.... 3pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1876. 10.00

  96. Tawstock MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT of John Mules of Roulsdon and Emlyn Ley, daughter of Henry Ley of Tawstock. Tripartite indenture, granting messuage, cottages, lands, and a moiety of the fishing in the River Taw to William Ley the younger and Wiliam Berry. Vellum, size 21" x 28", 4 wax seals, engraved heading. 1" tear in vellum repaired on verso. 1731. 30.00
    The property is referred to as North Marsh, The Grove, Greene and Chapelton. It had been leased by Sir Bouchier Wrey to William Ley the elder in 1725.

  97. Torquay ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Fifth Edition, Sheet No. 145. 1" to 1 mile, blue and black Ellis Martin Cover with hiker, cloth-backed. Fine condition. 1930's. 9.00
    'Book' type wraps.

  98. Totnes and Ashburton Roads AN ACT for continuing the Term, and altering and enlarging the Powers of Two Acts.... for amending the Roads leading from or near the North Side of the Town of Totnes, towards Ashburton.... and for building a Bridge at or near a Place called Emmett, across the River Dart. 22pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. Last leaf loose. 1805. 18.00

  99. Wallis (J), Pub., Sidmouth KNOWLE COTTAGE, SIDMOUTH Lithograph on India Paper, drawn on stone by G. Rowe, size 5" x 6", plus margins, traces of glue on verso in margin corners. c1840. 16.00

  100. Werrington Park IMPORTANT SALE OF 37 PEDIGREE DEVON CATTLE Also 42 Pedigree Devon Cattle, From the Ham Mill Herd... 1st August 1944. Catalogue of sale, 25p, 8vo, wraps, staples rusty, rust stain with small hole at edge of front wrap, and mark on first few leaves. 1944. 8.00
    Prices added in pencil.

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  101. Beaminster AN ABSTRACT OF MR. WILLIAM RICHARDS his Title to Lands called Chappel Marsh in the parish of Beaminster. Details deeds from 1588 to 1736. 2p., sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf. Signed John Russell, 1768, as having received the deeds. 1768. 25.00

  102. Blandford AFFADAVIT of George Long, Mercer, of Langton, Long Blandford, that he has not at any time sold, enfeoffed, released a messuage in Stourpaine this day conveyed to John Parker of Blandford Forum, Surgeon. 1p., sm. folio, signed George Long and witnessed by C. Guy. 1727. 10.00

  103. Bridport LETTER from Philip Harwood, a Minister to his 'Friends of the Bridport Unitarian Congregation', upon his leaving Bridport, thanking them for their gift and their support in the last five years. 3p, 4to. April 18th, 1840. 8.00

  104. Dorchester, Wareham GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. 328. Drift. Colour-printed, size 13" x 19", plus margins, key, section. Linen backed and folding to 4to, blue endpapers. 1958. 17.00

  105. Elliott's West Howe Pottery, Kinson SUGGESTIONS FOR BRICK AND TILE FIREPLACES Chimneys, Pergola Columns, Garden Brickwork. Catalogue, 24pp., a colour plate and numerous pencil illusts., prices and detailed information on each product. 1930's(?). 17.00

  106. Lyme Regis SUNLIGHT AT LYME REGIS Article reprinted from 'Pulman's Weekly News', January 12th, 1932. 1p, 8vo. together with a description of 'Lime Regis' from an 18th century work, 1p., oblong 8vo, headed 'Num. L.' 1932 and late 18th century. 6.00

  107. Poole Harbour ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Large Sheet Series. Sheet 144. Scale 1" to a Mile. White cloth wraps with coat of arms. 1909. 10.00

  108. Sturminster Newton ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT between Thomas Buffett of Winterbourne Whitchurch, Cooper, and Thomas Young of Sturminster Newton, Clothier, regarding a lease of a tenement of 18 acres in part of Sturminster called Bagber near Two Fords Bridge, called Peaslease. 29 lines in a fine hand, on paper size 15" x 12", signed by Buffett and three witnesses, with small wax seal. 1705. 30.00
    Buffett had acquired the authority 'to sell and dispose of the inheritance' from Edward Cook of Highnam in Cloucestershire.

  109. Sturminster Newton DISCHARGE of John Young of St. Botolph Without Aldgate, Middlesex, Grocer, to his brother Thomas Young, of Sturminster Newton Castle, Clothier, of any claim on the inheritance from their father, in return for a sum of money. 33 lines, small folio, blank conjoint leaf. Signed by Young and three witnesses, including Nicholas and Phillis Romayne. 1694. 30.00

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  110. Barnard Castle ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Large Sheet Series. Sheet 14. Scale 1" to a mile. Linen-backed, white cloth wraps with coat of arms. Feint bookseller's stamp in bottom corner of front wrap. 1907. 12.00

  111. Durham PROBATE of the Will of Jane Blackburn formerly of Durham and later of Islington. 3 large vellum pages with printed certificate attached. Large papered seal on tag. 1854. 12.00

  112. Long Newton Estate, Stockton-on-Tees PARTICULARS OF SALE AND PLAN of Valuable Freehold Farms on the Highroad between Stockton and Darlington... Which will be Sold by Auction... 17th day of September 1890. Folio, printed wraps, description of lots inside front wrap, very large folding plan, coloured in outline. Back wrap, with docket title, dusty. 1890. 35.00

  113. Ryhope, Silksworth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XIV. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx. 23" x 35", linen-backed. Map hand coloured geologically, and much geological information added in neat black lettering (e.g. 'Strewn with limestone', 'sand dark-coloured at surface' etc.). In top margin is written 'Geological information copied at 28 Jermyn Street from the original manuscript map 20th September 1890. The original map geologically surveyed by W. Howell.' Map published 1861, MS information added later. 50.00
    Covers several collieries.

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  114. Bradwell Marshes ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LVI. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. One field shaded. Over three-quarters of the map is sea or Flats. 1880. 16.00

  115. Forest of Hainault AN ACT for disafforesting the Forest of Hainault in the County of Essex. Pages numbered 369-378, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Edward Eyre, and William Spottiswoode, 1851. 12.00

  116. Hadleigh PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SEVERAL MESSUAGES AND COTTAGES, WITH LARGE GARDENS..... To be Sold by Auction by Alfred Rodd.... on Saturday, June 13th, 1868, at the Crown Inn, Rayleigh.... Folio, 5pp, docket title, folded. 1868. 16.00

  117. Harwich, Shottisham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLVIII N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 19", plus wide margins. Paper slightly darkened at edges, a line of light brownish off-setting in sea area. O.S. blindstamp 1866. 17.00

  118. Marks Hall, Chelmsford LETTER from J(?) Hopwood, Marks Hall, 'Saturday evening', to 'My dear Williams' about shooting 'I hope you will come and see me in September... I think there will be plenty of partridge this season... my horses and hounds are going well...' Says he is going to Devonshire to stay with the Carews, mentions obtaining a greyhound, and a visit to Harrow 'much altered'. 4p, 12mo. n.d. c1860. 15.00

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  119. Cheltenham CATALOGUE OF HORSES To be Sold by Auction by Warner, Sheppard & Wade Ltd. at The Repository, Cheltenham, Oct. 13th.... Catalogue, 4pp., folio, folded. Lists 96 horses under owner's name, with type of horse, age, character, prizes won, where hunted, brief history etc. Three horizontal folds, with water staining and discolouration along folds, tear in margin at two folds, some foxing spots. Loosely inserted is Catalogue of Carriages, Harness & Saddlery for sale after the horses. 1p. 4to. n.d. late 19th century. 45.00
    Owners include Hartigan Brothers, Waterford; Asgill Colville; R.C Berkeley; Charles Tilley, Huntsfield Court ('sold on account of Owner having bought a Motor Car').

  120. Cirencester Election TO THE FREE, INDEPENDENT, AND WORTHY ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF CIRENCESTER. Gentlemen, The moment is now arrived to which I so anxiously looked forward, - Parliament is dissolved, and on Tuesday next you are to elect your representatives..... you will find me constantly at my post, attending and discharging my Public Duties... your... most obedient Servant, M. Hicks Beach. Williamstrip Park, Oct 2, 1812. Broadside, size approx. 13" x 8". A few foxing spots at edges, traces of folds. Watkins, Printer, Cirencester: 1812. 36.00

  121. Cirencester Election TO THE WORTHY AND INDEPENDENT ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF CIRENCESTER. Gentlemen, After the severe Contest we have had, I could have wished that every unpleasant matter, which arose out of it, might have terminated with it; but I am unfortunately called upon to explain an allusion to my conduct in Mr Cripps's last Address.... Your obliged and most obedient Servant, Joseph Pitt. Cirencester, October 16, 1812. Broadside, size approx. 15" x 9", slightly spotty, few small tears to edges. Watkins, Printer, Cirencester, 1812. 42.00

  122. Hicks-Beach (M.E) PHOTOGRAPH Head and shoulders portrait, in profile, size , pasted onto thick card. c1880. 8.00

  123. Newent DEED OF FEOFFMENT of part of a tenement in Church Street, between the house of Thomas Grosvenor and Thomas Taylor, consisting of three chambers, an entry, a room below stairs, a well and a wellhouse with the plot adjoining, Richard Loveridge of Newent, yeoman, to Thomas Taylor. Vellum, size 23" x 29", wax seal. Vellum rather darkened. 1790. 18.00

  124. Shenton (T) Printer PLAYBILL advertising Mr. Fisher's Benefit, 'on which occasion.... his sister Miss Clara Fisher.... will make her Last Appearance in an entirely new Piece called the Ten Mowbrays, in which she will Personate Ten Different Characters!!!'. Size 17" x 7", two small repairs at top edge where paper inserted into tears. Print on large black letters rather grainy. T. Shenton, Printer, Rose and Crown Passage, Cheltenham: 1826. 35.00
    Includes the 'melo Dramatic Spectacle 'The Wild Man of the Woods'.

  125. Slimbridge PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate Known as Kingston Farm, with Good Farm House & Buildings, Four Cottages, 116 Acres.... and Orcharding.... close to some of the best meets of Lord Fitzhardinge's Hounds.... to Be Sold by Auction.... 28th June, 1884. 4pp., folio, folded, large hand-coloured folding plan loosely inserted. 1884. 36.00

  126. South Cerney TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By Mr Jefferies, At the George Inn, South Cerney, On Saturday, the 29th of June, 1844.... Freehold Property Situate in South Cerney. Poster, printed on one side only, size approx. 17" x 11".' With it are 'Conditions of Sale', 4pp, with manuscript notes and amendments. Two 2" tears in poster, neatly repaired on verso with archival tape. Henry Smith, Printer & Bookseller, Cirencester: 1844. 20.00

  127. Tiddenham MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT between Richard Lowe, Hooper, of Temple in Bristol, son of Richard Lowe late of Twyddenham in Gloucestershire, Yeoman, and Rebecca Steevens, and John Steevens, Hooper, of Bristol, and Nathaniel Hutton of Twyddenham. Relates to lands called Tanners, Holbrooks, Tollers Marsh, Sadbury, near the River Wye at Tidenham which was to be the marriage portion. Two sheets of vellum, one 25" x 32", the second sheet smaller, signed by three parties with wax seals. Large engraved headings. 1727. 36.00

  128. Wickwar LEASE FOR A YEAR of land in the Common Moor of Wickwar, and a close of pasture called Little Bockney, Arthur Machin Hockley to Joseph Plaister, Shopkeeper, of Wickwar. Large vellum sheet, good wax seal. 1819. 16.00

  129. Woollen industry TO THE KING'S MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY in Humble obedience to your Majesty's Commands signified to me by The Right Honourable George John Earl Spencer.... referring to me the annexed Petition of Isaac Sanford of the City of Gloucester Civil Engineer and Stephen Price of Stroud Civil Engineer to consider thereof... which Petition sets forth that the Petitioners.... have found out and invented a new improvement of method to raise a Nap or Pile on Woollen Cotton and all other Cloth.... Document which would have accompanied the Petition, in MS on 3 pages small folio, signed by Samuel Romilly. Folds, small piece torn from top corner of second page, affecting 3 letters of one word, traces of mounting on blank verso. The letter recommends that a patent be granted, and that the petitioners should cause a complete description of their invention to be inrolled. 1806. 60.00
    George John Spencer was Secretary of State for 1806 only. Paper watermarked 1801.

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  130. Dibden and Hythe CONVEYANCE of Shipyard, Buildings, Works and Land, Mary Richards to Joseph Bayley Haynes. Two large vellum sheets, small wax seals. Ink very rubbed in parts at folds, stain on outside where titled. 1845. 18.00
    Includes 'all that Shipyard with the Quays Wharfs Slips for Building Dock erections' at Dibden, and 'Capstans, sawpits, gearing machinery implements plant of ship building...'

  131. Farley PROBATE OF THE WILL OF ELLIS ST. JOHN of Farley. Two large vellum sheets, small certificate of administration attached. First six words in very large decorative letter. Second sheet spotted with pink and bits of red wax, presumably from a seal which disintegrated and is not present. Some slight spotting, outside where titled dust-stained. 1728. 28.00
    Leaves property, plate etc. to his wife, who was the daughter of Sir Hugh Stouckley. Refers to his Manors of Farley, Littleton, Shoddesdon, Hannington, a farm at South Newton in Wiltshire, a messuage in the High Street, Winchester, South Sea Stock, etc.

  132. Fordingbridge PARTICULARS OF SALE AND PLAN of Dwelling-Houses, Orchards, Gardens, Accommodation Land and Site for Buildings, which will be Sold by Auction by Mr. Hannan... 15th Sept., 1881. Folio, folded with docket title, 6pp., very large folding plan. Lots marked in ink with the progress of the bidding, and purchaser. 1881. 30.00
    Includes a dwelling called The Old Inn.

  133. Fordingbridge PARTICULARS OF SALE AND PLAN of the Ancient Manor of Sandhill, With the site of the manor House, Farm-house and Out-buildings, 125 acres, with rights of pasturage in the New Forest.... which will... be offered by auction... 10th March, 1887. 5pp., 4to, printed on thick paper, folded with docket title, folding coloured plan. 1887. 24.00

  134. Hale LEASE for 99 years of plot of enclosed land called Wile Close, Thomas Gage of Sherborne, Oxford to John Norris of Hale, yeoman. Vellum, large calligraphic ink initial letter 'T' with date inside, 13" x 27", wax seal. Some slight discoloration at fold. 1712. 22.00

  135. Isle of Wight RELEASE of Tythes of Blowe Farm in the parish Whitwell in the Isle of Wight. The Hon. Charles Anderson Pelham and others to Dr. John Sims. With Schedule of deeds from 1757 to 1810. 4 large vellum sheets, two wax seals. Some rubbing of vellum at folds on first sheet. 1810. 22.00

  136. Kingsworthy CONVEYANCE of a piece of land 'now covered with Water', Colonel T.B. Hitcock to W. Barrow Simonds. 3p., on vellum, 4to, red margins. Small coloured plan showing watercourse, Didcot railway etc. 1892. 10.00

  137. Morestead, Twyford, Medstead PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Landed Estates embracing a total area of 583a. 3r. 17p... comprising.... Morestead Farm... Medstead Manor Farm.... Two Enclosures of Valuable Accommodation, Pasture and Coppice Land... for sale by auction... 17th September, 1891. 8pp., folio, two attractive large hand-coloured folding plans, printed wraps, split along most of spine, trace of vertical fold. 1891. 36.00
    Attractively printed in a variety of decorative type-faces.

  138. Rowbotham (Claude) SOUTHAMPTON WATER Etching. Plate size 2" x 3", overall size 7" x 9", sea and sky coloured, showing dockside and cranes, boats, signed in pencil below image. Paper very slightly darkened overall... together with... WEST GATE, SOUTHAMPTON aquatint showing the gate at night with lamplight reflected in wet pavement. Size 3" x 2", overall size 7" x 9", signed in pencil below image. Foxing spots on margins. 1930's or 40's. 20.00

  139. Southampton AN ACT for amending certain Acts of the Forty-third and Fiftieth Years of the reign of His late Majesty King George the third relating to the Port and Harbour of the Town and County of the Town of Southampton. Pages numbered 497-503, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George E. Eyre and William Spottiswoode, 1846. 10.00

  140. Southampton LEASE of a piece of land with the buildings thereon in Three Field Lane, George King to Rolles Driver. Single vellum sheet, wax seal, coloured plan size 9" x 8" in text. 1859. 16.00

  141. Titchfield THE HUNDRED OF TITCHFIELD TAXED TO THE SUBSEDIES the 28th June 1624. List of 81 taxpayers under headings of the different villages, with amount paid and whether in land or goods, in a neat hand on 2 pages 15" x 6". Blank conjoint leaf, on verso of which is a list of 12 names, without any other information. 1624. 110.00
    Includes Titchfield Town, Stubbington, Warsash, Crofton, Funtley, Swanwick.

