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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 77

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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Bedfordshire -- Bristol -- Buckinghamshire -- Cambridgeshire --
Cheshire -- Cornwall -- Cumberland -- Derbyshire -- Devon --
Dorset -- Durham -- Essex -- Gloucestershire -- Hampshire and Isle of Wight --
Herefordshire -- Hertfordshire -- Huntingdonshire -- Kent --
Lancashire -- Leicestershire -- Lincolnshire -- London -- Monmouthshire --
Norfolk -- Northamptonshire -- Northumberland -- Nottinghamshire --
Oxfordshire -- Shropshire -- Somerset -- Staffordshire --
Suffolk -- Surrey -- Sussex -- Warwickshire -- Westmoreland --
Wiltshire -- Worcestershire -- Yorkshire -- Channel Islands -- Ireland --
Scotland -- Wales -- General
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  1. Walker (J) & (C) BEDFORDSHIRE. Folding engraved, hand-coloured map, showing Parliamentary Boundaries, dissected and mounted on linen, engraved area approx. 15" x 12", plus margins, folding to sm 8vo, marbled sides. 1842. £18.00

  2. Twyford AN ACT for repairing the Highways from Sunning Land End.... to the Old Bear Inn in Reading. 8pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. Attractive woodcut initial letter. 1736. £14.00

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  3. Arrowsmith, Publisher LETTER from J.W. Arrowsmith to Lewis Way, Ashton Court, on headed paper of Arrowsmith Publishers, Dec. 18 1908, saying he was very interested in the paper on the Smyths Way had read at the Archaeological Society and enquiring if he would be interested in publishing. 2p, 8vo. 1908. £14.00

  4. Avon and Froome Navigation AN ACT for making more effectual an Act.... for the better preserving the Navigation of the Rivers Avon and Froome; and for cleansing, paving, and enlightening the Streets of the City of Bristol.... and for regulating Hackney Coachmen, Hauliers, Draymen, and Carters, and the Markets, and Sellers of Hay and Straw, within the said City and Liberties thereof. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 17pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1749. £12.00

  5. Bristol Wagon Works Company SPECIAL LIST FOR BREWERS, WINE MERCHANTS Aerated Water Trade &c. Leaflet, 4pp., 17" x 11", folded, with illustrations of 26 carts, each with prices for various weights etc, and description. March 1886. £38.00
    Includes 'Brewer's Covered Dray', 'Mineral Water Van' etc.

  6. Cattle Auction CATALOGUE of Pure Bred Jersey Cattle from the herds of Distinguished Breeders For Sale by Auction at Bristol Cattle Market... April 30, 1919. 12pp., 8vo. 1919. £7.00
    Gives detailed pedigrees.

  7. Clifton ABSTRACT OF TITLE S. Morley Esq. and others the Trustees of the London & Provincial Buildings and Investment Society to a Messuage or Dwelling house situate at 1 Victoria Place in the Parish of Clifton. 14p, large folio, folded. 1852. £24.00

  8. Cowlin (William) & Son PROPERTY REGISTER Clifton and Neighbourhood. Lists properties in Clifton for sale and to let. Several photos, adverts. 68pp. Orig. wraps. Spring Issue, 1908. £24.00
    Lists properties, with descriptions, street by street, in Clifton, Leigh Woods, Stoke Bishop, Redland, including 'Sundon House', The Promenade, detached house on the corner of Tyndall's Park Road and Woodland Road, previously occupied by William Sturge, large house with 'covered promenade on roof 51ft. long' in Leigh Woods, etc.

  9. Gardiner, Sons & Co. CATALOGUE NO. 145 Issued February, 1929. 490pp., size 11" x 9", hard covers. Printed on glossy paper, profusely illustrated, with a few plates in being in colour, price shown below each item. With this item are seven 'Monthly Bulletins of Leading Lines', a few pages in each. 1929. £50.00
    Includes fireplaces, weather vanes, wrought iron entrance gates, porticos, signs, ranges, lawnmowers, door furniture, lamps, paintbrushes, tools.

  10. Gardiner, Sons & Co. FIREPLACES IN COLOUR Catalogue 170. March 1935. 18pp., 8vo, wraps. 14 colour plates of fireplaces, plus 2 plates of tiles, and a plate of views inside Beacon House, Queen's Road. 1935. £15.00

  11. Infirmary A SHORT HISTORY OF THE BRISTOL ROYAL INFIRMARY Founded 1735. King Edward VII Memorial, Opened by His Majesty the King. Accompanied by Her Majesty the Queen. June 28th, 1912. 155pp., 4to, wraps with gilt coat of arms. Illusts. Wraps slightly spotty. 1912. £10.00
    'The historical notes were taken from 'The History of the Bristol Royal Infirmary' by Mr. G. Munro Smith, which is shortly to be published.'

  12. Saint Philip and Jacob and Temple Railway AN ACT for the Construction by the Midland Railway Company of a new Railway in the City of Bristol. 12pp. Disbound, Act of Parliament. 1863. £17.00
    The railway was from the parish of Saint Philip and Jacob and terminated in the parish of Temple.

  13. St. Augustine AGREEMENT for Sale of Reversionary interest, The Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England with H.G. Willmott. Refers to two houses in Pipe Lane in the occupation of Joseph Taverner and James Tucker. 6pp., folio, attached is manuscript coloured plan of the houses. 1872. £14.00

  14. Warren (Robert Hall) BRAUN'S MAP OF BRISTOL Commonly called Hoefnagle's. Pamphlet reprinted from the Proceedings of the Clifton Antiquarian Club. 15pp., 8vo. Wraps faded and slightly worn. 1900. £6.00

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  15. Aylesbury CATALOGUE of 60 Oxford Down Shearling Rams, the Property of Messrs. J. & S. Treadwell, to be Sold by Auction... August 7th, 1907. 16pp., sm. 8vo. 1907. £10.00
    With detailed pedigrees.

  16. Finmere, near Buckingham USEFUL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, And Effects, Various Agricultural Implements, Stump of Prime Old Hay..... The property of Thomas Dagley, who is leaving, To be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. Jonas & Thos. Paxton, On the premises, on Wednesday, May the 26th, 1858.... Poster, size 20" x 15", one small tear. E. Smith and Company, Printers, Bicester, 1858. £24.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

  17. Finmere, near Buckingham VALUABLE FLOCK OF 300 HALF BRED SHEEP, 8 CART HORSES, NAG MARE, 38 PIGS, 3 Carts, Harness, Ploughs, Harrows, and Miscellaneous Agricultural Implements..... The property of Mr Henry Paxton, who is leaving a Farm at Barton Hartshorn, To be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. Jonas Paxton & Geo. Castle, On Farm Premises opposite the King's Head Inn, Finmere, on Wednesday, April 4, 1866.... Poster, size 20" x 15", few short tears, small portion torn from bottom margin, not affecting the text. E. Smith and Company, Printers, Bicester, 1866. £20.00

  18. Greatmoor Farm, Grendon 127 GOOD HALFBRED SHEEP, 34 HEAD OF DAIRY CATTLE, Working Horses, Nag and Harness Horse, 5 Fat Hogs, 33 Acres of Capital Growing Crops of Wheat, Beans and Oats..... And the whole of the Agricultural Implements..... of the late Thos. Cooper, deceased, To be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. Jonas Paxton & Geo. Castle, On the Premises, at Greatmoor, on Thursday, August, 12th, 1868.... Poster, size 24" x 19", few short tears, and a few small holes where once folded. E. Smith and Son, Printers, Bicester, 1869. £20.00

  19. Ludgershall, near Buckingham 42 ACRES OF GRASS CROP AND KEEPING..... On the Farm late in the Occupation of Mr Gabriel Allen, deceased, To be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. Jonas Paxton & Geo. Castle, At the King's Head Inn, Bicester, on Friday, May the 8th, 1868.... Poster, size 22" x 17". E. Smith and Company, Printers, Bicester, 1868. £20.00

  20. Marsh Gibbon 16 HEAD OF CATTLE, 4 CART HORSES AND COLTS 2 Pigs, 50 Head of Poultry, Wagons, Dung Cart, Agricultural Implements, Dairy Utensils, an Orchard of Apples, 100 Lots of Useful Household Furniture.... The property of the late Mrs Emma Herring and Mr George Phipps, To be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. Paxton & Holiday, On their respective premises, on Monday, October the 29th, 1894.... Poster, size 22" x 17", couple of short tears. T.W. Pankhurst, Printer, Bicester, 1894. £24.00
    Includes an extensive list of the 187 lots, including contents of the two farmhouses listed room by room.

  21. Marsh Gibbon, near Bicester MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Capital Bedding, Iron-bound Casks And Useful Effects, The Property of Mr Thomas Hawkins, of the Greyhound Inn, Marsh Gibbon, who is leaving, To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs Jonas & Thomas Paxton on the Premises, on Thursday, the 19th day of February, 1857..... Poster, size 15" x 10", small portion torn from lower corner, affecting one word. E. Smith and Company, Printers, Bicester, 1857. £15.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

  22. Thatcham Ponds Farm, near Stowe 5 CART HORSES, NAG HORSE, 19 FAT AND FEEDING PIGS, Poultry, 4 Carts, Harness, Agricultural Implements, Dairy Utensils, Household Furniture.... The property of Mr J.R. Curtoise who is leaving, To be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. Jonas Paxton & Geo. Castle, On the premises, on Tuesday, November the 14th, 1871.... Poster, size 22" x 17", couple of short tears and two small portions torn from right hand edge, not affecting text. E. Smith and Company, Printers, Bicester, 1871. £20.00

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  23. Cambridge Roads AN ACT to enlarge the Term and Powers of an Act.... intituled "An Act for repairing and widening the Road from the present Turnpike Road at Haverhill to Redcross, in the Parish of Shelford...." Cover leaf + pages numbered 559-563, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1773. £10.00

  24. Chatteris and Doddington Drainage AN ACT for draining and preserving certain Fen Lands.... in the Parishes of Chatteris and Doddington, in the Isle of Ely, in the County of Cambridge. Cover leaf + pages numbered 679-702, disbound, black letter, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by Thomas Baskett, 1758. £12.00

  25. Sawston, Whittlesford, Stapleford, Hildersham PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Sawston and Hildersham Estates, comprising Superior Dairy, Stock and Corn Farms, Building Sites, Cottage and Shop Property... extending to an Area of about 2,317 Acres... for Sale by Auction... 23rd September, 1922. 31pp., folio, staples rusty hence wraps loose. 2 large folding plans in pocket. With a bundle of correspondence, 1923-4, relating to sales, tithe apportionment, tenants, etc. 1922. £45.00
    Includes Huntington's Farm, Dernford Farm, Cook's Pen Farm, Plumb's Place Farm, Cook's Pen Farm etc.

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  26. Chitterne Saint Mary AN ACT for Inclosing Lands in the Manor and Parish of Chitterne Saint Mary and Chitterne All Saints.... 11pp. 1810. £15.00

  27. Macclesfield AUCTION PARTICULARS of Desirable Freehold Residence and Land in Macclesfield, to be Sold by Auction 7th March, 1916. Single sheet, 4to, with blank conjoint leaf, describing 3 Lots, in Great King St. 1916. £6.00

  28. Peak Forest Canal LETTER OF ATTORNEY The Company of Proprietors of the Peak Forest Canal to Messrs. David Browne & Maurice Jones, to surrender certain copyhold land in Yeardsley Whaley in the County of Chester. 3p., folio, signed next to fine large papered seal of the Company, 2" diameter.... together with.... Letter of Attorney, Francis Jodrell to Messrs David Browne & Maurice Jones, to receive Admission to certain copyhold land in Yeardsley-Whaley, to appear at the Halmote of the Manor and Forest of Macclesfield. 1p., sm. folio.... together with.... three draft copies of printed document of Admission to Manor and Forest of Macclesfield, manuscript insertions in an untidy hand with many amendments (referring to the above mentioned piece of land and the Letters of Attorney). 1806. £35.00
    The small piece of land concerned had lately been used by the Canal Proprietors 'for part of a wharf or quay at the termination of the branch or cut from and out of the Peak Forest Canal to Whaley Bridge'.

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  29. Besley (H) VIEWS IN CORNWALL 24 engraved vignette views, engraved surface approx. 4" x 7". Original blind-stamped cloth, oblong 8vo, gilt title. Gilt edges, tissue guards. c1850. £165.00
    Views include: St. Michael's Mount with train in foreground; Penzance from Newlyn Battery; paddle steamer in Mount's Bay, Penzance from Lescudjack, St. Just; Lamorna, with quarry; Mill Bay; Botallack Mine; Cape Cornwall; Hayle; A Tin Mine between Camborne and Redruth; Mullion seen from a cave; Helston; Truro; Falmouth; St. Ives.

  30. Bessow, Manor of COUNTERPART OF TIN AND COPPER SETT Arthur Holdsworth of Clifton Dartmouth, to Martin Stephens of Camborne. Vellum, size 21" x 27", wax seal. 1784. £60.00
    Grants liberty to dig for tin, copper and other metals in an area of ground defined as 'from the Dutchy lands... eastward as unto the Eastern Hedge of the Great Road leading from Helston to Wendron Church town and one hundred fathoms north and sixty fathoms south of Wheal White Cap load... provided it does not reach within twenty fathoms of... Wheal Lower Town Sett...'


  31. Bishop Colenso THE DEPOSITION OF DR. COLENSO A Declaration to the Primate, renouncing Christian Communion with Dr. Colenso, also Memorial to the Upper House of Convocation..... accepting the spiritual validity of the Deposition, Lies Here for Signature. Poster, heading in capitals and 9 lines in a very large type-face, paper size 8" x 11", traces of folds, many small creases. 1864? £40.00
    Bishop Colenso was born in St. Austell. When he was Bishop of Natal, he published 'The Pentateuch Examined', which was censured by his Bishop and a decree of deposition passed. He was publicly excommunicated at Maritzburg cathedral 5th January, 1866 (see Boase: 'Collectanea Cornubiensia'.)

  32. Boslymon Quarries Ltd., Crutched Friars, London OLD CORNISH CROSSES. CORNISH GREY GRANITE. 20pp., 8vo, printed wraps. Illustrates 19 Cornish crosses, for memorials, taken from Langdon's book on Cornish Crosses, but 'The shafts, or dies, have in some cases been modernised and bases added to provide space for an inscription'. n.d. 1920's? £18.00

  33. Brimmell (John) Printer LAUNCESTON WEEKLY NEWS Cornwall and Devon Advertiser. No. 982, Feb. 6, 1875. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp, slight wear at fold on first page, a couple of old sellotape repairs to small tears, one longer unrepaired tear. 1875. £10.00
    Numerous adverts for local firms on front page.

  34. Brynn ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXIII.15, scale 1/2500, size approx. 25" x 38". Second edition 1907. £16.00
    Shows Retire Common, Brynn Mine, Great Brynn, Union and R.D. Railway, Kirriers, Higher Colbiggan.

  35. Bude Bay ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXIX. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 33" x 14", plus margins, borders all round. Sea and land lightly shaded, darker shading along coast. Linen-backed and folding to large 4to, marbled sides. 1875. £12.00
    Shows only a small strip of coast.

  36. Camborne and Helston REMOVAL ORDER for George Wills and Sarah his wife, and their seven (named) children, to be conveyed out of the Borough of Camborne to Helston, their legal place of settlement. Printed with ms. inserts, sm. folio, signed by 2 J.P's. Together with 11 similar items. Traces of folds. 1812-19. £150.00
    Other orders were to remove Charlotte Harrop the natural daughter of Charlotte Harrop to Wimering, Hampshire, Susanna Cargeage to St. Just, Elizabeth Hall, pregnant with a bastard child, to North Bradley, Wilts., Elizabeth Vine to Breage, Alice Tremaine to Budock, etc. Some orders have the imprint of Penaluna, Printer.

  37. Central Cornwall Railway Company MAP size 10" x 13" showing railway network and proposed routes in red, with table comparing mileage on narrow and broad gauge lines. Some edge tears. c1865. £16.00
    Probably from a Prospectus.

  38. Cornish Post SUPPLEMENT to the Cornish Post and Mining News, April 30, 1898. Single large sheet, broadsheet size, being a Paper read at Camborne School of Mines by W. Hopwood 'Modern Winding Appliances'. Printed on one side only, folded. 1898. £6.00

  39. Cornwall Minerals Railway Co. MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS AT A SPECIAL BOARD MEETING 22nd July 1873. Manuscript, 5p. signed by Chairman, size 15" x 9", plain wraps with MS title, horizontal fold, wraps rather grubby. Pasted in at relevant points are 3 notices, one giving notice of first Ordinary General Meeting of the new company, for electing Directors, etc., notice requesting Shareholders submit old shares for new issue under the 1873 Act, and covering letter explaining the conversion to a Parliamentary Company. 1873. £80.00
    'From a personal inspection of the Works on the above Railway made within the last few days, I am satisfied that the Contractor, Sir. S. Peto, has so far advanced the work as to justify me in recommending that the payment which would be due to him under his Contract on the 7th proximo be made.... W.H. Thomas, Engineer'. The railway was revitalised under the speculator W.R. Roebuck 'he formed the Cornwall Minerals Railway, authorized on 21 July 1873' a number of standard gauge mineral lines 'all opened after feverish activity on 1 June 1874'. David St. John Thomas 'West Country Railway History'.

  40. Cury PHOTOGRAPH titled in pencil on verso 'Cury Vicarage 1880'. Albumen print, size 6" x 8", showing five ladies standing on a gravel path in front of the conservatory of a large house, boy standing with horse and carriage in background. Very small piece torn from top corner. 1880. £10.00

  41. Dacum, Wendron LETTER to Mr. Thomas Grylls from a tenant, saying the house is in bad repair. Details (with very eccentric spelling) the repairs needed 'the timber that sestains the Roofe Roten and not fit to put a new tatching on it...' Enclosed is a rough sketch plan showing parts of Dacum occupied by different tenants, with value. 1p., sm. folio. 1801. £8.00

  42. Fursdon ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXVIII.15, scale 1/2500, size approx. 25" x 38". Second edition 1908. £15.00
    Shows Cutkive Wood, Hay Barton, Hattwood Farm, Great Woolston, Hay Barton.

  43. Helston COLLECTION OF FIFTEEN AFFADAVITS for debt, sworn at Helston, stating amount owed, signed by Plaintiff, and the Mayor. 6-10 lines in manuscript on small folio sheets, folded with docket title. Impressed tax stamps. 1739-48. £95.00
    Includes John Cock, Tanner, against Francis Mildren of St. Martyn; William Thomas, Hatmaker against Roger Mitchell, Hatmaker, both of Helston; Elizabeth Passmore against Benjamin Ripper; John Harry of Mullion, Mason, against Richard Williams of Helston, Dyer, etc.

  44. Helston CONVICTION of John Baptist Nocker from Tyrol in Germany who caused 'several boxes containing Toys... fancy articles to be conveyed to the said borough by a Cart or Wain' and exposed them for sale 'in a Room or Shop'. Vellum, size 9" x 13", wax seal. Slight thinning of vellum in blank area at one fold at bottom edge. 1820. £22.00

  45. Illogan PARISH OF ILLOGAN Tithes due Michaelmas 1784. Alphabetical list of 101 names with sums due etc. Large folio sheet, folded. 'Rents of Houses on the Glebe' and 'Seats in the Church' on verso. 1784. £26.00

  46. Launceston REPORT OF THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY AND DIVISION INTO WARDS OF THE BOROUGH. 3pp, with a sheet on which is a plan of town, coloured in outline, scale 4" to 1 mile and a plan of the borough, scale 1" to a mile, by R.K. Dawson. Folio, disbound, some slight off-setting, onto text. 1837. £22.00

  47. Namboll (Manor of) FINE in Latin, 10 lines on vellum, size 5" x 13". Docket title in English on verso 'Bevyll's fine for the Manr. of Namball'. 1534? £40.00
    Refers to James Bevyll, William Shelley, Thomas Willoughby.

  48. North Cornwall Railway Company AN ACT for incorporating the North Cornwall Railway Company and authorising them to make and maintain the North Cornwall Railway... 28pp. 1882. £18.00

  49. North Norton LETTER from Hugh Mallett to Mr. Grylls at Helston concerning Sir John Call's wish to add his sons' names to the lease of part of North Norton, with that of his daughter Philadelphia Call. 9 lines on sm. folio sheet, folded with address on verso. Callington 1795. £8.00

  50. Penhesken ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXV.4, scale 1/2500, size approx. 25" x 38". Second edition 1907. £12.00
    Shows Trelogossick, Tregongon, Higher Demain, Treswithan.

  51. Polmenna ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXVI.14, scale 1/2500, size approx. 25" x 38". Second edition 1907. £15.00
    Shows Lametton Mill, Pencrowd, Trethawle, Rosenun, Housey.

  52. Quintrell Downs ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XL.5, scale 1/2500, size approx. 25" x 38". First edition, reprint 1900. £16.00
    Shows Manuels, Trethiggey, Kestle Mill, Chapel. Bejowan, Quarries.

  53. Restormel INK DRAWING titled in left margin 'Restormel Hall Dec. 11. 1810'. Size 6" x 8", showing house in far distance, among trees, framed by tree in foreground, stream on right. In dark green card mount with gold line. 1811. £22.00

  54. Smuggling ALL PERSONS THAT HAVE OR CLAIM TO HAVE all or any part of twenty four gallons of foreign Brandy and Nine Gallons of foreign Geneva which was seized at Helston... by Mr. John Clapinson Officer of Excise... are hereby to take Notice... Declaration by two Justices that they will hear the matter at the Sign of the Angel Inn in Helston. With statement of Wm. Thomas, Cryer, affirming he proclaimed the matter in the market place of Helston, signed by him. Manuscript, neatly written, 24 lines, 1 side of small folio paper slightly damp-spotted. 24th June 1775. £45.00

  55. St. Cleer PARTICULARS of the manor of Fursnewth, and of Freehold Farms and Lands, and Building Sites, in the Parish of St. Cleer... The Lands of Edward Morshead... For Sale by Auction... at Webb's Hotel, Liskeard... 30th day of August 1853. 12pp., folio, on blue paper, folded with docket title, plus 3 pages of plans. Detailed schedules with names of fields, etc., and quantities. 1853. £65.00
    Includes Venland, Lampretten, South Hendra, Treneath Farms... St. Cleer Well 'Comprising an Ancient Well, and the remains of a beautiful Well Chapel, of the Perpendicular Gothic'. Gives details of mineral on the various lands, for example 'Tretharrop... is intersected by several Mineral Lodes, and comprises the Sett of Wheal Tretherry, now in work, at the usual dues, and is offered subject to the provisions of such Sett. The Tenement... is adjacent to the Site of South Caradon and it is presumed that the Lodes of that celebrated Mine extend into part of the ground, and will be developed in progress of working.'

  56. Stannary Affidavits A BILL to facilitate the taking of Affidavits and Affirmations in the Court of the Vice-Warden of the Stannaries of Cornwall. 2pp. 1834. £10.00

  57. Stithians PARTICULAR of Sundry Freehold Lands, of the late Thomas Reed, Esq., to be Sold by Auction, at Trevales in Stithians, on Thursday 30th September, 1813. 6 pages plus leaf with docket title, size 16" 13", held with pink tape at corner, comprising tables with columns for Lot No., Parish, Tenement, Occupants, Names of Lives (usually three lives given) and their Ages in 1813, Heriots, Measure, Observations, all information being printed except entries in the last column which are in ms.... together with... Conditions of Sale as to such Lands in the annexed Particular as were late Part of the Duchy of Cornwall', 3p., folio, together with 'Conditions of Sale' 3p, folio, both in manuscript. Penaluna, Printer, Helston, 1813. £120.00
    Tenements include Penhalvean, Carn Meor, Nancotha, Colvennor, Tregouls.

  58. Stubbs (Revd. Charles) THE TRURO CAROL BOOK Twelve Christmas Carols and the Pre-Christmas Antiphons. 32pp, 4to, wraps, old sellotape marks at bottom, Library stamp. 1911. £8.00
    The carols were composed by the Bishop when he was staying in America.

  59. Tolcarne ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXX.7, scale 1/2500, size approx. 25" x 38". Second edition 1907. £18.00
    Shows Penmarth, Tolcarne Wartha, Boswin. Balmynheer Mine, Calvadnack Mine, Wendron United Mines, Poligy Mine, British Village, White Alice.

  60. Towednack, Newmill ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Two quarter sheets, nos. LXVIII.N.W., and S.W. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Folded. Later reprint of 2nd Edition 1907. 2 items. £18.00
    Covers Zennor, Trevega Cliff, Veor Cove, Madron, Gulval, Castle an Dinas, Porthmeor Common.

  61. Trencreek, Trevemper ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXIX.8, scale 1/2500, size approx. 25" x 38". Repaired 5" tear at left edge. Revision of 1933. £15.00
    Shows Trerice Mill, Trevithick, Tranance Boating Lake, Hendra.

  62. Tuckingmill Creek ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXV.7, scale 1/2500, size approx. 25" x 38". Second edition 1907. £16.00
    Shows Trenestrall, Treworga, Trelonk, Lambourne, Ardevora, Brick Works.

  63. (Watts, Mark) AN INTERESTING DIALOGUE between Mark and Uncle Tom, On the severity of the Times and the prosperity of the Mines. Broadside poem in four-line stanzas with prose introduction, printed on thin paper, in three columns, two woodcuts at head, each size approx. 4" x 3", one showing a village, the other figures near a cottage. Overall size 15" x 10", laid down on fine Japanese paper, slight chips in edge of paper along 1" on left side. Printed at the 'Hayle Weekly News' Office, c1870. £55.00
    The poem ends on an optimistic note 'May Mellanear, on Foundry-hill/With ores in plenty shine; May many hands be there employ'd/May it be a good mine. To Crenver mine I must refer/A cloak of gloom, she wore/Now her best garment is put on/And long may she endure.' The writer describes how when he became unemployed he travelled around the mines, to Dolcoath, Wheal Seaton, Roskear, etc. selling his publications. There is also a section on the port of Hayle and the vessels 'Bessie' and 'Henry Harvey'.

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  64. Carlisle railway ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 25" to one mile, size 54" x 81", linen backed, folding into folio cloth covered boards, lettered 'Estate and Rating Dept., Euston'. 6 sections of the map are plain paper, with one section having 'Sales and Purchases' listed in red ink, from 1925 to 1969. Map covers Carlisle and the railway from Stainton to Durranhill Park, railway outlined in green. Linen split along four folds. Revision of 1937. £22.00

  65. Dalston PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold and Copyhold Estates, in the Parish of Dalston, and known as the 'Gill' and 'Greensyke' Estates, containing about 350 Acres, together with the Mansion House, Farm House, Dwelling Houses, Stables, Coach-Houses, Barns.... which will be Sold by Public Auction... 19th July, 1882. 6pp., folio, docket title, very large folding coloured plan. 1882. £32.00
    'The Mansion House stands in a handsomely timbered Park, through which the Gill Beck winds its way, and is most substantially built in the Tudor Style.'

  66. Westward, near Wigton HAZELSPRING FARM The Property of The Right Honble. Lord Leconfield. 1864. Traced from unfinished Ordnance Plans of the Parish Westward. Lightly coloured manuscript plan in brownish tracing paper mounted on paper then on linen, size 28" x 30", folding into 8vo marbled wraps. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Shows buildings at Wallace Lane, Hazelspring, Hilltop, Studholme Rigg Wood, fields with acreage etc., river, streams, roads... together with... HILL TOP FARM The Property of the Right Honble Lord Leconfield. 1864. Similar plan, size 33 " x 55", folding into 8vo marbled wraps. The two plans fit together, with some overlap. The area of Hazelspring Farm is coloured pink and Hill Top Farm green. 2 items. Neat manuscript labels on wraps. Signed W.L.M. 12th March 1864. £80.00

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  67. Badmin (S.R) (Painted by) THE SHELL GUIDE TO DERBYSHIRE Poster, size 29" x 20", metal stretchers. Repaired tear at right hand margin going upwards and reaching 2" into plate, repaired on verso. c1960. £18.00
    Shows Haddon Hall, Chatsworth, Chesterfield Church etc., with key.

  68. High Peak AN ACT to define and amend the Mineral Customs of certain Parts of the Hundred of High Peak in the County of Derby, Part of the Possessions of Her Majesty's Duchy of Lancaster; to make Provision for the better Administration of Justice in the Barmote Courts therein; and to improve the Practice and Proceedings of the said Courts. Pages numbered 1021-1064, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Edward Eyre, and William Spottiswoode, 1851. £15.00

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  69. Ashburton TO BE SOLD by Public Auction At the Golden Lion Hotel.... 13th June Next.... all That Rich Meadow Called First Meadow.... now occupied by Mr. Mann: and all those Three Dwelling Houses in Heavyhead Lane.... Poster, 17" x 13", 3 small edge tears. Chapple, Printer, Ashburton, 1873. £16.00

  70. Axminster BILL of W. Keech, Chemist, Druggist &c, Oils, Spices, Fish Sauces &c. Size 9" x 7", fine engraved heading with vignette of classical figures symbolising medicine. Lists 26 items over a period of 6 months, including embrocation, eye lotion, ginger lozenges. Folds, a few small edge tears. 1835. £14.00

  71. Axminster BILL of James Reece, Ironmonger and Grocer, Oils and Colours of all Sorts. Size 5" x 4", engraved heading with two vignettes, one showing Chinaman with tea chests, the other a range with coal scuttle, kettle etc around it. Made out for tea pot etc., receipted. Nick in paper in top margin, bottom edge torn across. c1840. £8.00

  72. Barnstaple & Ilfracombe ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXVII. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Mounted on linen, size approx. 24" x 36", worn silk edging tape. Border on top and left edges. Linen on verso rather stained at edges. c1810. £30.00
    Margary State 2.

  73. Buckerell OBLIGATION BOND of Seamuel Seale of Buckerell, Yeoman, to Patience Humphrey of Honiton, for £25. 1p, sm. folio, in English and Latin, wax seal with monogram. Conjoint leaf with docket title on verso. 1696. £30.00

  74. Buckland Filleigh LEASE of a dwelling house and half an acre adjoining at the higher end of Buckland Wood, with 'liberty for one pig to pasture and feed in the said wood at all times and seasons', Henry Fortescue of Buckland Filleigh to John Serjeant. Vellum, size 6" x 21", witnessed on verso by George Fortescue and John Gilbert. Small wax seal with flower on tag. 1690. £45.00
    Stipulates attendance at the Courts of the Manor of Buckland Filleigh. There is a note on the outside where titled about rent with and without capon.

  75. Chagford ELIGIBLE SMALL FREEHOLD ESTATE FOR SALE Beautifully situate on the Borders of Dartmoor... for Sale by Auction... 8th day of September.... All that Desirable Estate known as 'Yelfords'.... Poster, size 21" x 15", traces of folds, two small tears at fold repaired on verso.... together with manuscript Conditions of Sale, with completed Memorandum, 2p., folio. 1887. £32.00
    'containing one of the prettiest building sites to be found in this far-famed Healthy and Romantic Neighbourhood'.

  76. Churchstanton AN AUCTION WILL BE HELD at the York Inn, in Churchenford... on Friday 11th Day of June next... For Sale of the Lands Hereinafter described... Poster, size 11" x 9", folds, printed in a variety of typefaces, with the word 'Lands' in a particularly decorative large print with white floral decoration in the letters. Described two lots with tenants, etc. Spurway, Columbian Press Office, Honiton. 1841. £22.00

  77. Clyst St. Lawrence THE PARISH OF CLYST ST. LAWRENCE in the County of Devon, manuscript map, so titled, in ink and 6 colours on tissue paper mounted on linen, size 39" x 58". Scale 3 chains to 1". Folding into large 8vo wraps, very rubbed, MS label 'Tithe Map Clyst St. Lawrence'. Tissue paper curled and chipped at folds, with loss of paper in two small areas of map, affecting small area of road and field boundary, some ink blotches. Scale bar, decoratively lettered title. Shows buildings in pink, water features, roads, fields, (with numbers), various areas of land shaded in different colours. Later MS additions in pencil giving change of ownership etc., with rather untidy alterations to colour of some shaded areas by means of diagonal lines of blue watercolour. 28th January, 1848. £65.00
    An almost contemporary copy (the original tithe map dated 1844.)

  78. Dunkeswell COPY OF DEED TO LEAD TO THE USES OF A FINE of five messuages, eight gardens, eighty acres of land, seventeen acres of meadow, twenty acres of furze and heath, common of pasture for cattle, in Dunkeswell, close called Lyme Croft in Luppitt, and other property in Plymouth, together with rights in the Manor of Dunkeswell, Edward Ford of Exeter, Woollendraper to Thomas Lethbridge and Francis Collins of Wiveliscombe. Manuscript on 2 large folio sheets, written on one side only. Attested copy of deed made 1726, copy made 1734. 1734. £25.00

  79. Ermington Batallion, Southern Volunters PRINTED LETTER from the Colonel (named only as 'J.D.B' - Bastard?) to the Lt. Col. of the Regiment of Southern Volunteers, setting out arrangements for the meeting of the Companies on 28th August, ordering them to choose the best men ('500 Men exclusive of Sharp Shooters.... you will select such as appear best fitted for the service.... the Men above 500.... are to be thanked for the spirited manner in which they have come forward and should be requested to hold themselves in readiness for the purpose of being enrolled as Pioneers....'). He asks that the Men be given 'Bread and Cheese and a Quart of Cyder....' Sm. folio sheet, printed on one side only, folds, names and places filled in with pencil. On verso is a rough list of Lt. Colonels and Majors. Haydon, Exeter, Printer, 1803. £40.00

  80. Exeter BILL of T.H. Rowe to Mrs Sandys, Exeter, for carpentry and building work, 1822. 3p., folio. Lists work done Feb. 16 - April 13. 1822. £14.00
    Includes detailed man hours for making dresser, table, plate rack, clothes horse, price for deal, elm etc.

  81. Exeter POSTER advertising the auction sale at the Old London Inn of a Freehold Estate, late the Property of William Guppy, comprising a Cottage and Garden near the Cavalry Barracks, Two Fields called Rock Field and Danes Castle Field adjoining the New Reservoir, Houses in Butcher Row and Paris Street... etc. Printed in large type-faces, size 22" x 17", folded, 5" repaired tear at vertical fold at bottom. 1839. £24.00

  82. Gray (Joseph W.) THE DEVON TOR RANGE an Improved Ventilating Kitchener or Cooking Apparatus.... Sold Exclusively by Joseph W. Gray, Kitchen Fitter & Furnisher & Domestic Engineer, 31 Fleet Street, Torquay, Manufacturer and Erecter. Illustrated Prospectus of ranges, baths, kitchen equipment etc., 12pp., folio, folded, bottom half of last page browned. c1874. £40.00
    Includes list of satisfied customers who had the range installed.

  83. Halberton YEO FARM, HALBERTON Important Sale of about 23 Acres of Luxuriant Grass. Poster, size 17" x 11", fold, advertising the sale on the premises, April 19th, 1920. Lists 4 fields, with measurements etc. One fold. 1920. £12.00

  84. Ilfracombe PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Reversionary Life Interest in Valuable Freehold Property consisting of a Mansion House and Ground, Farms, Cottages &c, at and Near Barnstaple & Ilfracombe.... which will be Sold by Auction... 1st day of June, 1871, at the Guildhall Coffee House, London. 4pp., folio, folded. Includes full page schedule listing 22 properties, fields etc. with tenants etc., in Pilton, Marwood, Goodleigh, etc. Both 1871. £22.00

  85. Lifton FURTHER CHARGE by way of Mortgage of Smalecombe, Overy East, Carligh and Corhellacott in Lifton, Samuel Harris of Smalecombe in Lifton of the one part and Charles Prideaux of Padstow and Benjamin Prideaux of The Temple, London, of the other part. 38 lines, in English, on vellum, size 17" x 23", signed Harris with small wax seal with head of a man. 1798. £30.00
    Refers to the Messuage and Barton of Smalecombe and Over Yeat, Carleigh, and Coshellacott. Charles and Benjamin were entitled to the principal and interest under the will of Edmund Prideaux.

  86. Morchard SOME OCCURENCES from March 11th 1786 to Decr. 8th 1796. Mr. N-. Manuscript Journal so titled on front wrap, 28 pages of entries in a small 8vo notebook, plain wraps. The writer seems to have been a clergyman, in the Exeter area, and at one point mentions 'I was at this time busy about getting a bill passed for changing my name'. He notes mainly comings and goings of himself and his visitors, to Exeter, Bath, Mt. Edgcumbe, Mylor, etc., and a pleasure trip to South Wales. He often refers to his son George, who leaves school, goes to Cambridge, and takes a trip on the Continent for his health, and his daughters Jane and Nan. The latter receives three proposals of marriage: 'Mr Barter proposed to our Nan. She behaved very well but rejected him. He is more than 25 years older than her'. At one time she sets her cap on fire, but is only 'a little hurt'. He mentions going to Morchard 'to look about my new building which was begun a few days since.' A few deaths and births are referred to: 'Mary Batten delivered herself of a Boy... a Bastard of John Fripp's. It died soon'. 1786-1796. £150.00

  87. Musbury PARTICULARS OF LANDS IN MUSBURY in Mortgage to the Revd. Benjamin Weaver and Samuel Domett. Manuscript, 1p, folio, giving list mainly of Drakes' estate with list of fields etc., with acreages. Paper watermarked 1857. £8.00

  88. Plymouth ASSIGNMENT of the remainder of a term of 1000 years of messuage, two cellars, garden, chamber and cellar adjoining a street called 'Haynes his lane' in Plymouth, William Allen of Stourbridge, Dorset, Apothecary to George Hill of Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Vellum, size 17" x 21", two tags, one lacking wax seal. 1676. £30.00

  89. Plymouth CONVEYANCE of three tenements in Pins Lane, John Yonge and others to William Emmett. Two large vellum sheets, engraved heading with coat of arms, signed by seven parties with wax seals. Brief schedule of deeds from 1690. Loosely inserted is 'Lease for a Year' from Richard Deeble to William Emmett, of the same year, smaller vellum sheet, wax seal. 1747. £28.00
    Signatories include Elizabeth Upton, Elizabeth Harris, Catherine Yonge, Richard Doidge.

  90. Plymouth THE MAYOR AND COMMONALTY OF THE BOROUGH OF PLYMOUTH to Mrs. Grace Miller. Lease of conduit water in her house in Southside Street for 21 years from September 1793. Large folio sheet, printed on one side only, 22" x 17", printed with ms. inserts. Signed Andrew Hill, Mayor. Large papered seal. 2" split at one fold, outside where titled dusty. 1794. £26.00

  91. Plymouth WILL of Gregory Miller, Sailmaker, of Plymouth. 3 pages, folio, 1777, a later copy, paper watermarked 1806. £16.00
    Leaves sums of money to his relatives, the interest from the sale of his stock in trade to his wife, etc.

  92. Rock & Co. VIEWS & SCENERY OF LYNTON & LYNMOUTH 16 vignette views, cloth boards, gilt title, size 5" x 7", front board faded, spine rubbed, lacks front endpaper, 2 small ink blots in margin of first plate. Inscription on front pastedown. c1860. £60.00

  93. Rowe (G), Pr. and Pub. VALLEY OF THE LYN From Mars Hill. Drawn by Mr. Rowe. Tinted lithograph on thick paper, size 8" x 11", plus margins. Margins grubby, small piece torn from one corner. c1845. £28.00
    A view looking upstream to bridge, houses on hillside.

  94. Sidmouth BILL of Rd. Farrant, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Wine & Spirit Merchant. Genuine Teas, Coffee, Chocolate & Cocoa. Size 6" x 4", fine engraved heading by Reeves and Hoare, with vignette of Chinaman, with palm tree, tea chests, barrel, on the quay with sailing ship. Made out for butter etc. 1837. £12.00

  95. Tavistock BILL of John Pearse, Ironmonger, Brazier & Tin Plate Worker... Watch and Clock Maker. Size 10" x 5", engraved heading with coat of arms, water closet with cistern, two ranges, oven with pig roasting on spit. Lists shower base, tin tub etc. Some creasing and stab hole at top. 1840(?) £15.00

  96. Teign Valley Railway AN ACT for incorporating "The Teign Valley Railway Company," and for authorizing them to make and maintain "The Teign Valley Railway".... 12pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1863. £14.00

  97. Torquay LEASE of Nos 10 and 11 Braddons Row, Fleet Street, Torquay, R. Cary of Torre Abbey to John Hayward and Thomas Weeks. Two vellum sheets, size 22" x 25", wax seals, good inset coloured plan size 7" x 7", showing Swan St., George St., and Fleet St., with measurement of properties. 1869. £17.00

  98. Totnes MARRIAGE ARTICLES between Timothy Earl of London and Dorothy Trist of Totnes. Refers to dwelling house with three herbgardens in Leechwell Street, and Eastleigh and Westleigh in Harberton. Two large vellum sheets, size 24" x 31", signed by 6 parties concerned with wax seals. Vellum dustmarked on verso, some minor yellowing. 1736. £40.00

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  99. Beale's Fancy Fair, Publisher PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS OF BOURNEMOUTH AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Sm. 4to, 42 photolitho views on extending strip (some full page, some 2, 4 or 6 to a page). Gilt title on front board. Map on back endpaper, lacks the back free endpaper with half the map. c1900. £16.00
    Includes two good views of Beale's shop.