  142. Winchester CATALOGUE OF SALE of the Modern Equipment of Chilcombe Lodge... Brussels Tapestry, Carpets and Rugs... 300 Volumes of Books... which Mr. Jas. Jenvey... will sell by Auction on the Premises, June 30, 1891. 18pp., 8vo, printed blue wraps. 1891. 8.00

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  143. Kingstone WILL of Ann Collins of Kingstone. Extracted from the Registry of the Diocese of Hereford. 1p, sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf. 1838. Proved 1850. 8.00
    Refers to her house in Saint Margarets on the Upper Masecod which she held under the Earl of Abergavenny.

  144. Lyonshall PARTICULARS AND PLAN OF TWO VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARMS called "Newhouse" and "Summer Court," In the parish of Lyonshall in the County of Herford.... which will be Sold by Auction by Mr C.F. Blakeley the Oxford Arms Hotel, Kington, On Thursday, the 28th day of July, 1898. Folio, large coloured folding plan, docket title, 4pp. 1898 26.00

  145. Lyonshall POSTER advertising Sale by Auction of Farms called Newhouse and Summer Court, 28th July, 1898. Size 36" x 22", folds. 1898. 16.00

  146. Trewen area ACCOUNTS Manuscript book of farming accounts, 1805-1815, kept by John Brown. 8 pages of accounts, plus many blank leaves, in a book printed with columns for registering parish apprenticeships, with the relevant 1803 Act printed on the first page. Limp cloth wraps, oblong large 8vo. Records payments for wheat, butter, barley 'paid the Welshmen for repin 44 eaker', 'Acount of money Wm. Davis things do come to', listing 'flaxen sheets', 'candle sticks' etc. 1805-15. 24.00
    Refers to rent at Trewen and Whitchurch.

  147. Ullingswick PARTICULARS AND PLAN of a Valuable Freehold Property known as 'The Steppes Farm'... to be offered for Sale by Auction... 16th July, 1913. 2pp., folio, folded with docket title. Large folding coloured plan. 1913. 18.00

  148. Wellington & Burghill PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of very desirable Landed Properties for Investment or Early Occupation.... Fertile Garden or Hop Lands Well Planted Thriving Orchards.... Commodious Farm House, Homestead & Cottage Residence For Sale by Auction.... July 19, 1871. 7pp., 4to, folded, folding hand-coloured plan. Completed memorandum signed over stamp. Attractively printed in a variety of type-faces. 1871. 32.00

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  149. Hertford TO THE WORTHY AND INDEPENDENT ELECTORS of The City of Butcherly Green... Political broadside, from 'Alderman Bob Crouch. Saw-Pit Hall 26th April, 1826', offering himself as a candidate 'that I may have the honor of sitting... on the same side of the House as our respected Friend Duncombe'. 4to, small piece torn from top right corner in blank area, some browning and creasing. St. Austin and Sons, Printers, Hertford. 1826. 20.00

  150. Saint Alban's Disfranchisement AN ACT to disenfranchise the Borough of Saint Alban. Pages numbered 161-162, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Edward Eyre, and William Spottiswoode, 1852. 12.00

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  151. Little Ravely ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of the receipt of 83 owed to Eleanor Fletcher of Ramsey, nee Raby, under the will of Thomas Pooley of Little Raveley. 1p., folio, blank conjoint leaf, 20 lines. Signed with their marks by Eleanor and Thomas Fletcher, witnessed. 1798. 18.00

  152. Morden (Robt.) HUNTINGTONSHIRE Engraved map, uncoloured, size 14" x 16", title cartouche. Central fold. A few very small tears in top margin. Sold by Abel Swale, Awnsham & John Churchill. c1700. 38.00
    From the 1695 edition of Camden's 'Britannia'.

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  153. Alkham DESIRABLE FREEHOLD & COPYHOLD ESTATES Which will be Sold By Auction, By Messrs. Coleman & Elwin, the 12th day of July, 1847, At The Flying Horse Inn, In Dover, In Ten Lots. Particulars and Conditions of Sale, 3pp., folio, plus docket title on last page. First page attractively and clearly printed in a variety of type-faces. 1847. 32.00
    Lists 10 Lots, including the tenement Wolverton Court, messuage called Man Galler, cottage at Chalksole Green in the manor of Halton.

  154. Ashford, Canterbury, Margate ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet III. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Dissected and mounted on linen, size 24" x 36", linen completely split vertically down central fold, thus map in two parts. Folding into chipped paper wraps, 8vo. Trimmed to border all round, no marginal information, some slight off-setting in a few sections in eastern area. n.d. c1860. 22.00

  155. Chartham DEED in Latin, on vellum, size 8" x 13", John Pakenham of Dover Castle to Edmund Farbear of Chartham, granting one messuage called Picklinge with meadow and pasture land in Chartham previously in the occupation of Robert Andrewe. Signed by Packenham, with wax seal lacking about one third of its surface, on tag. 1608. 48.00

  156. Chatham Docks AN ACT for making Compensation to the proprietors of such Lands, and Hereditaments as have been purchased for better securing His Majesty's Docks, Ships, and Stores, at Chatham and for the Use of His Majesty's Ordnance at Warley Common and Woolwich..... Pages numbered 1189-1195, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1806. 14.00

  157. Erith & Wrotham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Very Valuable Freehold Estate called The Marsh Farm.... and a Public House called The Chequers or Halfway House, Situate on the Banks of the River Thames, at Erith.... and also of a Freehold Estate, consisting of the Bull Inn and Posting House, Situate at Wrotham, Kent. For Sale by Auction.... 23rd September, 1847. Folio, 3pp, fine hand-coloured double-page plan of Lot 1 with table of reference, possibly lacks plan of Lot 2. 1846. 26.00

  158. Halcot Bexley PARTICULARS, VIEWS, PLAN, & CONDITIONS OF SALE OF The Valuable Freehold Property known as "HALCOT" embracing a Georgian Residence.... Attractive Gardens and Grounds.... in all about 82 acres.... For Sale by Auction by Messrs. Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... at the London Auction Mart.... on Wednesday, July 10th, 1935. Folio, with large coloured folding plan in pocket at rear, 2 photographic illusts, 10pp, original printed wraps. 1935. 24.00
    Gives description of the house room by room.

  159. Kent Coal AN ACT to repeal an Act made in the last Session of Parliament, for preventing Frauds in the Admeasurement and Delivery of Coals within the several Parishes lying contiguous to the Water-side in the County of Kent. Pages numbered 1037-1038, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1817. 10.00

  160. Ramsgate Improvements AN ACT to enlarge the Powers of an Act.... for the better paving, cleansing, repairing, lighting, and watching, the Highways, Streets, and Lanes of and in the Vill of Ramsgate, in the County of Kent.... Cover leaf + pages numbered 447-454, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1796. 12.00

  161. Snave and Brenzett PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Desirable Freehold Property Comprising A Brick and Tiled Dwelling House, Stable... eleven Enclosures of Excellent Pasture Land... For Sale by Auction... 28th day of June, 1904. 2p., folio, plus 1p. conditions of sale, folding coloured plan. Creases, map and pages with repaired tear at old fold, title very dusty at edges. 1904. 20.00

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  162. Clitheroe Junction Railway CAPITAL 150,000 IN 6,000 SHARES of 25 each. Prospectus setting out advantages of proposed Railway, and listing Provisional Committee, with small form for share application at foot of page. 2pp., folio, blank adjoining leaf. 1845. 50.00
    'This Railway is projected for the purpose of connecting the Borough of Clitheroe, and the surrounding district, containing a population of 25,000 inhabitants, taking the Union of Clitheroe alone, with the great system of Railways completed and projected in Lancashire....'

  163. Hillside Colliery MANUSCRIPT PLAN titled 'Lower Mountain Seam' showing the workings. In ink and pink wash on thick paper backed with linen, size 48" x 34". Scale 1/2500. Shows roads and buildings, and workings near Billinge Vicarage and Crank Road, also showing waterlogged workings. 1950's. 30.00

  164. Liverpool Produce Exchange LETTER to Sir Alfred Jones from Sir Wilfred Laurier. On headed notepaper of Hotel d'Angleterre, Rome, with fine large view printed in blue of the hotel in Via Bocca di Leone. 3p, 8vo, outlining the arrangements for his opening the Produce Exchange on 8th October... together with a typewritten letter, signed, from Jones to Col. Montgomery, Liverpool with which he encloses the previous letter: 'he is to open the Produce Exchange then walk across the Corn Exchange.. we will all see him on board the steamer...' 1p., 4to, on headed paper of Elder Dempster & Co, with picture of steamer. 1902. 16.00

  165. Newton in Makerfield, Wargrave ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet CVIII.4. Scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Linen backed. Some areas outlined neatly in dotted red lines. 'TRC Redemption Office Record Map' stamp in top margin. Edition of 1907. 17.00
    Shows Vulcan Village, Red Bank (site of Civil War Battle), Earlestown Engineering Works, Newton Paper Mills.

  166. Radcliffe LEASE of Mount Zion Bleach Works and lands in Radcliffe, The Earl of Wilton to John Slagg of Manchester, Commission Merchant. Vellum, size 24" x 28", 2 sheets, schedule, on verso of the second sheet is a good full-page manuscript plan, scale 1" = 3 chains, coloured in outline, showing the River Irwell, old Cut, reservoirs, buildings, print works, house and pleasure garden, fields with names and acreage, adjoining owners named. Outside dusty, two very small holes in vellum. 1875. 46.00

  167. Seacombe PROSPECTUS for a Smelting and Lead Company, at the Seacombe Works, Liverpool. Capital 20,000 in 200 Shares of 100 each. 2pp., folio, blank conjoint leaf. Top corners worn, a few small edge tears repaired with document tape, traces of folds. c1850. 38.00
    The works contain 'three furnaces saturated with lead, four refineries for separating the silver... the machinery consists of a crushing mill, a complete apparatus for drawing lead pipes... a rolling mill... steam engine of 30 horses power...' Emphasises savings to be made by bringing the ores by sea, mentioning ores from Scotland, Cumberland, South Wales, Cornwall, Devon.

  168. Tin Sales LIVERPOOL WEEKLY TIN REPORT 25th - 30th April 1842. 2p., folio, printed in columns for Deliveries, Tin in Stock, Received, etc., details entered in ms. Letter to John Williams at Morfa Copper Works, Swansea on blank conjoint leaf, address panel with Liverpool postmark.... together with... Liverpool Sulphur Ore Report, for the same period, similar document with address panel, postmark. 2 items. 1842. 16.00

  169. Wrigley (J), Printer DEATH OF LORD NELSON and The Cruel Shipcarpenter. Two poems printed in two columns. The 'Shipcarpenter' murdered his lover and was in turn killed by her ghost. Number 343 bottom left. Size 10" x 7". Printed & Sold by J. Wrigley, Junr. 3 Rochdale Road, Manchester. c1850. 20.00

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  170. Huncote SETTLEMENT by Mr and Mrs Harvey of the Red Lion Inn, a butcher's shop and four houses in Huncote to Charles Hall and William Harvey. Large vellum sheet, 2 wax seals. 1878. 12.00

  171. Ibstock APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE binding William Creswell son of Sarah Neal to Theophilus Creswell of Ibstock, Wheelwright, for six years. Vellum, size 10" x 14", printed with manuscript inserts, signed by the three parties, traces only of the three small seals. 1840. 24.00

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  172. Black Bank Farm, Messingham PARTICULARS OF "BLACK BANK FARM" Extending to 118 acres 1 rood 32 perches with Farmhouse and Buildings. For Sale by Auction at the Angel Hotel, Brigg, On Thursday, July 15th, 1948. Coloured folding plan in pocket at rear, 4pp, sm 4to, original printed wraps. 1948. 12.00

  173. East Lincolnshire Railway AN ACT to amend the East Lincolnshire Railway Act, 1846, and to authorize the Construction of a Branch Railway to join the Great Grimsby and Sheffield Junction Railway... 4pp. disbound. 1847. 12.00

  174. Lincoln Bank TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by Brogden and Son At the Queen Hotel, Lincoln, on Tuesday, February 7th, 1860... 5 Shares in Lincoln & Lindsey Banking Company, and 5 Shares in the County Fire Office.... Poster, 13" x 8", folds. Ellett Brogden, Pr., Lincoln 1860. 20.00

  175. Moor Farm, Linwood PARTICULARS AND PLAN OF MOOR FARM.... Extending to 63 acres. For Sale by Public Auction..... at the Corn Exchange, Market Rasen, On Tuesday, 13th October, 1964. Small coloured folding plan loosely inserted, 4pp, sm 4to, original printed wraps. 1964. 12.00

  176. North and South Killingholme, Barrow upon Humber & Goxhill PARTICULARS WITH PLANS OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD AGRICULTURAL PROPERTIES Situate in the Parishes of North and South Killingholme, Barrow upon Humber & Goxhill extending to 1015a. 3r. 31p. To be offered for Sale by Auction by Reg. J. Broadgate at the Angel Hotel, Brigg, On Thursday, 22nd November, 1945. 2 large folding plans in pocket at rear, 14pp, sm 4to, original printed wraps. 1945. 20.00

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  177. Bermondsey THE BERMONDSEY TRAGEDY! by J. Clarke, and Cottager's Daughter. Two ballads, each with an illustration at the head, the first of a gun, the second a country girl with a basket. Size 9" x 7", number 628 bottom right. Stewart, Printer, Botchergate, Carlisle, c1850. 55.00
    'The Bermondsey Tragedy' tells in 10 stanzas the story of the notorious murder of O'Connor by Mr and Mrs. Manning, in 1849. Mrs. Manning shot O'Connor and she and her husband buried him under his kitchen floor. They were soon apprehended and taken to Horsemonger Gaol where they were executed. The ballad refers to various details of the story, such as that Manning was a Somerset man (in fact he had worked for the GWR), and that Mrs Manning was a foreigner (she was Swiss).

  178. Chelsea Hospital AN ACT to empower the Commissioners of Chelsea Hospital to commute Pensions for a Sum of Money in certain Cases. Pages numbered 985-986, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1812. 12.00

  179. Edmonton RELEASE of 3 roods of land in the Common Marsh of Edmonton, William Rolfe, Citizen and Haberdasher, to Abraham Jones, Carpenter. Vellum, size 21" x 27", wax seal. Signed by 3 witnesses on verso. 1728. 22.00

  180. Elgin Marbles AN ACT to vest the Elgin Collection of ancient Marbles and Sculpture in the Trustees of the British Museum for the Use of the Public. Pages numbered 865-867, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1816. 45.00

  181. Greenwich Hospital AN ACT to prevent the Embezzlement of certain Property belonging to the Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich, and to amend so much of an Act of the Parliament of Ireland of the Thirty-third Year of His present Majesty as relates to Payments to Out-pensioners of the said Hospital residing in Ireland. Pages numbered 949-954, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1814. 14.00

  182. Hackney ASSIGNMENT of a brick messuage at Clapton known by the sign of the Windsor Castle, Charles Hurt, Surgeon, to Robert Targus, Victualler. Vellum sheet, two wax seals. Receipted on verso. Ink rather blotchy in places, with some rubbing at folds. 1766. 12.00

  183. Ingram (G), Printer NOTICE B. Ingram of 41 Old Street, St. Luke's, London, Is the Cheapest & Best House in London, For Manufacturing Fancy & Comic Valentines, & Every Description of Poetry Cards, Scent Packets, Book Marks... Illustration of a boy standing outside a shop, wearing a triangular shaped card-board box with lettering as above. Hand-coloured. Size 9" x 7", dust-marked at edges. London: G. Ingram, 41, Old St., St. Luke's, E.C. n.d. c1860. 18.00

  184. Jeweller's ORDER BOOK 4to notebook with dates (year not given), names and sometimes addresses of customers and items ordered. Items includes bracelets, match boxes in gold and leather, watches, evening bags, pearls, parures, tortoiseshell combs, cigarette cases. The orders have been crossed through in red and marked paid. 40p., cloth wraps, rubbed. n.d. c1910? 25.00
    For example the Marquis of Londonderry ordered 24 items amounting to 101.10s, including 'pigskin motor bag.... 5.15.6d' and 17 other types of bag.