  100. Beaminster WILL of Elizabeth Dunning of Beaminster, Spinster. Single side of large folio sheet, signed by Elizabeth Dunning with small wax seal, and by 3 witnesses... together with... Copy Extract from the Register of Burials with details of Elizabeth Dunning's burial. 1822. £18.00

  101. Beaminster, Pulham, West Bay PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM Oblong large 4to, half morocco, containing 17 pasted in photographs, c1880, mainly of Beaminster area (Manor House, cottages, Church, school outing at West Bay etc.), and 54 on card loosely inserted throughout, some labelled in pencil on mount, for example. The ones on card are mainly of Dorset churches, including Mappowder, Compton Valence, West Chalborough, Pulham, Hazlebury. c1880-90, some earlier. £80.00
    None of the photographs are titled in the plate, and do not seem to be commercial ones. The photographs of Hazlebury, for example, shows large ruined house and thatched cottage with roof fallen in in front of the church.

  102. Chickerell PHOTOGRAPH of three men in an open-topped car, outside an ivy-covered doorway. Size 4" x 5", on thick card mount. Titled in pencil on verso 'W de C. P. and Stone in front seat. Harris in back seat of the F.N car, taken outside Mr. Bateson's house at Chickerell.' c1910. £8.00

  103. Digby family DEED OF COVENANT between George Wingfield Digby and Frederick Powell. Draft, 4p. folio. 1864. £14.00
    Refers to debts run up by George's brother Kenelm and his partner as merchants in Bordeaux and the need to 'prevent the publicity of the bankruptcy of the said firm of Powell and Wingfield & the imprisonment of the sd. Harper Powell and Kenelm Digby Wingfield...'

  104. Hallet (T), Pub. BEAMINSTER 20 views, 8 being 2 to a page, in oblong 4to album, gilt decorated boards, faded, publishers name on front board painted out in gold paint, staples rusty, inner gathering loose. c1910. £12.00

  105. Marnhull AUCTION CATALOGUE of the Entire Herd of Jersey Cattle, the Property of R.S. Allen, Nash Farm. 15pp. 8vo. 1918. £10.00
    Gives full details of pedigrees.

  106. Newman and Co. TWELVE VIEWS OF WEYMOUTH AND PORTLAND Twelve engraved vignette views, oblong 8vo album, blindstamped boards, both detached. Size of engraved surface 3" x 4". Waterstain affecting most of plates, obtruding onto engraved surface. c1850. £40.00
    Includes Chiswell, Portland from the Nothe, Portland Castle and Railway Station, Chesil Beach with quarry working in foreground, Bow and Arrow castle.

  107. Sherborne ABSTRACT of the Title of Wm. Flooks to premises in Half Moon St., next to the King's Arms Inn, agreed to be sold to G.D.W. Digby. 3p. folio, in manuscript, copy deed of covenenant for production of title deeds enclosed, 3p. 1861. £10.00

  108. Studland PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Residence and Premises situate at Studland known as 'Egglestone House' to be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Beer and Hobbs.... December 16, 1887. 2pp., folio, folded. 1887. £12.00
    'The only freehold that has been offered to the Public in Studland for many years past....'

  109. Symondsbury RELEASE of four closes of meadow called Hardy's Mead in Symondsbury, with houses, barns, stables, etc., Richard Churchill of Lyme Regis, Clothier, to Robert Batten of Charmouth. Vellum, size 22" x 27", wax seal on tag. Engraved heading with coat of arms. Enclosed is a deed of bargain and sale for the property, vellum slightly darkened, wax seal on tag. 1733. £30.00
    The occupiers were Thomas Hardy and Walter Scott (!)

  110. Wareham A RATE MADE BY THE ASSESSORS for the borough of Wareham, 1738, for raising £55 1s. Robert Goodwin and Richard Bostland, Collectors. Folio sheet, manuscript on two sides, with two columns of names on each side, with amounts. Upwards of 150 names. Paper damaged and torn at central horizontal fold, with loss, probably of about 6 names. 1738. £50.00
    Names include 'The Widow Ester Brown', 'Edmond Norton Plydwell, North Mills', 'Mrs Rogers or Occupr., for Portland'.

  111. Weymouth and Melcombe Regis Harbour AN ACT for reducing the Dues of the Harbour of the Borough and Town of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis.... and consolidating the Trusts created by the Acts relating to such Harbour and the Bridge of the said Borough.... 20pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1847. £12.00

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  112. Haughton MR. LE MESURIER having seen the Letter of Mr. Story, inserted in the Durham Advertiser of this Date, contradicting the Statement made by him of Mr. Story's Conduct on the 6th inst... Handbill, 4to, printed on one side only, some slight darkening of paper at edges, dated Haughton, 25th March, 1820, asserting that the allegations about Mr Story are true 'Mr. Story did not only wave his Hat and shout, but seemed to be directing the Populace when they should wave their Hats and shout'. 25 lines, printed in large type face, also mentioning a 'mistake respecting Mr Witham'. Atkinson's Office, High-Row, Darlington. 1820. £36.00

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  113. Birch, Abberton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXXVI. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. Roads and water-features coloured, some buildings coloured red, some fields shaded. Linen slightly browned at one fold. 1881. £25.00
    Shows Birch Hall, Abberton House etc.

  114. Rochford, London ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet I. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 36", linen-backed, folding to sm 8vo, marbled wraps, in slipcase with label. Some foxing spots in two or three sections. c1864. £32.00

  115. Wendons Ambo PARTICULARS OF SALE With Views and Plan of the Attractive Freehold Residential, Agricultural and Sporting Domain known as Lofts Hall with the Elizabethan Mansion... Three Lodges, Home Farm, Elmdon Bury Old Manor House... Private Residences... 83 Cottages... About 4,180 Acres also The Manors of Elmdon Bury, Duddenhoe Grante, Rockell's and Leebury, The Advowson of Wendon Lofts... Corn Rents.... 17pp., small folio, stiff wraps, 6 pages of photographic views, large folding coloured plan at rear. April, 1922. £45.00
    Includes views of the interior of the Mansion.

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  116. Berkeley ABSTRACT OF TITLE of Mr James Phillips to an Orchard or Close of Land at Westfield in Berkeley. 12p. folio, in manuscript. Details title from 1827 onwards. 1846. £24.00

  117. Bockley CONVEYANCE of lands called Westfield and Four Ridges in Bockley, William Vizard of Dursley, William Joyner, of Bockley, and others, to Robert Norman. 3 vellum sheets, size 28" x 32", signed by 7 parties with wax seals. The last sheet comprises a Schedule of indentures from 1708-94... together with... Lease for a Year, 1794, relating to the same property, single vellum sheet, 2 wax seals. 1794. £27.00

  118. Cheltenham area TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheets XXVII.N.W and S.W., linen-backed and folding into plain buff card covers. Second edition 1903. £19.00
    Shows Lower Noverton, Waterworks, Quarries, Puckham Wood, Westwood House, and Lower and Upper Dowdeswell, Whittington, part of Charlton Kings.

  119. Cheltenham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXVI S.E. Scale 6" to 1", linen-backed and folding into plain buff card wraps. Second edition 1903. £15.00
    Covers Leckhampton, Devil's Chimney, Charlton Kings, Ashley Manor, Hatherley Court, Cheltenham College.

  120. Cheltenham Waterworks AN ACT for empowering the Cheltenham Waterworks Company to extend their Works and Limits of Supply.... 8pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1865. £8.00

  121. Crickley Hill, Coberley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXIV N.E. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Linen-backed and folding into plain card wraps. Small label of Norman, Sawyer & Co., Cheltenham in bottom margin. Second edition 1903. £12.00
    Covers Seven Springs, Coberley, Ullenwood, Dryhill.

  122. Forest of Dean Constable AN ACT for vesting the Office of Constable of the Castle of Saint Briavel's in the First Commissioner of His Majesty's Woods, Forests, Land Revenues, Works, and Buildings; and for vesting the Office of Keeper of the Forest of Dean in the County of Gloucester in the Commissioners of His Majesty's Woods, Forests, Land Revenues, Works, and Buildings. Pages numbered 9-10, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Spottiswoode, 1836. £16.00

  123. Foxcote, Upper Coberley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXV N.W. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Linen-backed and folding into plain card wraps. Small label of Norman, Sawyer & Co., Cheltenham, in margin. Second edition 1903. £10.00
    Shows Foxcote top right, Round Hill, Hilcot, Chatcombe Wood, Upper Coberley. Numerous quarries shown.

  124. Gentlemen and Yeomanry Cavalry INSPECTION RETURN AND REPORT of the Longtree, Bisley and Witstone Gentlemen and Yeomanry Cavalry, commanded by Henry Burgh, of One Troop as Inspected at Selsley Hill by Lt. Col. Houston, 25th November 1813. Printed sheet, folio, folds. Table showing officers, private men etc., 'Under Arms', 'Sick', 'Absent' etc., completed in ink and signed. Remarks on discipline, etc. not filled in. Wilson, Printer, Stroud. £34.00

  125. Gloucester ANNUAL SALE OF CUB HUNTERS .... At the Spread Eagle Hotel, Gloucester, Saturday the 20th October, 1877... 12 Valuable Young Irish Horses, which were selected with great care by Lord Fitzhardinge in July last for Cub Hunting... 3pp., folio, listing 12 horses chosen by Lord Fitzhardinge and 31 other lots property of other owners, 1-4 horses in each, with brief description of each horse. Folds. 1877. £22.00

  126. Gloucester area FIVE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets LXIV S.E (Hawkesbury); LV N.E (Whitcliff Park, Ham), XXXIII S.E (Brookthorpe, Upton St. Leonards), XXXIII S.W (Quedgeley), XLVIII N.W (Breadstone). Scale 6" to 1 mile. 1903. £30.00

  127. Gloucester BILLS of Price & Washbourne to Lord Sherborne for timber supplied (including Baltic Lathwood, Red Deals etc.) and hauling from Wasley. Four 4to bills with printed headings.... together with.... Receipt of Cheltenham Gas-Light company for £23 for lighting, paid by Lord Sherborne. 1835 & 1824. £10.00

  128. Gloucester Market AN ACT for establishing a proper Place for holding Markets and Fairs for the Sale of Live Stock in the City of Gloucester, and the Suburbs thereof, and for opening convenient Avenues thereto, and for watching and otherwise improving the said City. 26pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1821. £17.00

  129. Harescombe, near Stroud QUITCLAIM of a messuage with orchard and six acres of pasture in the tenure of Alice Newton, a cottage with a garden orchard and four acres of land in the tenure of William Berry, and one water grist mill in the tenure of Henry Madley, with water courses belonging, all of which are in Harescombe, and a close of meadow in Standish, John Clissold of Churcham to Charles Whichall. Vellum, size 11" x 19", witnessed on verso with three signatures, chipped wax seal on tag, piece of vellum in bottom margin cut away, not affecting text, spotting and some blotching of ink in a section of deed at right hand side, affecting legibility of a few words. 1655. £35.00

  130. Iron Acton CONVEYANCE IN FEE of one acre lately allotted out and awarded to Robert Keepen under an Act of Parliament for dividing and enclosing Acton Common, Marlpit Common and Cockshute, to Matthew Hawkins of Bristol. Vellum, 13" x 23", good wax seal with bust. Some slight yellowing. 1781. £18.00

  131. Iron Acton PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Property known as "Robins Wood," comprising Substantial House, Building and Pasture Land, containing a Total Area of 18a. 1r. 13p. which Ford, Howes & Williams are instructed to offer for Sale by Auction at the White Lion Hotel, Yate, Glos., On Wednesday, October 18th, 1939. Small 4to, coloured folding plan, 5pp, original wraps. 1939. £16.00

  132. Kings Stanley DEED OF COVENANT for producing title deeds, Henry Burgh to Sir George Onesiphorus Paul. Large vellum sheet, folded, wax seal. 1799. £25.00
    With schedule listing four deeds, from 1739. Refers to a Mansion House called Stanley Park. George Onesiphorus Paul was a prison reformer who built a model prison at Gloucester in 1780.

  133. Lipycat Farm, Awre LEASE FOR FIFTEEN YEARS of lands in the parish of Awre, The Mayor and Burgesses of the City of Gloucester to John Charles of Awre, yeoman. In a neat clear hand on vellum, size 28" x 34", tag, with no trace of having had a wax seal. 1743. £45.00
    The rents of the land were due to the Blue Coat Hospital in Gloucester. Gives a very long list of pasture, meadow and arable lands, listing situation with adjoining lands and occupiers, reserving the Royalty or Gale of fishing in the Severn, and all fruit trees, and the farm house called Lipycat Farm, to the Mayor and Burgesses. Lands named include West Marsh, Clay Piece, Rogers, land in Linch Field Shooting near the Old Wharf Common, the Butts at Stockwell Shooting, etc.

  134. Nibley, Manor of Iron Acton ASSIGNMENT OF A TERM OF 99 YEARS of estate at Nibley, Maurice Edmunds of Olveston to friends in trust for William Thomas. Vellum, size 23" x 27", signed by five parties with five armorial wax seals. 1710. £35.00
    Refers to demise by Sir John Poyntz, deceased, of part of the Manor of Iron Acton to Richard Porter for 99 years.

  135. Painswick, Moreton, Cheltenham etc. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XLIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 24" x 29". Dissected and mounted on linen and folding to sm. 4to, in worn cloth slipcase with morocco label. c1850. £34.00

  136. Selsey Hill, Stroud ENCLOSURE OF SELSEY HILL To the Editor of the Stroud Free Press. Handbill, size 11" x 9", traces of folds. Heading and the name of the author, Charles Stanton, in large letters. 26 lines expressing outrage at the projected enclosure. Bucknall & Son, Printers and Stationers, Stroud. c1857. £46.00
    'Stroud will no longer be Stroud if severed from Selsley, Hampton or Rodborough Hills... let us prepare to fight strongly for rights and privileges which time has sanctioned and usage endeared... the sons of toil have few spaces left in this highly cultivated country for exercise or recreation...'

  137. Stroud INVENTORY AND VALUATION of the personal estate of the late Edward Burgh of Cairnscross. 2p, folio, listing furniture, household effects, with total valuation by Davis, Auctioneers, Stroud. 1872. £14.00

  138. Stroud TO THE WORTHY AND INDEPENDENT ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF STROUD Satirical election address, size 15" x 10", printed on one wide only, heading in very large typefaces, by 'Fletcher the Grinder'. J.P. Brisley, Stroudwater Printing-Office. (1835). £46.00
    Refers to Mr Hyett's retiring from the Borough, and to Mr Symons. Many jocular references to beer, and the writer being 'the Great Malt Tax Repealer' and the manipulator of a grindstone. 'Were our monarchy elective... I should... Be your King.... I have do doubt in the world of effecting.... such a refinement in the temper and edge of your razors - that, if you put them under your pillows at Night, when you arise in the Morning you will find yourselves shaved.'

  139. Swindon, Bishop's Cleeve ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XIX S.E. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Linen-backed and folding into plain card wraps with small label of Norman, Sawyer & Co., Cheltenham. Second edition 1903. £12.00

  140. Waterloo, Cirencester AUCTION POSTER advertising the sale of Freehold Dwelling Houses 'To be Sold by Auction by Blackwell & Jones, at the King's Head Hotel, Cirencester on Thursday the 7th of March 1861.' Size 19" x 15", folds. 1861. £18.00

  141. West Gloucestershire Local Millitia APPOINTMENT and Commission of Henry Burgh as First Major of the West Battalion of Royal Gloucestershire Local Militia. Vellum, size 8" x 11". Signed by Earl of Berkeley with wax seal with coat of arms. Folds. 1809. £24.00
    He was ordered 'to take the said Corps into your Care and Charge and duly to exercise as well the Officers as Soldiers thereof in Arms...'

  142. Westley's REDUCED ORDNANCE MAP of the Environs of Cheltenham. Showing all Railways, Stations, Roads &c. from the Ordnance Survey. Size 19" x 24", scale 2 miles to 1 inch, folding into printed paper wraps. c1880. £18.00
    Shows railways open and authorized.

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  143. Bacon BACON'S MAP OF PORTSEA, LANDPORT, SOUTHSEA & GOSPORT. Fully coloured folding plan, mounted on linen, size approx. 23" x 34", including margins, scale 6" to 1 mile, folds to sm 8vo, into the original gilt titled cloth covers, few short splits to plan at folds. There is a hand written ownership name of 'Captain Phillpotts, Royal House Artillery, May 1887,' to verso of top board. Slight waterstain to lower left hand corner, affecting the sea only. Inset plan of 'Environs of Portsmouth'. London: G.W. Bacon & Co., 127 Strand, c1887. £35.00

  144. Basingstoke, Midgham, Aldermaston PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of 600 Timber Trees, Comprising 50 Felled Beech Trees, 484 Standing Oak Trees.... to be Sold by Auction... 4pp., folio, folds. 1890. £20.00
    Gives situation of coppice, number of feet etc.

  145. Botley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXVI. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. Some fields near Bursledon Common coloured pink. Slight browning of linen along one fold. 1871. £30.00
    Covers Thornhill Park, Shidfield.

  146. Empshott, Newton Valence ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLIII, XLIV etc. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo cloth wraps. Roads and water-features hand-coloured, Le Court Estate shaded green, possibly relative to sale. 1882. £20.00
    Shows Cranbury Park, Hursley Park, Berry Down etc.

  147. Portsmouth and Hilsea AN ACT to vest in Trustees certain Messuages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, for extending the present Lines and Works, and for erecting other Works and Buildings at and near Portsmouth and Hilsea, in the County of Southampton. Pages numbered 377-403, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1813. £14.00

  148. Ryde Isle of Wight AUCTION POSTER. Messrs. Wallis, Riddett & Down. Have received instructions to Sell by Auction.... Four Dwelling-Houses known as Nos, 1, 2, 3 & 4, Trinity Terrace. Situated on the East side of Daniel Street, Ryde..... Size approx. 30" x 20". 1893. £14.00

  149. Saint Lawrence Wooton AN ACT for inclosing certain Commonable and Waste Lands in the Parish of St. Lawrence Wootton.... Pages numbered 279-302, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1829. £17.00

  150. Shawford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. L.9. size approx. 25" x 38". Scale 25" to 1 mile. Water features roads and buildings hand-coloured. Shows Shawford Down, R. Itchen, Showford, Canal. Area to right of R. Itchen blank (approx. two thirds of map). First edition. n.d. c1884. £16.00

  151. South Warnborough Estate FREEHOLD THE IMPORTANT RESIDENTIAL AND SPORTING ESTATE KNOWN AS SOUTH WARNBOROUGH ESTATE of about 1,120 Acres.... consisting of The Historic Manor House, about 155 Acres New Farm, about 370 Acres.... Ford Farm.... Valuable Sites for Houses and Bungalows..... Chalk Pits... Good Shooting, Hunting.... Messrs Daniel Smith, Oakley and Garrard in conjunction with J. Alfred Eggar and Co. Will offer the above for Sale by Auction..... at the Town Hall, Farnham, Surrey, on Friday, the 24th day of June, 1921.... Poster, size 40" x 30", few short tears, a 9" split at one fold, and a couple of small holes. This copy appears to be an uncorrected proof copy as there are a few notes and alterations in ink. Martin, Hood & Larkin, 1921. £18.00

  152. Southampton PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Prominently Situated and Valuable Shop Premises known as 'Foy's Corner', 195-203 Shirley Road.... which Messrs. Nicholas are to offer by public auction.... 10th March, 1954. 7pp., sm. folio, actual photo on front wrap, key plan. 1954. £9.00

  153. Wherwell LEASE of cottage with garden orchard and meade adjoining in Ashwell, and arable lands in Fullerton, John Lord de la Warr to John Goddard of Fullerton. Vellum, size 14" x 21", signed by Goddard with paper-covered wax seal on tag. 1688. £32.00
    Stipulates certain conditions of the lease, such as planting thorn and crab apple in some areas.

  154. Yarmouth, Isle of Wight PROBATE of the Will of John Blackburn, Rector of Yarmouth. Vellum, size 18" x 25", printed certificate attached, large papered seal of Winchester Registry. 1870. £14.00
    Leaves silver and property to son Samuel Blackburn, Principal of St. John's College, Auckland, New Zealand.