  185. London Pollution AN ACT to abate the Nuisance arising from the Smoke of Furnaces in the Metropolis and from Steam Vessels above London Bridge. Pages numbered 1605-1608, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Edward Eyre, and William Spottiswoode, 1853. 14.00

  186. Millbank Church AN ACT for making Provision for the Rector of the New Church, situate near Millbank, in the Parish of St. Margaret Westminster..... Cover leaf + pages numbered 563-575, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by John Baskett, 1728. 10.00

  187. Paul & Co. THE PARTED LOVERS by Richard Hatt, and My Own Dear Home. Slip ballad, size 10" x 7", printed in two columns with a woodcut illustration above each song, the first in an oval showing a woman and a cupid seemingly floating over the sea, the other a man in a garden with two children. Paul & Co., Printers, Monmouth-court, 7 Dials. c1840. 30.00

  188. Royal Hospital at Chelsea AN ACT for explaining, amending, and extending the several Laws relative to the Payment of forfeited and unclaimed Shares of Army Prize Money, to the Royal Hospital at Chelsea; and for directing the Mode of making up the Accounts of Pensions paid to the Widows of Officers of the Army. Pages numbered 1209-1218, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1812. 11.00

  189. St. George's, Hanover Square EASTER-OFFERINGS Being appointed by the Reverend Dr. Courtenay, Rector of this Parish, to collect his Easter-Offerings, make humble Application to you for the same.... Printed notice, in large type, with receipt form in smaller type printed below, completed in MS, showing Lady Tynte had given one guinea. Signed by Collector. 1789. 18.00

  190. Such (H), Printer CAPTAIN GRANT. and The Bold Bloodhood. Slip ballad, printed in two columns, decorative dividing line. Crude woodcuts at head, one a man on horseback, the other a man with his dog. Size 9" x 7", paper thin and rather brittle, slightly browned and chipped and right and top edges. Number 296 bottom right. H. Such, Printer and Publisher, Boro. S.E. c1840. 25.00
    Captain Grant is a highwayman who gives half his loot to the poor.

  191. Tory Party TORIES IN FULL WORK From John Bull's Picture Gallery. Price One Penny. Pro-Reform broadside attacking the Tories, comprising two poems 'Tories in Full Work', and 'Free Trade', contrasting the plight of the poor (Why are ye call'd 'my Lord!' and 'Squire', While fed by mine and me: And wringing food and clothes, and fire, From bread-tax'd misery?'), with 'Pensions of the Royal Family', giving the sums for yearly maintenance of 13 of the 'Royal Paupers' printed in two columns. Size 17" x 11", with large satirical woodcut size 6" x 7", showing a seated figure holding the Reform Bill being attacked by devilish Tories (referred to by name - Peel, Apsley, Cumby etc. - in the first poem) with pokers, hammers and other weapons while judges peep out from under a table. Small repaired marginal tear, traces of horizontal fold. Manuscript date at bottom. 1 August 1832. 80.00

  192. Wright (W), Printer ST. GEORGE & THE DRAGON. THE EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMANCE OF MR DUCROW, AND MR. STANFIELD'S GRAND EGYPTIAN DIORAMA. Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 27, 1834, Their Majesties' Servants will perform a New Historical Comedy in Five Acts, The Minister and the Mercer.... To conclude with a New Grand Christmas Spectacle called St. George and the Dragon Or, the Seven Champions of Christendom... A Grand Divertisement!!! Mr Stanfield's Grand Egyptian Diorama commencing with The Great Cataracts!... Excavated Temples of Ghirsheh. Caverns of Abou Sambou: Ascent of a Pyramid! Distant View of the City... with St. George and the Other Champions into The Temple of Memphis... Double-page play bill, overall size 13" x 17", central vertical fold, a few small splits at fold. Wright, Printer, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 1834. 75.00

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  193. Cary (J) A MAP OF MONMOUTHSHIRE from the best Authorities. Engraved map hand-coloured in outline, coloured border. Size 18" x 16", scale 2 miles to an inch. Two folds, repaired tear reaching 1" into map at fold at left edge. 1805. 45.00

  194. Davey (G) CHEPSTOW CASTLE, MONMOUTHSHIRE Lithograph, showing close-up view of castle, vegetation in fore-ground, from drawing by John Willis, on India paper, size 8" x 10", plus margins. Printed by Day & Haghe. c1860. 35.00

  195. Greenwood (C. & H) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTHSHIRE. From an Actual Survey made in the Years 1829 & 1830. Engraved map, hand coloured, with an engraved inset view of Tintern Abbey. Size approx. 25" x 29". Scale approx. 1" = 3 miles. Central fold. Several repaired edge tears, one of which reaches 1" into map. 1831. 70.00

  196. Taylor (Robt.), Chepstow, Publisher CHEPSTOW CASTLE, MONMOUTHSHIRE Tinted lithograph, drawn on stone by W. Walton. On thick paper, size 8" x 11", plus margins. Shows castle with woods behind, looking up to the main entrance, with low wall in foreground with seated figures, and woman driving cattle towards a cottage with smoking chimney. Overall light foxing, mainly affecting margins and sky area. Feint crease approx. 1" in bottom margin. Dangerfield, Lithographers. c1840. 50.00

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  197. Boulton & Paul, Norwich STEEL FRAMED BUILDINGS Suitable for Agricultural Sheds, Dutch Barns... Catalogue, 4to, 16pp., printed wraps, lacks staples, rust marks where staples have ben. Numerous photos. Smaller brochure loosely inserted in pocket on back wrap. 1920's. 20.00

  198. Diss, Ixworth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Sheet L N.W. Size 13" x 18", plus wide margins. Railways inserted to November 1875. O.S. blindstamp 1893. 17.00
    Shows Euston Park, West Harling, Thornham Magna.

  199. East Dereham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Cottages in Swanton Morley Which Will be Sold by Auction.... 19th September 1862.... 4to, 5pp, folds. Attractive type-faces. Notes on prices. 1862. 15.00

  200. Fishmonger's BILLHEAD of W. Pratt, Fishmonger, Fishmarket, Norwich. Size 9" x 4", engraved heading show game, prawns, barrels of oysters, mermaid etc. Made out for skate at 2s, signed by Pratt. 1840. 14.00

  201. Great Yarmouth AN ACT for continuing for a further Term.... the Term of Two Acts.... for clearing, depthening, repairing... the Haven and Piers of Great Yarmouth; and for depthening and making more navigable the several Rivers emptying themselves into the said Haven... 10pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. Top edges of pages rather ragged. 1800. 16.00

  202. Great Yarmouth PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of an Old-Established Woollen Draper's and Tailor's Shop and dwelling House... for Sale by Auction, February 2nd, 1882. 3pp., 4to, plus signed memorandum. Folded vertically with docket title. 1882. 12.00

  203. Norwich Castle and Gaol AN ACT for enabling His Majesty to grant the Castle of Norwich, and the Common Gaol... and for vesting the same in His Majesty's Justices of the Peace... Sm. folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1806. 12.00

  204. Norwich THREE BILLHEADS with engraved headings, sm. 8vo, for G. Mingay, Ladies Boot & Shoe Waterhouse; Mrs Taylor, Stay & Elastic Bandage Maker; Magasin des Modes, Millinery, Straw, Tuscan & Leghorn Bonnets, French Flowers. 3 items. 1841-2. 18.00
    All made out and receipted as settled.

  205. Wicklewood WILL of Archibald Rowing of Wicklewood, farmer. 4pp., folio, signed and witnessed. 1870. 13.00

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  206. Marshall, Printer CORRUPT CONDUCT IN A CERTAIN METHODIST PREACHER And an Appeal to the Methodist Conference. A Plain Statement of Facts Connected with the Prosecution of the Rev. Thos. Hill... at the Assizes in Newcastle, On a Charge of Defaming the Character of Miss Jane Bell, of North Shields. Just Published by J. Marshall Newcastle, Price 1s. Contents of the Pamphlet... Broadside, printed on one side only, size 14" x 6", printed in two columns. Horizontal fold, some creasing. Marshall, Printer, Newcastle. 1822. 40.00
    Rev. Hill had fallen out with Jane's brother, of the Methodist Church, Blyth, and in revenge attached her character. This broadside criticises the Methodist Conference for not censuring Rev. Hill.

  207. Newcastle ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Composite map, made up of 4 quarter sheets, Sheets 14 and 15 and sheets to the south. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 38" x 25". Area round Newcastle and to the north hand-coloured in different colours according to area, and neatly titled ' Prestwick', 'Dinnington', etc. Some repaired marginal tears. O.S. blindstamp 1902. 35.00
    Covers Newcastle, Blyth, Sunderland, Morfet.

  208. Woodhorne AN ACT for impowering the surviving Commissioners and Trustees for forfeited Estates to execute proper Conveyances of the late Lord Widdrington's Estate.... to Trustees for the Creditors of the said Company... Cover leaf + pages numbered 735-743, black letter, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by Thomas Baskett, 1745. 14.00
    Relates to the confiscation of estate of 'Traitors and Popish Recusants'.

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  209. Burford AN ACT for confirming a Scheme of the Charity Commissioners for certain Charities in the Town and Parish of Burford.... 3pp. 1861. 10.00

  210. Cruchley's ROAD AND RAILWAY MAP of the County of Oxford. Showing all the Railways and Names of Stations... Improved from the Ordnance Surveys. Map printed in black pink and red, size 15" x 18". Folding into orange printed wraps, slightly rubbed at edges. c1880. 25.00

  211. Nettleship (Henry) LETTER signed H. Nettleship, Bradmore Road, to a student, asking him to call on him at his rooms in Corpus 'when I will return you your prize exercise with one or two remarks which the examiners made upon it.' 8vo., mourning border. 1882. 12.00
    Nettleship was Professor of Latin at Oxford.

  212. University of Oxford AN ACT to enable the President and Scholars of the College of Saint Mary Magdalen, in the University of Oxford, to grant Building Leases of certain Ground, Messuages.... in the Parish of Saint John, Southwark.... 3pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1777. 14.00

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  213. Claverley and Alveley PARTICULARS WITH PLANS of the highly desirable Freehold Farms... 'Wooton Farm', 'King's Nordley Farm'... with substantial Residence, 5 Cottages, 4 sets of Buildings.... to be Sold by Auction... 11th June, 1919. 5pp., 4to, wraps. 2 folding coloured plans. 1919. 18.00

  214. Roughton COPY SURVEY of Nash End Estate. 1p. 4to, listing names of 14 fields with measurements. On adjoining leaf is a letter from James Marshall in Roughton to Bewdley, Worcestershire, 'herewith you receive a copy of the particular of Mr. Smithymans estate as delivered to me by Mr. Elcock who measured it'. 1821. 10.00

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  215. Ackland (J), Printer RULES FOR THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE "ELTON" CHARITY IN THE PARISH OF NEMPNETT. October, 1862. Single sheet listing seven rules concerning eligibility, distribution, etc., size approx. 11" x 8". Traces of vertical fold. J. Ackland, Printer and Bookbinder, Dolphin Street, Bristol: 1862. 15.00

  216. Bacon (G.W.) OFFICIAL MAP OF BATH Based upon the Ordnance Survey with Local Revision to Date of Publication. Size 18" x 31", scale 6" to 1 mile, folding into small 4to printed paper wraps. c1930. 10.00

  217. Bathampton CONVEYANCE of premises known as Meadow Farm and Nos. 1 and 2 Walton Cottages. Henry Allen to Messrs. G & G Candy. Vellum, 7p folio, in MS, includes good full-page coloured plan scale 6 chains to 1". Slight water-staining on last sheet. 1921. 15.00

  218. Bishops Hull CONVEYANCE of the equity of redemption of and in the Royal Crown Inn and land opposite in the New Road, Bishops Hull, Abraham Waygood, Innkeeper, to William Hewett, Brewer. Large vellum sheet, two wax seals. 1880. 12.00

  219. Broomfield LEASE of a messuage or tenement and meadow and pasture land and wood in Broomfield, William Knapman and John Radford to Christopher Symcock. Vellum, size 9" x 12", signed by Symcock, wax seal bound with cloth and string, on tag, indented top edge. 1693. 46.00

  220. Chappell (Henry) THE DAY Poem published at the beginning of the First World War. 6 verses, with intoduction about the author, 8vo, border in red and blue, folds, small area rubbed with loss of three letters. Reprinted from the 'Daily Express' (22nd August 1914). 10.00
    Known as the 'Bath Railway Poet' Chappell worked as a porter on Bath station. This poem was published in his book 'The Day and Other Poems' in 1918.

  221. Chew LEASE of lands in Chew including Marsh Wood furlong, Blackenhedge, Broad Mead, John Oliver of Chew, yeoman, to Thomas Athall of Norton Malreward and Toby King of Chew. Vellum, 34 lines, in English, size 12" x 17", signed by King, about half of wax seal remaining on tag. Large calligraphic initial letter. 1597. 56.00
    Oliver had purchased the land from Sir John Popham, Lord Chief Justice of the Pleas.

  222. Creech St. Michael CONVEYANCE by Henry Trowde of West Buckland, yeoman, to John Acastle of West Monckton, yeoman, of a tenement in 'Michael Creech' late in the occupation of Robert Shoobrooke, a cottage, and another messuage with half an acre of land adjoining. 58 lines on vellum, size 16" x 26", tag, lacking wax seal on tag, ink slightly rubbed at places at folds, vellum slightly darkened. 1649. 38.00

  223. Curtis (F) MAP OF THE CITY OF BATH Engraved to accompany 'Guide Through and Round Bath'. Map with views surrounding, printed on verso of an advertising sheet for Evans & Owen, Silk Mercers and Linen Drapers and House Furnishers, with a fine view of the store, guide to departments etc. The store is indicated on the map with a printed red cross. Size folds. c1880. 25.00

  224. Cutcombe THREE FINAL AGREEMENTS relating to messuage, barn, 21 acres and common of turbary and estover at Codsin Moor, Brundon Hill, Little Quarum in Cutcombe. On vellum, one 1733, size 6" x 18", another 1756, size 9" x 20", and a third 1802, size 14" x 17", folded, attached at corner with old pin. 1733-1802. 28.00
    Parties involved include John Oxenham and George Chapman, James Bryant, Thomas Bidgood, George Braydon, Peter Gay.

  225. Dale (R.W) PEAT IN CENTRAL SOMERSET A Planning Study. 36pp., card wraps, small folio. Maps, line drawings and photographs. Somerset County Council. 1967. 18.00

  226. Durley and Spaxton GRANT of lands in Durley and Spaxton called Mallet Down, William Hodge to Nicholas Halswell of Goathurst. 32 lines, in Latin, on vellum, size 11" x 13", signed by Hodge, was seal bound in cotton on tag. 1558. 68.00
    A document in fine crisp condition from the reign of Philip and Mary.

  227. Durley FINAL AGREEMENT in the Court of the Common Bench, between Hugh Halswell and David Seier and others acknowledging Halswell's right to one messuage one cottage on garden in Durley. In English, vellum, size 5" x 15", folds. 1658. 24.00

  228. Frome ANNUAL REPORT of the Frome Newspaper Printing & Publishing Co. 3pp., folio. 29th March 1924. 5.00
    Contains brief statement from Chairman, Statement of Accounts.