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  155. Bosbury PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Freehold Farm known as 'Lower Cold Green'... to be offered for Sale by Auction... 22nd May 1912. 3pp., folio, large folding coloured plan. Folded with docket title. 1912. £18.00

  156. Hereford AN OLD SONG IN A NEW DRESS Election broadside, printed on one side only, size 13" x 5", in seven stanzas, in support of Cornewall. T. Davies & Son, Britannia Printing-Office, Hereford. (1818). £28.00
    With various references to cider 'Cider lads are staunch and true', etc. 'In your hats the apples shewing/Rich the nectar they produce/While your hearts with ardour glowing/Lads and lasses taste the juice.'

  157. Hereford FREEHOLDERS It gives me great Satisfaction to find that you have attended to the advice addressed to you in a late poetic Effusion... Election broadside, printed on one side only, in support of the candidates Cotterell and Cornewall. Size 11" x 7", small piece trimmed from bottom corner (possibly where a name written.) Watkins and Wright, Printers, Hereford. April 10th, 1818. £28.00
    Follows an apple metaphor throughout, referring to the 'Free Stocks of the County', 'the Sap runs kindly', 'A Candid Heart is a true Herefordshire Apple and imparts a peculiar & pleasant Flavour to the favourite Beverage of the County'.

  158. Hereford ORAM'S ARBOUR Notice of Motion to be made by Mr Councillor Budden at the Special Meeting of the Council... 27th June 1864... Broadside, printed on one side only setting out the proposals of the council for laying a gravel path with iron railings etc., and Buddens' objections about the carpet beating posts etc. Ms note at bottom 'Carried unanimously'. Size 11" x 9", a few creases. 1864. £16.00

  159. Hereford THE PRIDE OF LADY-LIFT By Philip Lewis. Election poem in support of Price. Size 9" x 4", printed on one side only c1818? £18.00

  160. Hereford TO THE FREEHOLDERS OF THE COUNTY OF HEREFORD Broadside, printed on one side only, four stanzas in support of Cottrell and Cornewall and against Foxley. Size 11" x 7". Traces of folds. Watkins & Wright Printers, Hereford. March 18, 1818. £25.00

  161. Leominster, Kingsland & Eyton PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Accommodation and Grazing Meadowland... to be offered for Sale by Auction... 15th November, 1918. 5pp., folio, folded with docket title. Folding coloured map. Some light brown stains on some leaves. 1918. £20.00

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  162. Braughing (Hundred of) DUPLICATE OF THE ASSESSED TAXES 1824 To the King's Remembrancer in the Exchequer and to Adolphus Meetherke Receiver General. Vellum sheet, 21" x 30", ruled in 17 columns, with names of 13 parishes down left hand side, and respective entries for Assessors Name, Collectors, Windows Schedule, Male Servants Schedule, Duties on Carriages, Horses, Dogs, Hair Powder, Armorial Bearings, Game, etc., with totals. Signed by Commissioners with wax seals. Vellum slightly yellowed in places, ink slightly faded in places, but always easily legible. 1824. £70.00

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  163. Bowen (E) AN ACCURATE MAP OF THE COUNTY OF HUNTINGDON Divided into its Hundreds.... Illustrated with Historical Extracts relating to its Trade, Manufactures, Natural History &c. not extant in any other Map.... Engraved map, coloured in outline, size 28" x 21", dissected and mounted on linen, trimmed to coloured border, manuscript label in French on verso, edges rubbed. Decorative cartouche with title on masonry, winding river in background, men cutting turf and women and children loading it onto a cart. With table bottom right listing villages with columns for map reference, Lord of Manor, Deanery. Geographical and historical information around map. French label on verso. c1790. £155.00
    'Ramsey Meer produces larger Fish and more in quantity than any of the Meers and Pools in the Fenns... here Pikes of a wonderful bigness are caught...'

  164. Pidley SURRENDER at the Manor Court of Somersham, of various tofts and large pieces of Fen Ground and a cottage, at Pidley, in the Manor of Somersham with the Soak, John Cole of Fenton, copyhold tenant. 2p., folio, manuscript, folded. 1780. £18.00

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  165. Appledore, Royal Military Canal ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXXX. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers, main buildings, water-features, roads, hand-coloured. Some slight browning of linen between folds. 1877. £28.00

  166. Bacon's PLAN OF CHATHAM Coloured plan, size approx 12" x 18", single fold at centre. Scale 6" to 1 mile. c1885. £18.00

  167. Chatham Docks AN ACT to vest certain Messuages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments in Trustees, for better securing His Majesty's Docks, Ships, and Stores, at Chatham and for the Use of His Majesty's Ordnance at Warley Common and Woolwich. Pages numbered 737-750, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1804. £14.00

  168. Deptford MORTGAGE for 1000 years of two messuages and a Dye house situate opposite the end of High Street in the parish of St. Paul, James Noble to George Shove Jnr. Large vellum sheet, later indenture on verso. 1826. £15.00

  169. Downe, Knockholt, Halstead ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXVIII. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers, main roads coloured brown. A few small areas shaded. Edition of 1910. £18.00

  170. Hawkhurst, Sandhurst ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXXVIII. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. Roads railways and water-features coloured, some buildings coloured red. Area around 'Tongs' colour washed. Two small splits in linen at edge of one fold. 1877. £28.00
    Part of map blank, being adjoining county.

  171. Tunbridge ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet L. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins, linen-backed. Some hand colouring of boundaries. Embossed Ordnance stamp 1873. £30.00

  172. Sandwich AN ACT for building a Bridge over the Water or Haven between the Town of Sandwich, and the opposite Shore in the County of Kent. Cover leaf plus pages numbered 851-870, black letter, short tear to cover leaf, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Thomas Baskett, 1755. £20.00

  173. Woolwich AN ACT for Rebuilding the Parish Church of Woolwich.... Cover leaf + pages numbered 83-90, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: John Baskett, 1732. £16.00

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  174. Cartmel area PLAN OF ESTATES IN THE TOWNSHIPS OF BROUGHTON WOOD, BROUGHTON STAVELY AND UPPER ALITHWAITE Belonging to Thomas Kew Esquire. J. Kelly, Surveyor. 1848. Manuscript plan in ink and full wash colour on paper backed with linen, size 21" x 77", edged with blue silk tape. Scale 3 chains = 1 inch. Scale bar, unusual decorative compass rose. Covers area from Thompson Wood and the Stavely & Windermere Road to Sunny Green and Moss Allotment. Shows fields, shaded in pink, with name and acreage, roads, buildings (including named inns), woodland, chapel, smithy, stiles, ownership of fences. Two tables of Reference to 41 fields etc., numbered on plan, showing value per acre in 1848, Annual Value, Statute Measure and Annual Value & Value per Acre valued for Poor Rate etc. in 1813, with totals. Two fields added later in darker shade of pink, labelled in a different hand. 1848. £240.00
    An unusual feature of this plan is the coloring of the woodland with the trees shown in bold shades of green and brown, and that individual isolated trees are actually identified as 'The Hollie', 'Ash', 'Alderberry'.

  175. Hennett (G) A MAP OF THE COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER, Divided into Hundreds and Parishes, From an Actual Survey made in the Years 1828 & 1829. Large engraved map, on four sheets, as issued, each sheet 31" x 23", plus margins, large decorative title, engraved inset view of the New Custom House, Liverpool. Scale three-quarters of an inch to 1 mile. Area of browning on all four sheets, one sheet with piece which has been torn away from margin repaired with paper infilled, another sheet with professionally repaired tear 2" beyond border and along platemark, and some other neatly repaired edge tears. Paper sound, with a good black impression. The sheets have obviously been professionally restored at some time. Published by Henry Teesdale and Co, 302 Holborn, May 1, 1830. £145.00
    A cheaper copy than usual.

  176. Manchester A PLAN OF MANCHESTER AND SALFORD With Their Vicinities. Embracing Every Improvement. From Actual Survey. 1836. Engraved plan, with outline colour, size 15" x 22", trimmed to neatline. Scale approx. 8" to 1 mile. With concentric circles centred on The Exchange. With cartouche top left showing figure of justice, sailing ship in distance, 'Rocket' type locomotive to left. Small 'Explanation' and Key to Districts. Top right corner slightly cropped. Two 1" repaired tears at right edge. Main roads, boundaries, water features and parkland hand-coloured. Paper very slightly darkened at edges. 1836. £110.00
    Covers Cavalry Barracks, Windsor Street in the East, Cheetwood, Chancery Lane in the East.

  177. Much Hoole TO BREEDERS OF DRAUGHT HORSES That Promising Colt 'Magnum Bonum' Rising 6 years old, the property of Mr. John Nightingale, Much Hoole, offered to serve Mares £1.5s.0d each Mare, and 5s the Groom.... Card printed on one side only, with description of colt, and his pedigree, and precise details of his route from Tuesday to Saturday. Size 7" x 5", small piece of paper stuck to verso. Ambler & Son, Printers, Preston. 1881. £16.00

  178. Much Hoole TO BREEDERS OF WAGGON HORSES Farmer's Delight, the property of Mr. R. Hunt at £1 10s each Mare... Card printed on one side only, with description of horse, and his pedigree and prizes won, and precise details of his route over one week. Size 7" x 5", small piece of paper stuck to verso. Date in ink at bottom. Ambler & Son, Printers, Preston. 1881. £16.00

  179. Port of Liverpool AN ACT for allowing the Sale of certain East India Prize Goods in the Port of Liverpool. Pages numbered 685-686, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1803. £12.00

  180. Ulverstone CERTIFICATE FOR LEGAL FISHING WEIR Special Commissioners for English Fisheries. Owner William Cavendish Duke of Devonshire. River Leven. Vellum document, folio, folded with docket title, the first page printed with manuscript inserts, and on the adjoining leaf a printed plan, scale 3 chains = 1", showing the river with islands, weir, Lowood Inn, Corning House, site of Gunpowder Works etc. Signed by three Commissioners. 1869. £45.00
    The weir is described as 'a fishing weir for catching salmon'.

  181. Wales and Co. A TABLE OF THE RECIPROCAL DISTANCES of the Principal Towns of England, Including all the Market Towns of Lancashire. With an Itinerary of the Principal Coach Routes of Lancashire... Size 17" x 20", folds. c1850. £14.00
    'To Accompany the History, Directory and Gazetteer of Lancashire, Publishing by Wales and Co., Liverpool.'

  182. Wigan, Hendley, Westleigh AN ACT for enabling Leases for Mining, Agricultural and Building Purposes to be made of the Estates of John Walmesley.... 32pp., including 4 pages of schedules. 1856. £14.00

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  183. Cattle Feed MILLS' CELEBRATED AND UNIVERSAL HORSE, CATTLE, PIG AND POULTRY FOOD Not to be Surpassed. 3pp., 4to, advertising the products, and giving many testimonials. Folds, a few rust spots. 1880. £10.00

  184. Leicestershire County Council DIETARY TABLES Public Assistance Committee. Printed sheet, size 20" x 24", folded, with tables of meals on a four week rotation, with variations for Children, Infirm etc. n.d. 1940's? £8.00
    'Dripping should replace Butter occasionally when a sufficient amount is available'.

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  185. Church Farm, Horkstow A PRODUCTIVE ARABLE AND STOCK FARM Extending to 200.175 acres. Which H.H. Morris will offer for sale by Public Auction at The Angel Hotel, Brigg, on Thursday, 17th March, 1960. Folding plan loosely inserted, 7pp, sm 4to, original printed wraps. 1960. £12.00

  186. Coleby Estate PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD AGRICULTURAL INVESTMENT known as THE COLEBY ESTATE.... Comprising Eighty Highly Productive Arable & Stock Farms.... Houses, Cottages, Shops and Arable Land, Coleby Stone Quarry.... the whole extending to 1,506 Acres.... For Sale by Auction..... 19th April 1963. With 2 coloured folding plans in pocket at rear, 7 photographic illusts, 36pp, folio, original printed wraps slightly dusty. 1963. £20.00

  187. Greetwell Hall Estate PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF THE GREETWELL HALL ESTATE Comprising Greetwell Hall and Lands.... Seven Compact Light Land Farms..... and Sixteen Cottages.... about 3,675 acres.... For Sale by Auction..... by Drivers, Jonas & Co., At the Angel Hotel, Brigg, On Thursday, the 25th September, 1924. Large coloured folding plan in pocket at rear, 35pp, folio, original printed wraps slightly dusty. 1924. £20.00

  188. Lincoln, Gainsborough ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXXIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 37", plus margins. Linen-backed, folding into small 4to marbled wraps. Linen stained light pink in some places between folds, slightly affecting corners of sections a a few places. Paper otherwise clean and sound. Printed from an Electrotype in 1878. £24.00

  189. Louth, Alford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 84. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 22", border all round. Linen between some sections stained light pink, not affecting paper. Printed from an Electrotype 1873. £25.00

  190. Nettleton Lodge Estate PARTICULARS OF THE NETTLETON LODGE ESTATE Extending to 179 acres 0 roods 9 perches. For Sale by Auction at the Angel Hotel, Brigg, On Thursday, 22nd September, 1949. Coloured folding plan in pocket at rear, 9pp, sm 4to, original printed wraps slightly spotty. 1949. £12.00

  191. South Holland, Lincolnshire AN ACT for amending and rendering more effectual an Act of His Majesty, for draining in South Holland; and for continuing and amending another Act of His present Majesty, for maintaining and repairing a certain Bank, and the Road thereon. from Spalding High Bridge to Brother House, all in the County of Lincoln. Pages numbered 1693-1728, small folio, occasional foxing, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode, 1817. £11.00

  192. Stamford Road AN ACT for continuing and amending an Act of His present Majesty, for repairing the Road from Stamford, in the County of Lincoln, through Oakham, to the Great North Road, in the Parish of Greetham, in the County of Rutland. Pages numbered 1105-1115, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1803. £10.00

  193. Swineshead Fen Houses and Wigtoft Fore Fen, Near Boston, Lincolnshire THE VALUABLE FREEHOLD SMALL FARM. Comprising:- Brick and Tiled Residence, Five Brick and Tiled Labourers' Cottages.... Which will be offered for Sale by Auction.... Wednesday, the 21st day of July, 1937. With folding coloured plan in pocket at rear, 10 pages, roy 8vo, original wraps, folded. 1937. £15.00

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  194. Abraham Goldsmid AN ACT to provide for the more complete and effectual Liquidation of a Debt due to His Majesty from the late Abraham Goldsmid, Merchant, and his surviving Partners; and to confirm and establish certain Agreements entered into for that and other Purposes relating thereto. Pages numbered 713-958, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1812. £15.00

  195. Baurmeister & Co., Queen Victoria St. PRICE LIST of Doughing, Dividing, Sifting, and Sack Cleaning Machines. 38pp., 8vo., printed in blue, wraps. Numerous illusts. Repair at spine. 1905. £18.00

  196. Brewing BREWING RECORD BOOK Daily record of brewing from Sat. 1st Oct. 1864 to Monday Oct. 23rd 1865, entered in a small folio ledger, calf covered boards, calf missing from spine, and worn on boards. 380p, manuscript, giving details of different types of ale (XX Ale, XXXX Ale, Porter, Stout etc.) brewed, with a double page for each day, with the different operations, and figures which are presumably times of day they were carried out. At the end are an Abstract of Brewing for the Year, Monthly Sales, Stock in Cellar, Account of Hops. 1864-65. £200.00
    Gives details of mashing, number of ullages, temperature of liquor, tap heat, total gallons, etc. A note inside the front board says the Brewer was John Lovibond & Co., Greenwich, but this is not mentioned in the text. John Lovibond started brewing in Greenwich in 1826 (see Richmond and Turton 'The Brewing Industry').

  197. British Museum AN ACT for amending former Acts relative to the British Museum Pages numbered 341-343, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1824. £12.00

  198. Chelsea Hospital AN ACT for rendering more effective the Service of such Out-Pensioners, of Chelsea Hospital as shall be called out to assist in preserving the Public Peace. Pages numbered 965-968, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George E. Eyre and Andrew Spottiswoode, 1843. £10.00

  199. Covent Garden AN ACT for rebuilding the Parish Church of Saint Paul, Covent Garden, within the Liberty of Westminster, in the County of Middlesex, and the Vestry Rooms belonging thereto.... Cover leaf + pages numbered 875-895, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1796. £16.00

  200. Fleet Street BILL of Arnold Finchett, Tin-Man, 188, two Doors from St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet St. Fine engraved heading. Manuscript entry 'Repairing A Water Clock... 8s' Signed as paid in full by S. Finchett. Size 7" x 8", traces of folds. 1778. £18.00

  201. Fulham to Hammersmith Roads AN ACT for enlarging the Terms and Powers granted by an Act.... For repairing the Road leading from the Town of Fulham in the County of Middlesex, through Fulham Fields, to the great Road near the Pound at Hammersmith.... Cover leaf + pages numbered 251-252, disbound, Black Letter, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by Thomas Baskett, 1749. £14.00

  202. Hampstead CATALOGUE of the sale of antique and modern furniture etc. at 26 Rosecroft Avenue. 15pp, 8vo, staples rusty. 1948. £6.00

  203. Henry Doulton & Co., Lambeth PRICE LIST Manufacturers of Glazed Stoneware Drain Pipes, Yard and Street Gullies... Sanitary Goods in Superior Staffordshire Earthenware... 8pp., 4to, fully illustrated, with prices. Each page with decorative border, races of folds. November 1876. £20.00
    Shows pipes, closet pans, sinks etc.

  204. Her Majesty's Theatre SOUVENIR OF NERO Ninth of March, 1906. Presented, With Mr. Tree's Compliments, on the Occasion of the Fiftieth Consecutive Performance of Nero. Booklet with cast list etc., 14 pages of text, plus 10 coloured full-page portraits of the cast, from pastels by Chas. Buchel. Oblong 4to, attractive decorative stiff wraps with picture of charioteer. 1906. £18.00
    Beerbohm Tree played Nero.

  205. Holborn LIST OF PUBLIC WAYS &c Within the Wards of North St. Giles, Central St. Giles, Lincoln's Inn, North Bloomsbury.... 14pp, morocco wraps, worn at spine. Lists Street, Ward, Numbers of Houses. 1901. £14.00

  206. Holborn, Bayswater, Hackney etc. SALE OF FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD INVESTMENTS Shops, Flats, Cinemas, Offices, Show Rooms and Factory, situated in the West End of London, Hammersmith, Willesden, Richmond Surrey, Hackney, Holborn... 22nd January, 1947. 14pp., small folio, printed wraps, plus 5 photographic plates, 3 plans. 1947. £25.00
    Includes 8 Cavendish Place, W.1, Carlton and Majestic Mansions and Cinemas, Tottenham Court Road, 178 and 182 Portobello Road, a good photograph of Lot 6 'Dome Buildings, Richmond'.

  207. Hutchinson & Son Ltd., Bromley by Bow PORCELAIN ENAMELLED BATHS Catalogue, 4to, 28pp., printed in blue and black, illusts. Stiff wraps. c1930. £18.00
    Includes interesting photos. of the workshops, furnaces etc., as well as the baths.

  208. Islington Lighting AN ACT for lighting such Part of the Town of Islington as lies in the Parish of Saint Mary, Islington, in the County of Middlesex; and for establishing a regular Nightly Watch therein. Cover leaf + pages numbered 415-414, small folio, Black Letter, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by Charles Eyre and William Strahan, 1772. £15.00

  209. Jeremy Bentham and a Penitentiary House AN ACT for the Erection of a Penitentiary House for the Confinement of Offenders convicted within the London and County of Middlesex; and for making Compensation of Jeremy Bentham Esquire for the Non-performance of an Agreement between the said Jeremy Bentham and the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, respecting the Custody and Maintenance of Convicts. Pages numbered 441-455, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1812. £22.00

  210. Jeweller's ORDER BOOK 4to notebook with dates (year not given), names and sometimes addresses of customers and items ordered. Items includes bracelets, match boxes in gold and leather, watches, evening bags, pearls, parures, tortoiseshell combs, cigarette cases. The orders have been crossed through in red and marked paid. 40p., cloth wraps, rubbed. n.d. c1910? £25.00
    For example the Marquis of Londonderry ordered 24 items amounting to £101.10s, including 'pigskin motor bag.... £5.15.6d' and 17 other types of bag.