  229. Frome ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. 281. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 19" plus wide margins. O.S. blindstamp 1909. 17.00

  230. Gatcombe SURRENDER of lands including pasture called the Slade, closes called Langlands, Acastle, Broomlyne, and other closes, and two tenements called Gatcombe, Johana Boult of Broomfield, Widow to Sir Nicholas Halswell. Vellum, in English, size 8" x 11", lacks wax seal from tag. Affixed is 'A Schedule containing the Division of the Dwelling House of the two tenements called Gatcombe... of all houses and offices to the same belonging and of the Barton Court... the Ground called Hill... to be used and occupied by Nicholas Halswell. Lists 6 stipulations 'they shall hav ethe moytie of the Bakehouse... the moiety of the court before the back door of the dwelling house... liberty to make fire in the hall chimney and to use the Table in the same....' Vellum, 12" x 8". Lacks wax seal from tag. 1562. 70.00

  231. Goathurst AGREEMENT between George Poulett and Henry Halswell regarding tenure of lands in Frodgere(?) and Goathurst sometime heretofore the lands of Dyer, Stowell and Davis. 1p., sm. folio, in English. Blank conjoint leaf, folded. Signed by Halswell and Poulett, and four witnesses. 1637. 28.00
    Refers to a difference between the two parties 'viz. if the said Henry Halswell died seized of any such lands, whether the same be held of the said George Poulett by Knight service, tenure, or in free socage'. The case was to be heard by John Bourne and George Blanchflower.

  232. Goathurst FEOFFMENT of messuage in Frodgate, Goathurst and Durley, John Isham of Isle Brewers(?), son of Thomas Isham to Nicholas Halswell. In Latin on vellum, size 12" x 14", wax seal on tag bound in linen. Signed memorandum on verso, seven lines in English, to confirm that Nicholas Halswell had taken possession. 1594. 65.00
    Names owners of adjoining lands.

  233. Godfrey (D) THE BEAUFORT MARCH Dedicated by Permission To His Grace The Duke of Beaufort &c, Composed for, and presented to The Ladies Committee & to Jonathan Gray Esq. as Honr. Director of The Fancy Fair, Held at Bath June 7th, 8th & 9th in aid of the Funds for the Soldiers Wives & Children, by D. Godrey. Sheet music, 4 pages, plus wraps. Size very fine chromolithographed cover with picture of flags, drums, cannon balls etc. in gold and bright colours, taking up most of the front wrap. Johnson & Bessant, Chromo Lith., 2 Tudor Place, Tottm. Ct. R. n.d. c1860. 18.00

  234. Hillfarrance ASSIGNMENT of a dwelling house and pasture ground at Redbridge, James Jarman, thatcher, Hannah Wood, of Bishops Lydiard, his sister, and others, to Daniel Litherton. Vellum, size 19" x 28", wax seals. Signatures faded. Ink of text slightly faded but legible. 1717. 18.00

  235. Ilminster CERTIFICATE OF THE CONTRACT For the Redemption of Land Tax, referring to 'Browns' Silver St., and five cottages in East St. known as 'Porters'. Folio, folded, printed with coat of arms, signed by Commissioners, details in MS. Sewn to corner are 2 smaller forms, with schedule listing occupiers, etc. Two small holes where folds meet. 1837. 16.00

  236. Martock CONVEYANCE of Martock East Field, the Trustees of W.R. Warry to Samuel Darby. 2 large vellum sheets, signed by 9 parties with 9 wax seals. 1874. 12.00
    With Schedule of deeds from 1837-73.

  237. Ninehead GRANT OF ADMINISTRATION to Elizabeth Ludlow Widow of William Ludlow of Ninehead. Vellum certificate, printed with ms inserts, good papered seal of Archdeaconry of Taunton on tag. On verso is endorsement concerning Wiveliscombe Turnpike. 1853. 14.00

  238. Nynehead COUNTERPART LEASE of Blockhouse Farm, E. Ayshford Sanford to Elizabeth and William Ludlow. Printed, 1p, folio, with manuscript inserts, and inside a manuscript Schedule over 2 pages, giving names of fields, cultivation and acreage. Unsigned. 1861. 14.00

  239. Radstock ACCOUNT BOOKS of a Radstock builder. Two small folio ledgers, half reversed calf, one a Cash Book, 1887-1904, 178 double-page spreads of receipt and expenditure, listing names of individuals and companies (items not listed, only names and sums). Companies include Lysaght & Co., Greyfield Colliery, Clandon Colliery Co., Gloucester & Somerset Quarries... the other 'Private Ledger', 1925-1930, approx. 250 double page spreads of debit and credit accounts listed under heading of Customer, with Index, plus 22 pages of 'Contracts'. Includes items purchased from Messrs. Gardiner Sons & Co., Bristol; Doney & Cooke, Ilminster; Bath & Portland Stone Firms Ltd. Contracts include New C.E. School, Midsomer Norton, 20 Houses at Bishops Lydiard, alterations Old Pit Cottages... together with... two other similar ledgers, 1933-37, and 1938-45... together with... Letter Book, 1898-1906, 4to, half reversed calf, 1003 thin pages of copy letters, some pages difficult to read, and a letter book relating to work on Totnes School, Ashburton Road, Totnes, 1936-8, 237p., with blank headed pages at rear. 6 volumes in all. 1887-1938. 80.00
    'Aug. 25. 1902, to Mr S. Gregory, Combe Hill House... I have taken a sample brick to the Committee Room today - Cattybrook wire cut facing which I suggest to substitute in place of stone for the chimneys at Kilmersdon Cottages...'

  240. Rowe (George), Printer and Publisher LITHOGRAPHED VIEWS OF SOMERSET. 11 tinted lithographs, with tissue guards, size of each view approx. 8" x 11", overall size of book 11" x 15", early unlettered half calf, cloth boards, slightly rubbed to edges, occasional foxing. Cheltenham: George Rowe, c1848. 380.00
    The views are:- West Front, Wells Cathedral (this view is not by Rowe, but published by T. Green, Wells); St. Cuthberts, Wells; The Bishops Palace, Wells; The Chapel and Ruins of Great Hall, Bishops Palace, Wells; Doorway, Glastonbury Abbey; St. Joseph's Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey; St. Mary and St. Josephs Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey; Cheddar Church; The Cheddar Cliffs (3 views);

  241. Shrowl (A) TWELVE VIEWS of Weston super Mare. Pub. By A. Shrowl, Weston super Mare. Engraved vignette views, oblong 8vo, cloth covered wraps, darkened, worn at edges, lacks free endpaper, back endpapers darkened. Repaired tear right across last view. Newman & Co. c1850. 24.00


  242. Simmons family, Churchill CHURCHILL COURT AND MANORS Paper read before the Somerset Archaeological Society, Sept. 1885, 7pp., foxed, inscribed to Sir Lintorn Simmons from the Author... together with... a bundle of manuscript material relating to the genealogy of the Simmons, Latch and Hunt families, including 8 sketched pedigrees (including a large pedigree on paper watermarked 1831 of descendants of Thomas Latch, d. 1665, and a pedigree on sheets pasted together making a sheet 90" wide, 1570-1917), material on burials, baptisms, copied from Register of Churchill Church, Banwell Church, etc., notes on the history of Churchill, some sketches of coats of arms, and 3 engraved coats of arms, letters 1880's - 1930's, extracts from registers signed by the Vicar (for example extract from the Register of Baptisms of St. Helier, Jersey, regarding James Symons. Approx. 60 pieces. 1840's - 1930's. 90.00
    Some of the material dates from the 1840's, the bulk of it would appear to be late nineteenth century, early twentieth.

  243. Southwood family AMOUNT OF RENTS DUE to Thomas Southwood Esq. from his Tenants at the time of his Death May 12th 1830 examined by John Colman. Folio sheet, manuscript, folded, listing 28 names with sums owed and total. 1830. 14.00
    The first on the list is Revd. John Gale. The Thomas Southwood is probably the eccentric character who lived at Lowton House, near Taunton.

  244. Staple Fitzpaine LEASE of a messuage and tenement containing 18 acres, Henry Portman of Brayanstone, Dorset, to Jane Redford of Staple Fitzpaine, widow. Vellum, size 18" x 25", wax seal. Signed Portman. Ink slightly faded. 1770. 16.00

  245. Stoke under Hamden, Thorne Coffin SETTLEMENT OF REAL ESTATE in contemplation of the marriage to Miss Eleanor Wyllie with John Francis of Stoke under Hamden. 1838. 9p. folio, tied at corner with tape, folded. Attested copy 1842. 18.00
    Properties include cottage, house and a dovecote, numerous areas of meadow, pasture, arable etc., described in detail over two pages.

  246. Stoke under Hamdon DEMISE of a plot of ground, part of a garden, on Ham Hill, Samuel Haynes, Labourer, to John Tavender, Labourer. On paper, size 20" x 28", signed with his mark by Haynes, wax seal with a bust. Two very small splits in folds. 1827. 18.00

  247. Taunton CONVEYANCE of houses and premises in Middle Street, Trustees of the Will of Thomas Norman Snr. to Thomas Norman. 2p., folio, folded, red margins. 1903. 8.00

  248. Taunton GRANTS Six grants 'out of Lockage', made at the Court Baron of William Kinglake Lord of the Manor of Taunton Late Priory. 5p., small folio. Refers to 6 areas of land including property in Middle Street. 30th October. 1826. Copy made c1877. 18.00

  249. Thorn Coffin CONVEYANCE in fee of an Orchard called Church Orchard, James Shorland and Revd. C. Boutflower to Revd. Wyndham Helyar. 3 large vellum sheets, 2 wax seals. 1877. 12.00
    The first part of the document refers to agreements with the Somerset and Dorset Railway Company.

  250. Tintinhull MORTGAGE of a Close of Ground called Marlpit Close situate in Tintinhull, Hugh Francis to Herbert Butler Batten. Large vellum sheet, wax seal. 1846. 10.00

  251. Victoria Art Gallery Exhibition A PLAN FOR BATH Exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath, Feb. 1 - March 3, 1945. 9pp., 8vo, illusts. Red and black wraps. 1945. 10.00

  252. Watchet CONVEYANCE of cottages in Swine Street, Watchet, John Drake Jarman and George Knight of Bridgwater to Walter Copp of Watchet, Draper. Vellum, size 22" x 29", 3 wax seals. 1880. 12.00

  253. Watchet MANUSCRIPT PARTICULARS and Conditions of an Auction held by Messrs. Hawkes and Risdon for Sale of the Dwellinghouses Shop and premises hereinafter described... West Somerset Hotel, Watchet, 15th August 1876. 5p, folio, the first page being a description of the two lots. Affixed is a printed memorandum with ms inserts. 1876. 10.00

  254. Weston super Mare CONVEYANCE in fee of a dwellinghouse no 7 Orchard Place, Messrs. Stock, Jones and Harvey to Charles Greenslade. Large vellum sheet, wax seals. 1862. 12.00

  255. Yatton A TERRIER as well of all the Glebe lands Tenements, Orchards & Gardens belonging to the Rectory or Parsonage of Yatton and Kenne, As also of all the Glebe lands Orchards Gardens obligations profits emoluments & portions of Tythes belonging to the Vicarage thereof made by us whose names are hereunto subscribed the Third day of March Anno Domini 1635. 12 folio pages, folded, sewn at corner, listing tenants, acreage of lands held and location, with details of tithes paid for orchards, lambs, cows, 'hay silver' 'Cheate wheat' etc., e.g. 'Item the tythe of the Mills in Yatton and Kenn and also of Fishing fowling and other personall tythes do belong to the Vicar. Item due to the vicar for Pidgeon houses or dove houses four pence. For every house for Churching of Women four pence....' Copy made circa 1825, probably in connection with a dispute over tithes, with rough notes of lawyers' opinion etc. on verso of several pages. Some underlining in text. Copied c1825. 60.00

  256. Young & Son, Misterton REVISED CATALOGUE OF APPLIANCES ETC. Enterprise Works, Misterton. 82pp., size 5" x 8", illustrated wraps with picture of shotgun, hole for hanging top left, wrap slightly worn at hole, numerous illusts., prices. c1919. 25.00
    A wide range of products including Ferret collars, Football nets, Folding Guns, Pheasant Aviaries, Fishing Nets.

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  257. Seighford and St. Mary's FIRST-CLASS FARM HOUSE & FARMSTEAD Water Mill, Mill House, and About 130 Acres of Land... together with Sundry Cottages.... also the Manor or Reputed Manor of Great Bridgford.... To be Sold by Auction.... the 7th day of May, 1859, at the Swan Hotel, Stafford. Two pages, folio, folds, paper slightly darkened, with 3p. Conditions attached at corner. 1859. 22.00

  258. Tunstall, Cheadle GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. LXXII.N.W. Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 13" x 15", plus wide margins, key in left-hand margin. Slightly dusty. Railways inserted to 1890, O.S. blindstamp 1901. 28.00

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  259. Ellingham, Geldeston POSTER advertising auction sale of Cottage Properties.... 10th November, 1865. Poster, size 18" x 12", folds. 1865. 17.00

  260. Harleston, Halesworth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet L N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Small blue 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Railways inserted to 1881. O.S. blindstamp 1893. 17.00

  261. Ipswich SETTLEMENT on the Marriage of William Harrold of Ipswich, Whitesmith, to Mary Hunt. 3 large vellum sheets. 4 wax seals. 1845. 16.00
    Refers to Mary Hunt's share of land at Carleton Rode and Tibenham in Norfolk.

  262. Mildenhall ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LI N.E., size 13" x 19" plus wide margins. 'Index to Tithe Survey' in top margin. O.S. blindstamp 1858. 20.00
    Covers Fordham, Thetford.

  263. Morden (Robt.) SUFFOLK Engraved map, uncoloured, size 14" x 16", title cartouche. Central fold. Sold by Abel Swale, Awnsham & John Churchill c1700. 38.00
    From the 1695 edition of Camden's 'Britannia'.

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  264. Betchworth THE DORKING COACH BETCHWORTH HILL near Box Hill, Surrey. Hand-coloured engraving, size 6" x 8", plus margins, showing the 'Hand in Hand' Inn, with pigs, pony and car, chickens etc. in the yard, and the coach approaching. Signed in plate bottom left 'R. Seary 1869'. 24.00

  265. Sutton CONVEYANCE of land in the parish of Sutton, Thomas Alcock to Joseph Hallett. 2 large vellum sheets, with Schedule detailing deeds from 1785. On first page is coloured manuscript plan, size 15" x 14" 1866. 28.00
    Land amounted to 30 acres, including Robin Hood Lane Meadow, Hurst Close, Cheam Street Three Acres, etc.