  211. Kershaw Engraved by THE NEW CRYSTAL PALACE AT SYDENHAM First Column erected Aug. 1852 to be opened May 1st 1853. Vignette view, size 3" x 5", on 4to sheet, some slight creasing, 1" tear at margin. 1852. £8.00

  212. London DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP and Assignment of Debts, William Walker of St. Martins in the Field, Woollen Draper, to Joseph Walker of St. James Westin, Middlesex. Paper, size 22" x 18", good wax seal. At the end in a different hand is a list of 39 debtors names with sums owed. A few very minor holes where folds meet. 1730. £34.00
    The Walkers were involved in the 'Trade of Buying Selling and Retailing Woollen Cloth'.

  213. Manor of Hampstead ASSIGNMENT of the George Inn, Hampstead, Robert Patey to Andrew Donnison, 1836.... Together with.... LEASE of 'The George Inn', 1852.... Together with.... ASSIGNMENT of the George Inn, 1853. All documents on 2 large sheets of vellum, with wax seals. 1836-53. £24.00

  214. Marylebone PROBATE copy of the will of Margaret Winder of Portland Place. Vellum, 21" x 26", small printed certificate attached, large papered seal of Perogative Court of Canterbury. 1792. £16.00
    Leaves her two shares in the Waterworks at Richmond to two friends.

  215. Marylebone THE PARTS OF THE PORTMAN ESTATE Lying North of the Marylebone Road. Sale by Auction on 13th, 14th, 15th March, 1951. Folio, 146pp., printed wraps, dusty and frayed at edges, bottom of spine worn. Key plan, two large coloured folding plans, Addenda leaf. 6 photographic plates. Prices realised added in pencil. 1951. £60.00
    Includes properties in Dorset Square, 'The Portman Arms', 'The Lord High Admiral', numerous properties in Edgware Road, Balcombe Street,

  216. Minories PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of Two Valuable Leasehold Dwelling Houses with Shops... Nos. 97 and 100 on the West and Most Eligible Side of the Minories... which will be sold by auction.... 8th June, 1852.... 3pp., folio, folds. 1852. £14.00

  217. Pollard Engineering Co., Faringdon St. CATALOGUE of Pollard Safety Geysers. 16pp., 8vo, illusts. Decorative wraps with attractive illustration of railway signal, slightly worn at one corner. c1930 or earlier. £14.00
    Also includes baths, etc.

  218. Westminster AN ACT for impowering the Commissioners for putting in Execution the sever Acts... for Paving, Cleaning and Lighting the Squares, Streets, and Lanes within the City of Westminser... to collect certain Tolls on Sundays, upon the several Roads.... 12pp., plus cover leaf. Black letter. 1765. £10.00

  219. Westminster Market AN ACT for establishing a free Market for the Sale of Corn and Grain, within the City or Liberty of Westminster. Cover leaf + pages numbered 811-827, disbound, Black Letter, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by Thomas Baskett, 1758. £14.00

  220. Whitbread's WHITBREAD'S REDUCED ORDNANCE MAP OF LONDON Coloured folding plan, mounted on linen, 23" x 32", few short splits at folds, folding into small 8vo cloth covers, titled in gilt on top cover, map slightly dusty to verso. Probably lacks Index. Corrected to 1st October 1868, Published by J. Whitbread, Mapseller, 142 Oxford Street, c1885. £60.00

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  221. Abergavenny PROBATE of Lt. Col. Benjamin Orlando Jones, unattached K.T.S. in Her Majesty's Service. Probate copy of Will on vellum, size 19" x 23", smaller printed certificate attached with large papered seal of Registry of Llandaff. 1863. £14.00
    Refers to his house near Abergavenny called 'Hafod'.

  222. Chepstow Gas AN ACT to incorporate a Company for supplying Gas to Chepstow and the Neighbourhood. 14pp, sm. folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1857. £9.00

  223. Jones (M), Monmouth LETTER to his cousin Henry Burgh at Stroud, informing him of the arrangements he has put in place for after his death 'I have left a written direction in one of the drawers in my Beaurow to be opened as soon as I am dead wherein I have sett down how I will be treated untill I am soldierd up in the Ledden Coffin...'. Mentions annuity to be paid to his servant, etc. 2p, 4to, signed, address panel on verso of conjoint leaf. Monmouth, August, 1820. £18.00
    'The receipt for the Jaundice powders which you are to remember is to remain a secret, or perhaps the virtue will fly...'

  224. Monmouth BURGESS CERTIFICATE of Henry Burgh of Stroud. Printed on vellum with ms. inserts. Size 5" x 8", traces of 2 folds. Wax seal of the town, slightly chipped at edges, showing a galleon. 1792. £28.00

  225. Monmouth Roads AN ACT for more effectually repairing several Roads leading to and from the Town of Monmouth, and for making several Lines of Road to communicate therewith, in the Counties of Monmouth, Gloucester, and Hereford. 16pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1856. £10.00

  226. Monmouth WILL of Mary Jones of Monmouth, Widow. 2p, folded. Signed by Mary Jones and 3 witnesses, with wax seal. 1801. £25.00
    Bequeathes her lands at Lydney, her house in Monmouth, farm at Luckington in Wiltshire, and various large sums of money, to various relatives.

  227. Rowe (G), Pr. and Pub. CHEPSTOW CHURCH Vignette lithograph, size 6" 8", overall size of paper 9" x 12". On stiff paper. c1840. £16.00

  228. Trelleck, Penalt, Mitchel-Troy, Cwmcarvan, Landogo, Tintern and Lanishen AN ACT for Inclosing Lands within the Parishes of Trelleck, Penalt, Mitchel-Troy, Cwmcarvan, Landogo, Tintern, and Lanishen, in the County of Monmouth. 26pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1810. £22.00

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  229. Aldeby PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF A DESIRABLE SMALL FREEHOLD OCCUPATION and Detached Cottage and Gardens, Situate in Aldeby, Norfolk, which James Mobbs is instructed..... to Sell by Auction at the King's Head Hotel, Beccles, on Friday, July 8th, 1898. 3pp, folio, docket title, folded. 1898. £15.00

  230. Ashwelthorpe Estate RENT ACCOUNT Wreningham Farm, etc. Year To Michaelmas 1894. 9 double page spreads, sm. folio, sewn in wraps. Vertical fold. 1894. £16.00
    The landowner was Lady Berners.

  231. Blakeny OBLIGATION BOND binding Robert Athow of Blakeny otherwise Snitterly in Norfolk, Tanner, and William Athow of Brisley, Farmer and owner, to Thomas Athow of Holt, Cooper. 1p., sm. folio, printed with manuscript inserts. Blank conjoint leaf, folds. Two good wax seals of men with hats. Witnessed by John Loxton and Elisha Girdlestone. 1776. £28.00

  232. Bradenham and Scarning Estate PARTICULARS WITH PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Fine Agricultural Property lying in the Parishes of East and West Bradenham and Scarning, and comprising three excellent farms... John Symonds has received instructions from the Trustees of the late Capt. H.S. Adlington, to Sell by Auction, at the Royal Hotel, Norwich, on Saturday, June 7th, 1919. Folding hand coloured plan, 14pp, original wraps, few short splits where folded. 1919. £22.00

  233. Great Yarmouth AN ACT for enabling the Trustee of certain Premises at Great Yarmouth, in the County of Norfolk, held in Trust for His Majesty, to execute a Conveyance of the same to a Purchaser thereof. Pages numbered 353-355, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1818. £15.00

  234. Igborough AN ACT for vesting divers Lands and Hereditaments in the Parish of Igborough, Part of the settled Estate late of Henry Ord, Esquire, deceased, in Trustees, to convey the same to James Nelthorpe.... 11pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1762. £18.00

  235. Morley St. Bottolph BOND of John Holmes of Tivetshall and William Hart of Hardingham, farmer, to John Bosell of Norwich. Relates to purchase of Barn and five acres of land at Morley near the Church Lane and Morley Green, and a piece of ground at Deopham. 3p in ms, signed with 2 small wax seals. 1798. £20.00

  236. North Lynn, Gaywood & South Wootton PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Old Marsh & Pasture Land.... in three lots.... Charles Hawkins & Sons are instructed to Sell by Auction at the Globe Hotel, King's Lynn, on Tuesday, May 26th, 1942. Folio, 8pp, plan in pocket at rear, wraps, folded. 1942. £15.00

  237. Northropps OBLIGATION BOND binding Robert Warnes of Northropps, Miller, to William Ellis of Felbrigg, in the sum of four hundred pounds. On paper, in English, printed with manuscript inserts, wax seal. Sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf, fine wax seal showing head and shoulders of man with an interesting hat. Paper frayed and delicate at left margin, with some pieces torn away. 1771. £16.00

  238. Norwich PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE OF VERY DESIRABLE PROPERTY, Situate at West Wymer Street, Heigham, Norwich. Which will be Sold by Auction by Mr. Hunter at the Grapes Hotel, Norwich, on Monday, April 9, 1866. 3pp, folio, docket title, folded. Fletcher and Son, Printer, Norwich. 1866. £16.00

  239. Riots THE GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS OF THE PEACE of our Lord the King holden at the Castle of Norwich in the Shirehouse there... in the seventh year of our Sovereign Lord George the third.... Manuscript, folio, 4pp., folded, listing men bound over to the next sessions for Riot, and Riot and Misdemeanor, in the sum of £10 each, giving name and village of those bound over bracketed with name of person standing surety. On the last page is the report of the Quarter Session three months later, before Lord Walpole and others, 'This Indt. is totally quashed at the Instance of the Presecutors' listing all the names. This is a later copy. Paper watermarked 1806. £65.00
    Lists 68 men, all of whom are described as Labourers, from either Neatshead or Irstead.

  240. River Nar AN ACT to enlarge the Powers of an Act.... for making the River Nar navigable, from.... King's Lynn to Westacre.... Cover leaf plus 17pp, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1770. £15.00

  241. Salhouse PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Estate....Situate in the Parish of Salhouse.... comprising Three desirable Farms, a Wood, and two parcels of arable land.... which will be Sold by Auction by Wm. Burt, at the Maid's Head Inn, Norwich, on Saturday, the Thirty-first day of July, 1813.... Folio, with 6 engraved plans, 6pp, folded, docket title, stitched as issued, spine worn, short tear to last leaf along fold. 1813. £85.00

  242. Walker (J & C) NORFOLK Engraved map with outline colouring showing areas of Fox Hunts with small circles to show places of Meets, size 13" x 15", parkland and railway line coloured. With list of polling places, boroughs etc. Centre fold. c1860. £35.00

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  243. Forest of Rockingham AN ACT to enable His Majesty to grant to John Earl of Westmoreland, his Heirs and Assigns, in Fee Simple, all the Estate, Right, Title, and Interest, remaining in His Majesty in and upon the Hayes or Walks of Sulehay Fermes, and Shortwood, and Morehay, in the Forest of Rockingham, in the County of Northampton.... Cover leaf + pages numbered 847-855, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1796. £18.00

  244. Northampton AN ACT for altering and amending an Act.... intituled An Act for paving, cleansing, lighting and watching the Town of Northampton.... and for continuing the Term of certain Tolls by the said Act granted. 6pp, plus cover leaf, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1797. £12.00

  245. Walgrave, Old & Broughton PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold and Tithe-Free Estates.... To Be Sold by Auction... 22nd June, 1860. 3pp., plus docket title, folds. Schedule. 1860. £26.00

  246. Welford AN ACT for Dividing and Inclosing the Open and Common Fields, Commonable places of and within the Parish of Welford... 23pp, disbound, light soiling to first leaf. 1777. £22.00

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  247. Alnham INQUISITION POST MORTEM Thomas Collingwood seized of tithes in Scranwood Alnham Reerley etc. In Latin, vellum size 12" x 22", signed Cuthbert Creswell, Eschetor, tag, lacking wax seal. 1624. £45.00
    Mentions tithes of Corn and Hay. Places referred to include St. Margaret's Grange, Reveley, Shepherd's House, Rugley Hall. Names mentioned include Thomas Blenkinsop. William Walton, Mathew Newton, John Horan, Mark Ogle, John Ball, John Addison

  248. Berwick upon Tweed AN ACT for continuing and granting to His Majesty a Duty of Pensions, Offices, and Personal Estates, in England and Wales, and the Town of Berwick upon Tweed; and certain Duties on Sugar, Malt, Tobacco, and Snuff.... Pages numbered 41-64, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1799. £12.00

  249. Newcastle, Morpeth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Made up of 4 quarter sheets. Size 24" x 37", shaded in different colours to show municipal Boroughs, Urban districts, Tynemouth Rural District, area of Tynemouth Union etc. Water mains drawn in red. With neat key numbers in sea area. O.S. blindstamp 1902. £28.00

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  250. Nottingham ACCOUNT BOOK 8vo cash book, full morocco binding with tuck-in flap, gilt lettering on front wrap 'I. Youle & Son, Nottingham'. Entries in a neat hand, some dated 1804, but the majority being 1840's. 112p of entries, plus some blanks. The first section lists names of individuals, e.g. 'Hy. Heaslewood, Asfordby' with amounts for goods supplied, followed by double page spreads for shares in Railway Companies, Hull Flax & Cotton Co., etc. with details of calls, dividends etc. 1804-56. £55.00
    Among the many railway companies he invested in are: Bristol & Gloucester Rail Road, Churn Valley Rail Road, Exeter Yeovil & Dorchester, Cornwall & Devon Central, Ambergate Railway, North Eastern. The estimated value of his shares, mainly railway, was £23,000 in 1847.

  251. Nottingham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of... Shops, Dwelling Houses and Stabling in Alfreton Road, Raleigh Street, Great Alfred Street... to be Sold by Auction... 12th May 1914. 3pp., folio, folded with docket tile. 1914. £9.00

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  252. Bampton PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF TWO VALUABLE INCLOSURES..... Containing 17a. 2r. 8p.... Situate in the Parish of Bampton, To be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. Jonas Paxton & Geo. Castle, At the Fleece Inn, Witney, On Thursday, the 2nd of August, 1866.... Folio, 4pp, completed manuscript Memorandum, folded. 1866. £12.00

  253. Fritwell PARTICULARS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate known as 'Fritwell Farm'.... which will be Sold by Auction.... 9th day of July, 1888. 3pp., folio, plus docket title. Folds. A few minor edge tears at folds. 1888. £18.00

  254. Hethe Rectory, near Bicester ABOUT 100 LOTS OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and in-door effects, Photographic Camera and Tent, Large Galvanized Iron Tank, Greenhouse..... an Excellent Dairy Cow, In-calf, small rick of Hay, Fat Pig, Poultry, Mangold, &c., To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs Jonas Paxton, Son & Castle on the Premises, on Monday, January 22nd, 1877, at Twelve o'clock, By direction of the Rev. Josiah Smith, who is leaving Hethe.... Poster, size 22" x 17", couple of short tears, once folded. E. Smith and Company, Printers, Bicester, 1877. £24.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

  255. Kidlington HILL FARM, KIDLINGTON, OXON. THE LIVE & DEAD FARMING STOCK Comprising 8 Head of Cattle, 2 Horses, Pig, Poultry, Agricultural Implements, Dairy Utensils & Miscellaneous Effects..... The Property of the late Mr J.H. Smith, To be Sold by Auction by Messrs Paxton & Holiday on the Premises On Friday, October 12th, 1894.... Poster, size 22" x 18", couple of short tears, and a 4" split where once folded. J.P. Boughton, Bicester, 1894. £16.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

  256. Launton, near Bicester A VALUABLE FLOCK OF 30 OXFORDSHIRE DOWN SHEEP, 55 HEAD OF WELL DESCENDED CATTLE, 6 Good Working Horses.... 122 Acres of fine Growing Crops..... and the whole of the Agricultural Implements, Brewing Utensils..... of Mr T. Barford, who is leaving, To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs Jonas Paxton & Geo. Castle on the Premises at Launton, on Tuesday, August 10th, 1869.... Poster, size 30" x 20", few short tears, one 3" tears, lower margin slightly ragged. E. Smith and Company, Printers, Bicester, 1869. £18.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

  257. Little Chesterton, near Bicester 12 HEAD OF CATTLE, CART MARE, 14 Pigs, Agricultural Implements, Dairy Utensils..... To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs Jonas Paxton & Geo. Castle on the Premises, on Thursday, October 1st, 1874 at Twelve o'clock.... Poster, size 20" x 15", couple of short tears. E. Smith and Company, Printers, Bicester, 1874. £24.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale, including furniture and furnishings in the farm-house as well as stock.

  258. Littlemore, near Oxford CATALOGUE OF PART OF THE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Double-Barrelled Gun, Useful Gig and Harness, Baker's Covered Spring Cart.... To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs T. Mallam and Son, at a Barn in the Village, on Tuesday Next, August 5th, 1856.... Poster, size 17" x 13", few folds, slight off-setting. Printed by H. Cooke & Co, Oxford, 1856. £18.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

  259. Littlemore, near Oxford CATALOGUE OF PART OF THE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing Plant, Useful Pony, 2 Fat Pigs, Quantity of Potatoes and various Effects, To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs T. Mallam and Son, On Friday Next, the 28th Day of September, 1855.... Poster, size 17" x 13", few folds. Printed by H. Cooke & Co, Oxford, 1855. £20.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

  260. Oxford PEREMPTORY SALE Under an Execution, and by Order of the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire. To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs T. Mallam and Son, On the Premises, Park End Wharf, and near to the Railway Station, on Wednesday Next, December the 21st, 1853.... Two Useful Horses, Spring Van, Carts, Harness, Cochin China Fowls, a few Lots of Furniture and effects of Mr John Gammon.... Poster, size 20" x 14", few folds, slight off-setting. Printed by H. Cooke & Co, Oxford, 1853. £20.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

  261. Piddington Cow Leys, near Bicester 50 WELSH SHEEP, 18 HEAD OF CATTLE, 3 Horses, Pigs, Wagon, Carts, Wicker Pony Gig..... Dairy and Brewing Utensils.... Miscellaneous effects of Jesse Jones, To be Sold by Auction by Messrs Jonas Paxton & Geo. Castle, On the Premises On Monday, March 9th, 1874.... Poster, size 26" x 20", couple of short tears, and a two 2" splits where once folded. E. Smith & Co., Printers, Bicester, 1874. £16.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

  262. Piddington PARTICULARS OF A DESIRABLE LEASEHOLD ESTATE, Equal in value to Freehold, being held for the residue of a long term of years, situate at Piddington, in the county of Oxford, Which by Order of the executors, Will be Sold by Auction, By Mr. Smith, at the Seven Stars, in Piddington, aforesaid, On Wednesday, the 20th of October, 1824.... Poster, size 15" x 10". H. Bradford, Printer, Thame, 1824. £24.00

  263. St. Ebbe's, Oxford VOTE FOR OXFORDSHIRE. To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs T. Mallam and Son, at the Three Cups Inn, Queen Street, On Friday, the 23rd Day of March, 1855, at 4o'clcok, A Freehold Well-Built Stalled Stable With Loft over, Situate at St. Ebbe's, Oxford, With Cart Entrance to the same from the Street, now in the occupation of Mr D. Hanley, Brewer, &c. This Property is in immediate contiguity to the "Castle Brewery"..... Poster, size 17" x 13", few folds, slight off-setting. Printed by H. Cooke & Co, Oxford, 1855. £22.00

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  264. Clungunford and Hopesay PARTICULARS AND PLAN of a very desirable Freehold Estate.... A Farm House with Outbuildings, Two Cottages, and 177a.2r.9p of Arable and Pasture Land.... to be Sold by Auction.... 8th day of June, 1880. 2pp., folio, title page printed in an attractive variety of decorative typefaces, hand coloured plan. 4p. folio manuscript 'Conditions of Sale' attached with pin.... together with.... 22p. manuscript Abstract of Title, in manuscript, detailing title from 1792. 1880. £55.00

  265. Shiffnal A CHARITY SERMON Will be Preached in Shiffnal Church on the Morning of Sunday, August, 15th, 1830, by the Rev. E. Meredith, A.M. Headmaster of Newport School. For the Benefit of the Shiffnal National Free Schools. Leaflet, 4p, small 8vo, slight wear at fold at left edge. A. Edmonds, Printer, Shiffnal. 1830. £17.00

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  266. Banwell, Manor of LEASE of little Forty Acres, Cottage and Garden, in Churchill, the Bishop of Bath and Wells to Charles Knowles, Carpenter. Large vellum sheet, fine pendant papered seal on Bishop on bright pink paper. 1841. £18.00

  267. Bath CATALOGUE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects, late the Property of Louis King, Rivers House, Russell Street, comprising several Handsome Piece of Richly Carved Old Oak... Three Hundred Volumes of Books... Auction sale catalogue, 16pp. 1898. £8.00

  268. Bath CATALOGUE of Household Furniture... Two Grand Pianofortes, Mahogany Dining-Room Furniture... Upwards of 20 Cases of Stuffed Birds... which will be Sold by Auction... March 8, 1900. 15pp, 8vo. 1900. £9.00
    Note in ink 'The estate of the late J. Stone'. Birds include Northern Driver, Sandpipers, Kingfishers, Godwit, Oyster-Catchers.

  269. Bath TRADE CARD of Cowards & Moore, No. 20 Old Bond Street. Linen Drapers, Silk Mercers, Hosiers &c.... Patent Black Bombasins & Crapes for Family Mourning... Card, size approx. 3" x 4", printed with a variety of decorative type faces. c1860. £18.00

  270. Bath WARRANT OF ATTORNEY to Confess a Judgement, to William Dyms and Richard Messiter, Attorneys, to appear for John Cattermoule of Bath, Yeoman, in an action of Debt on Bond for the sum of £198, at the suit of Martin Moger. 1p., sm. folio, printed with manuscript inserts. Fine wax seal with bust. Folds, blank conjoint leaf with docket title on verso. 1793. £30.00

  271. Blagdon, Burrington, etc. FOUR ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Quarter sheets, size approx. 13" x 17", plus margins, comprising Sheet XVIII N.W. (Burrington, Dolebury), 1931; Sheet XVIII N.E. (Blagdon, Ubley) 1904; Sheet XVII N.W. (Locking), 1902; Sheet XVI N.E. (Uphill, part of Weston), 1886, areas colour shaded, some repaired edge tears. 1886-1931. £20.00


  272. Bridgwater Local Militia PAY-LIST AND RETURN for the Period of Training at Bridgwater from 31 May 1813 to 15 June 1813. South Britain. Total Amount of Pay £1190.11.5d. Small folio, plain wraps with printed label as docket title, folded. 28pp., printed with manuscript inserts, in sections for Officers, Serjeants, Drummers, Private Men, with columns for marching allowance, no. of days, allowance for men in quarters etc. Names of 734 private men listed.... together with... Local Militia. South Britain, Training Estimate for 14 Days, 31 May to 13 June 1813. Folio sheet printed with Tables for sums required for Pay for Officers expected to assemble, allowances paid to Inkeepers, Surgeon etc., table of names of officers. Signed by Quarter Master. Instructions to Q.M. on verso. Folded with docket title... together with... Estimate of Sum on account of Neccessaries. Oblong folio, table with estimated number of soldiers and allowances, signed by Commandant... together with... Bridgwater Local Militia. Non Training Estimate. Three documenets covering 1813 in four-monthly periods, printed with Ms inserts, signed by Commandant and Quarter Master, folio, folded. Estimates amounts required for different ranks. Signed by Quarter Master and Commandant... together with... Mess Accounts, 1809-10, 4p., and 1813 1p., sm. folio, all in manuscript, listing officers' names and amounts spent on dinners etc., and 'Statement of Accoutrements' 1809 ('4 drummers sets... £2.18s.' etc.), and 'Account of Arms and Accoutrements... sent to the Depot in Bristol 1816', 1p., sm. folio, in manuscript, listing muskets, bayonets, breast plates etc., and similar 'Account of clothing' 1p., sm. folio. 10 documents in all. 1809-1813. £270.00

  273. (Bulleid, J.) MANUSCRIPT LISTING PLACE NAMES written on the blank versos of leaflets advertising the 'Accidental Death Insurance Company.... Agent for Glastonbury Mr. J.G.L. Bulleid, Solicitor', sewn into worn and chipped card wraps from an old exercise book, 4to. 40 pages, about ten names on each page, with entry quoting origin etc., and sources. Many names have no entry. Names seem to be field, house names etc., from the Glastonbury area, examples include 'Culver Close: There is a Culver Croft near the Grange farm being the enclosure where the priory pigeon house stood, from Culver a pigeon. White's Selborne p. 202'; 'Halfpenny Mead: '"20 acres a.". Cambell's Survey 1698'. Loosely inserted is a letter to Bulleid from Frank Reynolds translating a Latin inscription, and an envelope addressed to him with a stamp, the back of which he has used for pencilled notes. c1895. £75.00

  274. Burrough ASSIGNMENT OF A MORTGAGE of messuage and two and half acres of pasture land in Burrough in Kingsbury Episcopi, Henry England of East Lambrook, Executor of Stephen England to James Patten of Martock. 23" x 24", 3 wax seals, some minor discoloration of vellum. 1776. £18.00

  275. Cheddar PHOTOGRAPH size 4" x 6", titled in white in plate 'Tea Gardens, Cheddar', showing a small tent in the garden with ladies with parasol, rocks in distance. Numbered W5614. c1910. £5.00

  276. Chew Magna EXCHANGE of lands, Southover in Chew Magna for Flaxacre in the tithing of Knowl, Edward Baber of Chew Magna and Thomas Abram of Knowhill. Vellum, size 13" x 26", fine engraved decorative heading, armorial wax seal on tag. Bottom 5" of vellum browned, but legible. 1691. £26.00
    Refers to an indenture of 1675 between Sir Edward Seymor and Letitia his wife executors of Sir Francis Popham of Littlecote, Wilts., and Thomas Abram.

  277. Churchill CONVEYANCE of several Closes in Churchill called Parkwall, Parkwall Paddock, and Biss's Acre, John Fisher of Langford, to Emily Newton, Spinster. Single large vellum sheet. 1824. £16.00

  278. Dundry and East Dundry ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets No. XII.1 and XII.2, size approx. 25" x 38". Scale 25" to 1 mile. Water features, roads and buildings hand-coloured. Linen backed. First editions. 1885. £46.00
    Shows Dundry village, Hanging Grove Farm, Barns Batch, and on the second map, East Dundry, Waterloo Farm, Watercress Farm.


  279. Glastonbury Abbey Sale PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Estates... and other Desirable Properties in the Town of Glastonbury and the Immediate Neighbourhood, comprising... 'The Abbey House'... About 40 Acres of Rich Land... the Magnificent and Romantic Ruins of 'Glastonbury Abbey' unequalled in extent and antiquity... The Old Abbey Barn... 'Avalon House'... The Chancels of the Churches of St. John and St. Benedict in the Town of Glastonbury and of the Churches of West Pennard and West Bradley... Valuable Glebe Lands.... A Freehold Farm... Two Freehold Estates at Edgarley... which will be sold by Auction by Frederick Chinnock at the Auction Mart, Bartholomew Lane, City of London... August 14th, 1850. Size 15" x 11", wraps, lithograph of Holy Well on front wrap, lacks back wrap, and spine, two corners torn away, chipped on front wrap, which is darkened, with some foxing. Light brown stain approx. 2-3" across affecting first few leaves of text. With 20p. Historical Introduction, 30p. describing the properties, printed in a variety of type-faces. Folding coloured plan at rear, with lithograph bottom left showing The Abbey House, some foxing spots on plan. 8 tinted lithograph plates, comprising: Glastonbury Abbey: Ruins of the Nave; The North Door, St. Joseph's Chapel; St. Joseph's Chapel Looking East; St. Joseph's Chapel from the South; Interior of St. Joseph's Chapel, From the Crypt; St. Joseph's Chapel from the North East; St. Joseph's Chapel, North Side; Glastonbury Abbey General View from the East. Printed by W. Colbourn, London. 1850. £225.00

  280. Highridge ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. VI.13. size approx. 25" x 38". Scale 25" to 1 mile. Linen backed. Edition of 1903. £18.00
    Shows Colliter's Brook Farm, Reservoir, Highridge Farm.

  281. (Lansdown, Henry Venn) artist ALL SAINTS CHAPEL, LANSDOWN Bath. Monochrome watercolour, size 10" x 14" (painted right to the edge of paper), on card mount, overall size of mount 17" x 23". Shows chapel with boy driving sheep in front of it, trees on right, hills in distance, dramatic sky. Excellent architectural detail, and very atmospheric. Not signed. c1850. £150.00
    Henry Venn Lansdown was the author of 'Recollections of the late William Beckford'. Meehan used similar watercolours by Lansdown from his own collection to illustrate 'Famous Houses of Bath and District'.

  282. Lewis Bros., Photographers POSTCARDS OF BATH HISTORICAL PAGEANT Three real photographic cards, titled in white in the plate showing scenes from the pageant with Romans, etc. Unused. One card with vertical crease. 1901. £12.00

  283. Moorlands Farm, Merriott & Crewkerne PARTICULARS OF A VALUABLE FARM, Consisting of a convenient Dwelling-house and Garden In Merriott, now in the occupation of the Rev. H.J. Tressider; A Large Farm-Yard with a fixed Eight-Horse-Power Engine.... Meadow and Arable Land Situate in the parish of Merriott and partly in the parish of Crewkerne, containing altogether upwards of 98 Acres. Also 4 Cottages in Broadway, Merriott, Which will be offered for Sale by Messrs. Maynard At the George Inn, Crewkerne, On Tuesday, the 17th July. Folio, folded, 7pp, large folding map. Dated July 6th, 1883. £26.00

  284. Nempnett, Winford, Blagdon MEMORANDUM OF AN AGREEMENT between Thomas Mullins of Goathurst in the County of Somerset Gentleman, on behalf of Charles Kemeys Tynte.... and James Light of Regilbury Park, Somerset, Yeoman, the intended Tenant... Printed document, setting out husbandry methods to be followed etc., 3p., folio, with manuscript insertions, the third page comprises a Schedule with printed columns and manuscript listing of house, fields etc., with acreage and use, in the above parishes. 1826. £22.00
    Signed by James Stone, Clerk to Charles Mullins.

  285. Otterford PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Two Valuable Farms called Lower Fyfett.... and Higher and Lower Rull.... Which will be offered by Auction by Messrs. T.D. Hussey & Son.... the 12th November 1913. 8pp, 4to, large folding plan, coloured in outline. 1913. £20.00

  286. Priddy ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXVII.8. Printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. Revised 1902. Reprint c1940. £16.00
    Covers Priddy, Harptree Lodge, Townsend Pool.

  287. Ransford (S), Publisher, Clevedon SIX VIEWS IN CLEVEDON Booklet of six vignette views, each approx. 4" x 6", tissue guards, bright green stiff paper wraps with gold and dark blue decoration, spine worn. c1850. £45.00
    Views comprise: Clevedon (view of the bay looking inland, bathing machines on beach etc.); Clevedon (showing New Church and Mount Elton, which are named); Clevedon from the Sea; Clevedon from the Park Hill; South Front of Clevedon Court; The Old Church and Distant View of Clevedon.

  288. Stothert & Pitt, Bath REPORT AND BALANCE SHEET Year ended 30th June, 1915. 2p.., folio, folded. 1915. £12.00

  289. Taunton STATUTE MEASURE OF HOLWAY FARM belonging to Messrs Jeffery and Evered in the Parish of Taunton St. Mary Magdalen. 1p. folio, manuscript, listing fields, orchards etc., with quality, and acreage of each. Blank conjoint leaf torn. Folds. Paper watermarked 1832. £10.00

  290. Taunton, Borough of INDENTURE confirming two Burgesses Arthur Mills and Henry Labouchere to serve in the Parliament of 31st of May representing the Borough, John Easton, James Barnicott, Bailiffs, Richard Meade King 'and many other Electors...'. Vellum, 14" x 24", signed by 10 parties with wax seals. Docket titled 'Duplicate Return'. 1859. £30.00

  291. Tickenham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. V.5. size approx. 25" x 38". Scale 25" to 1 mile. Linen backed. Water features and buildings hand-coloured. Some edge tears along some minor foxing along bottom margin. Top and right margin re-inforced with tape. First edition 1884. £24.00
    Shows part of Nailsea, Middletown, Tickenham, Stone-edge Batch.


  292. Tucker (J.M), Surveyor SURVEY OF THE PARISH OF WEARE IN SOMERSET 1815 4to, full calf, lacks calf on spine, calf on boards very worn and torn. 55 double-page spreads, with columns for no. on map, Proprietors, Premises, Cultivation, Measure, Value per Acre, Annual Value, Rate, followed by 75 pages giving Proprietors in Alphabetical Order, with premises, cultivation. 1815. £350.00
    807 Proprietors listed.

  293. Ubley ABSTRACT OF TITLE to a piece of pasture land called Binhams in the Parish of Ubley. 16p. folio, in manuscript, held at corner with tape. 1869. £20.00
    Details title from 1818.

  294. Wellington MORTGAGE by Demise of Broomclose Meads, Four Acres, Little Plot, 6 acres bounded by the watercourse that runs to Wellington on the East, a 4 acre close called Cutlers, John Musgrave of Wellington to Richard Wyatt of Nynehead. Vellum,. size 15" x 26", large calligraphic initial letter T with very ornamental strapwork decoration (size 5" x 3"), heavy seal on tag. 1680. £60.00
    A fine attractive document.

  295. Wells MUNICIPAL CORPORATION BOUNDARIES. Plan of Town by R.K. Dawson. Coloured in outline. Scale 4" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound, with a leaf of text explaining `not visited by commissioners.' 1837. £20.00

  296. Wheatley (William Walter) ILTON CHURCH, CHANCEL Watercolour showing architectural feature, what looks like a piscina in a decorated recess. Size 14" x 10", actual painted surface smaller, approx. 9" long 3" wide. Mounted in grey card, overall size of mount 23" x 17". Titled on verso of mount. Initialled... together with... similar watercolour of a memorial slab, titled on verso 'Ilton Church, Chancel, Blue Stone, Somerset.' Initialled. Two items. c1850. £60.00
    William Walter Wheatley (c1811-1885) was employed over a period of ten years by Francis Weare Braikenridge, the Bristol antiquarian, to record old houses, churches, monuments, etc. in Somerset. It was hoped they might be used to illustrate a new edition of Collinson's Somerset. He is thought to have been born in Bristol, lived for a time at Rode in Somerset, and died in Bath.

  297. Wheatley (William Walter) OLD CLEEVE CHURCH Watercolour illustrating a medieval memorial of a man in long robes lying with his head resting on a pillow, in a decorative niche. In brown tones, size 10" x 14". Initialled. Mounted in ivory card mount, 4" margins. On verso is ink inscription (presumably copied when mounted) 'Old Cleeve Church, Somerset sketched 1844. Unknown! perfectly right! If Collinson does not mention it he is (as he very often was) inaccurate! I remember it perfectly...' 1844. £36.00
    It is not known who this monument represents. William Walter Wheatley (c1811-1885) was employed over a period of ten years by Francis Weare Braikenridge, the Bristol antiquarian, to record old houses, churches, monuments and antiquities in Somerset. It was hoped they might be used to illustrate a new edition of Collinson's Somerset. Wheatley is thought to have been born in Bristol, lived for a time at Rode in Somerset, and died in Bath.

  298. Whitchurch BOND of James Colston of Whitchurch, Gentleman, to Charles Hall of Englishcombe for one thousand pounds. 1p, folio, folded. Small wax seal. 1779. £16.00
    Concerns the marriage portion of his daughter Ann, about to be married to Charles Hall.

  299. Withypool RELEASE IF FEE of the Equity of Redemption in tenement called Halsgrove, in Withypool, and Assignment of Shares in the West of England Insurance Office, Cecilia Bastone and Francis Bastone of Minehead to William Cockburn and George Webb. 3 vellum sheets, 21" x 28", 3 wax seals. Some slight browning, ink slightly faded. 1835. £14.00

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  300. Cheadle Estate SETTLEMENT of Cheadle Estate on Thomas Mills' marriage with Mary Miners, for a jointure upon Mary Miners. Agreement between George Miners of Huntley in Cheadle, Thomas Miller and Nicholas Miners of Uttoxeter. Vellum, 18" x 23", signed by 3 parties with 3 tags, only one with wax seal. Some minor discoloration of vellum in parts. 1638. £38.00
    Refers to pasture called the Middle Hayes, and Hayes Meadow, with appurtenances.

  301. Codsale OBLIGATION BOND binding Joseph Elton of Codsale, Brass Founder, to Thomas Bradney of Pen in the sum of six hundred pounds. On paper, in English, printed with manuscript inserts, wax seal. Sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf. Traces of folds. 1750. £26.00

  302. Shenstone VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE Comprising Farm House, Farm Buildings and 73 Acres..... to be Sold By Auction.... 12th December, 1848. Handbill size 18" x 12", traces of folds. 1848. £16.00
    With Schedules listing field names, etc. with cultivation and quantities, in the Townships of Stonnall and Lynn.

  303. Smith (C) A NEW MAP OF THE COUNTY OF STAFFORD Divided into Hundreds. Hand-coloured, folding map dissected and mounted on linen, overall size of engraved surface approx. 17" x 19", trimmed to margins, some light marking to edges, contained with original 8vo paper slipcase, with calligraphic oval manuscript label on top. Overall darkening of paper. Printed for C. Smith, No 172 Strand. January 6th, 1801. £25.00

  304. Tamworth, Lichfield GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LXII N.E., size approx. 12" x 14", plus margins, key in margins. 1901. £22.00

  305. Woodward (James), Swadlincote, Burton-on-Trent IMPERISHABLE TERRA-COTTA VASES Flower Pots, Garden Edgings, &c. Advertising sheet, large 4to, printed on one side only, listing prices and dimensions of different types. Some items refer to illustrations on a separate sheet of engravings. 1864. £18.00

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  306. Beccles PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of a Freehold Messuage and one Acre of Garden Ground in Beccles... for Sale by Auction... 19th June, 1854. 3pp., folio, folded. 1854. £12.00
    The ground was in Blyburgate Street.

  307. Burston PLAN, PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of a Small, Compact Freehold Estate... for Sale by Auction... 29th May, 1863. 3pp., folio, folded, small sketch plan above title. 1863. £12.00

  308. Hadleigh COVENANT BOND binding John Burrell of Hadleigh, gentleman, to George Clark, Linen Draper, for £525. Refers to lands held by Burrell of the Manor of Hadleigh Hall, called Haunches Meadow, and Tainter Croft. On paper, manuscript, size 18" x 21", two small splits at fold, wax seal. 1777. £22.00

  309. Wangford Poor AN ACT to alter and enlarge the Powers of several Acts passed for the better Relief and Employment of the Poor in the Hundred of Wangford in the County of Suffolk. Pages numbered 1099-1100, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Spottiswoode, 1833. £10.00

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  310. Cary (John), Engraver SURREY Engraved map size 8" x 11", parkland, woodland etc., handcoloured. Title, scale bar and small compass rose, small repaired tear 1" along platemark at top. 1787. £10.00

  311. Effingham, Byfleet, Little Bookham AN ACT for discharging from the Claims of the Crown certain Real and Personal Estates belonging to General De Lancey, late Barrack Master General, and vested in Trustees for Sale. Pages numbered 433-444, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre, and Andrew Strahan. 1807. Last page rather foxed. £24.00
    Refers to the Manor of Effingham, and the Mansion House with China, carriages, books, wine etc. There had been a contract between Richard Brinsley Sheridan, the Treasurer of the Navy, and De Lancey to buy ten acres in Effingham.

  312. Lambeth AN ACT to enable His Royal Highness George Prince of Wales, to grant Leases of certain Lands called Prince's Meadows.... Parcel of His said Royal Highness's Duchy of Cornwall, for the purpose of building thereon. Pages numbered from 45-48, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1810. £12.00

  313. Leigh, Earlswood ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into cloth 8vo wraps, lacks back wrap. Sheet XXXIV. Roads, water features and some buildings hand-coloured. Slightly grubby, many areas neatly colour washed in different colours. Second edition 1898. £17.00
    Covers Earlswood Asylum, Reigate Park, Brockham Park, etc.