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  266. Alciston, Folkington ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet LXVIII. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Some small numbers in red ink, possibly marking watermains etc. 1878. 30.00

  267. Brighton, Crawley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 37", no. sheet no, made up of quarter sheets. Linen-backed and folding into 8vo endpapers. 2 light brownish spots on 2 sections. Electrotype 1881. 40.00

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  268. Long Marton TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION At Herd's, The King's Head Inn, Appleby.... 21st Day of October, 1819.... All that Valuable Estate.... with Farm House and Buildings in the Township of Long Marton, occupied by John Dargue.... 3pp., plus docket title on verso, manuscript memorandum for sale by George Wilkinson of Harperly Park to the Purchaser William Jamieson of Acorn Bank for five thousand four hundred pounds. Hoggett, Printer, Durham, 1819. 40.00

  269. Walker (J) & (C) WESTMORELAND. Engraved map, boundaries, railways, parkland hand-coloured, showing Parliamentary Boundaries, with Reference to Wards, Polling Places indicated, etc. Size approx. 12" x 14", plus margins, central fold. Small repaired tear in bottom margin. 1842. 24.00

  270. Westmoreland Sheriff AN ACT to provide for the Appointment of Sheriff of the County of Westmoreland. Pages numbered 281-283, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Edward Eyre, and William Spottiswoode, 1850. 11.00

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  271. Aldbourne A PARTICULAR OF THE LANDS BELONGING TO THE REVD. JNO. SEAGRAM Vicar of the Parish of Aldbourne in the County of Wlits. By Abraham Dymock. 1836. Manuscript on 15 pages, plus title page with watercolour border and variety of decorative lettering, original boards, size 13" x 8", calf spine, split at top, marbled paper almost completely worn away from boards. Comprises 'Allotments in lieu of 60 Sheep Commons...', 'Stock Close Farm', 'Lains Farm, Thos. Baskerville Esq.', 'Lower Upham Farm, J.S. Stone', 'Cottages and Old Inclosures', in columns for Award, Proprietors, Premises, Acreage, page headings neatly lettered in buff wash colour. The last 3 pages are 'Amount of Rent-Charge payable to the Vicar', written in a different, later hand, in columns for Owner, Occupier, Amount. Water staining along the bottom edge of pages, and edge of title page, endpapers stained. 1836. 70.00

  272. Amesbury BOND for ten pounds, John Gauntlett of Amesbury, yeoman, to Thomas Bidle, of Amesbury. In Latin and English. 1p. sm. folio, signed, and witnessed, with seal. Paper creased, some light browning in parts. 1629. 24.00


  273. Baverstock TITHE RENTCHARGE APPORTIONMENT Copy of 1839 document. 3p preamble, small schedule of total value of wheat, barley and oats, double-page schedule giving landowners (5 names), occupiers, Nos. on plan, premises, area and rentcharge payable. Sm. folio, bound with Manuscript copy of the Tithe Map of the Parish of Baverstock, 1840, in ink on waxed cotton. Scale 6 chains: 1", 47" x 36". Small section cut from 3 corners, not affecting any lettering, some pencil additions and annotations.... With .... Altered Apportionment of the Rentcharge, 1868. Folio, 1p preamble and double-page schedule (2 landowners), with Manuscript Plan of the Altered Apportionment, as above, 19" x 30".... With.... Altered Apportionment, 1871. Folio, 1p preamble and double-page schedule (3 landowners, including Salisbury and Yeovil Railway Co.). Attached with pins is small plan of this apportionment on waxed cotton, 8" x 6". All three Apportionments bound together in wraps, titled in ink, top wrap torn. Land Agent's working Copy. n.d. copied 1870s. 95.00

  274. Bratton, Westbury Leigh and Westbury AUCTION POSTER advertising sale of share in three houses, one of which is used as Reading Room and Lending Library in Westbury Leigh, shares in house and lands at Bratton, the 'White Horse Coffee Tavern', and houses in Church Road, Bratton Road, etc., in Westbury, for sale by auction, at Westbury, May 5th, 1885. Size W. Michael, printer, Westbury. 1885. 20.00
    Lists 12 Lots, with occupiers, etc.

  275. Codford St. Mary PARTICULARS of the Well-Known East Codford Farm.... extending to about 1,310 Acres... upon which are good Straight Gallops One Mile Long, also other Training Gallops, The Commodious Farmhouse.... which will be Sold by Auction.... October 7th, 1919.15pp, sm. folio, coloured folding plan. Staples rusty, vertical fold. 1919. 18.00

  276. Collins (B), Printer THE SALISBURY JOURNAL and Devizes Mercury. No. 667. Monday October 29, 1750. 4pp, folds, brown stain on both leaves at point where two folds meet, not affecting legibility, a few other stains in margins and some foxing. 1750. 10.00
    Includes adverts. for the Salisbury Stagecoach and Diligence, Reward offered to finder of two drawings of patterns for carpets, lost near Salisbury.

  277. Cricklade Election TO THE WORTHY AND INDEPENDENT ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF CRICKLADE and the Hundreds of Highworth, Cricklade, Staple, Kingsbridge, & Malmsbury. Gentlemen, In returning you my thanks for the honour which I have received, by being elected one of your Representatives in Parliament.... Your much obliged and most obedient Servant, Joseph Pitt, Eastcourt, October 14, 1812. Broadside, size approx. 12" x 8", foxed, small tear at lower corner, not affecting text. Watkins, Printer, Cirencester, 1812. 35.00

  278. Forestford BILL OF BARGAIN AND SALE of John Hypdiche, of Stockton, Smith, to John Farley, of Strayford(?), of his right and title in a messuage he holds from Mr. Stanter in Stockton, for 5. In English on paper, size 7" x 12", folded. Small clipping from an old bookseller's catalogue pasted in margin. Docket title. Traces of blue paper at edge on verso, presumably where once pasted at edge into margin. Endorsed as 'copy', but if so, a contemporary one. 26 April, 7 Edward VI. 1553. 45.00

  279. Fovant POWER OF ATTORNEY of Robert Feltham, Clothier, of Fovant, appointing his sister Margery Martin, Widow, also of Fovant, his Attorney, to receive sums owing to him, etc. 34 lines, neatly written, 1p small folio, blank conjoint leaf, wax seal. Signed by three witnesses. 1679. 30.00

  280. Gale family, Milton FAMILY REGISTER BOOK recording baptisms. Small 4to school exercise book with front wrap printed with the poem 'The Daisy' and small vignette, spine rubbed. 10 pages, in a neat hand, being copies of the baptisms of 5 of the children of Thomas and Anne Gale, 1814-21, in table form, from the Parish Registers of Milton and Woodborough, where Gale was Vicar, 1829. On facing page is record of when 'admitted into the Church' and sponsors, and brief record of vaccination and childhood illnesses. There appears to be a leaf missing at the beginning. 1829. 28.00

  281. Hurst Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Hurst in the Counties of Berks and Wiltshire. 16pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1807. 17.00

  282. Manningford Bruce AN ACT For Dividing and Allotting several Open and Common Fields, and Downs... in the parish of Manningford Bruce.... 22pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1801. 20.00

  283. Melksham AN ACT for paving and improving the Footways, and for cleansing, lighting, and watching the Streets and other Public Passages and Places in the Town of Melksham.... 34pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1816. 14.00

  284. Nether Swindon FINAL AGREEMENT whereby Thomas and Betty Herring assign any claim on a messuage, stable and garden in Nether Swindon to Theodora Morse, widow. On vellum, size 6" x 17". 1746. 14.00

  285. Poulshot PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Estate of Rich Grazing and Arable Land with Valuable Common Rights, with Comfortable Residence, Two Cottages.... which will be Sold by Auction... 21st August, 1873. 5pp., folio, folded with docket title. Large folding plan. 1873. 32.00

  286. Salisbury Improvements AN ACT to alter, extend, and amend the Powers of Two Acts.... for better paving, lighting, and watching the City of New Sarum.... 44pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1815. 14.00

  287. Seagry MEMORANDUM OF AN AGREEMENT between Lord Viscount Wellesley and Thomas Fraser Grove of Seagry House regarding a Mansion House called Seagry House 'with Garden Lawn, Pleasure Grounds' and closes of pasture land, rent to be 70 a year. 2p., folio, folded. Signed by both parties. Some slight browning in two places. 1851. 14.00

  288. Simpson (G) Printer DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE Thursday Sept. 2, 1837. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., red tax stamp. 1837. 16.00
    Contains report from 'on board of a steam vessel called the Great Britain, on Lake Ontario' on the plight of emigrants in America 'We have now on board the G.B. nearly 1,000 souls... the spacious decks of this noble steamer are crammed with their bags and chests, on the top of which there are seated of lying down, men, women, and children, in a state of filth and degradation...' This report has been marked with crosses.

  289. Trowbridge Improvements AN ACT for paving the Footways, and for cleansing, lighting, and regulating, the Streets, Lanes, and other publick Passages and Places, within the Town of Trowbridge.... 28pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1799. 14.00

  290. Trowbridge PARTICULARS with Plan and Conditions of Sale... of a Residential Property... known as 'Northfield' with the Entrance Lodges, Conservatory, Pleasure Gardens and Tennis Lawns... Hot Houses, Melon Pits.... for Sale by Auction, July 27th, 1893. 5pp., folio, pink wraps. Frontispiece with plan and two photographs. Traces of two horizontal folds. 1893. 30.00

  291. Upton Scudamore AN ACT for Dividing, inclosing and allotting, the Open and Common Fields, Downs, and Commonable and Waste Lands, in the Parish of Upton Scudamore.... 14pp, disbound, Act of Parliament, folded with docket title. 1803. 20.00

  292. West Lavington PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Estate known as St Joan a Gore.... Superior Residence, Three Cottages, and Convenient Buildings.... for Sale by Auction June 15th 1911. size 12" x 10", 6pp., decorative wraps, folding plan. 1911. 18.00

  293. Westbury PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Training Establishment with 347 1 rood 34 perches of Downland Gallops... 3pp., 4to, wraps, vertical crease. 1916. 12.00

  294. Wilton Boundary REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF WILTON; with a Description of the Proposed Boundary. 3pp, with a folding Plan, by Robt. K. Dawson, coloured in outline. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1832. 24.00

  295. Worton POSTER advertising auction on 26th April 1877 of Freehold Pasture Land known as 'Tim's Ground' now in the occupation of Frederick Flooks.... there is a Cow House with Calf Stage on the Ground.... Size 20" x 15", folded, a few foxing spots at fold. Bolwell, Printer, Devizes. 1877 17.00

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  296. Elmley Lovett LETTER to Robert Townsend Esq. the Recorder at Chester, from John Blashfield, Bromsgrove Oct. 6th 1755. 38 lines on 1p., sm. folio, folded with address panel on verso, straight-line postmark 'Cester'. Refers to Henry Townsend of Elmley Lovett's estate, advising him 'I think that if you manage matters properly, Mr John Townsend's fortune will centre in your Children...' He goes on to give an analysis of the latter's character. 1755. 15.00

  297. Knighton ESTATES IN THE PARISH OF KNIGHTON UPON TEAM in the County of Worcester the Property of Sir William Smith Bart. 1814. Measured by Chas. Evans Land Surveyor Ludlow. 11p, 4to, sewn in rough plain wraps. Lists under heading of occupier's name the Names of Fields etc., Quality, Quantity. Abstract at end with Total. 1814. 28.00
    14 occupiers named.

  298. Malvern CATALOGUE of a Portion of the Valuable Household Furniture and other effects which Lear & Son will sell by Auction... September 25th, 1916. 8vo catalogue opening out to poster-sized sheet listing 213 Lots. 1916. 12.00
    The house was 'Medburst', Worcester Road.

  299. Stourbridge LEASE for 21 years of the messuage in which Richard Parker doth now live with the anvil shop adjoining, in the High Street in Stourbridge, Gregory Kirkman of Wollaston Hall, Thomas Sanders, Apothecary, and William Waldron, Mercer, to Richard Parker. Vellum, 14" x 22", 3 good wax seals with crown and rampant lion. 1739. 22.00

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  300. Barr (R), Marsh-Lane, Leeds, Sold by THE RANTERS' SHIP and On the Cross! Religious broadside, printed in two columns with decorative dividing line. Vignettes at head, one showing a soldier leading army with large flag, the other Jesus on the Cross. Size 10" x 7". R. Barr is described as 'Tobacconist, Dealer in Snuff & Cigars' 25.00

  301. Batley A VALUATION taken upon the Premises of Mr. Robt. Clapham Jnr. of Upper Batley of the Property contained in a Barn maliciously set on Fire on the night of Thursday De. 3rd. 1818. 2p. 4to, listing hay and other crops, cows, implements lost, with values. Contemporary copy. 1818. 14.00

  302. Bewerley Moor ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet 135. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Linen-backed. Area in the south around Stones Moor and Katty White's allotment outlined in yellow, some water features coloured. 1854. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1864. 30.00
    Covers Pateley Bridge, North Rakes Lead Mines, Braithwaite Moor.

  303. Brighouse PARTICULARS OF FREEHOLD AND COPYHOLD ESTATE in Brighouse near Halifax, as divided into Lots for Sale by Auction By Mr. Lancaster on Monday the 23rd of June, 1834 at the George Inn, Brighouse. Sm folio, 4pp, folded, double page plan by Inchbold, Lithographer, Leeds. Attractive lettering. Some slight browning at fold down centre of plan. 1834. 34.00
    Includes close called The Harp, land at Brighouse Lane Head containing 'a Valuable Bed of Stone', Druggist Shop with Warehouse in Brighouse, 8 cottages near the Calder and Hebble Navigation, two cottages fronting the Canal.

  304. Forth, Printer I REMEMBER, I REMEMBER and 'Dere's Some One in De House Wid Dinah. Slip ballad, printed in double columns, very decorative wide vertical dividing line, illustration of a man and two flirtatious ladies above first song, a portrait of a man above the other. Size 10" x 7". Forth, Printer, Pocklington. c1850. 26.00

  305. Fountains Estate, Studley ENGRAVED LETTER-HEAD 8vo letter sheet with engraved view of Fountains Hall, size 2" x 3". Blank conjoint leaf. c1850. 7.00

  306. Hargrove (William), Publisher THE YORK HERALD Saturday November 26, 1859. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp, unopened. 1859. 8.00

  307. Ingleton LEASE of inclosure in the Township of Ingleton called Between Gates, Adam Shepherd, Ironmonger, to Richard Balderston. 2pp., folio, wax seals. Folds. 1797. 24.00

  308. Leeds LEASE for 40 years of plot in Bramley, John Haley of Bramley Cloth Manufacturer to William Parson and others, Trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel at Bramley. 2p on paper, folio. Includes coloured sketch plan of land on Waterloo St. 1845. 18.00

  309. Nicholson (F), Delt. ROBIN HOOD'S BAY Fine fully coloured aquatint, untitled, size 10" x 13", showing fishermen and women with baskets unloading the catch on the beach, boats and a pny and cart in the shallow water, high cliffs in the middle distance with houses on the tops. The sky is slightly pink with sunrise. Pub. by R. Bowyer, Pall Mall, 1825. 110.00

  310. Northallerton REPORT OF THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH. 5pp., with a plan coloured in outline, on folding sheet, by R.K. Dawson, scale 4" to 1 mile and 1" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1837. 24.00

  311. Pickering, York THREE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 1" to 1 mile. Three part sheets, one half sheet covering Redcar, Helmsley Moor, and two quarter parts covering Pickering and Ampleforth, York and High Hutton. Each linen-backed and folding into small 4to marbled endpapers. Borders on two sides. Parkland and roads hand-coloured. 1878 and c1890. 25.00

  312. Rhodes (J) & Sons, Grove Works, Wakefield CATALOGUE of power presses, drawing or raising presses, punching and shearing machines, braziers' and tin plate workers' tools, dies. 409pp., decorative boards with view of works, photograph of Alderman Rhodes. Profusely illustrated throughout. c1902. 30.00

  313. Richardson family, of Pannal MEMORANDUM AND RECIPE BOOK 1642 - 1716. Book bound in full calf, size approx. 8" x 3", calf rubbed in parts, nick in calf at joints at bottom of spine. The initials 'J.R' are written in ink on the front board, and on the first page, and on the second page is a note 'John Richardson the writer of this book was the son of Thos. Richardson & born at Pannal 24th July 1614.' There follows 3p. listing births (and deaths) of his children ('12 yeares in bearing them'), and 18p listing 'Deaths & Burialls of friends', with some marriages and births, beginning 1642 and ending 1694. There are a few notes of other events '19 June 1682. Wm. Patefield buryed. Souldiers in Town', '27th April 1685. John Winhouse sonn went to Cambridge', 'July 1685. The Duke of Munmouth Rooted', '13th March 1687. Math. Elam cut his throat', 'April 21, 1689. Mr Hough came to be Vicar, his text was 2 Thessalonians Chap 3 v. i', 'March the 8. 1691. My Cosen Mr. Tho. Preistley dyed about 6 at night & buried at 6 dayes end. Mar. 10. My french Beanes sett'. After a section of blanks are 5p: 'Some observations forth(?) of Markham concerning gardening' (presumably Gervais Markham). Notes tips on growing lavender, strawberries, gillyflowers etc, with a couple of lines on whereabouts in his garden he has put some plants. At the back of the book are 22p of recipes for cures, about 30 recipes in all. Two or three are in Latin and he gives the translation below ('My son John Englished the above thus....'). On the last page is a list 'Bookes delvd. to Mr. Thos Lifton. Sept. 5 1647', and 'books unpaid for copying'. Interspersed throughout the book are notes of his weight ('My weight at Sam. Dixons shop Horley...'). Tucked into a flap inside the front board is a receipt of John Richardson for money received from his father, 1680, 'besides fourty pounds wch. my Apprenticeshipp cost him' and abrogating any claim on his father's estate in the future. 1642-1716. 280.00
    Recipes include 'Doctor Bullet's Remedy agt. Convulsion fitts... If a child suck & will not take, Lett the mother take it in 4 mornings and it will cure the child by Gds. blessing. Probatum est. J.R.'; 'Doctor Mawde agt. a Meagrim or lightnes in the head for me J.R... this was for my cold but purged me not. J.R.'; a balsam for wounds which is also good against the plague 'being drunke in Warm sacke and anointing the nostrills wth it before you go out, and being burned as a perfume it is very sovereign agst. infection'. Other remedies are for the liver, spleen, 'to purify the Blood', 'shortness of wind', pleurisy, etc.