  314. Sutton PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of... Tytherley, Landseer Road... Auction particular, single sheet, folio, printed on both sides and folded with docket title. 1918. £10.00

  315. Windsor, Croydon, Redhill ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Composite sheet, size 25" 37", plus margins. Linen-backed, folding to sm. 4to, name and address in ink on verso. Label on cloth wraps with large initials in ink. Some browning spots around Reigate, surface of paper slightly soiled in places. Margins rather grubby. 1878. £18.00

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  316. Chichester Poor and Improvements AN ACT for the better Relief and Employment of the Poor; and for enlightening the Streets, Passages, and open Places, within the City of Chichester, and several Places adjoining there to, and the Close within the said City. Cover leaf + pages numbered 3-18, small folio, black letter, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by Thomas Baskett, 1753. £16.00

  317. Litlington, Eastdean ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet LXXIX. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Coloured geologically to show different soils, key in margin. Marked to show two proposed wells, with some section lines, presumably by Water Board. 1879. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1893. £30.00

  318. Newhaven Pier and Harbour AN ACT for repairing and keeping in Repair the Pier or Piers, and Harbour of Newhaven in the County of Sussex. Cover leaf + pages numbered 527-534, small folio, black letter, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by Henry Hills, 1731. £16.00

  319. Pevensey, Hailsham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet LXIX. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. 1879. Embossed stamp 1895. £30.00

  320. Rye AN ACT for discontinuing the New Harbour of Rye, in the County of Sussex, and for repealing several Acts relating thereto, and for providing for the Discharge of a Debt accrued on Account thereof, and for making Reparation for certain Losses; and for the Improvement of the Old Harbour of Rye. 12mo, marbled wraps, title page plus 71 numbered pages, and 7p Index. 1797. £55.00

  321. Whatlington and Mountfield PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF..... FREEHOLD ESTATE together with Home Place and Dorrels and Hoath Farms, Whatlington and Mountfield.... comprising 206a. 1r. 23p.... A Gentlemen's Superior Residence.... first rate Stabling, Modern Farmhouse, Five Cottages.... To be Sold by Auction by Nicholas, Denyer & Co at the Mart, Tokenhouse Yard, London, on Friday, June 10th, 1904. Large coloured folding plan, 2 photographic illusts, 7pp, original printed wraps, fold. 1904. £22.00

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  322. Birdingbury PARTICULARS OF A MOST ATTRACTIVE COUNTRY RESIDENCE.... "Three Elms" Birdingbury, Warwickshire. To be offered for Sale by Auction.... by Frank Mason, Newey & Co. in association with James Styles & Whitlock.... On Tuesday, 22nd May, 1951. 4to, original card covers, 7pp, one illust. 1951. £11.00

  323. Birmingham LETTER on notepaper with embossed heading 'Victoria Court, Birmingham', July 31st, 1909, to the Chief Constable of Birmingham commanding him to arrest the Under Sheriff of the County of Warwick and keep him in his home. 3p, 8vo, signed 'By His Majesty's Command' Wm. Grantham. One fold. 1909. £12.00

  324. Hampton in Arden LEASE of half an acre of land next to Knole Wood, John Weetman of Rowington, Yeoman, to Thomas Cheshire of Hampton, Yeoman. Large vellum sheet, engraved heading with coat of arms, small wax seal. Vellum browned and spotty, but legible. 1749. £14.00

  325. Hilder (Rowland) (Painted by) THE SHELL GUIDE TO WARWICKSHIRE Poster, size 29" x 20", metal stretchers, small hole below stretcher in top margin, presumably where once pinned up. Tiny piece of paper missing bottom right corner. c1960. £26.00
    Shows Shakespeare, George Eliot, Shakespeare's tombstone, river at Stratford, fritillaries, kingcups.

  326. Kenilworth CATALOGUE of the Valuable Accessories of 'Lynton', Southbank Road... To be Sold by Auction.... November 9th and 10th, 1899. 24pp., 8vo., wraps. 1899. £9.00

  327. Leamington Spa AUCTION CATALOGUE for sale of Small Country Estate known as Bromson Hill.... About 346 Acres.... 9pp, sm. folio, stiff wraps with actual photo of house. Folding coloured plan. 1964. £8.00

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  328. Darton (W) WESTMORELAND Divided into Hundreds and the Parliamentary Divisions. Folding, hand-coloured map, dissected and mounted on linen, size approx. 14" x 19", folding in original sm 8vo cloth covers, gilt title, cloth grubby, split along most of spine. With engraved vignette view of Winander Mere, Reference tables to the hundreds, Market Towns and Market Days. Slight browning along top of vignette, paper very slightly toned. London, W. Darton & Son, Holborn Hill. c1835. £40.00

  329. Undermillbeck and Crook PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Estates called 'Mitchell Land', and 'Beckside', with the Thriving Larch Plantations.... 165 Acres of land, and 'Sunny Brow' containing 29 Acres.... For Sale by Auction.... July 27th, 1872. 4pp., folio, plus docket title, 2 large folding plans hand-coloured in outline, section with the last two leaves and page with docket title have become detached from the rest at spine. 1872. £32.00

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  330. Blunsdon OBLIGATION BOND of Giles Hyett of Cold-Harbour in Blunsdon to Henry Burgh of Stanley Park in Gloucestershire. Printed, with ms. inserts, sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf. Small papered seal, signed by Hyett. 1803. £22.00

  331. Bowden Park AN ACT for authorizing the Sale of Bowden Park Estate in the County of Wilts, devised and settled by the Will of Ezekiel Harman Esquire, deceased, and certain Codicils thereto, and for laying out the Surplus of the Money produced by such Sale... in the Purchase of other Estates... 30pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1852. £20.00

  332. Boyton Inclosure AN ACT for dividing and allotting Lands in the Manor of Corton within the Parish of Boyton.... 22pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1828. £16.00

  333. Cherrill, Calne, Studley Bridge Roads AN ACT for enlarging the Term and Powers of Two Acts.... for repairing the Road from Cherrill, through Calne, to Studley Bridge and other Roads.... 24pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1813. £11.00

  334. Devizes PARTICULARS of a Valuable Freehold Residential Property, Building Sites, Dwelling-Houses, Shops & Premises.... 2pp. folio, folded with docket title, large folding plan, hand-coloured in outline, showing 'Spitalcroft' in detail. 1875. £18.00

  335. Edington, Bulkington and Keevil PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Property at West Coulston, in the Parish of Edington, and in the Parishes of Bulkington and Keevil.... which will be Sold by Auction.... July 25th, 1872. 3pp., folio, folded, with two plans, hand-coloured in outline. 1872. £25.00

  336. Enford, Fifield AN ACT for Inclosing Lands in the Tythings of Enford, Fifield, Coombe, Longstreet, and East Chisenbury, in the Parish of Enford.... 16pp. Disbound. 1805. £15.00

  337. Fawley INDENTURE OF FINE relating to two messuages, two orchards and eight acres of land, in Bishops Closes and Fawley, James Pendlebury Hewit, Plaintiff, Peter Robins & Wife, and Joseph and Mary Bubb, deforciants. Vellum, size 11" x 17". 1773. £20.00

  338. Frustfield MAP of Frustfield Hundred. Engraved, hand-coloured. Size 10" x 8", plus margins. 1844. £18.00
    From Hoare's 'Modern Wiltshire'.

  339. Gillman (C) Publisher DEVIZES AND WILTS ADVERTISER Newspaper, 8pp. Some browning. Attractive woodcuts in adverts on front page. Aug. 7, 1879. £8.00

  340. Grims Farm, Coombe Bissett AUCTION SALE PARTICULARS. The Valuable Freehold Agricultural Property known as GRIMS FARM amounting to 264 Acres.... Which Wooley & Wallis will Sell by Auction.... On Tuesday, 13th May, 1958.... Folio, with coloured plan in pocket at rear, (6)pp, original printed wraps, with photographic illust pasted to top wrap. 1958. £18.00

  341. Littlecote Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Tithing of Littlecot, in the Parish of Enford.... 12pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1814. £17.00

  342. Netherhampton Farm ISOMETRICAL VIEW OF HOMESTEAD Netherhampton Farm, Wiltshire. Designed by Mr Robson, Mr. S. Clarke, Architect. Lithograph showing farm from above, with good architectural detail. Size 9" x 13", together with ground plan on separate sheet of same size. Light foxing. c1870. £12.00
    Drawn for Bailey Denton's 'The Farm Homesteads of England'.

  343. North Wiltshire Canal AN ACT for incorporating the Company of Proprietors of the North Wilts Canal Navigation with the Company of Proprietors of the Wilts and Berks Canal Navigation; and for repealing the several Acts passed.... 91pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1821. £26.00

  344. Roads AN ACT for the more effectual repairing the Highways between Sheppards Shord and Horsley Upright Gate, leading down Bagdown Hill... 17pp. Black letter, cover leaf, floral initial letter. 1729. £20.00

  345. Salisbury AN ACCOUNT OF THOMAS CARTER Chamberlen of the Company of Bakers in the Citty of New Sarum of all Receipts and payments by him made... for one whole year.... Manuscript, 1p, size 16" x 12", folds. Sets out Receipts and Payments with totals, with large headings, and 'Rest due to the Stock of the house' etc. On the back of the sheet are three small lists of names, roughly written. 1635. £90.00
    Receipts include 'for inrolling of John Webb.... 2s', payments are for candles, 'a warrant against William Gardner at the Company's suite' etc.

  346. Salisbury LEASE of a messuage and tenement in the city of New Sarum, in a certain street called Millford Street, late in the tenure of William Saunders, Thomas Wyatt of Sarum, flaxdresser, to John Raye, Ironmonger. Vellum, size 11" x 20", 38 lines, signed with his mark by Wyatt, chipped wax seal on tag. With an inventory on vellum attached, size 10" x 5". 1613. £90.00
    The Schedule lists items in the Hall, the Buttery and the Chamber. Includes 'the Dogge in the Chimney', 'the glase and casment', 'Cobarde and settle'.

  347. Salisbury PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold, Fully-Licensed Premises... known as The West End Hotel... together with Two Freehold Dwelling Houses known as Rosetta Villas... to be sold by Auction... August 26, 1902. 6pp., folio, decorative printed wraps, traces of vertical folds. 1902. £20.00

  348. Simpson (G) Printer DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE Thursday July 15, 1819. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp. Red tax stamp. Split down almost whole length of spine, otherwise fine. 1819. £15.00
    The front page has numerous declarations by Astley, Benett, Methuen, Long, regarding the elections.

  349. Simpson (G) Printer DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE Thursday July 22, 1819. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp. Splits down left hand edge and some repairs to margins, affecting a few letters. 1819. £15.00
    Announcements by Astley, Benett, etc. regarding the elections, on the front page, and more inside 'The polling was resumed this morning at 9 o'clock and continued till about 12, when a most disgraceful scene took place. The crowd began pelting each other with sticks, stones, and missiles...'

  350. Stratford sub Castle, Old Sarum ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXVI.7. size approx. 25" x 38". Scale 25" to 1 mile. First Edition 1881. Some small edge tears at right side, small repaired tear in top margin just reaching beyond border in blank area. £22.00

  351. Teffont Magna, Dinton House ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXV.5. size approx. 25" x 38". Scale 25" to 1 mile. Buildings, roads and water features hand coloured. Some minor edge tears at right. Zincographed 1887. £24.00
    Shows Teffont Magna, Dinton House, Upper Barn, Marshwood House, French Furze.

  352. Trowbridge AUCTION POSTER advertising sale of houses, stable and coach house in Yerbury Street. Size 25" x 20", folded. Some slight wear along part of two folds. 1908. £17.00
    Gives occupiers, measurements, lease details, etc.

  353. Trowbridge PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the First Portion of the 'Bythesea Estate'... for Sale by Auction in 59 Lots, March 30th, 1892. 3pp, plus docket title, very large folding plan. 1892. £25.00
    The building estate was in the centre of Trowbridge with frontages to Newtown.

  354. Westbury AUCTION CATALOGUE For sale of the Choice Freehold Educational or Residential Estate Victoria College, Near Westbury, Formerly known as Leighton House.... 4to, wraps, 8 pages of text and four full page photographic plates, folding plan. Some slight dust-marking on title page. 1936. £22.00

  355. Winterbourne Monckton AN ACT for Inclosing Lands in the Parish of Winterbourne Monckton, in the County of Wiltshire 32pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1813. £17.00

  356. Winterbourne Stoke THE MANOR FARM Winterbourne Stoke, comprising A Lovely Original Tudor Farmhouse... Beech Grove with ancient Rookery, Commodious Farm Buildings, Bailiff's House and 22 cottages, in all about 1,875 acres, Excellent Partridge Shooting.. for Sale by Auction... 19th June, 1945. 16pp., printed wraps with photo pasted on, 4 photographic views on 2 plates, coloured folding map at rear. 1945. £28.00

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  357. Badsey, Vale of Evesham DESCRIPTIVE PARTICULAR of the Freehold Manor of Aldington, and Two Valuable Farms called Aldington Farm and Brooke's... which will be sold by Auction Some Time in February, 1805... 4pp., folio, including Schedules, plus leaf with docket title. Disbound, each leaf mounted in large folio sheet of plain paper, so as both sides are visible. Claridge, Pall Mall, 1805. £50.00

  358. Beoley DESCRIPTIVE PARTICULAR of A Singularly Eligible and Compact Freehold Estate called Bordesley Park situate in the Parishes of Alvechurch, Tardebig, and Beoley... comprising the Manor of Bordesley... Four Farms.... which will be sold by Auction in February 1805... 6p. folio, plus leaf with docket title, disbound, each leaf mounted in large folio sheet of paper so as both sides are visible, folded. Claridge, Pall Mall, 1805. £60.00

  359. Redmarley APPOINTMENT AND RELEASE in fee of certain Parcels of the Burrend Estate, John Stokes and Trustee to Jonathan Gilbert Price and Trustee. Vellum, size 24" x 31", sketch plan size 5" x 4" in text. 1826. £15.00
    Gives details of the names of the closes and adjoining owners.

  360. Redmarley d'Abitot AUCTION POSTER advertising sale of two cottages at the Rose and Crown Inn, 27th october 1886. Printed in large type-faces, size 16" x 13", fold down right hand side and centre, 3" tear repaired on verso with archival tape. Pinned to corner is 4pp. printed conditions of sale, with is rather browned. 1888. £18.00

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  361. Earby, Ickornshaw GEOLOGICAL SURVEY MAP Sheet 184. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 36". Geological information published 1872. c1880. £22.00
    Uncoloured copy, 'Key to Colours and Signs' left uncoloured.

  362. Foster (J.L), Publisher YORKSHIRE GAZETTE Saturday April, 1867. 12p., broadsheet. Some dustmarking at top fold on front page, and some slight rubbing at masthead. 1867. £14.00
    Includes much on the Engine Drivers' Strike, 'Engine Drivers Summoned Before the Bench at York' etc.

  363. Guisborough LEASE FOR A YEAR of the Cock Inn in Guisborough, Thomas Pulman to Thomas Marsh, Innkeeper. Large vellum sheet, signed by four parties with wax seal. 1825. £12.00

  364. Halifax and Huddersfield PARTICULARS OF SALE of several valuable Freehold, Copyhold and Leasehold Estates, within The Townships of Norland, Sowerby, Warley, Southowram, and Scammonden, Consisting of Messuages, Farms, Mills, and upwards of Two Hundred Acres of Land, Which will be Sold by Auction at... the White Lion Inn, in Halifax... the 4th Day of October, 1820. The Property within Southowram contains Two valuable Seams of Coal; also very extensive Bed of Stone, now working to considerable extent, and producing Slate and Flag of equal quality with those obtained at the Delves at Cromwell Bottom and Elland Edge. 9pp., small folio, plus leaf with docket title. Details 46 Lots, many with Schedules giving field names, acreage etc. Names occupiers. Names of purchaser and price realised written neatly in ink above most lots. 1820. £65.00
    Includes Water Corn Mill on the Ripponden Brook 'consisting of a Water Wheel, 16 feet diameter, giving motion to 5 pair of Stones... Drying Kiln, Sack-tackling and Dressing Machine....', 'Fulling and Scribbling Mill' at Sowerby.

  365. Kirkham WATERCOLOUR inscribed on verso (obviously later) 'E. Eng. Window at Kirkham Priory'. Attractive, finely-painted watercolour showing two ruined arched windows and ruined masonry in foreground, tree growing over arch, large building seen through the windows. Size 10" x 8", complete surface painted, narrow ivory mount. late Victorian. £40.00

  366. Leeds CONVEYANCE of the Water Corn Mill known as Holmes Mill, the Mill Dam, Kilns, Mill House and Buildings, messuage adjoining, in the Parish of Potter Newton, the Hon. Arthur Cole and others to James Brown. 6 large vellum sheets, 3 wax seals, on verso of one sheet is fully coloured manuscript plan, size 16" x 24", showing Mill, Dam, Chamber Ings, Quarry Close, etc., with roads. 1842. £30.00

  367. Sampson (J) PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEW ALBUM OF YORK 'Dainty' series. 23 views, with pale grey borders, glossy paper. Decorative wraps, size 7" x 9". Last plate with a few marks at edges. c1910. £14.00

  368. Skipton BLACK HORSE INN, SKIPTON 10th October, 1793. Mr John Wilkinson, of Salterforth, and Mr. Christopher Greenwood, of Bank-Newton... propose to Sell by Auction in Two Lots... The Estates called Skelday (otherwise Skeldow) and Bell Flat, The former Two Hundred and Thirty-five Acres.... the latter Twenty-five Statute Acres.... Auction notice, headings in large type-faces, setting out details of Auction and listing 9 'Conditions of Sale'. Size 16" x 12", folds, small piece torn from top corner (not affecting text). 1793. £85.00
    The state was being sold by the Executors of John Wilcock, of Thornton.

  369. Yorkshire Woollen Manufacture AN ACT for repealing several Laws relating to the Manufacture of Woollen Cloth in the County of York, and also so much of several other Laws as prescribes particular Standards of Width and Length of such Woollen Cloth; and for substituting other Regulations of the Cloth Trade within the West Riding of the said County, for preventing Frauds in certifying the Contents of the Cloth.... Cover leaf + pages numbered 911-928, small folio, black letter, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by Mark Baskett, and Robert Baskett 1765. £16.00

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    Channel Islands

  370. Guernsey ACQUEST du Sr. Procureur du St. Gabriel Knapp d'un Qartier de Froment de rente a recevr. de Nicolas Blondel des Jannet a St. Sauveur. Manuscript in French on 2p. sm. 4to, blank conjoint leaf, signed Pierre Des Jersey and two others. 1777. £22.00

  371. Guernsey COPIE DU RAPORT du Srs. Durenier(?) du fief Rozel... Copy of a document which seems to have apportioned the estate of Pierre de Jersey between his children. 1p., sm. folio, with blank conjoint leaf, folded with docket title. 1707. Slightly later copy. £24.00
    'Veritable coppie tire sur l'original...'. Lists the various pieces of land, with measurements in 'vergees', including land 'situee sur le fief le roy a la paroisse de St. Andre'.

  372. St. Martin, Guernsey DEED OF EXCHANGE between Samuel Martin and his wife Ester Maindonal to Jean Maindonal, concerning 'une certaine jaoniere appele la jaoniere de la Roton... en la paroisse de St. Martin' bordering 'Courtil des Orgeris... appartenant au Sr. Thomas Thomes' and 'Courtil de la Croute du Sr. Pierre Canivet'. The case was heard in St. Pierre before Thomas Fiott, Jean Andros and William Le Marchant 'ecuyer juge delegue de l'Isle de Guernesey'. In French, on vellum, size 8" x 13", signed by Le Marchant and two others, black wax seal, approx. 1" diameter, slightly chipped. 1714. £50.00
    Mentions the rent in 'froment' payable on St. Michael's day.

  373. St. Peter Port DEVANT MONSR. LE LIEUTENANT BAILLIF et Messrs. les Jurez de la Cour Royalle de l'Isle de Guernezey soussignez, a comparu personnellement le Sr. Jean Quertier fils Jean dit des Galliennes en la Paroisse de St. Andre... Document on 2p. folio, recording that Quertier had 'fieffe & baille.... a Nicholas Mauger... & Rachelle Olivier sa femme... une certaine Maison... scituez en cette Paroisse de St. Pierre Port, proche la Contree Mansel...'. Signed Eleazar Le Marchant, Lt. Baillif, H. Bonamy and Jean de Garie. Outside where folded and docket titled is dusty. 1741. £24.00
    The adjoining owners are named, including Pierre Careye, Nicolas Langlois, Nicolas le Gresley.

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  374. Canal AN ACT to authorize the Directors General of Inland Navigation in Ireland to proceed in carrying on and completing the Canal from Dublin to Tarmonbury, on the River Shannon. 2pp. Disbound. 1815. £16.00

  375. Dublin COPY ASSIGNMENT of Miss Georges and The Revd. Mr Roberts of Assignment made by the Executor of Richard Gorges Esq. to Mr Ferdinandus Webber, Organ Builder, of House offices and Ground in Marlborough St., Dublin. 2p., folio, folded. Copy made 1840 of original of 1779. £12.00

  376. Dublin Theatre TICKET for the Smock Alley Theatre. Admission ticket written on the back of a playing card (five of diamonds), 'Smock Alley Theatre Count of Narbonne Ap. 11. 1782. Three to the Pit. Tho. Wilson'. On the verso, between the top two diamonds are written some words and numbers, which look like 'Faraiole Terms.5468 9896 Mir. of Magistr.' 1782. £35.00
    The Smock Alley Theatre played in important role in the history of the Irish stage. At one time Sheridan's father was manager.