  314. Scarborough, Flamborough, Rillington ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 29", border all round. Parkland and coast hand-coloured, some roads and railways coloured by an early owner, and the railway line between Scamer and Wilton inked in in red, with stations named. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding to small 4to, marbled endpapers. Linen between sections stained pink in a couple of places. Surface slightly dusty. c1888. 24.00

  315. Skelton TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION On Saturday the 28 day of October 1820, at the House of Eliz. Green, the Duke William Inn, by Mr. John Watson, Houses and Land at Skelton, in Cleveland. Printed in large typefaces with 6 lines of description of each of the 2 Lots. Size 14" x 8", traces of folds. Marshall, Printer, Guisbro'. Sept, 26. 1820. 42.00
    Comprised 2 cottages with Wright Shop, Orchard, Garth, and half a Pew in Skelton Church, and An Allotment on Manless Green 'desirable to any Person... anxious to Build; as there are good Public Quarries in and for the use of the Township, where the Purchasers will have right to win Stones'.

  316. Sneaton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet 46. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Area in south-east approx. 7" x 8" outlined in green wash. 1853. 25.00
    Covers Wragby, Row, Pike Hill.

  317. Whitby Water Act ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLV S.E. and the sheet to the south, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 25" x 18", plus margins, overprinted in red with 'Whitby Water Act. 1928. House of Lords. The Plan referred to...' and showing the pipe-lines etc. west of New Wath Scar. 1928. 18.00

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  318. Dublin AN ACT to amend an Act, passed in the Forty-seventh Year of His present Majesty, for improving and rendering more commodious such Parts of the County and County of the City of Dublin as are situate on the South Side of the River Anna Liffey, and West of His Majesty's Castle of Dublin... Pages numbered 997-1010, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1817. 10.00

  319. Dublin to Mullingar Road AN ACT to continue an Act, passed in the Parliament of Ireland in the Thirty-fifth Year of His present Majesty, for improving and repairing the Turnpike Road leading from Dublin to Millingar... Pages numbered 1161-1166, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1817. 10.00

  320. Ireland Estates AN ACT for Vesting Part of the Estate of Charles Daly Esquire, in the Kingdom of Ireland.... 7pp, disbound, Act of Parliament, couple of small holes in last leaf where once folded. 1753. 14.00

  321. Irish Piers and Harbours AN ACT for the further Improvement of the Fishery Piers and Harbours of Ireland. Pages numbered 753-756, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George E. Eyre and William Spottiswoode, 1847. 11.00

  322. Irish trade AN ACT to repeal the schedule annexed to an Act.... by which the Drawbacks and Bounties on Sugars exported from Ireland are to be ascertained and to substitute another Schedule in lieu thereof; and to permit the Importation into Ireland of Sugar, Coffee, and other Articles, the Produce of Martinique, Martegalante, Guadoloupe, Saint Eustatia, Saint Martin, and Saba, under the same Duties and Regulations, as similar Articles of the British Plantations.... Pages numbered 877-880, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1814. 10.00

  323. Northern Ireland ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP The Quarter-Inch Map, Provisional Edition. Folding into buff card wraps. 1957. 7.00

  324. Northern Ireland THREE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet 1 (Londonderry) Layered edition. 2 miles to 1 in. Buff wraps... together with... Half Inch Series, Sheet 9, Newry, and Sheet 2, Coleraine. Buff wraps. Sheet 2 has some old sellotape at top corners of wrap. 1912 and 1938. 12.00

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  325. Dunlop, Ayrshire DISPLENISHING SALE OF HORSES, HARNESS Traps, Furniture &c. Poster, listing named horses with Dam and Sire, carts, etc. For sale by Auction at Springfield, Dunlop. 1903. 15.00

  326. Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal AN ACT to provide for the Settlement of the Claims of the Heirs of Entail of the Estate of Hailes in the County of Edinburgh with respect to the Construction of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal through the said Estate. Pages numbered 329-335, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode, 1864. 10.00

  327. Farquharson (Joseph), Painter LETTER on headed notepaper 'Finzean, Aboyne, N.B.' dated only 'August 3rd' 2p, blank conjoint leaf, to 'Dear Sir', signed 'Yours truly, Joseph Farquharson'. Says he is just back from Japan, and would take 800 'picture you refer to... reserving the copyright - not that I wish to have the picture reproduced - but that it may not be reproduced without my consent.' n.d. early 1920's? 17.00
    Farquharson (1846-1935), is known for his snowy landscapes, many of them based on the countryside round his estate at Finzean.

  328. Forfeited Estates AN ACT for aplying certain Balances arising from the Forfeited Estates in Scotland, towards making Canals, Harbours, and other Publick Works there. 3pp., sm. folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1806. 10.00

  329. Lanark Police, etc. AN ACT for regulating the Police of the Royal Burgh of Lanark, and for paving, draining, cleansing, lighting, watching and improving the same; for regulating the Markets thereof; and for other Purposes. Pages numbered 1625-1632, small folio, lower margins slightly ragged and dusty, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George E. Eyre and William Spottiswoode, 1854. 10.00

  330. Martin (Henry), Sculpt. PLAN OF TAIN Scale 6" to 1 mile. Engraved plan, size 12" x 11", hand-coloured in outline. c1835. 22.00
    Names owners of property. Covers area from Morrangie to the River Tain.

  331. Saltcoats Harbour AN ACT For further improving and maintaining the Harbour of Saltcoats in the County of Ayr. Pages numbered 1193-1224, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode, 1843. 10.00

  332. Scottish Spirits AN ACT for repealing the Duties of Excise on Stills used for distilling or rectifying Low Wines or Spirits for Consumption in Scotland; on Worts or Wash made for extracting Spirits; and on Spirits made for Consumption in Scotland; and for granting and securing other Duties in lieu thereof; and for better securing the Duties on Foreign Spirits and on Malts. Pages numbered 949-966, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1806. 14.00

  333. Stranraer & Kirmaiden ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets 1, 3, Part of Sheet 7. Scale 1" to a Mile. White cloth wraps with coat of arms. A few foxing spots at edges of map. 1906. 9.00

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  334. Aberystwyth area, Cardiganshire FARMER'S ACCOUNT BOOK 1883-1921. 8vo ruled account book, full diced calf boards, calf very rubbed at edges, inner hinge broken, calf at top of spine missing. 160 pages recording wages paid, with name of employee at head and address, and an index to employees names at the front. At the back are 67 pages recording mares and cows served, potatoes planted, 'Valuation Made at Blaendyffryn Oct. 10th 1883', with value of stock, implements, 'Acreage of Peithyll Farm, Jan. 15. 1904', 'Valuation of Llwynbrain larch trees' etc., addresses of members of the James family in the army, 1917. 1883-1921. 50.00
    The record of wages includes specific payments 'Paid him Stallion Fair', 'Paid him taking cattle to town', 'Paid her to go home. Buried her sister... 2.00', 'Paid him to go to Circus', 'Paid her Eisteddfod Borth'. He seems to have paid for his employees to go to quite a few concerts. Places referred to include Capel Madog, Lledrod, Llanilar, Goginau, Ysbytty, Pontrhydygroes, Cwmystwith.

  335. Brecon ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLII N.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Quarter sheet. Laid down on thin card. 1888. 14.00
    Shows Brecon in S.E. corner, Llandulas etc.

  336. Cardigan REGISTER OF EXPLOSIVES Division of Penarth. Sm. folio, sewn at edge, 4 double-page spreads of manuscript entries in printed columns for 'Register of Premises Registered' with columns for name, address, calling, whether for gunpowder or mixed explosives, etc., and 12 completed counterfoils. 1881... together with similar register for 1905, with entries up until the 1930's. 8 double-page spreads (no counterfoils). Some relevant correspondence loosely inserted. 1881-1935. 30.00
    Premises include Caron Mine, Post Office Tregaron, Lisburne Mine, Ystradmenrig Quarry. Various shops are included, presumably because they sold fireworks.

  337. Cellan, Cardiganshire POSTER advertising auction sale at Lampeter of Farms called Blaenwaun and Gelligaer, Corn Grist Mill at Pentrefelin etc., 9th July 1915. Size 28" x 19", folded. 1915. 17.00

  338. Denbighshire PARTICULAR of several very desirable freehold Farms and Lands situate in the townships of Nantgwrid, Hafodgynfor, Cilcochwyn, Erwallo, Crogen Iddon in the parish of Llangollen... about 600 Acres... which will be sold by auction... 4th day of June, 1852... 3pp, folio, plus docket title, folded, some edge tears, 3 hand-coloured folding maps which are browned and ragged. Held along spine with archival tape. 1852. 16.00
    Detailed Schedules giving tenants etc.

  339. 'J.E.O' WELSH SHEPHERD Portrait of a shepherd with his dog, in sepia watercolour, on thick paper, size 6" x 4", plus margins. Shows a long-haried shepherd wearing a tall hat, belted tunic, knee breeches and striped stockings, in a country lane, village and sea in background. c1860? 8.00

  340. Newman and Co. SIX VIEWS OF BRECON Six vignette views, size of engraved surface , sewn in decorative wraps, wraps slightly grubby, worn at spine. A few very small foxing spots in margins of a couple of pages. c1860. 20.00

  341. Pentre Old Colliery LETTER from John Michael Williams of Pengreep to Henry Williams, thanking him for his account of what he has been doing in the collieries. 'I see my Father and yourself have come to nearly the same conclusion as I told you - that thro the Pentre Old Colliery was our only & cheapest Plan to obtain a supply of Binding Coal'. Reminds him to get a grant of 'such Parts & Pits of the Dukes Lease as we may require to unwater & work Coal thro the Old Pentre Colliery'. Refers to their interest in the Mountain Wharf, and asks him to enquire about Hussey Vivian's opinion of Vale of Neath Railway Shares. 3p, 8vo.... together with another letter to Henry about his selling the 'L & N. Western Bonds & investing in West Cornwall Bonds', 1p., sm 8vo, on verso is letter to Henry from E. Williams, mentioning 'Sir C. Lemon's illness'. 2 items. 1857 and 1853. 25.00

  342. Stack Rock Fort ARCHITECT'S DRAWING AND MEMORANDUM BOOK Containing material on Stack Rock and general architectural drawings and writings. Size 14" x 11", morocco spine, rubbed, cloth-covered boards with name 'W. Bennett' on front board in gilt. Name on endpaper 'W. Bennett 18/9/52'. Comprises: Two watercolours on first page, filling the whole page, 'Elevation of Tower on the Stack Milford Haven' at the top (painted with book turned to oblong format), being a fine panorama of the coast with hills behind, cliffs and rocks with the fort at the centre, boat on left, sky and sea painted, and below 'Plan' in full colour showing the rocks and fort; on next page 'Plan of Basement of Tower on the Stack Rock, Milford Haven'. Fine detailed drawing in pink, buff and grey wash, with measurements, with Reference to letters on plan, showing Ordnance Store, Magazine, Tank etc., and below 'Plan of Upper or Barrack Story', with Reference showing Officer's Room, Fireplace, loopholes, Pump, Barrack Room for 50 men etc. Scale Bar (Scale 10 Ft. to One Inch). Dated 'WB 16/4/53'; on next page 'Plan of Gun Platform' and 'Longitudinal Section' on the line C.D. of Figs 1,2,3 (previous figures), showing the two storey building with Stores, Barrack Room, windows, etc., on the rock, high water at Spring Tide, both drawings in full wash colour, with measurements. There follows 5 pages of coloured drawings of skirting, architrave, windows and shutters (mainly detailed sections), four of the pages being tipped in on tracing paper, a page of general conic sections and a drawing illustrating 'Shadow' on tracing paper; 6 pages of writing and 4 pages of drawings on staircases and their construction. At the back are 8p of writing, comprising 2p 'The Stack Rock Tower, Milford Haven', describing technical details of construction ('The following is an analysis of the principal materials used...'); 1p 'Size of Iron in Hospital Kitchen Hut Barracks, Pembroke Dock'; 3p 'Cast Iron Girders. Extracts from Hodgkinson's practical essays on Cast Iron, with tipped in coloured drawing, followed by 'Observations' signed W. Bennett 16/3/55; 1p. notes on hospital ventilation taken from 'The Builder'. 1852. 300.00
    The original three-gun tower on the Stack Rock was built in the mid 1850's. It was enveloped by the second fort which was started in 1859 and finished in 1871. The description of the building is very complete: 'The Rain water is collected from the Platform and Coping of the Parapet and Filtered before entering the Tank. Provision is made by two Stop Cocks to turn off the water at any time should the Sea break over the Parapet'.

  343. Sunny Hill Estate, Cardiganshire PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, WITH PLANS in the Parishes of Caron Upper and Gwnnws Upper, Strata Florida... comprising Dairy, Grazing and Upland Farms with Sheep Walks, Lead Mine, Dwelling Houses and Accommodation Lands, in all about 4,785 Acres... to be Sold by Auction... Tregaron, 28th August, 1918. 23pp., folio. 4 coloured plans, one of which is folding and very large. Some foxing at edges of pages. 1918. 38.00
    Includes Dolgoed House, Abbey, Dolybolion, Caemadog, Grofftau, Pen Lan, Talwrn, Gwndwngwynau and other farms, Corn Mill at Pontrhydfendigaid. The right to work lead and other minerals under the lands in three of the lots was leased to Joseph Phillips and vested in the Cambrian Lead and Zinc Company (The Abbey Consols Lead Mine).

  344. Swansea Dock AN ACT to authorize certain Arrangements with respect to the Capital of the Swansea Dock Company. Pages numbered 765-770, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode, 1855. 10.00

  345. Swansea LETTER from J. Michael Williams to Henry Williams, Swansea, April 6, 1849, advising against buying timber as there is severe competition in the trade and no profit. He had heard 'Llewellyn's had lost very largely by their iron Works 40-50,000...'. Refers to 'Gossage's Patent': 'I think I shall advise our House not to give 3000... and the rest of his Licence for Copper Smelting I would give very little for... it is useless except for Freeburning & then not applicable to the stronger fires such as Roasters and Refiners....' 4p., sm. 8vo, mourning border. 1849. 18.00

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  346. American Thread Company PROSPECTUS 4pp., folio, folded with docket title. Some foxing at edges. 1898. 20.00
    The Company was established to unite eight cotton manufacturers and spinning, twisting, dyeing businesses in the eastern States. It had links with the English Sewing Cotton Company Ltd., and J. & P. Coats Ltd. were to apply for 100,000 Shares.

  347. Anglo American Corporation of South Africa SHARE CERTIFICATE for 655 shares in Brakpan Mines Limited. Size 8" x 11", folds, printed in brown, manuscript inserts and impressed seal of Brakpan Mines, London. 1954. 15.00

  348. Bacon's ROAD-MAP OF THE SOUTH COAST Margate to Land's End. Map in two sections, linen-backed, in cloth covered board, maps pasted to each board and folding out to 8" x 42" each side. Scale 1" = 5 miles. Boards slightly faded at edges. n.d. c1910. 14.00

  349. Bastardy AN ACT to repeal so much of an Act... as relates to the Punishment of Women delivered of Bastard Childre; and to make other Provisions in lieu thereof. 1p. Sm. folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1810. 10.00

  350. Boucher (Strand), Printer THE ALBION Saturday Evening, April 23, 1831. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., red tax stamp. 1831. 10.00
    Includes detailed reports of speeches in parliament on the dissolution, unrest in Limerick, etc.

  351. Boyd (Thomas) LETTER to 'My dearest Fanny', Dec. 27th. 11 lines, 1p 4to, conjoint leaf with address of Mrs Boyd, Harrow, wax seal, circular postmark with '27/DE', saying he will see her on Friday, and that 'the Delaps, little Majo - Jacob & the Tribe of Lee - not Levi - nothing Jewish about them - will add, if possible, to the pleasure of Friday'. n.d. c1790? 24.00
    At the bottom is written in ink in another hand 'reputed author of Junius'. Boyd was one of the 40 or more authors suspected of writing the letters. At the end of his life he held posts in India.