  377. Irish Cattle AN ACT to permit the free Importation of Cattle from Ireland. Cover leaf + pages numbered 271-272, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by Thomas Baskett... 1759. £15.00

  378. Irish Mines and Minerals AN ACT to amend several Acts for the Encouragement of finding and working Mines and Minerals within Ireland. Pages numbered 685-687, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1806. £11.00

  379. Powercourt, Lord AN ACT for vesting the Capital Messuage, with the Appurtenances, situate in William Street, in the City of Dublin, now or lately inhabited by the Right Honourable Lord Powerscourt, in His Majesty... Pages numbered 573-578, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1807. £18.00

  380. Viscountess Kilwarden AN ACT for settling and securing a certain Annuity on the Viscountess Kilwarden, and on the Family of the late Arthur Lord Viscount Kilwarden. Pages numbered 721-723, disbound, folio, corner torn from second leaf, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1803. £11.00

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  381. Ayr, Arran ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scotland. Sheet 30 (With Layers). Scale " to 1 mile. Linen-backed. White linen covers with map. 8-page glossary of Celtic words inside front wrap. 1914. £8.00

  382. Caledonian Canal AN ACT for making further provision for making and maintaining an Inland Navigation, commonly called The Caledonian Canal, from the Eastern to the Western Sea.... Pages numbered 565-606, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1804. £25.00
    Includes 1 page of Schedules.

  383. Glasgow PUBLIC SALE OF MAHOGANY SOFA Covered in Haircloth, and 4 Mahogany Stiffed Chairs. At no 1, West-End Park Street, 26th February. Handbill, size 5" x 8", printed in large type-faces. Date 1874 in ms. on verso. £10.00
    'Under Warrant from the Sheriff of Lanarkshire'.

  384. Jedburgh BURGESS TICKET of James Dickson of Antonshill, Advocate. Vellum 7" x 7", lacking all but a small portion of wax seal on tag. 1766. £12.00

  385. Ramsay (David), Publisher THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT February 15, 1834. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp, folds. 1834. £10.00

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  386. Caermarthen ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLI. Sheet 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 36". Borders shaded in different colour of wash. Linen-backed, folding into 4to marbled endpapers. 1871. £36.00

  387. Llanarmon, Denbigh FEOFFMENT of an Allotment of Common Land in Llanarmon in Yale, Edward Jones, Farmer, Edward Davies, Shoemaker, and others to John Davies, Miner, all of Llanarmon. Vellum, size 21" x 27". 4 wax seals. 1842. £22.00
    Refers to land at Oyfnant, number 12 on the Inclosure map. Gives details of lands adjoining.

  388. Pembroke ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXVIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 16" x 36". Parkland and main roads hand-coloured. Linen-backed and folding to 8vo cloth endpapers. c1860. £24.00
    About half of the map is sea area.

  389. Stoke Verdon, Manor of, Pembroke and Montgomery SURRENDER of a messuage at Oxiston in the said Manor, William Hartford to Timothy Lodge, 1706. In Latin, on vellum, size 6" x 12", sewn together with similar document admitting Timothy Lodge son of John Lodge, 1724. 1706 and 1724. £35.00

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  390. Bentley (E), Publisher THE GENERAL EVENING POST London. From Thursday June 28 to Saturday June 30, 1798. Size 19" x 13", 4pp. Folded in two, some light foxing spots on front page. Red tax stamp. Small tear above title. 1798. £15.00
    Includes articles on the troubles in Dublin, Toulon Expedition etc.

  391. Bootle and Broughton, Cumberland and Lancashire PARTICULARS OF SALE AND PLANS of Freehold and Customaryhold Land, Dwelling-Houses, and Cottages, to be Offered for Sale by Auction... 25th May, 1887. 5pp., plus two very large folding coloured plans. Folio, folded with docket title. 1887. £32.00
    The Vendors were the Trustees of the late Rev. J. Postlethwaite.

  392. Bristol to Monmouth Railway AN ACT for making a Railway Communication between the City of Bristol and the proposed South Wales Railway in the County of Monmouth, with a Branch Railway therefrom. 12pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1846. £28.00
    From the Parish of Saint Philip and Saint Jacob to the Aust Ferry and in Portskewet in Monmouth.

  393. British Museum AN ACT to enable the Trustees of the British Museum to exchange, sell or dispose of such Parts of the Collections, and under such Restrictions as are therein specified. Pages numbered 254-255, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre, and Andrew Strahan, 1807. £12.00

  394. Britton (John) LETTER. To the Revd. H.J. Ellicombe (sic. Ellacombe). "Sending the concluding No of Exeter Cathl...." "will find that the Clergy of the Cathl have not gained themselves much credit by their conduct towards yrs very truly." ALS 1p. 8vo. 2 May 1827. £25.00
    John Britton (1771-1857) was the well known topographer and author of several works. Amongst other works Ellacombe wrote a study on the Bells of Devon.

  395. Brown (H), Printer THE MORNING HERALD October 15, 1800. 4pp., red tax stamp. Small split along part of spine. 1800. £9.00

  396. Charitable Donations AN ACT for procuring... Returns of all Charitable Donations, for the Benefit of Poor Persons.... 12pp., plus cover leaf. Small folio, disbound, sewn at margin. Act of Parliament. 1786. £12.00

  397. Christ Church, Oxford CERTIFICATE OF ORDINATION of William Sandys, Fellow of All Souls, ordained by the Bishop of Oxford in Christ Church, Oxford, 1764, signed by him. Vellum, size 6" x 11", printed with ms inserts, badly damaged papered seal with crumbling wax, with notes of 5 visitations. It was exhibited in 1768, 1779, 1799, 1805, 1809. 1764. £18.00

  398. Coning (Geoffrey), designed by EXMOOR decorative map in colour, size 19" x 25", scale 3" = 4 miles. From the original map specially designed for the Hunter's Inn at Heddon's Mouth. Numerous pictures illustrating Exmoor's history, literature, topography, hunting etc., including the Doones, Poltimore Arms, Oare Church, Filliegh, Twitchen, Arlington Court, Acland Barton. n.d. c1960. £18.00

  399. Corfu, Greece FOUR PHOTOGRAPHS Albumen prints size 5" x 8", unmounted, stamped on verso A. Ferrugia, Corfu. c1880. £15.00
    Titled on verso in pencil. Views include Parade Ground & house of High Commissioner, sailing ships in harbour, Corfu from Kings Garden.

  400. Devon and Cornwall AN ACT to Impower Sir John Molesworth, Baronet, and Joseph Moyle, Esquire.... to raise the several Sums, in the said Indenture mentioned.... and pay the same, as well as the rest of the personal Estate of Hugh Gregor, deceased, to such Person as Jane Gregor, an Infant, shall marry.... 11pp, disbound, Act of Parliament, woodcut headpiece with pelican. 1756. £16.00

  401. Devon and Cornwall RELEASE and Quitclaim of Edmund Prideaux to Peter Edgcombe of Mount Edgcombe of the Manor of Withenowe in the Parish of St. John's and Maker in the counties of Devon and Cornwall. 26 lines, in English, on vellum, size 9" x 16", tag, lacking the wax seal. Signed Edm. Prideaux. Witnessed with 6 signatures on verso. 1594. £55.00
    Edmund Prideaux married Katherine daughter of Peter Edgcombe.

  402. Epstein (Jacob) EPSTEIN An Exhibition Held at the Tate Gallery 25th September - 9th November 1952. Book of Illustrations, including a number of works not exhibited. 30 pages of illustrations, 4to, stiff wraps. Middle 2 leaves, loose due to rusty staples. 1952. £18.00

  403. Forest of Dean and New Forest Rents AN ACT for regulating the Exercise of the Right of Common of Pasture in the New Forest, in the County of Southampton; for repealing certain parts of Two Acts, passed in the Thirty-ninth and Fortieth and the Fifty-second Years of His present Majesty; and for the better collection and recovery of the Gale Rents in the Forest of Dean.... Pages numbered 949-954, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1819. £12.00

  404. Great Western Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the Great Western Railway at Swindon to the London and South-western Railway at Andover.... 22pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1873. £12.00

  405. Great Western Railway AN ACT for conferring further powers upon the Great Western Railway Company... for amalgamating the Tiverton and North Devon and Oldbury Railway Companies with the Great Western Railway Company... 62pp., disbound. Act of Parliament. 1894. £14.00
    With detail relating to Cornwall and the mines of Dolcoath, Cook's Kitchen etc.

  406. Hampshire & Wiltshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LV.4/LXXVII.4, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Edition of 1925. £14.00
    Shows Whiteparish, Melchet Park, Melchetcourt Farm, Landfordwood Farm.

  407. Hampshire and Wiltshire PARTICULARS of Chute Forest House... for Sale by Auction... 14th Sept., 1949. 7pp., 4to, wraps, photo. on front wrap. 1949. £8.00

  408. Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XVIII S.E. etc., composite map, scale 6" to 1 mile. Size linen-backed and folding into 8vo endpapers. Water features hand-coloured. Estate south of Biggleswade hand-coloured, presumably relative to sale. 1891. £25.00

  409. Hutchison & Son Ltd. CATALOGUE of Porcelain Enamelled Baths. 27pp., 4to, illustrated stiff covers, glossy pages with illustrations of rolled edge baths, including 5 pages with photographs of the manufacturing process. Late 1920's? £25.00

  410. Kent and Surrey ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, 27" x 46", linen backed and folding to 8vo, cloth wraps, red contours. Some areas outlined in colour and shaded. The top left hand corner, 8" square, is blank. Revision of 1930. £16.00
    Covers Croydon, West Wickham, Hayes, part of Beckenham.

  411. Lewis (S), Publisher A MAP OF ENGLAND & WALES Divided into Counties, Parliamentary Divisions & Dioceses, Shewing The Principal Roads, Railways, Rivers & Canals and the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, with the Distance of each Town from the General Post Office, London. Projected from the Survey made under the Direction of The Honorable The Board of Ordnance. Drawn by R. Creighton. Finely engraved map, fully hand-coloured, on 4 sheets, each approx 40" x 34", dissected and mounted on linen, each section folding into 8vo boards, full red morocco, gilt floral borders on boards, titles on spines, spines faded, 2" split at spine one one volume, with loss of small amount of morocco at head. Scale 5 miles to an inch. With inset of Scilly Isles, Table showing distances from main ports, decorative border, large engraved vignette of The General Post Office, by Allom, at top left, table at bottom right showing arms of the 27 dioceses. A few section edges slightly browned... together with... A MAP OF SCOTLAND Divided into Counties Shewing the Principal Roads, Railways, Rivers, Canals, Lochs, Mountains, Islands &c. on a Scale of Five Miles to an Inch. Engraved map on three sheets, outline colour, each sheet 26" x 48". Large title, view of Melrose Abbey bottom left, scale bar, scale 5 miles to 1". Folding into morocco boards uniform with above. Some minor browning spots around title, some light browning at section edges in view of Abbey. 7 sheets in all. c1845. £680.00

  412. Luddites AN ACT for the more exemplary Punishment of Persons destroying or injuring and Stocking or Lace Frames, or other Machines or Engines used in the Framework knitted Manufactory, or any Articles or Goods in such Frames or Machines.... Pages numbered 109-111, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1812. £22.00
    This 'Frame Breaking Act' was introduced in response to the Luddites activities in Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. The Act called for the death penalty in spite of an impassioned speech against the Act by Lord Byron in the House of Lords.

  413. Mentz, Germany PENCIL DRAWING Titled 'At Mentz'. Very detailed drawing in dark soft pencil, showing ruined masonry of some kind of church or abbey, with a cottage built into the ruins, tall church tower behind. On thin card, size 11" x 9", right margin trimmed. A few minor spots in sky area. c1825. £18.00

  414. Ordnance Survey PROGRAMME Farewell Concert to R.S.M. A.C. Wilde, R.E. 8th November, 1935. Printed programme size 7" x 5", with portrait of A.C. Wilde, in uniform, the dates 1904-1935, and below that a golfing scene with a golfer taking a swing asking a caddie (who is struggling with a compass, a bag of clubs, and a booklet 'Compass Traverse'), 'What was the Last Bearing Caddie?' Inside is the programme of 'J.W. Ballington's Concert Party. The programme has been signed by A.C. Wilde, H.E. Crockford, L. Redfern and W. Johnson. 1935. £30.00

  415. Ordnance Survey Sports Society ATHLETIC SPORTS at University Ground, Woodmill Lane, Saturday, July 9th, 1938. Official Programme. 4p, 8vo. Map on verso. Lists officials, table of events, with 6 teams (R. Engineers Southampton, Bristol, etc.) Some rust marks at top of front page, probably from old paperclips. 1938. £15.00

  416. Paris RECEPTION DES MEDECINS ANGLAIS Programme for the Soiree 12 May 1905 at the Theatre de l'Automobile-Club. 2 pages small 8vo, plus stiff wraps with engraving showing fauns, musical instruments etc., trace of slight fold in front wrap. Invitation loosely inserted. 1905. £8.00

  417. Pilchards AN ACT for extending the Bounty now payable on Pilchards exported to the West Indies or Mediterranean to Pilchards exported to any Parts beyond the Seas. 2pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1808. £10.00

  418. Post Office AN ACCOUNT OF THE GROSS AND NET PRODUCE of the Post-Office, from the 5th April 1783 to the 5th January 1807 Distinguishing each Year and the Produce of the Restriction of Franking, or any new Rates... 1p., folio, with blank conjoint leaf, folded, with printed docket title. Printed with columns for Ordered to be Printed July 27, 1807. £18.00

  419. Railway Clearing House OFFICIAL RAILWAY MAP OF ENGLAND & WALES Colour printed map size approx., 58" x 48", scale 1" = 7 miles. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo morocco boards, gilt title, marbled endpapers. 1897. £85.00

  420. Recipes MANUSCRIPT RECIPE BOOK Size 6" x 4", blue wraps, partly torn at spine, with date 1823 in manuscript, 27 pages. Includes Lemon Pickle, 'Scots Distillation on a small scale', Cinammon Cordial, Shrub a la Mode, 'Vervain eye water', and various dyes, including 'Flawless Green', 'Scarlet Dye for Feathers or Cloth', 'Rose Pink', etc. 1823. £26.00

  421. Royal Institution MEMORIAL TO FARADAY Proceedings at a Public Meeting, at the Royal Institution, London, June 21st, 1869. 11p, 8vo. Last page torn and corner worn. 1869. £7.00
    Includes speeches by Prince of Wales, Professor Owen etc.

  422. Royal Navy AN ACT for enabling the Magistrates in the several Counties... to raise and levy... such able-bodied and idle Persons as shall be found within the said Counties, to serve in His Majesty's Navy. 13pp., plus cover leaf, disbound, small folio. Act of Parliament. Light blue smudge on cover leaf. 1795. £16.00

  423. Severn Estuary THREE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets LXVII S.W (Hallen Marsh); LXII S.W (Sudbrook, Portskewett); LXII N.W (Mathern, St. Pierre). Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx 12" x 16" plus margins. 1903, 1920, 1920. £20.00


  424. Slave Trade AN ACT for the Abolition of the Slave Trade. 25th March 1807. 10pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. Pages numbered 317-326. Blank leaf at front and at back. Some minor light 'off-setting' in parts. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1807. £110.00


  425. Somerset and Dorset Railway WIDENING AT SHEPTON MALLETT Strengthening and Extension of Charlton Viaduct. Three detailed engineering drawings, with stamps of Chief Engineer's office, Waterloo, as follows: Drawing No. 1. General Plan. Scale 1/500th. On buff paper, mounted on linen, in ink and outline colour, size 13" x 44", showing the line from Charlton Road and the station, across the River Shepton and Mill Pond. Paper chipped and worn at left and right sides, with loss, 6" in from edge, loss of paper mainly in blank areas except for about half and inch of drawing at Charlton Road. Drawing No. 2, Fine watercolour drawing on cartridge paper, with full shading in pink, grey, blue, buff and brown, size 24" x 37", showing viaduct with 14 arches, comprising Half Section Through Widened Portion, Half Elevation Showing Widening, Half plan and ground level, Half Plan at Rail Level. Paper torn away along half of top margin, very slightly affecting lettering at top of title, tear running 25" across centre, crudely repaired on verso, in blank area except for 1", chips and tears at edges. With detailed notes, e.g., '6 Rings in Portland Cement faced with Blue Brick to shew 5 rings on face' etc. Drawing No. 3. Scale 1/4" = 1 foot, on cartridge paper, size 24" x 37", with watercolour as in Drawing No. 2. Shows Section and Cross section, with Existing and extension. Chips in margins, small area of staining in right margin, slightly obtruding onto drawing of pier. 10" tear repaired on verso. Fine measured drawing with much detail, e.g. 'the corner stones to be drawn and new quoins inserted to match existing work'. July 1888. £280.00
    The Charlton Viaduct was the longest on the Somerset and Dorset, and still stands. The line was widened over a period in the 1880's to accommodate growing traffic.

  426. Strahan (A), Printer THE LONDON GAZETTE Published by Authority. May 12 - May 15 1804. 8pp. Red tax stamp. 1804. £10.00

  427. The Lake District ORDNANCE SURVEY TOURIST MAP Scale 1" to 1 Mile. Cloth backed. Coloured wraps with illustration by Ellis Martin, cream ground. 1925. £9.00

  428. Vierset, Belgium TOUCHANT ONZE MUIDS QUATTRE STIERS SPELT affecte en partie sur le moulin de vierset acqui par gille de Crissengenee en 1523 a maitre johan dernie provenant de jacquemin delcheras. Two vellum sheets, approx. 10" x 25", ink on one sheet rather faded. Black wax seal with coat of arms on tag, other tags without seals, but one with trace of having had one originally. 1523. £36.00
    Vierset is between Naumur and Liege. There was a large chateau there, rebuilt in the eighteenth century.

  429. Westmoreland and Yorkshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet CII.S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 19", mounted on linen, folding to 4to. Border all round. c1860. £16.00

  430. Wilder (Mitchell A.) THE ABBY ALDRICH ROCKEFELLER FOLK ART COLLECTION An Address by Mitchell A. Wilder... on the Occasion of the Opening... March 15, 1957. 7pp., 8vo, stiff paper wraps with gilt lettering and decoration, two photographs and one woodcut illustration. Staples rusty, causing rust marks on paper near staples throughout. 1957. £10.00

  431. Wilmington, Swanley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheet IX S.W. Size 12" x 18", plus wide margins. Dissected and mounted on linen, marbled wraps. Water features hand-coloured. Browning in places. Second Edition 1898. £10.00

  432. Wiltshire and Staffordshire DEED OF EXCHANGE ... of certain Farms and lands situate at Braydon in the County of Wilts belonging to His Majesty in right of his Duchy of Lancaster for certain Farms and Lands situate at Needwood in the County of Stafford belonging to the Earl of Clarendon, His Majesty and The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster with The Earl of Clarendon. 6 vellum sheets, size 22" x 26", plus two fully coloured manuscript plans on last sheet, showing the two estates, scale 5" = 60 chains. Shows roads, buildings, boundaries, woodland, adjoining owners indicated. Numbers on plans refer to detailed Schedules on 3 of the vellum sheets. Some minor yellowing of vellum in places. 1826. £90.00

  433. Wiltshire, Somerset, Kent AN ACT for vesting part of the Real Estates devised by the Will and Codicils of Henry Lee Warner Esquire, deceased, in New Trustees... and for authorizing the sale of Estates... in Wiltshire, Somerset, Northampton and in the City of Canterbury... for the Purchase of Estates in Norfolk... 43pp., separately paginated, including 7p of detailed Schedules listing properties, occupiers, etc. Sewing loose. Folded with docket title. 1806. £24.00
    Includes Manor of Pertwood, Manor of Dane John, Kent, Manor of Knoll, Somerset.

  434. Wye Valley Railway AN ACT for granting powers to the Wye Valley Railway Company; and for other purposes... 18pp. 1875. £15.00

  435. Wyld (James) MAP OF THE SUPERFICIAL GEOLOGY of the British Isles, with the Physical and Topographical Features, The Line of Railways... Stations.... Steam Packet Routes.... Compiled from the Ordnance Surveys and other Authentic information. Size 51" x 19", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into marbled wraps. County boundaries hand-coloured, large decorative title. A few small foxing spots in blank areas, slight darkening of paper along some section edges, a 1" split in linen at one fold. London: Published by Jas. Wyld, 457 Strand. c1870. £80.00

  436. Young (M), Printer THE SUN Two issues, Numbers 11,994-5, February 19 & 21st, 1831. Broadsheet newspapers, 4pp, some waterstaining. 1831. £12.00

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