  352. Bristol District GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES Solid and Drift. Bristol District. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Parts of Sheet 250,251,264,265,280,281. Coloured map, overall size 42" x 34", vertical sections at sides, including sections of coalfields, sections in bottom margin. 1962. 25.00

  353. British Army in Portugal MILITARY CHEST DAY BOOK and Military Chest Ledger. 2 volumes, size 15" x 19", full reversed calf, morocco label on front board. Printed 'Instructions to Cashiers of Military Chests' pasted inside front boards. 50 pages of entries in the Day Book and 42 in the Ledger (the latter with some pages having only a few lines of entries). The day book has entries from April 13th - September 15th, 1815, e.g. 'May 24th. The contents of the Military chest were this day divided and found to consist of 35188 doubloons, 4067 Guineas, 437 Moidores, 381076 dollars'. Records money received and paid out, most of the payments being to Portugese names, e.g. 'dr. Cr. Gl. Pratt's check no 141 to Antonio Castranos & Juan Clemento. 487900 RV. Paid in $24395.' 'April 29 This day the Military Chest was removed from the house of Sr. Almeyda on the Pracato that of Sr. Julias Torres opposite the church'. On July 31 the balance of 152,703 was transferred to the credit of Commissary Genl. Mr. Robert Kennedy, and signed by Jo. Jackson, 'In charge of Milty Chest, Almeida 1st August 1815', and there is a copy of the letter from S. Spurrier at Lisbon acknowledging receipt. The ledger contains double-page debit and credit accounts: 'April 15. received from At. Commr. Genl. St. Remy 3671 doubloons, 191250 dollars...' 'Pd Ao. de Torres for rent..', 'Pd Joaqm. Joze, Office porter...'. The back of the ledger has been used to paste in newspaper cuttings about the First World War, 1914-15. 1815. 290.00

  354. Buckingham and Bedford GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. XLVI.N.W. Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 13" x 15", plus wide margins, key in left-hand margin. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1901. 25.00

  355. Catholic Emancipation ROMAN CATHOLIC EMANCIPATION. THE DELUDED SHEPHERD - A FABLE. Poem in manuscript attacking Catholic emancipation, in the form of an allegory about a shepherd who wishing to be kind to beasts excluded from the fold admits wolves who finally murder the flock: 'Who wished indeed to save the sheep/And yet the Wolves in humour keep/Him the submissive brutes petition/To pity their forlorn condition...' 94 lines, 4p., 4to. Feb. 20th, 1829. 35.00

  356. Cornish copper merchants in Chile GROUP OF THREE LETTERS Copies taken on thin paper, relating to mining and exportation of copper in Chile. As follows: (i) Letter from Mauris Thomas, Pampa 16th Dec. 1841, to Mesrs. Hegan Hall & Co., Serena, describing his visit to the Panmoncilla Mine, the property of Alex. Colcleugh. Describes the lodes, quality, value: 'I find the annual produce of the mine will be equal to 9720 quintals of Copper... in the ordinary course of mining in Chili they calculate the mining expenses to be about $40 for each bareta including salary, victuals, powder, smith cost... wood for smelting in the neighbourhood is scarce - Mr Colcleugh seems to have an idea of bringing coals from Concepcion and to erect furnaces for reducing his ores with regulus... I think there is a probability of our doing some business with him...' Describes the port of Tongai, availability of labour for shipping the ore etc. 3p., 4to, folded. (ii) Letter from Anthony Plummer of Hegan Hall & Co., to Messrs. Vivian & Sons and Williams Foster & Co. in Liverpool, Coquimbo, 2nd January 1842, about the system of buying ores and the difficulty of persuading the local producers to change their methods: 'The copper ore business of this country has been conducted with so little judgement... that we fear it will take sometime to bring the Trade into a healthy state...' Gives a list of vessels despatched from Coquimbo in the last three weeks, with details of cargo and shippers. 2p, 4to. (iii) Letter from Valparaiso, 11th Jan. 1842, to Messrs Vivian & Sons, Williams Foster & Co., signed Francis Brown for Hegan Hall & Co., about laying the foundation for business in the area. Ink faded. 1p. 4to. 1842. 120.00

  357. Cunard White Star JIG SAW PUZZLE The New R.M.S. Caronia. Sole Manufacturers The Chad Valley Company Limited. By Authority of the Cunard White Star Ltd. Wooden jigsaw, approx. 70 pieces, complete. Shows the decks of the liner with umbrellas, swimming pool etc. Two small pieces rubbed away on picture on box, slight wear at edges of box. 1950's. 25.00
    The 'Caronia' was launched in 1947, and was a by-word for luxury, with stylish Art Deco interiors.

  358. Dean Forest, Windsor Great Park, Crown Properties INDES TO THE REPORT From the Select Committee on Woods and Forests and Land Revenues of The Crown. Pages numbered 317 to 357, printed wraps, folio, sewn. Paper slightly chipped at bottom right corner of the first few leaves, old library stamp on wrap. Ordered, by the House of Commons, to be Printed, 26 July 1889. 26.00
    Includes 4p. on Dean Forest, Although basically an index, there is still a deal of detailed information in the format, for example 'Opinion that the position of affairs in Dean Forest as regards the free miners' rights is a disastrous one.. Culley 378-384... Desirability of the free-miner mode of tenure being brought to an end; opinion that the Government should in 1838 have limited the free miners' rights to the shallow workings only, Brown 779-781... Statement that there are forty-four working coal mines and sixteen working iron mines in the forest, there being 160 gales not-working... '.


  359. Dorset and Hampshire PLANS OF THE SOUTHAMPTON & DORSETSHIRE RAILWAY Captain W.S. Moorsom, Engineer. 1844. Five lithographed plans of the line, scale 6 chains to the inch, size 28" x 17", sewn at left edge with green silk ribbon, front wrap printed with large title and scale bars. Two 3" tears in front wrap, 8" tear from right-hand edge in last plan, and a few small edge tears, all tears neatly repaired with archival tape. The front wrap has the inscription 'Sir J.B. Mill Bart. With Mr. C. Castleman's Compts.' Clerk * Co. Litho. 202 High Holborn. 150.00
    Charles Castleman was a solicitor who promoted the line, apparently convincing Capt. Moorson that the railway should go through Wimborne. The twisting line, which opened in 1847, became known as 'Castleman's corkscrew'. He later became Chairman of the amalgamated company.

  360. Essex, Hertfordshire GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet XLVII. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Engraved map, fully hand-coloured, size 24" x 35", plus margins. Key in left margin. 1884. 90.00

  361. Exeter, Bath, Bristol AFFADAVIT of Thomas Wallop the Younger of Bath, swearing that he had witnessed Charles Baring of Exeter, Merchant sign a deed, an agreement between Baring and Stephen Minot of Jamaica, John Douglas late of Jamaica now of London, and William Douglas of Jamaica and Surrey, and Hugh Campbell Mair, carrying on Trade in London as Merchants in Copartnership under the Firm of Baring Mair and Company, and that the handwriting is that of Charles Baring. 2p., sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf, signed, witnessed by Edw. Protheroe, waterstained at top and bottom... together with... Affadavit of Edward Protheroe, Mayor of Bristol, swearing that Thomas Wallop 'a person well known and worthy of good credit' had sworn the affadavit before him 'upon the Holy Evangelists'. 1p., large seal, tear in paper behind crack in seal, repaired. Some slight browning at top of page. 1804. 26.00
    Charles Baring was the brother of Francis, the founder of Barings Bank. The Exeter firm was the original company, but suffered from Charles wild speculations.

  362. First World War DESPATCH from His Majesty's Ambassador at Berlin respecting the rupture of Diplomatic Relations with the German Government. 5pp., folio, folded with docket title 'Miscellaneous. no. 8... Presented to both Houses of Parliament... August 1914. The letter was from Sir E. Goschen to Sir Edward Grey. 1914. 15.00

  363. Forest of Dean AN ACT for regulating... Right of Common of Pasture in the New Forest, in the County of Southampton.... and for the better Collection and Recovery of the Gale Rents in the Forest of Dean.... 6pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1819. 12.00

  364. Forests, Parks, Museums etc. ACCOUNTS OF THE RECEIPT AND EXPENDITURE OF THE COMMISSIONERS of Her Majesty's Woods, Forests, Land Revenues, Works and Buildings, In the Year ended on the 31st day of March, 1849, and of the Balances due to or by them... distinguishing the Receipts, Payments and balances relating to each separate Service... 66p., folio, sewn. Ordered by The House of Commons to be Printed. 1 August 1849. 75.00
    Includes Forests of Dean, Woolmer, Alic Holt, Bere, Parkhurst, the Royal Parks, Kew Gardens (including Palm House), Pheonix Park, Richmond Park ('Salary of Botanical Collector in India, six months.... 800, 'Clearing out the Serpentine', 'Purchase of food for the deer'), New Houses of Parliament (payments for carver's work, stained glass, gilding, frescoes etc.), Holyhead Harbour and Holyhead Road, British Museum Buildings, Geological Survey, Ambassador's House in Paris, Nelson Monument (for Alti Rilievi... 777.15s.6d'), etc.

  365. (Gore Langton) HERALDIC MEMORANDA ARMS &c taken from Monuments funereal Achievements and other Resources by (in pencil) G.L. MDCCCXXXIV). Manuscript in notebook, size 7" x 5", calf wraps, rubbed, spine very worn, front board detached. Decorative title page with coats of arms, 83 pages of genealogical notes, mostly referring to the Gore Langton and related families, pedigrees, etc., including 11 pages of full armorial shields in full bright water-colour, numbered, up to 15 shields per page, and some pages of shields which have been drawn but not coloured. At the back of the book 16 pages have been used to record expenses and sightseeing on a one-month trip to Paris, leaving from Bedford Row. Written in pencil. Notes visits to the opera, churches, 'dinner Cafe de Paris, Very Good... 15.5'. Between these two sections are many blank pages. Inserted in recent slipcase, titled on spine. 1834. 175.00
    'No. 1 are the arms of Langton impaling Bridges which arms ought to be born by the Gore Langtons instead of those on the preceeding pages and p. 25 of this book'. Possibly by W.H.P. Gore Langton, who lived at Newton Park, near Bath, and was an M.P.

  366. Hampshire & Berkshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 30". Parkland, roads, hand-coloured, boundaries shaded in two colours. A few holes in linen where folds meet, Approx. 11 estates shaded in different colours, with dates, wraps worn. c1875. 28.00
    Covers Basingstoke, Andover, Newbury, Odiham.

  367. Harrison, Printer THE LONDON GAZETTE From Saturday March 4, to Tuesday March 7, 1775. 4pp., tax stamp. Fold, slightly shaved at top. 1775. 18.00
    Includes list of Army Officers appointed, report from General Post Office on disappearance of Theodosius Kimpland, Post-master of Barnstaple who stole a bill of exchange 'out of a Letter sent by the Post', with description ('wears his own brown Hair tied with a Ribbon, quickly reddens when spoke to...').

  368. Ibbetson (L. Boscawen) LETTER to an un-named correspondent asking him if he could get him some more fossils 'particularly from the Bririated rock near the Sea.... I have not been able to go down having been much occupied'. 2p., small 8vo. No address, but gives the address he will be at in London. c1860? 8.00

  369. Jewish Religion AN ACT for the Relief of Persons of the Jewish Religion elected to Municipal Offices. 1p., disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. 1845. 12.00

  370. Jones' VIEWS OF THE SEATS Mansions, Castles &c of Noblemen and Gentlemen.... No. 15 Second Series. 4to, original printed wraps, containing two engraved plates illustrating Beckford Hall and Blaise Castle, Gloucestershire, and Eastnor and Downton Castles, Hereford, plus 4pp. descriptive text. 1831. 18.00

  371. Kennett and Avon AN ACT to vary the Line of the Kennett and Avon Canal authorized to be made by Two Acts.... 8pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1798. 14.00
    Includes a Schedule of the land, occupiers, and property concerned in Bathampton, Lyncombe and Widcombe, etc.

  372. Kent and Surrey ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXVII, and parts of Sheets XX, etc. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into cloth 8vo wraps. Various areas neatly colour washed in different colours, presumably relevant to property sales, and marked with dates. 1871. 25.00

  373. Klaw & Erlanger's Production of Gen. Lew Wallace's BEN-HUR Souvenir Album, Scenes of the Play. Illustrations from Flash-Light Photographs by Joseph Byron. Size 10" x 12", decorative coloured wraps showing chariot race, ribbon tie. 20pp., mostly being full page photographs of the play, with decorative drawings in margins, tissue guards with printed titles and quotes. 1900. 25.00

  374. Knipe (J.A) GEOLOGICAL AND MINERALOGICAL MAP OF ENGLAND AND WALES with Parts of Scotland, Ireland and France, Showing also the Inland Navigation by means of Rivers and Canals, With their Elevation in feet above the Sea, the Rail Roads and Principal Roads. Hand-coloured map, size 46" x 33", dissected and mounted on linen,. folding into 8vo morocco boards, rubbed at edges, gilt title on front board, lacks spine, hence front board detached. With sections at the sides of the map, and two sections 'From the Solway Cumberland to Newhaven Sussex', and 'From Land's End to the German Ocean' running the whole width of the map at the bottom, Reference Tables with detailed explanation of colouring, notes on the different rocks, list of places where the British Association have assembled, 1831-64. Published for J.A. Knipe, Sepr. 1st 1862, by James Cox, Ivy Lane, London. 480.00
    'Including all the Railroads for which Acts of Parliament have been obtained.'

  375. Laing (S) RAILWAY TAXATION Pamphlet, 23pp., 8vo. 1849. 20.00
    The writer was Chairman of the London Brighton and South Coast Railway.

  376. Librarianship MANUSCRIPT BIBLIOGRAPHY of the articles of J.B. Stewart. 138p., in 4to notebook, full parchment boards, spine chipped. c1914. 20.00
    Lists 642 articles in chronological order, 1903-1914, mainly articles in periodicals such as 'Library World', 'Publishers' Circular' etc., for example 'The Writings of Oliver Wendell Holmes' in 'Westminster Review' V.168. December 1907'.

  377. London Chatham & Dover Railway ARBITRATION Second and Final Award. 23pp., 8vo, printed wraps. With schedules of Land Purchases, Creditors, etc. 1871. 20.00

  378. London, Essex, Berkshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Composite map, the whole of London, and area as far west as Princes Risborough, and as far east as Southend. Scale 1" to 1 mile, border all round, 'Sheet 1' top right, but no other sheet numbers. Size 25" x 72", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into green calf slipcase, rubbed, tuck-in flap missing. River Thames hand-coloued throughout, parkland shaded in light green in the left third of the map. A few small marks in right margin of map. 1843-4. 70.00

  379. London, Salisbury.... Falmouth Railway Company AT A MEETING holden in the Month of November, 1835... It was unanimously Resolved that the construction of a Railway to unite with the London and Southampton Railway.... terminating at the City of Exeter.... to the port of Falmouth, and by a branch from the City of Exeter, to Barnstaple and Ilfracombe, would be a work of public utility.... that a Company be established, to be designated 'The London, Salisbury, Exeter, Plymouth and Falmouth Railway Company'.... Prospectus, , 1pp with lithograph map on adjoining leaf showing the proposed line from London to Falmouth. Folds. 12, Pancras Lane, Cheapside 16th March, 1836. 75.00
    Gives names of Engineer, Surveyor, Bankers etc. Issued in the same year as the inauguration of the Bristol & Exeter Railway Company, this Proposal sought to extend the line from London to Plymouth and Falmouth, by-passing Bristol. There were three such proposals in the 1830's.

  380. London, Salisbury.... Falmouth Railway Company AT A MEETING holden in the Month of November, 1835... It was unanimously Resolved that the construction of a Railway to unite with the London and Southampton Railway.... terminating at the City of Exeter.... to the port of Falmouth, and by a branch from the City of Exeter, to Barnstaple and Ilfracombe, would be a work of public utility.... that a Company be established, to be designated 'The London, Salisbury, Exeter, Plymouth and Falmouth Railway Company'.... Prospectus, size 13" x 8", 1p. with lithograph map on adjoining leaf showing the proposed line from London to Falmouth, size 10" x 3". Folds, two small splits at folds in margin on first page, and small split and some slight wear at one fold on map page, not affecting map. 12, Pancras Lane, Cheapside 16th March, 1836. 85.00
    Gives names of Engineer, Surveyor, Bankers etc. Issued in the same year as the inauguration of the Bristol & Exeter Railway Company, this Proposal sought to extend the line from London to Plymouth and Falmouth, by-passing Bristol. There were three such proposals in the 1830's.

  381. Montgomery, Merioneth and Shropshire Roads AN ACT for continuing and enlarging the Term and Powers of Two Acts.... for repairing several Roads in the Counties of Montgomery, Merioneth, and Salop.... Cover leaf + 12pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1773. 11.00

  382. Museums AN ACT for encouraging the Establishment of Museums in large Towns. Pages numbered 661-662, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George E. Eyre, and William Spottiswoode, 1845. 15.00


  383. Nayler (Sir George), Garter King of Arms PETITION BOOK Manuscript record of petitions for licences to assume surnames. Vellum boards, size 8" x 7", lettered 'Petition Book' in manuscript on front board, engraved bookplate of Sir George Nayler, Garter on front paste-down. 353 completely full pages, in a very neat hand, with title underlined in green ink, and the heading of the petition underlined in red. With index at the front to approx 90 petitions. c1817. 440.00
    The petitioners explain the reason for their application. Includes petition of Frances Adams, Widow, to change her son's name to Hyett, as he had inherited an estate from Benjamin Hyett of Painswick; petition of Thomas Trayton Fuller Elliott Drake of Buckland Abbey to take the name and arms of Elliott and Drake ('Your Petitioners Maternal ancestor Sir Francis Drake of Buckland... Baronet was the Nephew & Heir of the renowned Circumnavigator...'); of Alexander Cohen son of Hyem Cohen of Jamaica to take the name of Cowan; the petition of George Spencer Duke of Marlborough to use the name of Churchill 'to perpetuate in his family a Surname to which his illustrious Ancestor John Duke of Marlborough by a long series of heroic and transcendent achievements added such imperishable lustre.. (goes on to give details of arms he wishes to take, details of the Manor of Woodstock 'rendering... every year for ever on Standard or Colour with three fleur de lis...')); Henry Torrens petitions to be able to use a gold eagle in his arms to commemorate the medal he was awarded in the Peninsular War. Other changes petitioned include Fawcett to Pulteney, Millibanke to Noel (he was Lord Byron's father-in-law), Gordon to Duff, Stevens to Borlase.

  384. New Zealand TE AROHA BEAUTIFUL Booklet of 18 tipped-in sepia photographs, oblong 4to, wraps with small circular photograph. Loosely inserted is small 'Greetings from Auckland' booklet Christmas card with photos. c1900. 18.00

  385. Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire AN ACT for disafforesting the Forest of Whittlewood otherwise Whittlebury. Pages numbered 421-432, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Edward Eyre, and William Spottiswoode, 1853. 12.00

  386. Nottingham and Lincoln Roads AN ACT for repairing and widening the Road from Newark upon Trent, in the County of Nottingham, to join the Turnpike Road from Nottingham to Grantham, in the County of Lincoln, near the Guide-post on the Foss Road near Bingham.... Cover leaf + 26pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1773. 15.00

  387. Old Masters A CATALOGUE OF A COLLECTION OF PICTURES Chiefly of the Dutch and Flemish Schools, Drawings by Old Masters, and a large Assemblage of the Humourous and Picturesque Works of Rowlandson... and A Few Carved Picture Frames... The Property of the Late Rev. John Morgan RIce and removed from his Residence at Brighton: Which will be Sold by Auction by Mr Stanley, At his Rooms, 212 Old Bond Street, Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd Feb. 1834. 15pp., 4to, sewn. Title on front wrap, tear in margin of front wrap and the last two leaves. 1834. 40.00
    Includes paintings by Lely, Stubbs, Teniers, Carraci, 'Rowlandson's Sketches and Drawings made in a Journey from Kensington through England to North and South Wales, mounted on blue paper in a long folio'. John Morgan Rice (1774-1833) was the great nephew of Hester Lynch Thrale.

  388. Ordnance Survey ORDNANCE TRIGONOMETRICAL SURVEY The Publication of the Trigonometrical Survey of the United Kingdom by Colonel Sir Henry James, R.E., Director of the Ordnance Survey, is now complete, and is comprised in Four Royal Quarto Volumes with plates, viz... Handbill, printed on one side only, size 14" x 9", coat of arms above heading, listing the four volumes, with prices, and where they can be obtained. A few small edge tears at bottom edge, some light foxing. c1859. 50.00
    'The Volumes of Levelling will be found of great value to all Engineers, Geologists, and Scientific persons as.... they give the exact height of every Bench Mark...'

  389. Photography DAS ZEITALTER DER PHOTOGRAPHIE by Voigtlander. Brochure, 64pp., 8vo, with hints on photography and illustrations and specifications of 'Bergheil', 'Avus', 'Rollfilm', 'Stereflektoskop' cameras, lenses, etc. c1930. 15.00
    In German.

  390. Pyne (W.H) THE LAMP LIGHTER Coloured aquatint, approx. 13" x 10", showing a lamplighter up a ladder propped against a lamp in front of the window of a large house, handing down the oil container to a young boy who is waiting with the oil can. The lamp lighter is wearing a very colourful red and white striped coat, and a blue apron. Published by William Miller, Albemarle Street, Jany. 1, 1805. 85.00
    From 'The Costume of Great Britain', the fully coloured edition.

  391. Railways AN ACT for constituting Commissioners of Railways. 8pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1846. 14.00

  392. Ramsay (A.C) GEOLOGICAL MAP OF ENGLAND AND WALES by Andrew C. Ramsay, F.R.S. & G.S., Local Director of the Geological Survey of Britain and Professor of Geology at the Government School of Mines. Hand coloured folding map, size 36" x 31", folding into 8vo cloth covered boards, gilt insignia of Letts, Son & Co. on front board, cloth at edges of spine rubbed, split down one edge of spine. With key, 6 sections. An extra manuscript key at bottom left, with some extra information added, three notes in ink, and a few in pencil added around the coast, for example at Tees Bay by the Rock Salt deposits the owner has written 'Near North Ormsby 1344 feet down they are putting out 3000 tons a week, Sir Lowther Bell estimates the deposit at 100 million tons...' 1877. 130.00

  393. Rebellion of 1745 AN ACT for the more easy and speedy Trial of such Persons as have levied, or shall levy War against His Majesty.... 4pp., black letter, plus cover leaf. decorative initial letter with crown and spears etc. Paper very slightly darkened... together with... An Act for adjourning the Court of Session in Scotland; and for remedying the inconveniences arising from the Surcease of Justice in that Part of the Kingdom. 2pp., black letter, plus cover leaf. Decorative initial letter with battle scene. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 2 items. 1745. 24.00

  394. Rogues and vagabonds AN ACT to extend the Provisions of an Act... intituled An Act to amend and make more effectual the Laws relating to Rogues, Vagabonds, and other idle and disorderley Persons.... 2pp., sm. folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1800. 10.00
    Mainly aimed at poachers.

  395. Rowland Hill AN ACT for settling and securing an Annuity on Lord Hill.... in Condiseration of his eminent Services. 3pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1814. 12.00
    Refers to his services in the course of the war in Portugal and Spain.

  396. Seal IMPRESSION OF SEAL OF MILO DE GLOCESTER given me by Lady Sydney at Frognal, Dec. 3. 1890. Red wax seal, size 3" diameter, showing a knight in chain mail on horseback with a lance, 'Sigillum Milonis de Gloucestria' around the edge. Wrapped in grey stiff paper, labelled in ink as above. 1890. 22.00

  397. Shropshire and Worcestershire SEVERN VALLEY RAILWAY. 2 CHAIN SURVEY 1880. Lithographed hand coloured plan, scale 2 chains = 1", showing the line in the parishes of Kidderminster (Worcestershire) and Dowle (Shropshire). Two plans of the line one above the other, each showing a mile of track, on thick paper, size 27" x 45". Shows roads, rivers, embankment, level crossings, wooded areas, boundaries indicated, owners of land named. Distances from Shrewsbury shown along the line. Repaired tear at right hand margin, not affecting printing. Surveyed May 1880. 50.00

  398. Somerset and Devon DECREE pursuant to a legal case involving properties in the Manor of Middle Marwood and lands in Shebbear, Tawton, North Molton, Fremington, Barnstaple and the Manor of Chedenholt. 8p., sm. folio, closely written, in English with Latin preamble. Cancels a previous decree involving Thomas Beaple, who is now ordered to deliver possession of lands to Martha Gay, with Sir Halswell Tynte receiving the rents and profits of the estate 'in parte of his Mortgage till that he be satisfied'... together with... 'A Particular of Deeds relating to Gay's estate'. 1p., folio, plus blank conjoint leaf, very neatly written, listing 29 documents, 1641-1679. The original owner was Richard Beaple. Note in a different hand on blank leaf 'Be pleased to enquire where Mr. Geo. Duning son of Doctor Duning late of Pitminster is... Direct to Walter Marshal at Eastington Gloucestershire to be left at the Golden Hart, Glouc.' 2 items. 1689. 35.00
    Refers to Richard Gay, who in 1669 had devised lands in Devon to his brother, Anthony Gay, a merchant in Bristol, to pay his debts.

  399. Somerset and Devon ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 36". Linen-backed. 'Index to the Tithe Survey' printed in top margin. Cancelled 'Boundary Section Record Copy' stamp in bottom margin. O.S. blindstamp 1887. 34.00

  400. South Sea Stock MANUSCRIPT PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of John Dawson's Right to 1264. of Stock in the Old South Sea Annuities. 1p, sm. folio, folds, decorative heading. 1797. 15.00
    Dawson was a Suffolk linen-weaver. The sale, at Beccles, was to pay his creditors.

  401. Stockton and Darlington Railway AN ACT to enable the Company of Proprietors of the Stockton and Darlington Railway to make a Branch therefrom in the Counties of Durham and York... 20pp. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1828. 130.00

  402. Surrey, Kent ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet VI. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 36". Linen-backed. 'Index to Tithe Survey' printed top margin. Top edge of paper with some grubby tears, one reaching into printed border. Cancelled stamp in corner 'Boundary Section Record Copy'. c1880. 38.00

  403. Tetbury, Malmesbury, Cricklade Sherstone Roads AN ACT for more effectually repairing, widening, and improving the Road from Tetbury.... to and from Malmesbury... and from Malmesbury to the Turnpike Road at or near Jackament's Bottom.... 40pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1798. 15.00

  404. United States DECORATIVE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE Folding lithographed 'Marriage Seal', completed in manuscript for the marriage of William Bauer and Catherine O'Neill at Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington. Attarctive lithograph at head of couple sailing on a lake, framed in flowers. Size 13" x 9", folding into card wraps. Meyer & Bro., Chicago, 1919. 14.00

  405. United States of America Monies AN ACT to empower the Commissioners appointed for distributing the Money paid by the United States of America, to withdraw the same from the Bank and invest it in the Exchequer Bills. Pages numbered 181-182, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1808. 10.00

  406. W.A. & Co. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE OF CHAIRS Setees and Stools. January, 1896. 25pp., size 9" x 12, printed cloth wraps, two small waterstains near spine. Numerous illustrations, including rocking chairs, children's chairs, library chairs, in oak, maple, walnut, birch. 1896. 24.00

  407. Walker, Printer, Durham THE BRITISH MILITIAMAN and I'm Afloat. Slip ballads, printed in two columns, size 10" x 7", on thin paper. Woodcut of a sailor with cutlass and pistol. c1850. 22.00
    'Eight thousand lads with hearts so glad/They want, in good condition/To go to Sydenham for to guard/The great New Exhibition'.

  408. Walker, Printer, Durham THE IRISH EMIGRANT and The Water Drinker, Sleep Gentle Lady. Slip ballads, size 9" x 7", printed in two columns with two woodcuts, one showing a church with a man waving from the tower and a dog falling down, and a pugnacious-looking man in top boots. c1850. 22.00
    The Irish Emigrant is a poem written in the first person by a man who is about to emigrate, his wife and baby having died.

  409. Warwickshire, Oxfordshire FARMER'S ACCOUNT BOOK 1781-9. Untidy record of sums spent and received, kept in 'The Complete Pocket-Book or Daily Journal' for 1781. 32 printed pages at the back with summaries of Acts passed that year, Members of Parliament, etc. Limp calf wraps, calf ragged on spine and worn at edges. Entries includes money for labour 'Paid for Trussing... 2s.4d.', 'For Ale when the Hay In... 1s', 'A Cart Load of Stones from Newbold... 4s.', 'The Old Collermaker... 1s 3d.' Notes names of people who left, presumably workers or servants. There is a record of what he paid Mr Bacon, Easington for leaded glass, new glass, 'repairing a Casemt' etc., of what he paid 'The Horsekeeper' for ale, record of what fields are 'dunged', 'the weight of the Pigs', 'Bought of Mr. Jno. Hawling a Middle Stack of Hay at 21s to be delivered Home when I require it', 'in the Year 1789 winoed Wheat 5 Bags and three Pecks'. 96 pages of entries. 1781-9. 90.00
    There is no indication of the name of the writer, or the location, but places mentioned incude Sibford, Darlngscott, Newbold, Brailes, Eastington, which would suggest the Warwickshire/Oxfordshire borders.

  410. Weller (E) Engr. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY London to Exeter and Plymouth. Lithographed plan in vertical strips on four sheets, each sheet 17" x 12", some outline hand-colouring. Scale " to 1 mile. 1863. 50.00
    From 'The Dispatch Atlas'. Includes Salisbury Branch, Yeovil Branch, London to Oxford, Oxford to Chester.

  411. Weller (E) Engr. NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY Sheet 1, London to Birmingham, Sheet 2 Birmingham to Manchester & Liverpool. Lithograph maps, hand-coloured in outline, on two sheets 17" x 12", each divided into three strips, scale " to 1 mile. 1863. 36.00
    From 'The Dispatch Atlas'.

  412. West Indies AN ACT to prevent the Exportation of Base Coin to His Majesty's Colonies in the West Indies. Single sheet, pages numbered 657-658, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1798. 10.00

  413. Whale Fisheries AN ACT for the further encouraging the Southern Whale Fisheries. Pages numbered 449-552, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1798. 20.00

  414. William III AN ACT for continuing the Imprisonment of Robert Blackburn, and others, for the horrid Conspiracy to assassinate the Person of His late Sacred Majesty King William the Third, of Glorious Memory. 2pp, disbound, plus cover leaf. Black letter, attractive floral initial letter. 1727. 18.00

  415. Willoughby (Earl) Estates of AN ACT for Exchanging Part of the settled Estates of Willoughby Earl of Abingdon in the County of Wilts, for another Estate of greater Value in the County of Berks, to be settled in Lieu thereof.... 12pp, disbound, some staining to lower corners. 1767. 18.00
    Concerns Manors of Littleton Tytherington and Littleton Becketts, Wiltshire and Manor of Swinford, Berks.

  416. Wiltshire and Somerset Auction PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Farm.... Known as 'Alcombe Farm'.... Situate in the Parishes of Box and Ditteridge, also Freehold Dwelling-Houses, Gardens, Building Land, Lime-Kilns and other Premises, Situate in the Upper Bristol Road, about 1 miles from the City of Bath. To Be Sold by Messrs. Hawkins & Son.... On Thursday the 4th day of November, 1886. Folio, 5pp, folded, 3 large folding coloured plans. Memorandum of agreement on verso completed by purchaser of Lot 8. 1886. 32.00

  417. Works of Art AN ACT for the better Protection of Works of Art, and Scientific and Literary Collections. Pages numbered 665-666, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George E. Eyre, and William Spottiswoode, 1845. 12.00

  418. Yorkshire, Lincolnshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Large Sheet Series, scale quarter of an inch = 1 mile. Sheet 3. Linen-backed, folding into white linen wraps with key map. 1914. 9.00

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